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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  August 14, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MDT

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a city in flames. milwaukee residents tear up the streets and burned buildings after an officer involved shooting there. >> will and today. i can't tell you it will end tomorrow. i don't know when it will end. >> one officer hurt trying to keep the peace. more from that seen in a few minutes. new information about a man killed by police in lakewood. a live look outside at 7:00 on sunday and beauttful start to the day. 90 degree temperatures coming back and katie lasalle has your first alert forecast. >> a hot one out there so stay cool today. high pressure across the state keeping us mostly sunny and dry through monday.
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but elsewhere if you re going westward into the mountains a wonderful start to the day. clear skies out f loveland and chance for storms mainly in higher elevations acroos the eastern slopes of the mountains but should say mostly dry. downtown denver right now 60. 58 at the airport. a couple degrees cooler than this time yesterday but winds have south, southwest. throughout the afternoon seeing temperatures rise and winds will calm down. 90 degrees expected in denver. mix of sun and clouds for ft. collins in boulder. mostly sunny skies for greeley and not much chance for severe weather today but could reintroduce chant for fire watches monday with warm and dry conditions across the western scope. the forecast coming up in just a few minutes. hundreds of police officers
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against police brutality. this is in milwaukee. the protest started when a man with a stolen gun shot and killed by an officer last night. it quickly took on an atmosphere like a riot. the so-called protesters lit a building on fire and 20 yards away from a gas station milwaukee fire department responded to almost a dozen building fires last night which will started by protesters. an officer dead after shot on patrol in georgia. the shooter is still on the run. police think it was an ambush and tried to piece together what happened. breaking news overnight. two man with the gun dropped a cashier at a ticket booth. >> the holiday twin drive-in theater which is on overland trail road in fort collins, and suspects got away on foot. they were described as six feet
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white and the victim didn't get a look at the other guy. a bicycle rider has a broken leg and concussion after a crash last night and police are not sure what happened. >> it happened n boulder where he was found on the ground. the victim told police he doesn't remember what happened. police say the injuries look like he was hit by a car but no witnesses to the crash. they are trying to track d a heartbreaking story out of westminster. a woman dead after a train hitter near 105th and wadsworth. she was wearing headphones as she walked next to the tracks and the operator said he hit the brakes but she did not hear it. walgreens near colfax is closed because of a late-night fiie. >> we are at the store now and they should be open already. >> reporter: they are not oppn yet and in xcel energy worker
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power to the walgreens. let's take a better look at this exterior fire that happened just after 3:00 this morning. exterior fire because it did not make its way inside and no one was injured. it happened after 3:00 this morning and arson investigators were on the scene investigating the cause. we don't know the results of that investigation yet but of course you can see here. luckily it did not make its way inside and no one was injured. we will follow developments as the morning continues. live from the walgreens denver7. wildfire burns in southwestern colorado and being called the spring creek two fire. it has torched many acres. >> no one has lost a their home
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voluntary evacuation order is in place. one-woman we talked to said she was in such a rush to get out she forgot to grab her most valuable things. >> just thinking about getting out as fast as you can. we didn't grab anything. there are rumors on social media and you don't know what the real truth is.>> it started as a small brush fire south of parachute but exploded in size yesterday afternoon. it's 20% contained but more than two dozen homes in the linef help their today. and update. we broke the story yesterday and the man shot by lakewood police has died at. it happened near sheridan and first. we have video with an orange truck with several bullet holes in the windshield outside the 7- eleven. police say officers were trying to arrest a man wanted on seven
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s.w.a.t. team tried to convince him to surrender but when they went in to make an arrest shots were fired and the suspect was it. he died at the hospital and his name is not been released. raw sewage is flowing into an aurora home and the homeowner called us to talk about it. he said it's been going on for a week and as landlord isn't doing anything to fix the problem. brendaliss gonzalez has the story.>> gets nasty. internet -- uninhabitable is the only word i can think of. i'm frustrated and so tired. >> reporter: prefers we not show his last name feeling retaliation from his landlord. it is day eight. he has to live with this mess in his basement. >> its human waste.>> reporter: this is all sewage that came into his home. he says plumbers brain -- claim a broken pipe for the damage whhch he is told is just outside city boundaries. >> there is mold growing >> reporter: his landlord has not fixed the pipe.
