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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  August 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm MDT

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the train troubles involving the a line first started at 10:15 this morning. we are talking about a good seven hours of delays. you can understandthat people are a bit anxious. right now from what we have been able to gather that you can take the train from union station o the 61st and pena station. then you need to take a shuttle bus. and pena and then get back on the a line to union station. at one point we believe that 3 there were shuttle buses that were taking you all the way from union station to dia. this is not kind of news that you'll want to hear when you're rushing to catch a flight. >> it is craziness, since the train has started. total craziness. that you have to leave home and even at nighttime.
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>> and this service to the airport is just a few months old. obviously that this are a lot of questions among the riders about the reliability. finally back to the b line, that's the train service between union station and westminster. it was down for about three hours today. and that service is up and running. we are trying to talk to the leaders of rtd and the city to find out what is next. for now we're live at union station, marc stewart denver7. >> marc? breaking at colorado avalanche, they need a new head coach. patrick roy abruptly resigned today stepping down as coach and vp of hockey operations after three years in that position. sports director is in the newsroom, we are just a couple months before the season here, lionel? >> i know, what a shocker, man. get used to the names. maybe who knows, but they don't have a coach and they don't have much time to find it here. i was shocked, avs fans were shocked. from the sound of it, the avs organization was shocked.
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open training camp. patrick quick -- quit by releasing a statement saying that his views re not perfectly aligned. he doesn't have the say in make decisions. avs released a statement an hour later, which tells me that they were blind sided by this decision. they appreciate what he has done for their organization, wishing hii the best of luck, we expect a new head coach immediately. this didn't end well. here is patrick and joe after straight disappointing season. >> we are very disappointed and very frustrated. i'm frustrated the wayywe certainly not going to judge the last two games, but down the stretch where we lost four in a row i just felt that we should have responded better than what we did. >> we all have to look in the mirror. and figure out why it happened like this. but at the end of the day i
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club that it was unacceptable. >> well, we reached out to joe who is on vacation. he'll have a conference call at 5:15. we'll have that coming up later. patrick roy didn't think that he would have enough power. that's about it and it is over after three years.. >> what a day. thanks, buddy. we'll see you later. and the good news, the wait is over for the broncos fans. they would kick off their pre- season in about an hour at soldier field against the bears. the windy city. just because troy starting qb was named that it doesn't mean that the starting competition was over. onto the next one. they started their camp and they are finally on to the first one as it is all about the cornerback. he'll start, but don't sleep on trevor siemian as this is an open competition.
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likes his chances. >> do you have goals for the pre-season yourself that you just stashed away? do you believe that you could win the job? i guess that you wouldn't be. >> right. i mean, absolutely. yeah, to answer your question. but i'm not trying to do too much just to stay within ourselves. i think that it is good enough. >> reporter: he has mapped out a plan with theseeguys to get them a certain number of those passes as they evaluations. now, remember that he played his college ball. it is a little windy tonight, he'll be comfortable. they will finally get started here in an hour as we will talk about patrick lynch in sports tonight. back to you in the studio. >> thank you very much. we'll see you later tonight. that was the choice that the the driver in denver would need
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they lost their brakes. he could have crashed into traffic in front of him. nobody was hurt. he then tried to sexually assault her. and police say that they have a noticeable bump on his upper right eyelid. a boulder day camp was shut down. >> hey t scattered showers moving through the denver metro area and just light at times. but as you can see, some clouds out there that it has been looking ominous at times as those showers have been trying to get going here across the front range. you'll see the clouds here over denver as well. and we are going to be keeping a close eye on these scattered showers that will be coming down across the front range in through tonight. so they will bb isolated. but there is cooler air that will be moving into our region as we speak.
