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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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couple hours. they did not want to come over and talk with us. they may have said a few bad words i'm told. this has been a bus bridge area because the trains couldn't go this way to dia, because there was some sort of power issue beyond there. so a train could come here, go east toward dia, then where those tracks split there, it would have to go past that. thh track would switch, the train would go on the other side of the tracks, then it would go back this way to head toward dia. video we shot earlier toda showed one of the trains coming downtown to dia. it stopped here. there were people on this side of the platform, thinking they could still get to dia. then they're told no. you have to take a bus bridge, or if they thought they were going to go downtown from this side, they had to go to the other side of the platform. we also had some confusion about whether or not they had to pay for a fair. this was a tsa agent telling these passengers don't pay for a fare. the bus drivers were telling
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passenger who just wasn't certain what to do. 3 >> they said the bus was free, and then this tsa agent said she didn't think hey would charge us, but wasn't sure and didn't confirm whether or not they were going to charge us or not. >> reporter: i tweeted with rtd. rtd says to pay for a fare, but that people checking fares would probably be lenient today. there was actually an rtd employee 15 minutes ago, the train. the people you see walking here just got off the bus from dia, so that bus bridge is still in place, as there are still backups on the tracks. reporting live at 61st and pena, marshall zelinger. this is at trump tower, just ended in the last 30 minutes. a man spent the last couple of hours, scaling the trump tower in new york city. he was using suction cups to get up there while police were obviously there waiting for
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through an open window. no word on why he was doing this, but you know he's getting questioned right now. the trump campaign so far has not commented. new tonight, a health alert. one person has died from a health virus in colorado. >> the heal department says more infections are expected. >> reporter: health officials tell us it was when they start to see the uptick in the number of cases reported with the virus. we won't start seeing these cases until our first hard freeze. the first west nile virus in colorado this year is a sobering reminder of just how dangerous a mosquito bite can be. so far people from counties across the metro area have been infected. >> in the past week, we've seen an increase in the number of human recorded cases of west
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way. according to state health officials, they're usually at least 100 cases a year. >> of the people who get infected, about 1 in 5 will show symptoms of the infection, and then a very small percentage of people, of less than 10 out of 100 of infected people will show neurological symptoms. >> reporter: jennifer house says the number of people dying from the disease is small. she says people need to be to stay for a while. how do you protect yourself in are urging people to practice their four d's. drain any standing water, remember that mosquitoes are out during dusk and dawn, so limit outdoor activities. if you plan to be out during this time of the day, dress appropriately, meaning long sleeve shirts and try to cover as much skin as possible.. if you're at the park or the creek like the one we're at now, you probably want to put
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reporting live from cherry creek, denver 7. we have another health alert for you tonight. this one from memorial hospital in colorado springs. a state inspection found workers were not properly cleaning vaginal inspection proposes. this after a tech said she was fired after raising concerns here. did the punishment meet the a judge sentences a cu student to two years probation. >> some advocates say that is just too lenient. jaclyn, they wanted him to go to prison. >> reporter: thh court records show wilkerson offered to take care of a girl who had too much to driik. he was eligible for two years to life in prison for sexual assault against a helpless victim. instead today a judge handed down two years work release and 20 years to life probation. again, court records show wilkerson offered to take care
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party in 2014. instead, prosecutors say he sexually assaulted her. after initially denying the accusations, today in court, wilkerson apologized. another employ for leniency. >> do you think he manipulated the system to get a lighter sentence? >> yes, we do. >> he definitely in our opinion, and as we argue to the court, throughout the process, has given whatever version of best going to serve him. >> reporter: prosecutors say they're disappointed he was not given prison time. so are rape crisis groups we talked to. especially following the stanford rape case. they hope cases like these will raise awareness. issue of sexual assault and the consequences. a 19-year-old in grand junction is in jail, accused of choking his girlfriend, and choking her kitten.
