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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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the mid-90s, in terms of risk for severe weather, not much to talk about today, which
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stronger storms have the potential of producing heavier rains and gusty winds ansmall hail across the eastern plains. rolling through what we as we head into afternoon, some increasing cloud coverage and chance for a couple of isolates storms in the mountains, best chance for seeing activity is across the eastern slopes and eastern
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afternoon we have the potential for picking up more rainfall further to the east, but as you can see, the metro area staying mostly dry, mostly sunny and some increasing cloud coverage this afternoon before temperatures drop down to very mild. thursday is our first alert weather day and cold front moves in and temperatures back into the 80s overnight lows staying very mild in the 50s and low 60s, hope you have a raw sewage flowing into his home and he says his landlord isn't doing anything about it. in fact, the man says it's been denver 7 brendaliss gonzalez shows us why this man wants to get out of there and we want to warn you this video is disturbing. >> it's nasty and inhabitable. >> joe prefers to be outside of his rental home. >> been to frustrated for so long and so tired i don't know it i can be frustrated anymore. >> reporter: he prefers we noo show his face or use his last name, fearing retaliation from his landlord. >> it's day 8. >> come and see yourself. >> having to have this mess in his basement.
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this is all sewage that came into his home and say plumbers break a broken sewage pipe a pipe he is told is just outside of city boundaries. >> the mold is starting to grow. >> reporter: he hesitate his landlord hasn't fixed the pipe. >> it's been a steady flow of plumbers in and out. >> reporter: plumbers tell him it could cost thousands to fix and the landlord tells him the place is still livable. >> there is human waste everywhere-recontact a representative at america homes for rent and awaiting a response from the corporate headquarters. >> in the meantime joe's renter's insurance is paying for him to stay in a hotel, but he wants out of this home for good. >> i would like the ability to move out. >> just go continue with my wife and my life are in other news three denvesheriff's deputy have been fired within the last two weeks or using excessive force against inmates. our partners at the denver post report deputy jackson and dew point probably and poller were all the fired. this stems from incidents that happened at the downtown detentn it shows a thief caught right in the act. this video shows a man stealing from a denver garbage in the middle of the afternoon as the homeowner and his fiancie were inside the home there. this has become all too common merchant baker neighborhood where this happened. the homeowner says neighbors are doing what they can to stay safe police say like host burglaries this appears to be a climate of opportunity and say make sure you lock all of your doors so something like this doesn't happen again. new details tonight, three people have died in over 1,000 it to be rescued after historic flooding if parts of louisiana.
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24-hour span in burglar and her son veritable was sinking and they cut into the top and rescued the woman right before she drowned. governor says there has been nothing like this ever before state. >> this is unprecedented. so we don't have records that we can can go back and see who all is going tock impacted. >> governor has declare a state of emergency, more rain is some sort of accident cause a fire in brighton this morning that killed eight horses. fire crews say a barn at 112th and picadilly caught fire and initially called in as a weed fire, but crews found the burning barn when they arrived onscreen. denver police are trying to find stephen derickson, 68-year- old was left seen get on a bus in the wayyof west arkansas and
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denver police. it was a hero's homecoming, 7 ayears in the making the remains of a he world war xii samier laid to rest today in colorado springs. medal of honor recipient was buried hundreds of others of pearl harbor victims in hawai'i, but his remarines just% identified. family members say it's the closure that they needed. >> think their whole mourning process was kind of disrupted because they didn'ha bury or anything. so for our family, it's just a real beautiful sense of closure. that has been needed for 75 years. and to make things even better for england he was laid to rest next to his parents. doesn't that looks like a normal night for children at the museum of science, but for these guys the museum teamed up with the colorado autism
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they kept the area quiet, and dimmed the lights so kids with autism could clearance might not normally get to do. >> no, you are not seeing things you are reading that right. if you were driving down broadway near 1st and denver tonight, you already saw. it looks like someone acked the construction sign and changed the message to "ls d'backs." and police say they have notified the company about the hacking there. hundreds of their way to dd i a and broncos
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. check it it out, hundreds of people at dia, putting their strength to the test is to special olympics athletes could sh t the annual fundraiser to raise money for special olympics colorado. dozens of people competed to be the fastest team to move a boeing 75712 feet. that plane weighs around 164,000 pounds. >> you get to come out and have fun and put on silly shirts and hats and all the money goes to these wonderful, aamazing athletes and that is why we're out here to support athletes. >> event has brought many more than $250,000 for special locations colorado. great to see stacey. cool.
