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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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that's right! it is snowing on top of pike's peak. >> so it is in the 30s right now above 13,000 feet. just so you know, the average for snow in denver is mid october, so we have a couple of months. >> but right now we do have some storms here. here is your first alert. >> reporter: yes, just one of the signs that we're entering into that transitional weather period over the next month pike's peak, we're seeing batches of snow move through. it will clear up and then another batch. but here in denver, we have had rainfall off and on and at this point, low cloud cover. we have seen a fewwscattered showers and then fall apart. but up into northeastern colorado, the storms are on the strong side. i'm watching the storms in the central mountains.
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shower 5:00 fivity -- activity into tonight. stronger storms up through northeastern colorado and farther to the south, mostly rainfall here in the lower elevations, but, of course, the snow we have seen at pike's peak the last couple of hours. we'll talk about a huge cool down coming our way. >> we need it because weeks and weeks of dry weather has led to this. colorado is back on the national drought map. the areas abnormally dry. this area of brown here in fort collins is moderate drought. so right nowwour long-term water supplies are looking good, but it is putting a drain. tonight, the owner of that home where the firefighters took a stand for hours yesterday is talking only to denver 7 now and we're joined from larimer county and that fire is now 75% contained. >> reporter: these cooler
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the firefighters are still out there putting out hot spots, mopping up here. i spoke to the homeowner. you can see the fire came so close to that house. he says talk about too close to home. >> it was probably within 20 feet of the house, surrounding the house. >> reporter: the first time he knew his house was in danger was when he saw it object live tv last night as the crews spotted it -- spotted it from the air and the ground. >> you could see the firefighters giving it their all. >> reporter: tod 73-acre burn zone where firefighters are still clearing brush and putting out hot spots. >> the biggest challenge is it is really rocky terrain and when we mop up, we stir the dirt. the rocks make it hard to do that. >> reporter: the emergency managers tell me it helped that the homeowners created defensible space about their homes. the only thing that burned, a woods pile, a shed and a chicken coup. even the chickens made it out
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even the chickens made it out alive. >> reporter: he was prepared, but this one did come a little too close to home. >> we're eternally grateful to the firefighters. i don't know how they did it, and we can't thank them enough. >> reporter: you can see that smoke still coming up off of this fire. the firefighters tell me they will be out here for the rest of the night tonight, also tomorrow and possibly the next day putting out hot spots. in larimer county, denver 7. >> that is tough work and this is the second grass fire spark near carter lake. this fire sparked in the sedona hills subdivision. this one burned about 15 acres, and it forced eight families to evacuate. breaking news. we havv just learned another coloradan comes down with west nile virus. the latest case is is in pueb county. it brings the total cases to 17 and one of those people died. is this you? if so, the denver police have questions about an attempted
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people in may in stapleton and the police have named the two people you see as persons of interest. now the atf says the same guns were used in five other violent crimes in the metro. just in, this gang member will spend the next 20 years in prison for beating a 2-year-old to death. a judge sentenced jones today. he was dating the toddler's mother at the time. that 2015 beating happened while jones was caring for that the search for that man here. he is accused of trying to lure children to his van. the police have identified a person of interest and the kids say he showed up monday and said some pretty inappropriate things to them a denver 7 viewer who lives in that area reviewed the surveillance video and says that same man sat outside his house in his van and he worries he may be tracking his children. sex offenders are fighting
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is about to force them ouu. denver 7 is look ing into the claims. ryan, they feel like they don't have anywhere to go. >> reporter: practically nowhere. take a look. this is a city map. everything you see in blue is off limits to sex offenders, according to the h. the aclu. all they have are a few tiny pockets of town. all of this is the subject of a federal case filed just this morning by three sex offendsers, all of whom ha now. they argue that the city's ordinance adopted back in 2006 is unconstitutional at the federal level. now, if any of this sounds familiar to you, it should. the american civil liberties union in colorado took this issue to court a few years ago and it ultimately got dismissed in the case got taken off the %- sex offender registry, thus his case was rendered moot. that's why we have this new
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people. the aclu is not involved, but you can be sure they are in support of it. >> this is an ordinance that is enacted supposedly to protect children from the risk of being assaulted by a sex offendser. but these ordinances zo not make children -- do not make children any safer. they don't prevent sex offenses from occurring, and instead they risk driving sex offenders underground. >> reporter: that's what we're hering from one of the men filed this case -- hearing from one of the men who filed this case. he will be the first to admit he committed his crimes more than a decade ago. you'll learn why being evicted could be detrimental and how far he has come. >> we'll see you at 10:00. a woman is in the hospital after a smelly incident on a bus. denver police say a male passenger asked the woman and the bus driver to smell a burned cell phone. and then she started
