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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  August 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:01pm MDT

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tonight, breaking news from rio, coming in right now. police now recommending that two american swimmers, including ryan lochte, be indicted. authorities in brazil say the swimmers lied. tonight, right here, the new surveillance video of them at that gas station. what really happened. and standing firm. this evening, sources who have talked to the held up by armed gunmen.fact, also breaking, the wildfire out of control. flames now racing tonight, across land at 30 miles an hour. the major headline coming in from chicago. the head of police says seven police officers should be fired. he says they lied after an officer shot and killed a teenager. the well-known american military family and the mother allegedly drowned by her own son. and usain bolt. tonight, the science.
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really going? it explains this smile. good evening. and we begin tonight with the growing olympic scandal. late today, brazilian police are now recommending that u.s. olympic swimmer ryan lochte, and another swimmer, james feigen, be indicted. that word comes a short time after brazilian authorities stood before the cameras and said that the u.s. swimmers lied about being robbed at gunpoint in rio. brazilian authorities released station where the swimmers say the robbery took place. ryan lochte originally said the cab they were riding in was pulled over, a gun held to his head. overnight, authorities pulling two of those swimmers off their planes before they could leave rio. gold medal winner ryan lochte is already back home here in the u.s. so, we answer all the questions tonight, what comes next? and we begin here with abc's matt gutman in rio. >> reporter: as first reported by abc news, tonight, brazilian
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robbery was fictional. police claiming these new surveillance videos fill in the missing timeline of what they say was that poorly constructed lie that humiliated the host nation of the olympics by one of the winningest olympians in history and his teammates. the police chief saying late today, it was all made up. this after two of those swimmers involved, gunnar bentz and jack conger, were pulled off their flights heading back to the u.s. overnight. bentz posting this snapchat video o their way to their plane. this new video emerging of the moments after they were pulled off their flight. also tonight, the first images we've seen of the four entering that club, club france, around 1:45 a.m. lochte snapchatting this inside the club around 2:30 a.m. the swimmer says they left the club at 4:00, but this video was stamped 5:47 a.m. they arrive at this gas station, just after 6:00 a.m. this surveillance video obtained by abc news appears to show the
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down the door, then vandalized the bathroom inside. then, those four swimmers continued on here, back towards their taxi, and at this point, they allegedly ripped a poster off the wall before being confronted by those security guards. the camera cuts, showing bentz, feigen, conger and lochte walking towards the gas pumps, trying to get into the wrong cab, then, into theirs. black who comes to their window and motions for them to get out of the car. police say he was a gas station security officer. you see what appears to be gunnar bentz reaching into his wallet and taking out money, handing it to the man. then, you see them walking offcamera, one swimmer with his hands up in the air. sources who spoke to all four swimmers today insist their version still holds true. they point to a three-minute chunk of missing video which they claim would show the men being held up at gunpoint. and bullied to sit down on the curb. the video returns and you see them putting their hands up.
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pocket, appearing to hand it to a man in black. they are then held there by security until 6:20 a.m. sources telling abc news exclusively that the men were forced to hand over all of their money, about $400 by those armed men, who were not the police. 40 minutes later, you see them back at the olympic village, just before 7:00 a.m., seemingly unfazed. whatever happened, police saying tonight, it wasn't this. >> the guy pulled out his gun, he cocked it, put it to my forehead, he said, get down, and i was like, i put my hands up, i was like, whatever. >> reporter: we were there today as bentz and conger were walked into the police station. there is an intense scrum inside this police station right now, the two men are right around here, and everybody's trying to get their first glimpse at them. what the swimmers said, according to the police, there was no robbery. the sources who spoke to the swimmers calling that an outright lie, saying none of the swimmers have changed their story. brazilian police saying they were initially tipped off by
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on monday, the ioc denying it happened, then, lochte repeats the story, which was broadcast on nbc. when asked about the suspicious behavior, the international olympic committee passes the buck to the u.s. olympic committee. is there any concern that ryan lochte and his teammates may have been trying to cover something up? >> i couldn't possibly comment on that. >> and matt gutman with us live tonight. matt, police have now requested that those two swimmers, including ryan lochte, be indicted. what could they be charged with and what you have learned about the other two swimmers? >> reporter: david, the recommendation is that prosecutors indict lochte and feigen for providing false testimony to police about what they say happened at this gas station. now, those other two swimmers, they spent five hours at that police station, but were allowed to leave. david? >> matt gutman leading us off tonight from rio. matt, thank you. i want to bring in abc's chief legal an lust dalyst dan abrams. and dan, i just want to get to the bottom line here on the
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we heard ryan lochte early on say, they got pulled over, he was held at gunpoint. a gun to his head. what did we learn today from that surveillance? >> it seems pretty clear that that part of the account is not true. that they were pulled over by robbers pretending to be police officers. with that said, even based on what the authorities themselves have said, these swimmers can say, we believe we were robbed. even if there was damage done to that gas station, if a security guard comes up with a gun and demands money, and the authorities concede now that guns were used, that can be considered being robbed, therefore, this is not a slam dunk case in any way, shape or form. >> in the meantime, that late development reported by abc news that police are now requesting prosecutors indict lochte and feigen. lochte is here in the u.s. feigen is in brazil. could they potentially face vy different scenarios here? >> huge difference. ryan lochte's legal challenges will be over. he's not going to get extradited to brazil to face a claim of a false police charge.
