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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 15, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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new details today about three denver sheriff's deputies fired for excessive force. and people near the cold springs fire burn scar could face a whole new string problems. and overnight, deadly flooding in louisiana. the number of people rescued has tripled, many of them caught on camera. we start with a denver 7 traffic alert. new bike lanes on south broadway are going to impact commutes downtown. >> reporter: there will be more congestion, especially for the afternoons as the downtown
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25 and head south. this is south broadway here, showing the city moved and existing parking lane over to construct that new bike lane. it's a new look and it will take a ra effort to get down to i-25. >> amanda del castillo is live along the bike lanes on south broadway. >> how has the traffic >> reporter: i've got to tell you, early morning traffic wasn't so bad. maybe it's because some of the drivers had roughly two weeks to get used to the bike lanes. but preparations started august 1st and the bike lanes are open for business today. we have seen plenty of people biking up and down the sick- block stretch and many cyclists say this is the first time they
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broadway. >> i think it's awesome rsonally. i ride my bike. my wife and i have one car and this is how i get around. i think more lane to make it safer is better for us. >> reporter: some business owners are not happy with the changes, though. they say they are concerned with access, parking, and revenue. amanda del castillo, denver 7. turns deadly in clear creek canyon. state patrol believes the driver who crashed was drunk and speeding last night. one person was killed and two others were taken to the hospital. the crash had highway 6 closed for about five hours as troopers investigated. a young woman who died in as 20-yeaa-old amanda kirchner.
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wadsworth and 105th saturday night. investigators say she didn't hear the train's horn because she had head phones on. a hotel investment company is revealing it's been targeted by hackers at several hotels for months now and one is in control. hei says malware put in place in at least 20 hyatt, sheraton, westin and marriott locations could have and credit card numbers and pin codes. the westin snow mass resort was one of those affected. thank you for joining us. it's already heating up out there. >> today is the hottest day on the seven-day forecast. we are already well into the 80s and we'll get well into the
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we have a through the mountains. take a look at the loveland camera, seeing a little activity along i-70. a few storms will drop and roll east. as you're planning out the day, we have mostly sunny skies through mid-afternoon. that means temperatures about 10 degrees warmer than where we are right now, right around 90 to 92 by 3:00 and 4:00. it's 90s colorado today, more 70s and 80s in the mountains. coming up, we have a cold front on the seven-day forecast. thank you. the number of people being rescued in louisiana tripled overnight after areas near baton rouge received 20 inches of rain. at least five have been killed
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disaster zone. there are more than 10,000 people there in shelters. >> i just waated to get out. i'm like, it's not going to stop. once it's coming up my steps, i didn't plan on it etting this high. >> and incredible rescues have been captured on video in louisiana. a couple of men pulled a woman from a sinking car on saturday. they tried to break the they pulled her out before the car was completely submerged, then even went back down to rescue her dog, still inside the car. they are all okay. three denver sheriff's deputies fired for excessive force could get their jobs back. >> and we just obtained three disciplinary letters that outline why each of the deputies were fired. these were all incidents that happened inside the denver
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allegedly threw an inmate into a metal table after an argument over a bible. another is ccused of closing a cell on an inmate's hands, and a third allegedly punched an inmate in the face anthrew him to the ground. but a local civil rights torney says thcoey d all still ke their jobs. >>here is no inpot in ring these officersf the service board will overturn their termination. >> they were all caught on video. force is sometimes necessary, the use of excessive force is never justifd. no word if they will appeal eir terminations. in milwaukee, nights of violent protests have gas stations taped off.
