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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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it is 5:30. we are tracking breaking news out of fort collins. an amber alert is out for this little girl. her name is annalee keller and she's five years old. sse has brown eyes and long blond hair. she was last seen wearing a gray glittery shirt and black pants. >> this is a look at the woman accused of taking her, lauren perotti-montgomery. we don't know at this point what their relationship is. >> fort collins issued the amber alert around 10:15 last night. that driving recklessly, and fled from police with the girl. >> she was last seen driving a ford f 150 with a temporary tag on it, with the license 546984p number. >> it was last spotted at the intersection of eastbound proopect and weld county road 80. again, this was after 10:00 last night. if you see this woman, little girl or the truck, call 911.
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app and you can get any amber alerts sent to your phone. tonight you'll have another shot of seeing the perseid meteor shower. it continues tonight. it happens every august, but this time nasa says you can see more than usual. scientists say you can see 200 meteors an hour as opposed to a normal 100 an hour. let's bring lisa into the mix. i've tried to watch it before. are we going to see it? the city lights. 's called an outburst because it's double the number of meteors. last time we saw that was 2009. it peaked last night, but we'll still get it tonight. beautiful start to our day here in denver. some sunshine. look at some of the storms that crossed over lamar. right now we're still seeing wet roads down to the southeast. that's a live look from our viera wireless camera there in lamar. otherwise, dry across the state. here in town a cooler day
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seen in about a week. we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s by noon. first alert there's a chance of a few more storms this afternoon. low to mid-70s by about 7:00. it's cooler today. and that means all of eastern colorado getting a nice change as that cold front rolled through. in the springs 78 today. in greeley 84. jayson, here's your first alert starts to slowly warm up for the weekend. we'll talk about this coming up. about all the highway up. i'm not seeing delays because of thh weather we had last night. this is c-470 by quebec and looking nice. easy driving to the south side through highlands ranch and no problems through centennial. take a look at the overall drive, a lot of green, innluding e-470. ten minutes to dia, pena boulevard. starting to see a little bit of building traffic on the north side. 270, i-76, usual spots. but nothing out of the ordinary at this point.
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traffic in front of him or slam into a wall, and the driver decided to go with the wall apparently. a dump truck driver lost his brakes on colorado near east 25th yesterday. instead of continuing into traffic, he veered off the road and hit a retaining wall at a home. fortunately, no one was hurt there. passengers once again frustrated with the aaline. the train to the plane, after more delays. denver7's jason gruenauer is live this morning for us on the and that's happening this morning. [ no audio ] well, right now -- >> report: experiencing about -- all right.
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we are. 15 minutes delayed unfortunately this morning. because of that, seems to be happening over and over, a problem here on the university of colorado a line. yesterday it was a power issue that caused this, a power wire, caused a seven-hour delay. we'll see you video from yesterday at union station. it was just sitting there. simply said they are not running at this point. we talked to rtd, why is this happening over and over isolated issues and they're at 90% on time, which is what they're aiming for. that doesn't help the other 10%. take a listen. we spoke to an rtd spokesperson yesterday. >> if you look at the total number of trips that we've made and the thousands versus the delays that we've had, they're a tiny traction. it's still not acceptable. we are not at the level we consider to be acceptable. >> reporter: so we actually
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numbers. since april of 2016, rtd has tweeted 27 times about delays. some of those are traffic arm issues and one was a lightning strike. for the passengers who ride every day, one person says, i'm on here every day and it's delayed about every day. we're about 15 minutes behind. we'll see if they can catch up. no official word from rtd about widespread delays. live on the a line, i'm jason gruenaue the broncos deserve a round of applauseeafter shutting out the bears in last night's first preseason game of the year. of course they could not have done it without the defense. denver7's broncos insider troy renck janes us from chicago. >> reporter: we're talking about the defense. they were dominant in the preseason opener against the bears. seven sacks and they came from all over.
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problem. dora the explorer two sacks. dekoda watson had a sack. pressure up the middle, in his first game back from acl. held the bears to 13 yards in the first quarter en route to a shutout. this defense already looks like it's in mid-season form. but it's the they did all thhs without chris harris, without ware and von miller. so they should only get better. they'll start that trek against the 49ers in scrimmages in dove >> yyu can always find more broncos news on our web site,, that is where you'll find more on the battle of who will be the starting quarterback. we know there will be no charges for the officer who shot and killed this unarmed
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prosecutors say the officer did not break laws when he tried to arrest the man. the officer thought he was reaching for a gun. a rape survivor wrote a strongly worded letter to the boulder judge who decided not to give a rapist jail time. she said she was horrifyed that austin wilkerson will not go to she tells us she wrote the letter out of frustration and a friend encouraged her to publish it. >> didn't want to take away the narrative of the victim, but i wanted to share this letter, because i think it's important to talk about it. >> in her case, a judge sentenced her rapist to five years of probation, a curfew and mandatory therapy.
