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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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denver 7 starts with a news alert that may may have seen overnight. >> police in fort collins are trying to track down this woman, lauren perotti- montgomery. they say she took the little girl in the picture next to her, annalee keller, last night. >> they took off in a white ford pickup truck temporary tags, 546984p. the truck was last spotted near prospect and ward county road 80. >> if you know anything about where they may be ll 911. more news breaking overnight, a fire does serious damage to this home in littleton not far from littleton boulevard and broadway. witnesses reported multiple explosions coming from the house. we spotted a truck with smashed
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home. firefighters won't say if the fire had anything to do with the broken glass. plenty of neighbors crowded around the scene. fire crews are investigated. a 6-hour standoff shut down parts of a neighborhood in loveland, frontage road and colorado road 16 at a budget host motel. the man wouldn't talk to officers for a long time, but eventually they shot pepper balls into the room out. he's been booked on several charges. do youuremember this huge hail storm? >> it happened in weld county a couple of weeks. the video intense there, showing what was happening. one man told us the strong wind blew out the windshield of his
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>> all this damage will cost $25 million. the insurance adjustors are calling it a catastrophic event. the actual payout coull be a lot more, though. that was crazy. we are hoping for calmer weather for today. let's check in with lisa hidalgo. >> unfortunately, threat for the line of storms is moving east still have a few showers near lamar. yesterday our temperatures were down a little bit, today even more. highs around 82 degrees by 3:00. it's going to be a cooler day again today. and that chance for storms through tonight and a little threat for severe weather. highs today again low to mid- 80s along i-25. and that threat for severe weather covering a portion of i- 25 and areas just east of denver.
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yesterday. here's your first alert we could get more damaging winds and more large hail. we'll talk more about this coming up. we had a wild scene a while ago. this is the video taken a few minutes ago here on i-25, the northbound side of i-25 by highway 52 on that northbound side. it had at one point closed down for abou25 minutes or so. lanes are now open on that northbound side. southbound i-25 is open as well. on the map you can see this is the area we're talking thornton, north of -- south of 119. this is the general area here where we had a wild police station that way. daryl orr is there now talking to the police. daryl, what's going on and what have you learned? >> reporter: jayson, in the last few minutes thornton police have been released from the scene. what happened in the last couple of hourssin denver at 20th and i-25,,two people in this silver car behind me
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a real gun to another person. they notified denver police and the car took off north on i-25. that's when thornton police, broomfield state patrol, and weld county got into a pursuit with this vehicle and ended up here at mile marker 236. they used spike strips to stop the vehicle. you can take a look at the front tire, back tires on this vehicle, and the front, and they weren't the only ones who hit the strips. we a fed ex truck that also got hit with the strips and another one behind it. here's what we know so far. they did have two suspects in the vehicle. they both are in custody at this time. so no longer a threat. here's the bad part about this, this was not a real firearm, this was a bb gun.
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because now they are facing felony charges. back to you. another day, another big delay for the university of colorado a line and there were issues with other rtd trains as well. denver7's jason gruenauer joins us now. jason, rtd officials are telling people to be patient? >> reporter: yeah, but that's tough when you're trying to make it to work or the airport onim a line is running on time. we already saw a train that departed here a few minutes ago heading to the airport. the next one scheduled in about continue minutes or so. the bad news was yesterday. union station pretty much a ghost town. colorado, university of colorado a line sitting there and messages scrolling across the screen, trains are not running. there was a power line issue and that caused a seven-hour
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weren't running at all, just like it has been on and off really since it started. since april we've seen delays just about every week on the a line. we spoke to an rtd spokesperson and says they are still 90% on time, but for the 10% other people that's a big inconvenience. the delays earlier on in the week, rtd says we'll give you your next then it happened again yesterday. it's nnt just the a line. the b line also had issues yesterday. coming up we'll talk to frustrated passengers and later in the morning we did speak to rtd. hear what answers they gave us. live at union station, i'm % jason gruenauer, denver 7. another colorado child hass drowned. arapahoe county deputies are investigating after they found a 7-year-old girl unresponsive
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night. rescue crews tried to use cpr but were not able to revive her. she was apparently swimming alone. the coronerris calling the drowning deaths of the little girls and their baby-sitter in pueblo an accident. a report came out last night, it does not provide details about what may have led up to the drowning. an investigation into that is continuing. police say they don't think foul play was involved. we hhve new information about a boulder day camp down for unsafe conditions. feet on the earth was forced to close its door last month, after running an unlicensed day camp in left hand canyon for six years. the boulder county woman who inspected the camp says this is the first time in 20 years that a camp similar to this has been shut down. health leaders are most concerned about an outhouse the kids were using. they say it may have contaminated the ground water. >> it's a real health hazard to
