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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. high levels of lead causing concerns in one county, showing up in the drinking water in schools. >> a state of emergency in louisiana this morning after flooding turns deadly, leaving ten offense thousands needing >> reporter: live on south broadway this morning, outside the two-lane protected bike path going into effect today. hear what business owners have to say about the change. breaking news this morning, a deadly crash in clear creek canyon. it appears to be involving speed and alcohol. one person is dead and two
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shows rescuers in the canyon: >> and new this morning, a woman rescued after getting lost while hiking, but it was not your ordinary rescue operation. >> the 911 operator used the call to ping her cell phone and get coordinates on her location, then using that and the position of the moon they directed her on how to walk out on very fortunate. take a live look outside. looking like another hot week for most of us. >> it's only 67. >> that means we're going up. >> we'll be likely into the 80s by about 10:00, another afternoon of the 90s. but it's august. this is not abnormal. we'll have temperatures by about 8:00, 71 degrees. nice start, mostly sunny, sunshine through the afternoon.
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afternoon, they will be few and far between. highs will be near 90, 92 degrees here in denver. low 90s covering northeastern colorado, upper 90s closer to pueblo and lamar. it's a touch warmer than what we saw last week. we have a slim chance around 1:00 of a few storms popping up in the mountains and rolling over the plains. jason, probably not much of but we'll get more later in the week. >> what? no? we have a mixed drive here on i-25 through yale and evans. they did paving on the northbound side of i-25 overnight but not all the lanes are paved. there are smooth areas and
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take a look at the overall map. up at 144th and lowell, they were going to work through monday. hoping they will get that done earlier rather than later. they are also still working on overhead lines at alameda and this is closed brake light chambers and sable. they say for a few days, that's a big situation here. take mississippi to the south, maybe 6th avenue to the north for a few days. the jefferson county coroner identified the woman hit and killed by a train in westminster. she was 20-year-old amanda kim jong un they are.
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but she didn't hear it. new bike lanes are opening today and business owners are already giving them mixed reviews. amanda del castillo is looking into this this morning. >> reporter: some business owners are hopeful the two-way protected bike lanes will bring in more customers. others say they are concerned it will keep the regulars coming. it takes away one lane of traffic and moves parking away from the curb. >> every person is like, can i park here, am i going to get a ticket. >> reporter: denver 7 also spoke with business owners on
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already has a protected bike lane and they say parking is easy enough to figure out and they are not worried about that anore. amanda del castillo, degenerative 7. but a civil rights teen says it's likely they will get their jobs back through the appeals process. >> there is no point in firing these officers. >> the career services board which oversees discipline for the department has a long history of overturning firings, incllding that of deputy thomas ford, who was caught on video punching an inmate. he got an entire year of back
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shannon foster says she was nearly attacked taking her dog out a few nights ago. >> a guy came at us from this side. he was walking up the street and started walking faster, so i walked faster. it was faster, faster, faster. >> the neighborhood is proposing two possible solutions: water the lawn at night so people can't sleep on the grass, or add lighting that comfortable for sleeping. less a man is in seeious condition this morning after being shot in the parking lot of the aurora town center mall. this happened about 5:00 last night. police say the victim and suspect know each other.
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roof collapsed on him and his wife. there you can see the roof that trapped the couple underneath for a while. the family victim was hurt but her injuries were not serious. this soldier stationed at fort carson was killed in afghanistan. staff sergeant christopher wilburr from illinois died friday in a noncombat incident. he was there as operation freedom sentinel, an effort to drive down terrorist activity. evacuations have been lifted for this fire in mesa county. last night the sheriff's office ordered everyyne near the spring creek fire to get out and leave. this morning they can go back. the fire has grown a little bit to 621 acres but not threatening any homes right now. it's burned some outbuildings and trailers and cars. crews have it about 40%
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weekend in larimer county trying to put out this fire in wellington. it burned 525 acres and was caused by an illegal burn. no building were damaged but it did burn a bridge. in colorado spriigs, an 8- inch pipe failed and caused a sinkhole to open up. the road should reopen sometime today. gunfire, chaos in milwaukee after an armed man is killed by a police officer. >> and the latest on the aftermath from these riots that led to another shooting. and a woman and dog trapped in a car as it was going under the water. how brave folks helped out in louisiana. >> and it's a mild start, hot this afternoon. low 90s by 5:00 and we could see a few storms.
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12 minutes after 5:00 this monday, 67 degrees in denver. a live look outside the denver 7 studios this morning, nice start to the day. four people have died as historic floodg louisiana and more than 20,000 people have had to be rescued. >> the federal government declared a major disaster for the state and the national guard has moved in as well. officials say more rain is in the forecast this week. a couple spotted a sinking ccr in baton rouge. you can see it going down
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one guy jumps in, pulls the driver out before the car goes completely under. she comes up and says, my dog is still in there. another guy dives in and gets the dog out. both the woman and dog appear to be okay because of the two strangers. >> that's amazing. in the philippines, a tornado ripping through the capital. this was caught on a time lapse camera from a apartment. there were no casualties and just minor damage. what do we have? >> calmer than both of those. we'll have a few storms this afternoon but otherwise pretty hot and pretty dry. 88 degrees today, the record 98 and we're in the low 90s this afternoon. 63 in denver right now, winds west southwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour in town.