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and out and yesterday nothing. >> reporter: plumbers say it could cost thousands to fix and the landlord says it's still livable. >> there's human waste everywhere. >> reporter: we contacted a representative at american homes for rent and waiting for a response from headquarters. in the meantime chose renters insurance is paying for him to stay in a hotel but he wants out for good. >> i would like to get the ability toov denver7. let's get to this morning's olympic update. michael folk wins gold in his final olympic race. they were half a second away from world record time. michael phelps has 23 gold medals for his career. his teammate say he may be planning to return for the 2020 olympics in tokyo what he has said repeatedly this was his last race. a couple of
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moving on. >> he's from colorado springs and two years ago he was working at mcdonald's. now he could be a gold medalist. also jenny simpson a cu boulder alumni is advancing to the final in the 1500 meters and we spoke to her before she left for rio and you can read the story on our free denver7 app. hundreds were out at dia putting strength to the test and show off their strength and courage. it was the annual plane pull fundraiser to raise money for special olympics colorado. >> it was yesterday on the weather was perfect. people competed to be the fastest team to move a boeing seven 5712 feet. it weighs 154,000 pounds. >> you get to come out and have fun and put on silly shirts and
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these athletes.>> it's great. silly shirts and hats and the event has brought in more than $250,000 to special olympics. broncos back on the field for champs camp in yesterday's practice didn't go as planned at least according to coach kubiak. highlights ahead. a state of e over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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7:11 a looking over mile high stadium. the heat is back and 90s later today. don't forget the jefferson county fairer still going on. i think it's the last day today.>> also the boulder asian festival and he colorado brazilian festival in downtown denver.
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look at this. three people have died and over 1000 others had to be rescued after historic flooding in parts of louisiana. more than two feet of rain in a 24-hour span in baton rouge one of the hardest hit areas. >> incredible video of people jumping into rescue helicopters from floodwaters. one-woman was rescued with her dog. their convertible was sinking in a man cut through the top and saved her before she quickly the flooding started.>> my neighbor called me and said look up the street. i looked out and the water was rushing in. i know you have heard this before but it came up so fast we didn't realize it. >> the coast guard getting involved in the rescues. look at this video from a coast guard helicopter. the lord a basket to a woman with a duffel bag and you see the basket swaying in the strong wind as they prefer to safety. we need some of that rain here.
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ring at two colorado because it's been very dry in the metro. >> extremely dry and warm and dry next ffw days bbfore a cold front moves in tuesday through thursday. that's the next best chance for measurable precipitation. yesterday we picked up a lot of rainfall of places likk colorado springs and north eastern plains. strong thunderstorms rolled through and front range state very dry and partly cloudy. today temperatures back in the 90s. will feel a lot like summer this sunday. only chance for precipitation will be on the eastern slopes of the mountains as well as portions of the divide. we will stay hot and dry through monday. outside now starting pretty cool mostly clear across western slope. temperature 61 degrees. lower 40s to mid-forties high country and into greeley and
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highs today very warm. high pressure will dominate across the state and ushers in warmer drier air in grand junction 94. 74 aspen. these temperatures average this time of year but a couple of degrees warmer denver, greeley, ft. collins. south in lamarr 91. uv index is going to be very strong today. you know the drill. where some sunscreen and a hat to protect yourself because burn time if you protected is 15 to 20 minutes and feel that quickly. severe weather outlook today not strong and not anticipating thunderstorms as high pressure stays in control but can't rule out slight chance. futurecast hour by hour, potential for a couple of scattered showers in the springs and further south.
