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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 10, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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within the last hour at the train to the plane running again after several hours have not. if you have ever been held up a the train we have a way you can get reimbursed from rtd. climbing up trump tower to meet the man himself. we are hearing from donald trump about the drama outside his new york city building. >> he walks towards me with a handgun. >> only on denver7 a store clerk held up at gunpoint and tied up. lives terrifying moments for us. the robbery happened at romantics adult store early this week. >> the clerk talking exclusively with us because she fears her coworkers are not safe. >>reporter: the gunman still has -- still at large. used electrical cords to tie her up and forced her to the ground and after he robbed the place he told her he would be back.
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scream and be like okay like what you want. >>reporter: you can see the robber dresseddin a black hoodie, sunglasses, surgical mask and gloves. the clerk too scared he might recognize her face says he ordered her into a fitting room and tied her up. >> if he doesn't get what he wants what is going to happen to me? i have two kids i need to go home to my two kids i am all they got. i am here by myself. >>reporter: employees routinely work by themselves even overnight. they have been on high alert since may when someone shot and carjacked a man outside the store. now the. >> somebody already got shot there i was afraid i was going to get shot. >>reporter: she went back to work the next day and quit this morning. a employee quick too. i talked with her on the phone
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improve security went unanswered. >> i wann to do my job to make money so i can provide for my family and i am scared. it is not right. >>reporter: according to the clerk, the man stole money from the cash register, $20 from her purse and enhancement pills. he went into the store looking for to get he believed workee their. we did reach out to the corporate office but no one returned our call. in the last half hour or last hour the a line train back up and running after seven hours have not ready. marshall zelinger on top of these problems and how you can finally benefit. >>reporter: what of instead of focusing on the issues that have the train to the plane delayed more often than we
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about the fun way you can avoid your next 9-dollar fair and get a free ride on rtd's time. 61st and pena not dia but today was the end of the line to dia. today's problem with the a line was a line. somewhere the overhead power lines stopped working require passengers to be best from 61st and pena to the airport. >> should have caught the commuter rail at 23:00. >> he works at dia and has paid to be stranded on the train before. >> we have been stuck on the overpass, we have been stuck because there is no train at the airport. >>reporter: confusion at the station had some passengers buying the $9 fair while others walked straight to the platform. >> they said the bus was free and tsa agent said she did not
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whether or not. >>reporter: if you've after been stranded on a bus or train you have a good shot at getting a free ride. on rtd's website you can fill out a form to apply for a free ride coupon. >>reporter: today hundreds of travelers certainly earned it. >>reporter: there is fine print. the delay cannot be caused by weather or traffic but go ahead and try and get your free ride. if all goes train should be at dia in about 37 minutes. southern colorado a test site for this new high-speed train, 125 miles per hour t pueblo today once testing is done the trains will rollout in four states not colorado. no word on when you can see them here. you have to see this.
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a man's scaling a 58 story building in new york city using only suction cups. as you can imagine the scene had all eyes on the trump tower today. >> police inside the building trying to grab the 20 -year-old from virginia and pull him to safety. eventually they yanked him off the glass. he did not make it easy he refused a safety line. >> if you get this in, he refused take the line. >>reporter: the man just wanted to have a personal meeting with trump did tweet tonight telling police great job for keeping people in the climber safe. tonight former president bill clinton is in colorado. he was in adams county. denver7 sources say he was here to thank those who help support his wife's presidential campaign. tonight our governor reacting to a story we exclusively brought you last time. john hick and looper tweeted a message to donald trump this is still waiting for the apology, donall.
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zelinger did about trump's recent visit to colorado springs where the member of his entourage got the gop candidate stuck in the elevator. hard to believe election day is 89 days away. a lot of attention on the candidates there is also a focus on security and protecting your vote. marc stewart live right now. you found out cyber attacks are ready happening? >> i don't think it is a big surprise that the secretary -- se attempted to be hacked almost every day on a pretty routine basis. so far the safeguards seem to be working. as far as election day is concerned the state's election chief says he is ready. >> largely we are a security nightmare for somedy trying to commit fraud in colorado. >>reporter: colorado's election chief standing by the state system to prevent election day
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thwart the process. already the state is fighting against hackers, some far from colorado. none successful. >> being initiated by people in foreign countries, people domestically, trying to get into big databases. >>reporter: ste's confidence comes from its multipronged approach. machines checked well before the election and sealed. testing takes place throughout the voting process. votes are double checked after the polls close. >> the s colorado, i feel like thissis the case around the country is a very secure system. so decentralized that it would be really hard for somebody to create the conditions that could lead to a rigged outcome. nothing is entirely electronic. state law requires all equipment to leave a printout of vote. >> i believe the biggest problem we face right now is
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vulnerability. >>reporter: on election day itself two of the big concerns will be power failures and internet outages. i am told the state has backups for those. a student taken into custody after bringing a gun to a denver school. a teacher it is community challenge school saw the gun in the student's pocket and called 911. when we last spoke to police they said they are still trying to find out with the student was trying to do with a gun. a former cu student convicted of ray avoids prison time. 22 -year-old austin wilkerson was sentenced to two years work- release and probation. wilkerson told friends he was going to take care of a student after she had too much to drink at a st. patrick's day party. instead prosecutors say he assaulted her.
