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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 15, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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in the eastern plains, they are having a hard time, it is burning down over again, firefighters and the trucks cannot get close enough. on denver 7, identifying more fraud, they will decide on what you vote on, we're asking that we all want to know, how does this keep happening? >> just give me answers. >> their son did not have die. they are taking the first steps to file a lawsuit. >> he was killed during a high risk conviction back in july, and we talk to his parents. >> reporter: his parents are frustrated, it really comes down to information. he signed up for of dangerous job, but they believe the danger he faced could have been avoided that day.
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it happened. want to have closure, so i can begin to heal. if possible. >> reporter: those questions, they pass their minds as often as their son, nate. >> how have you been treated by as grieving parents? >> explaining why their son was killed serving a high risk warrant that threatened to kill cops. this note alleges because regular sheriff deputies do not remove and a barricaded dangerous suspect. >> if he would've come to us and said we made a mistake, you know, and bad things happen to. we would not be where we are now. >> reporter: their attorney accuses the sheriff of withholding witnesses statements. -?the sheriff wants to release more information from the
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another deputy was injured due to what these documents allege as gross negligence. >> how do you find these? >> when you do not find peace and you do not understand picks -- understand. >> you don't have anything. >> reporter: he is waiting on the witness statements, nate's parents say that they are not looking for money and that they want donated to their sons scholarship fund. reporting live liz gelardi this is not what you want to see, headlights coming at you on interstate reporting live liz gelardi this is not what you want to see, headlights coming at you on interstate 70. recalled state patrol, they said that they got a couple of these calls about a wrong way driver. this story, all new, denver 7 going door-to-door
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colorado voters have their signatures orange. we have been pushing to get answers on this. he found out it is fraud. >> reporter: we told you about this on friday, check out the signature down here of randal wagner, it was turned in on a petition to qualify for the november ballot. his real signature is underneath. he provided it for me today. >> i want to record story tonight, is that okay? >> did you forge any signatures? >> nope>> reporter: on the phone is the man who turned in this signature. denver 7 can confirm a forgery. >> do you see your name on this list would >> yes, i do. >> is that your handwriting? >> no, it is not. >> did you sign this petition?
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>> how do you feel about someone is sending this with your name? >> it is disturbing. >> reporter: how is this for disturbing, even though the secretary of state's office suspected his name was forge, it was accepted as valid because the written name and address match his of voter registration. >> it would be nice if the sechrist terry -- secretary of state had authority. >> reporter: tell us about it, are in the investigation -- our investigatio check to see if it is actually yours because of denver 7 the secretary of state promised to advised the attorney general. check out this, one of the homes we saw today, we saw the investigator from the attorney general's office. >> i am very pleased that they are taking it seriously. >> reporter: the position that
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raising the state's minimum wage. that qualified for the november ballot even if you quote disqualified those three dozen signatures, they had 16,000 more sinister than required. it will not be an issue to take it off the ballot. >> what a mess. >> it is election year.>> there was one controversial issue on the ballot, letting you decide the -- controversial issue on the ballot. letting you decide on medical marijuana. >> reporter: allowing dying people the drugs that they want to end their lives, if they were terminal, the daughter of one of the men that got the conversation going to he said he would not believe this day actually came she is relieved that the right to die initiative will be on the ballot in november. that makes her wonder, what if?
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option, it would have given him great comfort at the end of his life. we would have had time to enjoy what little weeks and months we had together. >> reporter: after being diagnosed with als that he starved himself or 13 days after he realized that there life. >> from the time he was diagnosed, he said, i'm not going to see this through the end. he knew what was going to pay some. his mind was a light in a dead body. my dad had a very big sweet tooth we would get cupcakes. >> reporter: he wrote an open letter to colorado legislators they got it to the floor two years in a row but it was not
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>> it continue to weigh on him but if there's something he could do to help others, it motivated him to do it and put himself out there in the public eye. >> reporter: allowing patients with only six months to live ending the life with the treatment with a doctor. >> not everyone agrees with this, not -- now that is officially on the ballot, that debate starts, be weighing in on that. we started that discussion on our facebook page. we want to know what you think about that. reporting downtown, adam hammond 15 detainees in guantanamo bay , the president wants to close that detention facility in cuba.
