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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 18, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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you probably already felt the difference. our first alert of how you may need to change our plans. >> a story we brought to you first, a meltdown for move-in at cu. students are looking for a new place to live. but we begin with breaking news. what has become the story of the olympics, the u.s. olympic committee formally apologized to rio for the scandal involving ryan lochte nd three other summer is involvvd in the story that started as an armed robbery. they are -- they were stopped from boarding a flight back to the u.s. >> reporter: ryan lochte is silent tonight. he is now at home in north carolina. police say lochte and his teammates were vandals, not
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reason why police began to question their story. it's video like this, quashing the credibility of ryan lochte, his teammates, and their claims they were held up at gunpoint in rio de janeiro. you can see the swimmers sitting on the sidewalk. investigators say the men made up the story to cover up vandalism at a gas station restroom and urinating in public. police say the trouble spree ended with an armed security guard approaching them. >> parties to talk about, not the state department. >> reporter: the sketchy story is getting the attention of the state department and a senator. >> i think it's up to those of us in the public eye that represent our governor, our people, our constitution and most importantly, our flag, to do so with the highest respect for the country. >> reporter: lochte is now in north carolina. it's unlikely he will be forced back to brazil.
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forehead. >> reporter: the top tip -- tall tales are certainly a blemish to their reputations but they will likely be able to keep their prizes >> i don't think there is a precedent for losing metals for behavior, no matter how outrageous, outside of the competition. >> reporter: james fagan has not been seen but it's believed he is summer in brazil and he has made statements that he is cooperating with investigators >> and ryan lo may or may not decide to keep their contracts with him. speedo has already decided it has not made a decision -- has already stated it has not made a decision. a nice break from the heat. it's perfect. this weekend, it's going to be in my opinion more perfect. >> perfect on the way. temperatures outside now are beautiful. temperatures in the 60s.
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and this is just the beginning as a cold front makes itssway through colorado. this chillier air is going to push on down to the front range and the eastern plains as we go through tonight and tomorrow. we also have scattered showers associated with the front. it's going to be soggy at times. at this point, we have a line of showers from the hills and redeveloping light to moderate rainfall. as we go through the next few hours, you may wake up to a rainfall across your roof at we are going to talk about what's going to happen tomorrow in the way of that cooler air and chances for more rain for the weekend. firefighters are getting close to getting a handle on the fire near carter lake. the fire has burned 75 acres and a 75% contained. we got an up close look at the burn area. take a look at how close this fire came to this house.
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was not home at the ttme that he sought happening on live television. eric fuhrmann says he is used to the wildfires but has created a defensible space around his house and nothing is ever going to come this close >> we are eternally grateful to firefighters. they risked life and limb to save our house. we don't know how they did it. we can't thank them enough. >> firefighterwi tomorrow and possibly the next day. denver's homeless are threatening to sue the mile high city saying they have been mishandled. it's an update to a story we brought you earlier this month. liz gelardi talked to the attorney behind the lawsuit and it's not filed yet. >> reporter: not yet but the attorney promises to filed a lawsuit in federal court within 10 days and we saw how earlier this year, the city cleared out homeless people on these sidewalks. that is what he is so upset
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meeting today. denver homeless out loud and dozens of other homeless people met with an attorney. he says it comes down to civil rights and he believes denver is violating those rights but that's something the city denies. the attorney jason florez junior said we're having our own uprising. city officials previously told me "we are working to become passionate in our response to this complex problem and our will within the law." >> look at many up. these aren't people who have resources and recently in america, we have seen that there is a lot of rights violations that people aren't aware of. that are behind the scenes. this is what's happening behind the scenes in denver. poor people are being abused and their rights are not being respected.>> reporter: the attorney says he is suing for money and to get the city of
