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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 10, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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?>> breaking news at 11:00. class is canceled at a denver school after police say a student reportedly showed up with a gun. the student taken into custody. >> this happened at ace community challenge charter school on santa fe drive. a school educator noticed something suspicious coming from a students pocket that is when they found the gun. issued. urt, no lockdown still not clear what the student was planning to do with that weapon. a death investigation underway in strasburg. one person detained. a call came in before 9:00 a.m. about the death in the 56,000 block of east railroad street. details surrounding the death are not clear at this point. frederick police asking for your help to find this man. six-year-old stephen whitmore
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the fox brent subdivision. he left after getting apparently upset and never return. he was last seen dark colored swim trunks, no shirt or shoes. it is 84 degrees, looking at another hot one. >> i went out for a cup of coffee and i went and made the mistake of getting a hot one. mid upper '80s expected this morning. you will find in the next hour more likely in the '90s. a lot of sunshine across the ea mountains getting a few widely scattered thunderstorms now. yesterday week -- like yesterday we could see thunderstorms rolled through town. futurecast at 3:00, not impressive. not expecting much along i 25 storms likely won't turn severe. skies will clear out tonight. potentially lightning, rain and thunder this afternoon. early tomorrow morning, sunshine. we will be in the low to mid
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temperatures will drop into the upper 86:00-7:00. a chance for severe weather tomorrow. your first alert, tracking a cold front. i will show you what that does to thursday and friday coming up. investigation underway after someone broke into a marijuana dispensary overnight. this happened at a store called the health center located on colorado boulevard. you can see police with guns drawn, canines him a investigators from shattered glass at the back of the store. still not clear wh from the business. two armed roberts still on the run after hitting a convenience store near the corner of parker and florida and arapahoe county. the man flashed a gun at the cashier and got away with cash. no one was hurt. airways flight from denver to london had to request a priority landing this morning, after a passenger got sick. according to the daily star the plane laed safely about 40
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the pilot asked medical personnel to meet the plane. we don't know what was wrong with the passenger or condition. another man killed while fighting isis in syria, this is3 jordan mactaggart. he went to high school and castle rock. jordan fought for kurdish forces called the people's -?protection unit. the second man from our state to die while fighting with the group. both killed within a month of each other. the other man, levi jack surely from our data while fighting last month. as the offer support. levi's family still struggling to get his bbdy back home he would have turned 5 later this month. friends will hold a candlelight memorial at ralston central park meditation garden. a teenage baby sitting two little girls and two girls drowned in a community pool. the grandfather of the two
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the pool several times with his granddaughters and they would swim in the deep end. the girls are three and ssx years old. the family does not know how the girls died, how they drowned and they are waiting for the corners report. fortunately everyone okay after this lakewood home caught fire. investigators tell us the fire started in the garage. apparently they used a busted toaster to light cigarettes acrd a witnesses it is one of the ssariest fires he has ever seen. i have seen house fires but nothing extreme this was really a fire. the whole garage was gone. >>reporter: fortunately firefighters contained the flames to just the garage. back to school time. state officials will discuss whether or not to ease up on % guidelines when it comes to
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meann >>reporter: foyed its own fairl idelinhen omes twhat to dnks, ttoeep rying th ys they ditch it for thnationarch e much more lax. the usdaanrdt nee radope an-- anges toet the things that allows dt sodas for the first time in years. sizelimi but ule ban ii place. the other it would allow for teand getside events like sporting events and that is the decision for the
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and ultimately vote which policy they want to go with. theyou then be allowed to strt c have these types of drinksbut would have to decide whether or not they want to stock them. i spoke to someone from douglas county they said regardless of at hapns the cosyou could vembarveatewidasur tha uld ma it to the ballot. one would raise the tobacco tax, another would back prenri. oulso vooil and gas drilling regulation wageo $1