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kitten because it bit his arm. ?hen his girlfriend tried to stop, he allegedly choked her and hit her. we had 93 in denver. lamar, 100 degrees. 95 at akron and sterling. there are showers and storms that developed across the state. nothing that's really strong at the moment. you can see the light to moderate rain showers moving across parts of the metro. also along the mountains. the denver area will get some showers with so. a few rumbles of thunder, gusty winds, especially the south ann east side. this is the strongest storm that we've seen out in kit carson county around the burlington area. it was a severe warned storm, but has now diminished. first alert, a better chance of showers and storms tomorrow and friday. all the details coming up in a feminutes. as we first told you on
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colorado man recently killed while in syria. he was there to fight isis. >> we want to know what drives these young foreign fighters. tracking down an answer. jen, you found colorado ranks high for these vigilante fighters. >> reporter: during a review of social media counts last year, the site found 6 coloradans who traveled from colora syria. i sat down with an expert from du to find out why. driven ba nse of idealism, solidarity, and desire to fight for a cause that's bigger than them. >> i'm sure that life has some sort of meaning to it, beyond living a normal coloradan life. >> reporter: these are the characttristics he says often
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but he says it alss raises questions. >> what actually can one individual from colorado accomplish in any substaative way. >> reporter: they had joined the kurdish protection unit. riding from castle rock, jordan admired the kurds from afar and grew to them. their cause became his. in describes a simiiar motivation. >> i came here to stop isis. >> reporter: why are so many colorado men joining this cause? it's hard to say. but he believes our culture may play a role. >> certain sense of patriotism
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military background is really putting themselves at risk. >> reporter: a close friend of mctaggerts told us he doesn't have any military training beyond the training the kurds provided.. he took on the horrors of the world personally, and was unbelievably selfless. i'm jennifer covaleski for denver 7. the teacher at ace community school in santa fe called police took that student into custody, thankfully, no one was hurt. we have asked, and no answers yet about why that student brought a gun to school. and in colorado springs, james irwin charter school canceled the first day of classes after hearing some rumors about a security issue. police didn't talk specifically about the threat. but they do tell us they are still investigating. an update to a story now we brought you as breaking news at 11:00. a man has been arrested in
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behind bars on suspicioo of first degree murder. this after deputies were called out to a ssabbing on east railroad avenue this morning. denver police are trying to figure out who broke into a marijuana dispensary overnight. it happened near yale. you can see police here. you could for a second there with their guns out. see them? had police dogs as well. investigators say they found shattered glass to the back of the store. we don't know yet what wws taken. do you need a job? right no something new here in denver. the company will pay you 18 to $25 an hour to deliver packages using your own car. it's trying to grow this 1 to 2 hour delivery service for what's called amazon flex. that would be here in the metro. >> like uberzon. scientists say laziness may have something to do with your intelligence. >> and your drive.
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express lanes means for you. >> plus conversation on allowing diet sodas back into classrooms. >> and a woman is accidentally killed during a police training
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this could be the solution to your traffic headaches. there's a big construction project on c-470 getting underway in douglas county. the ground breaking was today,
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the width of c-470 in spots. it comes down to what's more important, time or money here. >> reporter: that's what we're asking people. this stretch of 470 will have some of those express toll lanes added to them. those who drive this stretch know just how needed those are going to be. in order to get out of that gridlock though, [inaudible] save 18 minutes on your commute. a $170 million project is set to get underway soon, and expand the stretch from i75 west to kipling. an additional express lane will be built in some portions. we spoke with some people who say the short term headache is worth it in the long run. >> traffic is bad, but they built t-rex, that was a nightmare for a while. but can you imagine it without the extra lanes now? it would be even worse. >> reporter::overwhelmingly positive are the people we
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several people that are opposing this, that live along 470, and don't agree with the noise mitigation. they actually filed an injunction in court, hoping to put off the constructton. live in douglas county, mark boyle denver 7. a 73-year-old woman is dead after a role playing exercise at a citizen's police academy in florida. mary knowleton was a volunteer. the gun had at least one live round. the officer is on paid leave pending investigation. using words like blatant discrimination, and deep rooted issues. investigators found officers routinely violated the constitutional rights of
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enforcement stops and arrests and regularly using excessive -?force. >> today donald trump and his campaign are still dealing with fallout from his comments yesterday. trump insisted he was not suggesting supporters use violence against hillary clinton. the secret service today confirms it has had several conversations with the trump campaign about what he said. trump's comments did earn him some extra support from the nra. the nra spend $3 million on ads. what are your high school kids drinking at schools? they didn't reach an agreement today. the department of education was considering voting in favor of new national guidelines, which are more lax and would allow diet soda back in schools. however, the board here did not reach agreement today, and will take up the issue again in september. vegans in italy, put their kids on a vegan diet, could go to jail. the italian parliament is
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supporters say veganism puts kids at risk, because they're not getting the proper nutrition. four kids were hospitalized in italy, all of them on vegan diets. king soopers just announced no more double couponing starting august 23. firefighters in boulder are taking extra steps to help your pets in an emergency. the city's fire and getting oxygen kits specifically designed for pets. >> most people in our commmnity do have pets and they are treated like family members, so for us, it's just a welcome relief to have another tool to be able to assist. >> invisible fence brand of colorado is donating these masks. the next time you're accused of being lazy here's your comeback. itts because i'm smarter than you. >> a new study by florida gulf coast university, i'm going to
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way. says laziness is a sign of high intelligence. scientists say people with high i q's rarely get board, so they aren't as active. i'm kind of lazy. wake up, mike. >> there's so many lines there, i'm just not going to go there. here's how it looks currently, down to the south and west denver, nothing big. nothing severe, but radar does show the showers. -?gusty winds and a little bit rain, and a little bit of lightning and thunder. so i guess we could be shakespearian and say full of sound and fury, but signifying nothing. 90 at dia. 17% humidity. winds from the north-northwest at 10 miles per hour.
