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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 11, 2016 7:00am-9:01am MDT

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and i approve this message. good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air. a massive explosion rocks an entire apartment complex. >> it appears there was some sort of explosion. the debris covers the entire road. >> residents climbing out window, dropping children to safety as hundreds of firefighters battle the three-alarm blaze. hospital. the search for survivors is on right now. a s.w.a.t. team takes down a suicide bomber near the u.s. border. the isis supporter planning to attack a major city. a dramatic confrontation overnight. hillary clinton doubles down accusing donald trump of inciting violence against her and the moment this man scales trump tower looking for a meeting with the republican nominee. and big wins for the golden girls of team usa. >> she's a full second ahead.
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as michael phelps and ryan lochte go head-to-head with a photo finish now heading for the finals and carmelo anthony setting a u.s. olympic scoring record as they edge out australia in a nail-biter. we're live in rio for all the action. >> good morning, america. usa, usa. how about katie ledecky, pushing team usa to yet another gold medal in the pool. >> and look at her teammates, reach out, grab her hand at the end. another gold for team usa. big day ahead. amy's tracking all the excitement in rio. >> it is so exciting here, guys. team usa dominating in the water and on the bike. gold medalist kristin armstrong who turns 43 today, by the way, finishing strong, celebrating
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>> okay, amy. we'll get back to you. but first, we want to get to that breaking news, a massive fire in maryland taking down an apartment complex. firefighters rushing to save survivors. more than two dozen people taken to the hospital. abc's gloria rivera is on the scene in silver spring, maryland. good morning, gloria. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the scene here is utter destruction. officials say they still don't know what caused the fire and explosion but you can see crews are still on the scene working to put out hot spots. overnight, a massive fire engulfing this maryland apartment building. at least 25 people rushed to the hospital as firefighters race to put out the blaze. an eyewitness took this video of what the massive flames looked like just a few feet away. >> county police on scene, advising people trapped on 7th and 3rd floor. >> we've got reports of people trapped on the 4th floor. >> reporter: watch as two
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to a waiting fire ladder. residents forced to jump from upper story balconies. children dropped by their parents from windows. five to seven people still still unaccounted for, as nearly 200 rescue workers responded to the inferno. witnesses reported hearing a loud boom. nearby homes shook as debris like this door scattered across the street. >> it appears there was some sort of explosion. >> and all i heard was a big boom and it sounded like an earthquake. >> really bad to see that fire going up and goi u setting up a makeshift triage station on site. people seen dazed. bandaged, watching as the fire rages. the fire chief saying that before emergency crews got on the scene there were multiple civilian rescues. neighbors saving neighbors, search and rescue teams will stay on this site until everyone from those 28 apartments is accounted for. george. >> okay, gloria, thanks very much. we're going to move on now
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border. new details emerging on a foiled suicide bomb plot in canada where police killed the suspect. in a dramatic operation. martha raddatz has all the latest. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. canadian authorities believed the planned suicide attack on a major city in canada was imminent. s.w.a.t. teams and the bomb squad swarmed a residence about an hour north of the u.s. border where 23-year-old aaron driver was hiding out eventually killing him in a hail of bullets. canadian television says driver planned to use a homemade bomb in a public area with the goal, george, of creating mass casualties. >> and, martha, he had been on their radar. >> reporter: he had. he was known as an isis sympathizer who posted on social media. although there is no evidence yet that he was directed by the terror group. but he had been previously arrested. police say he once published instructions for aspiring jihadists to reach syria and referred to non-muslims as
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george. >> thank goodness they stopped him. okay, martha, thanks very much. >> thank goodness, indeed. now to donald trump not backing down on those second amendment comments seen by some as a threat against hillary clinton. his rival now reacting and abc's cecilia vega has the latest from the clinton campaign trail in des moines, iowa. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you. this is not going away for donald trump. he now says these comments were designed to unite second amendment supporters but hillary clinton speaking out about them for the first time here in iowa says her opponent is inciting violence. overnight the republican nominee doubling down on those controversial comments about clinton and second amendment supporters. from florida -- >> we need our second amendment -- >> reporter: to virginia. >> we have to protect our second amendment which is under siege. >> reporter: but clinton telling supporters her opponent is inciting violence. >> we witnessed the latest in a long line of casual comments from donald trump that cross the line.
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president obama with a new accusation. >> isis is honoring president obama. he is the founder. he founded isis. and i would say the co-founder would be crooked hillary clinton. >> reporter: this morning, a new batch of just-released state department e-mails raising fresh questions about whether favors were exchanged for donations to trump is pouncing. >> pay for play. called pay -- you're not allowed to do it, it's illegal. >> reporter: while clinton's campaign says hillary clinton never took action as secretary of state because of donations to the clinton foundation. and we've also just learned that hillary clinton is now expected to release her 2015 tax returns. that could come as soon as tomorrow.
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running mate tim kaine, as well, a likely move to put pressure on donald trump to release his. let's bring in matthew dowd for more. this was supposed to be the economy week. donald trump had his speech on monday. hillary clinton today speaking on the economy but, of course, it's being dominated by other things. first off, on donald trump, is he digging himself into a hole with these second amendment comments or are we overblowing them? >> i think probably both. he's digging himself in the hole anth a way that's exacerbated it. any reading of it he didn't actually threaten hillary clinton but it was a stupid remark that hurts him in the long run. this is the problem with donald trump. he can't stay disciplined long enough on one topic in order to break through and get the numbers back with hillary clinton. >> meantime, you got more of those e-mails coming out on hillary clinton and a report in "the new york times" up to 100 democratic party officials have been hacked so likely more releases to come over the next few months. the question is, is this baked in for voters or will this new
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>> george, you know, every time we watch this campaign it looks like a marvel comic movie as if russian hackers, a guy climbing the building, villains in the course of this race, i think this is embarrassing, but the question is, when they come out whether it's really, really harms her in the course of this. we saw that the e-mails released in the course of the democratic convention took down the chairwoman of the party. this is problematic because it feeds a story that hillary clinton among the majority of the country don't feel they can trust her. >> at the same time she's expanding the electoral map right now. democratic officials talking about moving into states like georgia which democrats haven't won since 1992 and north calina which president obama lost in 2012. >> well, the great thing about this, george, is that actually looks for the first time in a long time we're going to have a national race because the map is so big for hillary clinton now and the map has become much smaller for donald trump. it's no longer eight target states in the course of this.
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probably for the biggest time since the '80s in the course of this so maybe the majority of the country will be part of the conversation. >> and you're saying still keep an eye on those third-party candidates, third and fourth party candidates. gary johnson and jill stein. >> yeah, george, this is like a race -- an olympic race in the swimming pool. when all the splashing is going on in the middle of the pool look for the people on the outside lanes that can get through it without the wake. gary johnson could gain momentum and if he gets in that presidential debate, the first presidential debate, there is no telling what could happen in this race. >> that could make a big difference. he has to gain points to get there, 15% threshold. matt dowd. thanks very much. and george, we're going to turn now to that attempt to scale trump tower in manhattan using suction cups to make his way up 21 floors before emergency responders pulled him inside. abc's gio benitez is outside trump tower and has the latest. good morning to you. >> reporter: robin, good morning to you.
