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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 15, 2016 3:00pm-3:30pm MDT

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all new today, viral videos right this week. we're kicking off with car repairs -- why we mean really wrong. >> out of everybody, why me? >> a woman shares her childhood despair realizing -- >> she has a condition called vitiligo. >> how she became an inspiration. >> what others thought was a curse is such a blessing to me now. rescuers find a dog left if a river by someone -- left in a river by someone -- >> i would qualify as human garbage. >> how it went from a scared pup to a happy home. plus, coping with sick kids. the romantic surprise with a scary disguise, but -- >> he ain't smiling. >> how a girlfriend reacts to her boyfriend's worst idea ever. >> what? thick, black smoke rising
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the guy who owns that car was out in the parking lot working on it, doing some of his own diy mechanics when things went wrong. >> i know it can be pricey to take your car, your vehicle to get fixed at the garage. i guess it was more expensive this way. >> his friends helped him push the car away from some of the other cars. the guy in the green shirt hops in his car, look howlose he is to the fire. luckily he gets in and speeds >> what exactly is the kind of work you were doing to cause your car to blow up? >> what did you say? >> blow up? >> oh. [ cheers ] >> holy car. >> like a hollywood movie. cars don't just blow up. >> they do. >> i'm hoping it stays contained. >> there's people, children. lots with cameras out catching
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did you see the woman crossed in front of the camera here just as this erupts? wish. >> wish the firefighters could see that. >> one firefighter did suffer first and second-degree burns. he's expected to be okay. >> wow! >> reports say that of the roof of the car that landed on the roof of the building. that's how intense the explosion strange explosion. >> this was something that was under pressure that heated up and exploded. not something you would normally find in a car, even an old one like this. [ siren ] there's somebody living in boznia-herzegovina who i would qualify as human gashage. a man named sasha was riding his
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the river is moving quickly and is cold. when he gets closer, you see the puppy is stuck because someone took a table and tied it around the puppy and tied the other end to a rock right there. >> no! >> sick human being. >> that is awful. they were trying to drown this poor baby. >> the good thingssthing that s- thing is i it and fed it. it was immediately better. >> heartbreaking. >> they say behavior like that, treating animals like that, is a key indicator of psychopathic -- that is straight-up crazy. >> this dog has found a forever home. it was turned over to a dog society. there you see the dog is looking good, smiling, being happy. >> that is awesome. i feel like i need to take a shower. i feel uncomfortable.
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>> people like the guy who rescued the puppy, there's a lot more people like that in the world. and there are a lot of people like this person in the world. this bambi of on t-- it was on the patio deck. it didn't fit through the fence. >> a little fear can get you through. >> i think a hewlett-puman gette spooked it enough, gave it the adrenaline to hop on out of there. >> it needs to teach the other on "right this minute," we like to think we've seen it all pretty much. especially things like whitewater rafting. you can't surprise us. turns out. you can. this is how they do it in japan. >> oh, my gosh! >> cool. that's not a raft. it's a pier. >> this is older, 2014.
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this is how it's done. the good morning near the national park, there's a cool story -- the gorge, near the national park, this is a cool story. this is how loggers used to transport trees down the river. they've preserved it for 600 years. now they take tourists. you stand up, you're wearing the vests. but it's like a commuter train going through the rapids. >> i i'll add to my bucket list because it seems freaking rad. >> this looks like it should not work at all. >> right. >> i think part of the reason it works is because there are so many units connected together, right? it helps stabilize the whole train. >> think if you tied six whitewater rafts together, that would be a recipe for disaster. this seems so random and original, i'm with you. stick this on my list, too.
