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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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it is 6:00. we have breaking news for you this morning. the young girl you see in this photograph here, annalee keller, she has been found safe in fort collins. >> fort collins police just tweeting this out within the last 20 minutes, saying she is safe and the woman accused of taking her, lauren perotti- montgomery, is in custody this morning. >> we'll continue to follow that throughout the morning. but now, let's check in jason with traffic updates. all kinds of traffic troubles. we're going to start with this rollover crash on southbound monaco at mississippi, just south of leetsdale. this is from a twitter follower that sent this picture. we have a photojournalist, josh, taking a look at it as well. you can see that truck on its side in the road there. southbound side of monaco is closed down. holly will be your best alternate. we have an accident coming in
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near alameda, santa fe. rescue crews are there now, causing slight delays. the big problem is up to get north. let's take a look from daryl orr. daryl, we have unfortunately a fatal accident this morning. >> reporter: that's right. while we were showing the amber alert sign earlier, we were in a black jeep, and behind us, unfortunately, this is a fatal accident, a black jeep also. was us involved and it wasn't. they continued down the road about a quarter mile from where we are. we have multiple police agencies, and also this is down the road from where that police chase ended earlier this morning with thornton p.d. we're going to zoom in and take a look at the scene. fire crews are on scene. plenty of police, and it's definitely doing a little bit of traffic problem here on
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off here on the west side of i- 25, right on the outer west road.. if you're headed this way, from the ffederick exit, you're going to get turned around. 3 if you're coming from the north to the south, you'll get turned around at tibble parkway. as we get more information we'll pass it to you. >> you can see from airtracker7, i-25 is at least now unaffected. but i wouldn't be surprised if we start to see traffic delays on from the frontage road. here's the activity and the jeep here, and i-25 here. near highway 52, i'll keep you posted on all these trouble spots. too busy on a friday morning. here's your first alert that we are going to be in for a bit of a sunrise, a beautiful one. live look from our viera wireless camera in burlington. and you can see some of the cloud cover this morning making for a pretty start. we had showers and storms rolll through limon and burlington,
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skies clearing up along i-25. as you're planning out your friday, another cooler day. mid- to upper 70s by 12:00, with some sunshine. then some scattered storms possible this afternoon. 82 by 3:00. and chance for even a little severe weather with these storms. it's a lot cooler. here's your first alert that we'll be in the low to mid-80s from denver north to fort collins at 83. still hot out west, 91 in grand junction. threat for a little severe weather out east today. we'll show you what to expect comi from the first alert desk now, we are tracking a scary situation on board a jetblue airlines flight. 24 people were injured by some severe turbulence in the skies. the flight was heading from boston to sacramento. the pilot had to make an emergency stop in south dakota. one of the passengers on board told our afill in boston he heard a bang like the plane hit a wall, then the plane dropped straight down. you can see in some pictures
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a stretcher. jetblue says its care team members are headed to south dakota to talk to the passengers involved. people at home had travel troubles as well. delays on the a line prevented some people from getting to their plane. this is the second consecutive day of delays and many weeks of delays as well. denver7's jason gruenauer live on one of the trains now, or standinn there at stations. any problems this morning? >> reporter: no major problems, dayle. we got here to the airport. our train from union station, about 15 minutes delayed. good news, heading back into town and into downtown, the trains appear to be running on time as of right now. we'll keep an eye on that. yesterday was the big news, seven hours of delays. rtd tweeting out it was because of a power line or power cable
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things. we've been dealing with these, as you mentioned, two straight days, and this is the 27th time rtd has tweeted out a delay. that takes into account traffic arm issues they had originally. but a lot of this power. rtd says these are quote, unquote, isolated issues and it's a different problem every time. so they're not dealing with the same thing over and over. they say they're running on time about 90% of the time. the other 10% are passengers like this woman. >> craziness. since the train hhs started, total craziness. you have to leave home, even at -?night time twhours early to get to your job. craziness. >> reporter: ow, after the issue that we had back on wednesday, rtd decided to start offering people their next ride free. if you had a long kind of a delay, because you had to get off a train or a train wasn't
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ride free. we have all that information on our denver 7 app. what about those who missed their flightss rtd says they can do anything about those that missed their arrive times. jason gruenauer, denver 7. another child in colorado has drowned. arapahoe county deputies found a 7-year-old girl parker road anddflorida yesterdaa. they tried to perform cpr, but the girl dded at the hospital. it appeaas the child had been left alone swimming at the time. deputies are talking to family members and say there is an open investigation. this comes days after two little girls and their teenage baby-sitter all drowned in a pool in pueblo. the coroner's report released last night calls it an accidental drowning, but didn't
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to the drowning. police are still investigates. a house fire does damage to a ome in littleton. witnesses say they heard multiple explosions at the house. we spotted a truck with smashed out windows in front of that house. firefighters are not talking about if the broken glass is related to the fire. all they will tell us is they are investigating. one of the class action lawsuits against swedish medical center has been thrown out. he's the surgical tech who stole painkillers and exposed patients to hiv. the lawsuit claimed emotional stress by patients having to undergo a tuberculosis test. now while that lawsuit was dropped, denver learned the hospital is facing a larger class action suit filed by patients who may havebeen exposed to the virus. robert dear, the planned parenthood shooter, will not go on trial soon.