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the sentence is too lenient. >>reporter: were kind of message do you think a work- release sentence sends? >> i think it sends a message to the community that sexually violent crime does not warrant serious punishment. >>reporter: she points to high- profile cases like the stanford swimmer convicted of ray only sentenced to six months. tonight we are learning the rules could be changing her medical pot nationwide. the new york times no some limits put on medical pot research including allowing universities to grow their own pot and other changes pot will remain a scheduled substance illegal on the federal level which is why things did not go well for a man who had 500 pounds of marijuana in his car. that landed a western colorado man in a nebraska prison. he was caught near lincoln back in january with the $2.5 million worth of pot. he pleaded guilty to possession
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in douglas county part of your daily commute be prepared for instruction. and expansion project will double the width of the highway and some areas and at express lanes from i-25 to kipling. the project will be finished in the spring of 2019. -? a warning you have to her west nile on the move spreading and more counties across our state. >> cashing in a double coupons, king soopers changing the way you save and has some loyal >> hot out there today tripled
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. no swimming and parts of lake pueblo because of an odd red color along the beach. biologist status caused by protozoa. now what isn't known is whether any of this is harmful to humans, that is why more tests are being done. we know now what started one of tub. the valley fire and or the california killed four people and destroyed 1300 homes. after almost a year of investigating the cause firefighters traced it back to that wiring on a family's hot tub. three days later a 10 -year-old boy died in a waterslide schlitterbahn waterpark in kansas ity reopened it. caleb schwab died from a neck injury writing the world's tell
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for the rest of the season. delta's problem stretching to a third day. more than 300 flights canceled today, only one in denver. not computer problems causing delays, flight crews not in the right spot after the mess. for some of delta's most loyal customers, the airline getting passenger seats on private jet services. not offering that everyone. >> of course not. big changes coming for in the next two weeks double coupons going away. why the company is making the move, what extreme coupon is have to say? >>reporter: you know i am team coupon whatever you say. king soopers say this is the way to modernize the process but notice the black. i spoke to extreme coupon herself who say they are almost in mourning because they will
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king soopers trying to save money and it could cost those who need to use coupons the most. >> to me a coupon is like cash. if i give you $5 you would not throw it away. >>reporter: laura daily itself proclaimed extreme coupon are and publisher of mile high on the chief .com. >> the amount of coupons redeemed in a given year is in the billions and that is with the b. >>reporter: she organizes her coupons in ttis binder and has a stash which she donates to local nonprofits. offering more digital coupons and will not be doubling manufacturer coupon starting august 23. she says she and others will not save as much. >> by the store issuing digital coupons they know when cell dates are and they know when they are giving the coupon and they may not necessarily give you a coupon at the same time the price that the product is lower. >>reporter: right now king soopers will double a coupon up
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50-cent coupon for a tube of toothpaste you save 1 dollar of the total cost. now king soopers claims not many as people are doubling so believes more people will download digital coupons from it app and website instantly. she believes this put some people out. >> there is still a tremendously large segment of the population, probably those who need the coupons the most, who don't have access to computers or don't have the ability to download digital coupons. >>reporter: you may not have known this according to coupons .com, denver is one of the most frugal cities and the entire country in the top 10 for coupon use. also important to mention king soopers main competitor, safeway, still doubling coupons. public school districts can now make eir own decisions on allowing students to drink diet soda. the state board of education voted 4- 3 to end the seven year ban on diet soda.
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with federal standards. looking to make a lecture cash, amazon i have a job for you. amazon will pay between $18-$25 an hour to deliver prime now packages in your own car. you have to pass a background check, have an amazon account and you can sign up for deliveries through an app. a west nile virus outbreak in colorado that has killed one person and infected 15 others. the virus found in 14 counties metro to the western slope. these are the 10 counties where human cases were reported. other cases found in animals. health officials say you could show no signs and you should know few die from the virus. of people who get infected 3 about one in five will show symptoms of the infection and a very small percentage of people , less than 10 out of 100 of infected people will show
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wear long sleeves during dusk and dawn and get rid of standing water around your house. that is attracting this keto. scattered showers across the state this afternoon. >>reporter: here is the view in the mountains as showers moved through. they moved out pretty quickly. most of the activity in the high country moved out of the plains by mid to late afternoon. this is the view east of denver, a couple light showers but most of the action way out on the northeast planes. currently on radar a few showers linger in central arapahoe county into elbert county but the stronger activity in the northeast corner of the state. pretty good light show from sidney, nebraska to holyoke in julesburg, but quickly move on to nebraska. denver quiet and mild, pleasant evening. 69 currently downtown, 70 at the airport, 44% humidity, light winds from the south southeast. hot again today, 95 degrees.