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what others thought was a curse is such a blessing to me now. >> this is tanisha brown. she has a condition called vitiligo. this hits close to home for me, as well, because my baby sister had it as a child. most people start to see it at a certain point in life. >> it can get worse, get better -- it's fluid. >> she's a artist and hasn't let it slow her down. >> they might have the same dress on as me, but they'll never look like me. >> she's one of a kind. she said since 5 years old she never noticed she was different -- >> until i got to middle school and people made me realized i was different -- >> did she come out with spots or d.a.p.les when she -- dapples when she was born? >> in most cases, you come out
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face that are starting to change and pigment. >> you know, they're cool looking. >> with that said, there's a supermodel with vitiligo. huge on instagram. >> it's just skin. >> out of everyone, why me? i'm the only one in my family that has it. >> that's what you hear from a lot of people with the condition. >> i did not want people to see me the way that i was was shy and insecure. >> i love that she handled it with grace. >> my mom taught me beauty is above what is inside. >> as a make-up artist, she used her artistry to give back. >> i wear this because i love it. show other people how to experiment with it so they can also feel comfortable. >> ladies through the american cancer society help her give back as they go through their struggle. >> what i love about this, too, is she use the make-up to
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i -- not cover it up. she rocks it. a driver stopped at an intersection gets weighed down. >> ma'am, your gas cap, it's open. >> how trying to fix the simple mistake leads to a bigger debacle. >> oh, my goodness. >> oh! and she's recovering post o so that make her -- >> prime for getting pranked. >> what do you want me to tell her? >> see the epic way her sister uses a mega viral funny. >> we'll get you an autograph. >> yeah. [ laughter ] brought to you by the makers of nondrowsy claratin. join blue sky living to see. and it's the #1 pediatrician-recommended non-drowsy brand. let your kids live claritin clear. now in bubblegum flavor. every coconut has a dream.
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and then, in an ironic twist, get covered up by chocolate and almonds. almond joy mounds.
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gold bond? powder spray with a manly scent. closed captioning provided by -- >> gold bond pouder with a mly
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. whas witronghis picture? >> they left the gas cap off. >> that's going to play a huge role in what happens. someone pulls up to let her open. ma'am, your gas is the woman gets out tolose the p,epot and forgot to put the car in park. e mediately realizes what she has done, tries to get back in the car, but she gets caught under -- >> oh, ! >> oh, my goss! no!>> oh, my gosh! >> she's now on the ground. the driver oe veh capturing the dash cam video gets out to hel hers another woman comes from theidf the intersection telling people what's goingn. th car hits and ends upunni into a ee. >> i so busy wch the car that didn't notice the lady --
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>> as far as we know, she's the driver of the vehicle gets toward where suvnd , ack and they wait until emergency services show up. over to puerto rico where this video comes from. the person recording is on the right side of the highway. the other dver is driving nst traffic. going at speed. >> i don't know what people arei if you mad a mistake, stop pull over. turn around. >> it los like most of the rs are able to swerve out o there's one that wasn't. >> oh, man. oh! >> my gosh! >> head on. >> both people made it out with minor injuries. the driver that we saw driving the opposite direction was a 78-year-old man who was taken to the hospital and is in stable condition. the other car had a 29-year-old woman who complained oneck pain. >> amazing that they both survived.
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was people who have had their wisdom teeth out. they're loopy because of some of the medication that doctors have given them. this also makes these people prime for getting pranked. her sister, maria, well done. that's domenica. you can see she's >> shelly is working with katy perry tonight. and she asked if i wanted to bring the chicago recording company. i figured you'd be in too much pain so i said pam and i would if. -- would go. guil we'll get you an autograph. >> no! no! >> yes. yes. >> yes. >> her sister told her, yeah, katy perry's coming tonight. you're in too much pain, you don't want to go.
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message? what do you want me to tell her? >> this is terrible. >> she's got tears running down her face thinking sister's going without me. even though she's had her wisdom teeth pulled, she want to meet katy rry. ? california girls unforgettable ? ? daisy dukes ? >> they try to get her to sing -- unintelligible. >> her. >> even when they get her home, she's still thinking that they're going to see katy perry without her. >> maria said, i'm posting this on line, making it public. you never know -- >> maybe if katy perry sees this she'll want to meet you. people talking about cool stuff they find on the ocean floor.
