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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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it is 6:00 a.m. lead at some schools in jefferson county. what's the district doing about ? >> and a drunk driver's excessive birthday celebration is blamed >> and he broncos are back on the practice field this morning. >> and lisa has a look at the first alert forecast. a lot of sunshine this morning and it's going to be a bright drive this morning and this afternoon. this is a live look from the wireless camera in burlington, just a few clouds off in the distance. by 8:00 expecting about 71 and
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that covers eastern colorado. 70s and 80s through our central mountains. threat for severe weather today is to the north and east of colorado. your first alert, if we get a few storms it's likely some rain, lightning and thunder. if you're waking up, highway 6 and clear creek canyon is opened back up after a bad crash. here across commerce city, 270 westbound side of i-70 by watkins. very slight delays here but the rescue squad is on the way there. the big deal, reported here with overhead line repair on alameda. it was closed yesterday and it will be closed quote-unquote for a few da here. until that's open, take alternates like 6th avenue or
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the rest of the drive looks okay for now. breaking overnight, troopers say a drunk driver triggered a fatal accident in clear creek canyon. troopers haven't released information on the victims but police say the driver was impaired. this tweet shows the rescuers . authorities say 20-year-old amanda kirchner was hit and killed over the weekend by a train at wadsworth and 105th. they believe she had head phones in and the investigation is continuing. bicyclists will now have a two-way lane with steel poles protecting them from traffic on
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about the new lanes. >> reporter: business owners along this six-block stretch worry the changes will keep chemofrom their shops, affecting access, parking and revenue. 14th street downtown already has a similar bike path and business owners there say it didn't take long for people to wette change and parking away from the curb. one lane of traffic was taken away at south broadway to accommodate the change. ?ome business owners here say they are hopeful they will have new customers, people who preeer traveling on bikes, coming into their shops. amanda del castillo, denver 7. 6:03.
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shooting in aurora's town from mall about 5:00 last night. two men got into an argument and one shot the other. the victim should survive. police are still investigating. there are new efforts to clean up the 16th street mall in the denver area. some say the increased enforcement is pushing homeless people into other parts of the city. one woman has denver's mayor. >> bring his wife, daughters, anybody he cares about, let them walk around here and see how he feels about how safe it is. >> a homeless man verbally assaulted our crew while we were just out videoing the story, even grabbed a tripod and threw it several yards. one proposal is new lighting to make it more uncomfortable for
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sprinklers on at night. take a look at this video out of milwaukee after a second night of protests. one person was shot during last night's protest and an officer was taken to the hospital. the rioting started saturday night when a black officer shot a black man with a stolen gun. protesters assaulted including officers. 17 people were arrested and four officers were hurt. one man says all the violence is a waste. >> what are we doing? it's not going to make a difference? only going to make things worse really, because we're doing too much. we're burning stuff down, you know. and we're not contributing to
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contributing to. turning to the olympics, four american swimmers are safe after they were robbed at gunpoint at the rio olympics. ryan lochte was among the victims and the international olympic committee initially denied the report but lochte gave a detailed account of the assault to police. this damage is caused by a brush fire in larimer county. 525 acres burned in illegal burn. no structures were damaged in this case but a bridge was destroyed because of the fire. hundreds are back in their homes this morning after a
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lifted in mesa county. the spring creek 2 fire burned more than 600 acres and some cars and trailees. so far crews have it about 40% contained. a man is in critical condition after a roof collapsed on him and his wife in elizabeth while they were trying to tear down an outbuilding. the roof trapped the couple underneath but will be okay. a matter in break opened up a sinkhole in colorado springs. utility workers say an 8-inch pipe burst and caused the sinkhole to crews are working to fix the road and open it today. nearly 10% of the water samples in jefferson county in the water. jason gruenauer ii live in golden where more tests are being done. >> reporter: still 70 schools to go since jefferson county decided they would test each
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they have tested 91 and several samples have come back with elevated levels of lead. according to a jefferson county school district spokesperson, 92% of all the water samples they have tested since the spring have come back perfectly fine. that leaves 8% with some lead in it. so the district said they have gone through the sinks and faucets and those had lead were shut down. the district is blaming this on aging buildings but have not said if it's the fixturess faucets or pipes that lead into the school. some parents are concerned about those drinking that
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likelihood of actual lead poisoning from this is very low, but if you think your child was exposed to lead in the water, you're urged to have them checked out by a doctor. jason gruenauer, denver 7. hundreds have been hospitalized after drinking tainted tap water in new zealand. the town is trucking in waters from other areas and the water. the broncos were off yesterday after thursday's preseason win over the bears. >> they will play the 49ers on saturday and the team hasn't said who will start at quarterback. sanchez started against the bears. >> i saw a quarterback that's determined, that wants to go out and make plays. i also saw the same out of trevor and the same out of patrick. i think the room is very hot
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tuned to see who keeps making the most plays. >> coach kubiak says he wants to see all three play. >> this week is the last week you'll be allowed to visit broncos training camp. wednesday is the last open practice, free to get in and free parking. maybe something to do before you go back to school. devastation in louisiana, where 20,000 people have been rescued from flooding over the weekend, and more rain could be on the way. >> here at home we are dry. notice by about 6:30, we have a few storms that will pop up. looks like the evening commute, some isolated activity.
