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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00. thieves are on the run this morning after armed robbers hit an aurora convenience store. >> police with guns drawn meanwhile at a dispensary on south colorado boulevard. and denver 7 was the first media on the scene, arriving as police rolled up. reporter amanda del castillo is there now. are police looking for anyone specific? >> reporter: they haven't actually released aasuspect description. we know the alarm went off this morning at 2:45, and police respondee just after 3:30 and they went into the dispensary this morning with their guns drawn and k-9's. video you'll only see here on denver 7. they found shattered glass towards the back of the business and that's why they think the suspects entered
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front. but the owner is inside now, currently working with detectives and investigators, trying to piece together what happened this morning. we know that they still haven't figured out what was taken from the dispensary here. but we know from their web site and facebook page that they do serve as recreational and medicinal marijuana here. reporting live, amanda del castillo, denver 7. >> run after hitting up a convenience store at the corner of parker and iliff in arapahoe county. the men flashed a gun and got away with some cash. their pictures captured on surveillance cameras. no one was hurt. let's turn to our weather and check in with lisa as we look outside, things are nice and dry. but definitely had rain showers move through yesterday some parts of the metro area.
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parts. lightning, rain, thunder. upper sixties, really nice start. will feel comfortable probably until about 9:00. at noon, 87. by 4:00, 93 degrees. we are expecting mostly sunny skies today. there is going to be an increase in cloud cover by the afternoon and there is a slim chance for a few storms today. you're going to fine low to -- find low to mid-90s covering eastern colorado. 70s and 80s in the mountains today. our threat for severe weat temperatures are well above normal. jason, here's your first alert our normal high is going down. it's 88 degrees today. we'll be below that by friday. i like that normal high coming down. however, could see snow in two months. just think of that. construction continues on c-470 by morrison road. just wrapping up the work. should be out of here in the next 20 minutes or so. they are out of there i-25 on map by hampden and university,
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side. theyyre doing paving operations. rough road situation, maybe a little bit of gravel as well. at lincoln street and alameda, doing work in the middle of the road. that is a bit of hazard. getting to dia, 10 minutes. you might have been caught in this last night. crews had to close three lanes on i-70 near havana and stapleton as they cleaned up a crash involving a we are now getting a look at the two young sisters who drownnd in pueblo monday. only 3 and 6 years old. they drowned in the mobile home park's pool along with their 17- year-old baby-sitter. at this point it is still not clear how they all drowned. police are hoping any witnesses will come forward. another man from our state
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sir syria. this is jordan mctaggert. he foht for kurdish forces. he is the second man from colorado to die while fighting with that group, each killed within a month of each other. this is the other man, levi jack shirley. he died last month. his family has reached out to jordanian's for support. his family is trying to get his body back home. he would have rn this month. friends will hold a morial on his bad, birthday, the 23rd. everyone is okay after this lakewood home caught fire. started in the garage. it's where the family went to smoke their cigarettes. >> i've seen house fires, but
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it was billowing smoke. >> firefighters contained the flames in just the garage. turning to politics news time in the voting booth this november, deciding on a bunch of state wide ballot measures. one would raise the tobacco tax. another would bring back the presidential primary in colorado. we could also vote on changing oil and gas drilling regulations, raising the minimum wage allowing dying people to get access to life ending drug, and a measure making it harder to amend the statees constitution. and denver voters may get to decide on whether or not social pot clubs are allowed in the city. officials need to approve all the petitions before any of these make it onto the ballot. things are changing in douglas county. people there are now allowed to grow fewer marijuana plants at
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highlands ranch. >> reporter: simply put, this goes from 99 to 12. a big slash, a big cut down on the number of marijuana plants you're allowed togrow within your home here in douglas county. we're not just talking about rural properties. we're talking about homes in residential neighborhoods like here in highlands ranch. the sheriff's office had concerns large scale pot grows were causing issues here in douglas county, that many had actually been feeding state marijuana sales grown here, then shipped out and sold illegally in other states. the other worry, marijuana odor in neighborhoods, near schools and affecting real estate. we found a listing advertising a home as great for a marijuana grow. and that's not all. >> with either illegal activity and/or the unintended consequences, you know, comes crime. and with that comes a threat to the public safety.