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living center turns deadly. the other could be a homicide investigation. and 95 rural women died after she was pushed by another resident. the facility says staff followed protocol. the person who pushed the victim has moved and the investigation is ongoing. aurora police say this man is a bank obber and they are trying to track them down. he at the u.s. bank near i-225 in parkkr road before 4:00
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described as a younger white man, five a with a thin build. tattoos. a $2000 reward for information leading to an arrest. boulder county prosecutors want this 22 -year-old man, austin wilkerson, to spend time in student. earlier this year he was convicted of sexually assaultinn a drunk woman at a st. patrick's day party in 2014. the daily camera reports that the defense is pushing for probation. is a responsibility for his actions. prosecutor said because of recent high profile cases it is more important to make sure rapist spend time behind bars. a warning from denver health. % a t tienth tuberculosis may have been contagious between may until late july when they were put in isolation. it appears thbiggesern . the hospital says no one else should be at risk. a second health alert, a denver sprout company linked to
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salmonella that has made 30 people sick. according to our partners at the denver post, people in nine states, including colorado and kansas, got sick after eating alfalfa sprouts from sprouts stored near. by people have been hospitalized. the company is recalling sprouts sent to restaurants. this popular taco shop in breckenridge is ack open. 16 people got sick with salmonella poisoning at oscars last monnh. right after the health department close down the restaurant for six days. espn has announced the host and anchor, john saunders, has died. saunders was an anchor for sportsceer and the host of the sports reporter. he was partf espnm for nearly 30 years. he covered college basketball, football and hockey. one of the most familiar faces for espn viewers. he was 61. from everywhere donald trump complained about the fire
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allowed his rally. denver7 got a hold of e-mail showing the campaign previously agreed to the crowd limits. one e-mail from the fire department to use the cs shows the capacity of 1800 with an overflow room of 1000. you ccs tells dethe trump campaign knew about the limits % the day before the rally. the campaign signed a contract agreeing to follow all fire department rules and regulations. boulder will survive a house fire now that the city's fire rescue is getting new pet oxygen kids. >> part of a national effort to get oxygen masks in fire stations across the u.s. and canada. >> amanda has our first look at these new devices. >>reporter: a demonstration wrapped up here in boulder just about an hour ago. we were shown these devices and told they are obviously going to keep the boulder area pets
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now while it isn't an official u.s. fire administration statistic, we are learning that 40,000 to 150,000 pets die each year because of smoke inhalation. currently, the departmmnt can use oxygen masks meant for people to help nurse gets back to help, but the donated masks are specialized for pets and come in different sizes. to better assist furry friends. we caught up with older fire they say it is good news both personally, because they are pet owners, and professionally. >> it is a relief knowing first responders are able to have the tools necessary whether a fire engine or anything else. hoses with water and fire hydrants. ained professionals that are able to provide this service. an extra added service to our community, again to help assist with other family members.
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of colorado donating 10 masks to older fire and rescue. we spoke with thp.m. bouldeasuikys wanted to g them p friwntose the city is reporting lier floridwon accidental shot and killed by an officer during a training exercise. what ppened, coming up. better late than never. at lea t thought after nearly missing his flight in madrid. determined to make it, he took off running on the tarmac. the full video coming up. a woman tryinn to capture the the moment at seaworld with
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. we have an update right now on a story we brought you at the top of the hour. six-year-old stephen whitmore has been found safe. he appeared to be physically unharmed, currently being checked out by ems. again he is safe right now. a tennessee bureau of
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an undercover drug bust went horribly wrong. special agent fraser in his informant trying to buy drugs when the seller whipped out a gun and tried to rob them. he ended up firing the ggn, killing fraser. he was only 35 ears old. he just joined the agency in february. in florida, investigators looking into how a woman was accidentally killed during a ?itizens police academy. participating in an exercise that was supposed to show how officers decide to use lethal force. somehow a live round was fired from an officer's gun killing her. the officer . the kansas city waterpark where a youngster died will reopen. it turns out the ride was having trouble before caleb got on. in fact in fact the young girl said her shoulder strap came undone and she had to hold on for dear life.
