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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 12, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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get ready to go to rio as she goes after wrestling gold. and denver 7 investigates, finding serious claims against denver public schools. the district is accused of racial discrimination. and boulder is getting national attention for all the wrong reasons. >> a rape survivor saying herself her attacker got a light sentence. austin wilkinson won't spend time behind bars for the rape of another student. and people think this will scare victims away from speaking up. >> reporter: and the sentencing is prompting many dialogues here at campus, in the city and at the courthouse. students are adamant, the punishment in this case does not fit the crime. >> it's an easy way out i think. >> reporter:ren on the cu -- were on the cu campus you have -- on the cu campus you can feel the anger. >> he should go to prison.
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evenings in jail, but be free to go to work or school in the day. >> i think he got off lucky. i think he should be sentenced for what he deserved. >> reporter: many compare it to the case of brock turner. the stanford swimmer sentenced to of months n jail for sexually assaulted an unconscious woman on campus. >> i think guys can get off easier for doing bad actions. >> reporter: a ridiculous cent survey shows 28 undergraduate females were victims of sexual assault. cu brought in a former department of justice lawyer about two years ago as part of an effort to reduce the number of rapes. she's making a personal plea to help student, even though some may be frustrated over recent verdicts. >> i personally meet with them every day and i want them to have confidence in our process. >> reporter: different case,
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simulation sensitive crime -- about a sensitive crime. >> it's definitely sparked a conversation. >> reporter: speaking in general terms the court can do what it wants to do in terms of stensing, and the school -- sentencing, and the school can do ranging from suspension to expulsion. and new tonight at 10:00, this driver of this car rushed into the truck, and there were also babies in the car, but the babies were not hurt. the police department wasn't ready top comment on what caused the crash. we'll work to bring you more details tonight. >. and new tonight, denver 7 learning the mother of a little girl that drowned will not face charges. she was arrested after her 7- year-old drowned in the apartment pool, and the court documents show she left the two girls as she ran to wal-mart because she wasn't feeling
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the grandfather spoke only to denver 7, and said it was a tragic mistake, saying she's a grieving mother and the family is hurting. >> my little girl died. >> right now he's trying to find the money to bury his grand daughter. in 90 days one of men profiled in the netflix hit making a murderer could be out of jail. the documentary arrest of two men for a murder in wisconsin. dassey's condition was thrown out because of how police got the confession. and if you can help police found this man take a look. -?a woman was nearly sexually assaulted in old town. he was able to fight him off though. and new tonight at 10:00, what about this, social pot clubs becoming legal in denver? well the issue could show up on the ballot in november after enough petition signatures were collected and dropped off
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neighbors are coming together to talk about it. the interneighborhood cooperation is hosting a meeting saturday. the biggest worries are hour, safety and noise. >> they're very worried about the traffic, they're worried about what's going, um, upset to their particular neighborhood. parking is a huge problem in denver. >> the meeting will be at the museum of nature and science saturday, and it's open to the public. and alarming allegations about race discrimination in denver. >> and not just anywhere, but the denver public school district, and two long time business owners have had enough. >> yes, dps spends a lot of money renovating and fixings up school, and it's asking for millions of dollars in november, but tot lati -- two
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>> that school was done many, many years ago. >> reporter: any good business owner knows success often comes from experience. >> that's one of the small ones. we did big ones as well. >> reporter: it will roybal brothers are proud to show the work they've done since 1981. museums, renovations at the us mint. big projects past and present that quite literally shape our co mint, museum, but denver public school, sorry no? >> no, yeah, we're doing restroom remodels for denver public schools. >> reporter: they say they're getting the scraps from dps, no longer the high dollar contracts they used to get in the 80s and 90s. >> after you get a dozen or so rejection letters you start to wonder what's happening? >> reporter: but if history is any guide they say they know what's happening, and now
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federal court alleging racial discrimination. here's their evidence. they contracted with minority or women owned businesses on the 2 percent of the time n. 2014 they have paid for a disparity report that found slightly better number, but ultimately concluded the businesses were underutilized. >> i think the point is they're t doing a very good job of dealing with the community and respecting our community. >> reporter: it must make sick to see those statistics. >> it did. >> reporter: they adopted a policy to be more inclusive on contracts. today on the website it says their goal is to hire no less than 24 hearse women or minority owned businesses. >> they say we don't care if it's for the public or not, we'll do what we went to do. >> reporter: but they point out how the district's dollars for prime contract, the big ones they care about are still going
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businesses just 4 percent of the time. the latest example for them, a renovation of an elementary school that's93 percent hispanic. they were finalists, and developed the master plan for the project. >> it's just unbelievable th they wouldn't want to keep that continuity. >> reporter: but in the end who got the big contract? architects that initially admitted they might not meet the project's >> today i can't say with a 70 percent. >> it showed us there's no level playing field. >> we firmly reject any allegations. >> reporter: the superintendent spoke with us and said the official in question won't fall -- contractor in tion won't fall short. >> he's agreed to meet the goal. >> reporter: and the district is enforcing that? >> we certainly are. >> reporter: he wouldn't
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specifically, but says they never discriminate. >> we seek out and recruit the most talented group of diverse contractors in the city and state, and we think that's a very important part of program locally, and a critical part of making sure we are using taxpayer dollars in the best possible way to serve our kids. >> reporter: all together you might ask just aren't good enough at their jobs and don't deserve the bit, but dps wrote them a letter of recommendation in 2001 saying they have the expertise. >> they said they highly recommend us! >> reporter: they feel they have to stick their necks out this time, they have no other choice if not for them but other people like them. >> it may not in the short term
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these kinds of discusses in the public eye -- discussions in the public eye will really serve to change things in the future. >> the district says it will take time for it to meet the relatively new diversity goals and change perceptions. denver 7 investigates is not done looking into the issue and others like it. stay tuned in days to come. >> all right, thank you ryan. right now the eagle county fire chief can't go to work because of what investigators say hiidid the sterling fire department. along with his wife he's accused of stealing more than $120,000 from the department. documents we discovered said he'd apply for grants for the city, and then use the money for himself. a colorado wrestler is hoping to bring home the gold on the olympic map. >> adeline gray's family is getting ready to cheer on the champ in rio.