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will continue, the futures are alllup for tomorrow. in adams county, he will be in court later this week after being arrested in denver. denver 7 got the police report, he got into a fight with his wife and reportedly hit her head against the floor. he is on leave from the sheriff's department. use the second want to be arrested for violence. this earlier this year. more police oversight in denver, that's what people have been pushing for after a heated though, it will be up to denver voters to decide if they want it to be permanent. the meeting just wrapped up. what does this mean?>> reporter: it means that this november, denver voters will see this question on the ballot.
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will make a permanent. paul lopez says it is critical for public safety. >> we are working to transform practices, -- >> railing for channe and police accountability. >> it is a necessary step. >> reporter: they took to the steps of the city and council building. before taking their concerns inside, -- >> i think it is important to of denver accountable. >> becoming permanent, more reliable. >> it is a no-brainer, it would help the police. it would help the community. >> reporter: council unanimously approved the bill. paul lopez to take it to the next level, allowing voters to decide its future. >> it creates a good day effort and establish trust with the community and law enforcement.
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decide whether making it a permanent part of the city, by adding it to the city's charter. is placed by city ordinance, at any time, counsel or the mayor could vote to get rid of it. >> as a city, we could take a step ahead, and we can do this. >> reporter: i spoke with mitchell and he told me that he supports the idea, his office has played a major role in transforming or reforming the troubled sheriff's department. and also investigating allegations of police misconduct took it would make it the same as any other office in the city. the sixth street mall ends
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area called stoner hill, they have sought help from the mayor's office but nothing has been done. >> every idea given to city council, the mayor, it gets shut down. >> in broad daylight, it is wrong. >> the mayor's office told us that solutions are coming down the pipeline and things are in motion. the spokeswoman would not discuss any details. today, we know more that led to the drowning about these two girls, they jumped into the deep end of the pool, it wasn't until several minutes later that someone noticed that something was wrong. these say it was an unfortunate accident. it will not delay the start of classes, shattered
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responsible were able to run -- out run deputies i should say, the school ended up putting up the windows. from deadly flooding in the south that is not giving up two tornadoes in the midwest got all you need to know about today's severe weather. trash overflowing in a denver apartment building, tonight, they asked mark stewart hall.
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track look at this, piles and piles of trash. -- look at this, piles and piles of trust. this is government subsidized apartments for the elegantly -- the elderly and disabled. they called us, management was not helping.>> like your mother living in year? in this filth. roaches were attacking the guys that were trying to shovel this out. >> after denver 7 started to investigate, several men showed up and cleared out the trash room and the shooters. we have not heard back from the management for comments. people in folder are not getting the message to lock up
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trash cans. diversifying is $250 and climbs to $1000. 15 years after the terrorist attacks in new york city, people are finding out they are seriius health problems with working on ground zero. 5400 people have cancer. this is the number of people who have signed up for the federal health program. there is no slowing marijuana market. tonight, we find out how much has been sold so far this year. $1.35 billion. yes, april. bringing in $77 million. many cyclists were shocked by the hateful messages they found spray patent -- spray-
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one message was, cars should kill you. the vandals could face jail time. you probably noticed that there is one west lane to drive in, for the next three months, denver is watching to see how many riders use it. and they will watch the effect on businesses in the area. there louisiana, more rain is in the forecast, i am afraid. 20 inches of rain fell over the weekend. rescue crews have been working around-the-clock to say people stranded by that flood water. two dozen tornadoes touched down in tornado. this one touchdown near a building. there have been a lot of debris flying around. during the beavercreek
