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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 17, 2016 2:36am-4:01am MDT

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lochte and three swimming teammates in rio. lochte says he didn't initially tell u.s. olympic committee official about sunday's incident because the swimmers were afraid they'd get in trouble. the delay caused confusion between the usoc and international olympic committee. his attorney says he cooperated fully with authorities. he also received private security before returning to the u.s. on tuesday. meanwhile, the u.s. smashed day 11 in rio expanding the medal
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golds and 84 overall. however, early wednesday morning, the united states' stranglehold on one event came to an end at the beach. >> reporter: battle on the beach. kerri walsh jennings and april ross taking on the world champion brazil team in the semifinals. sadly, the americans couldn't pull off the win. this is walsh jennings' first match loss in four olympics games. the u.s. will play for the bronze a she did it. she did it. simone biles making history yet again, soaring to her fourth gold medal in rio. the 19-year-old gymnast capping off her olympics by winning the floor exercise finals. that makes her the first american gymnast to when four gold medals in a single games. teammate aly raisman got the silver. she was the reigning floor champ from london. and the men's team celebrating redemption.
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high bar. missing a medal by fractions of a point landed sam in fourth. in track and field, the american women adding to the medal count in the 1500 meters. jennifer simpson surging at the end to get the bronze medal. she's the first u.s. woman to ever medal in this event. and a dramatic show of olympic spirit in the women's 5,000-meter two runners tumbled to the ground mid race. and one runner hobbled to the finish line with help. d'agostino had to be taken away in a wheelchair, but referees advanced both women to the finals. okay. so that said, if there's a rematch in the nba finals next year, maybe we will be able to make a wager like this. >> based on my track record, i might be willing. >> you would be?
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broadcaster larry winneker. he tweeted in december if his favorite team won, he would host the first show of the season in his underwear. from the results, against all odds, lester city won. he went with boxers and nothing else over the weekend. >> and as you look at that, it answers a lot of questions that many people might have. of course, the boxers/briefs one. >> now we know. y coming up, caught on camera, a woman stealing medication during an open house. there's a new warning this morning on what you can do to protect your property even when trying to sell it. plus, the chinese village that claims to have the secret to gender selection. see the centuries' old ritual they credit with giving them an equal number of boys and girls. and remember, you can always weigh in on facebook,, and twitter at abcwnn. we love to receive your tweets. you're watching "world news
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police in dallas released this video of a car theft. the car's owner tried to stop the thief, but is actually dragged 70 feet clinging to the door handle on the driver's side. he was banged up, but has recovered. police caught the suspected car thief who has since apologized to the victim. and police in florida are asking for the public's help to catch a woman who trashed a
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worth of candy bars and locked the door when she refused to put them back. that's when she threw items on the floor. chips, candy, pastries, even shattering drink bottles. the clerk eventually unlocked the door and the woman walked out. police are now offering $3,000 for information or up to $3,000 for information leading to her arrest. >> did she get the passion of m & ms she wanted in the first place? >> i think she wke that's the allegation. >> and left a mess. it's not just store owners who need to worry about strangers walking through their front door. >> there's a new warning for homeowners showing a house to prospective buyers. we have the story. >> reporter: a warning from a texas realtor foanyone trying to sell their home. watch as this woman at an open house pretends to be interested in the home making her way to the kitchen. telling the realtor she needs a make a phone call. she took the flier. she was like, bless your heart for having an open house on a rainy
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>> reporter: moments later she opens the cupboards and pops something into her purse. the realtor said the homeowners noticed narcotic medication was missing and spotted the woman on their home security footage. los angeles realtor mike domino says he preps his clients extensively before. >> things that are important, you need them secured and out of the house. >> reporter: and not just potential buyers. this realtor using her access to the cabinet. another piece of advice from that realtor -- keep your important documents, spare keys and checkbooks, in a box like this, and take it with you whenever they're showing your home. >> the realtor had a great tip. she said to hide any calendars so that nobody knows when your family is going to be away. >> okay, and also put away any