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week. >> and if you're driving near alameda and sable, there's a
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the denver sheriff's department fired three deputies for excessive force allegations, like smashing an
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someone's head into a table. >> the career service board has a long history of overturning firings. one attorney said they believe in comparative discipline, meaning a deputy can't be fired unless another deputy was fired for a similar incident. >> the message to deputies, even if you engage in the most aggregious forms of excessive force, your jobs four people have died in record flooding in louisiana and more than 20,000 were rescued over the weekend.
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to stay with a total stranger. >> she and her family, they are the most kind, amazing people ever. >> we have had our own flooding but 20,000 people? that's huge. hours. we could use a little rain here. you can see a beautiful start to the day, gorgeous sunrise with clear skies and a bright eastbound drive. we are going to be near 90 degrees for most of the week. today likely one of the warmest days this week, cooler by friday. ww'll see a few afternoon storms every afternoon. there's a better chance by thursday into friday. highs today, upper 80s to low
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it's already hot by that point with mostly sunny skies. we'll have a few isolated storms this afternoon, may help calm things down. castle rock 85, parker 87, and most foothills and mountains locations in the upper 70s to low # 0s today. pueblo and lamar 96 degrees by 4:00. out west, western slope witt dry conditions. the storms that pop up, they are few and far between. by about 2:00 we have spotty activity in the mountains. a big ridge of high pressure wwll break down later in the week but today keeps temperatures warm. around 5:00, we have a few storms near denver. there is a ccance along the palmer divide and farther east
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get a few more storms. likely these won't turn severe. the threat is really low today. the rockies are back in town and it's going to be a warm game. we are expecting a few isolated showers but very few of them, so i think we'll be fine. first pitch at 6:40 for that game. tomorrow, wednesday and thursday, upper 80s days. storms are likely on thursday, when we're tracking ourrnext notice this brings us down in the upper 70s, close to 80 on friday. this is the first alert that cooler air extend through the weekend. overnight lows will get chillier with mid- to upper 50s. we have a big problem for folks in aurora right now.
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sable, this is being repaired and this section of alameda is closed. they said it will be closed for quote-unquote a few days, and started yesterday. so your guess is as good as mine. a lot of folks are using alameda over to center point and back over the sable. you can use 6th avenue or mississippi to get around it to be closed down. the other problem, a rollover crash near watkins. you can see it was a car towing one of the u-haul trailers going west on i-70. i can see the skid marks there. they rolled over, significant damage to the car and trailer there. not seeing any delays up to the north side, here at 144th and
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they said that was going to continue through the day. the rest of the ride looks pretty typical. 36-year-old christopher wilburr from illinois died in afghanistan. he died friday in a noncombat incident and more details about his death have not been released. the washington monument was closed again yesterday because of elevator problems. 490 feet up. back in july issues forced the monument to close nearly a week. still going on. your voice your vote this morning. >> donald trump is blasting the media, saying on twitter he'd be winning by 20% if the media would over him honestly.
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>> the latest poll shows trump trailing hillary clinton in colorado. clinton is building her ground game here in colorado with 14 offices compared to trump's four offices across the state. members of congress will take another look at the e- scandal, looking at the notes teen by the fbi. clinton spoke with the fbi during the investigation of her private e-mail server while she was secretary of state.
