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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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we're learning more about an officer-involved shooting in denver. what police are saying about the wounded suspect. plus, some cu boulder students are told they can't move into their apartments. school starts monday. they're wondering where they'll live look outside. younger students back to school todaa in several of the big range, including jeffco and boulder. lisa is tracking the bus stop conditions. >> looks ptty good for today. tomorrow quite a bit cooler. this morning upper 60s to low 70s. that's between about 8:00 and 9:00 at the bus stop. tomorrow highs in the low 70s. so a big change. today one more day of 80s. nice temperatures. mid-80s. about 85 for those kids in jefferson county that are closer to the metro area.
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conifer or evergreen this afternoon. denver 85. closer to 90 across northeastern colorado. with a slightly better chance for a few storms. that's what it looks like at about 4:00. the threat for severe weather today, it is going to be lower. we're expecting potentially rain, lightning and thunder through the evening. but by tomorrow that's the change. we're going to see more storms popping up and that threat for severe weather on friday afternoon. here's your first alert it's going to be some of the coolest air we have seen details coming up. so far, a pretty decent drive. slowwng areas here and there. i-25, 6th avenue, to alameda, santa fe, continuing on down to university that way, so so far so good, at least on this part of 6th avenue. unusual slowing from alameda, 6th to colfax. had several drivers tell me it's just volume for some reason, folks are slowing down.
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wait time of 15 minutes. 270 and drive to the north typical. alameda and holly, an accident there. and south, a new accident reported northbound i-25 near larkspur. you can see the slow traffic coming up from at least monument. the university of colorado a line dealt with seven hours of delays yesterday morning. it's the same problem we've heard in the past. issues at the crossing gates. are delayed only 15 to 20 minutes. they are working to fix those problems. big problems for students at cu boulder. they can't move into their apartments. >> denver 7's eric lupher is in front of the apartment building this morning. eric, they really don't have a lot of other options either. >> reporter: they don't. this apartment complex is uninhabitedble. you can see the sign on the front door.
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to this. we've got video of them scratchhng their heads last night, trying to figure out what to do. they had to fill their suitcases after dropping off their boxes at the apartment, and they couldn't find a hotel, a lot of parents are in town dropping off their kids. some didn't know where to go and that's not the only problems with the apartments apparently. listen to what 1 cu sophomore said. >> when you walk into the building, it's trashed. i mean, like, the walls aren't painted well. the floor is dirty. >> reporter: as we come back here live, she makes a good point. you can see here the outside of the apartment complex still needs to be painted, and the landscaping sn't finished either out front. clearly a lot of problems at this apartment complex. but the biggest issue, nobody can go inside, deemed
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what was once a two-bedroom apartment into a four-bedroom apartment and apparently that makes the building not up to code. eric lupher, denver 7. a lot of people are worried about the attempted abduction that happened in englewood. police say this suspect tried to lure little girls into his van. neighbors say after looking at their home urveillance cameras, they think this guy may have been mapping out their children's schedules. we talked to a neighbor, chris garcia, who said his security camera caugh outside his home many times and the man was taking notes. >> pray no kids get abducted by this guy. it's ssary. >> there is a cash reward leading to this man's arrest. police hope this new video will help with the investigation. this fire continues to cause problems for people in larimer county this morning. the sheriff's office says people need to be ready to evacuate. no homes are threatened now.
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yesterday. look how close there video showw -- this video shows. no buildings burned. so far, 80 acres have burned. firefighters say the blaze is about 55% contained. firefighters were still on scene last night and more crews are set to arrive this morning. violent attacks along denver's 16th street mall have convinced business owners to pay for themselves for private security. our jason gruenauer is live along the mall this morning. out interest 24/7 now -- there 24/7 now. >> reporttr: we got out here about 4:00 a.m., and about 4:40 we saw our first crew. since then they've been going up and down with their blue shirts. what they don't have on them, however, is a firearm. that brings in the question how secure are they actually making the mall? this is not to replace police.