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>> down the first hill the strap came off. completely flew off. i had to grab a hold of the strap they had to hold myself down because we had the other hill to go over. >> that happened to him three weeks ago. we now know what may have causee three young girls to fall out of a ferris wheel in tennessee. investigators say it was all because of a mechanical issue. the three kids fell between 30 and 40 feet. a six-year-old suffered a traumatic brain injury. the other two also recovering. after monitoring the baltimore police department for a year a department of justice report out this morning, has uncovered unconstitutional practices by the department. there were disproportionate rates of searches and arrest of african-americans. one african-american man was reportedly stopped 30 times in
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investigators found a pattern ?f excessive force. the report blamed poor training and supervision as the cause. altimore police lieutenant, brian rice acquitted of chaages in the death of freddie gray is expected to get over hundred $26,000 in back pay. the 25 -year-old gray died in april of last year a week after he suffered a spinal injury while in custody. a woman tryi t moment at seaworld in florida had her moment crushed and her ipad possibly crushed after a dolphin got too close. the woman was trying to take a picture or video when the device snatched right out of her hands. the vvdeo shot by another park go are in an area of seaworld where visitors are allowed to touch the dolphins. no word on the fate of the ipad but i don't think they do well in water. can you imagine being late for a flight aad doing this?
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his flight. a video shows him jumping from the passenger bridge after he missed boarding, runs on the tarmac like in his carry-on, astonishingly they let him on the flight. but he was eventually detained and is going to face charges. >> i am surprised he was allowed on the airplane. >> it would depend on where i was going if i was going to do that. clearly he was going somewhere awesome or wanted to get >> i'm surprised they did. a hot day, temperatures in the 80s. likely going to see temperatures cooling down tomorrow with a cold front. a touch cooler. today, hot with a few storms and cooler friiay. a nice change in store. you will find on satellite and radar, a few storms earlier on the western slope dissipating a bit through the central mountains. we are going to see more activity during the afternoon.
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fewer than we saw yesterday. a live look from our wireless camera in limon winds 10-20 miles per hour. a touch easy. futurecast halloween along -- following along what we are seen on satellite and radar. storms 2:00-3:00, pretty widely scattered activity through the mountains and a few that will roll east this afternoon, a threat for severe weather today a lot lower than what we s more sunshine early tomorrow morning. by tomorrow morning that is when we will be tracking this next front that will bring temperatures down. today still hot low to mid 90s expected this afternoon with more 60s this evening. '800 near deckkr, castle rock, parker and upper 70s to low '80s in the mountains. pueblo 98, lamar 99 hot across southeastern colorado with a
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today 93 and tomorrow 88. tomorrow a chance for a few storms slightly better risk of seen severe weather across northeastern colorado. likely with storms tomorrow. temperatures cooling. by friday, highs in the upper 70s to low '80s. quite a bit cooler as we end the week and still see storms. friday more cloud cor, cloudy mostly cloudy on friday with the high of 80. planning ahead for the weekend saturday and sunday, a few afternoon storms on saturday highs about 82 degrees and sunday 85. pretty close to normal on sunday. niie weekend. a lot of kids going back to school tomorrow. another round next week. keeps happening for kids. >> summer already gone. >> ww still have two weeks.
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the 22nd. inching toward the start of preseason football. the weather definitely not football like that we know who the starting quarterback for the broncos will be at least for tomorrow night. michael phelps a big talker this morniig but it wwsn't his
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breaking news. boulder county has confirmed the first three local cases of west nile. a 74 -year-old mafia women, a 47 -year-old boulder man in a 13 -year-old longmont boy all infected with the virus. including fever, muscle weakness and fatigue. none are hospitalized. health officials say west nile is most common in august and september months in colorado. where that buu repellent. official, mark sanchez will be the starting quarterback for the broncos, tomorrow against the bears. troy renck was the first to break the news yesterday. -?>> coach gary kubiak says sanchez will play first-quarter then trevor siemian will come in and play the 2nd quarter. those two have been neck and
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the entire 2nd half. a lot of people speculating lynch will eventually start for the broncos. he tells us he is excited to get on the field. >> i'm excited. we all get the opportunity to go out there and show what we have been working on through camp so far. >> broncos traveling to chicago today. the sports team also going to chicago. >> tune in tonight for our report and download the free denver7 app to see interviews with the stars. turning to the olympics, team usa just killing it. >> still leading in the medal count number one with 26 here is the ranking nine are gold, china behind with eight gold but only a total of 17 medals. some of those are thanks to these two swimmers, katie ledecky won her second and michael phelps won two more yesterday giving him the 20th
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before his races. you could see him sitting there on the left side of your screen, hoodie up, headphones on, mean making, not letting anyone, even other guys jumping around, distract him. >> he has a routine. >> a proud olympic moment for colorado. mallory pugh, a graduate of mount vista high, just made olympic history. the youngest person, at 18 years old, to score a goal for the u.s. wommn's soccer team. team usa tied with columbia. the next game against sweden in the quurterfinals friday. >> so many local kids. she is 18. so young. great to see. a local police chief speaking out after a vacation. here a recount terrifying moments. a disturbing crime and one colorado county.