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since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision. 6624, 62 degrees outside. beautiful shot of the sunrise
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nelson spruce caught the game-winning catch against the rams opening night. the rams coach jeff fischer took notice. >> got a chance to help us win games. he's talented. look at what he did setting the pac 12 record. pretty impressive. >> he is doing all this after not being drafted the last draft. >> how cool is that. good story. we have a beautiful start at loveland, just a nice shot here. for the kids heading to school, bus time.
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70s. by the time they're heading home, right around 92. isolated storms possible today but it will be likely toward the evening commute, 5:00 to 7:00 that we'll get a few afternoon storms. upper 80s, low 90s today for denverrand fort collins. jason, it will get cooler later in fact week. more on that coming up. this is a crash at watkins. this is every parent's nightmare when they go to college. the u-haul flipped over. but look in here. that's a dog that's in there. looks like he's okay. he's already wearing the cone. so it's already wearing the cone there inside the car. the driver is in there, too. looks like they will be okay. the sheriff's department is out
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6:27 now. four suspects on the run after an armed robbery at a marijuana dispensary. >> plus the most recent water
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. it is 6:30. overnight in clear creek county, troopers say this crash was the result of an alcohol- fueled birthday celebration gone wrong, their words. one person died in this and two others are in the hospital this morning. troopers haven't said what led up to the crash except that alcohol and speed were both a factor.
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broadway. some are worried about the impact of businesses. amanda del castillo is live alock long south broadway this morning. >> reporter: surprisingly, more people are riding on the sidewalk. business owners hope this leads to more people sh their stores. others worry it could keep people from visiting since a lane of traffic was taken away and parking was moved. only time will tell, but the lanes open today with city leaders inviting officials out at 10:00 this morning. for the next three months they are accepting public input. the lanes will be in place for a minimum of 15 months. they are only taking public input for the first three
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need to extend the bikeway or extend the 15-month time period. live on south broadway, amanda del castillo, denver 7. traffic is moving great. i-25, not so much. southbound i-25, multicar accident here. this is just approaching hamden and much of the highway is blocked. squeezing by with the lane and ramp lane to go south on i-25. traffic is solid, growing back to evans very quickly. this will add 10 to 15 minutes at least here, and the longer it sits here the longer the delay will be. this is the big accident right now. out here in aurora. e spot is if you use alameda, between sable and chambers still closed. it will be closed for a couple
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going to ccnter point to get around it. you can use 6th enue or mississippi until they get that open as they conto work on the overhead line. otherwise just starting to see heavier traffic in the other usual spots. we have a beautiful sunrise, very bright out there. it will be a bright drive, wind out of the southwest 5 to 15 miles we're starting out very nice, 92his afternoon with sunshine to start and a chance of storms around 5:00, 7:00. greeley 91 today, and it's warm in the mountains. we have a first alert on the seven-day forecast that we'll talk about coming up. mitch? a lot of people are angry
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from denver water. denver water said it needed a 3.8% increase, but some folks say their bills went up 20% to 30%. people who use the most water are saving up to 30%. >> they said they didn't make enough money because they didn't sell enough water, so they increased the rate. that's a bit of >> tv water says we have had less rain and using more water, leading o the rates. the epa found lead in the water at several jeffco schools. >> and jason, the kids are going back to school thursday. >> reporter: it's one of the last things parents want to
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it's not widespread but still quite the concern for parents. the district has been testing all summer long, testing each and every school. one man says he was told about elevated lead levels at red rocks elementary school through e-mail. parents were then asked to send water with their kids to school. >> we're really our kids' health. we tested all the drinking sources. so far 92% of what we have tested was perfectly fine. that remaining 8%, we shut it down. nobodyycan use it. >> reporter: the district as off now has tested water at several different sources at 91 schools and are still testing 71 more. they say the likelihood of lead poisoning from this is very
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back on thursday. jason gruenauer, denver 7. deputies say 28-year-old travis nellies tried to stab a woman in larimer county on saturday night. west of fort collins the couple were camping and he is now facing assault charges. four armed robbers robbed a dispensary yesterday. three mask without a mask used a gun in the robbery and got away with cash and marijuana products. there is a reward for information leading to their arrests. this is the scene out of steamboat springs, cell phone video from yesterday morning. police are now investigating this fire and haven't said if they believe this was a case of
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the fire was burning. fire crews had to shut off the gas and then able to get things under control. the home was a total loss and even spread to nearby trees. the homeowners were out of town but sadly there may have been two dogs inside. stapleton park has been marred by graffiti. we have blurred out th and homophobic messages. last check it was still visible in west creek park near 26th street and central park boulevard. we have called police and they have yet to get back to us. hundreds of you have shared surveillance video police hope will catch this person, a shirtless man caught on camera stealing a bicycle from a garage in denver. this happened in the middle of the day while the homeowners
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>> we all have a stake in living here. ?e all would like to keep our stuff. folks are really coming together to try and help. >> burglaries are happening three times as often in the baker neighborhood as this time last year. police are investigating and reminding everyone to keep garage doors closed and locked. may 9th, police say 54-year- he needed help with math. he took her into a classroom and started strangling her. she got away and called 911. police believe he could be connected to a string of attacks near campus but he's only charged in this one right now. more than 200 people have been cited in boulder this summer for not buying bear- proof trash cans.