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conditions closer to the foothills this morning. 84 by 11:00, around 92 by 3:00 and 5:00. we'll see plenty of sunshine today, very few storms expected. i'll show you what those look like coming up in a few minutes. highlands ranch, 91 today, evergreen 82 and 89 in boulder today. looks like upper 70s, low in the central mountains. around 1:00 this afternoon, spotty showers and storms in the mountains. around 4:00, 5:00, we get a couple storms across northeastern colorado. there could be a few isolated storms that turn stronger. you'll find from the palmer
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should see by sunset a chance for a few storms there which will clear up overnight. today we're in the low 90s, 92 in denver, pretty sunny and hot with a few late day storms. we'll see a few afternoon storms every day this week. the bright spot on wednesday, i don't know why. we could put it on any day. >> it's hump day, that's why. >> really all week long good. storms likely thursday. thursday and friday we'll be watching. we're near 80 by friday and ttrough the weekend. highway 6 and 119, all is open affer an overnight accident. easy driving there.
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canyon looking good. take a look at the overall map. we have restrictions on the westbound side of arapahoe. all the lanes are open there. c-470 looking okay. i-25 around yale, going up to evans, part of it is smooth and part is not. motorcyclists, definitely be aware of that. this part of alameda is shut down between for line repair. they said it would be quote- unquote, closed for a few days. is that a day, three, four, seven? we'll check it out later this morning. the rest of the drive looks okay. thank you. following developments on a news alert out of jefferson county after high lead levels have been showing up at the water in schools there. the district says it learned of the problem last spring and has
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more than 150 school buildings. >> reporter: so far the district says it's tested 91 of its schools and found elevated lead levels at several. obvious concern for parents here whose kids could be drinking that water. a spokesperson says 92% of all the water that's been tested in the district has come back perfectly fine. the problem is that leaves 8% of been tested so far that is not perfectly fine. a spokesperson said any sample taken, 8% have been shut down immediately. they have not been able to identify whether it is fixtures or pipes feeding the school. there are still about 70 schools left to test here and
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schools. jefferson county begins school on thursday. jason gruenauer, denver 7. the search is over for a suspect who killed a police officer in georgia. >> police say rahim deeds shot and killed officer tim smith over the weekend while the officer was responding to a call of a suspicious person. police say the suspect shot the officer when he ggt out of his cruiser. officer smith fired back. the shooter got away caught early this morning. in milwaukee a man was shot by police, sparking several violent riots. dennis smith was killed over the weekend by a black police ceoffir. they say smith had a loaded gun and refused to put it down. some businesses were set on fire and four police officers
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people have been arrested. in ohio, donald trump will lay out proposals to fight isis after yesterday going on a tirade against the media, saying if the media covered him honestly he'd beat hillary clinton by 20%. but hillary letting up. she's opening new campaign officers in our state, one in denver and one in durango. she has 14 officers in colorado. relief for thousands this morning as the border between venezuela and colombia is reopened after being closed for almost a year. for some it's not a moment too
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5:22, welcome back. 63 degrees but should be a nice day today, hitting the 90s again. lisa has more details coming
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lochte showing his appreciation for the outpouring of support after he and three other swimmers were robbed at gunpoint in rio. >> he and three others were headed back after a night at the club when it happened. they are all safe and cooperating with police. a colorado wrtler hopes to bring home the gold, and her family is cheering >> adeline gray often competed in men's tournaments. >> i'm nervous. i mean, to be an olympian is her dream. >> she's ready for it. she's earned that title of world champion and now she needs to go out there and prove it one more time. >> and she could bb the first u.s. woman to win the gold in wrestling, so something to
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>> it's awesome she has to wrestle with men because there were not programs. >> i like the dad, from gray to gold. take a look at the sunshine out here, still widely scattered dark. but we will have a bright sunrise this morning. 64 at city park, 9 at evergreen and 44 in estes park. last week we with overnight lows in the 0s in the mountains. won't be that cool this week, at least till the end of it. at the bus stop this morning, a nice start. by 8:00, 9900, we should be in the low 70s, then about degree warmup. good day for the sprinklers. slip and slide, my favorite.
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across aurora. take a look at the map. 6th avenue, restricted here later on today for the work on the sewer line by the hospital. basically banek to broadway, you'll see the restrictions this morning. dia looking good, security wait times 15 minutes and all the parking lots are open this morning. a bizarre burglary in neighborhood.
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troopers overnight tweeted this picture, showing rescuers in the dark. >> and the jefferson county schools has a problem on their hands: lead >> reporter: the district says 92% of the water they have tested out of a good number of the district's schools is perfectly fine.
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they are not sure if it is in the faucets or fixtures in the school. parents are even urged to send kids with bottled water. >> there could be teachers that are pregnant themselves. we just believe all the taps and all the potential problems within the school buildings itself need to be tested. >> reporter: the district blames this on aging buildings in many of the schools they have tested. however, they have not been


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