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still mentally incompetent to stand trial. three people were killed in the shooting in november at the planned parenthood facility in colorado springs. this is the second time dear has been ruled incompetent. these hearings could continue for the rest of his life, and if he is never found competent, he'll stay in a mental facility. this man pleaded no contest to charges he threatened to shoot people at a fort collins college. moscow is a former student at front range community college. allegedly he told a psychologist he planned to shoot people at the college. a day camp operated six years without a valid license. the county shut it ddww saying it's feet on the earth day camp. health leaders are most
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they say it may have contaminated the ground water. >> it's a real health hazard to have that kind of outhouse and inappropriite drinking water. >> the camp's director told us they didn't know they had to be liceesed and thought they were being safe. they're planning to make changes and hope to reopen, but don't know how long it will take. the broncos are back here in denver and they have plenty night's shutout win over the - bears. listen to what kubiak to the team afterwards. >> one step, but it's a damn good step. seven sacks, moved the ball. threw and caught preety good. need to eliminate some of the penalties. >> the broncos may have won the game, but it's not clear who is winning the quarterback competition. denver7's broncos insider troy renck joins us. >> reporter: mark sanchez shows you don't get a second chance
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he came out with urgency.. first drive, 7 for 8, leads the broncos to a touchdown. how significant is that? last year they didn't score a touchdown on the opening drive until november 22nd here, with osweiler. sanchez finished 10 for 13, threw a pick, but a strong first performance. >> i thought that was important for us to score on that first drive and not just field goal, but to get 6 points, to stand hit. it's nice to pop up from a hit like that, and they never feel good, but feel a little better when your guy is in the end zone with the ball. >> reporter: the defense botched the ears of the bears. scored in all three phases, seven sacks. we'll talk more about that defense later this morning. >> don't forget to download the free denver 7 app for extended coverage of the broncos. troy has a complete list of last night's game as well as
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now facing the broncos this preseason. also in sports news, two months until the puck drops for the avalanche and now the team is in the market for a new head coach. >> patrick roy turned in his resignation yesterday. he played goalie for the av's in their stanley cup runs. he says he's not on the same page with team management. we'll have much more on roy'ss departure later this morning. the americans continue to lead the medal count olympic highlights when we come back. it is going to take some big bucks to clean up from that big hail storm a couple of weeks ago in northern colorado. we're going to tell you just how much this will cost. and speaking of hail, we could see more today. there is a slight risk for a little severe weather here along i-25. look how cool it is this morning. 39 in estes park. 55 at city park. jayson, it's cool now, but here's your first alert we are going to warm up by the weekend. we have a lot of accidents,
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northbound side of i-25 under alameda. extra five minutes there. also a rollover crash in
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at 6:15, we have all kinds of traffic trouble spots and we'll get to the rollover crash on the southbound side of monaco right at mississippi. it is leetsdale. that is basically closed down now. you can see from our live picture the southbound side, the lanes are blocked. holly is being used now as the alternate route. the northbound side of monaco is open coming up from let's iliff. but it will be some delays obviously. we have an accident northbound i-25 right under alameda. it's really affecting northbound santa fe.