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no us woman wrestler has ever won the gold medal, but gray hopes to change that remitting colorado in rio and her family can't wait. >> she has a lot of medals like this, all 1st place. >> reporter: only one medal on their minds. >> we talk about america's best chance for a gold medal. >> reporter: adeline's strength and focused shined through on a three-time world champ in rio getting ready to wrestle for the gold. >> it's a progression from the excitement here, the stress is here, and now seeing her progressing into the i'm ready to wrestle. >> reporter: these are her parents, donna and george gray. george a denver police detectivee they describe what it's like watching their daughter compete. >> we're like, you know, moving, you know. >> yeah, i don't want to is it next to me.
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tears. my girls tease me all the time. >> reporter: the oldest of four sister, she started wrestling at age 6. throughout middle school and high school she competed in tournaments with the boys. >> she eaaned a lot of respect with the boys by competing in the tournaments and getting better. >> reporter: now the match of a lifetime. she told us this after qualifying for the olympic team. >> the top of the podium is where i belong, and i'm just so excited to go out there and earn it. >> reporter: h hoping to turn gray into god. >> she's earned it, now she's going out there to prove it one more time. >> and she wants to inspire other girls to dream big as well. even if it's a sport that is dominated by men. her parents also want to get the attention of colorado high schools to say, hey, let's be more open for women in wrestling, and you know, can't wait to watch her.
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i love that, plus she'll really safe when she's out there by herself. and do not underestimate this grandfather in rio for the olympics. you see someone offer their seat to the 68-year-old, and while it was a nice gesture, he then decided to show off why he didn't need the seat. as you can see he's holding himself upsideways by just holding on toothe pole, d grandson took this picture. just days away from the start of school, and kids may not be able to use drinking fountains. what was founddin the water. >> reporter: and surfing in colorado. didn't think it was possible? think again. the new park that will have you out riding the waves. dry in denver tonight. showers to the south of us, and way down to the south of us,
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tonight we're getting some idea of how vote in november. a wall street journal poll shows hillary clinttn winning over colorado voters with 46 percent. donald trump has 32 percent support. now the poll also looked at our us senate race. right now the democratic incumbent is leading at 53 percent, and the republican trailing at 38 percent. and there's a new twist to the forged signature investigation. check out the signatures. the colorado secretary of state's office believes they're all sign bid the same person,
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of forged signatures earlier this year, policies were changed, and now the attorney general will investigate this. these signatures were turned in by a group wanting to vote on the raising the state's minimum wage, and they turned in over 100,000 signatures. the pilot of a small plane is blamed for causing a deadly crash two years ago. federal investigators found aa lot of mistakes were made, includinho was going, and that it landed on a runway where another plane was taking off. five people were killed in that. the clock is ticking to clean up the water at some jefferson county schools. at a hath of sample -- 4th after samples taken there was too much lead on the water. if you're wondering if your child's school and on the list, check out the were denver 7 app. and surfs up on the south platte. in two weeks the metro area's
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will open after four years in the making. molly hendrickson shows how it's changing the river banks. >> reporter: this pro body boarder, his love of surfing was born in hawaii. >> in hawaii we have this wave, it's a river wave where you dig it out, and that's how i got introduced to river surfing. >> reporter: but his passion forking waves. >> and then the addiction started from there. >> reporter: has brought him to a land locked state. >> first and foremost it's an endless wave. it's dynamic and comes up and down, but i know i can find a wave. >> reporter: and lucky for him the search just got a lot easier. >> the project is to highlight the river, and reconnect the community with the river. >> reporter: you're looking at the ar's first river surfing park. a 14 million dollars project transforming half mile of the south platte into six waves. in six weeks the first two waves will be ready to ride.
