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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 16, 2016 3:00pm-3:31pm MDT

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all-new today on "right this minute." >> ready. you have a daughter. >> no way. >> a mom-to-be hears big news about her baby while -- >> with her mother donna who is terminally ill. >> the story behind the touching moment that people around the world just want to share. >> it's pure -- it's just fantastic. wing suit pilots stage a daring flight. >> to become a shooting star. >> why it takes precision and guts to pull it off. an 8-year-old manages to get really stuck in some railing. >> the head was too big to get through here. >> what she was doing and how rescuers got her out. plus -- >> ? . how auctioneers are going viral thanks to this creative genius.
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jet ski. >> freezing! >> see a son's sheer joy in scaring mom. >> oh! >> nope! >> we see a lot on this show but i can honestly say that this gender video is unlike any other. >> you have a daughter. >> no way. >> taylor just told her tha she's having a baby girl. you see that she's laying in the bed, with her mothers, donna, who is terminally ill. she has stage four brain and lung can >> that's the circle completing. it's right there. it's right there in bed together, grandma, daughter and future grandchild but she's having the daughter, too, it's crazy. that's the whole circle right there. blowing my mind. >> she wanted her mom to be arranged for her to have the ultrasound there with her mother lying in bed so they could both share the experience. >> so much for her mom.
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all the medicine, all the surgeries and all the stuff under the sun but it's this kind of humanity that goes so far. >> as i told you, this gender reveal goes down in history for me. and taylor was really happy that the hospital allowed her to do this because her mom actually died three days after -- >> oh, my gosh. >> after she learned the gender of her baby. >> but it's not. it's not. it's happy. it's great. ist wonderful. it's sweet. it's >> and it's a memory that she'll have forever. >> she did post this video to facebook and of course it went viral because like all of us, see the beauty in being able to share all of these precious moments with her mom. >> give her a hug. give her a hug. >> oh, you're melting. >> everyone have a hug. >> you're melting. ? >> if you happen to get outside this weekend, look up, you might
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persied showers. maybe you're one of the lucky few to become part of the showers. >> do tell. >> this red bull video shows the process of what it's like to become a shooting star! >> we've got four professionals over the skies of country it's a wing suit video but oh, so much more. click on these l.e.d. lights on your wing suit and jump. >> looks cool. looks awesome. looks spectacular from the ground. but let's make it better. let's make it look like you're really seeing a shooting star. >> okay. >> i think it's about to come true. >> it did.
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>> so rad! >> if you didn't know what was happening and you were somewhere in the neighborhood of la palma, santa cruz, spain and you saw that, you'd be like, dios mia. >> it's exceptional. >> the l.e.d. wing suit with the pyrotechnics off the back that's together made this show >> kwou we should totally do this show in spanish. >> okay. >> have you ever had that feeling where the world just falls out from underneath you? there's a couple of people in china that know all too well because check this out. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh! >> in the car park in china out of nowhere you see that two people just standing to the side
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whatsoever, the world just vanishes. >> it was pretty far down but you know what? the ladders were able to get down there and find them. they were taken to hospital and they are now in stable condition. but -- >> not prepared that >> we head over to brazil for this next one. this is a motor bike video. nick it's going to make your teeth grind because in this viral video we're on a helmet cam. these three guys on a nice sweeping right-hand and we h past this one truck on the right-hand side. >> no problem. keep an eye on the truck in front. >> ooh. >> debris. straight over -- >> oh! >> you see as he goes rolling down the side of the road, his bike is skidding forward as well. very quick he's back up on his feet and we see he's okay. >> tire blowout just part of the fender of the truck with it. >> they say yes, that part explodes just throws, that guy really had nowhere to go.