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wandering into neighborhoods lookinn through trash. this summer they started a zero tolerance enforcement of the rule. the first offense costs $250 for not using bear-proof cans. >> pretty steep. west nile virus is in 14 colorado counties as of this morning. coming up, how one county is hoping to stop the spread. >> and adele saying no to the super bowl. we'll have her reason for giving up the opportunity. live look from air tracker 7, a
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. to look out for us.
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we have a huge problem on southbound i-25 this morning. we have backups now going all the way back to broadway. this is a 45 minute traffic jam right now. alternates are a better option getting down to the denver tech center. temperatures will be close our normal is 88. we have a lot of sunshine this morning. we'll see a few more clouds by this afternoon, a chance of stormed to pretty slim. but we may get upper 70s by the end of the week. this is your first alert it will get cooler. more on that coming up. berthoud is hoping too prevent west nile cases by spraying for mosquitoes tonight starting at 8:00 to about midnight.
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one person as died from west nile in colorado this year and 15 others have gotten sick. coming up, thousands evacuate as a wildfire spreads through a california town. >> and a live look at denver,
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welcome back, 62 degrees. flames forced thousands to evacuate in lower lake, west of sacramento. four homes are a total loss and almost a thousand could be in the line of fire. >> our next door neighbor is the fire chief, so if he evacuated, we're going to evacuate. pretty much said just pack up your stuff and be alert to leave. >> firefighters will continue to get this under control this morning but they are fearful
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start other fires. we could get a few showers today. you're also going to get lightning in ttere. satellite and radar, not much to talk about right now. we have a ridge of high pressure over the region. plenty of sunshine this morning, denver at 92 this afternoon, greeley 91, and in the springs 88. more upper the foothills. denver is at 92, a touch cooler near parker and castle rock. we'll have a few storms popping up around 1:00, a little activity in the mountains. we'll have a few more clouds ?long i-25 at that point, then a 10% chance for a few of those storms to roll east. if they move through town,
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thunder, not much in the way of severe weather today or tomorrow. we'll have a chance of storms each afternoon this week. notice around 8:00 to 8:30, it's clear fort collins south through denver. but we have a little activity near limon and in the south eastern plains. clear skies tomorrow morning with more sunshine. temperatures today are above normal but we'll hover around the normal mark tuesday, wednesday, and thursday with a chance of st afternoon. storms are likely on thursday because we are tracking a cold front. late thursday into friday, temperatures are going to drop. we have denver at about 80 on friday. we could see some mid- to upper 70s. we'll keep an eye on that. it is going to get cooler heading into the weekend with more upper 70s to low 80s. rockies finally back in town, and today will be a nice day for the game.
