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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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coming up, terrifying moments for a driver as their dash cam captures a driver going the wrong way on i-70. >> first, a morning at 6:00 a.m. sheriff's deputies want you to look out for this 15-year-old, sarah romero. she could be in danger after going missing on saturday, last seen in a car with a 19-year- old man named raymond holt. he's driving a 1998 red ford mustang with the plate qsu-222.
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this fire burned more than 2,000 acres in elbert county just north of limon. while you were sleeping, crews did get the basin fire under control. >> it was hot and dry yesterday, highs well into the 80s with gustier conditions. they had cooler weather overnight, so it's good they right now in denver, some clear skies. it's a little hazy toward the foothills this morning. it's a bright drive and we are expecting looks like upper 60s by about 8:00. then by 9:00 we're at 73, by 4:00 up to 88. we're cooler than yesterday but we'll see a few thunderstorms popping up. today upper 80s and by friday,
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i-25 near the thornton parkway, that accident is gone. police said somebody was changing a tire near i-70 and 38th avenue. it looks clear at this point but we'll keep an eye on that. take a look at the camera by mead on highway 66. that accident is off to the side, just a hazard for us this morning. you can see a lot of traffic starting to build here and there. the big issue today is this section of alameda, closed by sable today and until tomorrow afternoon. two people suffered minor injuries after rolling an suv near i-70 and peoria. authorities say the driver wasn't wearing a seat belt. the suv rolled three times and came to a stop at the bottom of a hill. a denver police officer received a 16-day suspension
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driving drunk. authorities say he crashed into a median wwile driving home from a bar back in february. his blood alcohol level was .165. he didn't lose his license because the arresting officer never showed up for a revocation hearing. a deputy accused of beating his wife over the weekend. dean dominguez is on administrative leave and facing several charges. he'll be back in court this week. as kids are going back to school, c-dot is warning drivers to stay alert on the roads. amanda del castillo has more on a new campaign they are launching. >> reporter: c-dot is calling it beware of the beltless. they want people across the state to use seat belts especially as kids and teens are heading back to school. fatal crashes for teens have increased by nearly 30% in the last few years.
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the state. c-dot hopes to build better habits and save lives in the process. we'll have details on today's event coming up in the next half hour. amanda del castillo, denver 7. the man accused of driving drunk and crashing into the convention center is set to enter a plea in a couple hours. on the night of the crash in june, blazen was laughing as police led him away from the scene. a police report said he was swaying and slurring his words. two people on the street wwre hurt in the crash and one was taken to the hospital. the man shot and killed by lakewood police saturday morning has been identified as harry heatman. this was in the parking lot of
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several convictions for burglary and shoplifting. he had a gun and when he reached for his weapon, s.w.a.t. officers opened fire. this illegal burn got out of control in larimer county and deputies have now charged 57-year-old merrill short with a felony charge. the fire burned more than 500 acres. no buildings were damaged. pay closer attention to your power bill of a settlement agreement between xcel energy and other groups. jason gruenauer joins us live to break it down for everyone. >> reporter: we want to show you how it's going to work. under xcel's old proposal, even if you didn't lose a lot of power, you would pay a grid access fee just to pull power off the system.