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children are using and inappropriate drinking water. >> the state says your camp is a threat to public safety. do you believe it's safe? >> i believe it's safe. yeah, we've done the best we can in the conditions we have to provide a facility for children to use the bathroom, for hand washing station. >> the camp's executive know they had to be licensed and thought they were being safe. state health officials say the camp is a public threat and changes need to be made befo take a look at these pictures. denver police are hoping these will help track down a woman who attacked a woman outside an atm on welton and 27th. we spoke with business owners along welton and they were calling for denver police to do something to reduce crime in that neighborhood. one of the class action lawsuits agaanst swedish medical center has been thrown out. this is the case with rocky allen, the surgical tech who
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hiv. the lawsuit claimed emotional stress by patients having to undergo a tuberculosis test. the hospital is facing a larger class action suit, founded by patient who may have been exposed to the virus. during a quick court hearing yesterday for robert dear, doccors say he is still mentally incompetent to stand trial for the shooting that killed three people and injured nine others. days from now and these hearings could continue for the rest of dear's life if a doctor never finds him competent. it is 4:39. impressive start to the preseason by the denver broncos. mark sanchez and trevor siemian both looked pretty good. sanchez threw one touchdown,
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his passes. the defense kept the panthers off the scoreboard. >> reporter: all this talk about the quarterback, we're forgetting about the defense. isn't that the reason they won the super bowl? of course it is. they were dominant in the preseason opener against the bears. 7sacks. they came from all over. remember, no ware, no von miller, no problem. dora the explorer, two sacks. shane ray combining on a sack. dakota johnson had a sack. it was like taking roll for guys who had sack. and the rookiee pressure up the middle, his first game back from acl. held the bears to 13 yards in the first quarter, en route to a shutout. they did all this without chris
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and von miller and should only get better. back to you. >> our broncos coverage continues on our free denver 7 app, where you'll find troy's breakdown and commentary from woody page. another big sports story we're following, the colorado avalanche will begin their search for a head coach today after patrick roy shocked fans by retiring. he says he di input in player personnel decisions. this morning another poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton in a tighter race here. the most recent reuters poll shows that clinton has 40%, donald trump 5 points behhnd with 35%. libertarian candidate gary johnson with 7%, and green party candidate jill stein at 4%. trump may need to worry about members of his own party. nearly 100 republicans have written a letter to the rnc
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trump. they want party leaders to use the money for congressional elections. they're worried trump will lose and hoping they can still remain republican ccntrol in the house and senate. >> if it is true, that's okay, too, because all i'll have to do is stop funding the republican party. it's either going to work or i'm going to, you know, i'm going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> democrats meanwhile are blasting trump for president obama the mvp of isis. you'll hear more about those comments later this morning. standardized test scores are showing how our kids in our area are doing. but are they a fair representation? why some say no. be on the lookout for the person in this sketch. he is wanted in a violent attack. it's 4:42. yesterday temperatures were close to normal. we had mid- to upper 80s. today we're a few degrees below it.
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f0 we are still following breaking news this morning. police in fort collins issuing an amber alert for this little girl. her name is annalee keller. they say the woman on the left of your screen, lauuen perotti- montgomery, kidnapped keller last night. police believe she took off in a hite ford pickup with temporary tag, you can see the tag on your screen.
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asked to call 911. denver police are asking people to be on the lookout for this man in the sketch here. they say he knocked a woman to the ground and tried to sexual assault her. this happened monday around 5:00 in the evening near john f. kennedy park. 3 police say he has a noticeable bump on his upper right eye lid. a hard boiled egg and a lot of drugs all involved in a traffic stop in colorado springs. police pulled over a driver, brianne martin wednes as an officer approached the car, martin opened the door and spit out a hard boiled egg she said she had been choking on. police found cocaine, heroin, meth and morphine. she was already on felony probation. kind of one of our cooler mornings we've had in some time. >> cloud cover, ix of sun and clouds this morning.
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that cold front, that will usher in cooler air today. we'll likely see temperatures, some of the coolest we've seen, at least all week long. city park 57. look at the mountains, estes park at 39. allenspark at 42. in conifer now 44. a cooler start to our morning. here in denver still 70 in pueblo. we're likely going to see highs top out near 80 to 82 degrees, with a little increase in cloud few clouds this afternoon. slight chance for a few isolated storms and overnight tonight into tomorrow more 50s. highs are going to be today. it looks like in the low to mid- 80s. we've got denver at 82. greeley at 84. and in aurora 81. for our mountains, upper 60s to mid-70s. deckers 75. and some upper 60s near walden and grand lake. touch cooler for everybody, mainly across northern colorado. to the south it's still going to be pretty warm.
