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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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. it is 5:30. the parents of a fallen park county deputy are taking legal action. >> why they feel nate carrigan didn't have to die serving an eviction notice. >> reporter: we are live on i- 70 to talk about c-dot's push for seat belt safety as kids are heading back to school. >> reporter: and changes could be cominto bill, plus renewable energy impact, coming up. fiist, new developments just in on the wildfire in elbert county. after nine hours of battling this one, firefighters and deputies are heading home. >> these are pictures of the fire just sent to denver 7. crews are now working on hot spots throughout the day.
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fighting those fires. yesterday wind speeds were probably 10 to 15 miles an hour and you'll have the same thing today but this is better today. you'll find a beauuiful start here, gorgeous clear skies and sunshine. it's going to be warm again, not quite as warm. we're in the mid-80s by noon, mostly sunny skies at that point, then a few storms this afternoon. the lightning is obviously a concern, dry brush up and through the foothills. we'll be watching for a few east. yesterday we hit 92 in denver,
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we had c-470 closed at quebec but it is clear now. take a look at the overall drive. yesterday we were talking about this sex of lameda between alameda and sable, closed. get to center point and back to sable. that will be closed till sometime tomorrow, probably by the end of day at the latest. mississippi or 6th can help you get 5:32. building better seat belt habits starts with parents. research shows kids and teens are more likely to buckle up if they see you set the example. >> amanda del castillo is along i-70 this morning with startling statistics. >> reporter: for those of you can teen drivers, c-dot is reporting that car crashes are
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teens across the state. in fact, between 2009 and 2014, the number of teens involved in3 fatal crashes increased by 28%. while there are situations you can't control, like the recent wrong-way driver on i-70, you can take steps to keep yourself safe. one of those steps is buckling up. c-dot has a new campaign and we'll look into the next half hour. amanda del castillo, denver 7. the parents of a fallen park county sheriff's deputy want answers. nate carrigan's family is filing a lawsuit against the county. >> his mom and dad say their son didn't have to die serving a high risk eviction notice in february. the family says the sheriff's office didn't follow policy because regular sheriff's deputies do not remove a
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>> why chase the guy in over and eviction? especially after he knew he'd threatened to kill the deputies. what was the purpose? what was the point? >> the undersheriff says the department could release more information from the report next week. in pueblo, police call the deaths of two sisters and their baby-sitter an unfortunate jumped into the deep end with their 17-year-old baby-sitter. later an adult at the complex pool noticed something was wrong and tried to save the girls but it was too late. and online petition to impeach the judge involved in a high profile rape case is up to 68,000 signates. judgeepatrick butler sentenced austin wilkerson to work release and 20 years probation after he was convicted of
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advocctes thought that sentence was too light. if the judge is not removed by impeachment, he'd be uppfor reelection in four years. in june, star trek actor anton yelchin was killed when his jeep grand cherokee rolled down his driveway and crushed him. now a colorado woman claims the same thing almost happened to her. a recall for the model was issued because so many drivers get the the woman's suit claims the jeep hit her and she was hospitalized as a result. two teenagers caused $10,000 in damage at the montessori peaks academy off kipling and bowls. deputies say teenagers snuck in saturday morning and they hadd6- foot pipes and smashed out more
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the owners of mud facial bar in boulder think people vandalized this window advertisement on purpose to make it say breast milk facial. the owners believe people smashed out the window this month and did that because they didn't agree with the treatment. a major settlement involving excel energy could change how much you pay for electricity. >> and it's also gooddfor renewable energy. jason gr more. >> reporter: the sun is nott even up yet but we're talking solar power. we're talking about access to more solar power ensuring more people have access, and for it to potentially be cheaper. we'll break down how. the settlement starts with excel dropppng its grid access fee, the fee everybody pays just for the ability to pull electricity off the grid that then you have to pay for.