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. boulder county has confirmed the first three local cases of west nile this year. a 74 -year-old lafayette women, a 47 -year-old boulder man in a 13 -year-old longmont boy had all infected with the virus. >> they reported having symptoms including fever, muscle weakness of fatigue. none had to be hospitaliied. west nile is most common in colorado during august and september.
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after reportedly bringing a gun to school. classes have been canceled for the day. this happened at ace community charter challenge school. a school adminissrator saw something suspiciouu and realized it was gun. nobody was hurt, no lockdown issued. not clear what the weapon was for and what the student plan to do with that weapon. if you have stepped outside you will notice there is 3 sunshine and heat. >> still summer. temperatures near 90 degrees headed to the mountains it is cooler, more cloud cover. live look from loveland. you will find dry conditions right now but a few storms starting to pop up. another date we have lost another degree. the normal high 88 degrees today. this number will keep going down obviously as we get closer to fall. alreaay toddy above normal. city park at 90.
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foothills, already a very hot start to the afternoon. pueblo 92. nice iffu.s. -- see a few storms. not many today but a better chance later in the week. in a few minutts here is your first alert. tomorrow's cold front does to her temperature. the police chief of estes park back at work after his plane crashed in the alaskan wilderness. he spoke only th denver7 about the unexpected end to his fishing trip. >> we started to lift plane took an immediate right and an immediate left. i remember saying out loud oh no and i remember thinking this is going to hurt becaase we are going to crash. >> fortunately they may have hurt but they were all okay. five people on the plane, no one seriously hurt. what caused the crash is still under investigation. thii aurora man sick -- sentenced for his sixth dui. think the judge sentenced
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doyle cormack just getting off with permission. >> -- with probation. >> this is body camera video showing him very drunk, this is proving state law needs to be changed. a first-time offender can get a minimum of 10 days behind bars. when someone has more than five offenses it is a felony. probation, in the case of this guide being an option. this man will spend the next 24 years behind matthew weather sporran, meta- 15 -year-old runaway and turned her into a prostitute. this mug shot from five years ago when he was arrested for stabbing a puppy. a 67 -year-old woman who hit and killed a man with her truck will only have to pay a traffic ticket. police say yesterday they will not press more serious charges. the crash happened in june. the victim may have been homeless and no one ever came forward to claim his body.
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more than a tragic accident. this 19 -year-old, tyler porter, strangled a kitten. when hhs 17 -year-old girlfriend try to stop him he then strangled her. a kitten and the woman will survive. this happened monday night. he now faces several charges including cruelty to animals. authorities looking for the person behind this disturbing crime scene. someone shooting antelope and cattle and leaving them to die. animals are being killed in a 10 square mile north of hugo. someone is using high caliber rounds, firing shots from a road nearby. two house killed, the owner says the community is afraid it won't stop the cows. >> she died slowly in a lot of pain. we are afraid it could change. away from antelope to cattle, what is next? >> the lincoln county sheriffs office offering a 10,000-dollar reward.