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pop up, a little bit of cloud cover by early afternoon. we'll see some isolated storms roll east over town through the afternoon and early evening. and that threat for severe weather is going to be for a few isolated storms. it's not going to be any widespread severe weather. you're going to find closer to the springs and along the palmer divide and east of denver the chance for a few of those storms. then on saturday, saturday afternoon, we've got another chance in the afternoon for the lower tomorrow. low 80s both today and tomorrow. pretty nice, mild temperature- wise. and on sunday, 85. mostly sunny. nice day. bright spot still on sunday. have not moved it. we're going to keep it there. low 90s monday and tuesday. we'll get a ber chance for -- better chance for storms next week. more kids heading back to school next week. yesterday, jayson, was day one.
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to to get my nails done and go to costco. you always have to be paying attention on the roads. i'm making a turn, right turn lane, and this yahoo going from the right lane, turns in front of me. look at that. that wasn't good. i gave her the benefit of the doubt, because she had arimer license plate. >> earlier he made it sound like it was a flaming car >> annoying. we have a lot of green out there, north, south, east or west. one situation to the north, north of highway 52 along the northbound side of i-25. wild scene up there after a daryl orr is finding out what's going on. >> reporter: we recently found out this incident occurred around 3:00 this morning when the silver toyota that's just
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inside were showing what appeared to be a real firearm to other people. they contacted denver police. police then ppt a bolo information out to try to locate this vehicle. once they got north of the city, thornton police, broomfield police, weld county and also the state patrol made contact with this vehicle. they tried to stop him. they ended up in a pursuit northbound into ld where they got the vehicle stopped at mile marker 236 by using spike strips. they got both parties in that car into custody and found out it was only a bb gun. unfortunately, the other vehicles that were affected by the spike strips, fed ex truck, front tires blown out, and another vehicle behind him. no injuries overall. and i-25 is back open atthis time. guys. crash into a car or crash into a wall, that was the
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the driver of the dump truck lost his brakes on colorado near east 25th yesterday and instead of running into traffic ahead of him, he veered off the road, hit the retaining wall of a home there. thankfully no one was hurt. a massive pot grow hidden in the middle of pike national forest. more than 18,000 plants were found, and this is about half, six and a half miles outside of woodland park. whoever was running this is sttll on the run. standardized tests in colorado is dropping. in cherry creek only 30% of 11th graders took the test, that's raising questions this morning. here's denver 7's mark boyle. >> reporter: the results are in. for those who did take the tests, colorado students show several areas of improvement. third through fifth grade students improved in math. minorities showing improvement
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but what is concerning educators are the amount of students who took the tests and how legitimate the scores are. >> when you have 30% of the population taking an assessment you have to be careful interpreting those results. >> reporter: in cherry creek schools, ed cadeers -- educators are taking the results with a grain of salt. >> we put a great deal of emphasis on the tests we do internally, at the local level information a teacher gathers every day. >> reporter: lower grades like 3rd through 5th, saw a 95% participation rate. that falls to 75% on state average in 9th grade. the delay makes it hard for teachers to use that data to shape lesson plans. >> schools start today, they'll be in session almost a month before they're able to take a
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f0 turns out people here in colorado have a big problem with distracted driving and especially when there's a selfie innolved. >> look real quick. we're not driving. take a picture. the auto insurance ranks
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behind the wheel. the study looks at posts and california tops the list. i wanted to know if these people think it's a good idea. >> i'm behind the wheel, but not while driving. a parking lot. >> a parking lot, sure, that's safe. mid-60s this morning. going to be a cooler start for the kiddos early on. a few clouds and by the time they're heading home, 82 degrees for a chance for a few storms. looking ahead, today we're in the low 80s. same thing tomorrow. it's gorgeous sunday, mid-80s and sunshine. you can feel some of the cooler air when you're outside now. easy drive on i-25. this is on the north side of bellevue, which is back in this way. wide open. ?ake a look at i-70 at pecos, wide open. easy driving, a lot of green including out to dia. it's 4:56.
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obama? pretty dumb question. why donald trump thinks the answer is question. love it or hate it. obamacare is here and a new study looks at or not it's work
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f0 at 5:00 a.m. we start with a breaking news out of fort collins. an amber alert for this little girl, 5-year-old annalee keller. she has brown eyes and long blond hair. she was last seen wearing a gray glittery shirt and black pants. this is a look at the woman accused of taking her, lauren perotti-montgomery. right no anything about their relationship. fort collins police issued this amber alert about 10:15 last night when they say lauren perotti-montgomery drove away erratically from police. the truck looks like this, with tempooary tag 546984p. it was last spotted at the intersection of prospect and


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