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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 11, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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the broncos are back, preseason action kicks off at 6:00 tonight. we're excited to see how our three quarterbacks perform under pressure. cherry creek schools are back in session today. so you may see some kids out at the bus stop this morning. let's check in with for your first alert forecast. >> lots more kids going back and will be a nice one for them. this morning temperatures in the upper sixies to righter around 70. that's by about 8:00. mix of sun and clouds this morning. and a cooler afternoon. 87 for a high in denver today. so cooler as they're heading home. we will see a few storms pop up today. temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s covering northeastern
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60s. jefferson county, those kids don't go back to school until next week, but mid- to upper 70s there in evergreen and conifer. here's your first alert we could see a few storms today. there is a threat for a little severe weather. i'll show you where coming up. look at this gorgeous broncos first gamm of the season sunrise. >> it's pretty. >> that is pretty. we have a good drive going on. you can see the camera we have, i-76 and 270, some of the heavier traffic is starting to build across the highways. 270 drive, the drive on i-76 starting to get a little bit busier. you can see the heavier traffic, whether it's on the 270 drive, i-76 or the south side of town, overnight construction. rough ride on northbound i-25 to evans. it was a rough day for some people hoping to catch the
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out to dia. the train was down for about seven hours yesterday. it is open now this morning. but it has been plagued by problems. at one point they were averaging four outages per week. one dia employee we talk to says he's paid to get stuck on the train multiple times now. >> we've been stuck on the overpass, we've been stuck because there's actually no train at the airport. >> this morning we dug up some score a free ride. on rtd's web site you can fill out a form for a free ride coupon. you have to have been stranded on a bus or a train. from our first alert desk, we're tracking a sad story. authorities are calling an apartment fire in maryland a mass casualty situation. seven people are still missing right now, including some children. as mmny as 25 people and two firefighters may have been hurt
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and fire at a building near baltimore. this is in the town of silver spring, maryland. it happened about 10:30 our time last night. an investigation is underway now. a police investigation, because they're trying to figure out what caused this fire and explosion. back here at home, this man is due in court at 8:30 this morning, less than two weeks after he was shot y police near olive and 33rd. the district attorney believes he has a long criminal history. denver7's jason gruenauer will jason, this guy's allege rap sheet goes back nearly a year. >> reporter: we're talking about four major crimes resulting in two dozen charges filed against darius radcliffe. he's only 20 years old, but already in about a lifetime's worth of trouble with the law. i want to take you through these incidents one by one. the first, or most recent,
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on olive street where he was shot, hit and injured. before that, a burglary at a dispensary in colorado, followed by a police chase and manhunt in a nearby apartment complex. before that, a homicide at aa party off south broadway in november last year. and another shooting in september just before that. some of the charges he is now facing, first degree murder, attempted murder of a police officer, a total of 11 counts of attempted murder, burglary, assault, menacing and more. but he is not ge the detention center, at least not into the near future. now being held without bond. he'll make his court appearance later on today at 8:30. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. arrests yet in connection with this marijuana dispensary burglary. we were the first station at the scene of the crime near colorado and yale. you can see police with their guns drawn. they had k-9 units out. they didn't nd the criminals, but did find shattered glass at the back of the store.
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photographs or description of the suspect. the planned parenthood shooter is due in cower in a few hours. robert dear admitted to police he opened fire on the facility in colorado springs last year, killing three people. he'll face another competency exam today. in may a judge ruled he was not competent to stand trial. he's been in a mental facility since then. if found competent today, he cod face trial in the future. a student had a gun in his pocket at a school santa fe in denver. but a teacher spotted it and called 911. police were able to get there and get the gun from the student. they took the student into custody. no one was hurt. police are still trying to figure out what, if anything the student planned to do with the gun. one charter school in colorado springs is opening today. rumors of a potential security issue canceled classes at james
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about the alleged threat, only that they are investigating. the broncos are back in action tonight. they're going to face the bears in chicago. kickoff is at 6:00 our time. >> the big question of course, who is the number one guy at the quarterback position? right now it looks like a race between mark sanchez and trevor siemian. but don't count out rookie paxton lynch who will play the entire second half tonight. >> denver 7 broncos insider troy renck is break down his chances. >> reporter: when the broncos lost brock osweiler, one of the things that made sense to them was grabbing paxton lynch. he'll play a half tonight. he has to resist the temptation to run and call the plays right. they're like paragraphs ccmpared to that waffle house menu in college. he's looking forward to facing anybody but the no fly zone. -?>> i'm excited o get out the and play against real
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against other guys ii our defense. and putting the pads on and get to run around a little bit. i'm excited that we all get the opportunity to go out there and kind of show what we've been working on through camp so far. >> i think this is a game to look at all those young players and the more i can play them, the more i can find out about him. >> reporter: jeez, the broncos wwn a super bowl because of their defense. maybe we should talk about them. and specifically vance walker, la back to you in the studio. >> on the denver 7 app you can find troy's exclusive interview with trevor siemian. this picture captures a terrifying scene on i-25. if you look closely on the driver's side, you're going to notice that window has been shot out. the driver says someone shot out her window while she was driving on the highway. she was a little ways north of colorado springs.