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yesterday when they officially started these patrols. the chief was there and said there will still be heavy patrols, the only problem is so far this morning we haven't seen a single denver police officer. the chief's words were he hopes to not see any more of those videos of the violent attacks. but this private security company, allied barton security services, they aren't armed. they have pepper spray and handcuffs, and they ar't authority, other than make sure people are following local ordinances. we saw a pair of those security guards talk to a homeless man earlier, but he continued on his way and they continued on their way. in cases of extreme safety issues, they can make citizen's arrests. we've been told they are trained. i spoke to one saying, it's just the first day, everybody is getting used to how this is
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just a few hours. reporting live here along the mall, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. want to get to breaking news in denver. going on right now near cherry creek drive and dexter street. >> denver 7's daryl orr was one of the first on the scene. daryl, we can see the vetoes in -- streets in that area blocked off now, taped off. >> reporter: yeah, that's correct. we're at 848 south dexter in denver at the 180 flats apartments tape set up. we had a couple of crime scene vehicles there. they're at the back side of the building. we took a walk back there, and they have a crime scene tent over a body on the back side. we looked at different areas, could have been someone who jumped off a balcony. we don't think so, because it's on the back side of the building. 'rwee trying to get investigators to give us an idea of what happened, if this
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inflicted. we don't know. we're waiting for denver police to call us back. right now people in the pack of this apartment -- parked in the back of this apartment complex can't leave for work. there's crime scene tape up now. as this investigation continues we'll try to get you more information. back in to you. a police investigation is underway in aurora, after a woman's body was found yesterday inside a home. this is near mississippi and tower. homicide detectives were on the scene. the victim hasn't been identified yet. but olice are as with information about that aurora homicide to call crimestoppers. breaking overnight, a wild fight ends with two people getting stabbed and two people in custody. one of the people arrested is also the stabbing victim. this happened near sheridan and 285 outside of a tavern there. both men who were stabbed should be okay. new details on an officer- involved shooting in denver. police say they shot a juvenile suspect on tuesday near 10th and grove. police say the juvenile was in
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teenagers. he was shot in the leg and he'll be okay. the officer involved in that shooting is on administrative leave now. the department of justice has launched a review of the commerce city police department. it's only the 13th city in the review. within the ast six months, two commerce city officers have been fired for misconduct on the job. several others have resigned rather than going through the process. city leaders say these incidents have hurt the department's reputation and only on denver 7, our reporting on forged petition signatures could lead to change attour capitol. when you vote now the clerk checks your signatures to make sure it's on file. they also do it for petitions. but there's no state-wide law. we spoke with one lawmaker who is writing a bill to require petitions.
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forged signatures? >> i certainly hope they do. you know as well as anyone, interviewing people firsthand who have had their signatures forged, we need to make a change. i plan to move that forward. >> there's a conference call planned for today. members of the committee will discuss what is needed in this new legislation. there won't be changes until january at least, since that's when the next legislative session begins. some business owners along havana in aurora say they've had enough of these collection you've no doubt seen these around. people are supposed to use them to donate clothes to charities. but business owners tell us people will throw just about anything in the bins. that leads to clutter that businesses are forced to clean up. >> it was getting to the point i was going to get an -- [ inaudible ] >> the businesses could be on the hook for litter-related
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stretch of havana. the guy who tried to climb the outside of trump tower remains in the hospital this morning. we'll explain why. we are just two days away from the broncos' home preseason opener. we still don't know who will play quarterback. hear how the team is getting ready. we're two days away from one of the coolest days we have seen in months. here's your first alert that we're going to see a few storms today. but it'sstomorrow where we've got a better chance for severe weather. we're tracking a cold front. details coming up. still 20 minutes away from monument. that's where this accident is.
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keeping track of breaking news via airtracker7. you can see police presence
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death investigation going on. a developing story in turkey, where car bombs exploded at two police stations. more than six people died, more than 200 injured. two u.s. olympic swimmers taken into police custody and let go. authorities want to ask them about an alleged robbery that happened over the weekend. the swimmers along with ryan lochte, another swimmer, they were robbed at gunpoint. but pictures show them out and they appear to have their wallets with them. the man who climbed trump tower in new york last week is now getting mental health treatment while he's in jail. he was arraigned from his bed at a hospital yesterday. he apparently planned this in advance ann waited for his parents to leaving to to new york. he's charged with reckless endangerment.
