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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 it is 4:30. this man shot by police now with 11 counts of attempted murder. he's due in court today. the broncos are ready to charge onto the field tonight. what to watch for. first at 4:30, as many as 25 people, including two an explosion at an apartment complex in silver springs, maryland. firefighters say this happened at about 10:30 last night our time, and within the past couple of hours we're told they're still working to put out hot spots. they are not sure what caused this explosion and fire. right now back here at home let's give you a live look outside. cherry creek schools is back in session today. all those kids going back. lisa hidalgo joins us now with your bus stop forecast. >> it's going to be a pretty
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little bit cooler this afternoon. early on this morning we're under a mostly sunny sky. mild temperatures. upper 60s to around 70 by 8:00. then by the time those kiddos are heading home, first day of school loaded with homework, we'll be at 87 degrees. it will be a cooler afternoon chance for again a few storms today. we're likely not going to see many here in town. but if we can take this full i want to show you where we can get stronger storms. northeastern corner of our temperatures will drop a little more than here. we have a cold front that will drape in across northeastern colorado. we'll be it looks like in the mid- to upper 80s. will be a cooler day today. the threat for severe weather today to the northeast. tomorrow it includes denver. jayson, here's your first alert we could get stronger storms tomorrow.
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225 at parker road. cherry creek schools and cherry creek dam road you'll see extra traffic today. we saw that start yesterday as the teachers were heading back to cherry creek high school doing some of the finishing wwrk over there. we'll see the additional traffic, keep that in mind here today. rest of the drive really wide open, about anywhere you want to go. still have paving work on 470 and i-25 coming up from hampden,,yale, to evans. thanks, jayson. people hoping to ride the train to the plane got a surprise yesterday. the train was down for alst seven hours due to mechanical issues. >> should have caught the computer rail at 3:11. it's now 4:23. >> rtd is hoping to make it up to people by giving them a frre ride. on the denver 7 app we have a link to their site where you can fill out a form for a free ride coupon. this is for passengers delayed
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train. but the delay cannot be for weather and traffic. a clerk tied up and robbed at gunpoint tells us her now former coworkers are not safe at work. this picture shows a suspect still at large. he is wearing a black hoodie, sunglasses, surgical mask and rubber gloves. it happened at the romantix adult store in commerce city earlier this week. the clerk said the man forced her into a fitting room and tied her >> so if he doesn't get what he wants, what's going to happen to me? i have two kids. i need to go home to my two kids. i'm all they got. what's going to happen to me? i'm here by myself. >> that woman quit her job yesterday. denver7 also talked to another employee who has since quit. this is not the first incident there. someone shot and carjacked a man outside the store in may. we reached out to the corporate
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talk to us. robert dear junior is due in court today. he admitted he opened fire on a planned parenthood facility in colorado springs last may. he's been in a mental facility. today a judge could rule he is competent. this man will appear in court tw shot in a gun fight with police. we have learned he is linked to a lengthy crime spree. jason gruenauer is live outside the courthouse in denver where radcliffe is to appear in court. >> reporter: he has charges of attempted murder, attempted murder of a police officer and
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denver d.a.'s office against him. the officer involved shooting started with a traffic stop a few weeks ago in the park hill neighborhood. an exchange of gunfire with officer where radcliffe was hit. he is linked to an armed robbery at a dispensary a month earlier and a police chase in a neighborhood. and first degree murder in connection with a shooting off of south broadway in november of 20 felonies in connection with those three crimes. 24 charges in total. he will be here in denver county court at 8:30 this morning to answer on some of those burglary charges. we'll be inside court and bring you the latest later on today. for now, reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. denver police are still trying to figure out who broke into a marijuana dispensary. this happened at the health center near colorado and yale. denver7 crews were the first on the scene yesterday morning as
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with guns drawn. iivestigatorsfound shattered glass in the back of the store. they aren't really given -- haven't reallyygiven us any idea about what was taken. a man has now been arrested in connection with wednesday's death investigation. arapahoe county sheriff's office says jeremiah pepper is behind bars n suspicion of first degree murder, after police were called out to a stabbi a woman driving on i-25 says someone shot out her window. she's okay, but her car window was shattered. she was driving on i-25 near colorado springs. police are still trying to figure out exactly what happened. a 16-year-old girl has been ticketed even though she was hit by a truck in longmont. police tell our partners at the longmont times that the girl got out of the parked car at 3rd and maine and hit by a car.
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in a crosswalk. a former cu student convicted of rape avoids prison time and people are wondering if the judge made the right call. yesterday a judge sentenced austin wilkerson to two years probatio suspect. >> what kind of message do you think that a work release sentence sends? >> i think it sends a message to the community that sexually violent crimes don't warrant serious punishment. >> prosecutors say they hope this case will raise awareness about what they call an epidemic of sexual violence. a recent survey showed 28% of female students at cu reported they were sexually assaulted
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this is a swim beach at lake pueblo. you can see that reddish tint along the beach. biologists say they aren't sure if it will make you sick so authorities have banned part of the lake. there are tests underway now to find out if the organism can make you sick. some areas of the lake will remain closed until the tests come back. to your voice your vote, a 4 points clinton in the most recent national poll. this is from bloomberg news. clinton at 44%. donald trump at 40%. libertarian candidate gary johnson with 9%, and green party jill stein is at 4%. former president bill clinton made a stop in adams county last night. this is a picture of him posted on facebook. denver7 sources tell us the former president wanted to thank people who have helped support his wi's presidential campaign.
