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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 11, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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get answers from the rtd after another day of commuter train failures. rtd can't seem to get its new lines right. we have team coverage that begins with marc stewart, who is finding out what rtd is planning to do next to fix this problem. >> reporter: i've talled to enough people to know that the public really does want this to work yet these chronic interruptions are making it a very tough sell. tonight, despite inter standing by its somewhat news service from union station to the airport. >> since the train has started, total craziness. >> reporter: you can feel the frustration after several months of slowdowns. >> i assume this is not what you want to hear. >> no, but i haven't not made it yet. -?>> reporter: the servic started on april 22.
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concerning delays, some involving crossing issues, power losses and lightning strikes. who is responsible for these failures? >> it starts with rtd working with our contractor's office. >> reporter: scott reid is the assistant manager for communications. he says the system wasn't rushed and the testing period was the road. >> reporter: what would be the harm of stopping service temporarily until you can do a top to bottom review these issues so the public doesn't feel let down? >> we think it would be folly fact that we have come so close to our on-time performance we've established for light rail and our buses. >> reporter: he says the system is close to its 90% on-time goal calling these isolated incidents, yet acknowledging if you've been delayed, it's a big deal.
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a second chance? >> rtd has established a good performance record over the years. we know the public is aware of that. we will ggt this system to that same level. >>reporter: we have extended a one-on-one interview with the head of rtd. we will see if he agrees to that tomorrow. we are also asked the mayor to speak with us. this is really a hallmark project for denver considering the need for public transp dia. we are live at union station tonight, marc stewart denver 7. >> and then there is cost, money and time when these lines are down. urschel selling or is live -- marshall zelinger is live near a train stop. >> reporter: this is the train station at 38th and blake. instead of taking the train to
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those instead having to use the fast lane. holly doesn't make her money driving people like me. >> i'm a real estate broker. i'm an unpaid uber driver. >> reporter: she has become the chauffeur for one of her best clients are expected you have plans? >> i did. i had to cancel them. >>reporter: her client is an out-of-state developer who is developing a dislike for line. >> the service is not very good said he was not willing to be on camera. >> reporter: he landed at dia for meetings that started light -- late because the a line problems delayed him. >> i started to get on to get him but then started moving again so he got back on and then it stopped again. >> reporter: on another visit, the train didn't get to the
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that's not cheap. his wife wasn't happy. she's at home with a newborn baby. >> who pays for that? >> he does. >> should he? >> no [ laughter ]. >> reporter: even our unpaid uber driver wants some payback. she lost out on beer tasting. >> they need to schedule another beer tasting [ laughter ]. if they don't have it working, why don't they st admit it? we can wait another couple months. gambling on it is just not working out for anybody. >> reporter: i asked holly were not have her successful client take an uber or taxi and she said that he makes her a lot of money. as for being reimbursed for miss -- missed flights, rtd told me like taxicabs -- taxicabs are your next-door neighbor, rtd cannot guarantee travel times.
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37 step -- the 37 minutes from union station to dia. >> here's whaa you need to know. if you're stranded by bus or train, go to the rtd website and apply for a free ride coupon in the customer comment for him. we have heard rumblings of thunder and blasts of lightning. this is the camera downtown. the roads are wet. stacy donelson is tracking where the storms are now. had rain move through downtown denver. most of those showers a -- are across the the eastern plains. we don't have any severe thunderstorm watches or warnings in effect but some of these showers are heavy toward akron. heavy rainfall and hill reported there in south of deer trail. here in denver, we have really just had late to moderate rainfall and you see things have pretty much cleared out from our area. farther north, we also have a
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through. we are not quite done tonight at i will let you know what we are expecting tomorrow and whether you will need your umbrella in a few minutes. take a good look at these pictures. dinner police hope they will help hack down a man who attacked a woman outside an atm . last week, we spoke to business owners in the area. they were calling for denver police to do something to reduce crime in the neighborhood. an unarmed shot and killed near civic center park. today, it was decided the officer will not be charged. prosecutors say evidence show the officer broke no laws when trying to arrest dion damon in april. the officer thought the suspect was reaching for a gun when he fired. a sexual assault victims judge. ame on you to a boulder former cu student austin wilkerson was just convicted of raped but he will serve no prison time. a cu boulder grad wrote a viral
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liz gelardi is live at with that. >> reporter: the woman told me she was horrified to learn the details of the trial and the ultimate sentence. she wrote to the judge "the victim deserves to have her voice heard after it was taken away from her. >> i want him to know how damaging his decision was.>> reporter: calling her message to the judge therapeutic, chandler mccorkle posted this letter online for the world see saying "i am writing you as someone who can attest to the brutality of raped. >> it's a big deal and it matters. it matters to survivors and it matters to everyone who doesn't want to come forward. >> reporter: she followed the austin wilkerson case and couldn't believe a convicted rapist, who prayed on an intoxicated college student, avoided prison.