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of the louisiana flooding. the photo has been viral. the dog was chained to a tree and struggling to keep its head above the water. a sheriff's deputy fortunately saw the dog and came in to help. they say the dog was wet, cold, and tired, but should be just fine now. >> you can see with his paws hanging on. >> heart breaking. >> but doing fine. >> good news. 6:16. nice start to our day. had a few storms yesterday, didn't really amounttto much. >> here it comes. tomorrow even more so. live look from the airport, from our viera wireless camera. ?eautiful start. we've got some sunshine this morning. we're in the 50s and 60s right now. greeley at 54. denver currently 61. leadville just 2 degrees above freezing this morning. we're going to see much cooler air across the state this weekend. today still a pretty warm one. we're near normal. denver mid-80s today. greeley a high of 87.
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to 90. today we are going to be about 3 to5 degrees cooler. boulder 83. in erie today a high of 84. in the foothills and jefferson county getting ready to start school today, evergreen at 75. in bailey we're at 71. again, we'll be a touch cooler, with a better chance for a few storms. it's going to start up a little bit earlier today. by mid- to late morning, around 10:00 to 11:30, in through the northern and central mountains we'll start to see scattered storms and a few that east. denver about a 30% chance this afternoon. timing-wise, around 2:00 to 4:00. potential for a few storms to develop. and then a chance for a little activity overnight tonight. what we're tracking is the cold front set to hit tomorrow. we get a much better chance of storms friday. that's what it looks like by 3:00 on friday. then for those of you with something going on friday night, by 6:30, scattered storms and showers. we have a rockies' game friday
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we're expecting potentially storms for the start of that game. it's also going be a lot cooler. you are going to need a sweatshirt for the rockies' game and also the broncos' game saturday. with the front pushing through, it dives pretty far south. in fact, into new mexico. so our temperatures are going tt drop into the upper, low 70s to even upper 60s on saturday. look at our overnight lows. that's the other story. some of the coolest early morning air that we've seen si upper 40s, low 50s into early sunday. though sunday and monday look pretty perfect. we'll see more sunshine both days and looks like highs in the upper 70s to low 80s. warmer, jason, getting into the first of next week. i'm looking at our waze map and seeing we have slow traffic here on the southbound side of i-25, as my computer has frozen up. we're just looking now at notting. there we go. it was working a moment ago. there it is. southbound side of i-25 they're
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shoulder, southbound i-25 crash that's going to be on left shoulder near speer. i've seen very slow traffic back to i-70. on our other map you can see the heavy traffic we have already coming in from the north side through downtown. a couple of extra minutes, that it's now out of traffic. accident at alameda and holly. you can see 225 has recovered from the congestion we had up to colfax. no issues there. northbound side of i-25 still slow coming larkspur. the accident is off to the side. still drawing a lot of looks. extra five minutes. no alternate needed. would take too long. i-25 is going to be your way to get through it, still add an extra five minutes. 6:19 now. look at this highway. 3 weather caused that ohio highway to collapse yesterday. officials said it's the result of very heavy rain in that
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take a look at this traffic mess on one of colorado's busiest streets. a semi overturned, spilling debris all over colorado boulevard near 17th. it happened right around rush hour yesterday afternoon. it took at least an hour to clean up. >> what a mess. 6:20 now. the broncos play the 49ers saturday night at mile high stadium. the teams are holding joint practices today at dove valley. >> they yesterday, and the broncos' offense looked pretty good against 49's defense. >> i think it's a good environment. used to banging on each other, it's good to get fresh faces and go against the bad guys, see what you got. >> it's football. things will lap. you have grown men battling for their families and pride. things get heated. at the end of the day, if we
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have a good, physical, aggressive practice, that's what i enjoy. >> coach kubiak says he still hasn't picked a starting qb. mark sanchez got the start last week. but all three quarterbacks are in the running to become the team's full-time starter. only a few weeks left until the rocky mountain showdown. we are tracking breaking news. airtracker7 flying abo death investigation. denver police on the scene right now. they have several roads in the area taped off near dexter and cherry creek drive. so be aware of that if you are traveling in that area. we have our daryl orr on the
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6:24 now. the rams are getting a makeover in time for the season opener against the buffaloes, september 2nd. they unveiled their new jerseys yesterday. it's part of the partnership