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the hospital. the police questioned the suspect. so far no charges have been filed. as if college move-in day is not stressful enough, because of what happened yesterday, some families are threatening to sue. c.u. boulder students were forced from the apartment last night. we were the first to reeort this last night on denver 7 at 10:00. the complex used swinging book shelfs to turn two bedroom units into four bedroom unit >> it is open now. they say it is fixed but it is not fixed. it is one room like a dorm room. >> the complex fixed the issue by nailing down the shelfs, but the students and their families feel like they got the old bait and switch. more than a dozen pot shops in boulder could be forced out or forced to shell out big bucks. we're in boulder to explain the city's annexation plans that
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>> reporter: it is one decisioo whether or not this space is under city or county regulation. a decision that could change the way this cannabis-infused bakery looks and even operates. the members of boulder's planning boards will consider annexing the county property into city property. businesses like sweet mary jane, it would mean new regulations according to city standards. the owner says the city has stricter rules on things like the owner of this bakery may have to change their lay-out costing them tens of thousands of dollars. the city spokesperson says the annex us is part of the -- annexation is part of the plan to create an city-run energy business. it will allow them to keep their county license for another year as they adapt but the owners say that may not be enough. >> nobody has saved up money to
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>> reporter: in the meantime, the owners hope they will reconsider the annexation. denver 7. car thieves are up in -- car they haves are up -- car thefts are up in our state a lot. denver had an average of 286 car thefts every week. the most popular, honda civic and accords. the thieves typically turn arn and sell them on market. a group known as the rainbow family is arriving in our state and the law enforcement will be watching the gathering closely. they are hosting a nine-day festival near the town of norwood. two years ago, you may recall a rainbow family gathering turned violent and three people were stabbed. a denver driver calls in a case of road rage and this is the response he gets. >> you can go [beep] yourself.
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if the person you called to complain about ask the one on the other end of the line. >> and now you can get a feel for the original mile high, just on a much smaller scale. plus, von miller might just have a future in pop music if this football thing, hey,
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? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too.
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unfortunately road rage is something all of us likely experience. >> so what happens when you report the driver and the rage continues? and we have what happened to one uber driver. >> and there was heavy traffic in both lanes. i couldn't go any faster or get over, but the guy just kept coming up on me. >> reporter: does it sound familiar? it does to me. on his drive to dia, he feltt
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other cars, almost hit a lighted sign and then came back over on to the stteet next to me so he could scream at me out the window and flipped me off. >> he snapped this photo to get the company's information which we blurred because no one has been charged with a crime and, yeah, he snapped the photo while driving and i called him out on it, but it was safer than writing it down. >> did you get a truck number? well, that was me and you can >> reporter: and then andrew started getting texts from the same number on the side of the truck. >> would you ever show your mother the north texas message ? >> -- text messages? >> no. >> reporter: here is the sample of the text, super flue some [beep] on your face, blue [beep] and then andrew tells me he got a threatening phone call. >> he said this is the denver
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because d. p.d. said so when he called to report the threats. so if you ever have a road rage issue with a licensed truck, you can always report the d. o.t. number to this federal site which we have linked to you on this story on the denver 7 app. >> that was a story. thank you, marshall. and the gridlock on i-25, do you see it was just approved for the project, and that's -?just for a study. it will look at upgrades help from colorado is on the way to louisiana after the defer stating, historic -- devastating, historic floods. the red cross calls this one of the biggest reresponses since -- responses since hurricane sandy. in louisiana more than 10,000 people have had tt evacuate their homes and the red cross opened 50 shelters. well, some scattered showers moving through
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peak. here at denver downtown, we just have low cloud cover and we're watching storms that are still up in the higher elevations coming this direction. but pike's peak, we have had snow off and on all afternoon. we definitely need the height in order to get the cold air up above to produce snow, but it is cold enough to keep that going. showers at pike's peak and then ominous skies here, which is close to the border of we have really seen some stronger thunderstorms fart irto the -- farther to the north than we have here in denver. and even toward grand junction, but here in denver, we have had light to moderate rainfall moving through. as i mentioned, the heavier showers to the north. even in larimer county, there has been a flash flood warning issued to the north central part of the county thanks to showers that have moved through
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it goes until about 9:15 tonight. here around denver, it has been pretty quiet. just a low cloud deck and a few scattered showers. but off to the north, definitely hitting the ground. from sterling towards sydney, we have up into wyoming and kansas and nebraska, very heavy rainfall. so it potentially is rainy tonight. we are watching some storms up in the higher elevations coming this direction, but it will be very cool tomorrow. highs in 70s for most of the prong ainge, and -- front range and it looks like the rain will stay an for a couple of days. 47 days of 90s here in the denver area. 87 degrees is normal, so we're not too far from where we should be and 98 is the record set back in 2013. as we go into our evening tonight, we'll have temperatures in the 60s. a few 50s popping up, and then low 70s tomorrow afternoon. i do think we'll have clearing into this evening and tomorrow