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program. so you can turn a light on but at 6:00 a.m., we're not paying that much to turn one light on. if you turn on more and more, it becomes a surge rate. that will also affect your bill here. it's a rate system based on high demand usagee during the summer afternoon, for example, electricity would cost more than it would in the winter based if you have lights on, ac and ?v running, that would cost more. but you would only pay for the power you use because the grid access fee would be no more. this is all in a pilot program stage. they'll start with about 20,000 homes for that program. if they like the new program,,
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all customers possibly by 2020. right now it won't be changing but listen to mom about leaving those lights on. jason gruenauer, denver 7. the right to die amendment will be on the november ballot. if it passes, colorado could be the sixth state to legalize the right to die for terminally ill patients. >> one advocate is re public can now decide on the controversial initiative. >> i know for my dad, if he had this option, it would have given him great comfort at the end of his life, and we would have had time to enjoy this, what little weeks and months we had together. >> the detective over right to die bills have always been -?heated. washington, vermont, oregon, montana and california
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a 31-year-old will spend more than two decades in prison. jamie salas pled guilty to two ?ounts of child pornography. the crime happened seven years ago and according to documents, he assaulted a 4 to 6-week-old infant he was baby-sitting and texted pictures of the crime to his friends. this 35-year-old assaulted a man on christmas eve whe we have learned he'll spend 8 years behind bars, sentenced laat week. the victim survived and has never been identified. this 27-year-old man will spend four years behind bars for punching a woman near broadway and mississippi. police say christopher derby called her a racial slur before throwing that punch.
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it's fun to go workman's comp the broncos ut it gets stressful too. yesterday emmanuel sanders got. >> it with chris harris. helmets came off, punches were thrown, and the two apparently talked it out later. >> it was just a competitive practice. those type of things happen. >> we've got to keep our composure. you know, gu upset and battle each other. there are some things they won't let you do on the field, so we can't do those in practice, either. >> this will be the first preseason game of the year at mile high and vance walker won't be there. he tore his acl at practice yesterday and sadly he is out for the season. the broncos owner could football hall of fame today.
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the broncos said super bowl 50 was for pat. he's won three super bowls since buying the team 33 years ago. a photo finish at the rio olympics plus inccedible images coming from the beaver creek fire along the colorado-wyoming border as firefighters continue to try to get that under control. >> we could use a little rain. it was storms, a little activity especially down south along the palmer divide. your first alerr, about a 20% chance of storms. for the moment it's quiet. you can see not only does it look a little gloomy, but the
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body.
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i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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6:14. what a beautiful shot, sun rising there over the mile high city. the beaver creek fire has been burning nearly two months now. the crew spotted this fire whirl out there while battling the blaze ovee the weekend. it's burned more than wyoming border. it may not be fully contained until halloween. authorities are still not sure what started this fire. this is burning in northern california and authorities arrested a 40-year-old man last night, saying his illegal burn started this destructive fire.. 175 buildings have been destroyed along with several homes. thousands have been forced to evacuate.
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showing on tv, honestly. >> it's west of sacramento and only 5% contained. the death toll is rising after record-breaking flooding in louisiana. at least six people are dead and authorities have made more than 20,000 water rescues. >> you have 30,000 people that have been rescued, about 14,000 people that are in shelters, primarily here and in the baton rouge and surrounding areas. >> we didn't think it was going >> and they are expecting more rain over the next couple days there. we could use a little bit here. it's been dry here, saa some fire in elbert county. we'll have another hot day. yesterday high of 92, made it 44 days of 90-plus this summer. we'd need 50 to get on the top 20 list and we'll have temperatures getting much
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this morning we are seeing a few showers down to the southwest near durango, otherwise dry conditions along i-25. lots of sunshine and a pretty start here at the airport, so it's a nice flight in and out of denver this morning, winds upper 80s today, cooler than yesterday, and overnight tonight we'll see more low 60s. iicreasinglo few storms. by 3:00 we'll likely hit these numbers. we have denver at 88, boulder 86. heading west along i-70, getting up into the mountains, low to mid-70s today. it's cooler but the numbers are exactly where we should be this time of year. pueblo and lamar in the low to mid-90s this afternoon. yesterday we had skies dark