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man hang off of this building and now we're told this morning all he wanted to do was meet donald trump. this morning, a real-life spider-man in police custody after scaling new york's trump tower wednesday afternoon. now, he's undergoing a psych evaluation. watch as the self-professed trump supporter from virginia ascends to the building's 21st floor usinindustrial grade suction cups. the stunt lasting three hours. >> he was probably looking at another six to eight hours on this type of climbing is well known to be incredibly slow. >> slow enough for authorities to cut through several glass windows, then grabbing the daredevil, pulling him to safety. >> i reached out, i took hold of his hand and i said, sir, you need to come with me. >> reporter: hundreds of bystanders and pedestrians on the ground captivated. even from inside witnesses shocked. >> oh, my goodness.
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unnamed man, who released this video manifesto tuesday was heading up to the 56th floor home to, you guessed it, donald j. trump. >> i'm an independent researcher seeking a private audience with you to discuss an important matter. >> reporter: and while donald trump has only responded on twitter to thank those courageous police officers, it seems he can count on the stuntman's vote. >> be sure to get out and vote for mr. trump in the 2016 election. >> reporter: and this morning that man is getting his once that's all over he will be arrested and charged most likely with reckless endangerment and trespassing. robin and george. >> all right, gio, thank you. gridlock when that was happening. >> sure was. all kind of strange scenes happening in this campaign. and we move on to the olympics. more gold.
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ryan lochte kick up their epic rivalry. >> nail-biting races and team usa stars giving their all as they go for gold. >> for katie ledecky of the united states. and as expected, the u.s. women win gold in the 4x2. >> reporter: call them the golden girls, katie led leading her team to victory in the women's 4x200 freestyle relay in a neck and neck race. watch as ledecky pulls ahead of australia in the final leg. >> winning a full second behind and now she's a full second ahead. >> reporter: the u.s. women now winning this event five of the last six olympics. >> phelps is looking pretty smooth again. >> reporter: and swimming superstars michael phelps and ryan lochte going head-to-head in the 200 individual medley semifinals. phelps placing first with lochte right behind him coming in a close second. both will swim in the finals tonight. phelps hunting for his 22nd gold medal. >> and there is chalmers.
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adrian winning bronze in the 100-meter freestyle. >> and nathan adrian gets the bronze. >> reporter: josh prenot taking silver and a surprising win for the u.s. diving team. >> that was beautiful. >> reporter: sam dornan and michael hixon somersaulting into silver in the men's synchronized springboard, the highest-ever american finish in this event. it was a disappointing night for the u.s. men's gymnast >> reporter: who finished seventh and 14th. japan taking gold. and gold medalist kristin armstrong pedaling to her second gold in cycling. watch as the 42-year-old collapses to the ground after crossing the finish line shedding tears of joy. her 5-year-old son leaping into her arms. >> for him to experience this, i think that is an experience that every mom would love to bring their child. >> reporter: here armstrong shows off her new gold medal
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she said, that's what we do. we cry when we're happy. she is actually a 43-year-old woman today. happy birthday to her. two reasons to celebrate big today, george and robin. >> boy, she sure does. what else are you looking forward to today? >> i got a lot to look forward to but mostly i'm so excited about the u.s. women's gymnastics. simone biles and aly raisman take on the world in the individual all-around so i will be there to watch that and then phelps and lochte are going to go head-to-head in the highly anticipated 200-meter im finals. a lot to watch. >> and jesse has his eye on that matchup as well and the medal count overnight. >> jesse. >> that's right, robin. as of right now team usa leading in gold medals and overall medal count, china is second place, japan, russia, australia round out the top five. and i want to give a quick shoutout to florida gators. athletes doing outstanding, won five medals so far.
7:15 am
countries. they have a chance for a sixth medal tonight with ryan lochte swimming and we've got another florida gator, conor dwyer, who is going to be live on the show with us coming up in just a little bit, robin. >> i know you're proud. thank you. someone that both of us knew very well now to the life and legacy of legendary sports reporter and host john saunders. so many remembering the longtime espn anchor and member of the abc family who massed away wednesday at the age of 61. >> and here are today's "sports reporters." >> reporter: john saunders, the legendary and versatile espn sportscaster hosted and provided play-by-play coverage for nearly ree decades. simply put, he was the real deal. >> congratulations to the national champion texas longhorns. >> reporter: i'll always remember my dear friend for his warmth, his distinctive baritone voice and his hearty laughs. >> tuesday night baseball -- >> reporter: for the past 15
7:16 am
reporters," a sunday morning roundtable discussion with his insightful commentary, his calm, cool and collected demeanor, john tackled issues of the day. >> one of the most ridiculous things i've heard is someone questioning the leadership of an african-american athlete by saying he isn't black enough. black enough for who? there was another african-american some labeled not black enough, now they call him mr. president. >> three-pointer - >> reporter: among his many role basketball with the late jim valvano. their partnership on air blossoming into a friendship and when jimmy v. passed away, john became a founding member and served on the board of directors for the v foundation for cancer research championing the cause as his own. oh, he was a proud canadian. he never hid his love for hockey but it was his family that he loved most. his wife wanda and daughters
7:17 am
significant loss. >> i have some shocking and sad news to report to you. >> reporter: espn president john skipper saying he was one of the most significant and influential members of the espn family, as a colleague and a mentor, he will be sorely missed but most certainly not forgotten. not at all. so much to his legacy and many in the espn family were reaching out to each other before the news broke. i gave you a call, jesse. you had already heard from some producers there, special about him. >> yeah, you know, the world lost a great human being and a great father and a great colleague, but even a better friend. he was so good at tv. i was always in awe of him that way working with him. he made me better at my job. i was lucky to work with him but more than that he made me love this profession so much more because i spent all my time with john laughing and smiling.
7:18 am
so many. >> the reason i did "nfl primetime" which really put me on the map is because of john. he stepped down to do baseball and he was the one that shoved me in the boss' office and said ask for that job. he was great but, you know, as great as he was an even better human being and i'm a better person as a broadcaster. that he was, yep. >> he's going to be missed. >> he will be. let's move on to rob. what do you got? >> as a viewer he was just a joy to watch, no doubt about. we go the espn home state of connecticut tornado in north haven. ef-0. 70-mile-an-hour wind, not too much damage but skipped ahead towards long island and gave the folks in the hamptons a scare. a lot of severe weather across parts of southern minnesota. last 24 hours really some severe rainfall there and also in parts of utah and arizona. so, look for more in the way of flooding and across parts of new orleans, this front kind of gets hung up. we could see some rain all the way to pittsburgh.