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of the record of 100 degrees. the low 59, right on the normal for this time of august. changes coming up, we are in the warm sector of this weather front right now. this front will move through late tomorrow, cooler weather and increase the odds of showers and thunderstorms, especially by the time we get to friday. tonight it nudges into northwest colorado early morning. showers on the plains and in the next couple tonight 64 akron, 60 denver, 62 colorado springs. 40 at leadville. tomorrow at the front beginning to move into the tate. not a whole lot of low-level humidity to work with tomorrow so widely scattered showers and storms. as it moves through by early afternoon, that will mean cooler air coming in. that will mean a better chance for showers and storms friday, because the front will stall across the state. higher humidity across northeast colorado.
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a lot of areas could use a good soaking. 88 tomorrow in denver, deadly cooler but normal for this time of year. 89 akron. 90s over the southeast, 66 at leadville. front range numbers mostly looking at mid to upper '80s at lower elevations. a couple 90s in there . mostly 70s with a 60 or two reading in the mountains. tonight, storms in the northeast partly cloudy, mild, pleasant. 60 for low temperature. tomorrow 88, warm and dry. a few storms in the afternoon. the front early afternoon and as it stalls of a colorado, friday the best chance for storms in the seven-day. storms likely, first alert weather day a high of 80. saturday a few storms and 82. sunday looks like a great day mostly sunny start in the 50s, get to mid-eighties the bright spot. a couple hot days monday and tuesday, a bit of a return of monsoon moisture by next
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expected. we go from low '80s to low '90s on the seven-day. a little rain
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-? . people in boulder will once again get to enjoy a virus a treat at the public pool snack
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two options to choose from. chocollte scoooer or ice cream sandwiches. i screamed bad because of the high sugar and fat levels. denver could soon have its first historic landmark recognizing its role in the lb gt rights movement. later this month, the city considers a designation for the first society of the -- of denver the congregation one of the few to open its doors to the gay community back in the rockies still fighting to keep playoff hopes alive. olympic medal count rising for the u.s. plus broncos and bears
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extra. time to hit somebody else. broncos in chicago taking on the bears and preseason game number one. let's call it the official addition for a starting signal caller. competition wide open bank here is troy renck. >>reporter: welcome to beautiful chicago down by the river. in the nfl they have a saying if you have two quarterbacks you have none. the broncos have three. to they have one? mark sanchez the veteean gets the start in the preseason he will play quarter followed by trevor siemian. i talked at length with simeen this week. there could not be a bigger difference in thursday's game compared to the preseason opener a year ago. >> shaking in my boots for sure remember last year in seattle i was worried about calling laser but the exciting part is the ggme atmosphere that is why you come out in practice and work so hard with these guys.
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cutting it loose a little bit. >> leadership a question for simeon. at a chance to ask him how do you win over a locker room veteran before coming off a championship? >> performance especially playing with a lot of these guys pretty darn good football players won a ton of games. bottom line you have to play well. >>reporter: only one spot open on the defense, defensive and where fans walker replaces malik jackson. an underrated camp. one of the stars so far this summer. teammates are taking notice. >> you guys have seen it too. he has been great during the regular season he started games last year did great stuff for us. >> sorry thinkinn about the pizza i will eat later tonight. follow us tomorrow at the broncos open. facebook, twitter and >> do not come back without the deep dish. getting closer to broncos football kickoff thursday 6 p.m..
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your postgame needs. rockies, rangers in the lone star state. rookie outfitter two rbi triple -- triple down the outfield line hits his hit streak 16 games. seconddlongest to start a career all-time. colorado would score the go- ahead soon after but all that glitters is not gold. they let him down again. adrian beltre, two rbi christian a damas can't make the play. rockies dropped five of the last 7 5-4 texas final. day 531st olympia. team usa hoops pushed to the brink. a past australian 98-80. in the pool, missy franklin helped the u.s. by -- 4 by 200 squad reach the final. >> mallory to the moment for her 18 years old!
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forward mallard -- mallory pugh came through clutch youngest game score in u.s. women's soccer. friday, they play sweden in the quarterfinals. united states cut above the rest at medal count at 32. u.s. leading with 11 gold as well followed by china, japan, australia. >> was at supposed to be an australian accent? >> it's okay i got a work on it. >> mallory pugh the coolest and she?
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, morgan freeman. cooking with steve martorano. this week in unnecessary censorship. and music from young the giant. with cleto and the cletones. and now, pace yourselves, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy. i'm the host. thanks for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad we could be together.


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