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the big trouble spot to the north, fatal accident on the frontage road. this is the west side on the west side of i-25. that's the southbound lanes of i-25. you see that jeep involved in the accident there, as police are investigating this just north of highway 52. from the ground shot you can see the activity going on. it will be going on for some time. we'll keep you posted. southbound i-25 is starting to get a little bit slower in the area. a couple of extra minutes from longmont highway 119 now. wants more people to use public transportation. starting next wednesday they'll pay for your ride to a light rail station. you call a lyft to the dry creek station. the city will cover your ride thanks to money from a grant. this is only a six-month grant. this 58-year-old aspen woman will face a felony charge. police say she was arrested for
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if convicted, this would be her fifth dui. according to our partners at the aspen times, police caught her using a right turn ignal trying to get into the left lane. they also spotted her swerving. she is in jail this morning. ? a return to the olympics has been worth it. >> american alley rice man broke down in tears. >> gold goes to her teammate simone biles. >> i don't know if you follow her, but she's unreal. >> she's crazy good. >> she has minor weaknesses on
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?hen, incredible to watch. clear skies. 56 in denver now. winds out of the northeast at about 5 to 10 miles per hour. winds shifting once that cold front rolled through. it will usher in cooler air. it will be the coolest day of the week, with a high of 82 by 4:00. we'll see mostly sunny skies this morning. a few clouds this afternoon. the threat for storms not extremely impressive, but we are going to see a few pop up. denver today 82. look at mid-70s. you're at 71 in bailey today. 70 in grand lake, and 72 in estes park. more low to mid-80s covering northeastern colorado. same thing to the southeast. where we had temperatures near 100 on wednesday, we're going to be in the mid- to upper 80s. here's that threat for severe weather today. yyu'll find it along i-25 from % denver south to thsprings. across the eastern plains, near threat for storms. here in denver again we're
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activity. let me show you what that looks like on futurecast by early afternoon, early to midafternoon, you can see just how spotty it is. and along the palmer divide, north to castle rock looks like we could see a few storms there. and skies will clear out tonight, at least here in town. look at the bigger picture, you're going to find more of those storms again to the south, and even southeast overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. it's going to be a threat for a little severe weather today an afternoon storms. fast forward through the weekend. today and tomorrow it's low 80s. by sunday we're mostly sunny and 85. the bright spot there looks like a beautiful end to the week. keep in mind that our normal high this time of year is in the upper 80s. 88 the normal high today. we're going to be at least 5 to about 7 degrees below it through sunday. by monday things warm right 90 monday. and 91 tuesday with some
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storms by the middle of next week. our state's minimum wage will be up for a vote in november. a petition to put the issue on the ballot was just approved by the secretary of state. the plan would increase the minimum from $8.31 on hour to $12 an hour by the year 2020. it would be an incremental increase. donald trump may be closing the gap when it comes to the possible whole hillary clinton there at 40%. trump coming in at 35%. libertarian gary johnson has just 7%. and jill stein at 4%. trump, though, may need to worry about his own party. nearly 100 republicans have written a letter to the rnc asking them to stop funding trump. for the first time last night, trump acknowledged the fact he has been falling behind in the polls. >> it's either going to work or i'm going to, you know, i'm
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long vacation. >> late last night we learned trump plans to hold a fundraiser in aspen. that will be august 25th. this will cost $2,700 for a single person to get in. v.i.p. tickets $25,000. donald trump will not be at the red state gathering, a conservative conference that kicks off today here in denver. >> traditionally the top reppblicans across the coun attend this event, along with big donors. last year trump was not invited because of comments he made about fox anchor megyn kelly. we want to take a look from air traffic 7 over the scene of
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day
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and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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it is 6:24. live look outside, it's friday
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do you remember the huge hail storm that hit weld county a couple of weeks ago? we now know this is going to cost more than $25 million to repair all the damage. our partners at the "greeley tribune" say insurance adjustor are calling that storm a catastrophic event. that means it's caused at least $25 million in damage. the payout could be much larger. looking for a repeat today? threated for large hail with a but they'll be pretty isolated. temperature-wise, we're below normal. cooler. normal high today is 88. we'll be likely in the low 80s here in denver this afternoon. everybody gets a nice break from the heat. longmont 85. denver 82. it's going to be quite a bit cooler. here's your first alert that from here it warms up. it's still going to feel a lot like summer by the first of next week. unfortunately we have this