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the defendant gave false testimony after listening to the victim's testimony at trial. >> i think it sends a message to the community that sexually violent crimes don't warrant serious punishment. >> reporter: mccorkle says it's strikingly similar to her case and the case involving brock turner. he got six months in jail. >> i think it's important to talk about it. >> reporter: harsh words for a sentence she says isn't nearly sharp enough. >> i guess i just want survivorr to know, especially the survivor of austin wilkerson's horrible raped, that i will not stop fighting. >>reporter: in mccorkle's case, a judge sentenced her rapist to five years of probation, a curfew and mandatory therapy. there is confirmation tonight that the two young girls and their babysitter all drowned in a pueblo pool monday. the corner calls it an accident but no other details have been given about what caused them to
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action lawsuits against swedish medical center has been thrown out. this is about rocky allen, the surgical tech who expose patients to hiv. while one lawsuit was dropped, the hospital is facing a larger lawsuit filed by the patients who may have been exposed to the virus. as of this afternoon, the avalanche need a nee head coach. patrick roy shocked everyone by resigning. the iconic golay and coach he didn't have the player input on personnel decisions. denver 7 is all over this story. our newest member has his take. >> reporter: a busy night for denver 7 sports. the broncos return to the field taking on e bears in chicago. lionel bienvenu is in the newsroom with that. >> reporter: its preseason game one.
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broncos and it's love at first sight. a few blemishes here and there but the broncos and broncos country, you've got to like what you saw at chicago. they destroyed the bears at soldier field. touchdown pass to do mariuz thomas m sanchez threw a pick later but he finished 10 for 13, 91.5 passer rating. bennie fowler busted through a punt. anderson there to recover. 20-0 second quarter. trevor simeon gutman, not bad, seven for 12, 88 yards, beautiful pass to sunshine. jordan taylor, right down the sideline. seven sacks and a ouchdown. it's an epic fail. 22-0 broncos. paxton lynch played the second half. 110.7 passer rating. % 22-0 final. >> i think as a group that was
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practicing. we've just got to keep moving forward. we are always preaching being able to win three ways as a team and score 3 ways as a team. >> reporter: very impressive. we will go live to chicago with broncos insider troy rank coming up later in sports. what's the harm in a sticker? that's what the dallas cowboys were asking the nfl. this season, they wanted the arm and arm logo on helmets in honor of the five law enforcement officers killed. the nfl denied the request saying all the uniforms have to be the same. why aren't millennials buying homes? this one they actually can blame on their parents. using traffic jams in castle rock.
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a massive pot grow in more than 18,000 plans were found. this was no makeshift operation outside woodland park. it had irrigation, camping gear and chemicals to keep animals away. whoever is operating it is still onnthe run. only two options for a local marijuana grow "destroy or --.
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officials denied the renewal of a cultivation license. attorneys for starbuds say they are trying to figure out what to do. a retail marijuana store of the same name will remain open. this might not look like much but this could be your solution to getting stuck in those big traffic jams. the city of castle rock thinks it's figured it out. adam hammond has a look at one of the most expensive stretches of road in this state. >> reporter: this is 16 years in the making. by t people of castle rock can use the road for the first time and the city says it's much needed because of growth in the area. this ribbon-cutting marks in your completion of the largest transportation project in castle rock history. >> an extension, interchange like this, is just a natural progression of the growth and economic development that we've had. >> reporter: the 2 mile stretch
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floodplain. it connects the meadows to i-25. the big deal is it helps alleviate traffic around thee busy outlet mall, one of the most visited attractions ii the state. the convenience comes with a big price tag. we are talking about $84 million. the taxpayers passed a bond to help pay for it. >> it comes at a cost but our residents tell us if you can get me home 15 that dollar that it cost me in a day or a week's worth it. >> reporter: excited commuters and community members gathered to see their investment.. people took to worse, fried hot dogs, and even struck up the band. >> you just really see the majestic nature of castle rock. >> reporter: this road isn't even open yet but the city says they are looking forward to
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lanes but it's going to take 19 million more dollars, something they are not budgeted for yet. >> to get you to ride light rail, one local city is offering free ride. the city of centennial will help you pay for your ride to the dry creek station thanks to money from a grant. % this is the first city in the nation to offer free rides. >> it's going to help me get home from th i don't have to worry about the weather. >> reporter: starting wednesday, you can download an apt to get the free rides. the rides are only within 2 miles of the station. this november, you can give a raise to anyone making minimum wage. on the ballot, you can decide of our $8.31 minimum wage should go up to 20 -- to $12 an hour by 2020. there may be new reasons
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parents rented. kids usually do with their parents did so if they owned a home, kids will also likely own a home. of the reasons for buying later, millennials are waiting longer to start families and drowning in student loan debt. a few scattered showers around the area as we move into% this evening. about an hour ago, rain moved through the denver metro. the eastern plains is where we are seeing most of the weather. the western half really quieting down. here's the radar. you see that patch of rain moved through. rett -- wet roadways about an hour ago. around yuma, we had stronger showers father to the south with hail involved. those are moving to the east. also strong thunderstorms toward colorado springs.
