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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 17, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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in boulder, cu students have nowhere to stay. >> a boulder mom said the sterling silver peaks apartments are not up to code. adam hammond is talking to the students who have nowhere to go.>> reporter: students are scrambling right now trying to find a place to stay after they are told their apartments or not inhabitable. we called hotels to see if there was room and we were told to try golden because there were no people are leaving with suitcases at the sterling university peaks apartments trying to figure out what to do. a crowd also gathered here earlier. everyone is clueless. the apartment told them to head to hotels and it will be reimbursed but it's moving weekend and there are none. the bookshelves in this video, two bedroom units with bookshelves added to make them
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residents say that's a problem because not all bedrooms have access to a window in case of emergency. the apartment complex want to talk to me directly but i was with a resident when they were told the boulder county board approved the renovation plans but at the last minute were deemed uninhabitable. they had to scrap the plans and create different arrangements. this is creating a lot of indecision for where to my mom is 13 hours away. my family doesn't live here. we literally just got our apartment finished. >> reporter: and there is some confusion tonight. we can't clarify anything on the phone but some people say they can maybe stay if they leave the bookshelf wall open. after this letter went out, we don't know if that's true or not.
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>> what a mess. thank you. do you feel safer? as of today, the promised additional security is patrolling the 16th street mall. we have seen several recent violent attacks at the 16th street mall. is this going to help? >> reporter: shannon, that's the big question. they don't want to see any more of those violent videos that are usually taken from this vantage point but the new security doesn't have a lot of authority so only time will they can really make. >> ? >> they need to lock people up for real. >> reporter: all eyes are on the 16th street mall as these uniformed private security guards began patrol. >> we can't mitigate everything. >> reporter: they are part of a new era of 24/7 security. but are they more for the perception of safety versus
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when life safety is an issue, they have trained -- been trained on citizens arrests. >> reporter: the guards will not carry guns but instead pepper spray and handcuffs. they only have the opportunity to ask for voluntary compliance. >> are you afraid of them?>> reporter: we talked to these guys on the sidewalk. when asked to leave, they complied knowing officers weren't far. >> wave over there and they can do something. >> reporter: this comes after violent videos raising questions about safety. they have put denver in the national spotlight for all the wrong reasons. >> i hope to not be any more videos. >> reporter: these security guards are not meant to replace police. 3 chief white says dpd will still have a strong presence on the mall and questions -- cautions that this security will not get rid of urban travelers or the
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jennifer kovaleski denver 7. >> thank you and those new security guards are part of a local businesses. paid for by the company will not say how many guards will be on patrol. denver patrol is on high alert for fire. the threat isn't over yet. take a look at how close these flames came. larimer county says the fire is at 80 acres and its 55% contained. there are steps you can take to make sure flames don't get this close to your house. cut back vegetation within 30 to 100 feet of your home. when building or making improvements on your property, use fire resistant materials. if you are afraid of heights, this will be tough. a boulder man clings to the side of a flat iron overnight, shoots this video from his
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tonight, he tells us why. he was up there a long time. >> reporter: all night long. while up there, the man pulled out his phone and texted friends, took photos, videos but he waited to call 911. >> it's probably something i can climb, it's just a fall would be fatal from here. if i slipped off this and that's all that remains, i guess that's cool footage. >> reporter: jeremy cadwell found himself stuck here, climbing up the second flat r %- iron. >> it was caught between -- i was caught between this is awesome and this sucks. >> reporter: cadwell says he didn't immediately call for help because he would be -- he was worried he would be charged for the rescue.
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him instead. tired with no water and alone and with no gear, cadwell spent the night on this ledge, practically hugging the rocks around him. as the sun came up, he finally decided to call in professionals. >> honestly, i just got overzealous. >> reporter: relieved to see the rescue team, he doesn't want to see them like this again. >> next time bring a with a light and a climbing buddy is probably the moral of the story. wet know people -- let people know you are going and take somebody else with you who is experienced. >> reporter: an important message for sure. boulder county wants to remind people they do not charge for rescues. they say the only time you would be charged is for medical services but this guy was very fortunate. he says he will be climbing again but hopefully next time,
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liz gelardi, denver 7 an update to a denver 7 exclusive. we found dozens of cases of forged signatures on petitions and now, our stories could be a change to state law to better protect you. marshall zelinger has continued to dig on this. you are now hearing from a lawmaker who doesn't want any more voters surprised to see their names. >> reporter: there could be people right now seeing their names saying i didn't many voters were surprised their names were forged and more surprised therr isn't a better process to prevent it but i met a lawmaker with a bill ready to fix it. >> did you sign this petition? >> no, i did not. >> is this your signature? >> no. >> that's clearly not how i sign my name.