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forest. 18,000 plants found six and a half miles outside of woodland park. this as not a makeshift operation. had an irrigation system, camping gear and chemicals to try to keep the animals area. whoever was operating this is still on the run. a local marijuana grow shop has only two options, harvest or destroy all of its plants next month. the court denied a temporary injunction for star buds this marks the first time city officials denied the renewal of a cultivation license. the owners are trying to figure out what to do next. the store at the same location will remain open. new colorado standardized tested results show some score improvements, but also that more students are opting out of the exam now. 75% of 9th graders took the test, but only a third of
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scores stayed the same from last year, from at least year to year. minority students in elementary school saw improvements. and act scores hit a five-year high. >> we have had real steady increases over the past few years, and when we look at those increases they are indicative of the improvement we value at cherry creek. >> don't expect to get test results until next montt. hard to shape their instruction and truly see where students are struggling. colorado avalanche need to find a new head coach because patrick roy resigned. >> he stepped down as coach. mvp of hockey operations after three years on the job. roy says his vision for the team differed from upper management. he sent out his own press release on his resignation. we reached out to the general manager, but he is out of town.
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rockies. rookie david dahl tied a record.. he made a base hit, extending his hitting streak to 17 games. that ties a major league record. it was a horrifying accident, a woman killed during a police training exerrise. this morning what that woman's son is saying about the officer who shot her. we are learning more about this horrible apartment fire. what caused the building to it's now 5:40 on this friday morning, you're stepping out the door to 50s. it's a little chilly. you can feel it, especially in the foothills. upper 30s to low 40s there. this afternoon low to mid-80s. 82 for a high in denver. a little cooler with a chance for a few storms. two serious crashes, one the southeast part of town at mississippi and monaco. that's a rollover crash. and this is the frontage road
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sounds like it's an auto/pedestrian accident and could be a very serious accident that will be investigated for some time. investigated for some time. i-25 will be z22xez zvpz if you home is in the lane on the bench or on the range there's only one place to go. come to cabela's all week for great deals and more. save big on all your favorite trusted brands. get 20% off all walker's hearing protection and $400 off cabela's signature 64 safe. plus join us this weekend for free safety education, training, demos and seminars. t cabela's. stop in and save all week long at cabela's and remember to own responsibly.
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we are still tracking an amber alert out of fort collins, an active amber alert for this little girl, 5-year-
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accused of taking her, lauren perotti-montgomery. at this point we don't know what their relationship is. fort collins police issued the amber alert last night. white ford f 150 what she may be driving. call police if you see them. a florida police chief is taking the responsibility for in training. they're trying to figure out why there was a live round in the simulation. >> our department has conducted these role playing in the last few years. obviously in this circumstance, something went terribly wrong. >> the police chief says it will take 2 to 4 weeks before we have results. is now on administrative leave. he's been with the department for two years. last year he was accused of
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police dog. this is a look at the woman killed there. her son says he forgives the officer who shot his mother, as the family struggles to come to terms with this tragedy. >> it just doesn't seem real that the brightest light in our life is gone. >> mary was a retired school teacher as well as a librarian. for the past 55 years. husband she volunteered to take part in reason. >> we had been talking two nights before about bad things were -- how bad things were for the police in this nation after all the shootings and she wanted to show her support. she wanted to make it clear to them that she supported them. >> the police chief was saddened by the death, and knew mary personally. we're learning more about a fire we brought you as breaking
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investigators now know it was a natural gas leak that caused the explosion at a maryland apartment complex wednesday night. two people were killed and 24 others hurt. it left almost 100 people displaced. we're learning more about two tandem sky divers who died over the weekend in california. investigators now say the 25- year-old instructor was not certified and should not have had an 18-year-old with him. another roller coaster accident brings the total to three serious amusement park accidents this week alone. the latest happened at a park in pittsburgh. police say a3-year-old boy fell off a wooden roller coaster there. now it's not clear how it happened. the boy was awake when he was flown to a hospital. this next story is just
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porch when something bit his side. it was a 4-foot long python. >> i don't remember actually grabbing a snake. but when i reached back and pulled it out, i screamed, and i ripped it -- it was latched on my side, so i ripped it off my flank or my hip, and it kept coming out. i threw it across the patio. >> he called 911 and paramedics determined the snake was venomous. all he needed was a tetnus shot and antibiotics. they believe the pet was probably somebody's pet. eww is all i can say there. let's check in with jayson. looks like you have something going on. this is up north, not too far from highway 52, frontage road off i-25. you see the camera just switched, but we have that accident on the frontage road. the state patrol is saying sounds like it could be a fatal accident.