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the scene. police are handling the investigation now, and at this time they have not released a description of the suspect's vehicle. this picture is a good reminder about why semi trucks are banned on independence pass. there semi was breaking the rules and ended up on its side. the road is notoriously narrow and curvy. 35 feet are not allowed. a 16-year-old girl will have to pay a fine, even though she was hit by police say the girl got out of a parked car near 3rd and maine and hit by a truck as she crossed the street. happened around 3:300yesterday. the teenager was taken to a hospital. her injuries were not serious, fortunately. let's go back to the photograph you were just looking at. this is former cu student austin wilkerson and he is a convicted rapist. but le didn't receive prison time.
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made a mistake. wilkerson will serve two years of work release, and 20 years on probation. he offered to take care of a woman who had too much to drink at a st. patrick's day party in 2014. instead, he sexually assaulted her. the d.a. wanted prison time. >> do you think he manipulateed the system to get a liihter sentence? >> yes, we do. >> he definitely, in our opinion and as we argued to the court the story at that moment is best going to serve him. to our request for comment. public school districts in colorado can now make their own decisions when it comes to diet soda and other reduced calorie drinks in schools. the state board of education voted yesterday 4-3 to end the state's 7-year ban on diet soda. schools will have to comply with federal healthy snack standards still.
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been lifted at public pools. the cold treat was banned earlier this summer and that had a lot of people upset. they complained and the city changed its mind. visitors can choose from ice cream bars and sandwiches. one colorado man is being called a hero after saving a 2- year-old girl's life. bill clinton makes a trip to colorado, while a new poll ouu is good news for his wife. we'll take you inside the race for the white ho thursday, almost to the weekend. what a gorgeous shot. look at this from ouu loveland ski area camera. beautiful sunrise. mix of sun and clouds this morning. chance of storms this afternoon, plus it's cooler. wouldn't be surprised if that semi we saw on independence pass, that driver was trying to avoid the i-70 closure from yesterday. you will not have to find an
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narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america. i'm michael bennet
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it is 6:13 on this thursday morning. 67 degrees outside right now. here's a gorgeous shot of our mountains. lisa is tracking changes. she's got those details coming up in just a moment. a quick thinking neighbor is getting credit for saving a 2-year-old girl's life in colorado springs. a woman called for an ambulance after her toddler had a seizure. by the time cops showed up, the 2-year-old was up and moving. authorit heard the mother, ran over and performed cpr on the girl. the toddler should be okay. everyone needs to chill out on the roads, right? take a look at this road rage incident caught on camera. a man gets out of his vehicle and he goes to this red car and kis it. kicks the doors. this is in missouri. witnesses say the driver of the red car was an elderly person and was shaken up. no one has been arrested.
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before leading them on a 40- mile long police chase in north carolina. the suspects eventually crashed the car. one was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. the other was taken to the police station. before he went inside, he talked to the media, sort of. >> you're not the police, i'm not going to talk to you, man. >> do what? >> i'm not going to talk to nobody, all right. >> why did this happen? >> i don't know. >> you don't know? >> that man was wanted in late night shootings. he is now facing a longer list of charges. katie ledecky of the united states, and as expected, the u.s. women win gold. ledecky has her third gold. >> unbelievable. a superstar performance from katie ledecky and the american women in the 4 by 200 women relay. they take home the gold.