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i'll have that for you coming up. >> stacey, thanks. a boulder day camp shut down over unsafe conditions. state health officials say that -?they have inadequate restroom untested drinking water, and was operating without a license. denver7 jennifer kovaleski tracked down some answers. so exactly what answers did you find, jen? >> reporter: well feet on the earth has been operating here in left hand canyon without a license for six years. i talked to the boulder county employee who came out inspect the camp. she told mm that she has never seen an out house used for a day camp. this is the first time in her 20 years that she has seen them shut down their camp like this. they say the hand washing station isn't adequate because you would need to hold it down while also trying to clean your hands. kids were also drinking water
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feet on the earth who says that they made a mistake and didn't know that they needed to be licensed or that those regulations applied to them. >> and what children are using ?nd inappropriate drinking water. >> reporter: the state says that your camp is a threat to public safety. do you believe that it is safe? >> i believe that it is safe, we've done the best that we can in the conditions that we have children. >> reporter: and health officials say that they will need to get licensed, making changes before they could reopen. they need to address their parents concerns, answer questions that will be taking place at their library starting at 6:00 p.m. reporting live in boulder jennifer kovaleski denver7. >> thank you, jen. the dea will not reclassify marijuana. in a poll, marijuana advates
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reclassification since 2011. but the dea says it is a substance with no medical use, so they will not change a thing. >> the de, says there is a silver lining by awe lowing more research to be conducted and possibly reclassifying marijuana down the road, and that marijuana advocates say that it is just not good enough. >> reporter: no accepted medical use. that's how the administration would view marijuana and plans to keep it in the same category with drugs like heroin and lsd. >> marijuana has no business being included in the drug schedules of the federal level. >> reporter: mason avert says that the da's decision to deny petitions to reclassify marijuana is appalling. >> this is a real mind boggling decision by our federal government to continue denying the fact that miles per hour has medical benefits when more
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vast majority of our states. >> reporter: their hands are tied. but before they could reclassify marijuana, first the food and drug administration must approve the substance and show through extensive research that it has proven medical use. which is why they will support expanding the number of growers for the federal scientific research beyond their research currently being done at the university of mississippi. but it is just another way to stall reaped the benefits of the medical marijuana. >> i have used it to cure skin cancers that have completely gone away. >> reporter: it is why she agrees the decision is disconnected from users like herself. now those marijuana goers that they will now allow to foster
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be the first push to revealing marijuana from their current classification. report investigate studio denver7. a hearing is postponed again for this nurse charged win appropriately touching women in their care in colorado and nebraska. he was suppose to be in court today, but the paperworkkcaused that delay and the hearing will be later this month. morris is facing eight felonies and three misdemeanor counts. donald trumppis not backing that president obama and hillary clinton founded isis. >> trump made that comment for the first time last night and in a rally in florida. he said it again at another rally in florida when he was asked about it today. >> and we will give hillary clinton the sports team most valuable player, the mvp as you would get the mvp award. isis will hand her the most
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>> the clinton campaign says that it is just another example of trump trashing the united states. the admitted planned parenthood shooter will stay in a mental health hospital. he is still incompetent to stand trial. he'll be reevaluated in november. deer walked into a colorado springs clinic, opening fire, and killed three people. just how useful are those standardized tests for your kids? well a new test result has en tonight, we are looking into a growing trend of students that are opting out of those tests. and closing its doors. what's causing macy's to shut down 100 stores next year. and folks, the best fireworks show in the world, we
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narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america.
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new video tonight, that they caught fire and explodessed. a child is seriously hurt on an amusement park ride. today it was a 3-year-old that was hurt on the roller coaster at a park just outside pittsburgh. his injuries are not known at this hour and exactly how severe that they are. on sunday a 10-year-old boy died in kansas. on monday three children were
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for the first time today we see state standardized test results for your children. denver7 mark boyle is digging into the numbers. >> that's right very few people are taking the tests that will leave some districts like cherry creek to wonder how valid the test is with an online portion of that test. but in cherry creek only 37% of the 11th graders would take it. how much weight do they hold? >> the re the student wills show several areas of improvement. the number show that they would improve in math from the previous year. also showing improvement in english language art scores. but what is concerning the educators, the amount of students that would take the tests and how legitimate that the tests are. >> when you have 30% of them taking in the assessment, you have to be careful in
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quality on that. >> reporter: in cherry creek schools, educators are taking the cmax result with a grain of salt. >> that is why we put a great deal of emphasis on the assessments we do internally at the local level. and great deal of emphasis that they use every single day. >> reporter: lower grades like third through fifth would see a 95% participation rate, but that will fall to 75% on their state average in ninth grade. and park results, they still aren't bk the delay will make it hard for the teachers to use the data to shape their lesson plans. >> the schools will start today as they will be in session for a month before they are able to take a look at last year's score. >> and now they are the highest that they have been in five years on average across colorado. while just a third of their students would take the test. 95% took act cherry creek says that will be one test that they could really use in their instructional programming.
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>> mark boyle, thank you very much. wanting to shift focus to their online operation as they will close 100 stores next year. and now the company announced the closures today that it will make up about 14% of their locations. that they did not say which stores or how many employees that it will happen next year. - the best fireworks show above earth is happening tonight. it's a perseid meteor show they will cross from the swift tunnel. they're pushing more of the debris towards us, so it could be a pretty great viewing tonight. the best viewings will happen between midnight and dawn. meteorologist stacey donaldson has the first alert. how is the viewing tonight? that is not what we want. >> yeah, we have cloud cover out. there it means that there is more brightness in the sky, which is
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this. but hey get out there. as you said the best viewing is going to be up until around dawn. so in the overnight it will be cool tonight, but still it should be a good view if you can catch some of them passing on by. here are those clouds out there that they might have an issue tonight. we do have passing thunderstorms. some of them are getting more intense here off to the west. now, up in the mountains, scattered showers that are off and on throughout their afternoon. saae for the eastern plains. the denver area. just off to the west in evergreen that we've had a little hail reported here with the heavier rain and it looks like it will be coming along i- 70 down towards denver. if you travel to 93 towards boulder that yoo'll probably running into this cell as well or that you will on your way home. so these showers will be moving in this direction here across their urran corridor to keep an eye on these tonight. 88 degrees. normal is 88 right on track where we should be.