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riots. 17 people were arrested. the riots followed the shoo of a black man by police. police say rahim deeds shot and killed police officer tim smith while he was responding to a call of a suspicious person over the weekend 140 miles south of atlanta. a pile of fireworks may -?have sparked a weed fire in adams county this morning near 160th and i-76. the fire has been put out and one person had to go to the hospital for burns. in mesa county, people are going back home after wildfire evacuation orders were lifted last night. the spring creek 2 fire grew to
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40% contained. several outbuildings and cars were destroyed in the fire. deputies are looking if four people who held up a marijuana dispensary at gunpoint. three masked men and an unmasked woman robbed a dispensary on yale an monaco yesterday and got away with marijuana products and some cash. a thief caug in the act. surveillance camera gives us a he stole a bicycle from a garage in denver's baker neighborhood. time and didn't now this was happening till he saw the video. we crunched the numbers on the crime map and they show three times the burglaries in that area compared to the same time last year. people in the burn area of the cold springs fire will attend a meeting to focus on
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in the burned area like flood risks, revegetation, topics like that. the meeting is take place at the community center tonight 6:00 to 8:00. a st. bernard that went missing still has not been found. gino's home burned on july 9th and the homeowner still gets calls from people who have it's not been gino. some colorado athletes are doing really well in rio. jenny simpson qualified for the 1500-meter final, and the big news of the day, emma coburn bringing home some hardware. she attended cu boulder and won the bronze in the steeple chase track and field event, the first american woman ever to
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another colorado woman will be competing in wrestling later this week. a lot of road closures right now. >> and jeffco students getting ready to head back to school, but will the water be safe to drink? we have the latest results. >> and the solution to one problem in denver could be causing new problems for another part of the city.
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welcome back. if you're seeing smoke near platville, near 85 and county road 23, don't worry. that is a controlled burn. >> and we have a traffic alert involving several projects impacting the drive today. in place across the denver metro and we'll show you what to look out for. >> the big one is on the east side. earlier we were at sable and alameda. this intersection is closed you can see the llne here, opening at the end of the year. they need to do repairs on overhead lines until wednesday evening. this is where it closed down,
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this section all the way to alameda drive there. most folks are going to center point and coming back up. you can also use mississippi to the south or 6th avenue to the north. we have closures on havana under i-70, overnight closures every night this week to replace the last part of bridge there. i-70 will remain open but lane restrictions overnightt and restrictions through friday from banek to broadway on 6th avenue, continuing those sewer line repairs. >> and if you plan on driving u.s. 24 near winter, crews began scaling work about two hours ago and will work till 4:00 this afternoon. there will be 20 minute traffic holds, so be aware after that.
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wednesday. a lot of parents are taking students to cu boulder for the fall semester. the fall welcome events begin today and go through september 2nd. are going back to school this %- week. 6th through 12th graders at douglas and aurora county schools return today. denver schools have another week before students go back. we have a list of the back school dates on our denver 7 app. there's lead in the water at some jeffco schools. nearly 10% of the schools have tested positive for the lead since last spring. the district is testing every several samples have come back with elevated lead levels. a spokesperson said 92% of the
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remaining 8%, those faucets and sinks were shut downn some people say the stepped up enforcement on the 16th street mall is sending homeless people to their neighborhood. we are waiting for the mayor's office to respond to our questions about this. one neighbor said she was nearly attacked just taking her dogs out. >> a guy came at us from this side. he was walking up the street. and he started walking faster so walked faster. it was just weird, faster, faster, faster. >> neighbors are proposing a couple ideas to the city. one, water the lawn at night so people can't sleep on the grass,,or adddlighting to make it brighter and less desirable for sleeping. graffiti is blurred in
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westerly creek park. peoole painted racist and homophobic pictures and phrases here. we have a call in to police about cleanup and possible suspects. local artists worked with students to paint a mural at colfax and quince it incorporates flags from several countries that belong to refugee populations within that neighborhood. hamburger mary's is reopening in denver soon. the lgbt chain which started in san francisco used to be on 17th and washington here but the owners rebranded uptown after failing to renegotiate a contract.