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lead in the medal count. americans have 11 gold now, one more than the chinese. this was an unbelievable race. they were behind when ledecky jumped in the pool. she caught up and they say she won by two seconds. >> that's a lot of time. in the world of swimming that's a lot of time. >> that's amazing. beautiful start to our day. this shot coming in from loveland this morning. just enough cloud cover to make for a beautiful nice drive. you're going to find a little break from the glare with some of this cloud cover. a nice start there, too. it's dry this morning. we're lookinn at a mix of sun and clouds early on, with some widely scattered stormssin the mountains by midafternoon. then we'll see a few roll through denver, similar to yesterday. skies are going darken up around 3:00 to 4:00 and then storms. thre for severe weather pretty low today in denver. closer to sterling and akron and potentially overnight
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southeastern colorado could get some stronger storms. that's what it looks like at about 2:00 a.m. tonight into tomorrow, near limon, burlington and lamar. we'll be tracking wet weather into early tomorrow morning out east. temperatures today starting off in the 60s. we're going to be at about 70, 71 by 8:00. it's pretty mild for your kids at the bus stop heading back to school. what happened to summer? so fast. 87 by 4:00. nice mid, upper denver. that puts us right where we should be this time of year, pretty close to normal. a couple of neighborhoods and towns will get closer to 90. that includes keeeesburg. aurora today at 87. castle rock you're in the low to mid-80s this afternoon. for our foothills, mid- to upper 70s. it is a little cooler across most of northern colorado. we have a cold front moving into the state today. our futurecast shows a few of those storms again closer in to
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evening. then skies overnight will clear. but that threat for severe weather today and tonight does include parts of northeastern colorado, right where that front will be hanging out for a few hours. later today, early tomorrow, it's going to back into along the i-25 corridor. i just dropped the clicker. 87 today, tomorrow closer to 80. with that front closer to town it will be cooler. we'll see more clouds. here's your first alert we'll see some upper 70s to near 80. we've got a beautiful we school, you can enjoy this, saturday 82, sunday 85. we have a good drive here at i-25 and 225. this is the ramp northbound 285, eventually up to parker road. southbound exit ramp to bellevue. very quiet commute down to the south. you can see the sunshine.
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6th avenue and c-470. all the other routes, gorgeous sunrise, but it's sun will be a big problem. take a look at the overall drive, 270, southbound 25, 10 minutes to dia. easy on i-70, and c-470 now. take a look at to the south here at the streaming camera, there we go, at i-25 and ridge gate. looking really nice with some of the cloud cover we have. a touch south of here, all the people that live in the meadows one way in and out. that's soon oing to come to an end, castlerock will open the new parkway and meadows drive, near the outlet mall through there. denver7 photojournalist photojournalist daryl orr is live in castle rock. drivers will still have to wait a bit to use that road. >> reporter: not much longer. we're hoping by the end of august.
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bob, this is going open up pretty much the end of august. >> that's right. >> reporter: and right now it is closed, because we're standing right in the middle of castle rock parkway. give me a little idea of what's happening out here. >> well, we've been planning there road for about 10 years, anticipating the growth in castle rock. the primary reason is to provide relief for those on founders interchange and i-25. give folks an option, rather than taking that town, with less congestion. tonight we'll be having an event, kind of a fun event to come out. it's not open to traffic yet. but we'll have tours with our town trolley and vans and food and folks can ride their bikes and walk around and get familiar with it. >> reporter: 6:00 tonight, be out here. the exact location they're going to meet is pretty much behind castle rock outlets?
6:21 am
rock outlets. we'll have folks, parking folks coming into the site. >> reporter: excellent. there you go. bring the family out, bring your bicycle. you can ride the bikes where we're standing on this highway. you can get a feel for what it's going to be. jayson luber was asking earlier what will be the speed limit. 35miles per hour, so you won't want to be racing out here. back to your voice your vote. 4-point lead for hillary clinton in the most recent poll. 44%, donald trump at 40%, gary johnson with 9%, and green party candidate jill stein at 4%. the nra is hoping to help trump's campaign. they have purchased $3 million worth of ads. >> this comes after democrats
6:22 am
incite violence against clinton. he said that only second amendment supporters have the power to stop clinton. at a campaign rally yesterday, clinton blasted trump for his second amendment comments. she says he is unfit to be president. >> donald trump simply does not have the temperament to be president and commander-in- chief of the united states. >> bill clinton meanwhile ma last night. these pictures were posted on social media. denver7 sources tell us he came to colorado to thank people who have helped support his wife's presidential campaign. it is now 6:22.