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coming up here on "gma" murder mystery in d.c., a democratic national committee staffer killed on the street. now wikileaks offering a big reward fueling conspiracy theories this morning. and ed sheeran is it under fire again. did he steal one of his hit songs? we'll tell you about it on "gma" ? maybe just a touch of a ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) is a prescription medicine for depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults.
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>> reporter: i'm denver 7's jason gruenauer. a 20 why will man facing 20 felony charges will be in denver court his name -- over the course of the last year, 24 total counts, all those charges will be in court at 8:30. and we'll bring you the latest. cherry creek schools back to school today. summer is over. we're looking at temps in the low 70s this morning as they more cloud cover this morning, but mild. this afternoon mid- to upper
7:24 am
denver 87. highlands ranch 88. fort collins 85. mid- to upper 70s in the foothills. we're tracking a cold front that will bring our temperatures down more so tomorrow. chance for a few storms today. better chance for severe weather closer to denver
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nasty accident at yale and monaco. look at the damage after this jeep hit this car. you can see the tremendous damage here. the girl that was driving looks like she'ssokay. the driver of the jeep looks like he's okay as well. other big trouble spot the cherry creek dam road. cherry creek high school back in session, but an accident
7:27 am
they're alternating one lane. i-25 and c-470 heavy stop and
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you're looking live at that apartment complex in maryland. burned to the ground overnight. massive three-alarm fire. at least 25 people raced to the hospital. firefighters battling the blaze searching for survivors right now. we're tracking all the latest. also right now a man in custody after attempting to scale the trump tower in manhattan making it to the 21st floor before authorities could pull him inside. he is now said to undergo a psychological evaluation. a delta ceo is speaking out about that massive systems crash that stranded thousands of travelers all across the country telling our station in atlanta that a fire caused the computer crash calling it one of the worst case scenarios. >> it sure was. then also the u.s. athletes are going for the gold at the olympics. conor dwyer part of the men's gold medal-winning relay team
7:31 am
water, he also won out of the water. joining us live and telling us about how he came to michael phelps' rescue. we'll get to that. >> that is coming up. first the murder mystery surround a democratic national committee staffer, julian assange is offering a big reward for the information fueling political conspiracy theories and linzie janis is here with the story. >> reporter: police are still trying to solve the mysterious murder and wikileaks founder julian assange is implying that he was the victim of a politically motivated assassination. this morning a new interview with wikileaks founder julian assange is reigniting conspiracy theories about the death of democratic national committee staffer seth rich. >> significant efforts to get us material and often very significant risks. as a 27-year-old who works for
7:32 am
murdered. >> reporter: although assange would not say whether rich was a wikileaks source the organization is now offering a $20,000 reward. >> was he one of your sources then, i mean? >> we don't comment on who our sources are. >> reporter: it was an an unpromised discussion of the 27-year-old voter outreach coordinator who was violently attacked july 10th near his washington, d.c. home while chatting on the phone with his girlfriend. his body was found badly beaten with multiple gunshot wounds described by inves robbery gone wrong. while d.c. police tell abc news there is no indication that seth rich's death is connected to his employmentt the dnc, conspiracy theorists suggest rich may be connected to the tranche of e-mails leaked by assange's group just before the democratic convention. rich's parents say they welcome the reward and any help catching his killer but are strongly denying any connection between their son's brutal murder and politics or conspiracy writing
7:33 am
attempting to politicize this horrible tragedy and in their attempts to do so are actually causing more harm than good. the family says they're in constant contact with authorities and believe that the investigation is being handled professionally and with the seriousness that it requires. george. >> linzie, thanks. let's talk to dan abrams. the family not happy with assange. how about the police? >> my guess is they're not that thrilled either. look, when you add a reward, right, you increase the chances you help get some information. yo about it, that's all the good stuff. the bad stuff is that when you get a high-profile investigation like this, you tend to get whack-a-doodle theories and add in the conspiracy theorists and police will sort through all sorts of irrelevant leads detracting from their time focusing on the real issues. >> clearly fueling that -- >> there's no question assange is making this about wikileaks,
7:34 am
20,000 -- remember, the police are offering $25,000 anyway, right? he's adding $20,000. it just feels like he's trying to inject wikileaks into the discussion. as opposed to truly trying to solve this case, which is, of course, the goal the police and at family. >> no evidence tieing this to any conspiracy -- >> you can understand why people would have questions, right. 27-year-old seems like a robbery but nothing is stolen. you can understand why people are asking questions but that's very different from jumping to the conclusion which can, aha, this must have been a politically motivated hit. so, look, it may end up that wikileaks ends up paying $20,000 to someone who provides information on in that had nothing to do with politics. >> and there were other crimes like this in the area. >> it's been a troubled area
7:35 am
>> dan abrams, thanks very much. another case we're keeping our eye on that deadly shooting in a north carolina neighborhood. the victim's mother is speaking out raising questions about the killer's motivation and her son was shot -- after her son was shot while leaving a house party and abc's mara schiavocampo is here with all the details. good morning, mara. >> reporter: kouren-rodney thomas was fatally shot while leaving a house party in raleigh early sunday, just moments after police say 39-year-old chad copley fired at himro garage killing thomas as he walked by and just moments after police say copley called 911. >> we've got a bunch of hoodlums out here racing. i am locked and loaded and i'm going outside to secure my neighborhood. >> reporter: thomas' mother speaking out about her son's death this morning. >> they don't call a group of white boys hoodlums. my kids are not hoodlums. >> reporter: simone butler-thomas says she believes
7:36 am
>> no child, black or white, should have to be struck down before they even have a life. >> reporter: officials say they dts not find any weapons on thomas despite what the caller told 911. >> there's freakin' black males outside our freakin' house with firearms. please send pd. >> reporter: now he is charged with murder. thomas' mother calling for justice. >> race has to end. >> repter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> so sad. >> yeah, thanks to mara for that. coming up on our big board, ed sheeran sued again accused of stealing this song. ? so you could never -- >> i like this song. and a family says they were stalkered by someone called the watcher. a new twist in that case. plus, a major movie reboot.
7:37 am
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time now for our big board. our time of insiders standing by, today's top story, sunny is here. we'll talk to her in a moment. got a couple of things we can talk to you about. but there is more legal trouble right now for ed sheeran now facing another lawsuit for his music. the singer/songwriter accused of plagiarizing the heart, the heart of m get it on." yeah, for his own grammy award winning song. so "rolling stone" contributor joe levy is going to join us and talk about this. first of all, let's play both songs. let's hear from ed sheeran's song. ? hoping that you'll understand ? >> okay, okay. now, let's hear marvin gaye's song.
7:40 am
>> i don't hear it. >> they're both very good. i'm partial to marvin gaye so what's at issue here? is it really something here, joe? >> is there something here? well, if i was the plaintiff in this case, i would be playing the video circulating on the internet of ed sheeran performing "thinking out loud" and then singing a little bit of "let's get it on" at the end. many, many people there's a similarity between these two songs, the question is, is there enough of a similarity to prove it in a court of law? the plaintiffs will call their experts. the defendants their experts, sometimes juries, if it even gets to a jury look at sheet music. sometimes they hear the recordings. these cases can be hard to prove. >> but gaye's family won a similar case in the past and this is the second time ed sheeran has been accused of plagiarizing.