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year. >> those are cool. will it help them win, mitch? >> since they win half the time -- >> not half, no way. look at numbers, no way. we go back to the stats, i will tell you no way. >> why don't you win every time? how do you lose that game? >> we don't want to make you feel too bad. >> yeah. we've got a nice start to our day. little too early to give you a rocky mo forecast. the broncos' game this weekend, cooler with a hance of storms. northwestern colorado with scattered storms and showers. beautiful shot from our viera wireless camera in burlington. clear skies. a better chance for a few storms this afternoon. low 80s by lunch. we'll be in the mid-80s by 3:00 with some scattered activity. then tomorrow a cold front. here's your first alert, temperatures will drop into the 70s. details coming up. you can see just a moment
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pretty picture of downtown denver from airtracker7 as they're flying by the state capitol. looks like they're unpacking things. you can see it's a nice day. take a look at live airtracker7, that is a delivery truck, gas delivery truck to the right shoulder with this car there on that line. that's why folks are really slow in that left lane on the southbound side of i-25 at speer. heavy stop and go from i-70. one man is sharing his the second flatiron in boulder. you can hear him describe why he never panicked. private security is now out roaming the 16th street mall. they've already had to calm
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just about 6:30. denver7 still on the scene of breaking news in denver. there's a death investigation near cherry creek drive and
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of the first on the scene there. daryl, what do you know right now? >> reporter: we're at 848 south dexter street at the 180 flats apartments here in denver. what we're learning now, this may not be a homicide. this may be self-inflicted. this is what we're getting a little bit more information out here. crime scene investigators are here, still treating ttis as a crime scene. the denver coroner just arrived. we'll get more information from them once they pass it to us. deteives over my shoulder behind me. they have the crime scene tape up. anyone in the back area of this complex will not be allowed to leave or enter until they're done with their investigation. we're told this may be self- inflicted. guys. it's now 6:30. here's your first alert the kids heading off to the bus
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upper 60s to low 70s. mild start. this afternoon, we're just a few degrees cooler than yesterday. low to mid-80s. 85 around the metro area with more scattered storms today. you're going to find in the foothills we've got mid- to upper 70s near evergreen. denver mid-80s. by about 12:00 you'll find scattered storms and showers popping up in the mountains. there is going to be a better chance across the plains. jayson, likely with these storms a little rain, lightning and thunder. to concerned with this next cold front that we could see some stronger weather and some severe weather across the plains. we'll talk about that coming up. now we have heavy stop and go traffic across downtown. you can see this accident involving that gas delivery truck here. it's this vehicle i'm more concerned about, as he's on the yellow line. we're still waiting for denver police to get there. when they get there, the flashing lights will draw more looks. the souuhbound side is already heavy stop and go traffic from
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so an extra couple of minutes here. already sluggish from the north side, 270, i-76 very busy. accident at alameda and holly being wrapped up. same thing in castle rock, and in larkspur, the northbound side, you can see the slowing here. you can see it from the camera in larkspur. the accident is on the right shoulder, so a little bit slow. extra five minutes from monument to castle rock. a lot of kids are heading jeffco starts school today. some students in the poudre and boulder valley schools are heading back. several cu boulder kids not allowed into their apartments. the county saying it's not up to code. >> eric lupher is in front of the building this morning. classes for cu start monday so this is a big problem. >> reporter: there are a lot of empty apartments with lights left on, because these students
6:33 am
the leasing center won't open for a few more hours. such a bizarre situation. students won't be allowed back in until this building is up to code. we're being told management has to resolve a floor plan issue. residents told us swinging book shelves were installed to separate rooms and the city deemed it uninhabitable. >> i'm like, what? like, i was not ready. i'm from texas. i have nowhe my family doesn't live here. my mom is 13 hours away. and it's like, i just moved in. we literally just got our apartment pretty much finished. >> reporter: this is supposed to be an exciting time for these students. we haven't heard from apartment management on a timetable when these people can be allowed back in. they sent out a note to residents saying they'll reimburse them for any hotel stays.