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across the western slope and high country, front range, and eastern plains mostly dry today and overnight very clear conditions. next seven days will be pretty warm. sunday and monday staying in the low 90s. cold front moves in tuesday through thursday's bringing temperatures back down to average. 89 average this time of year but cold fronts will give us next best chance for storm but not anticipating any hail. >> just the rain. just a good downpour is all need. and controversial change to king soopers double coupon policy. starting a week from tuesday the grocery giant will stop doubling manufacturers coupons. adam hammond spoke to one coupon queen about all of this. >> to me a coupon is like cash. if i gave you $5 you wouldn't
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self-proclaimed competitor and publisher. >> the amount of coupon redeemed in a year is in the billions and that is with the letter the. >> reporter: she organizes her coupons in a binder and has a stash that she donates to local nonprofits. but now king soopers is offering more digital coupons i won't double manufactures coupon starting august 23. she says she and other coupons won't save as much. >> by the store issuing the digital coupons they know when their sale dates are and they know when they are giving you the coupon. they may not necessarily give you the coupon at the same time that the price of the product is lower. >> reporter::here's how this works. double coupon up to $1 which means if you have a 50 cent coupon for a tube of toothpaste you say $1 on the cost. but now king soopers say not as many people are doubling and believe more will download
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but laura believes this put some people out. >> there's a large segment of the population and probably those ho need the coupons most we don't have access to computers or don't have the ability to download digital coupons.>> reporter: this could have been a big impact in denver and according to colorado is in the top 10 for coupon use nationnide.>> good the good news is safeway will continue to double nu couponing. i always throw the coupons out in the trash. >> now we know. >> i don't know why.>> you save money in the process. couponing kings and queens.
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i'm jahmai webster. we start at the top. the national football league after a nearly perfect preseason opener for the broncos but success didn't travel to the practice field. here is insider >> broncos box the ears of the bears and then the quarterback heard an earful at saturday's practice. it was sloppy. gary kubbak talked with trevor siemian about not getting rid of it quickly enough and mark sanchez took his fourth pick six. visibly disappointed gary kubiak talked about the offense afterward. >> we didn't practice good
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tough but we handled it defensively but not offensively. it's disappointing for me. i will go look at it today and wake up on monday and tomorrow an off day and then back to work. >> you didn't name the starting quarterback for date two but one player will play as bennie fowler who fractured his right elbow and out at least two weeks. he broke it covering a punt in thursday's win. he woke up after the game and realize there was a problem. >> on the side of the elbow and it's a radi big of a deal and i'll be back in a couple of weeks. >> it creates more webster cody latimer and has a very good camp. more comfortable in the offense in year three and his answer as to why is surprising. >> for me it's not because i'm nervous. i don't want to mess up.
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start. if i mess up, i messed up. i worked fast at play fast. >> broncos off sunday and bbck to work monday and midweek the 49ers come to town for joint practices of wednesday last day for the fans to get a look against the 49ers. back to you, jahmai . >> and how to baseball a maikel franco going deep with the flied to center and a three-run shot. he ruffled feathers by rubbing it in. anderson got even in the fourth and had choice words we can't repeat on this program. the umpire took offense and ejected him. without warning and, tyler wasn't happy and benches before order was restored.
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7:25 and beautiful start to the day. mostly clear conditions and temperatures in the 90s. a hot one out there. >> it will be a scorcher. this might look like a normal nnght for the kids at the museum of nature and science but for these kids it was a special visit. the museum teamed up with the colorado autism society to create a sensory friendly environment. beekeep the area quiet so kids with autism can experience dinosaurs in ways they might not normally get to.>> your voice, your vote, and a ne developing in this year's election. cousins have had donald trump sigg stolen from the arts. this is video across the country. >> respect my opinion to vote for who i want.
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coming up on 7:30 and breaking overnight we show you
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involved shooting. >> you see businesses burning in the streets. the brother the man shot by police talk to our affiliate as the riots were happening. >> it's not us. it's the police. it's the madness they spark up. this is what they encourage and provoke and we don't have anyone to protect us. this is what you get. you get riots. you have people out here going crazy. we lose loved ones every day to people sworn in to protect us. >> one officer injured and no word how many protesters were arrested. local police meet with church leaders this morning to talk about a plan to restore trust. the 68-year-old was last seen getting on a bus in west arkansas and self-driving. he was wwaring a gray t-shirt, grey pants and black tennis shoes. if you see him call denver police. 7:30 and walgreens remains closed after a fire outside. we are live near colfax with the details.>> reporter: i am on the corner of colfax and race right behind the -?walgreens.