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and as a result, feigen could be tried in brazil in what would be an expedited trial and could face up to six months behind bars. >> all right, dan abrams with us here tonight and we'll have much more on "gma" first thing in the morning. in the meantime, now to the breaking news in the west at this hour. the wildfire burning out of control, just 60 miles from los angeles. these pictures coming into our newsroom, just moments ago. authorities saying the flames are now moving at a stunning speed, movinrog acss land at 30 miles an hour. meteorologist rob marciano is on the scene tonight, many homes already destroyed. >> reporter: tonight, more than 1,500 firefighters racing to try and get a foothold on the blue cut fire just east of los angeles. the conditions, worse than even the most seasoned firefighters have ever seen. >> it was advancing 30, 40 miles an hour behind it, easy. >> reporter: so, you can't outrun that. >> there is no way to outrun that. >> reporter: grueling conditions. the fire raining ash and jumping highways. this firefighter realizing he's got to turn around. >> yeah -- nope.
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drops in the dead of nigh. 49 square miles, scorched. more than 82,000 residents told to get out. >> oh, my god. it's coming. >> reporter: many choosing to stay. the fire getting dangerously close to the community of lytle creek. >> if it comes up towards that crest, we're gone. >> reporter: in wrightwood, our lauren lyster met angela adams, mom of three, watching and waiting. >> as soon as it comes, like, to the top of the hill over there and starts to come down, you know, i was packed and ready to go. >> and rob is us with live tonight. and rob, the conditions going into this evening and into tomorrow, not looking good? >> reporter: no, just like yesterday, the winds have picked up the past couple of hours. the dust has kicked up, smoke and ash all over the place. you can check out our streamlines, the wind coming through the pass and just squeezing and accelerating. i-15, by the way, open in both directions, finally. but gusts at 30 miles an hour. red flag warnings have been
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got them in utah and the pacific northwest, where the heat is really going to crank up. look at the high temperatures for tomorrow. medford is 106, 100 degrees in portland, 94 in seattle. we do it again on saturday, long-term trend, a lot of heat for the pacific northwest. might be seeing more fire starts there in the next two weeks. david? >> just incredible, fighting those fires in triple digit heat. rob, thank you. next tonight, the death toll is now rising from those devastating floods in louisiana. 13 people have now died because of the floods. fema is on the scene tonight, hele recover from what is now the worst natural disaster in this country since superstorm sandy. one local newspaper is calling for president obama to cut short his vacation and to visit. the white house tonight says the president is staying informed, so far, though, no plans for that visit. next, this evening, the major headline from chicago tonight. the police superintendent there calling for seven officers to be fired for allegedly lying in their reports about the shooting of laquan mcdonald. the 17-year-old was killed by an
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this dash cam video sparking protests, but also sparking change. and tonight, a major blow against what many see as the department's code of silence. here's abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: tonight, those seven chicago officers face firing over the now notorious incident seen in this dash cam video. teenager laquan mcdonald running down the street. he did have a knife, but the video shows mcdonald moving away from officers before he is suddenly gunned down. an autopsy finding he was shot 16 times. chicago's police superintendent today concluding that the video contradicts the officer's story that mcdonald posed a threat. >> he has no choice. he had to fire them. >> reporter: the shooting happened nearly two years ago, but the dash cam video was not released until more than a year later. the controversy comes at a difficult moment for the city. homicides surging. and police often facing violent criminals. this video shows an officer risking his life -- >> i'm hit, i'm hit. >> reporter: his face grazed by