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this. eric lupher, denver 7. new details about the carjacking we told you about yesterday morning at 5th near sheridan. police say the victims met with the suspect on a drug deal. no one was hurt. the woman was hospitalized with a few scrapes. no one has been arrested. private security is now watching over 16th street mall. the new officers were introduced yesterday. they're supposed to be protecting the mall 24/7. along the mall. you've already spotted some of these security guards. >> reporter: yes, they are out. they are basically walking the beat from broadway to arapahoe and turning around. by the way, you can now add denver police to those patrolling as well. we did see a patrol car go down here and come back. it's not just the private security force. this was brought in by the downtown denver partnership. basically they wanted to stop
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viral videos, so they hired their own private security. this is allied barton security services, 24/7 in their blue shirts. they won't have guns, just pepper spray and handcuffs. we're told they base what they do on voluntary compliance. earlier today we saw a pair of these security guards go up to what appeared to be a homeless man and speak to him and they continued on. later i saw another one go up to a person and just speak to them. it's unclear whether or not they were then again, just continuing on. if there is an issue, a major safety or security issue, that will fall under dpd. if you're down here on the mall and feel unsafe, or see something, you are urged to call dpd. because this is a private security firm, there is no private dispatch and they can't really make arrests anyway. they don't have the authority to do that in those cases. so dpd as the chief said, will continue to have a presence down here. but now it is private security
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he's walking the beat, talking to people, basically trying to give people a sense of safety and security. if there is an actual incident, again, you're urged to call dpd. live here on the 16th street mall this morning, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. a boulder man has been arrested again for trying to get underage girls to send him nude pictures. 25-year-old brett butler pleaded guilty to a similar incident before in the past and was on probation. he was just arrested after investigats teenager on social media to send and receive explicit messages from girls. a man found a dead body in his home a day after he bought the house at auction. is happened in fountain. authorities say the woman was the former homeowner and likely been dead for a year. colorado triathletes say they've had several close calls on the boulder iron man course. they say something needs to
6:37 am
hit and killed by a car while riding her bicycle during this year's boulder iron man. we spoke to another woman who was injured last year. she says she was hit by a passing rider who swerved to avoid traffic. >> i do look at that and say i was lucky. i was very lucky. michelle was not lucky, and i think that's one of the reasons why i felt the need to outcry. she died. 34 years old. to not be coming home from >> she saad if the lane had been closed, accidents like that probably wouldn't happen. she says she knows it's not feasible to close the highway for the race, but they should close a lane or ask drivers to slow down. the government thinks it's responsible for the toxic water problem near colorado springs.
6:38 am
base could be to blame. the air force is now paying more than $4 million to install water filters. supporters of the amendment 69 that would provide colorado care say that amendment will be on the november ballot. the amendment would create single payier universal health coverage in colorado. critics say it will mean higher taxes and lower quality of care. but supporters ssy it would help lower income people get the health care they need. a boulder the sunrise from the second flatiron this week, and mae looking up at the sun was better than looking down when you see this photo he took. jeremy cadwell just moved here a month agoo he says he's new to the area. he made it up the flatiron but couldn't get back down. >> his friends didn't respond help. text messages asking for hh said he didn't panic, though. >> i was like, they're going to charge me something.
6:39 am
>> he said he waited to call for help because he thought he would have to pay for the rescue. the boulder sheriff says services are free and you should never hesitate to call for help. broncos' rookies got their new haircuts. mcdonald's is changing its mind about fitness trackers in happy meals. wait physical you hear -- ntil you hear the reason why. daryl orr with breaking information on a death investigation. >> reporter: that's right, guys. dexter in denver at the 180 flats apartments. we just recently learned from denver police that this was a suicide. person did jump from a balcony at this apartment complex. not a homicide. self-inflicted, unfortunately, and that's the latest out here.
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here's something that's crazy. there driver isn't paying attention. he almost lites a brighton firefighter. the firefighter got out of the way just in time. the driver was given a ticket. this happened about a month ago. but brighton police are releasing this now as a reminder to slow down and pay attention. my goodness. you have to slow down attention now on this southbound side of i-25. you can see how police are blocking the express lane and left lane of this three-car accident on southbound i-25 before 84th avenue. that center car took it on both sides there. the front and the back. the drivers look okay. hopefully they can move it. we're going to need tow trucks unfortunately to get rid of this crash off the highway. getting hit by a car would do a little more than drive you crazy. we have a nice start to our day. beautiful clear skies from our viera wireless cameras.