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it going, you really get a little momentum going just like in life. >> partly cloudy skies out there and we're going to see a lot of sunshine into tomorrow. it's been an interest day, very quiet around denver rainwise, but we had some pretty strong storms across the eastern plain and those continue to fire up tonight, especially out from sterling to akron to limon there, for the plains. here in deer it's been relatively quiet all day. the storms west of sterling and akron and hail involved in the cells. nothing severe, but they are heading the direction of the cities. so keep that in mind and also some scattered showers here out 287 southwest of burlington. and to colorado springs too, we had scattered showers off and on as we have gone through today. storms will continue to go on to our east tonight. and it will be warmer into next weekment we'll have scattered
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our weather pattern changes. but as you see for today our high as 89 degrees and normal high is 88 and record is 99. so we're really where we should be this time of year for high temperatures. what is going haptnext few days this high pressure is going build in. we call it a ridge of high pressure. and it will start to dominate all of coloraao and it will be sunny and warm and those temperatures will start to get higher going into the beginning of our workweek. but into tonight we'll have temperatures in the upper 50s for overnight lows and highs around 90 degrees tomorrow, but sunny and dry-clean for the next couple days of before our pattern starts to change. our futurecast through tonight and tomorrow includes mostly clear skies here and few scattered shower popping up tomorrow afternoon and evening for the eastern plains of but i don't think we'll see any of that here around denver. for our forecast tonight, 56 degrees for overnight low. partly cloudy and nice. tomorrow 90 degrees, sunny and dry with southeast wind 10-15
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for the western slope mid-90s tomorrow afternoon and we have a fire weather warning here into the grand junction area for a fire burning currently. 70s and 80s for highs in the mountains tomorrow and 80s and 90s for the front range and the plains tomorrow afternoon. down towards pueblo, as the high pressure kicks in highs around 90-92 degrees and lots of sunshine on the way. then we start to change that pattern and have showing up at least slight chances on tuesday and wednesday, highs dropping into the upper 80s, thursday sour first alert weather day. looks like better chances for rain thursday afternoon with a high of 88 degrees. -?that is when some cooler air pushes into on friday and saturday we'll have highs in the low 80s. overnight lows in the 50s with those scattered showers as well. so another cooldown coming our direction, going into the end of this coming week, in the microsoft dry conditions and
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really great. >> not good fighter fires. thank you, stacey. stick around, spx starts right now. . >> this is 7 sports extra. >> hey there, welcome to the show. this is it, do you mind? our final saturday without football. i don't know how we survived without it? guess what leads us off tonight? >> siam the national football leage nearly -- after -- you want me to help you read this. >> please do. after a nearly preseason for the broncos, success didn't travel to the practice field. >> bronco's boxed the ears of the bears and then their quarterback heard an earful at saturday's practice.
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to trevor about pulling the ball down and mark sanchez throwing his fourth pick six of training camp that stopped practice. visibly disappointed kubiak talked about the ffense afterwards. >> we didn't practice offensively and less than 48 hours out of a game to come back and practice is tough. but we handled it defensely and didn't handle it offensively. it's disappointing for me. so i will look at today and wake up on monday and tomorrow is an off-day and monday we go back to work. >> reporter: kubiak did not name a starting quarterback for game preseason and one player who won't play benny fowler who fractured his right elbow and he broke it covering a punt in thursdays awen. said he woke up after the game and realized there was a problem. ?> it's just right outside of the elbow and the radius bone. i will be back in a couple of weeks. fowler's absence creates more reps for cody latimer, quietly said he is more comfortable in ?he offensee in year 3, his
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surprising. >> for me, it's just not being so much nervous. i was always nervous and didn't want to mess up. so if i mess up, i mess up and i'm going to play fast and make plays. >> reporter: broncos off on sunday and get back to work on monday, midweek the niners come to town for joint practices and wednesday, last day for the fans to get a look. that is against the 49ers. back to you. >> rams back after 22 years, hosting the cowboys. dallas broke out to 1-0 lead. x marks the spot. dez bryant in mid-season form from right out of the air. good for 10-yard touchdown, but rams rallied in the second half. outscored the boys 21-0 and the charge was led by nelson spruce. 7 -yard scoring spruce geometry
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yards and that td. rams open up the l.a. home coming with the 28-24 win. >> that guy is my guy. bolts and titans, gordon sighting and look at this. flash gordon. he did the rest. 44 yards for his first nfl td. that was it for chargers highlights titans won this game 27-10. switching gears rockies in the city of brotherly love and tyler anderson wasn't feeling it in philadelphia. the 26-year-old was ejected along with skipper. franko went deep fly to center and 3-run shot and home runs happen, but franko ruffled feathers by rubbing it in. oh, the horror. anderson got even in the 4th and had some choice words that we can't repeat. the umpire took offense and
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happy. benches would clear, but before order was restored, walt wies earned himself an early shower, which means he wasn't around to see the 6-3 loss, but had this to say about anderson's ejection. >> after you hit a home run lower leg. a pitch around the franko is a dangerous hitter and doesn't want to get his arms extended. like i said, we don't -- i don't allow our guys -- he where we because they hit home runs. >> baseball guys are sensitive sometimes. western conference second place rapids traveled to cank to take on the l.a. gavely and amarks this third and final regular season meeting. rapids won the first and two ties and tonight could be an uphill climb. l.a. is one of tour teams in west still unbeaten at home. land of palm trees and --ment
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is 11th minute, tim howard, galaxy on the break. wow. that is goalkeeping. check it out again that. was close. nice job, tim. rapids also had their chances, 28th minute, doyles to harrison, but no cigar. they would settle for a goal the first half and matches in theself and it's now ties at 1, thanks together 51st minute.