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sure that your realtor has an assistant there so they can take a look at activities on other floors. >> and the top drawer, not a good place to hide things, apparently. >> that's where i hide everything. coming up in our next half hour, britney spears to do it again. how the pop princess is going to hit us one more time. >> first, the chinese village where nearly every couple has one boy and one girl. we'll show you the secret they say has controlled their children's gender. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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for the one child policy which was only changed last year, but there were some exceptions to the rules. >> parents in one village were allowed to have two children, and most had one boy and one girl. they say it is all thanks to a medicine woman and her ancient fertility ritual. >> reporter: in the tiny village in china, it's one of the most important days of the year for these lit but something is missing. where are the girls? it's a question everyone in china is requesting. for more than three decades, china made it illegal to have more than one child. >> they thought they needed to do something to curb the
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>> reporter: this produced a terrible unintended consequence. >> when people were only allowed to have one child, women would resort to selectively aborting girls. >> reporter: when it created the one-child rule, the government gave this the people in this village special dispensation to have two kids each. ? and mysteriously, almost every couple manages to give birth to exactly one boy and e how many of you boys have a sister? seven. everybody who has a brother, raise their hand. we wondered how this could be. they say it's a centuries' old secret kept by this medicine doctor, mrs. wu. she says she helps women choose the gender of their child using mysterious herbs she gets from hills near
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for boys and another for girls. all used to make a medicine that women take before they get pregnant. according to mrs. wu, the water in these two wells also gives parents power to choose the gender, choose right for a girl, left for a boy. but the villagers try to leave nothing to chance. twice a year they hold a mysterious ritual that seems to defy common sense, science, and even nature itself. during the festival, soon-to-be couples promise to give birth to only two children, a boy and a girl. according to mrs. wu, it almost always works. 100% if they come to her, she says. >> the fact that in this village every couple has one boy and one girl makes me worried about
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how is it if the first child is a girl that the second child is always a boy? are they practicing selective abortion? >> reporter: in the rest of china, young men scramble to find a wife, in this village, there will be a bride for every groom. for now these kids dance and play at the ancestral festival. they'll take the oath when they get married, performing this ritual so they, too, can someday have a perfect family. for "nightline," i'm woodruff in china. >> interesting racket by mrs. wu there. and something she could market of the west and make a lot of money on. seems controversial. >> a big contrast to other parts of the country where they have an average of 120 boys for every 100 girls. china has an estimated 30 million more men than women. it's a problem for the bachelors looking for brides. >> there are a lot of desperate bachelors on tinder, if they're allowed on tinder.
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remember remember puss and boots from "shrek" and those beautiful black googly eyes that draw you in. scientists on the california coast were in the bottom of the sea. they were in an exploratory vessel. they saw something that looked like a child's toy. the purple things. and then they realized it's a squid that was just mesmerized by their lights. >> that's a real life squid? >> yes. >> it looks like a pinata. >> it's 3,000 feet down on the sea floor. googly-eyed squid. it got all these hard scientist to be like, oh, man, turned them into softies. cute. it makes you question having calamari ever again.
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watching, because it's delicious. bananas are delicious, and bad news for banana lovers out there, they may be going extinct. scientists at the university of california davis say that there's a three-fungus complex which could destroy all banana crops. apparently it's already destroyed 40 % of banana output, and they're saying -- >> are you sure this wasn't sponsored by chi keetd -- chiquita? >> i'm in a panic. i love bananas in shakes, on their own. i make banana pudding, banana cream pie. >> banana peel challenge? >> that. that's not so bad. that could be the one positive thing. >> i would miss that. over in south korea there was a baseball game taking place. take a look at this.
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first base, but he flips his bat and hits the umpire. you have to take another look. look at the stare this umpire gives him. and also the other thing is as i look at that video, you could clearly see that was a strike and not a ball. this might take away from that. not the angry -- what do you think, the strike zone there is a little --? >> yeah. nobody charges the mind. nobody charges the player. they all just act like adults. >> what a phenomenon. >> you're right. speaking of adults, some women in a college dorm room decided they want to feel like they have an adult home despite the confined space. this is what they've done with their dorm room. it's exploding on social media. they bought most of the
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this this morning on "world news now," a fast moving wildfire has forced more than 80,000 residents from their homes in southern california. crews are working through the night to try to get a handle out, you but the windy conditions with making it merely impossible. donald trump saying he's not going to cha gets back on message, selling himself as the law and order candidate. we'll have more from milwaukee ahead. a mail carrier caught tossing mail in the dumpster. >> that's not where it's supposed to go. a video that shows her skipping a step in the process, saving us the task of having to open it first. >> new meaning to the words junk mail. and britney spears is doing it again, heading back to the stage where she cemented her status as a bona fide superstar.