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monaco is closed at mississippi. you see police doing the investigation. oneida, holly good alternates to use. heavy stop and go traffic on the 270 drive, i-76, north side into downtown. other big trouble spot is the auto/pedestrian accident here on the frontage road on southbound i-25 near highway 52 and the highway is starting to slow down as folks are at the activity. it's $626. i-25 shut down overnight after a lengthy police chase. we're going to explain why there were 15 police cars at the scene. six-hour long standoff at a colorado motel. police are thankful they have
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it is almost 6:30. airtracker7 is over the scene of breaking news. a pedestrian hit and killed
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road there. >> our team coverage begins with daryl orr who was among of this accident with the ene %- latest out there. daryl. >> reporter: yeah, we were literally just down the street from here. we were showing the amber alert sign earlier this morning and the call came out and we had police pass us and stopped and asked us if we were okay, because the report of a vehicle that hit a pedestrian was a black jeep, and we were in a black jeep. it was not us, but about a quarter of road, sad situation where a jeep did hit a pedestrian and it is a fatal accident. the driver remained on scene, the driver and vehicle still here. police are trying to investigate what happened and why there was a pedestrian walking along the outer road. according to state patrol, it's not very normal for someone to be walking along this road, knowing speeds are 50 miles per hour. now southbound traffic is kind of getting a little snarled as people are taking a look at the
6:31 am
road, weld county road 16, this is where it is closed off, and also closed off on the south side at the frederick exit aa mile marker, i believe 253. so if you're headed in this area, try to preplan, because traffic is starting to be a problem out here. guys. as you saw from that air tracker shot, getting a little bit congested. southbound side at 235 where the frederic so it's the southbound side that's going to be maybe affected. now it's not too bad. i'm not calling for an alternate, at least on i-25 at this point. other big problem is southeast denver with the southbound side of monaco closed down a little bit after leetsdale near mississippi for a rollover crash. you can see from the camera we have set up, that truck is on its side and will take some time to get cleared up. we don't have tow trucks just
6:32 am
closed side. oneida, holly good ways to get around it. we have an update to breaking news we've been following all night. the girl here, 5-year-old annalee keller, has been found. it is all clear now. the woman accused of taking the girl, lauren perotti- montgomery, has now been arrested. police reopened i-25 near mile that's where a police chase came to an end a couple of hours ago. >> authorities had to shut down two lanes of traffic because they were worried the guys in the car had a gun. at one point we counted 15 police cars. turned out the gun was a bb gun, and the officers were never in real danger. the two men in the car are now both in custody. more breaking news overnight, a six-hour standoff shuts down part of a neighborhood. this is in loveland. it happened along frontage road
6:33 am
this is at the budget host motel. things ended around 11:00 last night after police shot pepper balls into the room where the suspect was hiding out. he is now in jail this morning. as we take a look at the sun coming up, things are pretty calm. a lot of kids getting ready to wrap up their first week back to school. >> the weather may get rougher this afternoon. let's check in with lisa with your first alert forecast. >> i heard a couple yesterday saying she was excited to get her nails done and go to costco. for the kids heading out this morning, mostly sunny. we'll be in the upper 50s to low 60s at bus stop time. between about 8:00 and 9:00, low to mid-60s. heading home, we're at 82 with a few storms today. there is a slight risk we could see some of them turn stronger
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denver 82. highlands ranch 83. it is the coolest day of the work week. we're going to see this cool trend continue through the weekend. the front now pushing off to our east. coming up here's your first alert that we're going to warm up gradually. i'll show you what that warmup looks like coming up in a few minutes. it was a rough day on the rails for people trying to catch the university of colorado a line to the airport, or the b line to westminster. >> both of those lines dealt with delays yesterday, and now rtd is at least trying some concerns. jason gruenauer is out with the train this morning. jason, how are things running? >> reporter: the good news is that we are now back on the westbound train heading back towards downtown denver. this train has been on time all mornnng. our original ride to the airport was a little bit late, about 15 minutes or so. i spoke to a man who says he rides the train every day, and seems like it's late every day.