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extensive in terms of the dumpster area. it happened after 3:00 this morning. denver fire calls it an exterior fire because it did not make its way inside and no one injured. arson investigators on scene after 3:30 this morning and don't have details whht led to it or the results of the investigation it is ongoing. xcel energy worker that was her an hour ago and was working get power back has left since then but we are told they have not reopened and could take a few more hours to get everything back to normal. live outside of the walgreens, denver7. coming up on 7:30 and first alert that we will see a lot more sunshine across
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activity overnight south near trinidad. clouds will clear from west to east through the morning hours. you can expect the next 24 hours, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the 80s and lower 90s. we will stay mostly dry and high pressure dominates across the state keeping it very clear. rocky mountain national park, glacier bay, beautiful day for a hike, walk the dog or mountain biking. if you are trying to escape the heat, the mountains will see the 70s clear blue skies to start sunday morning and across denver temperature 62. 58 at the airport. humidity relatively high 60%. it will dropnd winds from the south, southwest at 7 miles per hour. winds will pick up a nice increase this afternoon with temperatures expected to reach and lower 90s. mark arum castle rock seeing mid to lower 80s.
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in greeley and ft. collins slight chance for storms in the forecast and futurecast coming up in a few minutes. new this morning this 19- year-old will spend five days in jail for taking pictures of women in a changing room at the outlet set castle rock. austin baker will spend four years on probation as a sex offender. many viewers saying they are outraged with the sentence given to a former cu boulder student convicted of rape >> austin wilkerson will spend two years on work release in 20 years probation with no prison time. more than 12,000 people have signed an online petition and asking lawmakers to impeach the judge. we spoke with a woman who started the petition. >> it could have been me. >> reporter: one becca cales heard about what happened to the cu student raped at a party
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it hit close to home. >> it's a hot button issue and no one wants to think of their daughter or sister or girlfriend going to college and getting raped. >> reporter: in a statement the survivor said after the attack she attempted suicide saying her life has been ruined socially, psycholooically, academically and austin wilkerson has sparked national outrage.>> it's not sitting well with the victim. >> reporter: it'' been compared to the stanford rape case when brock turner was given only six months for sexually assaulting an unconscious girl. >> it's ridiculous. the second one in a few months. one here and one in california. >> reporter: 1 million people signed a petition to oust a california judge so she decided to start the same process heee. >> it sets a bad precedent in the state to handle these kind of cases with what essentially is a slap on the wrist.
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punishment. >> the judge is not up for reelection until 2020. we reached out for him for an interview but a spokesman says under the code of conduct judges caanot comment on cases. look at this video. it shows a thief caught in the garage in the middle of the afternoon as the homeowner and his fianci were inside. i spoke to the homeowner. >> we all had a stake in living here and would like to keep our stuff. crooks seem to be coming together.>> this is coming -- the coming a common event. burglaries happened three times as often this year as last year. if you recognize the sky, call police. homeowners are doing what they can to stay safe. police say it appears to be a
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for tte gentleman i talked to, he has now locked the side door to his garage in the fencc. if it's harder maybe they will move on and not pick your house in the first place. this is a sad story out of brayton. eight horses killed after a barn catches fire. it happened at 112 and piccadilly where the fire was started by an accide but would not say more. someone hacked a construction sign on first and broadway. we're not sure what it supposed to say but the hacker changed it to say lsd bags. police say the signs are owned by a construction company and the owners were notified. it'ssnot the first time we have seen sides change on this stretch of broadway in one of the least vocal messages we
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pictures and tweet us at denver channel. in our nation's capital three employees get stuck in an elevator on the washington monument which is 555 feet tall. not clear how high the elevator was when it gets stuck at all three made it out safely. the monument could be shut down today as maintenance crews can't fix the issues. i will tell you honestly. i'm not running against crooked hillary clinton. media. >> that message very clear but over the past week our team has been tracking some mixed messages from both presidential candidates. >> marshall zelinger has a fact check.>> and she gets to pick her judges nothing you can do folks. although the second amendment people maybe there is. >> reporter: donald trump igniting a firestorm with comments that some say encourage second amendment supporters to use violence against hillary clinton to protect gun rights. the clinton camp condemned the
7:38 am
context saying it's hard to wait it. >> his words are nebulous enough that you can't pin down what he means. >> reporter: his campaign released a tatement saying second amendment people have amazing spirit and are tremendously unified which gives them great power. >> enough to a lot of room for interpretation whether he meant that at the rally. >> reporter: hillary clinton talking about immigration reform thissweek saying undocumented workers help pad social security's trust fund. >> people who go to work and help support the economy they $12 billion a year into social security. >> reporter: that figure cited by clinton from the social security administration but other studies cite a smaller number. >> we found another estimate that put the specific worker contributions lower at $7 billion. >> reporttr: they waited clinton's $12 billion claim as
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advantage, emailing his comments in a fundraising message the morning after he made them. marshall zelinger and i will
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welcome back. hopefully you got a cup of coffee and watching us this morning. maybe you will head west later and get away from the heat. 90s in the plains and cooler in the high country. maybe breezy with the camera moving off of i-70. traffic running smoothly so if you want a quick getaway on a sunday, the mountains are a good bet. it appears a tax on sugary drinks are headed o the ballot in boulder. you can expect it to get passed down to you the we asked the partners at national jewish health whht's the point of this? >> these are not healthy items and that's the key thing. people who consume sugar sweetened beverages, men are on -- men have a higher chance of developing diabetes and coronary disease. sugar sweetened beverages are less than ideal in many ways.