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protestors at a rally in iowa last night. they claimed she is responsible for the benghazi attacks. clinton did not acknowledge the protestors. she instead tried to turn the attention back to something she has been hammering trump on, making his clothing overseas. >> this is one of the big differences that i have with donald trump. i have many big differences with him, but one of them is that he makes all these things, he doesn't make any of them in the united states. >> trump back, repeatedly attacked clinton during caaign stops in virginia and florida yesterday. he says clinton would be a disaster for the economy. >> hillary clinton will pick far left judges. she'll pick far left judges and we will end up being a large version of venezuela. >> yesterday trump also said the comments he made about second amendment people stopping clinton from choosing
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they were taken out of context. democrats accused him of suggesting violence. back here at home a teacher's training kicks in, stopping a potentially dangerous situation. the teacher called 911 after spotting a gun in a student's pocket. it happened yesterday morning at the ace community challenge school in denver. police got the gun, took the student into custody. no one was hurt and pollce did not say what the student planned to do with that gun. meanwhile, rumors of a for oneecolorado springs school. the head of the james irwin charter school said it involved a potential security issue. police investigation is now underway. the school districts here in colorado will be able to make their own decisions when it comes to allowing students to drink diet sodas. >> the vote was 4-3 yesterday to end the state's 7-year ban on soda.
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comply with healthy snack standards. ice cream was banned this summer at public pools. the city ended its ban after community complaints. visiiors have two options to choose from, chocolate scooter bars or ice cream sandwiches. broncos are back on the field tonight in chicago. kickoff 6:30 our time. >> obviously we'll be rooting for the broncos. we'll quarterbacks closely. mark sanchez, trevor siemian and paxton lynch will all be on the field tonight. sanchez is the starter. coach kubiak is still trying to decide who will be the regular starter. our broncos insider troy renck is in chicago for the game. we'll check in with him later on this morning. every one of us has been frustrated while driving. but no need for this. what sparked this act of road rage. and firefighters aren't
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they want to help rescue your
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? p beyond the house itself.s for just the right insurance for you,
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firefighters in boulder are taking extra steps to help your pets in an emergency. >> they're getting oxygen kits specifically designed for pets. >> most people in our community have pets and they are treated
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another tool to assist. >> between 40,000 and 150,000 pets die each year because of smoke inhalation. a few storrs in colorado yesterday, but nothing as bad as the flash flooding utah's zion national park. the flood triggered mudslides which closed some of the entrances to the park. one man had to swim in waist deep water to unclog a storm >> really wet. storming pretty bad, as far as thunder and lightning, it was really, really bad. >> look at all that water. the park is expecting everything to get back to normal today, just a little bit drier. it was dust that was a problem in phoenix. there were nearly a dozen dust storms around the area last night. that area has been dealing with crazy weather all week. last night after the dust storms paased, lightning and
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day of school for our little isla and other kids in the cherry creek school district. chance for a few storms for them this afternoon. we are tracking a cold front at home. you can see on satellite and radar, few storms, few showers across the plains overnight. we're under a pretty clear sky. a mix of sun and clouds out east. it is going to be a touch cooler today. yesterday we were once again well into the 90s. today we're still going to see a few afternoon storms and we'll really feel the effects of the cold front tomorrow. today we're in the upper 80s. we are close to normal. normal high today is 88. we're going to be at 87 by about 2:00. as the kids are getting ready to leave for the first day, temperatures dropping into the mid-80s by 4:00. and we've got another night of mid- to upper 60s early tomorrow morning. fort collins today 85. greeley 88. we've got aurora at 86.