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door to door effort from the sheriff's department on those larger scale grows that they had identified earlier, now that they have to bring them down from 99 to 12, they plan on enforcing it with fines up to a thousand dollars a day. in douglas county this morning, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. do you remember when donald trump campaigned about the fire marshal in colorado springs? he was upset that more people were not being allowed at hi denver7 got a hold of e-mails showing the campaign previously agreed to crowd limits. one e-mail from the fire department to uccs where the rally was being heldd shows a capacity of 1500 and overflow room of 1,000. uccs told denver 7 the trump campaign knew about the limits the day before the rally. the campaign also signed a contract agreeing to follow all fire department rules and regulations. for more on the e-mails, it's %
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story behind trump getting stuck in an elevator right before the rally. it is now 5:08. it is almost time to cheer on the broncos. they'll be in chicago tomorrow for their first preseason game. >> then in a few weeks the regular season gets underway and everyone is invited to a party to celebrate. a rally is happening september 8th in civic center park. dierks bentley and one republic will perform during the two-day event. the best part, it's free. >> now to even more good news, mallory pugh who graduated from mountain vista high school made olympic history. >> she's the youngest person to score a goal for the u.s. women's soccer team. check it out. >> mallory pugh, is this the moment for her? yys, it is. 18 years old! >> awesome to see.
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colombia. sweden happening friday. st %- you can watch her again. police to the rescue. it wasn't about saving his liff, but saving his birthday. what they did for this little boy. in florida, an officer training exercise goes horribly wrong. now a woman is dead. it's 5:09. we're waking up to pretty dry conditions. a few thunderstorms rolling through overnight now. that's cleared up and we're looking at a lot could still see a few storms today. but a better chance by the end offthe week. here's your first alert, there's a cold front on the way. it's great to see all the overnight construction along i- hampden, yale, up to evans. - it is a little bit of a rough ride, and there are still little pieces of gravel on the
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now, we have breaking news just in. police in miami are on the scene of a double shooting, possible shooting, at the miami international airport. looks like it happened inside an employee parking lot there. miami-dade police have not said there were casualties. we'll continue to follow this. sad news south, this investigator is dead killed during a drug bust. he was killed when an undercover drug bust went wrong. he was only 35. investigators safaris say frazier and his informant were trying to buy drugs from the man and they were shot. -??>> mary knollton was a 73-ye- old community volunteer
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a live round fired from the officer's gun killing the woman. the officer is now on paid leave as the investigation continues. today the kansas city, kansas water park where a 10- year-old boy died will reopen. caleb schwab died sunday while going down the world's tallest water slide. it turns out it was having trouble before caleb got on. a young girl who rode before him said her shoulder strap came undone and she had to hold on r and that's not the first time. >> down that first hill and the strap just came off. like completely, just flew off. so i had to grab a hold of the strap that they have on the raft to hold myself down, because we still had that other hill to go over. >> that man says that happened to him about three weeks ago. a california jury has found utility giant pacific gas and
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pipeline explosion. eight people were killed and an entire neighborhood was expresswayed. -- destroyed. prosecutors say the company put profit ahead of safety and tried to cover it up. they're faces nearly $3 million in fines. there are plenty of things to worry about when you put a loved one in the nursing home. the latest involves social media. dayle is looking into what the feds are doing. >> this is so disturbing. it is a go definitely need to be careful. this happens sadly more than we'd like tho to think. staff posting demeaning photos of your loved ones online. it shows everything from abuse, to them being naked or dead. the agency that oversees nurses homes is calling out state health departments saying they need to do something about this, including making sure all
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pictures. the feds are also setting up uniform standards for how inecrs should write up reviews. they also want any siins of abuse investigated earlier than wwat is currently being done. a group of officers in oklahoma decided to make a little boy's birthday special by surprising him at his party. little braden who just turned 3 years old. but sadly, none of the invited guests showed up. party, but there was a knock at cheered braden right up. >> told us there was this little boy with autism was going to have a birthday party, and asked if we were going to, if we could show up. the really cool thing about this deal is that braden probably won't remember this, but his mom will. and as a parrnt, you want the best for your kid. you want the very, very best.
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with special needs. we were able to provide at that to her, just a moment of normalcy, i guess. >> wow. it really touched him obviously. it took a while for braden to warm up to the officers. before long, he was one of them, riding n the front seat of the cruiser, taking pictures, having a great time it looks like. >> great to see the officers taking time out of their day to go do that. meaning so much for everyone. it's going to be another hot one. one more day above normal. normal high today is 88. you're going to find on satellite and radar clear skies. overnight the storms that rolled through over i-70 east closer to limon, they've dissipated. we are seeing a little patchy fog. here's a live look from our viera wireless camera in burlington. you can see a little of it with our sunrise. a lot of sunshine expected in town today and it will be a pretty fast warmup, again by around 9:00 we're in the mid- to upper 70s.