3:01 am
planned after more than almost a decade apart. >> has it beenha? from abc news, this is "world news now." >> she was so good in her prime. i'm excited to see her perform. >> she's still in her good. >> i've never seen her in vegas. it's been a while since i've gotten to see her in action. >> it's real lip syncing in vegas. good morning. >> we'll have more on britney spears coming up in "the skinny." we start this morning with breaking news from southern california. >> the wildfire we were talking about, these are live pictures in kabc. this fire is burning near 15 freeway there in the san bernardino area. the cajon pass. if you've ever driven from vegas to los angeles, this fire is burning right near that. it really exploded in less than 24 hours.
3:02 am
earlier we saw some dramatic video showing a fire-nado basically whirling as the fire continues to spread. the flames were shooting up 100 feet high. crews are trying to get it under control. several times and a historic inn have been destroyed. driven by strong winds, this fire has burned at least 15,000 acres. kabc's chopper pilot was overhead. kabc chopper pilot was overhead. >> this is a monster of a fire moving faster than any fire i've seen in a very long time. >> the governor has declared a state of emergency allowing more state resources to be devoted to fighting that fire and we'll stay on top of this breaking story throughout the morning. the arson suspect in the major northern california fire is due to make his first court appearance today. officials say he's an ex-con who once trained as an inmate firefighter. mary bruce has more details on
3:03 am
>> it is my pleasure to announce the arrest of damon anthony pashil on 17 counts of arson. [ cheers ] >> reporter: relief mixed with outrage for a community reeling in lower lake, california. >> it makes me angry. so angry. >> reporter: police say he's a serial arsonist who sparked fires across this california county, including the one that exploded over the weekend incinerating 175 homes and businesses. longtime resident todd mays is not mincing words. >> if it was up to me, i would have him be in a place where he found a can of gasoline and a lit match and let things happen the way they happen. >> reporter: investigators say they tracked him for more than a year. is it possible that all of this destruction could be avoided? >> it's difficult to build a serial arson case. it starts small with the first
3:04 am
now to flood-ravaged louisiana. a occur view is in effect after at least 40,000 homes were damaged in the area around baton rouge. many owners have no flood insurance. 11 people have died and authorities are going door to door looking for the missing. there's a 50% chance of more rain today. >> the fbi has given several congressional committees documents from the investigation into hillary clinton's private e-mail server. republican lawmakers requested the information after no charges were filed against clinton. clinton's campaign is now calling for the documents to be made public saying that will keep republicans from leaking selective portions. the fbi says the material is classified or sensitive and should not be released without fbi approval. it's a big day for donald trump. he's set to get his first presidential briefing today. he said hillary clinton was taking the side of rioters over police. he accused clinton of pandering
3:05 am
african-americans to vote for him instead. trump also said that law and order must be restored in the wake of the protests sparked by a fatal police shooting. >> the violence,iots and destruction that have taken place in milwaukee is an assault on the right of all citizens to live in security and to live in peace. >> hours earlier trump met with local law enforcement officials in milwaukee. among them, sheriff david clark, a supporter who spoke at the republican national convention. another quiet night after protests following the deadly police shooting of a black man after a traffic stop. the officer involved who is also black has not been identified by police. but his name has been made public on social media. the officer is now the subject of angry threats. an internal investigation is underway after video showed a washington, d.c., police officer pinning a woman against a patrol car.
3:06 am
>> reporter: the video shows an officer pinning a petite woman to the side of a police suv. her feet dangling a foot off the ground. confrontation posted on twitter, getting thousands of views. the latest example of sometimes tense relationships between minorities and police. >> it's harassment. it's harassment. >> reporter: the woman who asked that we not use her name on air told us she'd gotten into an argument with a man she says propositioned her and a friend. she told a tv station she was speaking aggressively to the man when police arrived. it's unclear what caused the officer to grab the woman. she was not charged with any crime. >> the way the officer handles her is odd and definitely unconventional, but without knowing the circumstances as to why he had her in that position, it's -- you really can't be critical of him until you know more. >> reporter: d.c. police say they're investigating.