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he says if enough people sign on, this could be a class- action lawsuit. reporting live downtown, liz gelardi denver 7. tower road is back open at 71st after this back crash between a car and a motorcycle. it was closed for about an hour and a half as police investigated. the motorcyclists had to be taken to the hospital. this is a story you first saw on denver 7. cu students with nowhere to stay last night. tonight, they can go back to their apartments but it's not what they are denver 7's adam hammond is live in boulder where some students and parents are scrambling when they should be more concerned about class starting. >> reporter: parents are flying in from all over the country. the students who live here have told me they are stressed out because they don't know where to live and the apartment complex is doing what it canst -- what it can to make things right., baker is trying to find
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baker is trying to find a proper apartment after hers was judged unfit for habitation. >> we are here trying to figure out if i have to live here or if i'm going to find a new place. >> reporter: she and the other 300 people who live here were forced out of their apartments because the city said units weren't up to code since all the bedrooms didn't have a window. mr. had to go all the way -- mr. -- nestor the way to longmont to get a hotel. money they didn't anticipate spending. >> when we went to longmont, we had somebody use a credit card. >> reporter: this building is back up to code after the apartment complex mailed the swinging bookshelves into the wall so they can move in. but before, those bookshelves created four individual bedrooms. now, they are two-bedroom units
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units. >> they said you could have a wardrobe or closet, a desk in a bed. now, you don't even get a private space. we don't get anything we were originally promised. >> reporter: last night, we met this student who had nowhere to stay. she ended up bouncing from friend's house to friend's house expect how am i supposed to deal with this when i have to deal with all these courses? and on top of that you would everybody in this apartment freaking out.>> reporter: the complex nt us this email saying they will pay for the hotel rooos last night and they will reimburse for transport back and forth, and they will give the people $500 for the wholeeordeal. some people who live here say they won't count anyway. reporting live cottam -- reporting live, adam hammond denver 7 we're learning etails about an accused drunk driver
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with vehicular homicide. the 24-year-old swerved into a bike lane and rear-ended william davis in june. she then hit the curb before she drove off. a 30 pack of beer was found in the car. this is her second dui arrest. a $100,000 reward is offered to help find ryder johnson. he worked at eldora mountaii but hasn't been seen since january. his car was found in southwest boulder county on the reward, january 17. that will be one year since he disappeared. the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks is a few weeks away. >> and denver has found a unique way to honor the victims. there will be a ceremony in civic park to honor the lives but then there will be a free concert with john fogerty and big head todd and the monsters. >> the entire event is free and it will get started at 1 pm on sunday the 11th.
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and you are being asked to help. have you ever called to complain how truckers are driving but do you wonder who picks up the phone? the shocking answer one man got. they broke the law but now
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what happens when you want to call about a truck drivers road rrge and you call the number on the truck and the driver himself answers the phone? >> he said can you give me the truck number? he said well that was me and you can go bleep mac -- [ bleep ] yourself. >> reporter: he took a ppoto of the truck. he said the driver was very rude, very profane and says the driver sent a series of text messages to his cell phone. if you would like, you can read those texts on the link about how to complain properly on the denver 7 app. your tips helped find the man they thought was trying to lira kids and inglewood earlier this month. police only had this picture who approached students near a bus stop and made suggestive comments. inglewood police are not releasing his name.