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is burning near the wyoming border. it has been burning for weeks and is not expected to be contained until october. first alert, this week's forecast has a little bit of everything. mike nelson midshipman august we are starting to see a variety in the weather. the national low 31 degrees in dillon colorado. the high, 121 at a month or so away from switching over to the next season, we are getting scattered showers and thunderstorms. you see a line south of burlington. lightning out of that cell and it is dimensioning. in denver, a beautiful night, almost a
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southwest at 11 miles per hour. we are just shy of the record set last year. we have modern air-quality. we are warm but relatively dry, there is a stalled front over the mississippi valley, tropical moisture is feeding into louisiana, this pattern is similar to what we had stalled over us in 2013. boulder area. but we will continue to pick up much more conditions, but especially the mississippi valley. the stores will go off to the east, skies will be mostly clear, overnight, a site for just a few scattered clouds, a temperature 57 degrees in denver, tomorrow starts out
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will have if you storms developing in the afternoon. and we have a better chance of storms that we did today, on into the evening hours, the temperature 88 degrees denver, 90s down to the south, in pueblo, and we will see 60s and 70s in the higher elevations. there will be some showers developing late afternoon. today, partly cloudy, pleasant, 57 degrees. tomorrow, by temperature 88 degrees. we will have if you storms in the afternoon. it will be a we get into wednesday as well. we will be close to 90 degrees. a cold front moves in. storms late in the day, that will be our first alert weather day. friday, the front passes by, it will be cool and 55 degrees in the morning, 72 degrees in the afternoon. saturday we start out at 50. and that we will be at 75. the bright spot is sunday and mostly sunny 80 degrees.
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this is not how you want to start off your day. this is not the way that the squirrel wanted to start his day. he got his head stuck in a cup.
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they had another idea to get their business back. they are offering happy hour at all the locations in our state that have liquor licenses. have you stayed in a hotel recently? your personal information could be at risk. the weston was one of the hotels targeted. for a full list check out good news and bad news, quarterbacks had a good day,
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sports extra is brought to you by the log casino.
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news. vance walker, number 96 tour his acl in this morning's practice, it was a down day. >> i did not see it, it was on practice, he went down. >> it is not good news when you hear one of your brothers go down. i pray he is okay. >> yes, so dowe. jarrad steps up and he will try to giving us the good news, the offense and the quarterbacks got it together this morning. >> we still do not know who's going to start for quarterback with the san francisco 49ers. they played better on monday, and they connected with sandra scott norwood, the offense being pushed around, emmanuel sanders got into it, with chris
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was an indication that is that time at camp. >> they go at each other, but they need to keep their composure, they will get upset and battle each other, but there are some things you cannot do on the field so you cannot do that on the practice area either. >> super bowl l, there's one last pro football hall of fame. on ttesday, a subcommittee will bow, he is a finals, to see if he will get into canton, he is more than deserving, three super bowl finals, five losing seasons in 33 years, he deserves to be in katin. >> now to the rockies, -- canton. now to the rockies, what
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promoted to president, the records should hire a former pitcher, that understands the field, go to your app and press the button, it is a witty. check it out -- woody. check it out. good stuff right here. the bottom of the first, bases-loaded, for the ricky, the natural, i never heard that one before. the natural, but it ripped -- the wiki rookie --. the natural, i never heard that one before. the natural, but it is true. in the fifth, the catch of the day, the pop-up, and he has the died and the snake, -- and he -- they lose another one.
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tube and maybe the last time, it was apparently a crash test dummy. there is a neck brace involved, a chiropractor, it was a good time had by all. he is fine. he tweeted that.>> graceful. >> he is smooth and rich. >> there is some satisfaction watching him bounce up and down.>> [ laughter ]
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- chris pine. the bachelorette jojo and fiance jordan. the finale of "the baby bachelorette." and music from kelsea ballerini. with cleto and the cletones. and now, hold on -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: very nice. hi, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. thank you for joining us.


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