3:07 am
to sue the police department. officials in mexico confirmed that one of the kidnap victims from a restaurant was the son of drug lord el chapo. the kidnapping was carried out by members of a rival drug gang raising fears about a new wave of bloodshed in mexico. joaquin "el chapo" guzman is serving time in mexico after an escape earlier in the year. this may be the some people in the ft. myers, florida, area haven't been getting their mail. >> take a look at this video. that's a postal worker throwing away hundreds of pieces of mail. special agents from the post office are trying to track down the worker. perhaps to the dismay of some residents, they were able to retrieve most of the mail. you will have to pay that bill after all. >> then they realized it was -- yeah, a bill. she was trying to save them from that, i guess.
3:08 am
>> coming up, the toughest test yet for america's beach volleyball duo. could the gold medal hopefuls survive the hometown favorites? and lady gaga and bradley cooper teaming up on the big screen. first a look at today's forecast. "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. "world news now" weather brought to you by vista print. this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin
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>> kerri walsh jennings came with a new teammate, but the same goal. to win the volleyball competition. >> the best they can do now is bronze. walsh jennings and april ross lost in the semifinals early this morning. they dropped a two set match to brazilians. it's walsh jennings' first olympic loss. on the track it's usain bolt's world with the rest of us just watching. he moved into the semifinals of the race. he says it's his favorite, the 200 meters. he says he didn't ru >> i should point out way behind bolt, you see him there, was the belize athlete. he came in 73rd. >> i thought that stopped counting after a while. >> he's not quite on my podium. there were only three medal events in track and field tuesday. an american won gold in the triple jump. will clay took the silver as
3:13 am
>> four in five, not too shabby for simone biles. she got four gold medals after the floor exercise. >> she's the first american to win four gymnastic medals in one year. the gold medal may not have been the best part of her day. for that she can thank zac efron. >> that's right. you might have heard she admitted to having a huge crush on him. he made a surprise trip to rio. they took pictures together. efront even gave her a kiss on the cheek. one of her tweets read just call me mrs. efron already. >> she was talking about the celebrity she wanted to meet, and zac efron came out of her mouth. so excited. >> off he went to rio, and the girls now say they can't -- earlier said they couldn't wait to eat pizza, now they can't wait to eat pizza with zac efron. >> another step.
3:14 am
medal count, the united states leading over china. now 33. the lead is now 33. the u.s. picked up nine medals tuesday bringing the total to 84. >> 28, 28, 28 is the lucky number. 28 gold medals to lead the competition. great britain is second with 19. there was some drama at a medal ceremony. now controversy after the home crowd booed one of the winners. >> this was not a pretty moment at all. tuesday, brazil received the gold medal. he won the night before in pole vault. the frenchman that took the silver and the american got the bronze. the crowd was not happy with him. he compared the booing he received monday night to the reaction that jesse owens received in germany back in 1936. 1936. he apologized, but the crowd booed him again tuesday night leaving the frenchman -- look at his face. as you see him, he looked really distraught. here's the good thing about all
3:15 am
the brazilian went there after the ceremony for that act of kindness. >> sat down with him. >> after the ceremony they got together with the pole vaulting legend, consoling the frenchman after the ceremony. the president of the international olympic committee also called the booing unacceptable. >> yeah. and i saw on his instagram account later on, he was like he never thought he would make it to the podium and get booed. he said it was a sad moment for him. >> just unsportsmanlike. >> yes. >> i guess the "let's get into it" song didn't get the message across. that they're not supposed to boo players when they win medals. >> yep. now this. ? >> that apparently is how you make up for a public address system failure. >> the system conked out when it was time to play the national anthem before belgium and the netherlands played field hockey.
3:16 am
belgium won ending an 80 year losing streak to the dutch. maybe it was the singing. >> maybe. when we come back, britney spears is about to hit us one more time. >> yes, the pop princess returning to the scene of some of her most memorable performances. one more memorable performance on a wednesday of our samba. ? "world news now" continues after this from our abc
3:17 am
3:18 am
? skinny oh skinny ? it is "skinny" time. i'm pumped about this one. britney spears is doing it again. >> she's cutting her hair off? >> no. no. she's performing. >> oh. the pop princess set to return at the mtv video music awards later this month for the first time in nearly a decade. >> i even loved bald britney. >> the network may be announcing with the video of a snake slithengriround her dressing room, a reference to her performance when she danced with a python around her neck. >> and two years later she stunned viewers again, this time with her three-way kiss with madonna and christina aguilera. christina getting sloppy seconds.