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chase and gun battle. david, today, we see the heroism of chicago police officers under fire, and the dark side. allegations of police murdering a suspect, and a coverup. david? >> pierre thomas, who covers law enforcement for us. pierre, thank you. we turn next here tonight to major developments in the race for the white house now. donald trump and his new campaign team at the top, now acknowledging they are behind in the polls, after an uncomfortable moment on cable tv, when asked about the polls. you'll see it here. they also acknowledge, they're preparing to debate hillary clinton in that crucial first debate. abc's tom llamas in charlotte. >> reporter: today, donald trump taking his law and order persona to a shooting range, firing an assault rife while in a suit and tie. >> we just went down to the range and we had a little shooting practice. >> reporter: the gop nominee impressing a north carolina sheriff. >> i got to say, this man can shoot. >> reporter: we'll have to take his word for it. cameras not allowed to document
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shaking up his campaign, and now starting an uphill climb, though some of his longtime aides refuse to accept he's behind. >> you say it's not a shakeup. but you guys are down. and it makes sense that there would -- >> says who? >> polls. most of them. all of them? >> says who? >> polls. i just told you, i answered your question. >> okay, which polls? >> all of them. >> okay. >> reporter: but now, his new campaign manager admitting trump is an underdog. >> i think it helps us to be a little bit behind, and we are. it lights a fire under us and it reminds us what we need to do to get this done. >> reporter: there is still time -- the first debate, a prime opportunity for trump to turn things around with millions watching. >> well, i look very much forward to it. i like being off the cuff, you know, i've been at 11 debates, i never debated before. my whole life is a debate. >> reporter: today, conway says trump will hold his first debate prep session this weekend, more than a month before the showdown.
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they won't say who. >> and tom llamas with us live tonight from charlotte. and tom, hillary clinton was in new york city today, meeting with some of the nation's top police chiefs. her meeting, you could say, about law and order, similar to trump's today. but there is also news at this hour, tom, about the clinton foundation? >> reporter: david, today, former president bill clinton made a major announcement, saying the clinton foundation will no longer accept foreign or corporate donations, if hillary clinton is elected president. this comes as house republics investigation, essentially calling the clinton foundation a pay for play operation, that they sell access. the clintons vehemently deny that. david? >> tom llamas with us tonight on the campaign trail. thanks, tom. next tonight, the state department addressing that cash payment to iran at the same time as iran released those american prisoners. the state department saying the cash happened simultaneously with the release of those prisoners. but for the first time today, calling the cash, quote, leverage, in the prisoner
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frozen by u.s. authorities after the iranian revolution. but the administration still denies that that cash was ransom. we turn next here to that powerful image seen around the world tonight, capturing all the heartbreak and the horror of the civil war in syria. this image of a 5-year-old boy, just after being pulled out of a building, destroyed in an air strike. that little boy did survive. and abc's martha raddatz tonight with his story. >> reporter: "get him down, carry him," the medics shout, as the young boy, in this video shot by syrian activists, is rushed to the waiting ambulance. but with so many more to rescue, the 5-year-old, omran is his name, sits alone for just a moment. and then, that instant. the single still photograph capturing his innocence. it is an image that says, this is a child like my own. doctors say his physical
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rest of his family survived, but surviving another day in syria is never guaranteed. the five-year war has left at least 100,000 children dead. millions of other children remain inside the war-torn nation, just like omran. >> just an incredible image tonight. and martha joins us from washington. do we know who carried out those air strikes, martha? >> reporter: well, david, this happened in aleppo, where syrian government forces with the help of russians have been bombing rebel groups. david? >> martha raddatz with us tonight. thank you, martha. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the well-known military family, and the mother who authorities now say was drowned by her own son. the shocking homicide shattering that legendary family, and new questions at this hour. investigators on the scene. also tonight, the terrifying moments for the passengers on this flight. what caused the engine to burst into flames in mid-air? and later tonight, back to