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currently, this is the situation across the western part of the nation. a front to the north of us, severe weather in minnesota. a little bit of monsoon moisture here. a cold front coming our way, that arrives late tonight into friday. a not so hot front as temperatures will be cooler, and bring us a better chance of showers and storms. you can see for this evening, it's pretty spotty out there. very few of these storms will be more than just light moderate. overnight, the skies are going to clear again. we'llster a nice night. low temperature around 60 for denver. 57 fort collins. 40 up at leadville. tomorrow, the day will be starting out dry, and in the afternoon, there will be scattered showers and storms developing. not a whole lot of activity tomorrow. better chance we'll actually see on friday as that front will stall across the state. we'll get higher humidity, more instability in the atmosphere. still hot tomorrow across the
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not as hot here with temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. along the front range, mostly upper 80s, and 70s expected to the west. a few storms possible early tonight. 60 for a low. tomorrow, not quite as low as today, 88. a few storms in the afternoon. looking ahead on the extended forecast, the best day for storms looks like friday, with 80. we'll give that the first alert weather day. i think the weekend will nice. not too hot. mostly sunny on sunday, and monday. back to afternoon storms on wednesday. as you approach mid-august, normal high is dropped back a couple of degrees now. we're on it's road to cooler days. >> to september, our favorite month here. coming up, the broncos are ready to hit the bears. tomorrow, we're going to hear
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welcome to 7s chicago getting settled into the windy citiment ready to take the field tomorrow night against john fox and the bears in the first preseason game. at quarterback, it's mark sanchez, going in the 1st quarter, lynch the 2nd half. ?aybe trevor starts the 2nd preseason game, who knows. this competition will not be
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>> i think it will stay the same, it's just going to be a matter of, when we decide who's going to be working as the guy. and i'm not ready to get there yet. we need to keep going, and we've got not only this game, but we've got some competitive practices coming up against san francisco. so we've got to keep plugging. >> i'm not worried about it. it's his call all the way, and competing, for the whole really. we've just got to compete against each other and the defense. it's been white on orange. offense, defense. john elway says training camp is like groundhog day. now, no longer the broncos vs. broncos, we've got the bears. >> a couple of fights out here. hopefully we can get those out of here. hope we're not fighting
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on another team. let's have some fun. >> play against real competition, and you know, throw the ball against other guys in our defense that we've been practicing againsttfor so long, and putting the pads on, and get to run a bit. sim exccted that we all get the opportunity to go out there and kind of show that we've been working on through camp so far. >> awesome. what a night for mallory pew. she scored a wonder the u.s. olympic soccer team against colombia. the youngest ever to score for the u.s. in the olympic games. u.s. and colombia tied 2-2, but the u.s. won its group, so they will be moving on. >> nice! >> it was all set up in chicago and ready to go.
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functioning. even though rtd told us it was repaired that's not the case. >> we'll update you. >> it is not a okay yet. >> not yet. weather, a little bit cooler the next couple of days. we'll drop back into the upper 80s to around 80 with shooers. >> we'll see you back here at
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tonight, breaking news. tense moments on the campaign trail. the secret service rushes the stage at a hillary clinton rally. as donald trump tonight stands by his words aimed at, quote, second amendment people, that they could do something. and late today, this image. a man climbing trump tower. police watching. also tonight, the police officer who discharged a live round during a practice drill, killing a wife, a retired the news conference late today. severe weather at this hour. a tornado just confirmed here in the northeast. and the flood worries tonight across the south. the webcam warning. parents who thought they were protecting their twin daughters, strangers then hacking into that camera. gold rush. michael phelps, and that moment with his rival. the story behind it. and the mystery solved tonight.


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