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wearing all the right gear and he's just fine. >> terrifying for a mother to be at work and then getting a call that your child is in this very unfortunate predicament. >> ooh. >> as you can see here this poor girl ended up stuck in this side of where trains pass by. >> so, trying to maybe see the trains? >> yes! that's exactly what was going on. you know when you're a kid you get curious. especially about trains. who doesn't. >> at least there's a little bit of an explanation. i'm almost positive my mom got a phone call very similar to this. when i got my head stuck in the railings at home. i did it! there was no rain coming i was
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stuck and then i couldn't -- >> yeah. >> i'm so glad you're telling us this because you can never make fun of kids that get stuck ever again. >> we see it a lot and the thing is usually it is in a railing or something like this. but this is like a high security massively thick looks like it's outside a prison or something. >> oh, yeah. well it's not a prison obviously. but it is reinforced what looks like concrete and the rescuers had to work for about half an hour before they could release this poor child. >> what is -- >> the jaws of life there just spread that thing open and crack the oh, boy. >> oh. poor baby. >> oh. >> she's making an impressive climb. >> with a prosthetic leg. >> she is a bionic woman. >> how she profs nothing can bring her down. >> oh. >> and some kind folks help a sea turtle that's -- >> tangled in fishing line. >> see how their quick actions
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closed captioning provided by -- t of my way strong. allegra-d?. a fast non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d?. this woman, as you see there, she's climbing this rock wall with a prosthetic leg. >> nice. >> rock climbing like the power comes from your leg. >> maybe this is an advantage. >> bionic leg? yes, she is a bionic woman. >> hold that thought. >> oh! >> you dropped something. >> yeah, your leg fell off. >> stop. this is a kind of situation when you have [ indiscernible ] >> cracking up. >> her recording, come and make light of it, because she just keeps going.
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finding your -- >> it's on the floor. it's a security group. the organization puts on an event once a month and said she hadn't even planned on climbing she just stopped by. she lost her leg after she was diagnosed with a blood clot about four years ago but as you see it has not slowed her down. >> she's got a sense of humor as well. this is why people are liking this video. >> you have to respect her for having that attitude to just keep going. >> and the story actually made that very reason. some of the people from the organization said like she let it -- >> she actually made it to the top and back down with no problem. >> you got to respect her. >> -- your leg fell off? >> you got to give it to the people in the world that do their part to rebirth some of the damage that other human, have done. in fact thek this out. >> this poor thing is stuck on
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>> the turtle has been tangled in fishing line and the guys in this boat spotted it decided they were going to pull the trurtle up onto their boat right off the back they cut the excess line, but it's also wrapped around its neck. >> hat thad to be heavy. >> i can't imagine having to drag that through the water. >> the guys believe it's a female that was swimming really close to them, and in this viral video you see once they turn it around you see just how >> it looks like it did kind of get through that. you can see how tight that. >> once they cut the line you can see that it has cut in to its neck. >> yeah, cut in there really deep, too. >> but it looks like these folks are equipped and know what to do to make this turtle survive. >> fortunately, at least in this case, these guys saved a life.
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the last few days. [ auctioneering ] >> it's just brilliant. it's all these auctioneers partnered up with just rap beats and it just works. so well. [ auctioneering ] >> it's so good! these guys go so fast and they all have their own unique little sound. >> i can't believe -- >> one of those things youe the face for so long. 16 million views already on facebook but the cool thing is it's got a link to instagram page of auctioneer -- [ auctioneering ] >> do have flows.
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>> people have been sharing this. we have incredible researcher here "right this minute." and right this minute we have the genius behind this graham! dude where did this idea come from? >> i stumbled across the world live stock auctioneer championship 2013 and i'm like oh what's this. the second guy who wound up being fifth place, rhett park, the way he does his auctioneering is so rhythmic. i took the audio and put a beat it worked. >> any of these auctioneers reached out to you and said, dude, let's make an album together? >> no. not one. not a single one. i really want to meet one of them and just have one of them do their thing. >> we need to put him and rhett parks together. >> it's clear that these auctioneers have -- >> [ auctioneering ] >> did you think people would be so amused by it? >> i think it's so popular because you're literally combining two cultures. most people never really imagine
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auctioneer beats is accomplishing that i think is part of the reason why it has such a profound comedy effect. >> do you now understand what auctioneers say? >> i -- well -- >> no is an acceptable answer. [ auctioneering ] ? >> mom's teaching her daughter how to drive. >> never teach family members >> next "right this minute." and still to come, a burglary suspect has a hard time pulling off the heist because he -- >> couldn't even find the light switch in this place. >> see why this case is definitely going to be an easy one to crack. >> this is the best bumbling joe robber video we've seen. >> plus a woman shoe collection steps forward.