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around 2:00 we'll get a few storms and widely scattered activity rolling east. we're watching down south near the palmer divide, and stretching east toward limon, watching for a few sttrms in the evening. then we're clearing out by midnight tonight. tomorrow we have a chance of storms along with each upper 80s today and tomorrow. by thursday we're at 85 degrees. that's when the front starts to move into the state and brings temperatures down into the 70s friday and saturday. it will feel a little more like football weather for the broncos game on saturday night. we'll see tempeeatures near 70 for the start of the game then some 60s. it will be pretty pleasant. >> get around the grill to warm
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here is the drive going on, denver tech center. this is arapahoe road under i- 25, continuing that bridge project. they have put the center part in there and they will start putting the girders up, then they will build that part of the bridge and move traffic here, to rebuild the center part and then the southbound lanes. doing a lot of work there. take a look at the drive, an easy ride, c-470, 285 coming in from the west side. 6th avenue, looking good. this section of alameda remains closed from alameda drive over to sable. we talked about it yesterdayy most folks are using center point to get around it. you can also use mississippi or 6th avenue. it will be closed until
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new safety upgrades to a colorado railroad crossing where five family members were hit and killed a couple months ago near trinidad. steven and christine miller died along with three of their daughters but one survived. there was only a sign there at the time of the crash. now lights, bells and gates will be installed. breaking overnight on the strip, the riviera is no more. hotel was a backdrop for movies like oceans 11 and austin powers. the convention bureau tore it down to make space for the las vegas convention center expansion. hackers hit 20 hotels across the country and a lot of information was stolen, including credit card numbers and potentially social security numbers.
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properties, including the westin snow mass. to see the full list of hotels affected, check out our denver 7 app. chipotle is now offering happy hour with half price deals on beer and margaritas. that includes all the locations in colorado that have a liquor license. they have already given away burritos for free and started a loyalty program to win outbreak. hillary clinton is still leading in the polls this morni and president obama is on vacation for the last time as president. he's still making time to support hillary clinton. last night he showed up at a clinton fundraiser on martha's
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just to get in. trump spent some time talking about his plan to tackle terrorism. his proposal includes a test to determine whether immigrants hold extremist views. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. our country has enough problems. we don't need mooe. and these are problems like we've never had >> meantime, trump's campaign manager is facing serious criticism this morning after a new study said he took payments from ukrainian leaders. coming up,,a photo finish.
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6:24, welcome back. a beautiful shot of the city, 55 degrees right now. four local students are heading
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the president's environmental youth award. they helped install solar panels on their campus. >> and we are hoping for pictures from the ceremony later today. find more on our denver 7 app. this is the women's 400 meters, with american runner allison felix closing in on a runnee from the ba the win. that is legal in track and field, although you don't see it very often. felix picked up the silver. >> ouch. she wanted it. >> i felt that shouldn't be legal. >> you see them kind of pushing their chest out. yodon't like that? >> i don't.
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weather here in colorado today. out to the north and east of us we could see a few pockets of weather in the upper midwest. we'll see a few storms popping up today, 80s expected this afternoon with the chance for a few thunderstorms. you'll find that through the early evening, a lot cooler by the end of the week. . i-25 southbound is heavy congested here. the express anes are moving okay but here after the thornton parkway, moving better then congested again around 84th. coming up, new information about the fire burning near limon this morning. a busy night for firefighters trying to get this under control. >> and a lawsuit coming from
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is over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet
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i'm michael bennet and i approve this message.
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the parents of a deputy killed in the line of duty are calling the park county sheriff a liar. >> plus denver 7 goes door to door to get to the bottom of a signature forging scandal. gunman is on the loose after a shooting at a colorado springs apartment complex. police don't think there is an active threat to anyone else and the victim is expected to survive.