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more storms this afternoon. our highs are going to be in the upper 80s. so by noon we're at about 85. we won't warm as much as we saw yesterday. 87 by 3:00. chance for storms. there's also, here's your first alert, a threat for severe weather. we'll show you where both today and tomorrow coming up. i-25 coming up from hampden by the continental theater, this is the northbound side of i-25 passing hampden. that is a rough ride. roto-milling up to evans. it also a little bit gravelly in places. be mindful of that. southbound side getting a llttle bit busier past colorado boulevard. broncos are getting ready to return to the field tonight. we'll tell you what to watch for from the super bowl winning defense. he may be connected to a murder, dispensary burglary and a lot of other crimes. we're live with what is
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the broncos' quarterback may be in flubbing, but there is no -- flux, but there is no decision on a full-time starter for now. >> denver 7's broncos insider troy renck is joining us to break it all down. >> reporter: let's not forget about the defense. the super bowl, right? ey won %- few changes. malik ck vance walker will take over. he's got the endorsement of von miller. >> vance has been great. you guys have seen it, too. he's been great. during the regular season he started some games for us and did a lot of great stuff for us. all those guys look amazing. >> i feel good about our depth, again. we have guys stepping up that can play. >> reporter: tonight they open
6:31 am
bears. watch the rookies, anderson at inside backer. i'll be there. first i have to find more pizza. back to you in the studio. >> and he has to bring us back some of that pizza. >> deep dish. >> we don't expect to see von miller at the game. he said he is still a week or two away from being ready. you can read more about his wild offseason by downloading our free denver 7 app. >> still trying to get his bank account ready? things going on. good night tonight for the game there in chicago. at 7:00 for the start of it there locally, here 6:00, a chance for storms. temperatures are going to be in the upper 80s, and will drop into the low 80s, about 50% chance of storms by about 9:00. we have a chance for storms here in town. it's dry right now. live look from the top of our building, it was a beautiful sunrise. had some pretty pink colors in the sky.
6:32 am
them to us, you can tweet me @lisadenver 7. it's a little cooler. tomorrow is going to be cooler. chance for a few storms and a threat for severe weather. here's your first alert that that's where we could see some of those storms. jayson, we'll talk about this coming up in a few. i sent out a second twitter ab southbound side of i-25 and the right lane to the thornton parkway. they moved it here to the right shoulder. that's what they should have done, waiting for the police to show up. they'll probably block that right ramp lane coming from the thornton parkway heading south i-25. will still slow traffic. and we have heavy traffic up that way, not only i-25, 76 and 270. that's the one highway accident we have. everything else pretty quiet for us.
6:33 am
believe, there's a new accident. otherwise, a very quiet drive to the southwest. a man is in custody, accused of stabbing someone to death in strasburg yesterday. we broke the news at 11:00 a.m. the arapahoe county sheriff's office says the expect is 21- year-old jeremiah pepper. he is being held on suspicion of first degree murder. 20 years old and facing 20 felony counts. that's the rap sheet for this jason gruenauer is outside the courthouse in denver, where radcliffe will make his first appearance at 8:30. >> reporter: good morning to you. we're talking about one man who is facing two dozen total charges for four violent crimes in less than a year. he will be here in court later on this morning in handcuffs. yesterday the d.a. officially filed charges against darius radcliffe for an
6:34 am
crime spree that also involves an alleged homicide. the most recent was the shootout with pollce after a traffic stop on olive street. attempted murder of a police officer is the charge there, along with several others. prior to that he was involved allegedly in a burglary of a pot shop. in november there was a shootout at a party that killed that's where his most serious charge of first degree murder and attempted murder comes into additional shooting from a few months earlier than that on colorado boulevard. more attempted murder and menacing charges there. we are talking 24 total charges from the d.a.'s office. those 20 felonies. he'll be in denver county court at 8:30 a.m. we'll be there and bring you the latest from court. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. now to a denver 7 exclusive, a store clerk tied up and robbed at gunpoint relieves those terrifying
6:35 am