7:41 am
copied by the x factor winner's amazing song. what does it mean for ed's bottom line? you. > know, ed stheern is taking a little time off from music for awhile and may find out after these lawsuits he needs a vacation from his vacation but his bottom line could be impacted and might have to share songwriting credit if it's settled out of court or make a payment but if he comes back with great new songs and writes them all on his own, it'll be forgiven. can the "photograph" play in this case. >> they can say he has a pattern and practice and likes to take other people's music. i love both songs. i don't hear it. >> i didn't hear it either. >> i don't hear it but i didn't hear it with "blurred lines" robin thicke and pharrell -- >> come on. >> i didn't hear it. >> and they won $7.4 million. >> i heard that one.
7:42 am
the watcher trial. it's about a family who bought their dream home then started getting threatening letters from someone called the watcher. one read why are you here? i will find out. another said i asked the woods to bring me young blood and this is a complicated case. suing the previous owners saying they knew about the stalker but didn't say anything. who has the better case? >> a little brattle the new homeowners are saying the previous homeowners knew it. they said they got one letter but it wasn't very disturbing if you believe that and the new homeowners got this letter that said my graf watched the house in '20s. my father watched in the '60s. it is now my time and i'm waiting for the second coming. so it's possible that the prior homeowners knew about it and admit receiving that letter but i still think that the old homeowners still have the better case because new jersey is one
7:43 am
you have to ask the questions, you have to google the home. you have to do the groundwork. >> i was going to ask legally when you're buying a home what should you do? >> it depends on the state. in new jersey you have that buyer beware but some states say, huh-uh, not so fast. if you're selling a home you have to disclose material defects that may affect the purchase of a home like if there is a home stalker or a haunting or murders in the home, you have to disclose it so really if you're buying a home look at the state's la find your neighborhood lawyer and ask all the questions. >> that is so creepy. sunny, thank you. twofer today. love it. now to news about a huge hollywood reboot. "ocean's eleven" being redone as "ocean's eight" with an all female cast reports that anne hathaway, rihanna and so many others are joining sandra bullock. already a part of it. let's bring in our good friend, mr. hackett. there you are, mr. hackett. let's talk about this.
7:44 am
reboot with "ghostbusters." you know, flipping the script a little bit. what's going on in hollywood. >> look, i think it's interesting that this is already gotten a huge amount of attention people saying in tweets it's "ocean's eight" for women because it only took eight women to do what it took 11 guys to do. hollywood is in the business of making money so take stars like channing tatum and put him in "splash." you take successful films and current successful stars and hope you get at least one movie or maybe you get a series. the idea that you a female cast to "ocean's eleven" or eight or nine or ten. that's their job. >> a lot of discussion about sexism. does that combat that? >> i think it does on some level. listen, also, remember, the "ghostbusters" picture is looking to lose $75 million. it was not as successful as people thought. at the end of the day despite all the attention they'll get when making the movie, is it good and do people want to see it. the 2000 movie with george
7:45 am
there was no skin in that game. there was no -- the bar was very low. now, of course, it's much, much higher talking about it a year before it comes out. >> is there a particular movie you'd like to see flip the switch like this. >> one of my favorite movies was "the great escape" with james garner and steve mckean. seeing that with women trying to escape from a world war ii prison, i'd watch. >> and you get a producing credit. >> me? i think it's time we get a gender flip lewis's "senderfella." >> i'm looking forward to the merman. how to eat like a champion. the real number of calories it takes to compete in the olympics if you're ryan lochte or katie ledecky. o live with the uncertainties of hep c. or wonder whether i should seek treatment. i am ready.
7:46 am
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(vo) combine the right things. and something amazing happens. that's our inspiration for fancy feast medleys. wild salmon primavera. tastes amazing. in gravy and pate. fancy feast medleys. a leading consumer testing publication recently tested the top laundry detergents. the winner - persil 2 in, didn't only beat tide... it beat every single detergent tested. boom. #1 rated. back now with the olympics and how to eat like a champion.
7:48 am
calories a day. and abc's matt gutman has their recipe to success in rio. good morning, matt. >> good morning, lara, i love that little food pun. there's plenty more where that came from. like the olympians themself, their diets vary enormously. it's not all sprouts and kale and i hear the mcdonald's at the olympics is getting a lot of mileage. energy up. the average american man eats around 2,000 calories a day. the typical nfl player around 4,000. but swimmers like ryan lochte take the cake. pretty much doubling that caloric consumption. lochte gobbles down around 8,000 calories per day. the world's fastest man, usain bolt chows down on chicken nuggets and wings before he hits the track. while the men's gymnastics team
7:49 am
>> who doesn't love pasta. >> the high-flying gym what ises follow a strict diet eating just 2,000 calories a day and while simone biles has a favorite splurge. >> after every meet i have pizza but right before i go to the arena i usually have a banana and a protein bar. >> check out what aly raisman calls a gymnast birthday cake. a hunk of salmon with a pile of veggies. walsh jennings has almond butter and honey sandwiches. as for swimming superstar katie ledecky, her comfort food -- >> i eat whatever my mom makes me. now, because it's so hard being a reporter, we consume a lot of calories doing all this type of typing with our thumb, it's really a tough josh being at the rio olympics i've assigned chef
7:50 am
feast including fish with this yam puree, a very dense pumpkin dish here and, of course, dessert with cornbread and some ice cream. that's good stuff. >> it looks good and really healthy, matt. and we're going to talk more about this with gold medalist dominique dawes. who knows a little bit about this, i would say. so dominique, let me ask you what would be your go-to meal before a competition? before a competition i want to carb up. angel hair pasta, grilled chicken, veggies similar to the male gymnasts but i always loved drinking vinegar, apple cider vinegar. it sounds odd. >> i love that on a salad but why would you want to drink it. >> i grew up on soul food and loved to eat chitlins and i started loving drinking vinegar and have always continued it. >> it's worked for you. >> we'll have you back and talk more about the rio games in our next hour.