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police and they caught this wine drinking church they. she's watch -- walking into this broomfield baptist church. after looking around she takes up with a laptop. lisa rest offthis woman thanks to your tip. delta hoping to resume normal operations by this afternoon. still 90 flights canceled this mooning. a massive power outage on mondayyforce the airline to cancel more than 1000 flights the last three days. delta force to give out tens of thousa hotel vouchers adding up to millions of dollars. back to school for a lot of kids. state officials discussing whether or not to ease the guidelines and it comes to sugary drink. >> more on what this proposal could mean. by dopting the national standard for what a healthy beverage is in a school, colorado would be removing a layer of oversight from it education symptom -- education
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the standards put up by the usda, reintroducing some beverages into schools or kids that some deem as unhealthy which they believe is a bad thing. this is the decision now up to the state department of education. colorado high schools had a ban on diet and reduced calorie drinks. >>reporter: the usda standard would allow them to bb reintroduced with size limits. the new standards would allow for drinks beyond water, juice and milk to be sold at afterschool events games. what is more important, removing the layer of oversight or keeping the diet reduced calorie drinks out of schools. that is up to the state department to decide at a meeting this afternoon in grand junction. keep in mind if they decide to move forward with the policy going with the national standard it would be up to each individual district. they would be allowed to offer new drinks. they would not have to that is a district by district
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today and ttmorrow crews will be closing i-70 through glenwood canyon from 9:00 a.m.- 330 p.m.. the department of transportation closing highway for farockll mitigation work. eastbound traffic closed at the glenwood springs effort -- exit. westbound traffic will be stopped -- you will need to look for an alternative route. more controver o second amendment people and what exactly he meant by that. >> the clinton campaign accusing if of suggesting violence. karen travers in washington with the latest. >>reporter: donald trump on the defensive again. last night on fox news. >> there can be no other interpretation give me a break. trump and his campaign trying to explain these comments yesterday. >> hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the second amendment.
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she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people, maybe there is. >>reporter: team trump insist he's talking how voters can mobilize to keep clinton out of office but not how it is seen by men including one of his supporters sitting right behind him. a quick reaction from the clinton campaign saying in a statement this is simple what trump is saying is a person seeking to be president should not suggest violence in any way. so another cleanup effort from running mate mike pence to loyal supporter really giuliani. >> we know donald trump is not particularly indirect. if donald trump was going to say something like that, he would say something like that. >>reporter: clinton haunted by new e-mail controversy. showing what appears to be a senior staffer for the clinton foundation asking for favors
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clinton as low campaign neither involve the secretary relate to the wook of the foundation. but the trump campaign ssys this is more evidence she ran quote a corrupt office. good news for pet owners in boulder. the city's fire rescue department getting new tools that can help save your pet >> amanda was at belmont dog park in boulder with a look at these new deeices. >>reporter: boulder fire and rescue workers use oxygen masks meant for people in order to help nurse pets back to help. but now there is a new specialized mask they will be able to use to help our furry friends and better assist them in emergency situations. the new pet oxygen masks come in three sizes to assist all aminal. >> the number of pets that die
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statistic, sources say between 40,000 and 150,000 pets die each year because of smoke inhalation. we spoke with the general manager of invisible fence -- invisible friends of colorado who donated the masks. they are useful in mmny different scenarios not only fire. >> reports we get back where pets have fallen through ice and need to be resuscitated as well. so far to date we have donated over 12,000 masks. national effort called project brrathe. the project focusing on bringing pet oxygen masks to fire stations all over the u.s. and canada. check out this video of a stunt at mount evans. a group called rocky mount and slack line performed a tight rope walk 14,000 feet above the ground.
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amount. maybe this will make you feell better. they were tethered in during the crossing seemed that doesn't make me feel any better i wonder how many people fail. that would be terrifying. >> scary. people are crazy. a denver lab helping scientists discover more about the earth's past climate and future climate change. uuing ice from antarctica to draw conclusions. to rise. a new study says family spend up to 25% of their income on it. details on what presidential candidates plan to do. is the water you are drinking really save?
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. king soopers has announced it will stop doubling coupons. they been investing resources -?into online coupons and downloaded while customer shot. we some folks say that can sometimes be difficult to do. the change will go into effect -??ugust 23. scientists are using a huge freezer in denver to learn about climate change. ancient ice extracted from antarctica and greenland and shipped to colorado to the national ice core laboratory. that can give researchers
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evidence of cosmic events dating back as llng as 800,000 year. theefcc orddrs at&t to pay out nearly $8 million for allowing scammers to overcharge customers. customers got $9 a month added to bills for service that didn't even exist. at&t got a percentage of each charge. investigators say small businesses were the main targets. at&t plans to send refund checks within 90 days. patents. one in particular has a lot of people raising eyebrows. this is a patent, a steering device that helps large vehicles turn. according to the approved patent filing it could be used for quote war situations. the original patent application approved last year for a global defense company for military reasons. apple isn't saying what it plans to make using the patent. your next american airlines flight might not be so boring.