7:43 am
tax sugary drinks. a new study about lgbt teenagers in the country and those teams are bullied twiie as often as straight teens and more than 40% consider suicide. it's the first time the cdc have asked teens about their sexual orientation. >> one thing they found hi feel sad, to feel hopeless, to feel depressed and not surprisingly you see up to 5 times increase in use of illegal drugs.>> cdc leaders say they hope to develop schools to develop anti- bullling strategies. we know which animal lives longer than the rest. the greenland shark and lived to the age of 400. these sharks live near greenland in the arctic sea. they are between 13 and 16 feet long and while it may sound
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400, there is a catch. they don't hit sexual maturity until there are 150 years old. >> it's all relative. >> the things we learn on sunday morning. you won't run into sharks
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7:45 and if you need to go somewhere where there is water, drink plenty of it, swim, because it will be hot and 90s are back and will stay a bit. you ccn also go to the platte river. the surf is up on the south platte river. in less than two weeks, the metro area's first-ever with car surfin oxford and santa fe. >> four years in the making and we show you how it's changing the area.>> reporter: derrik thomas his love for surfing was born in hawaii. >> in hawaii we have a different way of and that's how i was introduced for river surfing.
7:47 am
a landlocked state. >> first and foremost it's an endless wave. it's our it's there and its dynamic and comes up and down. >> reporter: lucky for him the search got a lot easier. >> the entire project will highlight the river and it will reconnect the community with the river. >> reporter: you were looking at the area's first-ever river surfing part. a $14 million project transpiring it into six waves and in two weeks the first waves will be ready to ride. one for the more experienced than the other, we will see about that. >> the learning curve is quick. once you learn safety, wring a life jacket and helmet and learning how the currents work, you will surf in a matter of hours. >> reporter: it's a game changer. >> eeic. totally epic. >> reporter: when they hope will flow through the community. >> you don't have to pay to use this. it's like it parkour ballfield like anywhere else. a unique experience for the
7:48 am
molly hendrickson denver7. >> the official opening is august 25. you have to bring your own gear life jacket since there is no - lifeguard.>> it looks hard. >> they have it at waterworld, the simulated wave. i can do that pretty good. >> so you may be able to do this on the river. you can't knock it until you try it. anybody of wadi of water you can be near would be pleasant. for the most part staying very dry throughout the day today across much of colorado. warmer conditions sticking with us through monday. expecting a slight chance for precipitation mainly across the mountains and eastern slopes of the high ountry and places like the continental divide. radar and satellite this morning picking up a little bit of moisture early on but mostly cloudy conditions across the
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. mostly staying dry. burlington mix of sun and clouds and clouds eventually clear from west to east throughout the morning. loveland area if you're going to the mountains will be a great day. very lush and green and slight chance were passing afternoon % storm for higher elevations and portions of the eaatern slopes of the mountains. denver now near 60 degrees and mostly clear skies and continuing to stay very sunny throughout the day. here's you can expect next 24 hours. upper 80s and low 90s by this afternoon. increasing clouds coverage into the evening but for the most part mostly clear and dry. highs across the state 94 grand junction. 70s and mid-80s and places like eagle, ft. collins and greeley. colorado springs up to 83.