dull store in commerce city this week. the suspect is still out there. he told the victim he'd be back and that's why she quit her job. >> i shouldn't have to feel like that where i work. i'm here to provide for my family, and i'm scared. that's not right. >> we reached out to the company's corporate office, but no one wanted to talk to us. the suspect got away with money from the cash register, $20 from that woman's male enhancement pills. this man will spend time in prison after 500 pounds off marijuana was found in his car in nebraska, that's worthh2- point$5 million. west nile has killed one person here in colorado, and 15 others are infected. the virus has been found in 13 counties across the state, from denver to the metro area, all
6:36 am
as you look at this map, we've highlighted the 10 counties where human cases have been reported. the other four counties have only seen west nile in animals. health officials are worried since you can carry west nile without showing symptoms. >> of the people who get infected, about one in five will show symptoms of the infection. and then a very small percentage of people, less than 10 out of 100 of infected people will show neurological >> there are several ways you can protect yourselves virus. we posted some of that information on our free denver 7 app. a thornton pet store owner gets four years of probation for an animal cruelty case. kenneth cubic was convicted on 18 counts. several of the animals died. he is now banned from working with animals while on probation. this is not good news for those of you who like to clip
6:37 am
doubling coupons. the changes will go in effect on august 23rd. >> there's a little bit of time to do that doubling. king soopers says this is a modern way to modernize couponing. one coupon queen we talked to says it's a wwy for the company to make more money at the expense of people who really need the coupons. >> by the store issuing the digital coupon, they know when their sale dates are and when they're giving you the coupon and they may not necessarily give you the coupon at the same time the price of the product is lower. >> according to, denver is one of the most frugal tates in the country, ranking in the top 10 for coupon use. while king soopers won't be doubling any more, safeway will continue to allow it. american cyclist in her 40s is making olympic history. we have the highlights coming % up. plus, what is turning this lake pueblo beach red. some answers after the break.
6:38 am
going to give you a live look at the stadium. that is there at mile high, the little stadium, the mini mile high that they are trying to
6:39 am
6:40 am
at 6:40, we're taking a live look at rio de janeiro, ?he beach there. from this shot it looks like a pretty nice morning there in rio, as the olympics continue. we'll be looking at all those competitions later today. now we want to take a look at a different swim beach. this is in colorado at lake pueblo. can you see a reddish tint there in the beach? >> kind of looks strange. biologists say this is caused by protozoa. they're not sure it can make
6:41 am
lake. not exactly what you want to hear if you're planning on heading to the beach today. lisa joins us now. protozoa that's exactly what i was thinking it was. not as hot today, but still nice. mid- to upper 80s. more cloud cover. you can see it across the plains early on. temperatures will be near normal today. we'll be at about 87 in denver. pay no attention to the 93 that's on here. i'm having some computer issues. the rest of the towns correct. fort collins at 85. 87 in greeley. and mid- to upper 90s to the southeast. jayson, looks like it still will be hot there, but cooler tomorrow. we are tracking a cold front. i have your first alert on it coming up. slower than average on the northbound side of town. southbound side of i-25 not only slow because of this accident, we had it in the right lane, was there. they moved it to the shoulder. courtesy patrol and the police here blocking off that right
6:42 am
off the highway. on the highway we are heavy from before 104th into 84th avenue. your voice your vote. colorado election officials want to assure everyone nobody will rig this upcoming election. we'll explain how they're protecting the ballot box. let's give you a live look
6:43 am
6:44 am
welcome back. it's 6:44 on this thursday morning. all new this morning, the dea is set to reclassify marijuana. the news could come out as early today that the dea is going to keep it a schedule one drug and it will remain illegal at the federal level. according to the "washington post" the fda found no accepted medical value for marijuana, despite that half of the states have legalized milieus of
6:45 am
universittes to research the drug. police say earlier this year a man forced a woman he worked with into his office to have sex. he will be innocenceed in october -- sentenced in october. a judge could give him probation instead of prison time. health alert from a colorado hospital that will probably make your cringe. the health department says workers at memorial hospital at colorado springs didn't properly disinfect ultrasound probes. the employee who brought this to light was fired and she is now suing the hospital. candidates on both sides of the aisle have said they're worried this election will be rigged. we dug deeper to see how state officials are poking the ballot -- protecting the ballots here. they say they check the machines before, during and after election day.