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and humboldt. look at this video. this is a tornado ripping through the capital of manila in the philippines. someone captured this from the window of their 39th floor apartment building. there was some damage but fortunately no one was killed. >> not a common sight there. ?>> if we get any vere weather today, it could be a little light rain. we'll have a cha it will be warm through thursday and cooler by friday. by friday tempateres are to dro out at the airport, a few clouds startinto build near the foothills.tains are picking spotty showers right now but that's pretty much it, temperatures already rising. looks like we're well into the s by this afternoo you'll find denver arting off
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arou 9nd 0should get a gh i n'owt kn none of these clicke nt towork. you'll find this afternoon storms starting to develop around 4:00, 5:00. likely we're going to see a little activitroh the most of it will be st of denver. about 92 degrees this afternoon, and 88 by 5:00 statewe,ha70s and s in the mountas,inmid- to upper it is the warmest day on the seven-day forecast. again we have a little activity by 2:00. we have spotty storms and showers that will then roll
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commute. you may get a little rain, no real threat for severe weather but a little rain and lightning possible. chance of storms each afternoon, and temperatures will be in the upper 80s tuesday through thursday. then storms are likely. and i brought temperatures down friday and saturday. looks like low to mid-70s expected on friday. then saturday still pretty cool, upper 70s. heading into weekend, sunday looks to be the warmer of the two days. guess who's going to the rockies game on friday? >> me. >> me. any time i go, something goes wrrng. >> we'll have to post that on facebook. summer is coming to an end,
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fishing trip? we have the mac truck of fresh water fish.
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>> reporter: nathan thinks carp get a bad rap.
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have yet to catch on in the u.s. >> they're like, it's a carp, i'm not going to eny it. everybodlos a ha fight d that's what the fh time tgo afterthemth a n is a g g and standa breakfast re, like dough balls made of maple syrup or scented corn. >> scent is wherit's all about. you want the once you dial it in, no doubt, u have to have it. we have banana, ench red hot, almond, coconut, maple, ppermint. >> reporter: st your line out and wait. >> as soon as this tting beeps, all hellbreaks loose. >> whhn they touch that corn, they are stuck and they are screaming. hang on and doour best to get them in.
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to need heavy tackle. >> it straightened e hook? >> th might have 15 ns on you. these ccrp hold their energy absolutely till the end. >> honestly, the most fun i've had fishing in colora >> you have to try them. this is the hardest-fighting fish most people will ever battle in their ves. . >> and hsays becoming one of his most popular trips. you can call tightline outdoors for more. a new bicycle lane is impacting youu commute on a six- block stretch. we'll look at day one, coming up. >> and new details about the
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. welcome back. state patrol says and overnight crash that killed one person was caused by alcohol. and the historic flooding in
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people. back at home, days before students go back to school in jeffco, the district is still testing the water for lead. nearly 10% of the samples have come back positive since the testing began in spring. this building on nnrth colorado near i-70 caught fire due to two people were treated at the scene and didn't have to be transported. new bike lanes on south broadway could make your commute a little slower. >> the city took away a traffic lane for the cars to make room for bicycles. >> reporter: they are, all along south broadway. that means more congestion, especially in the afternoons. ? lot of downtown workers try to get to i-25 and use south
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mornings. of alameda, they moved the existing lane over by one. they used that lane to construct a new bike lane. it is a new look, and it will take drivers some time to get used to. >> so you're going to see more bicyclists on south broadway because of that two-way protected bike pathway. >> and amanda del castil along the six-block stretch all morning. bike riders have been taking advantage of this. >> there are plenty of riders out today and we spoke with many who say this is the first time they have felt safe biking up and down south broadway. preparation on the protected bike lanes started around august 1st. today we have seen plenty of bikers traveling up and down this sick-blockkstretch.