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region as we speak. the temperatures are in the low to mid-90 -- 80s for our area. as we go through tonight we'll have those temperatures mostly in the 60s. bottoming out in the upper 50s for the overnight lows. we'll have that cloud cover in their overnight hours and tomorrow with highs around 80 degrees tomorrow afternoon. and the risk for the thunderstorms here. keep in mind that you could see that tonite though most of these showers will stick around. scattered showers from colorado springs to burlington through the overnight hours. and then by noontime tomorrow that it is pretty quiet across the state. definitely cooler. and then about 2:00 in the afternoon that they will start to see the redeveloping storms here for the front range. air will be moving on through. -
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afternoon thunderstorms. 60s and 70s for the mountains. much more comfortable here from fort collins from akron to lineman and the upper 80s for southeastern colorado. it'll take a little longer for the cooler air to sink southward. but as you see on ur seven-day forecast, really not a bad weekend in stored for us either. storms likely into the afternoon tomorrow. saturday 82 degrees with a few scattered storms. about a 20% chance. and then on sunday the sunshine takes over, nice dry weather with a high then we start to warm it up a little bit more. once we get that flat-out sunshine back our temperatures will be in the low 90s. we'll have upper 80s on wednesday and thursday with those scattered showers showing on up as well. so it is going to be a very summer-like forecast here into the next few days. but a great looking weekend and finally some cooler air. >> perfect. >> thank you. >> agreed. well about 40 minutes away we're going to get our first look at the 2016 denver
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-?the latest from denver7 insid troy rank. plus, we'll have more on the stunning news from patrick roy today resigning as the avs
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welcome to 7 sports xtra. to quote the great movie character flounder. oh boy this is great! do you know what movie? flounder, it is going to be great.
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game one, kickoff in about 35 minutes. denver7's sports insider troy renck is live at soldier field. and oh boy troy, you've got the good assignment with more on the quarterbacks and the guy who will get the most playing time tonight. and that is first round pick paxton lynch. >> yeah, first game here that we don't know who first string is, lionel. it's crazy to think, but an open competition as paxton lynch the rookie will get the he's looking to make the plays. looking to get that nervousness out as he is excited to see them and what he has done so far in camp. >> playing against their real competition, you know, and throwing the ball against the other guys on the defense that we have been practicing with for so long and putting their pads on. getting you to run around in just a little bit. i'm excited that we'll all get that opportunity to go out there and you know kind of show what we have been working on through camp so far.
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paxton lynch, but a bunch of other people to keep an eye on them. can he show that he is the second string runningback? i expect a lot of carries. lionel at cornerback who has been impressive. and defensive end. 3 defensive line. really like what he has done here so far. he will have some questions that will be answered tonight and it will start as quarterback with mark sanchez, followed by siemian and then the kid. we'll recap it all tonight at 10:00, l.b.? >> all right, troy. we'll see you then. thanks, man. and now as we told you earlier, patrick roy resigned as head coach of the avalanche. boy what a start he had. this was his first game, but done just three years into it. looks and sounds like a power struggle with his friend and former teammate as gm joe sakic. now patrick released a statement saying that his vision and the avs vision are not perfectly aligned. he didn't have enough say so in decisions about building the team. joe is on vacation right now.
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minutes ago. we'll hear from joe sakic at 6:00. tied 9-9 with the rangers. bases loaded. cargo, unloads and to the wall. it is like chatty day at the country club pool. everyone in, cannon ball at home plate as rockies win this one finally 12-9 the final. >> do you have a movie
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tonight, as we come on the air, the deadly explosion. and right now, the search for the missing. a massive fireball rocking that apartment building, and is evening, search teams remain on the scene. the investigation now into what caused this. also breaking tonight, the new roller coaster accident, this time, a 3-year-old airlifted to the hospital. now three accidents at parks in just the last week. the moment of misfire. the wife and retired librarian shot and killed in a safety exercise. and new tonight here, the moments before it happened. the officer raising a gun, not realizing it was loaded. tonight, authorities want your help after two cases of road rage. the woman, waving her gun, and the other case, a driver firing at a car with a child inside. and from rio, the final


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