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use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. life as a non-smoker is a whole lot of fun. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. we turn next tonight to a tragic headline at this hour, involving a well-known military family on new york's long island. authorities believe a mother was drowned by her own son in the family pool. and they say the family had long tried to get help for that son. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: 23-year-old denis cullen, handcuffed and charged with murder, accused of drowning his own mother. it happened in the pool at their family home, where cullen, who suffered from mental illness, lived with his mother. the affluent neighborhood on long island, new york, now a crime scene. >> he put her in a headlock, walked from the shallow end of the pool with her in the headlock, to the deep end of the pool, all the time while she was struggling. >> reporter: prosecutors say he
5:49 pm
into new york city, where he allegedly confessed to his sister. the 63-year-old victim, elizabeth cullen, is the sister of retired four-star general george casey. prosecutors say cullen admitted to fighting with his mother yesterday after she scolded and poked him for not taking his medication. >> he hasn't been convicted of anything, so, he's not sorry at this point. he hasn't said i'm sorry. >> reporter: cullen entered a plea of not guilty. if convicted, he faces 25 years to life in prison. david? >> linsey davis with us tonight. linsey, thanks. when we come back here, the breaking zika headline developing at this hour. that virus spreading here in the u.s. we'll tell you where. also tonight, the celebrated nfl player, sentenced today to 18 years behind bars for what he did to women in several states. we'll have more on that in just a moment. and then, the scare onboard the passenger jet, when one of the engines bursts into flames. the engines bursts into flames. we'll be right back. introduced the elizabethan ruff.
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concern this evening over what appears to be a new cluster of zika cases emerging for the first time in miami beach. an area popular with tourists. late reports cite florida health officials tonight saying these new cases have very likely been spread by local mosquitos. now, to the nfl star headed to prison tonight. darren sharper played pro ball for years on teams including the packers and vikings. he went to the super bowl twice. now, a new orleans judge sentencing sharper to 18 years behind bars for drugging and raping women across the country. sharper tellin would like to apologize, quote, a thousand times. and the terrifying moments onboard this passenger jet tonight. more than 300 people onboard, forced to make an emergency landing at istanbul's main airport after an engine ignited, a bird strike likely to blame. no one was hurt. when we come back tonight, we've all seen that image. usain bolt running so fast, he had time to smile at the competition. but can you guess how fast he's
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the runner with big plans tonight, and the americans who took gold, silver and bronze. here's t.j. holmes. >> reporter: those three u.s. women, hurdling their way towards olympic history last night, winning all three medals in the 100-meter hurdles. >> final hurdle. rollins wins it! >> reporter: the united states becoming the first country ever to win gold, silver and bronze in the event. with this photo now seen around the world -- all three jumping for joy with american flags. also tearing up the track last night, jamaican star sprinter usain bolt in the 200-meter semifinals. >> and bolt is in front. >> reporter: what makes him so fast?
5:58 pm
above average for a sprinter, generate more power, propelling him down the track. it takes him only 40 to 41 strides to complete 100 meters, while other sprinters need 43 or 44. during those sprints, bolt peaks at 27 miles per hour. a speed that would actually get him a ticket in some u.s. neighborhoods. bolt going for gold tonight in the 200-meter finals, saying he hopes to do what's never been done before, run it in under 19 seconds. >> just try giving usain bolt a ticket. i hope to see you right back
5:59 pm
. and we have your
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that's right! it is snowing on top of pike's peak. >> so it is in the 30s right now above 13,000 feet. just so you know, the average for snow in denver is mid october, so we have a couple of months. >> but right now we do have some storms here. here is your first alert. >> reporter: yes, just one of the signs that we're entering into that transitional weather period over the next month pike's peak, we're seeing batches of snow move through. it will clear up and then another batch. but here in denver, we have had rainfall off and on and at this point, low cloud cover. we have seen a fewwscattered showers and then fall apart. but up into northeastern colorado, the storms are on the strong side. i'm watching the storms in the central mountains.


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