6:46 am
and election fishes are forced to provide a paper printout of all votes. >> the system we run in colorado, and i feel like this is the case around the country, is a very secure system, and it's so decentralizeed that it would be really hard for somebody to create conditions that would lead to a rigged outcome. >> officials told us their biggest concern is a power outage or internet outage on election day. they say they have backu place. she's out of the saddle. she could probably see the clock on the banner above her as she makes the last few pedal strokes. that's her gold medal form, kristin armstrong. >> incredible performance from american cyclist kristin armstrong in rio. she picked up a gold medal for the women's road cycling race. this is her third gold medal. >> it's mooe impressive
6:47 am
couple of weeks. she's the oldest woman to ever win gold in women's cycling. ouch. >> i love they say 43 like, that's old. >> when it comes to the olympics, a lot of these kids are 18, 19, early 20s. when it comes to tv, the three of us are getting pretty darn old as well. we are tracking a cold front. here is your first alert there is a threat for severe weather. that's this afternoon. colorado. there's a threat here in denver tomorrow. we'll talk about it in just a minute. even cooler on friday. we're tracking t it will bring our temperatures down. the front today is going to move in over northern colorado. so likely along the edge of that more unsettled weather, whhch is where we're going see that threat for severe weather there in green. so spots like fort collins, greeley, sterling and akron could get stronger storms later today. speaking of sterling, from our viera wireless camera we've got a beautiful start, a few clouds across the plains this morning. and a few widely scattered storms in the mountains by
6:48 am
2:30. afternoon and early evening you'll notice near denver around the metro area we've got some, looks like scattered storms. very isolated activity. you'll find overnight tonight again stronger weather near sterling and akron. larger hail, damaging winds, those would be the two biggest issues. overnight might see issues in limon, burlington, so wet weather early tomorrow out east. when it comes to temperatures, we'll be in 80s today. nice cooldown. cherry creek schools back to school today. they'll see a high of 87 as those kids are heading home. fort collins you're at 85. aurora 87. we'll be in tte mid- to upper 70s in the foothills today. so 70s primarily for the central mountains. 87 today. tomorrow more clouds. once that front banks up against the foothills, our temperatures will cool down more. tomorrow we're in the upper 70s to near about 80.
6:49 am
see a little severe weather closer to town friday. keep that in mind. saturday, do you know what that is? it is beef aad bean day in milican. they're celebrating their agriculture heritage. >> they have a frontage road accident there. >> look at that, how we tied weather into traffic. nine street, north of 17th, not too far from york, somebody hit a couple of parked cars this is residential. you can see the damage there as we're now being blocked by the tree. but denver police are there. it's very residential, so not a traffic issue. 17th is open. you saw the significant damage to some of those vehicles. we'll get to more details as police investigate, on vine between 17th and 18th. you can see that damage there, yikes. heavy traffic we have, 6th avenue, sunshine related.
6:50 am
drive up northbound we have that accidenten the thornton parkway. slowing down i-25. you can see the heavy stop and go traffic, about 20 or so minutes now into downwn denver on that southbound side. 270, i-76, typical slowing on i- 70. this is the accident at 17th and vine we just mentioned. also one at florida and pierce in southwest denver. south side looks nice, including down here in castle rock. this is the meadows area, the meadows development in castle rock. one of my favorite things is a new road. that's what we're going to we're going to have a new road in castle rock helping out those folks in the meadows. as the town is finishing work on the new parkway/north meadows drive, denver 7's daryl orr is there in castle rock. drivers still have a wait a couple of weeks to use the new road to get out of the meadows. >> reporter: that's right. that includes you, too, jayson. you'll have to wait until the end of august. they won't allow you to drive on this road, unless you come down tonight at 6:00, they'll
6:51 am
opening of castle rock parkway and north meadows drive. here with me is bob goebel, the director of public works here in castle rock. bob, tell me a little bit about the project here. how long it's been going on and what we can expect. >> thank you. we've been planning the project here over the last 10 years, in anticipation of the growth of castle rock and all the transportation needs that we have. this provides another access to the alternate in castle u.s. 85 and also i-25. two new interchanges and access into the residential area. >> reporter: this project has been in the works over the last 10 ars or more. you started october 2013. >> correct. >> reporter: and to open it up at the end of august. so jayson luber can spin his wheels. speed limit about 35 miles per hour out here. >> right.