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the elbert fire has been updated to now 575 acres. >> and we are watching conditions there, lisa. >> winds are calm there this morning, so that will help. we'll see more hot, dry conditions today, a chance of storms there near elbert county. looking at a beautiful sunrise right now, in mitch, did you put a spit wad on that camera? he messes with me every day. that's a good one, right over my fore head. i can see it. we'll have a few building clouds this afternoon. thank you. few building clouds and a slight chance of storms. notice around 4:00 to 5:00, it gets more active here in denver, and south along the palmer divide watching spots
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few thunderstorms. no severe weather but there will be a chance of storms each day this week. we have had flurries of activity this morning, nothing at the moment. we have congestion, typical southbound i-25 slowing from 104th to 84th avenue, 20 to 25 minutes. you can see all the congestion there on the north side town. starting to see a little more on c-470, 285 and 225 coming down from parker road. big deal again today. we talked about alameda closed at aurora on the east side sable. it will be closed by tomorrow. center point, a lot of folks using that. you can also use 6th avenue and mississippi to get around it as
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bike path in jjfferson county. one message even said cars should kill you. this is what hundreds of bicycle riders saw over the weekend. they say it's an example of the strained relationship between drivers ancyclists. >> drivers feel inconvenienced by cyclists. but cyclists also pay taxes to use the road as well. >> if the vandals are found they could face jail time. a warning drivers this morning just before the start of the school year. >> amanda del castillo is live along i-70 this morning with more on what to be watchful of. >> reporter: around 3:30 a.m. yesterday, troopers got a call about a wrong-way driver on i- 70. that's one example of why drivers need to be alert on our roads. kids and teens are also heading back to school.
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campaign they are hoping will reduce the number of teen deaths in colorado. they say simply buckling up can change that. the back to school press conference at 10:30 will address amanda del castillo, denver 7. this fire is at a waste management facility where several employees evacuated while fires got things under control. no one was injuree there. several windows of the montessori school near kipling and bowls were smashed over the weekend. authorittes say over 20 windows and glass doors were ruined and shattered there. the people responsible ran away on foot and police are trying
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impeach the boulder judge involved in a high profile rape case now has more than 68,000 signature. judge patrick butler sentenced a student to work release after he was convicted of raping a young woman. advocates called that a slap on the wrist. judge butler is up for reelection in four years. the parents of this sheriff's deputy killed in the line of duty, say their son didn't have a die. they are planning a lawsuit against the park county sheriff's office. corporal carrigan was killed during a high risk eviction in february and his parents say regular sheriff's deputies don't remove a barricaded and dangerous suspect. they tell us the sheriff in their minds is a liar. >> not a word of truth from that man.
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>> you don't have anything. >> as for when the lawsuit will be filed, attorneys say they are waiting on witness statements. his parents say they would donate the money from a settlement or lawsuit win to their son's scholarship fund. two sisters and their teenage baby-sitter drowned. the 3 and 6-year-old jumped into the deep end of the pool at their their 17-year-old baby-sitter. several minutes later, an adult noticed something was wrong. staff and officers tried to save the girls but it was too late. this morning a new case of forged signatures and a denial from one signature collector. >> i want to record this answer and use it for my 10000 story tonight. is that okay? >> go ahead. >> all right. did you forge any signatures?