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yesterday. foothills. er 70s in the evergreen you're at 77 today. in grand lake we're at 72. little cooler. still a chance for a few storms. you're going to find by midday, around 1:00 to 2:00 we'll start to see a few storms popping up here along i-25 and through the northern mountains. there's a slightly better little more thunder, rain and lightning here in denver this afternoon. and then a risk for a little severe weather northeastern colorado. that would include spots like greeley, sterling, akron, through the evening, even through limon and burlington could get storms later tonight into early tomorrow morning. on friday we're going to be tracking this front. today it's just going to move -?in across northeastern colorado. along the edge ofthat front is where we're likely going to see some of that severe weather today. then the front backs up along i- 25. we'll see more cloud cover, better chance for storms and
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friday. and storms are likely. the threat for severe weather tomorrow does include the metro area. it's going to be along i-25. we're expecting potentially gustier winds, larger hail, and quite a bit cooler. going to be some neighborhoods in the upper 70s to around 80. i ne your magic finger again. it's not working. see, it's not so magic. >> hear it clicking? >> i can hear it clicking, but it's not rk again. >> whatever. 82 saturday. 85 sunday. mostly sunny. the bright spot on sunday. it's unfortunate, i'm out of time. you need to stop talking. >> there was a guy in high school that used to call himself the fonz and used to do that all the time. >> at your school? >> yeah. >> what's the fonz doing now? >> good question. i don't know. pretty good drive on i-25 and all the overnight construction
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got all the roto-millers off the roadway. rough ride from hampden to yale up to evans. a lot of green out there, whether 225, i-25. watch out for the kids in the cherry creek school district. heading out to dia, a good drive and about 15 minutes at dia. come take a look at this, this is road rage caught on camera. you see a man getting out of his minivan and heading over to this is at a stoplight and they kicks the red car. this is in missouri. the people taking the video says the person in the red car was an elderly man. no arrests have been made. a california with nine kids is behind bbrs in connection with a bizarre murder mystery. police say they were caught trying to use a duffle bag to smuggle a dead 2-yyar-old into mexico yesterday. authorities say the child was not theirs. the couple now facing murder
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killed in syria while fighting isis, we wanted to know what drives these young americans to become foreign fighters. 21-year-old jordan mactaggart and levi jack shirley joined the foreign fighters. both parents say their sons were passionate about waging the war on >> driven by a sense of idealism, a deep desire to contribute to the war against isis. >> that man you heard from is the director for the center of middle east studies at du. he says he believes we may see more foreign fighters coming from colorado because of our patriotic culture and acceptance of guns. there's a west nile outbreak in colorado now. one person has died. 15 others infected. >> the virus has been found in 14 counties across the state.
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we've highlighted the 10 counties where human ases were reported. you can see them. they're a little bit more yellow on the screen. the other four counties it's the animals. >> you could come down with west nile and nevvr see symptoms. health officials also say it's rare for someone to die from 3 west nile. >> of the people who get infected, about one in five will show symptoms of the infection, and a ve 10 out of 100 of infected people, will show neurological symptoms. >> health officials urge you to wear long sleeves during dusk from mosquito bites. ourself %- and get rid of any standing water which does attract mosquitos. a jury finds an aurora nursing supervisor guilty of sexual assault. twice last year police say the
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he could receive probation. here's a health alert that workers at memorial hospital in colorado springs did not properly disinfect several ultrasound probes. investigation started last year when an employee complained about the issue. she said she was fired for speaking up. she is now suing the hospital, which is the one bringing the potentially dirty tool issue to light. here is a tip. if you're going to try to catch a foul ball, might to why are bananas bendy? probably because they grow towards the sun. how do they know where the sun is if they don't have any eyes? well, because they can...feel it. so...bananas have feelings? i...guess that's what i'm saying. do you hear that, alfie? bananas have feelings! sorry, banana, this isn't personal. mmmm!
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f0 another blown lead from the rockies last night. they were reading the rangers heading into the bottom of the 8th. final score, rangers 5, rockies 4. they have now lost sii of their last seven games. they'll play the rangers again tonight. a pirates' fan to snag a fly ball during a game, well, hh missed the ball and heespilled his plate of nachos all over his face. covered in salsa and nacho cheese. he lost his beer, too. those are expensive, too. >> that was at least like $25 that just, boom, gone. >> all over your face. >> didn't get the ball. >> i'm envisioning a miller
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expecting mid- to upper 80s this afternoon. denver will be at 87. fort collins, you're at 85. parker 84. 60s and 70s in the mountains today. it is going to be about 5, 7 degrees cooler than yesterday. we're going to lose another seven degrees tomorrow, even cooler. storms likely friday. we'll talk more about today's cold front coming up in a few minutes in your 5:00. here's your first alert it's nice for the weekend with the low to mid-80s. seriously? >> i'm jumping all over. c-470 all the overnight construction picked up. overall a nice and easy commute, including getting out to dia. i-25 the work around yale and evans is done. it's a rough ride in there, and makes some drivers a little bit upset yesterday, as some of the rocks were bouncing around on their windshield. what did this man hope to
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it is thursday and that means the broncos are in chicago, getting ready for their first preseason game. we're going to check in with our broncos insider on that big
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jalyn jalyn it is 5:00. we are tracking breaking news out of maryland. more than 100 firefighters are working to put out this apartment fire. now as many as seven people are still missing, including children. 30 people were rushed to the hospital after an explosion tore the building apart. now it is not clear what sparked this fire. back here at home we are tracking several other big stories, including the upcoming court hearing for a man denver police officers shot during a gun battle. also, rtd is trying to woo some of its frustrated travelers by offering a freebie. and the broncos face the bears in their first preseason game of the yeer. what you need to ow before kickoff. don't forget, you are going to want tt be extra mindful on your way to work, that's because we're going to have extra kiddos out and about


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