3:19 am
memorable for all the wrong reasons. she opened the 2007 performance lip-synching and off beat to a performance that overwhelmingly people were disappointed. >> that was the last one. wow. how will she shock us this time? we'll find out at the end of this month. >> niefrt is still the "oops i did it again" performance. >> the sparkly kind of see through outfit. she had the black hat on. >> okay. >> not that i'm a big fan or anything. >> i sort of remember the christina aguilera one with madonna. that was a big deal at one point. johnny depp and amber heard reached a settlement in their bitter divorce. heard is reportedly dismissing her domestic violence case against the star, and he will pay her $7 million which she says will be donated to charity. >> she filed for divorce in may and secured a restraining order
3:20 am
cell phone at her head and pulled her hair during a face. they said neither party made false allegations for financial gain. the couple was only married 15 months. and a star is about to be born again. lady gaga and bradley cooper a remaking "a star is born." this is gaga's first time in a major motion picture, and cooper will be making his directorial debut. >> this will be the fourth version of the movie. judy garland and j teamed up in the '50s. and in the '70s it was babs and chris christopherson. >> and gaga is reportedly working on a cookbook with her father which will feature recipes from their family restaurant in new york city. >> a busy young lady now that she has a driver's license. >> that's right. one of the funniest on-screen duos is back for more.
3:21 am
they are taking on "holmes and watson." >> this will be their third movie together. who can forget "talladega nights," and "stepbrothers. "" >> this time they're looking to put comedy into a sherlock holmes movie. and the playboy mansion officially off the market. the new owner? hugh hefner's neighbor with the price tag of $100 million. they'll be combining the fivecr apparently their current house not big enough. >> hefner won't have to look for a new place to live. he can they have for the rest of his life. the homes were built in the 1920s and were originally just one estate. >> going to be a very big estate. >> yeah. coming up, one on one with the most decorated olympian ever. >> michael phelps on fatherhood and the secret reminder of his son as he raced for the last time.
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? got to get on that. ? of >> what is i tunes u? >> i don't know. >> number one. what is itunes u up there? >> i don't know. >> number one. >> we have talked a lot about michael phelps over the week. at some point you feel like there's not much left to say. >> there's a lot more.
3:26 am
olympics is retiring. these days he seems most proud of one thing, someone called boomer. t.j. holmes caught up with phelps in rio. >> good to see you. >> reporter: he may be the most decorated olympian of all time, but forget his 28 medals. i caught him toting something else around. i saw you carrying a baby seat with a baby in it. >> yep, yep. >> reporter: times have changed. >> they have. i was walking out with my backpack and the baby's back daddy duties are on me. something i'm excited about and proud of. >> reporter: proud papa to boomer, the mini michael has been stealing the spotlight. and especially when daddy is going to the stands to sneak a kiss after winning gold. i know he's just a little guy, but how does that change you as a swimmer knowing he's now, boomer is in the stands?
