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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 13, 2016 11:35pm-12:06am MDT

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? ? i think this is the end. >> explore w themselves through a narrow cave. >> it's getting tighter and tighter. >> this is crazy man. >> why crazy can't begin to describe what they see next. think prison guards saw what was going on here? they did. the question is can you spot it? >> oh, yes. >> plus, a spooky warehouse workers freaked. and a guy making his girlfriend cry. >> because she saw him come out with a box. >> but see why body saw this part coming. exploring with josh, 1.4 million subscribers all over the world. it starts with beautiful shots of canon beach, which will be
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had watched "the goonies" 800 thousand times. and mt. saint helen's in washington state. it kind of does look like one of those tense movies you're watching and -- don't go in there. >> oh, no, he's going in there because it's exploring with josh. as they start getting deeper the to the cave, it starts getting tighter >> that's so scary. >> while they're pretty nervous and it's getting pretty tight, they're still feeling, okay. it's are safe. because like you said there is a stair case. >> the staircase is further that way, not in this inclosed space here. >> that's my limit right there. >> my limit was way back there with the stairs. >> i was going to turn back but i was like we got to keep going. we made it to the very end.
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>> no. >> no flash light? >> you heard him say this girl doesn't have a flashlight. which girl? >> yeah, you see this young girl, she looks maybe 7 or 8 years old. she doesn't speak english and as you can see, she's all scared. they did find something. >> did they keep her? >> no, but they tried to help. >> what's the story of her gett the parents, wente eed a adventuring. and that's the little girl and there's her parents. don't worry, eventually they do bring her out. >> and yeah, she went back and she started crying. it was kind of a crazy situation. >> so t was a good thing josh
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little girl while he was out exploring. >> here's just a small taste of some of the olympic action you may see. see what's happening there? she catch the high jump? no. >> oh, yes. >> my eye initially was attracted to this guy right here in this prison yard dancing around, but if i redirect your sights to the back wall, you'll see a guy in a scaling that wall right there and if you listen closely -- >> oh. him. >> they opened fire? >> they did. you see the guys fall down behind that wall. but seconds later, there he is again. there were two shots, both missed this escaping suspect and keep watching closely as he scales wall after wall and he's running across that grassy area to a waiting van. >> no way.
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no. >> that thing takes off. police are still looking for this guy. the other interesting part is that we're actually getting to see this video. not sure how many of you spent any time in prison, but cell phones, like the one capturing this video are not allowed. >> i think this can't be a maximum security prison. look at all that line for people to scale the wall and get over it easily. >> prison as a semiopen status. so, i think a little bit too open. they put prisoners here they believe have a low risk for flight or escape. guess they underestimated that guy. ? do do do ? >> i think you mean.
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>> well, it worked. they would not press play. this kayaker was out to sea when he thinks he saw a mound of water. he says he saw a big mound of water and then the fin came out. >> it all depends what kind of shark the fin is attached. >> does it matter? >> well, it could be a reef shark and should be fine. >> no, it's a great white. >> luckily there was a whale watching tour boat nearby. and he called for help. it's right next to his kayak. and not so funny anymore. >> circling the kayak because that means that shark is about to attack from below. breach the water. >> this gentleman thinks the same because he said he saw it on one side and then the other and he was just waiting for the
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baump him in the nose. >> my paddle would be moving so fast, it look like a sea boat. >> he says the shark did stick around for about six minutes. towards the end of the video, you do see the whale boat coming his way. >> wow, he actually needed a bigger boat. go figure. >> paranormal activity is the real thing. >> you're 0 for 100 at the time. so, if this is genuinely the one, i'm excited. >> this one is the one video from a warehouse in spain. 1210:00 in the afternoon. not even the middle of the night. there is a warehouse worker
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here. keep an eye on it. that trolley starts moving. first it moves forward and as the worker comes back into the warehouse, you see that it starts turning. freaking the snap out of that warehouse worker. look at he's just jumped back. >> he's like, i don't get paid enough for this. i'm going back. >> they have a remote control piece of fishing line. >> he's walking in front of it it right there. wouldn't he have tripped over the wire? >> exactly. >> bring some soup to the situation. >> whoever pulled the trolley up j left it there, it could have been right towards the edge of a nub in the floor and then it just kind of rolled off that spot in the floor. >> aha, well, that is what other skeptics have said. but these guys have addressed
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>> ain't buying it. rescuers searched through a collapsed hut because -- >> they heard a puppy. >> a tough little survivor is reunited with mom. and a video at a gas station monop why this one's going viral right this minute. s? like finding news to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways, for more people... to experience...
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the easyo-swallow tablet is here.
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itch relief. rash relief. closed by. gold bond. relief starts now. word has come to animal aid india that a hut has collapsed. you're thinking call a fire department, service crews. but it was their aid
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neighbors said they nheard a puppy. this is the hut that collapsed. and you can see it is quite a mess and i'm thinking maybe rain was involved because you can see that place has very moist soil around it. >> it looks like a meteorite landed on this. >> that thing's been there a long time p. >> but as he starts moving the siding, the rescue's a little bit easier than you expect. because right here as he stands on the be careful, you might need a tetanus shot it you get cut, out comes a female pup. >> and luckily she was not trapped too far underneath it. >> once you moved the aluminum siding, it was clear she wasn't deep underneath there. but guess what? mom is not far away. and here she is getting reintroduced to mom.