7:51 am
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7:56 am
>> reporter: i'm denver 7 reporter jason gruenauer in less than a half hour a man will face a denver judge. police believe he was responsible for four major crimes over the last year here in denver. he's now charged with 20 felony counts. this is darius radcliffe, the man we're talking about here. he was allegedly involved with a shootout with police a few weeks ago after a traffic stop, where he was hit and injured. th crimes, including an armed burglary of a marijuana dispensary, and a shootout at a party that left one erson dead, several injured and an additional shooting. we'll be inside court today and bring you the latest here on denver 7. for now reporting live near downtown, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. we are tracking a cold front and it will bring our temperatures down a bit both today and tomorrow. a live look from our viera wireless camera in sterling,
7:57 am
cloud cover. mix of sun and clouds. we could see severe weather heee in the area shaded in green. it's where the cold front edge will be today and it will back up along the front range later today and tomorrow. today mid- to upper 80s. chance of a few storms in denver. tomorrow cooler, upper 70s to 80 on friday. it's pretty mild through the weekend with low to mid-80s. some of the clouds lisa was just talking about is out the drive a bit. a lot of traffic in the denver tech center. there was an accideet just after 225 off on the left shoulder. intermittent delays through the denver tech center. big delay on the cherry creek dam road. still cleaning up the accident trying to clear the traffic out of there. plus the cherry creek high school traffic so it will be a
7:58 am
c-470 commute busy. busy across i-70, 270. an accident in the mousetrap on southbound i-25 just after i- 70. one also here at about 58th and ward road. still seeing slow traffic on i-
7:59 am
8:00 am
? i got the eye of the tiger ? good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. unstoppable at the olympics. nathan adrian and katie ledecky bringing the heat as team usa's families cheer them on. their special message for their children and gold medalist conor dwyer joins us live. a health alert hitting close lara tells us how she's preparing for major surgery on her hip. >> it sounds like an old person's problem and i couldn't believe it. >> hip replacements on the rise and lara takes us inside her journey. it's thursday. that means time for "deals & steals." tory johnson here with big brands at over 50% off. you don't want to miss these super savin. ? welcome to my house ? and slam dunk.
8:01 am
how they let loose. ? and i need you ? ? and i miss you ? >> reporter: and show their team spirit as we say -- >> this is kyrie irving of the cleveland cavaliers and this is kevin durant. good morning, america. ? all that music. you know we're going back to rio. happy friday eve. good to have paula with racking up those gold and scoring big on the court. >> and amy went behind the scenes with them. there she is. having a lot of fun. we'll get to that in a bit and a lot going on in times square here. >> gold medalist dominique dawes and mckayla maroney with us again. they're having a blast. why do you ask? they're warming up for the "gma" games. wow, wow.
8:02 am
>> i mean, look at sara haines so, anyway, it's our synchronized swimming competition. we don't have a pool but we'll get it down. >> the morning rundown if paula. >> good morning. we begin outside washington, d.c. where an explosion and fire have collapsed this apartment complex in silver spring, maryland. people including children had to jump from windows to escape. crews are combing through the rubble looking for some people who were unaccounted for this morning. 30 injured. the cause of the e under investigation but one resident claims that he smelled gas in recent days. and investigators in california now say that faulty wiring and a hot tub started one of the most destructive fires in the state's history. the so-called valley fire north of san francisco last year destroyed 1300 homes and left four people dead. and overseas this could be a significant defeat for isis. american backed fighters say they have recaptured the final
8:03 am
fighting intensified recently with the u.s. launching air strikes. in politics donald trump is linking president obama directly to isis charging him with being the founder of the terror group. during a rally in florida he used the president's full name, barack hussein obama to criticize his foreign policy saying it gave rise to isis and called hillary clinton the group's co-founder and defended his recent remark about second amendment meantime, another controversial guest was spotted at a campaign rally. this time it was at a trump prevent. disgraced former congressman mark foley sitting behind. he resigned amid allegations that he sent sexually explicit messages to boys. the russian cyberattack that targeted democratic party officials, it appears to be much bigger than previously thought and "the new york times" reports the hack that forced debbie wasserman schultz to resign as
8:04 am
e-mail accounts of more than 100 party officials. let's head brack to the olympics and simone biles going for the all-around gold in gymnastics and ryan lochte taking on michael phelps in the pool. that will be one to watch. katie ledecky winning her third gold medal in rio last into the anchoring the women's 4x200 freestyle rely. daryl homer taking home the gold in fencing. the first american to medal in that smart in more than 30 years. good for him. let's look at the overall medal count because we're all with it. team usa leading the way with 32 including 11 gold. finally for you on this thursday another shocking case of distracted driving. we want you to take a look at this woman in philadelphia steering the guy, you guys, with her foot while she's texting similar to a driver in colorado recently that was caught texting -- yes, that was another incident. that was in colorado but the people that actually captured this video, they told the woman to pull over and stop.
8:05 am
she was in a neighborhood driving on the expressway. what do you do -- >> put it up. >> yeah. we're coming for you. "pop news," happier news, all right. we'll start with jennifer lopez as if the singer, actress, producer, businesswoman wasn't busy enough she will star in a new hbo movie about griselda blanco, the godmother would be a good name. lopez will also executive produce the project, shared her excitement on social media saying here we go and her friend dwayne "the rock" johnson said can't wait to see j. lo take this role on. bla blanco's life was extremely wild. >> rolling in the deep
8:06 am
the question is, what did he think? he seemed pretty happy. stars are just like us. >> i'm going to a concert tonight. >> where are you going? >> barbra streisand. >> oh, nice. >> see babs in brooklyn. >> you know, she's doing this new album with all these duets. you could see some amazing pop-up guest. >> you want to fill in for me tomorrow in case it's a late night. >> i'll be here. >> we shall see. want to hear about that. fill in for "pop." finally spilling some details on that highly anticipated new movie with the legendary golden hawn. she lured her back to the screen and now we know they'll take on the mother/daughter roles we sort of assumed but schumer gave inside scoop on the script and says her character's boyfriend breaks up with her before they're supposed to go on a n nonrefundable trip to south america and goldie says, her character just doesn't want to
8:07 am
those two are the best. you know, nothing like a night at the ballpark, right, a beer, some snacks. the american pastime but nacho fast. >> oh, no. >> take a look. >> what the heck happened there? >> i'll tell you what hatched there. the pirates fan goes for a foul ball forgetting he's holding a beer in one hand and a plate of nachos in the other, yeah, all over his own head. there it is. his shirt. the poor pirates fan didn't even >> not even close. >> he also didn't even catch a clean shirt that someone was kind enough to throw him. >> a face full of cheese. >> george, i hate when that happens. he did score a new plate of nachos courtesy of the ballpark but his team lost to the padre, 4-0. >> he could taste that foul ball. >> no, that was the nachos. >> that's why you always go for the hot dog. it's not very messy when that happens. >> one of the reasons.
8:08 am
our "gma morning mu." i gear up for major hip surgery, yeah, we're going to talk about that i want to share the warning signs that i wish i had known about and also tell you how to heal if you're in the same situation. dr. jen ashton is going to join us live. >> thanks for sharing that. so, we'll talk about that and then amy is having way more fun than i'll be in the upcoming weeks with team usa on the court. watch out for the ball, amy. then tory johnson is here with some major "deals & steals geyering up for synchronized swimming. there you see them warming up. a lot -- no worries. no pool, no problem. >> fake it till we make it. >> fake it till you make it. you got it. >> all coming up on "gma." "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil, fast, powerful and proven relief and makes pain a distant memory.