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passengers can watch a tv show or movie on a seatback screen or streaming on personal devices through the airline apps. good news for drivers, gas prices expected to drop to below $2 a gallon and could stay there through winter. the u.s. energy department made the prediction, mostly due to the prolonged slump in oil prices nd the switch to winter blend gasoline which is cheaper to make. according to aaa the national average is $2.12 a gallon. the average price here in colorado is $2.13, way down from last ear's average, $2.78. working parents all no child care is expensive. 54% of american family spend more than 10% of their income on childcare. one in five family spends more than 25% of their income according to new report from care .com.
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thereby empowering parents to fully deduct average cost of childcare spending from taxes. >>reporter: analysts ay donald trump's plan would help wealthier families by giving them a tax deduction instead of a tax credit. meanwhile hillary clinton's plan calls for a tax cut for working families. neither candidate is saying much about how they would pay for the plan. a new harvard study says millions of americans may be drinking unsafe water. scientists found unsafe levels of industrial chemicals and water supplies all across the country. chemicals used to make things like food packaging, fabrics and nonstick cooking pans. when ingested they can cause health problems. studies have linked chemicalss to high cholesterol, obesity even cancer. other studies indicate the may weaken children's immune system. starting today in the state you can start collecting
11:48 am
you can only collect 110 gallons. your cctter. the tricky part is making sure the mosquitoes don't breed in the standing water. i was in texas with a girlfriend, they have those say that the rain fill it up and they use the water for the swimming pool. this is huge it will say people a lot of money. stick to the rules you have to keep groundwater safe as well. chance for rain not to get much. your first alert as youulook across the southwestern quarter of the state we will start to see a little more rain. a number of flood advisories and watches into the desert southwest. it won't take much, expecting potentially over a quarter of an inch, that will create flooding there. here in town, things are dry out east. a few showers rolled in to the central mountains earlier this morning. those have cleared up. from our wireless camera at the
11:49 am
sunshine, beautiful start too the afternoon. we will see a little cloud cover by this afternoon. that is what it looks like at 3:00. notice on futurecast a few isolated storms. we will see fewer storms today than yesterday. a few neighborhoods yesterday less than a 10th of an inch of rain but enough to cool things down. nice to get a break from the blazing sun. overnight 10-1030 a few clouds pretty dry to early but another round of storms thursday aftern ?omorrow, we will be tracking a cold front. a chance with this front we could see severe weather, this area here under green. risk for potentially larger hail and damaging winds. again, tomorrow. watch that, stick with us tomorrow. denver 3:93, oveenight tonight
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morning. at the airport today, 92. parker 89, fort collins 93. evergreen and conifer low to mid 80s. boulder, 90. 70s and 80s for the mountains. in most cases next couple days we will see temperatures drop 10-15 degrees. today we are at 93, tomorrow upper '80s. tracking the next front, it will bring with it quite a bit more moisture friday. and increasing cloud cover, storms likely friday. upper 70s to low '80s, quite a bit cooler. normal high today 88 degrees. about seven-10 degrees elow that on friday. we could get a few neighborhoods on friday in the upper 70s. for the weekend, skies clear out a bit a few late a storm saturday. 85 sunday a good place to put the bright spot with a high of 85.
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to. usually with your significant other.
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scene of the death investigation. this is n strasburg. we are learning one person has been detained after someone was found dead. details still not clear this point. a photographer enjoying a fabulous italian handyman. you might notice in the photo there is something missing, his bride is not with them. because his new wife and him got married back in december and planned a two week trip to italy. supposed to leave she experienced the worst thing for any traveler, she lost her passport. her hubby went on the trip anyway. eventually get there but it uld- didn't happen. >> at that point, come on, not a way to start the marriage. >> things you should check well in advance. >> not only that but maybe you postpone it and do it later. >> police he didn't go with another woman.
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warm tomorrow, 88 degrees
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