6:35 am
rtd blaming it on a power line issue that delayed the train seven hours. you see the sign here, trains not running. they had to divert some passengers to buses and try to get them out. rtd says a majority of their rides are stilllon time. but we asked, why don't you shut it down, try to get testing down? take a listen to what a spokesperson had to say. >> if you look number of trips we've made and the thousands versus the delays we've had, they are a tiny fraction. but it's still not acceptable. we are not at the level we consider to be acceptable. >> reporter: rtd does say they are running close to 90% on time, which is a good number, unless you're that 10% trying to make it to the airport, trying to make it to work and things like. they blame these problems on isolated incidents, though they
6:36 am
passengers when they either miss a plane or flight. they've been offering your next ride free if you experience a long delay. we have all that info on our denver 7 app. jason gruenauer, denver 7. here's what really impresses me, we talk all the time about being a team that can win three ways. show up on sunday, win offensively, defensively, special teams. tonight. >> mark sanchez and trevor siemian both looked good. the big story is the defense. >> the broncos' d scored more points than the bears did. broncos insider troy renck joins us with more. >> reporter: all this talk about the quarterback,,we're forgetting about the defense. isn't that the reason they won the super bowl? of course it is. the preseason opener against n - the bears. seven sacks. they came from all over.
6:37 am
miller, no prrblem. dora the explorer, two sacks. ys like shane ray and derek wolfe combining on a sack. dekoda watson had a sack. and the rookie, pressure up the middle in his first game back from acl. the defense held the bears to 13 yards in the firss quarter en route to a shutout. this defense already looks like it's in mid-season form. of course it's it's preseason. hey, they did chris harris, without demarcus ware and von miller. so they should only get better. they'll start that trek against the 4thers in scrimmaaes at dove valley. back to you. >> now on we have a section dedicated to nothinggbut broncos. just look under the sports tab. not talking broncos, but talking about football. this helmet sticker is causing a lot of controversy. the dallas cowboys will not be allowed to wear the sticker you3
6:38 am
the team designed the arm in arm logo to show their support dallas earlier this year. the nfl denied their request. the united states continues to crush the competition in reyes. highlights right after the break. plus, an emotional letter from a rape victim after a former cu boulder student avoids jail time in a sexual assault case. as we head to break, we want to give you a live look outside again. this is a big traffic are following up near i-25 and
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hyah! [ whip cracks ] [ normal voice ] call... get started with prism essential tv plus up to 40 megs of internet speed. just $70 a month for a year. speed may not be available in your area. only from centurylink. call and switch today. it's 37 degrees in estes park. mid- to upper 40s in the foothills. 55 at city park, and 51 in
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cootinues to bring in and usher in cooler air today. it will be the coolest day of the week. a high in denver today of 82. we could see a few severe storms this afternoon. we'll show you what that looks like coming up in about seven to 10 minutes from now. we are expecting jayson, here's your first alert some 80s through the weekend. looks like a nice saturday and sunday. we still have the southbound side of monaco after leetsdale closed down. they are making some progress. they just got the vehicle off its side and on its whls they're doing the sweepup of all the debris. they'll be hopefully getting it out in the next 20 minutes. southbound monaco near mississippi remains closed down and will for some time. heavy stop and go traffic at the usual spots. lots of sunshine, 270. take a look at the map, where you see the heavy traffic there, and i-70 downtown and 225, typical slowing in the usual spots. is it even close?