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changing how much you pay based on the time of use. costs would be more during peak hours and more if you're using a lot of power at once. for solar, this is great news. you're only paying for the electricity you actually use, and solar actually produces the most when electricity prices would be the highest, like in summer and in the afternoon and evenings. when the like me would have to pay and you could be making your own power. this would also provide low income family more access to solar power by linking certain families up with the power from the solar gardens excel has. that's also good news for them. we're talking about this time and rate and serge. that's only a pilot program as of right now. that's going to take a few
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if you want to be part of the pilot ogram, 20,000 homes will start this year. jason gruenauer, denver 7. 5:38. piles and piles of trash, and the smell at 14th and speer in denver at a government subsidized apartment complex for the elderly and disabled. this weekend the trash was piled up to the fifth floor. the and cleaned it themselves, then called us, claiming managemmnt was not helping. >> how would you like to live here or your mother living in here in this filth? roaches were attacking the guys that were trying to shovel this out. >> after we started investigating, several men showed up and cleared out the
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after the break, we'll hear in a 6-year-old girl who survived a ddive-by shooting. >> and a new study causing concern for doctors. how parents are putting their little ones in danger despite warnings. >> and it's a mild start to the day, 59 degrees in denver. we'll have sunshine and a beautiful start, but sun glare will be an issue today. all quiet around town, including by the univ denver near i-25, all easy driving. this the entrance to the this the entrance to the university light since 1961, pearle vision has been providing expert eye care. today, we make caring for your eyes even easier. right now, buy one pair of glasses, and get another pair free. this is genuine eye care in your neighborhood.
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. welcome back, sun starting to pop up here in denver, just under 60 degree casino is now just a pile of dust and debris. the building on the las vegas strip was imploded this morning. >> it was the backdrop for all kinds of movies like oceans 11 and austin powers. the city's convention authority bought it last year to create space for the convention center expansion. vanderbilt university will
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the building since 1935. united daughters of the confederacy paid for the inscriioo then. the group will get $1.2 million from vanderbilt. a chicago 6-year-old is up and running around despite being shot last week. she was with her uncle playing struck her in the head. her uncle was hit in the chest and didn't survive. she got out of the hospital over the weekend. >> how are you eeling? >> great. >> does it hurt? >> no. >> police believe her uncle was the intended target in that drive-by. one of the victims from the ferris wheel incident in tennessee is talking about the accident. three girls plummeted more than
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week. >> in this morning's gma first look, 10-year-old kayla alive after falling nearly 40 e feet from this ferris wheel in green county, tennessee. >> i was really scared but mostly for my sister. >> reporter: she, another girl and her 6-year-old sister were thrown to the ground after their ferris wheel caught on another while the ride was turning. >> worst thing i've ever seen in my life, and i couldn't do anything. >> reporter: the company responsible is responding this morning: >> reporter: more on the emotional interview coming up at 7:00 a.m.
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>> yesterday 92 degrees, which made it our 44th day of 90- degree heat. seems like a lot, but even to get on the top 20 list, we would need 50 days. >> we've had it worse. >> true story. right now you can see a few showers down across southwestern colorado this morning. otherwise we have a dry start to the day, sunshine with a mix of sun and clouds across the eastern plains we are finally starting to see a little sunshine and it's beautiful. we'll have another warm afternoon but the threat for severe weaaher is going to be low and it's a lot cooler by friday. toddy we'll be about 72 by 9:00, so upper 60s to near 70 for the kids at the bus stop, upper 80s as they're heading
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darker skies and gusty winds with individual storms, and overnight temps in the 60s. denvee today 88, greeley 89, same thing in sterling. low to mid-90s across southeastern colorado and still some 90s on the western slope. getting along i-70, you'll find 70s. right now we have evergreen expecting to hit 78, so a nice afternoon. it is about 3 to 5 degrees cooler th the storms also help. each afternoon they really bring temperatures down. by 1:00, a few already in the foothills, then some spotty shower activity across the plains. that's 4:00, then at 8:00 likely most of this is east of i-25, east of greeley. we'll likely see a few stronger storms near limon but the severe weather threat is going
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upper 80s through wednesday, thursday just a touch cooler. our next cold front is going to bring temperatures down a few degrees. storms likely, maybe a few turning strong thursday. then on friday it's cooler, almost fall-like with temperatures in the low to mid- 70s friday and saturday. saturday we'll see more sunshine and sunday is perfect. i'm shifting t bright spot, mostly sunny and highs near 0. by early saturday look at the overnight lows. >> whoa! >> i didn't expect that reaction. but it is going to be a lot cooler. we have a good drive going on this morning. a lot of 50s and 60s on the freeway. highway 36 in pecos, down to i- 25 wide open for us, no
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take a look at the overall map, a lot of green out there. earlier crash here on the westbound side of c-470 by quebec but no delays and no alternates need. alameda by sable is closed until tomorrow, by the end of the day tomorrow. so use mississippi or 6th avenue to get around that this morning. many bicyclists were shocked to messages spray painted along black mountain drive, including one that said cars should kill you. the sheriff's department says the vandals could face jail time if found. the marijuana market is continng to thrive in the state. pot businesses in our state are set to make $1.35 billion this year. that's just in colorado.