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promotional considerations provided by -- e level. and so does new icy hot lidocaine. desensitizes aggravated nerves with the max strength lidocaine available. new icy hot lidocaine. becca doesn't know soda breaks down tooth enamel. thankfully she uses act? restoring? mouthwash with fluoride. it restores minerals to enamel for 40% stronger teeth. act?. smile strong. so you know how the story goes, police notice a car that doesn't have quite the right paperwork and then, yeah it ends up something like this. apparently the driver behind the wheel carried him about half a mile going up to speeds of 30 miles per hour, shaking the wheel trying to knock the officer off eventually the guy takes off down the street. the officer i believe maybe grabs the keys and gets off after him on foot. >> but after all of that, he
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building can't find him, that's cool. >> well, it gets a little bit better. we found weapons and drugs in the car, and he turned himself in later that day. now, no cops were needed in taking down this burglar suspect. here he comes, middle of the night, through the window of a pizzeria, mumbling, bumbling, rumbling and stumbling. >> maybe he really wanted pizza that night? >> the whole thing -- >> he didn't even think to bring any kind of light because we can see what's happening in the scene becau camera technology. he cannot. this burglar, never mind couldn't find the cash, couldn't even find the light switch in this place. >> oh, my -- >> the only valuable thing in the pizzeria was apparently this tv which he promptly -- >> ha! >> and smashes. look what he winds up doing -- >> oh, my -- >> climbing through another window. >> reports say that this guy had some alcohol in him. right here towards the end you
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>> they found this video. the next morning. the shop employees opened up the store and there he is. >> he delivered himself. >> hot and steaming this guy. >> if you want to walk a mile in jessica's shoes you have to change them pretty awesome. that's because she has 365 pairs of shoes. >> okay. >> one for each day of the year. >> yes, oh? is that all? >> am i supposed to be shocked by this? >> have you seen my closet? >> she posted a photo of a pair of her shoes each day, and at the end of that 365 days, using stop motion animation -- >> she brought it all together. >> eight hours. that's what it took to make this video. jessica is the sister of one of our researchers maddie, and there's-
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would not have the patience to pull all of this together. >> like a hobby? is it fun? does it happen? >> wh she's also worn the same shoe size since she was 11 years old. >> i get that because so have i and so yeah many of my shoes have had to like -- not many but i have had some shoes that i've had like 20 years. >> you ever borrow her shoes maddie? she'd never notice. >> there's >> well -- >> step ahead of you, because she donated 150 pairs so far. >> oh, 150. >> it takes awhile to create and be able to pull these off but she's what she does. she also runs a site to make memory quilts as well. i don't know where she finds time to do all of this. but she does. >> huge setup to take the
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swing. >> why it's the perfect recipe for a swing disaster.
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of other hacks, head to our website or use our mobile app to see it. >> just along for the ride. ? >> eerks. >> oh. >> scaring the bejeebers out of your mom has gone out of the vehicle 40 fast vehicle and onto a personal water craft. >> [ bleep ] back down. [ bleep ] >> nope. >> yeah. she's going fast, and she ain't liking it. >> oh! oh! oh! >> screaming.
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even though the poster says she is. >> oh, yeah for sure. >> oh. >> doing that. >> she's genuinely skard. she's not just kind of laughing through it. >> no! >> oh. >> oh! >> thank you. >> ha, ha, ha. >> she's pleading for him to stop. it's almost like what i can't -- >> yeah. >> i wasn't scared. is >> from that body of water to this one although this one i feel like we've rope, that tree, that swing. >> that guy. >> that guy. >> oh, no! oh, no! no! >> oh. >> that really did happen. the guy swings straight to the tree -- hits it with his hips and it sends him flying to the water. fortunately he didn't fall in the water you see a bunch of
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okay it turns out [ indiscernible ] must have had a big old bruise but apparently -- >> yeah. and doing it wrong. [ bleep ] >> that's our look at the day's top viral videos for more go to or catch us
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it's over. >> hollywood's nastiest divorce. the epic settlement. >> then, diving for gold. >> a dive. >> did she break the rules? >> plus, ivanka trump. her european vacation. wait until the $300 million yacht she is on. awkward, he won't let her go. >> he puts her hands down that tells anybody the hug is over. >> the inside story of panic at the airport. >> like a disease it spreads real quick. >> plus, the boy who swallowed a doggy toy. >> you can see how easy it is


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