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someone forged their name on a petition. since denver 7 started uncovering forged signatures, we have heard from a legislator content -- concerning a law change. are lawmakers going to do something about these signatures? >> i certainly hope so. interviewing anyone who has had forged signatures means we need to make a change. >> reporter: patrick neville is on an advisory commission. one issue it's looking at could give the secretary of state responsibility to verify these signatures are actually written by these voters. for the election as it exists so it would be a software change. >> reporter: when you vote, your county clerk makes sure your signature matches what's on file. denver also does this for petitions but the state does not. >> they are training election judges right now. maybe, you could take the resources and authorize them to conduct some of this for the state. >> reporter: tomorrow morning,
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legislation. as i reported, nothing can change until the next legislative session, which starts in january. marshall zelinger, denver 7 it's not -- there is no reason not to register to vote this year. text the word colorado to the number 2 and the word vote and you will get back an easy link to register. you have up to 48 days to register reason everyone survived when this plane caught fire skating on a runway in dubai. tonight, similar training is going on at frontier airlines in denver. >> reporter: a scary scenario facing passengers and crew on a fictional flight. yet it's emergency training like this that has proven to help save lives. letitia nesby and chris our veteran flight attendants --
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our veteran flight attendants. >> any second could be somebody's life. >> reporter: we sat in the corner watching them deal with obstacles like smoke and fire. >> does your heart race as much as minded? >> every single time. >> the reality of having serious. >> reporter: the goal is to evacuate a jet in 90 seconds or less. that includes opening the door, waiting for the slide to deploy, and jumping for safety. the timetable is mandated by the feds. >> in the event of evacuation, people's lives are at stake. behind them could be fire, water or smoke. >> reporter: the instruction becomes instinct so they never question what to do in an emergency. >> flight attendants just take
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happen. there is no choice. >> reporter: turbulent test making survival second major. marc stewart, denver 7. >> that's stressful. many calls to police of women in fear for their lives. >> tonight, a denver 7 exclusive. an officer now under investigation and what we
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chief, by
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this is a big deal. he didn't complete his job. >> i think that's fair. >> a littleton police officer is at the center of an internal investigation after devon -- after denver 7 finds he failed to do his job during a domestic violence investigation. >> tony kovaleski is here tonight. this case involves a husband threatening his wife. >> reporter: clearly this isn't the first time questions have followed corporal andrew schmit. tonight, we are asking tough questions because corporal schmit left an estranged wife in a dangerous position. >> it appears we made a mistake. >> reporter: a mistake inside these reports. a mistake that went undiscovered for more than nine. >> chief, when you -- what you have found this mistake if
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>> probably not. >> reporter: a mistake at 2 am on tuesday of november last year. a call for help to 911. the call came from inside this apartment. a wife calling, saying her estranged husband was trying to break-in. >> it appears we didn't do what we were going to do and we are looking at that in detail. >> reporter: reports uncovered and reviewed by denver 7 investigates exposed the breakdowns made by the littleton they show the estranged husband came to his ex-wife's apartment unannounced several times, punched a pane of glass and in a voicemail obtained by police, the estranged husband threatened to kill his ex-wife. the officer on the call was corporal andrew schmit. >> chief, by all indications, this is a big deal. he didn't complete his job. we're talking about an arrest warrant.
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in your city. >> i think that is a fear read, yes, when you look at the reports and our ongoing investigation into the facts of this case. >> reporter: ongoing investigation because denver 7 discovered corporal andrew schmit apparently dropped the ball. his report, dated november 24, said he intended to file an arrest warrant. the guy accused of threatening to kill his ex-wife. but that arrest warrant was never filed until last week. until denver 7 question. >> we hold ourselves to high when our officers don't perform accountable. >> he just didn't want to be there. he did whatever he could ask because he could to continue with the night. >> reporter: and this is not the first time corporal schmit has found himself at the center of a domestic violence controversy. >> i'm 14 and i just lost both of my parents. >> reporter: jonathan and tyler
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arrest their mom's boyfriend. >> my mom and her boyfriend got into a fight. she is screaming. >> reporter: corporal schmit was the leading officer on the call. he spent less than 25 minutes in the apartment, wrote a seven word report, didn't make an arrest and did not ask the angry boyfriend to leave. a few hours later, christa benton was murdered. police say her boyfriend shot her before taking his own her two teenage sons say corporal schmit let them down. 12 hours later, she was murdered. corporal schmit was responsible for this. what does this say about corporal schmit? >> well, like i said we have an open investigation. we are looking at corporal schmit actions. >> both on domestic violence calls. an officer continues to wear the badge and work while his
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>> did you ever consider putting corporal schhit on administrative leave and if not, why not? >> i have not and i had not still open and ongoing. i have not seen anything to this point that would make me do something like that. >> reporter: littleton's top cop says following our investigations, he has made tangible changes and how his department handles domestic violence calls, including increased training and a change in howof responses. has our investigation provided a wake-up call for your department? >> i would say yes. >> reporter: painful? >> yes but necessary, i think. >> reporter: we did request to talk directly with corporal schmit about his decisions on both calls. he declined to explain those decisions in front of our cameras. chief stephens says the
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will follow up. he says possible discipline ranges from a verbal warning to possible suspension. >> we will follow up. another warm day today. back up to 90 degrees in the denver area. that's the 46th day of 90 degrees or higher. the low is 87 -- the normal is 87 degrees and the low as 54 degrees. at the airport, winds on the south southeast at 11 miles per hour. the winds are loft. they will be changing. we have had a gentle flow from the southwest. watch what happens the next couple days. a surface cold front comes through and the jet stream comes down from the northwest into friday and saturday. that means much cooler air ?oming our way. here is the current map across the nation. ttopical moisture over louisiana and texas along this stationary front.