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dispensaries brought in $77 million. many parents could be the wrong way. abies to sleep %- a new study looked at hundreds of videos showing parents putting little ones down, and most put them on their side or stomach. parents were also using loose bedding, bumper pads and stuffed animals, all of which can increase the risk of deh. on their back and without any extra in the crib. turns out sitting can be bad for you, even if you're active the rest of the time. the american heart association is saying too much time between physical activity can badly impact your heart and blood vessels. too much down time puts you at a higher risk of death from any cause. researchers say they can't
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time is bad, so they say americans should heed the general advice of sit ess and move more. a violent robbery caught on camera, the victim an elderly woman. hear from her after the break. >> and you don't expect this at the grocery store. in one town this group of men
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, we'd like to be there protecting you, and the dreams you pursue, today. insure carefully, dream fearlessly. we're back with a live look outside as the sun starts to come up here in denver. 5:52 this tuesday morning. we have an update on
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three people are killed in greece after a tourist boat collides with a speedboat. the victims included a 2-year- old child, a man, and the operator of one of the boats. there were 20 people on board the tourist boat, at least three of those injured. they are still searching for survivors at this time and it is still unclear how the two boats crashed into each other. this video i watch. it shows an elderly woman being mugged outside a fast food >> police are looking for the man in the video who assaulted the 72-year-old woman. she spoke about the attack and said he followed her right out the door. >> i walked out of the restaurant and he just followed. i turned around and he grabbed me by the neck and pulled the chain. it didn't come off so he threw
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he hurt my head, banged it into the ground a few times until he got the chain loosened up. >> there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of this guy. folks in oklahoma city got a surprise at the grocery store when strangers bought their groceries. >> the group footed the bill for more than a dozen people they have been raising money since july to pull this off. i love watching the reactions of people who don't know what to say, then so happy. >> first person, it was her birthday. she was low on cash and so when we did pay her bill, it was a big deal for her. >> ? happy birthday to you ? . >> looks like fun. they helped out 15 to 20 people
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says they will do another surprise visit at another store in the oklahoma city area in the future. >> nice. if you see them coming, it's a good day. we have sunshine out here, a live look from sterling. nice start to the day, wind speeds about 5 to 10 miles an hour. it's calm and cool, upper 60s to near 70 by the time the kids head out this morning. heading home, we have upper 80s. it is warm today but we'll see a few storms popping up today along the foothills and rolling east over denver. the threat of severe weather is low. we have a minor accident on i-25 near the thornton parkway. that's looking better there. this accident is up near mead at highway 56.
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through there. the rest of the drive around town continues to build but overall not too bad. forgetting about the physical challenges for at least one day, a group of surfers hit the waves for the ride of a lifetime. >> hundreds of surfers with spinal cord injuries were on the water at virginia beach. one man was paralyzed from the chest down after a diving accident. despite anxiety about hitting the water, the lot of smiles. >> i was nervous. >> that was so awesome. it felt so good to be back in the water again. it makes you feel like your legs are not getting in the way. >> the program is called they will surf again. the idea is to give them a sense of freedom and independence. they're all smiles. coming up, a man who dressed up as santa and stabbed
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learning his fate. >> and we're looking into donald trump's plan for extreme vetting of immigrants. those stories and more coming
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coming up, terrifying moments for a driver as their dash cam captures a driver going the wrong way on i-70. >> first, a morning at 6:00 a.m. sheriff's deputies want you to look out for this 15-year-old, sarah romero. she could be in danger after going missing on saturday, last seen in a car with a 19-year- old man named raymond holt. he's driving a 1998 red ford mustang with the plate qsu-222.


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