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to track across the eastern plains toward greeley. some light to moderate rain but nothing in the way of lightning or hail. the perseid meator shower tonight, it's going to be cloudy but i think in the middle of the night we will have a chance to part the clouds a little bit and see some of this meteor shower. the best time to see it from 11 pm to 4 am. if you're up in the middle of the night, you may see a few meteors. our normal high is 880. hour record 970. we are right where we should be. current temperatures pretty comfortable in the 60s. we've had rain cooled temperatures across the metro. tonight, we drop into the upper 50s for overnight lows but we will still clear out cloud
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skies tomorrow but highs around 800. a cold front passing through the state as we speak. tomorrow, a chance of scattered afternoon thunderstorms along i- 25. it's thanks to the instability from this front that will be pushing through. our highs tomorrow won't be quite as warm. yesterday, highs in the mid 90s. today, right around 900. we are slowly but surely making that cooldown happen. 580 tonight for our overnight low with mostly cloudy skies and isolated storms a possibility. most of those across the 800 tomorrow. 2 pm, we start to see thunderstorms pop up. as for the highs, 80s and 90s or the western slope. 710 telluride, 60s and 70s for the mountains. upper 80s for southeastern colorado. temperatures much more comfortable for the northeast. storms likely into the afternoon. saturday, 20% chance of showers, partly cloudy skies.
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once the sun starts to kick in, we get warmer here on monday and tuesday with highs around 910. another cold front on wednesday and thursday. it's week but it will bring a chance of storms into late wednesday and thursday. overnight lows right around 600. shannon, if i'm up in the
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narrator: 2010. short-sighted budget cuts in washington threatened to close the colorado facility that oversees the nation's response to insect-spread diseases. but michael bennet steps in to keep the lab open. six years later... reporter: the global fight against zika begins here, at the cdc's research center in fort collins. narrator: now michael bennet's working to make sure we continue to lead the fight against zika, for colorado and america.
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the broncos beat the bears 22-0. are you not entertained? it's preseason, doesn't count, but it matters. mark sanchez started at quarterback. first drive seven for eight. first pass to to mary's tammuz. sanchez finished five free teen. bennie fowler busted through, blocked the punt. anderson recovered for a touchdown. 20-0 second quarter. trevor simeon gutman, not bad. seven for 12, 88 yards, nice pass to sunshine jordan taylor. the defense got seven sacks. dakota wilson sales for the safety. paxton lynch played the second half.
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involved. ht for everybody %- try rank live at soldier field. offense, defense, special teams. a good time held by all. >> reporter: i wonder if the bears practiced or jjst handed out uniforms. the broncos demolished them but everyone's optimism is behind mark sanchez. i talked to him off on the side and second chance to make a first impression. he knows he's in a competition for this starting job. all he did in that first drive, three for three, 59 yards including that big strike you showed to do mariuz thomas. a really nice pass to set up a field goal for trevor simeon gutman. he had a chance for a touchdown. bennie fowler couldn't hold on but sanchez made a statement in the first game that he is here to stay.
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for us. to score on my first drive. not just the field goal but to go down and get six points, to stand there on third down and take a hit. it's nice to pop up from a hit like that. they never feel good but they feel better when your guy is in the end zone. >> it's our first live-action. it was pretty cool to see that kind of success on our opening drive. >> we wanted to watch how they handle things. just that one mistake for mark. he is trying to correct that. he knows that. i thought trevor was good. paxton for the first timeout, thought he was very solid. >> reporter: this team, absolutely demolished the bears.
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explorer, if you will. a little longer break now before they scrimmage against the 49ers in dove valley. >> have a safe trip back. reporter: patrick roy quit the avalanche saying he and the team are not aligned it may vision. call and said patrick was thinking about this for a few weeks. he just wasn't having fun anymore. reporter: rookie david doll base hit extending his hitting streak to 17 games for the rockies. tied 9-9, cargo came in like a
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we areeout of time tonight but check out the twitter and my facebook page for a take on the patrick roy and joe sakic conversation. he compares it to elway. sakic and roy had to split decisions between each other and it didn't work. >> they were former teammates. >> great friends, former players. one too many chefs in the
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? >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- andy garcia -- "ben-hur's" jack huston -- from "mr. robot," rami malek -- and music from the go-go's with cleto and the cletones. and now, by all means -- here's jimmy kimmel! ? >> jimmy: very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks for coming. thanks for joining us. another big night of politics in


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