6:52 am
interesting bridge, because it goes for, almost 200, 300 feet long. >> one of the challenges with it project was the number of crosses we have. we're crossing two railroads, a flood plain, u.s. 85 and a bridge at i-25 total of five major structures here. >> reporter: and a creek? >> and a creek, thank you. very expensive and takes a long time to build. >> reporter: excellent. there you go. exciting news out here. traffic is going to be a lot less in this area. make sure you tonight. bring your families, bicycles, you an ride on the road. jayson, he said you can bring your bike out here, too. a lie speed train hit top speeds of 125 miles per hour during a test in pueblo, colorado yesterday. once testing is done, these trains will roll out in four states. but apparently they won't be colorado.
6:53 am
them on the tracks here in our state. at 125 miles per hour, though, you could make it to denver, or from denver to grand junction in less than two hours. >> which would be awesome to see. i think it's funny they're testing here, yet we're not getting one. we're going to get you caught up on your big stories in your morning sprint. the man who admitted to the shooting at planned parenthood in colorado springs will be in court today. broncos field in about 11 hours.
6:54 am
6:55 am
f0 a long list of chargessfor one denver man, murder, burglary, more than 20 felony charges in all. >> radcliffe is due in court in a couple of hours. jason gruenauer has more. >> reporter: today he'll answer to just some of the 24 charges. going to one you through a quick list. according to prosecutors, this involves an officer-involved shooting. that was the latest one that happened a few weeks ago back over on olive street where he traded gunfire with poliie. before that an armed burglary and a police chase. before that, a homicide investigation down off of south broadway from last november.
6:56 am
colorado boulevard. he is facing charges that include first degree murder for that shooting back in november, attempted murder of a police officer, over 11 counts of attempted murder for that other shooting, burglary, menacing. we'll be inside and bring you the latest later on this morning. live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. robert dear, jr. court for another competency exam today.. back in may, a judge ruled he was not competent to stand trial. he's been in a mental facillty in pueblo ever since. today, though, a judge could rule dear is competent which would then set the stage for a trial in the future. people hoping to ride the train to the plane yesterday got a nasty surprise. the train was shut down for almost seven hours due to mechanical issues. rtd is hoping to make it up to people by giving them a free
6:57 am
on our free denver 7 app. unfortunately we have an accident up north. this is on the frontage road, now as the camera turned around, but the accident is on the frontage road of i-25 on the berthoud area. slow north and southbound i-25 going that way. overall map in town, and you can see heavy traffic up north. accident near the thornton parkway. otherwise, heavy stop and go, including i-25. look at all that through colorado and evans. as you're walking out thh door we're getting a break from the sun glare. live look from our viera wireless camera at the airport. more cloud cover both today and tomorrow. mix of sun and clouds for the kids. 70 degrees at the bus stop. heading home in the upper 80s. cooler day, some storms this afternoon, but better risk for severe weather here in denver
6:58 am
see stronger storms today. tomorrow we're at about 80 grees. pretty mild through the weekend. thanks, lisa. the broncos are back on the field tonight in chicago to play the bears. >> we are going to be watching a lot. the defensive side of the ball, but also all three quarterbacks, they will see the field. coach kubiak is still trying to decide who will be the starter when the off. that takes placeseptember 8th.
6:59 am
narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika,
7:00 am
and i approve this message. good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. a massive explosion rocks an entire apartment complex. >> it appears there was some sort of explosion. the debris covers the entire road. >> residents climbing out window, dropping children to safety as hundreds of firefighters battle the three-alarm blaze. hospital. the search for survivors is on right now. a s.w.a.t. team takes down a suicide bomber near the u.s. border. the isis supporter planning to attack a major city. a dramatic confrontation overnight. hillary clinton doubles down accusing donald trump of inciting violence against her and the moment this man scales trump tower looking for a meeting with the republican nominee. and big wins for the golden girls of team usa. >> she's a full second ahead.


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