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who turned in the signatures and confirmed with one voter that he never signed that petition. >> do you see your name on this list? >> yes, i do. >> is that your handwriting? >> no, it iin't. >> did you sign this peeition? >> no, i did not. >> this was to get the minimum wage issue on the ballot. it will be on the ballot but the attorney general is in a major settlement could impact your power bill in the future, and maybe not the way you would like. jason gruenauer is out at i-25 and 13th with more on the changes. . >> reporter: good morning. i brought my power bill just to show you. the old proposal xcel wanted was to put a grid access fee here. everybody pays just to pull power off the transformers
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instead they are starting a pilot program that will be here on the bill and it would basically calculate your kiwatt hours and how much you have to pay based on time and usage. we wanted to know who it's going to help and hurt. it could cost you more if you use all your electricity all att once. if you have all the lights on, tv and appliances running, that's a surge in use. it wou do it during peak times, during the hot afternoons or early morning when everybody else has their power on. it heps to spread out our usage and not use it all at once. under this agreement, more solar power would also be added to the grid and access to the grid would be easier. basically it helps conserve
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money. this is all following the major settlement between the xcel corporation and public the pilot program that we're talking about with the surge and time of day, it will start in 20,000 homes this year and then be expanded. our bills won't be changing tomorrow, but keep in mind they could be letting you know things could be changing in th future. jason gruenauer, denver 7. we're going to tell you where to grab a free breakfast when we come back. >> and one apartment complex dealing with trash piled up to
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. if you haven't heard, you could get free breakfast today. einstein's is giving out free cracked egg sandwiches all over the area. for every sandwich they give out, they are also giving one to charity. this is popular on you can get thoseeby downloading our free denver 7 app. it's a cool start to the day, right now in the 40s in the foothills. city park right now 56, so 50s to start but we're in the 80s this afternoon. we hit 92 yesterday and we're a little cooler this afternoon with a few storms developing by lunch, sunny and 85, pretty nice at that point. this is your first alert that
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to the week. we're at 73 by 9:00 and that's likely our high on friday. i-25 before you get to the buffalo herd, right back there we have an accident causing delays on the eastbound side. right now not even seeing traffic on the eastbound side, -?so there should be folks ther now. all lanes could be blocked. -?this is the evergreen area. biggest delays, 270, i-76 and the drive into downtown, 25 minutes. this is a vandalism case that could have you talking. the owners of mud facial bar in boulder believe people vandalized this window advertisement on purpose. they believe they had a problem with the unique breast milk
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be doing better this morning. what's fueling the record high on wall street right now. and a live look outside, 6:44
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cause he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing ther she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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stock markets closed at a record high last night. a quick check of the computer this morning shows the markets are all down just slightly this morning, not by a bunch. the dow here in colorado, the marijuana business is booming. pot businesses are set to make $1.35 billion this year. prim april was the best month so far, with 4/20 sales. elderly and disabled people are dealing with piles and
6:47 am
government subsidized apartment building at 14th and speer. >> this shows them shoveling this out of the trash room thhmselves over the weekend. it was backed up all the way to the fifth floor and the smell was making people sick. residents say they were told management was quote, on vacation. >> this was filled up to the fifth floor on the weekend. we had to get disabled men in this building to shovel out -- this was all full. >> somebody could drop a cigarette butt in there. fire hazard, environmental hazard, health hazard. >> denver 7 went out there and after making several calls, some men showed up and cleared out the trash room and chutes. we have not heard back from the management company. several men are missing after being kidnapped by men
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puerta vallarta. the wait staff were left completely alone there. authorities say it is probably gang violence and police haven't released much more information thus far. a colorado woman is suing jeep, claiming she got confused by her gear shifter and wound up getting hit by her own suv. there is a recall now for the issue. back in june we told you about actor anton yelchin who died when and killed him. this is a tornado that hit a building in indiana and caused an explosion at that building. several other buildings were damaged in that storm but no one was seriously hurt. >> wild weather in a lot of places. we have been very fortunate