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scene. tell me what you see from your vantage point. >> reporter: we're just -- [ inaudible ] -- [ loud traffic noise ] >> we obviously can't hear darrell's microphone very well. you can see the flashing lights, we can hear all the -- let's go to the map. you can see we have that accident up there and i'll give you more details in a bit. it's the frontage road, west side frontage road that remains closed not too far from the park and ride off i-25, highway 52. the other trouble spot is a and monaco. sh at mississippi %- sounds like some people are
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this is just south of leetsdale area, off monaco and mississippi. do expect police personnel there. it will be closed probably for some time. it's 549. here's your first alert that a cold ffont rolling through the ste bringing a few storms to our eastern plains cities overnight. now we've got wet roads down to the southeast. pretty dry conditions, though, in denver, down across southeastern colorado, a little more cloud cover. that's a live look from our viera wirelessscamera. some sunshine, dry conditions, 50s this morning. it's a chilly start. there is going to be another round of thunderstorms this afternoon. here's whereewe could see some severe weather. it covers parts of eastern colorado and i-25 just south of denver along the palmer diiide. by about 2:00, 3:00, it's not super exciting on futurecast. a few storms popping up. isolated activity expected today. but the few that do get a little bit bigger and stronger
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damaging wwnds, also larger hail through the early evening. and even early tomorrow morning across southeastern colorado. 8:30 aturday morning it's going to be a beautiful start to our day. you can sit outside, have a nice breakfast. will be a nice start. by tomorrow afternoon we've got another chance for a few storms. temperatures both today and tomorrow should be in the upper 70s to low 80s. we've got denver at about 82 by 3:00. with that chance for a few storms through 72 by 9:00. a bit of a chill in the air this morning. same thing will happen tomorrow morning with more low to mid- 50s. fort collins 83 today. pueblo a high of 86. the cold front even hitting some of our southeastern towns, cooler there. in denver and most surrounding neighborhoods we'll be about 5 to 7 degrees below normal, both today and tomorrow. few more storms expected late saturday especially east of i- 25.
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mostly sunny. pretty quiet. mid-80s. 85 here in denver. and then low 90s both monday and tuesday. i got to shift that bright spot, i'm putting it back on sunday. we'll get that fixed coming up in a few minutes. thanks, lisa. we have good news right now. the amber alert we've been telling you about all morning long through last night is nnw over. >> fort collins police tweeted out they found annalee keller, the 5-year-old girl, safe and the woman accused of taking her is now in custody. we'll keep following this for you and bring new any new details. a disney favorite will soon be no more. why it's pulling the plug on the electrical parade. >>i'm sorry, you know, i messed up, do you know what i % mean? i can't blame nobody by mysell.
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we want to remind you of good news. an amber alert is canceled. police say annalee keller, a five-year-old girll has been found safe. and they have arrested the woman you see in the other pi montgomery. they arrested her and the little girl is safe this morning. the amber alert canceled. a kentucky inmate meeting his baby son for the first time thanks to a judge. james roder and his wife are both codefendants in a burglary case. the judge ordered them not to have contact with each other and during that time she gave birth to a baby boy, which james missed. >> your baby is a month old and you haven't met that baby yet, is that right?
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>> almost like being there when he was being delivered. i kind of cried a little bit. >> when the judge found out he had not met his newborn yet, she knew she had to make it happen and she did. a u.s. government official says the fbi and justice department officials met several months ago to discuss opening a public corruption case into the clinton foundation. three fbi field offices wanted the investigation to move forward. but the department of justice turned down the request to look into it. the fbi is interested in potential of a criminal conflict of interest between the state department and the clinton foundation during hillary clinton's tenure as secretary of state. a disneyworld favorite is going away. the main street electrical parade will go dark october 9th. it will then have a limited run3 in disneyland in california early next year, that's where the parade originated in 1972 before moving to orlando in '77. disney has not said what, if
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parade. the news comes as disney discontinues another night time parade, paint the night, september 5th. >> kind of a bummer. i love that. >> was a cool thing to see. we've got a cool morning. if you walk out the door in the foothills, it's chilly. estes park, 39. evergreen 47. low to mid-50s in denver. some 60s south. a cooler start to our day. this due to the cold front rolling through. it is going to be the coolest day of the week. highs in the lo could see a few severe storms, and 80s through the weekend. a pretty nice change after a couple of weeks of pretty big heat. tomorrow we're at 83. weell see a few late-day storms. more sunshine, though, on sunday. 85. pretty perfect sunday. low 90s, jayson, early next week. here's your first alert we'll show you what to expect from today's storms coming up. we have a couple of problems coming in. a lot of accidents now. we'll start ith the crash, a twitter follower telling me
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one vehicle on its top. four vehicles involved. use holly as your alternate. good advice. accident reported near alameda, not seeing it on the cameras yet, but i'm seeing the activity there. frontage road on the west side of i-25 closed down. we'll have more details on that screen coming up -- scene coming up. a day camp closed down. >> city
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it is 6:00. we have breaking news for you this morning. the young girl you see in this photograph here, annalee keller, she has been found safe in fort collins. >> fort collins police just tweeting this out within the last 20 minutes, saying she is safe and the woman accused of taking her, lauren perotti- montgomery, is in custody this morning. >> we'll continue to follow that throughout the morning. but now, let's check in jason with traffic updates. all kinds of traffic troubles. we're going to start with this rollover crash on southbound monaco at mississippi, just south of leetsdale. this is from a twitter follower that sent this picture. we have a photojournalist, josh, taking a look at it as well. you can see that truck on its side in the road there. southbound side of monaco is closed down. holly will be your best alternate. we have an accident coming in


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