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore.
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day 8, colorado's om american record-holder colburn was on the track for to monday's final. michael phelps, he has the gold standard, claimed gold medal no. 23, now has a ccreer-high 28. back on the track, the fastest woman in the world took the women's 100-meter. >> thank you. this is the face of usa wrestling, adline gray and someday soon you may see that smiling face on a wheatie's box.
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colorado springs to get the story. >> think there is say little bit of anticipation and nerves that are building right now. >> yes, that ticker is counting down, but at same time, there is still a lot to could. >> the journey began 19 years when adeline gray started to wrestle at the age of 6 and competed against boys through high school, winning a junior world championship along the way. this summer the denver native will represent the usa on the sports' biggest stage. >> there there is not that many in the country and olympics is one of the ways that we have an opportunity to really be able to expand our wings and test ourselves physically and else emotionally and allow young girls to dream big. % >>she dominated with three world championships and no. 1 ranking in her weight class and hasn't loss since february of 2014. adeline hopes to keep that
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american girl. >> that top of the podium is where i belong and i'm so excited to go out there and earn it. you know, i'm going to have to. >> she is as good as it gets right back now. when it comes to on the mat accomplishments the only thing she is missing win gold in wrestling. >> just the dream to be the first one to make that history is awesome, but i also get to do something very bad-ass and something that i have dreamt about for years. >> from gray to gold. adeline ii the oddson favorite, soon her child dream could become reality. >> i am just lookinn to rio and knowing that i get to go through the whole experience of opening ceremonies and wrestling and i get the olympic village and the party afterwards and my family is going to be there hopefully so i'm excited. >> in case you were wondering
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a bad mixture. hydroplaning one word or two? >> one. >> sam hornish spinning out of control, sweet tokyo drift. justin marks with his first victory on the xfinity circuit city.
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playoffs, the outlaws needed serious help to get in and didn't matter now, taking on the liiards in the semis, hartsell try look at this long bomb, his first career playoff goal. 3-0 lead.
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1-800 collect, i'm accepting the charges. that is say 2-pointer and five straight for denver. 9-6 lead, outlaws scored 7 in the 2nd. seaverts, watch this. molly couldn't have done it better. 20-179 final and face the ohio machine in the championship. best video, i'm told this is it. astros-blue jays,aj reid runs over a -- oh, that is a police officer just trying to be helpful, got pummeled. >> with a stool. >> both player and police officer okay. we have been laughing at jahmai, because he was so inspired by usain bolt tonight. [ laughter ]. >> this man believes he can break 12 seconds in a 100-meter dash and we're going to videotape this and bring this to you someday soon. when do you think you can get it done? >> i need two weeks to train. >> were you talking about it tonight that you could go on the track tonight.
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where is the nearest high school? >> i want the good people to weigh-in on this. >> street% race. >> it is happening. >> i can't believe it. >> i watched the olympics, too and you think i can swim like michael phelps [ laughter ]. >> it's really not real. >> i'm the only one on the set with an athletic background. >> wait can be hold up [ laughter ] >> playing videogames does not count latah as
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creamy swirls of pure indulgence.
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[ panting ] [ beeping ] [ ringing ] mrs. barclay: yes? who is it? mrs. barclay, it's anahita menendez. who?! anahita from 4d. i lost my purse with my keys. would you please buzz me up? [ buzzer ] [ screams ] [ kettle whistles ] well, thank you, darling. of rick's p.i. venture?'s always been a big fantasy of his to be a private investigator, and he says that things are picking up and he's getting more calls at the office every day. yeah, from fans wanting to meet him or people with crazy theories about where he disappeared to for two months or cases that aren't even worth looking into, like missing cats. oh, well, that does seem a bit beneath him. you know, he did this because he was hoping that we would be able to work together again and he thought he might have some interesting cases to solve.


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