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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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denver 7 starts with this man, accused of trying to lure little kids at a bus stop. and an officer shoots at a stolen car. this morning, people nearby sharing sharing their scary moments. and a man is in hospital following a late night crash near knox and evans. we have exclusive details on what happened out there. >> reporter: shortly after 2:00 this morning, here at knox and evans, police got a report of a vehicle into a building. you can see the vehicle took about a 50-foot section here, crashed through a camper shell
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concrete metal pole here on evans avenue. the vehicle then continued another block and turned south, and crashed into a tree. we understand the driver was possibly dui related. the owners are outside right now, starting to put up a little barrier. the city is supposed to come out and inspect this buildi the owner told us about a year ago a car crashed into his gas main and he was without gas for about a month. he said they get a lot of speeders out here and hopefully people will slow down after this. female transported to the hospital, dui suspected in this.
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view from the denver 7 roof as the storm moved in last night. in colorado springs they were under a flash flood warning for much of the night and you can see why. >> this is what it looked like in westminster yesterday. what great pictures. and a bunch of in the rain at coors field. the rockies were sponsoring a bark in the park night and they didn't finish till about 11:30 p.m. >> but they beat the nationals 6-2 and they're back on the field at 1:10 today. i think at that point we'll see temperatures about 85 degrees, storms building in the foothills, then a few issues.
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think this afternoon due to the fact that most of our storms will be a little later. we'll be in the upper 60s to low 70s this morning, more upper 80s this afternoon. close to 90 today, closer to 80 in around 5:30, the scattered showers will roll east and bring us more rain for the commute. details are coming up. and we have interesting activity going on right now. the ramp eastbound 6th avenue to northbound i-25, we had early this morning, somebody jumps from colfax and going to that amp. you can see they got into a crash here.
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here, loaded into the ambulance. you can see from the camera here, the ramp is right here. this would allow the traffic from eastbound 6th avenue to get to 25 at least right now, as denver police investigate. the rest of the drive, pretty nice for us. alameda is still closed by sable until later today. take a look at this guy. poli children after they got off their school bus. amanda del castillo is live where the attempted abduction took place. >> reporter: it happened here at baker park monday afternoon, when a group of elementary students say a man approached
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his van. they didn't understand what the man was saying but reportedly he was making inappropriate and sexual comments to the kids. he is driving a ark gray or black astro van. we'll hear from concerned parents in the next hour. amanda del castillo, denver some customers at a credit union thought the place was getting robbed but the shots were fired in a nearby officer- involved shooting. denver police shot a man with a gun who was running from a stolen vehicle. he was hit in the leg and will survive.
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one. >> the concerrs part was when we jumped counter, the employees were trying to get to the vault to lock themselves in and kept saying, you can't come back here, you can't come back here. >> no officers were injured in that shooting. a 20-year-old man is facing charges afterrmay, kyle couchh struck peyton noteon on her bike. he was in court to officially hear the charges against him, which include driving under the influence of marijuana. some local police departments teamed up to take down a ring in denver here. heroin is a huge problem in colorado now, with overdoses up
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into rehab are under 24. if you're heading to dia, don't be surprised to see more than 100 people taken out on stretch, or ambulances. >> reporter: this is test, but starting at 8:00, this is a test of the national disaster system. several agencies will be taking part in this simulation involving helicopters, dozens of ambulances, 150 fake patients here.
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lake city, where all the medical and hospitals are offline so they fly patients to dia and triage them here. this is one of the larger scale ones. if you're out at the airport and see the helicopters and ambulances, don't worry. this is traffic in or out of dia. we are at the signature lot terminal. nothing is going on inside the airport. again, those patients will be taken to area hospitals for the much needed practice. we'll speak with organizers here today to talk about the importance of this and get different notes on this drill
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jason gruenauer, denver 7. back to you. a man injured when his shed collapsed in elbert county has died. his wife is now back home recovering. authorities say they were trying to take down the shed over the weekend when the roof collapsed. police arrested 54-year-old daniel holings worth .
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4:44 right now. gunmen kidnapped one of the sons of the drug rd el chapo. it's been confirmed the 29-year- old was among six people taken
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vallarta monday. authorities believe it was gang related. the death toll is now at 10 people in louisiana. nearly half the parishes in louisiana have been declared a disaster area. 40,000 homes have been damaged by the water. this l.a. fire, the blue cut already burned more than 18,000 acres. firefighters say they have no contaanment on this fire so far. more than 34,000 homes are in danger because of this fire that broke out yesterday about 10:30 a.m. and this shows a fire-nado in
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almost looks fake there, but the weather pattern there fuels that themselves. >> it did look like a gas line break, right. storms yesterday with a little rain. today we southwest 5 to 15 miles an hour, dry conditions with a mix of sun and clouds. highs are in the upper 80s, a few more clouds this afternoon, and a 20% chance of storms. low to mid-60s by early this morning. highlands ranch, denver and downtown all around 90 this afternoon.
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west, 74 in bailey this afternoon. eastern colorado, low to mid- 90s, similar to what we saw yet. we have a few storms popping up by 12:00, 12:30 and like yesterday, our threat for severe weather is going to be pretty low. storms likely after along i-25. then the skies clear with more sunshine and tomorrow we're tracking this next cold front. temperatures staying around normal in the upper 80s. the big drop is coming on friday. tomorrow we're a few degrees cooler, storms likely, mid-80s
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saturday it's going to feel a lot like fall. sunday 77 degrees, so looking pretty good. monday and tuesday we're in the 80s saturday? dinner under the stars at larimer square. doesn't look so great. picked the wrong night for that. due to operational difficulties, the a-line is ?xperiencing severe delays. just getting this from rtd
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diligently to fix the issue. this is the a-line from union station to dia, several hours delay here. the northbound side looks okay. this ramp still looks closed from 6th avenue. federal will get you around it. we have the hov lanes still closed, a power issue with the gates coming up. so looks like they will stay closed past 5:00. there is a mosquito emergency in colorado this morning. the west nile virus is hitting close to home. >> and mosquitoes control is
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some counties. >> reporter: treatments efforts are in high gear last night, cies like berthoud spraying till midnight. larimer county has had four cases of west nile including a teenage boy. the spraying up to $20,000 depending on the sides of the area. >> they've gotten twice as bad as they were before. >> reporter: people say the fire department had to stop spraying this year because they are not certified. the result, mosquitoes are out of control. >> it's pretty bad when you have to wear bug spray inside
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following you in. >> reporter: so what's he big infections can cause inflammation of the brain, blindness, paralysis, coma or even death. >> even though communities are spraying, attracted to wet areas, any kind of standing water around your house. colorado may have to pay back the federal government more than $38 million for enrolling more children in
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>> the 64,000 square foot facility may be built right behind a neighborhood, but if you have ever visited, you know it's more of a party stadium. >> the noise is probably our primary concern. >> the city says it's held public meetings and city council wiil hold a hearing august 23rd before voting on the new location. broncos fans, beware of replica super bowl rings. this woman may be out of luck
4:56 am, which has an f from the better business bureau. we'll go from 60s early onto near 90 this afternoon with a few more storms. there's a chance of storms each afternoon and cooler friday and saturday. by sunday it's gorgeous, 77 with sunshine. and we have two problems. one, the 36 won't open till after 5:00 because of a power line issue there. the a-line out to dia, operational difficulties with severe delays on the a-line between downtown and dia this morning. it's move-in day for cu students at boulder.
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search for a child predatorrwho tried to lure some kids getting
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breaking news in denver, a driver took off after crashing into a home but police caught up with him. at this point we don't know what led up to the crash.


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