3:27 am
ready to go up to the blocks, i have the white shoes that i wore etty much every finals, and in the left foot there's a footprint of him inside my shoe. i put my shoe on and looked down at it, and i started to get emotional, because i knew he was in the stands. >> reporter: i know you're sure this is your last. >> it is. i'm done. >> reporter: as we speak here, but can you give us this guarantee. that if in four years you still got it, what if you still got it in four years? >> no. >> reporter: and your times are as good as everybody in the world. even then? >> no. i'm done. >> reporter: congrats. >> thanks. >> nice to see that softer side of him. >> phelps alone has more gold medals than all but 32 of the 205 countries competing. >> you think when he takes a bath he says not work again? this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for
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3:30 am
good wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. good wednesday morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of the top stories on "world news now." donald trump is reaching out to african-americans, making his biggest pitch for the black vote. and the fbi hands documents from their investigation of hillary clinton over to congress. we have full coverage ahead. a big victory f cheney. liz cheney, a former fox commentator, won the republican congress in wyoming, a seat once held by her dad. fears about a drug war in mexico after the son of el chapo was identified as one of the kidnapping victims from a restaurant in puerto vallarta. police are blaming a rival drug gang for the kidnapping. following several nights of unrest, it is quiet on the streets of milwaukee. there are growing threats on social media against the police
3:31 am
during a traffic stop. those are some of the top stories on this wednesday, august 17th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> we begin this half hour with donald trump turning to the black community for support. >> he made the appeal during a speech in wisconsin last night. he asked african americans for their vote even though we should point out, he was speaking to a predominantly white audience. trump also took issue with violence against police and repeated his call for law and order. it's "your voice, your vote." we get the latest now. >> the war on our police must end, and it must end now. >> reporter: the self-proclaimed law and order candidate talking about the subject during a campaign stop in west bend, wisconsin. earlier in the day, he met with with law enforcement in milwaukee. protests over the killing of an armed black man by a police officer rocked the city this
3:32 am
>> law and order must be restored. >> reporter: there's reports trump is teaming up with ousted fox news' roger ailes. campaign sources telling abc news trump is going to ailes for advice on debates. in philadelphia hillary clinton was taking on her opponent. >> it just absolutely bewilders me when i hear donald trump try to talk about national security. what he often says hurts us. it sends the wrong message. >> reporter: her supporters showing confidence in her double digit leads in pennsylvania and other battleground states. a pro clinton super pac deciding to temporarily stop running anti-trump ads in colorado, and pennsylvania. abc news, los angeles. well, congress is reviewing the fbi notes on the interview with hillary clinton.
3:33 am
the information after no charges were filed against clinton over the use of her private e-mail server. clinton's campaign is now calling for the documents to be made public saying that will keep republicans from leaking selective portions. the fbi says material is classified or sensitive and should not be released without fbi approval. we have breaking news from southern california. evacuatis are underway because of a fast moving wildfire. the blue cut fire in san bernardino has exploded in size overnight. already scorching more than 18,000 acres. the entire community of wrightwood was evacuated along with several other neighborhoods. the main route between l.a. and las vegas remains closed. in louisiana, a curfew in effect after ten people were arrested for looting homes. as the waters begin to recede, residents are getting their first look at the damage. many have no home left and no flood insurance. at least 11 people died as a result of the flooding and police are going door to door to make sure everyone is accounted for.
3:34 am
questions about whether a murder could have been prevented. the victim called police before he was killed. but there was no arrest. clayton sandell with the details. >> reporter: by all accounts, the 37-year-old did everything right but still ended up dead. >> anybody over here who can start a shooting. >> reporter: he called 911 friday, worried his neighbor had a gun. tulsa police came but then left without making an arrest. >> if we knocked on the door and he doesn't answer, there's nothing that gives us the opportunity to go into his house. >> reporter: but just eight minutes after they left, police say majors shot and killed the man on his own front porch. the family says this was a hate crime, describing the neighbor as a racist who called them names like dirty arabs. neighbors saw it, too. >> he walked onto our property and started screaming to my
3:35 am
>> reporter: last september majors was arrested for running down the mother with his car. despite prosecutors' objections, in may he was released on bond. >> how did this man get out of jail? >> reporter: police are still investigating a motive. >> this was an ongoing dispute with neighbors. so yeah, there's hate there. i don't think the only reason is because they're middle eastern. >> reporter: masters is facing first-degree murder charge, and for that he cannot bond out. but for the jabara family, it's too late. abc news, denver. over in poland, treasure hunters started digging again for a supposed nazi train full of gold. there's no evidence the train actually exists, but rumors about it have circulated since the end of world war ii. it's said to have disappeared in a complex of tunnels. mcdonald is encouragingtnes customers. they're giving away a colorful activity tracker in the happy meals for the next few weeks.