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there is the front coming in from the northwest. it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with tonight so generally -- generally a quiet night. 49 degrees at craig, 50 degrees at eagle, 51 degrees at limon. 85 degrees tomoorow in denver, 89 degrees greeley, mid-90s over the southeastern part of the state. why morning, here is where that cold front is, pushing into the northern mountains. by lunchtime, pushing and collins. start to see a better chance of showers and storms. that front continues to slowly ?ag toward the south and southeast by tomorrow night. once the front goes by, we will get upslope conditions increasing the odds of moisture. thursday through saturday, not a huge amount of rain but some areas could pick up an enjoy more, mainly in the foothills and about a quarter inch past the planes. tonight, quiet, beautiful big
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tomorrow, not quite as hot. 85 degrees, morning son and then thunder storms likely. here comes the cool air friday and saturday. only 72 degrees on friday with periods of showers and only 70 degrees with showers on saturday. we will start at 48 degrees saturday morning. saturday morning 50 degrees in the morning, 77 degrees in the afternoon, should feel very nice. back to the low to mid 80s next week. thess because they are gone for a while. that 70 degrees might be fun.
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an international scandal with olympic swimmers. >> two swimmers were pulled offf a flight out of brazil while authorities tried if those swimmers along with ryan lochte were indeed throbbed in rio. brazilian police even tried to seize lochte's passport but he was already home in florida. >> swimmers say they were held at gunpoint and throbbed but new pictures show them getting back to the olympic village the same night with what appears to be their wallets in their hands. we will keep checking on this. i'm lionel bienvenu. we have the 49 and the broncos at training camp.
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the rookies got their haircuts
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our son caleb was born with a rare form of cystic fibrosis. day mucus builds up on his lungs, making it very hard for caleb to breathe. doctors told us that caleb's life expectancy was about 35 years of age. but then a new medication was invented that not only treated the symptoms of cystic fibrosis, but targeted the disease. the only problem was is that it wasn't approved to be used in the united states. but michael bennet changed that. working with republicans, michael bennet wrote a law to get medicine and treatments approved quicker.
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k about his disease every day. as a mom, michael bennet gave me a future with my son. i'm able to see him in the future getting married, graduating from college. those were dreams that we hoped for, but now i see them as a reality. i feel very fortunate to have somebody representing us that cares so much. i'm michael bennet,
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welcome to 7 sports extra. broncos camp day 21, the best. 49ers at dove valley kubiak said it was chaos and real football. the broncos looked like world champions. insider troy rink wraps it up for us. >> reporter: the last day of fans that bronco camp. boy did this team put on a show, absolutely dominating both sides of the ball. gary kubiak still didn't reveal who will start on saturday. even if it is trevor simeon gutman, which is possible, mark
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one and says he is still confident he can win the job. >> i feel totally confident in my ability. my experience has really helped me. my leadership abilities are only getting better and better and my experience in that leadership role is helping me in this competition. i think i'm ready to go and i'll be ready when my number is called. >> reporter: it just didn't seem like a fair fight. that's the broncos defense ag it's like when you get a car and you get a car, and you get a car. you get a pic, you get a pic, you get a pic. blast. e, they said they had a >> seeing another team with live reps, made it so much better. running around, making plays, calling checks. it was a blast. >> trash talking, just banging on each other. it's a good feeling. >>reporter: the broncos sighed
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wolfe's in came back negative. he might miss the rest of the week, not sure if he will play in the game but after losing vance walker, that was good news . if you see any guys walking around town who look like they got in a fight with edward scissorhands, that might be some broncos rookies. >> we got a look at one of the awful haircuts. this is lars hansen. looks like they took too much off the top. i guess it's all good. check out my twitter timeline for pictures of paxton lynch's new haircut. it's a beauty. the nations at coors field. pitcher jon gray has an arm and a bat smacked one to the wall, scored two runs. rockies up 7-0 in the first. garner the second and the rockies hold onto win 12-10 and they win the series.
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tight and bright. rams on the sleeves and pants. nicely done. i wonder which one they will were against cu on september 2? ufc, conor mcgregor and nate diaz turned to a water bottle throwing contest. sign them up, broncos! it looks like th about each other but how thursday they were. the water bottle throwing d as contest. >> good stuff.
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>> dicky: from hollywood -- it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- christina applegate. hall of famer mike piazza. episode 4 of "the baby bachelorette." we play blackjack with everyone in the audience. and music from the last bandoleros. with cleto and the cletones. and now we're back -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ?


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