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relatively short commute because i'm in the neighborhood. but i would come down broadway if i felt safe on broadway, but i don't. there's no good place for bikes on broadway. even though i would only travel it for a few blocks, i avoid it. we have a daughter now and there's no way we'd take her on broadway the way it is. it could be safer for everybody in the neighborhood. otecd bike lane. ving th they say they are concerned about access, parking and revenue. amanda del castillo, denver 7. a convicted sex offender accused of attacking a woman is expected in court day. police say 54-year-old james holmes told a student he needed
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choking her. she escaped and called 911. police believe he may be connected to a string of incidents near the campus. a man was shot near the aurora town center mall around 5:00 last night. investigators say the victim and suspect knew each other and there was a dispute before the shooting. a fight during a camping trip travis nellis hi rs. eyy he tried to stab a woman twice. fortunately she was not seriously injured. staff sergeant christopher wilburr from illinois died friday in afghanistan in a noncombat incident. the 36-year-old was there as part of operation freedom sentinel, an effort to drive
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deputies were recently fired for excessive force. >> and those same deputies could now get their jobs back. >> reporter: the three deputies could have their firings overturned on appeal, despite what's inside these disciplinary letters. these three incidents all happened from november 2014 to january 2016 inside the denver one allegedly threw an inmate around by a neck. another is accused of slamming an inmate's hands in a cell food slot, and a third allegedly punched anninmate in the face. >> the mmssage to deputies is that even if you engage in the most aggregious forms of
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fine. your jobs will be safe. >> reporter: the denver sheriff sent us a statement saying excessive force is never justified. no word on if the deputies will appeal. jason gruenauer, denver 7. hopefully a massive hole in the middle of the road in colorado springs is getting fixed after a water main break 3 caused damage over the weekend. colorado springs utility says an 8-inch pipe failed, causing this huge sinkhole >> a man is in the hospital in critical condition after a roof collapsed on him and his wife in elizabeth. the couple was trying to take down a small storage building when the roof collapsed on them and trapped them for a while. the woman had minor injuries. people living near a fire in mesa county are going home after being evacuated over the weekend.
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evacuations friday afternoon. the fire grew to more than 600 it burned outbuildings, ined. 3 trailers and cars. in larimer county, investigators are looking for someone who started an illegal burn that ended up burning morr than 500 acres as well as destroying a bridge. a house in steamboat springs was destroyed be fire yesterday. firefighters say the flames were fueled by natural gas that ignited near some trees. crews put the fire out and the people who lived there were out of town but there may have been dogs inside the house. a denver walgreens is cleaning up today after a dumpster outside the store caught fire over the weekend. denver fire put out the flames before they spread to the building and the cause is under
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hoping to bring home the gold later this week. coming up, which colorado cities are the be and worst for retirement. >> and we have a chance of storms popping up on the radar. the threat foo severe weather today north and east of colorado.
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. track and field athletes took the stage in rio yesterday and boulder runner jenny simpson qualified for the 1500- meter yesterday. usain bolt snagged the gold for the third straightttime. before. american justin gatlin got the silver medal. four american swimmers were robbed at gunpoint at the rio olympics. ryan lochte was among the victims and the ioc initially denied the report. lochte did give a detailed account of the assault to police. a colorado wrestler hopes
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george gray. their daughter adeline will compete on thursday. if she were to win. she'd be the first u.s. woman to win the gold in wrestling. >> and in michigan some older athletes are not letting their age prevent them from pursuing olympic dreams. 101-year-old fred winder and competing in the senior games. winter competed in several field events including the high jump. one of his training rituals? >> i'm up to 100 push-ups right now. the secret to push-ups is bang bang bang bang. you have to do them fast. if you just do them slow, you won't make it. >> he could coach me. i can't do a single push-up.