3:36 am
kids to be a little bit more active. and in rio, this is a tragedy. you've seen the sad news for the athletes going extreme on the free mcdonald's there, able to enjoy. due to overwhelming demand, the mcdonald's in the olympic village has limited orders for athletes and coaches to a measly 20 items. >> only 20? >> and worse, every fry is considered an item. >> no. have to be selective. >> every mcnugget. hard to imagine someone having a better day in rio than simone biles on tuesday. >> her fourth gold medal of the games by winning the floor exercise competition. she heads home with five overall. she also met celebrity crush, zac efron. he even gave her a kiss. look at that smile. and for the first time, there will be no beach volleyball gold for kerri
3:37 am
she and april ross lost their semifinal match. >> the americans dropped a two set match to defending world champions from brazil. walsh jennings and ross play for the bronze a little bit later on tonight. >> first-ever olympic loss for walsh jennings? >> in 12 years. it's hard enough to beat usain bolt. now the jamaican sprinter is competing in his favorite event. >> bolt advanced to the semifinals of the 200 meters even though he says run hard. he says today he has to run faster. there was history on the track in the women's 1500 meters. jenny simpson is the first american to earn a medal in that event. >> she finished less than two seconds behind the winner from kenya. simpson says getting the medal feels incredible. >> simpson's medal was one of nine earned by the suds on tuesday. overall, the u.s. now has 84.
3:38 am
a healthy lead in the gold medal count sitting nine ahead of great britain. they are 83 medals ahead of portugal and belize is only 84 medals behind the united states. >> 28 is the lucky number. 28 gold. 28 silver. 28 bronze. >> pretty cool. so we've heard about how the use of dating apps in rio skyrocketed over the past couple weeks. athletes who are hooking up with each other as well as with civilians. >> well, it appears one of the civilians really missed out. this is a post from a young lady offering a screen grab of her brief conversation with gold medal swimmer joseph schooling representing singapore. she captions it, my tinder match just won the 100 meter butterfly and beat michael phelps. this is my greatest accomplishment. >> but she later adds, and not replying to his message was my greatest failure.
3:39 am
call and say it went to my spam filter. does tinder have a filter? >> i don't know anything about tinder. coming up, one of the young girls injured in a ferris wheel accident is speaking out. hear the latest on her sister's recovery. and kendall jenner in "vogue", gracing the cover of the biggest issue and feeling the backlash. first, let's take a look at today's high temperatures. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. "world news now" weather brought to you by united health care. and the options you have. e, you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an
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3:43 am
hosting legends. the hotel was featured in the original "oceans 1." now the site will become part of an expanded convention center. overseas in china, a terrible accident at a busy intersection. somehow the people inside the minivan survived being rolled over by that tanker truck. the man and woman were taken to the hospital and are recovering from their injuries. a scary situation in connecticut when s suffering an electric shock on a ride called the scrambler. the operator said he felt a tingling sensation when pressing the button to stop it. fortunately all the injuries were minor. to one of the three girls who were hurt in a terrifying ferris wheel accident last week that we told you about. still in the hospital in tennessee this morning in serious condition but stable. >> her sister was also injured after falling nearly 40 feet to the ground. she and her parents are speaking
3:44 am
abc sat down with them in an abc news exclusive. >> reporter: this will be another rough night as they wait bedside at this children's hospital in tennessee. their two girls are still recovering after being thrown from this cabin at the ferris wheel at the green county fair. >> the stories that have been happening, like water slide accidents, roller coaster accidents, and stuff like that, and a lot of people dying. i just felt like i was going to be one of those people. >> reporter: 10-year-old kayla reynolds broke her arm, but it's her six-year-old sister who is hurting most. doctors say she suffered a traumatic brain injury, and she's just waking up from a coma. >> she had a harder impact. whether she hit, she knocked out. her eyes rolled back in her head. it was -- >> reporter: it was tough. >> the worst thing i've seen in my life.
3:45 am
her, but that's my baby. >> reporter: they're warning families there were no seat belts on the ride. >> it could happen to anybody at any time. >> reporter: authorities are blaming the accident on a mechanical failure. in a statement the company that runs the ferris wheel says it's praying for the girls. abc news, johnson city, se and there was a press conference on tuesday and the family said that she is doing a little bit better, but a long road ahead. some new toys to get your kids out of the house and learning. we're not talking about pokemon go but much more. you're watching "world news now." "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
3:46 am
3:47 am
? >> i'm bored. but this summer there is a whole crop of toys that combine learning with the great outdoors.