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so you see on the future cast, by 9:00 tonight, we have some quiet weather here for the front range. and even into dorm morning, around 6:00, a -- tomorrow morning, around 6:00, moisture. that changes as we go into the afternoon. by 5:00, you see from denver all the way up towards sterling, we do have rain and potentially thunderstorms and another round by about 9:00 in the evening as well. keep in mind that the umbrella will need to be close 59 degrees overnight. tomorrow, highs only in the low 70s. it will be a nice break for us with rain in the afternoon. 70s here for the front range. 60s and 70s up in the hills. for the western slope, 90s for you and mid 80s for southeastern colorado tomorrow afternoon. on the seven-day forecast, the 70s stick around all weekend long. sunny on sunday with a high of 77 degrees. just a slight chance for rain on saturday afternoon. and then we dry it out monday into tuesday that allows our
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for rain on wednesday with a high of 80 degrees. yes, and pike --snow in pike's peak? >> that is crazy. and many mile high is ready to go gore the preseason game and today we got to go inside. mini is kind of a relative term. it is still big enough to fit 300 good sized adults. the fans can get free tours. this monument is a one-eighth replica of the original mile you, von miller charlie manueling his inner jus tins bieber. -- justin bieber. he has a pitch. [ music ] & never make first downs try and try and gain no ground &&. he might not be the best, but those moves, come on! >> maddon '17 comes out and this music video is a promo for that. the broncos wrap up
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starting quarterback for saturday's game and we'll hear
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welcome to 7 sports extra and broncos' training camp 2016 is done. it ended up this morning after a practice against the 49ers, at which time gary kubiak said trevor siemian will start as quarterback saturday night, which was no surprise. we have the story. >> reporter: thank you. could the successor to peyton manning be a former seventh round choice who almost gave up football in his fifth year of
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49ers. is this his chance to start for the win? i asked gary kubiak f he wanted to name his starter for the season opener after saturday's game. >> would i like to in yes. will i? -- would i like to? yes. will i? we'll see. >> it will probably be more of a play count. trevor will start and mark will go and max will finish up. >> i think it is the best home field in the league, but it is going to be fun and make the most them. >> reporter: we know von miller can sack quarterbacks. he let us know thursday kind of what he looks for in a quarterback. >> the quarterback is starting, he is pretty good. so he probably can do some stuff that you -- you know, as much as you like to have slow quarterback with no accuracy that really can't three and really can't read defenses, that doe't happen in the national football league. >> reporter: the broncos
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injury to him is minor. it looks like the defensive end is going to play on saturday. but what about the no-fly zone? we'll talk more about that at 10:00. >> thank you. we did get our first look in person at paxton lynch and his rookie haircut. it is good or bad depending upon how you look at it, but a lot of rookies walking around like they got in a fight with edward scissors hands. medal in women's wrestling, she was betten in quarter. and she had not lost in two years. she said, quote, i don't even know what this is supposed to feel like. hopefully she'll be back. enjoy this, the indians and white sox, adam eaton hit a grand slam right in the middle of blowing a bubble. not only can he walk and chew gum at the same time, he can get a home run and blow a bubble at the same time. now, that is talent! >> i have never seen that. >> that is good stuff right there. >> all in all, do you think
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if the quarterback position turns out to be good, it was good for the defense, that is for sure. hopefully that will do the same this year as last year. [ a little rain coming down? >> yes, a little rain coming in from the west and here at pike's peak we have had snow and david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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>> great news fwif you are tryi to squeeze in the last minute vacation, you can pack your miles. air fairs are lower. a fantastic time to fly is the number one. welcome to florida, oftentimes that break signifies the day of frustration. it is a great time to take to the skies. >> please, relax and enjoy your flight. a new report from the department of transportation shows airlines are keeping customers happier. complaints are down 12% compares to last year with any other airlines. ? yeah, unless you are american airlines who have the most complaints. >> the biggest reason for happier air travelers, air fairs are dropping to as low as what we saw six years ago. >> get out there from the lower coast of soaring through the
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shopping. that's number two. get out those pocketbooks, children spending 10% more on back to school than they did last year. >> they always have big folders every year. >> the average amount for the national retail federation is more than 173 bucks on apparel and electronics and school supplies. i love backpacks getting shoes. coupons and dollar stores are your friends. no one wants to take out a student loan to pay for crayons or sneakers. if you are heading to walmart, get some of those supply and maybe thinking. we got a guy who did and literally changed his life. number three. >> our fatty patty. >> arizona's pat rocko once weighed more than 600 pounds. >> i could not --


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