7:50 am
you know how fast the sun and burn if you are wearing sunscreen, sunglasses or a hat. the sun a strong and 50 to 20 minutes your skin can burn. risk for severe weather is very low and not anticipating any strong thunderstorms with hail but a slight chance were sprinkles here and there. throughout the morning mostly dry and could pick up activity to the south but mostly clear heading into this evening. dry overnight and startingg tomorrow on a sunny tonight down to 58 degrees a partly cloudy skies. tomorrow more sunshine and warmer with temperatures back 3 in the low 90s. today temperature 90. tomorrow hotter and continuing to see a cold front cong into the state tuesday through thursday so better chance for stronger storms on thursday afternoon. overnight lows very mild in the upper 50s and lower 60s. dry conditions and couldd absolutely use any moisture we
7:51 am
dry. >> if saturday sticks, 81 will feel nice. they are very comfortable. the hero's homecoming 75 years ii the making. the remains of a world war ii sailor laid to rest in colorado springs. medal of honor recipient john charles england was killed in an attack more than 70 years ago. initially the remains couldn't be identified so he was buried with other pro- in hawaii. recently family members identified his remains and they tell us it's the closure they needed. >> i think the mourning process was disrupted because they didn't have a place to go mourn or anybody to bury. for our family it's a beautiful sense of closure that has been needed for 75 years. >> his body was laid to rest next to his parents. >> august is breast-feeding awareness month and a perfect
7:52 am
of breast-feeding so our partners at ss. joseph's -?hospital says breast milk has lots of benefits for babies health. it decreases the chance of diabetes and obesity later in life. they have fewer ear infections and respiratory infections if they are breast-fed. >> human milk has antibodies from mom to keep babies healthy and babies in the hospital are in a big community and it protect the baby's immunity properties. >> doctors say there are benefits for moms like a lower chance of breast and ovarian cancerssand protects against arthritis and aids in losing weight because the body uses 500 calories just making breast milk.
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? ? ee-e-e-oh-mum-oh-weh ? ? hush my darling... ? my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] ? hush my darling... ? [snoring.] ? don't fear my darling... ? ? the lion sleeps tonight. ? [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. looking at this morning's
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millions of dollars of damage due to the late-night riots in milwaukee. protesters came out after man with a stolen gun shot and killed by police. a dozen buildings burned and an officer injured but should be okay. the man shot by lakewood police yesterday morning died. police say officers were trying warrants who told police he had a gun. swat officers tried to convince him to surrender for 3 hours and when they went into arrest them shots were fired and the suspect hit and died at the hospital. two man with the gun robbed the cashier at the ticket booth at the holiday twin theater in ft. collins. the suspect scott away and they were described as two six-foot tall men in their late 20s. i am live behind the walgreens on colfax were an exterior fire daaage to the dumpster area.
7:56 am
after 3:00 a.m. this morning a denver fire called it an exterior fire as it did not make its way inside the building and no one was injured. arson investigators were on the scene and right now the walgreens is still close to. on clearance from the fire marshall. earlier this morning and xcel energy worker was on scene because the fire took out the power inside. it has been closed for the last seveeal hours. wasn't arson. waiting for the results of the investigation still. live from the walgreens on colfax and race denver7 news. this is your first alert. a hot day outside and temperatures across the state warm and denver broomfield low 90s. 82 expected high in evergreen.
7:57 am
we will be seeing good chance for warm and dry conditions sunday and monday. next best chance for rain
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. on the ropes? after another off-message week for donald trump. >> barack obama is the founder of isis. nothing you can do, folks. although the second amen people, maybe there is, i don't know. >> more republicans now breaking from their nominee. >> i just cannot support donald trump. >> and with new polls showing clinton pulling away in key swing states, even trump now asking, can he still win? >> it's either going to work, or, i'm going to, you know, i'm gonna have a very, very nice, long vacation. >> so is the race now hillary clinton's to lose? we'll ask top foreign policy advisers to both campaigns. plus, after mof searching. has the never-trump movement found its man? does this former cia agent stand


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