3:48 am
debartolo. thank you for being here. >> thank you for having me. >> i'm in love with these. start us off with the telescope. >> we'll start with learning about the sky. the geosafari jr., my first telescope. it's perfect for kids 4 and up. it has a double eye piece. kids don't have to choose the eye. they look through with both eyes. it's nice and easy. >> it works. >> it has a ten times magnification. what's going on. >> so this is the original butterfly garden from insect lore. kids get to learn all about amazing process of growing butterflies. kids get a cup of caterpillars that turn into lady butterflies. >> i remember doing something in school as a kid, and we were
3:49 am
>> it's amazing. it takes a couple weeks. >> and then the ant farm. >> the classic. i grew up with this. i'm sure your mom did, too. it's celebrating the 60th ant-iversary this year kids get a vial that comes with the right ants for this set. there's no queen. the ants don't have anything to fight over. that's great. and they just watch them do their work. they dig the tunnels. they move the mountains. kids can get them every day. >> made of plastic. durable. no glass to break. >> and they stay inside their habitat. >> if they don't, you can suck them up with the bug vac. this is the backyard safari laser light bug vac. you can suck up your bugs as you collect them outside. >> and you do with this real bugs? >> yes. take it outside and then once you have your collection, store it in your cool bug watch. >> look at that.
3:50 am
the year. it has a magnifying glass. the pieces detach. >> you weren't kidding. you really can use the bug vacuum if you drop the ant farm on the floor. >> you can use it. >> what's going on here? >> this is the primary science outdoor discovery set. there's tons of accessories for kids to collect bits of nature and start their own gardens or bug collections. you've got magnifiers and utensils to pick up the bugs or my favorite part is that it comes with these really great activity cards. so these let kids come up with different experiments and give them inspiration for play time. >> this one shows you how to turn popcorn kernels into a plant. that's creative. >> you collect things from outside or from the house and make your own scientific experiment. >> they're learning while they playing, too. you can feel good about how they're entertaining themselves.
3:51 am
great magic to the garden with my fairy garden. this little play set allows kids to grow a garden but also play right along with their figures and all the accessories. >> it's funny. fairy gardens have become a trending thing among adults. this is a great activity where your child can be doing this alongside you as you're building your own fairy garden. >> yes. >> this is great. best deploy these toys or other creative outlets? >> these are all great for all summer long. usually it's great to introduce one at a time and make sure parents are alongside with their kids engaging in the learning process. >> great advice, toy insider marisa debartolo, thank you very much. these are so great, and great tips for us. you can get even more information on these and other information on you're watching "world news now." now." watching "world news
3:52 am
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>> kendall jenner may be the hottest member of the kardashian clan right now, you would say. her stock is rising fast.
3:56 am
"vogue," but not everyone is happy about it. >> reporter: what tv show would you kill to make a cameo in? >> the bachelorette." >> reporter: kendall jenner taking on "vogue's" rapid fire and revealing 73 questions. >> reporter: something about you wish more people focused on? >> my ass. >> reporter: when she's not climbing stairs, she's climbing the fashion ladder all the way up to what many consider the holy grail. the september issue of "vogue." following the well heeled footsteps of beyonce, jennifer lawrence, and sienna miller. the magazine's largest annual issue documented in the 2009 film, aptly named, the september issue. and while gracing the cover may be an honor, some internet critics aren't too pleased. taking to facebook to air their frustrations. >> wait, i thought "vogue" had taste. another writing, "i can't
3:57 am
this reflects the times we live in. >> what "vogue" did was trained a generation of celebrities to want to be supermodels. >> what is modeling really like? >> a dream come true. >> reporter: kendall jenner remaining a staple, strutting down the runways. while everyone has a right to an opinion, kendall jenner probably won't be reading it. >> do you read internet comments? >> no. she's still answering the 73 questions right now. >>he august 23rd. this is the second time she's been in the magazine. she was in the magazine in january as well. >> in her 73rd question she said her favorite person she gets star struck with, angelina jolie. >> that's a good one. jolie. >> that's a good one. gets star struck with, angelina jolie.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking overnight, more than 80,000 people evacuated as a wildfire races through southern california. part of a major interstate now shut down. the struggle to get it under control right now. in louisiana people are now returning to what's left of their homes. the water is receding in some areas following histor hear why it's being called the worst disaster since sandy. a preteen's pictures drawing death threats posing with her kills. the big game hunter defending herself this morning. and simone biles soars to another gold medal as another american makes history winning the usa's first medal in her sport.


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