6:42 am
from everybody. he's got full body length lead. michael phelps has done it again! >> yeah, michael phelps picks up the 22nd gold medal of his career in the individual medley. you heard the announcer say it, it wasn't even close. unbelievably how far ahead he was. his teammate, ryan lochte says phelps plans to race the 2020 olympics in tokyo. history is made in the women's freestyle. simone manuel becomes the first black american to women gold in an individual swimming event. she ended up in a tie with a canadian swimmer. still, an amazing achievement. wow. the avalanche are scrambling to find a new head
6:43 am
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airtracker7 has this live look at the scene. this is at the frontage road and highway 52 now near frederick jayson luber will tell us about the latest traffic situation coming up. look at this massive pot grow in the middle of the pike national forest. authorities say they found 18,000 plants six and a half miles outside woodland park. they haven't found the people responsible. a denver marijuana grow is being told to harvest all pot by the end of the month and destroy any that can be harvested. city officials denied the license renewal for star buds grow on brighton after a series of complaints. the retail store will stay open. the attorneys for the store say they're trying to figure out what to do next. a sexual assault victim says shame on you to a boulder
6:46 am
austin wilkerson convicted of rape will not serve time. she wrote a viral letter condemning the judge. she says the victim deserves to have her voice heard after having it taken away from her. >> it's a big deal, and it matters, it matters to survivors and it matters to everyone who doesn't want to come forward. >> she says it was therapeutic to write the letter to the judge. it's been seen hundreds of thousands of times. you can read it on our free denver 7 app. denver police wa this man off the streets, saying he knocked over a woman and tried to sexual assault her. you can see the sketch here. they say he has a noticeable bump on his upper right eye lid. the perseid meteor shower happens tonight. we'll be able to see 200 per hour, twice as many as the 100 per hour.
6:47 am
last time this happened in 2009 when you get double the normal amounts. peaked early this morning, but still should see some tonight. skies should be clear. just get away from the city lights. clear skies in denver. eastern plains and down to the southeast near lamar. that's where there's wet roads, lingering rain this morning. not in loveland. loveland ski area is a very bright drive on i-70. as you get faather st to burlington, heading into kansas, you're going to quite more cloud cover this morning. and temperatures in the 50s. our normal high today is 88 degrees. we're starting this morning off with temperatures below normal. some low to mid-50s, won't stay that cool for long. we have enough sunshine, so we should be at about 73 by 10:00, and 82 for a high by 4:00. we will see a little increase in cloud cover later today. chance for a few storms and
6:48 am
low to mid-80s covering northeastern colorado. fort collins 84. denver 82. down to the south, pueblo today at 86. nice change there. nice cool down. estes park you're at 72. highlands ranch 83. and in castle rock and parker today, looks like upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. even cooler on the southern edge of town. our futurecast does not look super crazy this afternoon. we are going to see a few storms pop up and puts us at a chanceor across the plains, especially along the palmer divide and farther south from there. that includes overnight and early tomorrow, just after midnight east of trinidad. we'll be watching for storms there. that threat for severe weather now changing up. here's your first alert that we saw it earlier this morning from the thunderstorm prediction center covering a good portion of northern colorado. as you saw from that futurecast and what we've been watching all morning, looks like it will
6:49 am
springs, potentially limon and burlington. i don't want any more hail damage. low 80s today. same thing tomorrow. we could see a few more storms again late saturday afternoon. as you're planning for the weekend, pretty nice. sunday especially beautiful. some sunshine, mid-80s. 85, that's where we put the bright spot. early next week, rockies are back. i missed my rockies. they're back in town monday with a high of 90. another hot game. perfect. we have a lot of stuff going on on the roads still. southeast part of town, monaco, southbound side remains closed just after leetsdale near mississippi. take a look at the live picture where they're trying to clean it up. that's the other one. let's go to josh's picture if we could. he's at monaco and mississippi. still doing the final cleanup and southbound lanes closed down at least the next 10 minutes. you see the heavier traffic building in the south side of town. it's this accident, not too far
6:50 am
lincoln lookout. 6th and 19th, doing the construction, but an accident down the road at the wildlife crossing that could cause slight delays. take a look at the map again, north side offtown continues to get heavier. lot of traffic on i-70, i-76. you can see it from pecos, all that sunshine is a factor. this is not a ranking we should be proud of. looks like our state loves to snap colorado is ranked 9th for selfies behind the wheel. it looked at posts with
6:51 am
game of the job? so it was no surprise he resigned. >> as denver 7's woody page explains, roy and the avalanche just couldn't get on the same page. >> the issue was power. that is what it comes down to, unlike the situation with john elway, with the denver broncos, where he controls all the power, even over decisions that are made patrick roy and the owner had arguments about who they could draft. i know patrick roy, according to my sources, wasn't as involved in the draft as he wanted to be. he didn't think the avalanches signed as many free agents and quality free agents in the offseason. he felt he really didn't have that authority, that joe made
6:52 am
>> the av's have to find a new new season. we'll get you caught up on your big stories on your morning sprint, including a deadly crash on a frontage road. this isn't the right video. scary moments after the swat team showed up at a loveland hotel. why they had to shoot pepper
6:53 am
6:54 am
we are back with our morning sprint. good news out of fort collins, police have canceled the amber alert after they found the little girl safe. >> they're not telling us where she was found, but arrested this woman, lauren perotti- montgomery, who was accused of taking the 5-year-old girl last night. now to another breaking news story, police reopen i-25 near mile marker 226, that's where a police chase came to an end a couple of hours ago. >> authorities had to shut down two lanes of they were worried the guys had a gun in the car. at one point we counted 15 police cars. turns out the gun was a bb gun and the officers were never in any real danger. the two men in the car are both in custody. we do still have trouble spots. they're making good work on the southbound side of monaco after leetsdale near mississippi. they have the vehicles on the tow trucks and should be pulling out of here. until then, holly or oneida are good ways to get around it.