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quietest seasons i've seen here. beautiful look right now, clear skies and a lot of sunshine this morning. out near burlington, a few more the cameras will get more active later today. this morning it's quiet. we are right now in the upper 50s and we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s by 10:00, then highs today in the mid- to upper 80s. we'll see an increase in cloud cover, a chance for a few storms. down. 3 we'll likely hit 88 by 3:00, mid- to upper 70s near bailey. out west, hot weather with 92 for grand junction, craig 87. we all get a break by the end of the week. temperatures will continue to
6:50 am
august and early september. and it's not going to feel like fall today through thursday, but friday it will. we are going to see a chance for a few thunderstorms each afternoon. it will look like this through about thursday. we'll have storms widely scattered in the mountains and rolling east over the i-25 corridor. about down to the southeast. the threat for severe weather today is lower, though likely rain and thunder possible in the early afternoon and early evening. 88 today, 89 tomorrow, close to 90. i don't know if we'll add to the 90-degree days this week. we're going to be tracking this next cold front. so thursday into friday, storms are likely. severe storms, then it's much
6:51 am
saturday 75. lots of rockies games at home this week. today we have a chance of storms, first pitch 6:40 with the mid-80s. this is that time of year we get baseball and football. saturday night for the game looking good but we'll likely see 60s during the broncos game. we'll start with a picture here where the buffalo herd overlook is. this is the eastbound 70. what you're not seeing is any traffic because it's closed down right now back to about the chief hossa exit. that eastbound ide is closed just after evergreen parkway. air tracker 7 is headdng that way. the accident is right here, right before that big curve that would take you to the
6:52 am
highway. this genessee mountain road is dirt and pretty windd. i don't suggest semi trucks drive this. evergreen parkway could take you to c-470 but that's a long way around it. maybe just park and wait it out to see when i-70 is going to reopen again. very typical traffic to the north and east side we still have that closure alameda near sable. voters will decide the future of denver's independent monitor. >> if it's approved by voters, it would make the office that investigates police misconduct permanent for denver. theeoim already played a major role in reforming the troubled
6:53 am
faith effort to establish trust between he community and law enforcement. >> currently the independent monitor is in place by city ordinance, which means the mayor or city council could choose to get rid of it. more cooing up in the morning sprint. look out for this missing girl, last seen saturday. >> and the broncos owner could
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don't let dust and allergens get beautiful moments.fe's flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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. we have incredible video, not what you want to see driving down i-70. those are headlights coming right at you. >> this morning c-dot has a warning for other drivers out there. amanda del castillo has details. >> of the beltless campaign, they are encouraging drivers today the buckle up. all this because kids and teens are hitting the roads and joining us on colorado roadways on their way to school. they want to be sure teens understand how important it is to buckle up because car crashes are the number one cause of death for teens throughout the state. again, they are hosting a back to school press conference this morning at 10:30 a.m.
6:56 am
building better habits for buckling up and keeping people safe. amanda del castillo, denver 7. we have a bad crash, i-70 here and you can see the extensive damage to this vehicle here. it crashed into the wall. this is the curve that takes you before the buffalo herd overlook area. with the sun glare, it can be really dangerous. we have eastbound closed right now. just seeing this from air tracker 7. they are trying to get air traffic control devices and get police officers to help direct traffic. it's better to use the evergreen parkway to get around this. the dirt road that gets you back to 70 and 74 might be better right now. 6:57 now. sheriff's deputies want
6:57 am
girl,,15-year-old sarah romero. they are fearful she could be in danger after going missing saturday. she was last seen with 19-year- old raymond holt in a 1998 red ford mustang with plate qsu- 222. if you see her or this car, call 911. breaking overnight, a gunman is on the shooting at a colorado springs apartment complex. the 24-year-old victim will survive. theee is no information on a suspect but police don't believe there is a threat to anyone else. 6:57 and it is beautiful outside. not as hot this afternoon, so the kids this morning great at the bus stop with 70, and this afternoon heading home in the mid- to upper 80s. it's a warm day with a chance of storms today.
6:58 am
it starts to get cooler by the end of the week, a lot cooler by friday. we'll see 70s by the end of the week. broncos owner pat bowlen could be voted into the pro football hall of fame today. in 33 years of ownership, they have only had five losing
6:59 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight a search for survivors under way after deadly floods hit the south. 30,000 rescued. the national guard pulling people to safety. now rivers are on the rise as the midwest faces twisters overnight and severe weather moves east. donald trump talking tough on terror and immigration. >> i call it extreme, extreme vetting. >> how trump says he will keep america safe from isis and will his reset last as vice president joe biden hits the trail with hillary clinton calling trump's ideas dangerous. we have an abc news exclusive. the 10-year-old girl who fell from the top of a ferris wheel speaking out after that terrible accident. >> i was really scared but mostly for my sister. >> her younger sister still


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