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youtube channel off the coast of california. i would swear they just found a pokemon. >> whoa! >> weird eyes. >> check that out. >> and as cool as this little googly-eyed squid, cutlefish, their reaction and commentary is just as bad. >> googly eyes. >> looks painted on. [ laughter ] >> looks so fake. >> that looks like something straight out of central casting at disney. >> i know, i won't run. it's adorable. >> like some kid dropped their toy. [ laughter ] >> gosh. >> my goodness. >> oh, man. >> cute, though. >> he is awesome. sea this wonder woman collection. >> she has 365 pairs of shoes.
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my rough and bumpy skin makes me feel really self-conscious. provided by -- >
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until she doesn't want to be -- >> nap time. [ screams ] >> this is a childhood friend of mine, and those are his daughters, ma inmana, 4, and le, 2. they're in dad's domain. >> you don't like daddy? >> no! >> does he have stinky breath, hen the mask? >> no. the girls are apparently -- they have a cold. that's his way of making sure spread. >> do you want dad to sleep with you? >> no, no! [ crying ] >> and the video shot shortly after the first, the girls are still crying. [ crying ] >> i want to sleep with you.
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get older. >> how can you stop when kids are going to be lifelong fri friends? >> these two girls are friends, and they are having a discussion about another, a third friend's name. [ indiscernible ] >> it's my name. >> the name is lorraine. >> he's not -- >> and you can tell this is heated argument because they're not paying attention to the pizza on their plates. >> yeah. >> she's a friend! >> she's my friend! summertime fun here. folks are outside enjoying the wea weather. this slide is super cool. yeah. you see there's a guy coming down. everybody's looking on. >> oh!
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>> as he comes sliding down in the inner tube, he get toward the end, and you see the little doggy in the middle. right into the water. >> i mean, the impact was soft. he went under the water to swim -- >> the dog is fine. >> i need to see it one more time. >> yeah. one more. >> such a la >> already my favorite video of the week. >> yeah, me, too. moving over to this -- out there ready to do back flips. here we go. >> oh! [ bleep ] >> oh, danny! >> now you see in slow motion how his back slapped against the water. >> you all right?
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deep in the middle of an intense police encounter, there's a twist. >> she's trying to catch her breath and realizing what the heck this actually is. >> see how the standoff turns into a dramatic act of love that will leave you saying --
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a police checkpoint is set occupy this street in romania. you see the officers there even wearing ski masks. operation. there's a car pulling up, and they immediately demand that that driver pull over. one of the officers goes to the passenger's side, opens the door, and they pull the female passenger out. dropping her to the floor, asking her do you know this man? do you know what's in the trunk of your vehicle? the driver, who's her boyfrid, is on the other side also being
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they finally stand her up, and they're going to go to the back of the car. at this point in the video is where i would generally ask, are you -- >> no. i knew this is where it was going. >> quite frankly, i couldn't commit this time. all i'm feeling is you're going to see the dust i leave behind because i'm out of here. this is a freaking proposal. [ laughter ] >> you idiot >> i know. >> not funny. >> got gun drawn and everything. >> yes! >> what's her reaction to this? >> well, she ain't smiling. she's trying to catch her breath, and she's realizing what the heck this actually is. for a second, she thought she was going die. >> i mean, it's original. and original and women like to be surprised. >> i'm trying to find self-er
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had nothing to do with her. one she catches her breath and realizes this is a joke, even though she looks like she's in tears, she still loves her man. she does say yes. >> that's the best worst proposal i've ever seen. >> that was so good, go to our
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?[ music ] ? airport chaos. all this because of the olympics? >> get down on the ground! >> did somebody mistake cheers at the olympics for gunfire? >> then, they're back, and they're angry. the dixie chicks' beef donald trump. and johnny depp meltdown, caught on tape. >> did something happen to you this morning? >> what depp's estranged wife is saying this morning. >> the mom featured on the tv show, the unthinkable happened. >> then, did they guy pretend to be his missing girlfriend. >> they're playing games with you.


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