6:55 am
traffic developing in the usual spots. c-470, i-25, i-70. but a big problem to the north, where we have a fatal accident being investigated by the state patrol now not too far from frederick and erie. it's where daryl orr is now on the frontage road. what's going on? >> reporter: we just got updated from state patrol that the west outer road here at weld county road 16 between here and exit 235, will be closed for probably one to two hours now. crime scene investigators are out here, trying to figure out what happened out here this morning. normally pedestrians aren't along this outer road walking at 5:20 in the morning, especially with the speed limit at 55 and it being as dark as it was. basically that's what happened, at 5:20 this morning a pedestrian was walking along the road, black jeep hit him. the driver did stop and is still on scene.
6:56 am
trying to figure out what's going on. about another one to two hours it will be closed. unfortunate situation out here this morning. live in weld county, daryl orr, denver 7 news. >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer at union station. the a line yesterday, seven- hour delays getting to and from the airport. good news today everything seems to be back no normal. no major delays. just a few minutes in each direction. we rode it back and fort power issue. this seems to be happening over and over. 27 times rtd has tweeted about delays to this a line since it opened in april. but they say these seem to be isolatee issues they work out as they come. passengers, however, still not very happy. some we spoke to this morning say they cross their fingers each time they get on the
6:57 am
be running as normal. jason gruenauer, denver 7. witnesses in littleton say they heard multiple explosions coming from a house. there were a lot of neighbors crowded around the scene. we spotted a truck with smashed out windows. firefighters not saying if the broken glass is related to the fire. all they'll say is they are investigating. more breaking news overnight, a six-hour standoff shut down parts of a neighborhood in loveland. happened along the i-25 frontage road and colorado 16, at the things ended at about 11:00 last night after police shot pepper balls into the hotel room where the suspect was hiding out. he is now in jail. it's 6:57. you're stem stepping out the door to some of the coolest weather we've seen. low to mid-50s. 8:00 and 9:00 as your kids are at the bus stop. heading home to low, mid-80s. 82 for a high in denver. it's cooler today and we'll see a few storms. ?ost of those storms will be across it looks like southern colorado.
6:58 am
in the low 80s. tomorrow same thing. on sunday pretty perfect, you guys. mid-80s and lots of sunshine. all right. great start for the broncos. they beat the bbars in the first preseason game of the year. the guys in orange and blue dominated. it was a shutout, 22-0. next saturday the broncos are here at mile high hosting the 49ers. >> everyone will be excited to have them here at home. >> will be fun to hhve tailgating out here and have
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. >> oh. >> best in the world. simone biles soaring to new heights in rio with the golden touch. her teammate, aly raisman, right by her side with silver as america's golden boy does it again. michael phelps with a record competition in his wake. >> oh, baby, it's time to come home, michael. >> and simone manuel making history in the pool. >> manuel is going to do it. >> tying for gold this an epic day for team usa. also breaking overnight an emergency landing. at least two dozen rushed to the hospital when a jetblue flight hits severe turbulence. passengers and luggage thrown into the aisle. a flight attendant carried off


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