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and the other. >> anybody can do. >> reporter: yeah, we'll see about that. >> the learning curve is quick, wearing a life j and a helmet and learning how the currents work, you'll be doing it in a matter of hours. >> reporter: and they hope it flows through the entire community. >> you don't have to come ball park or anything else. it's a great experience for the community. >> reporter: molly hendrickson, denver 7. >> you know, molly is actually a really good athlete, but if you want tot try it out the official opening is august 25th. >> you have to bring your own gear, including a helmet and life jacket, but no life guards on duty. but also no sharks. >> love it.
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tonight not is peak of the meteor shower, but still going on, and the effecter is passing through -- earth is passing through cosmic dust. that happens every year in august, and the size of the things are really tiny, like grape nuts. burn up about 50 miles above the earth. get away from the city lights, look to the northeast, that's the area they come out of, and you may see a meteor a minute and -- 4:00 a.m., and you should be good view conditions. just a few scattered clouds. radar right now, there are storms down to the south of us from the springs to pueblo. brief heavy rain out of them, but for the most part they're leaving us high and dry in the metro. temperatures very comfortable. 67 downtown, 64 at the airport. wind from the southeast at 7. top temperature today was 83
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52, only three above the recordd low set back in 2004. now, around the nation, i spoke earlier about the heavy rain down in louisiana. they've had about a foot of rain in the southern part of that state. very severe flooding there. that's all staying well to the south of us, but spreading rain over toward houston tomorrow. here bringing coolee and drier conditions in, and a bit of a break from the heat we had in were recent days, so for tonight down to 55 in denver, 51 fort collins, 52 grle leadville. tomorrow starts out with sunshine, and for the most part stays that way for the day. lunchtime, everything quiet. in the afternoon widely scattered little storm, but they won't amount to much. just one or two a little stronger on the northwest corner of the state later in the day. highs nice in the low to mid- 80s. northeast colorado 60s and 70s expected in the mountains. front range numbers, 83 to 85 over most of the metro area, and very comfortable 70s
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tonight, mostly clear, pleasant aside of the meteor showers. 5 for a low. tomorrow the high temperature -- 55 for a low. tomorrow the high temperature of 85, isolated shower or storm, rain chances about 10 percent. sunday also looking really nice with temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. sunday gets the bright spot at 87. monday and tuesday a little hotter with low 90s, and pick up a bit more moisture returning on the weak best chance of storms looking like next thursday for us. >> sounds like surfing weather
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so what you just heard there were two gunshot ons a busy street in southern california. this all started with the suv driver decided to clean its windshield, and that got on that honda. that honda driver wasn't happy, so he tries to run the suv off the road and fire it is shots. >> luckily the bullets on the hit the tire. the family inside the suv is okay. >> and hopefully they'll catch the shooter. >> that's crazy. and hopefully this video will help catch whoever keeps egging a woman's house. it happened three times in the last month, so she bought camera, and you can see three people run up to the house and
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no idea why her house has become a target. >> well, all right. got some sports for you. broncos and bears, a pre-season shut out to remember, but as the quarterback competition got
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creamy swirls of pure indulgence. silky sifts of total transcendence. tempting accents of sheer pleasure. this should be the name. or something more like "golden gold." or maybe, "mmmmmm mmhmm." but, with 20% of your daily fiber, its actually fiber one.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen
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michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. >> it was too much fun, enjoyed it. pre-season, got the win. we'll continue to get better. >> one step, and it's a good step. offensively threw and caught good, just have to eliminate the penalties. go to work on three. one, two, three, work.
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won the pre-season opener and it came at a 22-0 shut out of the bear, but the hot topic is stim the quarterback competition. sanchez started the whole first quarter. 99 yards with this 32-yard beauty of a touchdown strike to thomas. he also threw an interception there. simeon no points, but also no turn overs after playing the entire second close. lynch appeared to make the largest leap. his presence was felt in the entire second half. 77 yards, no points, but he too held on to the football. his quarterback rating 110.7, and look a true pro found areas he needed to grow in. >> amphetamine good to get the first -- felt good to get the first one out of the way. hoped to get a touchdown
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a couple of penalties late. >> and rockies and philadelphia. and chuck not one, not two, but three solo home runs, bringing the total to 18 in his first three-home run career game. and dahh's 17-game. hitting streak ended. day 7, 31st olympics, simpson advanced into round two. us men's basketball shush vived a scare against -- survived a scare against certain i serbi a but the women's soccer team upset by sweden. >> right up the middle. hits the umpire, bounces to the 2nd baseman, out on the first double play. >> what did we just see?
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baseball. look real closely. the ball goes off the pitcher, then off the umpire [ laughter ] >> bounces in the hand of the short stop, he make it is turn and turns the double play. >> that's good! >> how do you score that? what would that be? >> that would be an 8? >> i don't know, does the umpire have a number? >> he doesn't, that's where the dilemma is! [ laughter weekend and mainly dry. should be a really nice weekend. >> so enjoy it!
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, salma hayek -- from "pitch," mark consuelos -- snoop dogg -- and music from grouplove. with cleto and the cletones. and now, more than likely, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. very good to have you.


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