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8:13 am
you were just sitting on my lap. >> it is true. >> we often say in this program everybody's got something and what we hope to do is share our something with you in hopes that it'll make your life a little bit easier a friend here, lara, you're going through your something in i'm having a little something. a few months ago i found out what i thought was a strained muscle was actually a symptom of something a lot more serious. so in a couple of days i will have to have my entire right hip replaced. it was a shock to hear and a decision that took me quite some time to accept. i love sports. i love being active. i love challenging myself.
8:14 am
>> look at that lara spencer. >> at "gma" i'm always willing to do whatever is needed for the show because i love it. i was a jock growing up from the time i was able to walk. if you're having a stressful day, there's always tennis. go take it out on that little yellow ball. >> chew on that, agassi. >> that to me is therapy and really helps me. i was starting to feel a little aches and pains. my shoulder started me. >> lara presented to our office with multiple diagnoses and started on her shoulder and elbow and continued to report that the hip was more of a problem for her. >> i kept thinking i had a muscle pull and i played on. >> this hurts. >> and i -- then i pulled my muscle again and i plad on and it went on for probably too long.
8:15 am
>> lara came in a time of great deal of pain. her hip was starting to fail. there was a breakdown in the bearing surface between the cartilage and bone. she's almost bone on bone here. made the most sense for her even with reduced demands playing less tennis, being less active to have a hip replacement. >> it was so upsetting. i was like, what. and he was like, there's not a lot we can d this is way down the road and it took me a long time. i was like, no, i'm 27. in my head i'm 27. so i really -- i waited for a long time before i did anything about it or told anybody because it sounds like it's an old person's problem and i just couldn't believe it. >> i think approximately 10% of all hip replacements on done on patients under 50 years old so that's a huge number of people
8:16 am
about as much. >> how can we bet her to a point where she's as strong as possible going into the surgery. she is definitely attacking this like an athlete. she's been hard core at saying, i want to do everything i possibly can to be as fit going in. now we're going to layer in upper extremity work. >> this is not easy. but i think it's really important to deal with whatever be ue comes your way, just don't if you don't talk about it, you can't fix it. so i'm happy if i can save one person from not having to go through the pain. >> good job. step down. this has happened because i played hard. because i love it. i love moving and that's what i've come to see is that i will be back. >> most certainly will be and jen is going to join in on the conversation with us. we saw the emotion and you've
8:17 am
the diagnosis. how are you doing now? i'm terrified. i just said, oh, face it. i can talk the talk but walking the walk -- >> you're shaking. >> i'm terrified. i'm terrified. it's -- it was embarrassing to share and then i realized there's nothing to be embarrassed about. it is -- i have a genetic predisposition for this but if you're athletic and you move it's happening younger and younger. >> that number is i would imagine the fear she's feeling is the most natural reaction in the world. >> it's not only common, it's natural. it's appropriate and not just for a big operation like this, really, you've heard me say it before there's no such thing as minor surgery. the appropriate reaction for the vast majority of people having to go into the operating room is this, and i applaud you for being so open about it. i think more people need to hear emotions like this, like it's not like getting your nails
8:18 am
part of your body taken out or repaired or fixed. >> do yourself a favor. do not google this operation. i made that mistake. >> i agree with you, dr. spencer. >> what exactly happened to her hip? >> as she said she was born with it. this used to be call congenital dysplasia of the hip. now it's rephrased as developmental dysplasia and if you think of the hip as a ball and socket joint, femur sits in that like a ball and has a shallow cup so if the cup was like this -- if. >> i have a shallow cup. >> that cartilage -- see, you can laugh. >> got to find the humor. >> as that cartilage gets worn around with normal movement or athletic -- >> just saying it is making it hurt. >> bone on bone. another way to think of it, driveway on your asphalt is like the cartilage in your joints.
8:19 am
of time until you have to replace the whole thing. >> if you had this predisposition, anything you can do to ward it off. >> well, it's ironic and that's a really loaded question, george, because as we were talking and, you know, the obvious answer is, well, if she wasn't an athlete maybe she could have gotten to her 60s or 70s without needing this joint replaced but no orthopedic surgeon, no physician, no one in the sports world would say don't be active. now, if lara earned her living seated and didn't participate i any sports, yes, she wouldn't have been feeling this in her 40s, but in some cases it's only a matter of time. >> it's a good thing she did not ignore the situation because that could have led to something even worse. >> well, there's no ignoring it at this point. the pain is so chronic. i have such -- >> you tried to fight through it. >> i did and i, you know, i got cortisone shots and the doctor said you'll know and boy, do i know. i just want to say to anybody out there who suffers with chronic pain, i feel you.
8:20 am
your life. it takes over -- affects you emotionally, mentally, physically, you cannot sleep. it's hard to think about. it's gnawing at you all the time. i wish i would have taken care of this sooner and spoken up but i was like, i can handle it. >> did you hav any pain in your back -- >> that's the thing and it will lead to problems -- it would have led to if i didn't do this they said i would have back problems and could lead to knee problems and starting to differently. >> and good news, the incision usually is about this big. you're going to be weight bearing and walking day of surgery. three to six-month rehab but you are going to kill it. >> yes. >> you've seen how amazing your body is. >> it's on saturday morning, yeah, so i won't see you guys for a couple of weeks then i'll come running back. >> we'll be hearing from her during those two weeks. thanks for sharing that. >> my pleasure. i hope it helps somebody else
8:21 am
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8:24 am
olympic glory doesn't just belong to athletes. and it doesn't just happen every four years. it happens one morning at a time. and one cup at a time.
8:25 am
we have a whole lot more olympics fun ahead. first outside to rob with the weather. >> charlotte. i've heard of that place. oh, hey, good morning, again, guys. great crowd out here. meet pat and jim. you're celebrating your 7 09 birthday. >> i am, yes. >> kind enough to give you a kidney. >>yes, she did. >> you're 75 but you have a 70-year-old kidney. >> a pretty good deal. you both look terrific from toledo. heat advisories popping for the next three days.
8:26 am
it is warm and humid and this crowd is ready to jump into the pool. "gma" games coming up in a little bit. robin, back inside. >> huge "deals & steals." big savings. big brands on some of your favorite things from backpacks to bracelets. thank you, tory for that. >> excite sfwld what it's like to be an olympic parent opening up to our cameras and ryan
8:27 am
it is 8:27. today the planned parenthood shooter will be in court for another competency hearing. robert dear admitted to opening fire at the facility last year killing three people. in may a judge ruled he was not competent to stand trial. since then he's been at a mental facility in pueblo. tonight is the night the broncos are in chicago for their first the year. kickoff 6:30 our time. mark sanchez will be the starting quarterback, but coach kubiak is still trying to decide who will be the starter when the regular season kicks off ssptember 8th. cherry creek schools go back today. temperatures near 70 early this morning. cooler afternoon. 87 for a high across the metro area. a cooler day, with the chance for a few storms.