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the game. chance of storms is pretty slim, 6:40 first pitch, temps dropping into the upper 70s. wish i was going to be there. they're glad to be out of pennsylvania. take a look at this accident, southbound i-25. look at the skid marks herr. this is right they have already started cleaning up the fluids. the paramedics and fire department are still here and the tow trucks will have to get in here to pull these off the highway. that's not happened yet. take a look at the ackups. this is the jam continuing to grow, now back to santa fe and alameda. it is heavy stop and go traffic all the way through there. unfortunately we are talking
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side streets, university and santa fe will be good alternates. alameda drive and sable, this section is closed down and will be today as they are doing track work out there. use mississippi or 6th avenue to get around that. crosswalks on colfax are turning colorful. art project set up this event. the paint will last about a year. local artists and state of students worked on the project. the highlight, it says colfax, and they have several native flowers, the colorado flag and
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that mural there. adele will not be at super bowl 51, at least not on the stage. she told a concert audience last night that she was offered a chance to perform at super bowl 51 in february but said quote, i'm not beyonce. i can't dance. super bowl 51 is in houston on
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6:52. troopers say a drunk driver triggered a fatal accident in clear creek canyon. >> one person is dead and two others are still in the hospital. troopers say it appears the driver was drunk and speeding. we have a horrible problem on the i-25 drive heading into the denver tech center. you can see the two-car at hamden. re, southbound i-25 with the lanes blocked, traffic
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go past it. it is rock solid all the way back to santa fe, about an hour or so from downtown to the tech center right now. police say a woman hit and killed by a train in westminster had head phones on when she was hit and didn't hear the train operator hit the horn. 20-year-old amanda struck on saturday. still no arrests aater a shooting in the parking lot of town center mall about 5:00 last night. two men got into an argument and one pulled out a gun and shot the other man, who should survive. police are still investigating this morning. deputies say 28-year-old travis nellies tried to stab a woman he was camping with in larimer county. she's going to be okay after this happened saturday night
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charges. four people are still on the run this morning after robbing a marijuana dispensary at yale and monaco. deputies haven't released any surveillance photos yet but say three masks men and a woman not the robbery yesterday and got away with cash and marijuana products. there is a reward for information leading to an was ddstroyed by fire and police haven't said yet if they believe it was arson. a natural gas line was on at the time of the fire, fueling it. firefighters shut that off before they got things under control. the home was completely consumed. the people who live in the home were out of town but police say dogs inside. ay have been two 6:54 now. take a look at the damage caused by a brush fire.
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burned and this was started by an illegal burn. no buildings were burned but a bridge was destroyed. hundreds are back home this morning after an evacuation order was lifted in mesa the spring creek 2 fire burned more than 600 acres. so far crews have it contained. >> reporter: here in jefferson county, officials are testing each and every school for lead after finding elevated lead levels in several samples. so far 91 schools have been tested, 70 more still yet to go, and school is starting here on thursday, raising concern. a district spokesperson says 92% of all the samples came
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they have shut down different faucets and sinks inside the schools. they say the percentage of the chance of your child having lead poisoning from this is low but to be extra cautious, you ?ould have them checked by a doctor. jason gruenauer, denver 7. the threat for severe weather today is no of colorado, although we could have a few storms pop up. we're at 92 by 4:00 and then a slight chance of storms. we'll see a few storms on the seven-day forecast, pretty much every afternoon this week. we're in the upppr 80s through thursday, only 80 degrees by friday. >> reporter: i'm live on south broadway th morning, where
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business owners on this six- block stretch have mixed feelings about this. some business owners say this brings more traffic into their shops and others say it could keep people from visiting their shops. parking was moved away from the curb and one lane was shortened. amanda del castillo, denver 7. 6:57. the broncos are back on the practice field this morning. they had friday off after coming up with a big win over the bears in that preseason opener. >> and they will play the 49ers come saturday. the team hasn't said who will start at quarterback. sanchez started against the bears. >> and coach kubiak says he wants to see all three
6:58 am
wednesday is the last open practice, free parking and free to get in. jason? southbound ii25 and hamden, you can see the lanes are blocked here. take a look at the backup, rock solid there, all the way back to alameda. we are talking about an hour now on the southbound side to downtown. also have a new accident by 20th street on southbound i-25, then the closure of alameda on the that's closed for the rest of that's closed for the rest of the over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers.
6:59 am
that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, state of emergency. more than 20,000 evacuated from deadly flooding in louisiana. rescue crews working overnight to pull people to safety. volunteers cutting a woman free from her car. >> get my dog. get my dog. >> i got your dog. also, breaking overnight, violence in milwaukee over a deadly police shooting. police cars destroyed. robbery in rio. gold medal swimmer ryan lochte held up, forced to kneel down as criminals dressed as police put a gun to his head. a night celebrating his win turns terrifying. why olympic officials may have tried to cover up the incident.


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