6:43 am
we've been watching that temperature obviously drop as we get into the middle and end of august. today we'll be close to normal. denver 85. fort collins 84. then tomorrow totally different story. low to mid-70s friday and saturday. here's your first alert we have a better chance for storms. we'll talk more about this coming up. lisa, thank you. it is now 6:43. magic johnson is hoping to help rennovate dia. the airport is working on a plan to terminal. that could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. % yesterday johnson was in town pitching his company's plan to rennovate the terminal. the plans are still in the early stages. airport officials want to move security checkpoints, build more shops and restaurants. mcdonald's is pulling fitness trackers from their happy meals. they were supposed to encourage kids to be active, but instead an arkansas woman says the toy
6:44 am
minutes of use. more than 100,000 people saw her facebook post. did you see the military helicopters in the sky over dia yesterday? you wouldn't be alone. we have details on this disaster drill. all right. as we head to break, now we'll take a live look over denver. want to remind you that free coffee friday is tomorrow. king soopers in littleton. we'll be out there all morning
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6:46 am
the big traffic accident now is 25 just before 84th avenue. police have the express lane as well as that left lane blocked for this three-vehicle accident. we're waiting on the tow truck. we're solid to 104th and growing. here on washington, some of the other side streets like pecos may be a good option to get down to highway 36. that's a mess. 6:46now. the broncos are back on the practice field today and this is the second day they have the
6:47 am
francisco 49ers. >> yesterday the defense picked off the 49ers' offense on the third play and the competition was intense throughout. >> it was a lot of fun. seeing another team and going like, live reps almost game- like made it so much better out there practicing, running around, making plays, calling checks. it was a blast. >> definitely energizing. trash talking, just banging on each other. it's a good feeling. >> for broncos' fans when derek wolfe rolled his ankle yesterday. had to be helped off the field. good news, they did an mri and came back negative. so it's not that serious. i'm sure it still hurts, but he shouldn't miss a lot of time. newest members of the team hit the barbershop yesterday, sort of. the veterans gave the rookies haircuts. loving that look.
6:48 am
all players are getting a variation of that cut. the mo cut, three stooges. >> that is awful. >> it's bad. >> if you see them around town and have a hat on, you know they're a rookie. >> but you're playing with the broncos, who cares, right? >> it grows back. maybe. >> thhy hopee it's beautiful right now. clear skies, sunshine. really nice start to our day. from our viera wireless camera in sterling, the winds are calm. still coming in out t boost our temperatures ack into the mid- to upper 80s. by 2:00 we're at 86. we'll see building clouds. temperatures tonight still pretty mild. upper 60s to then upper 50s. we will see a few thunderstorms. a chance for it this afternoon and this evening. today we're a touch cooler than yesterday. erie 84. we have some upper 60s to mid- 70s in the foothills. parker 83. and in denver today 85.
6:49 am
and across southeastern % colorado. but this map is going to look a lot different tomorrow as we're tracking this next cold front. this is going to be a pretty strong front and it's going to dive pretty far south, which means winds will shift direction. we'll see a better chance for a few storms today as things are starting to get a little bit more unsettled. by noon scattered thunderstorms in the mountains and about a 30% chance for getting a fe storms over i-25 and along the front range, not only this afternoon but this our threat for severe weather remains pretty low here in denver. but we're going to be tracking a few storms up to the northeast, a little closer to sterling and across into nebraska and wyoming. might see a little severe weather there later today through the early evening. tomorrow morning it's still pretty quiet. but by midday we'll be watching temperatures dramatically change as that cold front mos through the state. there's going to be a better chance for scattered storms
6:50 am
weather tomorrow with this front. with this front pushing so far south, we're going to see some of the coolest air we have seen since late may. here's your first alert we'll be in the low 70s friday. on saturday there's a slight chance for a few storms. ? better chance of seeing them on friday. i think we're going to be a little bit drier saturday, especially on sunday. sunday more sunshine, upper 70s to near 80. looks perfect for the second half of the weekend. broncos' game on saturday. i'll have your planner on that mi we have a big time traffic jam to the north side of town. southbound i-25 from airtracker7. you can see the three-vehicle accident. one, two, three. they are sitting in that left lane, the express lane is also closed by police up here. that southbound side is rock solid as we just have two lanes getting through. it's really heavy back now to 120th. we can use maybe washington, heron, maybe pecos.