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and it's not very far away. it looks like she has made her home in what looks like what could be an abandoned house and you see the puppy has a couple of siblings. they're about three puppies you see waiting on some milk once mom gets back home. >> and mom's found pretty good real estate to hide away in. >> these pups need our help because this dog clearly not somebody's pet. willing to take a chance on something. >> stuff like this makes me just so uncomfortable. my heart just goes cold. >> honestly, it gets me all excited. >> and that's why they do it ladies and gentlemen. >> i think it's really cool that these guys are able to do this. that they have that much control over their money.
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about. awesome. >> nice save. >> i call it core controel because he just owns it. and just look at his views. it's like musical monkey bars. >> exactly. go do it that playground. >> hanging from six feet in the air is kind of the same thing as hanging from 600 feet in the air, right? >> strength wise it's exactly the same. >> but where's the fun in that? the excitement that comes from putting your life in danger. come on. >> look at you falling for the bad boy. >> oh, is that what i'm doing wrong? >> there goes another good one. >> you know, guys, it's cool that he can do it but i'm sorry. knock it off.
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business. >> these two videos exist and they are beyond my compr comprehension. i think beyond anyone's comprehension. >> no. no. you're doing it wrong. >> you're supposed to wash the outside of your car, not the inside. >> well, somebody apparently didn't send her that memo because this woman is pressure washer to wash the inside cabin of the truck. >> which begs the question what happens in there? >> did someone go full tarantino on this thing? i'd be suspicious of a woman cleaning a truck like that. >> yeah, where's her husband? anybody seen him? >> in the truck. now over to this gas station and your guess is as good as
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this video from viral video u.k. >> she's squeezing her -- >> yeah. >> oh, that's so gross. >> this woman is in fact using that squeejy that you clean your wind shield with to get rid of the bug gup that you collect as you're draviving on a road trip. >> these are the skypes we need to get. i have to talk to >> that's funny that you said that. because they actually did find her and there's another video that explains why she did this and this video is as perplexing as the previous one. [ bleep] >> whatever you're thinking, cleaning myself is not right. >> makes perfect sense. >> nothing's clear. >> i know. i'm so confused.
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anything you watch, there's guys back there and girls making it all happen. well, in many cases they don't know that they're really in danger until danger finds them. here we are in england at a sports car race. they're waiting for that flag drop and then boom, off they go. the front of the pack gets off without instance. watch what happens towards the back. one guy flies out, tapped and as the -- >> oh. >> oh, no. >> they were on a platform too. >> that car goes tumbling down the track up on what they call the arm core barriers and takes out the tv tower. what happens to the man in the tower? you see he's kind of trapped in a bundle. but he got out uninjured.
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the video happens after the crash has already happened and how did this happen? eventually the camera singled out these two late. allegedly the woman in black was the driver and apparently that car was bought that da faulty. that's how she says the car got where it got. >> so, you mean to tell me you drove off a car lot with faulty brakes. girl, i'm going to need you to tell that to somebody else. >> her and the other girl in the gladiator sandals walk off. >> they just leave the mustang? >> just walk off p..
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did catch up to the alleged driver. >> what do you have? >> mala brought her owner nick a very interesting gift. >> holy -- just caught a bat. >> in case you weren't clear, he just caught a bat. >> okay, you got to stop, you got to >> and the bat isn't dead. it's still moving and now it's flooiing around. >> i got a bat flying around my house now. -- what is going on? >> current update, try to pick it up with the towel, started flying around again and now it's all the way in my mom's room and i have no idea where the -- it is. >> he was originally sharing it
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it started getting retweeted and shared thousands of times but because it's so freakin' entertaining. this went on into the wee hours of the night. >> leave, man, it's not that hard. >> he's ready to pop the question but -- why we're not
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stomach. >> your stomach is full of acid that's dangerous if it gets out. don't try >> it's a beautiful day in big bear. the folks were out on the lake. here they have just enjoying the view. you hear one of the men say "sit down." he's talking to his lady. >> she's already crying. >> because she saw him come out with a box. >> no way. >> not again. >> no, no, no. >> he's pranking her.
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>> even the dog's like no kidding you really dropped this. >> he messed up. >> if it did, i'd be worried. >> and she's crying her little eyes out. >> oh, my gosh. >> oh, you punk. >> his buddy's like i can't believe that. he was in on it it, right? >> because now everybody on happy. i think seize arek she's reliev what's wrong with you. he jumps down on one knee, h proposed and she says yes as she's suck his face off. >> that is a kiss full of love. >> i just have to ask one question. why do men insist on -- >> that would have fell in the water too.
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earrings on. >> you know what, get out of here. congratulations, y'all. >> oh, my god. >> that's a look at toy's top videos. join us on the next "right this
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>> live from hollywood, get ready to laugh at some of the world's funniest comedians right here on now here's your host. >> hello, everybody. thank you so much. welcome to i'm your host, mary anne skinner. i'm so e awesome come medians tonight. we're going to have so much fun. so i was thinking the other day, i think it's kind of funny when you see girls when they take photos. and i do this, too. notice how girls we always take photos of our buns? we take our own pictures? do you know why we do that? because we look thinner. yeah. we look thinner. i'm going to get a shadow light photo.


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