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by 3:00, highs will be at about 93. we'll drop from there. a few more clouds again this afternoon and a chance for a few storms. i'll show you what those look like in just a minute. fort collins, greeley, you're both at 94. denver at 93. mid- to upper 80s farther south. castle rock at 88. we're almost, almost at 100 both in pueblo and lamar. they could hit it this afternoon. this is going to be the last head into the weekend, because we're tracking another cold front. it's not going to move through until tomorrow.. i'll show you what it does to temperatures. by noon today we've got widely scattered storms in the mountains. we'll likely see a few of those roll east. the timing of this will be about 5:00 to 7:00 that we'll likely see a few isolated thunderstorms. our threat for severe weather today across northeastern colorado is quite a bbt lower. early tomorrow morning sunshine.
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change in temperatures tomorrow. more so on friday. we'll still see a few late-day storms on thursday. going to be a slightly better risk of seeing severe weather. you can see it here in green and it just covers northeastern colorado. we'll watch for bigger storms tomorrow. 7 degrees cooler tomorrow. 88 degrees on thursday. then even more so by friday. friday we're feeling this clicker would work. probably because i dropped it yesterday. >> yay! it's the guy who is touching it who makes it work, yeah! >> this is unfortunate that we don't have a few seconds to go back and erase that. this is live tv. 80 on friday. low, mid-80s said and sunday.
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bad reference. i-70 now open. however, in several hours we're going to have ii70 closed down. it's awfully dark out there. this section of i-70 from glenwood canyon will be closed 9:00 until 3:30 today and tomorrow to do more of that helicopter operations, bring in the big poles to make the rock fences that they need to keep the rocks from falling down on i-70. north through steamboat springs and craig. you can aspen, independence pass and come through leadville. that'ssalso a pretty long option. rest of the drive around town looks nice. easy driving for at least right now. we just got an update on breaking news we told you about. two people were killed in that shooting we reported at the miami international airport. officials from the airport sending out this tweet. and we don't know who the people are, but this happenee in the employee parking lot. they're not saying what the
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it is 5:23. a federal judge says talk show host glenn beck must name two confidential sources he used when reports on the bosson marathon bombing. a man is suing beck for defamation after beck said the
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of interest, but once they cleared his name, beck continued to say he was involved. this morning the fcc says at&t was letting scammers charge examiners hidden fees. they've been ordered to send out nearly $8 million in refunds. also at&t allowed third parties to charge at&t got a small percentage of that charge. small businesses were the targets. this is the patent from apple, it's a steering device that helps large vehicles turn. it can be used in "war situatiins." the original patent application was approved last year from a global military company. turning to the olympics, team u.s.a.
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medal count. here's the ranking now. number one for the u.s. 26 medals total. nine of themmggld. china is close behind with eight golds. but they only have a total of 17 medals. >> some of those golds are thanks to these two swimmers, katie ledecky won her second gold and michael phelps won two everyone seems to be talking about that stare. hoodie up, mean mugging. apparently this is how he gets ready for a race. >> it's intense. >> focused. >> everyone has their different thing that gets them psycheed up. >> look what everybody else is doing around im. >> he does have a set way to do
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hey, he's winning. >> it works. keep letting him do it. >> gorgeous start to the day. it is. live look from our viera wireless camera. beautiful now. you're going to find sunshine out east. a little patchy fog. for the kkddos this morning, upper 60s to low 70s. mild temperatures. so mild n fact i had to write it twice. mild temps by this morning as well. by this afternoon, low 90s. it will be a pretty hot one again. we'll still see a few storms today. here's your first alert it gets cooler. details coming up. so excited. thanks, lisa. a major health alert, a denver company connected to a salmmnella outbreak already making people sick. someone is going around killing cattle in one colorado community.
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? p beyond the house itself.s for just the right insurance for you, find an agent at american family insurance. we are tracking breaking
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police are looking for two armed robbers who hit up a convenience store near the corner of paaker and florida overnight. the men ashed a gun, got away with cash. no one was hurt. that is not the only breaking news we're on top of this morning. look at this video here, a swat team swarming a pot shop on south colorado boulevard. >> that's where denver 7 reporter amanda del castillo joins us now. amanda. >> reporter: suspects hit the health center behind me, across the street from the 24 hour fitness here on south colorado boulevard. the alarm went off around 2:45 this morning and police responded shortly after. they set up a perimeter and waited for the task force to the task force went in with guns drawn and k-9's at their side around 3:30 this morning. it's video you're only going to see here on denver 7. they didn't find anyone inside when


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