6:51 am
basically to i-70. then heavy from there in and across downtown. that from an accident on the left shoulder by speer with a big tanker truck and that one car is real close to that left lane. it's why it's so slow in here. i-70 from the camera there, we've had a report of a stall in the center lane around the coliseum. i'm not seeing it on the cameras. just the heavy traffic into the sunshine. heavy traffic is building to the south, and a second accident reported northbound i- the first one about the 172, this is about a mile back. extra time coming in from monument to larkspur and castle rock. dia hosted a ddsaster drill yesterday morning as we told you, and commercial planes shared the skies with military helicopters most of the morning. the theme of the drill was an earthquake in salt lake city. 150 fake patients were flown in and rushed to hospitals in the
6:52 am
event in which that really happened. breaking overnight, a child is safe after a near drowning at a hotel in englewwod. the call came in about 8:00 last night. "the denver post" reports the child was taken to the hospital, was awake and breathiig. we'll get you caught up on the big stories of the day coming up on our morning sprint, including the latest on a housing issue at cu boulder. why some college students cannot move into their apartments. busy night for firefighters in larimer county, as flames
6:53 am
over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
6:54 am
it is 6:54. live look outside, beautiful sunrise across ddnver, as thousands of students heading back to class today, including jeffco and boulder districts. we're looking at a lot of sunshine obviously from that shot, just west of downtown. here's your first alert that r pleasant weather to head to school with. this afternoon we'll see afternoon storms. 85 degrees for a high. tomorrow that's when the cold front hits. we'll be in the 70s friday and saturday. big game, our first home game, preseason game here in denver, and here's your broncos planner, by the start of that game expecting upper 60s. it's going to be cool. slight chance for a few storms and cooler night. by the end of the game temperatures should drop into the low 60s. sunday looks perfect.
6:55 am
and 80s return next week. it is not a fun drive now getting into downtown from the north side. three-vehicle accident, still waking on tow trucks. the paramedics and fire department showed up. left and express lanes are blocked. take a look at the backups, rock solid. this is at 104th. you can see the backups there on the camera, or not. or we can take a look at the map. southbound i-25, it's like this all the way back to 120th. it is rock solid in there. streets, and heavy stop and go on i-25 to speer for an accident on the left shoulder. five minutes before 7:00. the university of colorado a line, the train to the plane, had seven hours worth of problems yesterday morning because of the crossing issues again. rtd officials say the trains were only delayed 15 to 20 minutes overall. they're working to fix the crossings. new details about the carjacking we told you about yesterday morning near 5th and sheridan.
6:56 am
several men for some sort of drug deal and when the men showed up, they pointed a gun at her and took her car. police found the vehicle aaandoned. no one has been arrested. >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer live on the 16th street mall where the new private security force is officially here and walking the beat, this from the downtown denver partnership in response to all of those viral videos, the nasty violent crimes we've seen down here at the mall. so far this morning e've seen a guards, walking up and down. then it appears now that they've been replaced by a single security officer again walking the beat. the thing here is, it all comes down to voluntary compliance. these security officers aren't armed with anything other than pepper spray and will you haves. -- handcuffs. if anything major happens, people are still urged to call dpd. they are here and doing their
6:57 am
jason gruenauer, denver 7. >> reporter: i'm eric lupher in boulder outside the sterling university peaks apartments, looking to get more answers after students who were moving in for the fall semester were told all of a sudden their apartment was uninhabitable. they said the management told them in writing to head to hotels and they would be reimbursed. it's move-in weekend and hotels have been full. it's been a struggle for these students. we're being told there is a floor plan issue and it's why uninhabitable. eric lupher, denver 7. this fire burning in larimer county threatened several homes and forced a voluntary evacuation yesterday. this morning no homes are threatened. but homeowners are being told to be ready to evacuate just in case. >> the fire was more than 55% contained and 80 acres in size. there were firefighters on scene throughout the night. more crews are coming in this morning. three american olympic
6:58 am
brazilian lawmakers today, they wann to hear more about their story about being robbed. why the doubt? this new video appears to show the swimmers later that same night with their wallets. rio officials wanted to talk more with ryan lochte as well, but he left rio yesterday before they could stop him. just in, pittsburgh is going to have ubers with self- driving vehicles. >> next week. >> they're going more on that at 11:00.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking overnight, two u.s. swimmers pulled off a plane in brazil by police, held for hours and now being forced to stay in rio. facing questions about that alleged robbery at gunpoint. the videotape now at the heart of the investigation. did ryan lochte and his teammates mislead authorities about that alleged robbery? also breaking this morning, the chaos in california. >> this is nuts. fire on both sides of me. >> 29 major fires raging in the west scorching thousands of acres. one just 60 miles outside los angeles. now more than 1,500 firefighters battling the blaze facing new red flag warnings this morning. terror at sea. more than 500 people told to abandon a passenger ship after a fire breaks out on board. passengers evacuating down emergency slides.


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