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an official qualifier for the 2017 national senior games. i was surprised to find out you have to beover 50 compete. so he's twice their age. >> and still doing 100 push- ups. we are learning which cities are the best when it comes to retiring. >> the anaaysis showed denver in the top 25 cities, landing at 22. colorado aurora was 104th. orlando, florida was the best city to retire in, and montana, california was the worst. the denver center for performing arts is the world's largest performance facility under one roof and covers 12 acres. >> and this week's 7 everyday hero takes us behind the scenes. >> reporter: each month barbara
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performing arts. >> ttis is the set for glass menagerie coming up this fall, so you get a preview of the set before anybody else sees it. i am a tour ambassador. >> they are really truly the historians of this complex. >> i was a teacher for a long time, so it's another form of teaching. >> reporter: barbara leads guests through the maze of productions. >> they will take about 68 me exactly how that actor is put together. >> reporter: past the sewing machines and costume department, through the props department with miscellaneous body parts, into the massive set shop. >> they can work on three sets at a time here. >> reporter: and on to the stage of the theater. >> how does it feel to be on the other side of the lights? >> fun. >> it is fun.
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weren't. >> reporter: but her favorite spot is actors' alley. >> the custom is the this theater, while the show is on, the poster gets painted on the wall. then the cast and crew sign it. >> reporter: and there to document it all, volunteer tour guides like barbara. >> i volunteer because i want promothe things that i love. >> for all your years of volunteering here, denver 7 trusted choice, independent insurance agents of colorado want to make you our denver 7 everyday hero. >> the tours are 90 minutes at monday and saturday at 10:00 a.m. and they are only $12. and you can nominate a ero at under community. despite polls showing
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colorado, the democratic candidate doesn't seem to be slowing her campaign here. two new campaiin offices have opened and clinton now has 14 offices in the state. the latest polls show her with a 14-point lead over donald trump in colorado. today trump is planning to announce his strategy for defeating islamic terrorist, starting at an event in about 15 minutes. he is blaming his slump on media, tweeting yesterday that he would be beating clinton by 20% if the media covered him honestly. the navajo nation says it needs more money to deal with the gold king mine spill. the eps has spent more than $28
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spill from last summer. tonight and tomorrow night, berthoud will be spraying for mosquitoes in hopes of preventing cases of west nile. so far this year one person in colorado has died from west nile and 15 others have contracted the virus. we have a traffic alert about a major road closure in aurora. >> part of alameda is cllsed right now and it will stay that crews need to repair some wiring in the area. >> that's right. the closure started yesterday and they said it would take a few days. i got clarification earlier -?today and they are telling us this overhead line work, the closure is going to e in place till about wednesday the end of
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sable and alameda drive. it will be closed till wednesday, so take mississippi or 6th avenue to get around it. already hot out there and we're going to be well into the 90s this afternoon. we start hot but it's better by friday. 85 at city park right now, 84 in parker. it's already warm, mid- to upper 80s in the eastern plains. and 70s in the mountains. speaking of the mountains, live look from the loveland ski camera. you can see the dark clouds and a few light showers up there along i-70. not so much on the radar, just a few spots starting to poke up westf fort collins as you get into the mountains there. here in de weare looking west and seeing more clouds starting to build. notice ofutucast, they are few and far between, isolated
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that's what it looks like by 3:00. throthugh e commute, we'll storms anywhere from here to fort incolls. pretty isolated activity, with in, liand thunder. sunshine early tuesday morning, then tuesday afternoon things start to get a little more unsettled. tomorrow around 4:00, we have a better chance for afternoon storms and showers, although tomorrow's threat of severe weather is pretty low. for us the next couple days, even more so by thursday. today we're in the uppe80to low 90s, then overnight really pleasant with 60s early tuesday morning. highs today are toasty but tomorrow a little better. boulder expecting a high of 89 right now, boulder 92 with 70s
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'lwel talk about this cold fronttcoming up in a few minutes. today the rockies are back home, first pitch at 6:40. i don't think storms are a big concern. we'll see upper 80s, dropping into the upper 70s by the last few innings. upper 80s on tuesday, same through thursday. we're a few degrees cooler through thursday. then we're tracking the next cold front, storms likely with the edge of that front on thursday. then on friday cooler with mid- to upper 70s, same thing on saturday with a chance of storms and showers. that's alswhen the overnight lows will drop. by sunday lows likely in the you'll feel that chill. >> nice for august.
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