8:28 am
futurecast. by around 3:00 as kiddos are heading home, spotty activity around town. a better chance for severe weather later today through the early evening up across northeastern colorado. and overnight tonight under a partly cloudy sky with a few storms.
8:29 am
good new if you travel on i- 70, glenwood springs we won't see that closure like yesterday they are not going to do it. i-70 will remain open. beautiful drive up there now. drive in town, we have still trouble spots, heavy traffic on c-470. earlier crash after wadsworth is cleared. still a little bit of leftover traffic there as well as i-25 and 225, cherry creek dam road accident is gone. but 225 and i-25, 25 minutes to downtown. 6th and monaco, 14th and colfax accidents there. i-70, 270, still pretty busy. still doing the final touchups
8:30 am
? ? >> nailing synchronized swimming for their school talent show getting more than a million views. you know what, they're here joining us live and they're helping us judgeur own performance right here in times square. >> we've got our gold medal gymnast dominique dawes and mckayla maroney gearing up for the big performance. all part of our "gma" games. >> how great have they been? yes, they're all in. >> yes. there's so much excitement in rio where team usa's athletes are stunning and inspiring fans around the world and the biggest
8:31 am
on this amazing and sometimes em exhausting journey. behind nearly every gold medalist is a family cheering them on every single step of the way. >> fully invested. there can't be any wavering. no back and forth. >> reporter: sacrificing time and money to help their children achieve their dreams. >> the onlyay is a sunday and this is 365 days for the year. >> reporter: for this family this is their third trip with their gold medal diving son david. >> no family vacations. sporting event to go here or there. >> i actually worked for the coach which paid for his diving lessons. we just did a lot of juggling. >> reporter: but for all the
8:32 am
dives. i'm following the dive as he's going down and then i know when he hits, it's like just, oh. it's kind of a sigh of relief. >> reporter: and even the families back at home like gold medalist swimmer conor dwyer's grandmother are forever invested. >> i feel like i swam that race with him. >> and joining us now from rio is ileana lochte mother of 12-time olympic swimmer ryan do you feel the love here in times square? can you feel it all the way there in rio? so many people cheering on your son and so many other, but tell us, what's the emotion like for mom to be there and watch your son? >> oh, it's fantastic. i wouldn't want to be anyplace else. just watching him swim and knowing that he's so happy doing the sport that he loves, you know, i couldn't be any prouder.
8:33 am
for their children. you pack a little something for him every time a little bag. >> it starred a long time ago when he was little and it actually started with my daughter and then it continued through him and it gets a little bit bigger and bigger each time. >> what's in the bag? what's in it? >> okay, so this time we had a water bottle, a jug that 2008, he wasn't allowed to drink the water so he brushed his teeth and was sick for three days. so this time i put all the candy in there so he can have that and then i put some drawing, a pad and crayons and coloring -- yeah. anything to keep him entertained. >> yeah.
8:34 am
entertained as well. she's cheering him on back home. isn't she? >> oh, my gosh. she's in a nursing home and so, therefore, they did a big thing for her and she carried the torch. >> oh. that's an adorable -- >> but she's always -- >> and that's -- >> she -- >> even people here in the audience are saying how sweet that is to see the family and all the sacrifices that you have done for him and for this people, you know, talk about michael phelps and the rivalry but there's a real friendship between the two of them, isn't there, really, ike? >> it is and it's a healthy one, of course, they want to beat reach other in the water but outside of the water they're just best of friends and you can see up on the podium when they're even laughing, it's great. and also his mom and i are friends too so it makes it that
8:35 am
a final question. what's up with your son's hair? okay, let's talk about ryan lochte's hair. now i know he meant for one thing. you explain, mom. >> i have no idea. that's ryan. he always does something -- it's better than the grills, okay. and so i've gotten used to everything that he possibly could do and so this is an okay thing. you know, it didn't hurt anybody and he just -- but i you know, i didn't like it but -- >> he looks cute. >> he's adorable and you know what, that is ryan. he owns it. you know, and perfectly harmless and a lot of fun. hey, ike, congratulations on all the accomplishments and all that you all do as families and it's so important to share what the families go through, as well so have a lot of fun. continue having fun. we're saying hi to you from here. now, amy has more from rio behind the scenes.
8:36 am
team. oh, i'm so envious here, amy. >> hi know. i made andrew my husband so jealous with this one assign many. team usa is unbeatable on the basketball court. carmelo anthony became the united states' l-time leading scorer in olympic competition overnight and the dream team is cruising through the competition and having a ball on and off the court. they're the nba dream team dominating the olympic court. >> fires a rainbow for three. >> reporter: pulling off a nail-biting win over australia overnight but during practice sharing laughs. >> i might have a neck injury if i talk to you for too long. might have to make it short. >> reporter: and some close calls. >> favorite moment? >> opening ceremonies was pretty special. >> how about replay. >> just saved your life. >> thank you. >> while opponents back home here in rio they're one team usa. >> go to basketball camps
8:37 am
together and, you know, we compete against each other on the highest level and i think ma makes us closer. ? and i need you ? ? and i miss you ? >> reporter: you guys posted some funny stuff on social media. >> carmelo! >> we're a funny team. >> reporter: kyrie irving known as the team's rio correspondent. >> rio correspondent, irving checking in. >> we all come together. it's just a special moment. >> reporter: some of those infectious personalities cheering on team usa swimming tuesday night. >> appreciate it. >> reporter: afterwards snapping pics with the men and, of course, katie ledecky. this team story also one of brazilians. paul george suffering a near career-ending leg injury just two years ago. >> i almost owe myself this second chance to walk away and
8:38 am
can show my kids later down the line. >> reporter: when it's time to unwind they're regular tourists taking selfies with christ the redeemer and, of course, i had to ask about their swanky accommodations. how is the cruise ship? >> cruise ship is awesome. it's a hotel on a boat. so, you know, it's a botel. >> reporter: does everybody just hang out at the cigar lounge when you come back? i'm trying to get -- >> there's no cigar lounge. >> i thought there was a cigar lounge. >> it's a pool >> reporter: and the best part so far? >> i think it's being around the guys. any time you get the best players in the world to jell and connect, that's special. >> they really were the greatest group of guys. you can see how much fun they're having on the court as they go for gold so we are cheering them on. team usa racking up olympic medals especially in the pool and joining me now is conor dwyer who's won two himself. brought them along.
8:39 am
headlines for giving michael phelps your roommate by the way your swim cap when his malfunctioned. congratulations. >> thank you. >> thanks for being here. let's start out. tell me what it's like in the pool. you guys are killing it. >> it's crazy. people are just from the beginning of the meet we started lighting it up and it might be one of the best all-time performances that team usa has ever thrown together in any sport and including the pool so we've just been lights out. everyone just seems to be getting their hand on the wall and getting on the podium. >> so impressive to watch and i asked if you had family members with you. you told me -- >> 21 family members. they were going nuts and had good cheers going and always nice to have family and friends support you. >> your grandmother felt like she was in the pool with you watching you from home cheering you on.
8:40 am
walk us through what that moment was like. >> yeah, so it was a leadoff leg and once you're done leading off geing your job done you go and cheer your squad on so i'm cheering and i got a tap on my shoulder from michael saying, diddy, diddy, my cap broke. he looked rattled so i handed him this one, turned it inside out and i think it's the first time that someone has swam or a cap has swam two ls in a relay so mike owes me one for differing him my cap and it fit well. >> well, i'm sur y work that out. i hear there's a little bit of a medal count and you guys are roommates as i mentioned so it's pretty impressive. >> yeah, we have three other roommates. lochte is in there too and five gold, one bronze and two silvers and those two are up tonight so should keep tallying up. >> how do you feel? you really soaking it in? >> yeah, i haven't slept much but i am soaking it in and just going to enjoy the city and enjoy the olympic games from here on out.
8:41 am
right. >> should be fun going around rio. >> copacabana. st. teresa. thanks very much. let's head back to new york and rob. >> it is the bucket list. and ava's crew from florida. happy birthday. you look terrific. severe weather we're worried about including iowa and some thunderstorms that could produce a tornado or two. a warm-up out west. be prepared for that up and down the west coast and it's seattle. could see temps in the 90s. >> this weather brought to you by microsoft.
8:42 am
>> a lot of happy birthdays. it is thursday so we have deas.
8:43 am
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vailable in your area. call today. ? it's thursday. happy friday eve. that means we are back with tory johnson's "deals & steals." we're talking big name brand, really big discounts and we have a really big family. >> we do go that's going to help us out.
8:45 am
raleigh, north carolina. hello, dingell family. >> so adorable and they are all ready. oh, they are all already set up with our first deal. these are from lands' end backpacks. personalized. a variety of sizes and have the right fit for the size of your child. some are really great for adults too and personalize them with initials and also a little icon right in front of there and make it your own. a phenomenal deal on normally starting at $29. all of the backpacks today half off 50% off so $14.50 and free shipping from lands' end. >> that's good becse the dingell family, we saw all different shapes and sizes. >> okay, so from kinex. see that little button. this little teeny button. push that to the left. >> yep. that little teeny one. >> i don't have my glasses.
8:46 am
watch it spin around. there are some fun, fun things here. k'nex. educational as well and have fun and you could turn it off when you're ready. there you go. normally these deals start at 30 -- these start at 30 -- goes right into the middle. 30, everything slashed in half so 15 to 20. big assortment. >> big bargain. we love jewelry. >> so what i love about this, th brand-new debuting it here. what's going to be in stores next week. all getting a preview and not only see it early but a huge discount on it. i pulled -- you have two birthdays, sagittarius and virgo so we celebrate both of those birthdays. big variety to choose from. bracelets, necklace, all of the zodiac sign, all made in
8:47 am
all are half off so 14 to 19. pretty fabulous. >> great quality. >> life is good. so you love life is good. we love life is good. "gma" viewers are fans of this brand. it's all about spreading optimism in every one of their pieces. that's what you got an optimistic message. big assortment for men and women. normally from $10 to $68 but everything slashed from 50% to $56 so from 5 to >> and free shipping? >> these are flush supply makers. fresh raspberry lemonade. you get two. super easy instructions. all from their website. you'll get two of them. keep it in the freezer overnight. pour your drink in there and within sort of minutes, you use this special straw along the side and it creates a slushie for you.
8:48 am
for the two pieces. can't beat that. >> now, the dingell family. >> the dingell family. >> what do we have in store for them. >> the dingell family is already at home and our affiliate in raleigh is setting them up with stuff from every single company. >> all right. >> they are back-to-school ready. the dingell kids can go wild. we got them covered. >> everybody in the -- we thank our abc station there. we thank all the companies for providing these great deals and you can get them on our website and a special thanks to abc 11 eyewitness news in raleigh for bringing the dingells to us. >> absolutely. >> coming up our synchronized swimming performance. you got to see this. it's live.
8:49 am
8:50 am
we're not asking the
8:51 am
>> welcome back to "gma" games. diving right into our version of synchronized swimming. >> that's right. the competitors are ready. not afraid of water. it's a good thing because there is none but representing team "gma" we've got paula, sara, rachel, rob, gio and two real olympians gold medalists dominique dawes and mckayla maroney. >> our judges this morning are schooled in synchronized swimming, performing in their fifth grade talent show in youtube video that went viral comes to us right now on skype. hello, guys. >> what's up, guys. it's time to see what team "gma" can do. get ready for the performance of a lifetime. everybody, get ready to dive in. >> yes. >> that's what she said.
8:52 am
? ? >> up, back, around. ? >> open. close. up. >> so now -- >> unbelievable performance. i wish we had towels. the water looks very warm, though. so i think they're okay. back to our judges in texas and get the scores. gentlemen, who was the standout? synchronized swimmer?
8:53 am
>> sara haines. >> so i think had a smile on her face the entire time. well done. >> the standout but i do believe a decision has been made. >> we've got gold medals for the entire team. a medal for you. >> real judging dominique dawes, amazing, forget gymnastics, synchronized swimming.
8:54 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by foaler's. the best part of waking up is foaler's in your cup. >> it is a true olympic tradition. bite your gold medals and our standout performer, sara with one final move. >> thanks for watching. have a great thursday. the university of colorado a line to dia is running this morning after it was down for about seven hours yesterday. this morning on rtd's wwb site
8:57 am
apply for a freeide coupon. the only requirement is you've been stranded on a bus or a train. we have a link to that web site on our free denver 7 app. amazon is looking for people to deliver primetime now packages. the position is part-time and pays 18 to $25 an hour. you have to drive your own vehicle. you have to pass a background check and have an amazon account. here's your first alert we are tracking a cold front and it's changing things up. we have a thre severe weather across northeastern cclorado. spots like fort collins, greeley, sterling could see stronger storms lattr today and tomorrow it's going be even coolerr quick look at those storms. you'll find activity by mid- to late afternoon and then a few stronger storms popping up across northern colorado as we track this cold front. tomorrow that front will back in along the front range, so it will be cooler tomorrow. even early tomorrow morning we'll be eeing a few storms
8:58 am
80 tomorrow. better chance for stronger storms n denver friday. mild through the weekend. we still have accidents, including this one on c-470, as the camera flips around. you can see back in here, eastbound side. looking from the santa fe camera. eastbound side of c-470. left lane block, sew traffic coming from wadsworth to that point. slow traffic actually in both directio morning. slow traffic on 225, i-25 to the denver tech center, earlier
8:59 am
9:00 am
. >> live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> how you doin'? the kids have come to play today. >> you won't believe what i'm about to tell you. >> with all due respect. >> my girls are always turned out. >> i give it to you straight, no chasers. ? say it like you mean it shout it out. [ applause ] ? >> wendy: well well. ? >> wendy: yeah. we got it going on. ? >> wendy: thank you for watching. [ applause ]


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