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are facing eviction. they fear city leaders will tell them to get out. >> this is because of an ordinance that bans sex offenders from living there. how offenders are fighting back and why it could cost you. >> reporter: the sex offenders have had a real problem with this ordinance since 2006 when city council hurriedly adopted it. attempts to get rid of it have failed. tonight, we are hearing from a man who is launching a new fight to tell you why. >> this is praise garden. >> reporter: home is your safe space. this home in inglewood is where brian brockhausen finds his. >> i do my studies at here. i have completed masters in automotive out here. >> reporter: but if city leaders have their way, they will force him to leave to abide by a city ordinance saying he can't live close to schools, parks, or day care
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prison for his crimes or that he has a parole officer or that he is in treatment every week, or that he is caring for his elderly parents in the home he grew up in back to 1988. >> i have stable residence, stable employment, wonderful support, neighbors on both sides who love me dearly and support me. why change that? >> reporter: he will be the first to admit he made mistakes. >> in my past, i've made horrible decisions that hurt >> reporter: but he says treatment and time make him a person -- a different person today. he is joining two other englewood sex offenders who say it would increase the chances of something going wrong if they are relocated. they filed suit on thursday saying the ordinance is unconstitutional at the federal level. they point out that bans sex offenders from living in 99% of
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>> the ordinance initially thought to pass was for the creepy guy in the bushes. that's not the case. they weren't thinking about homeowners, protected members of society. people who are loved by their neighbors and contribute to the community.>> reporter: rock hills and knows people wi judge him and says the laws could force other sex offenders into hiding and homeless this and make them more difficult to track, doing nothing to allay fears of people. past, choices that were made that were bad, that we wish we had never made but it doesn't mean we can't grow from it. >> we contacted inglewood -- englewood city leaders and they said they couldn't comment or did not call us back. read the case in its entirety on and learn why it's very similar to a case filed by the aclu a few -- a few years ago. right now, zika virus is on
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it was being carried in a few neighborhoods but now it looks like it has spread to miami beach. city health officials are considering a warning for pregnant women to avoid some areas of the city. are you willing to be exposed to zika virus in the name of science? this winter, vaccines will be tested. they need people to sign up to be exposed to see if the shots will work. if you've ever been caught in traffic in the south metro, cdot is looking to find out how to fix it. they want to see what it will take to widen the highway. they have set aside $3 million to cover the cost of the study for i-25 and c-470. drought is sitting in on the state. that peach color right along i- 25 between denver and fort collins shows how badly we need rain. it is dry and you might even see some trees drying. regardless of your plans this
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>> that's right. we do have scattered showers moving across the state at this point. it will continue for the next couple days as we have a cold front entering colorado. it's going to cool us down and bring more rain for the front range and eastern plains. right now around denver, we have had a few developing light showers. you may see a few sprinkles at times if you are out and about or just here along the window. off to the north of boulder, up toward longmont, some rain. mostly cloud cover here. west of longmont, a little heavier. along 36, heavier rainfall. south of loveland rain on i-25. the drought monitor was reissued today to show us the -?driest spots. especially fort collins to boulder along i-25 is definitely extremely die.
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we had problems with fires popping up around crowder lake in the last couple of months and down to telluride and durango. some of these showers should help out over the next few days. a few showers in the denver area. tonight, it will cooldown. highs tomorrow only around 70 degrees and rain for a couple days. today, 90 degrees. 47 days so far at 90 degrees or above. 87 degrees is normal. tonight, we drop into the 50s for overnight lows and i think we will have clearing in the overnight. a few scattered showers and then we clear it out and temperatures in the 70s tomorrow afternoon. and then we have more shower activity. bring the umbrella during the day because it looks like we will have this one patch of rain to the south overnight and into tomorrow morning by 10 am, partly cloudy skies.
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and colorado springs. another batch around 9:00 in the evening. starting in the hills and coming down across the front range and clearing out pretty 3 well for saturday. slight chances of rain on saturday. 59 degrees overnight, mostly cloudy with a few storms. very comfortable but rain in the afternoon and evening. tomorrow, still around 90 degrees on the western slope. this front is goin across the front range. we will have highs in the 70s and 80s farther south. on the seven-day forecast, we stay in the 70s even through the weekend but tomorrow, good chances for rain in the afternoon. on saturday, a slight chance for afternoon storms but our high is right around 70 degrees, warming up on sunday. that's our bright spot. and then temperatures in the mid-80s next week. hartley cloudy skies and another chance of rain with a
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and highs around 80 degrees. overnight lows, a 40 a degree on their early saturday morning. it's going to be a little cool as that front moves through.
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a walk down broncos memory
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lot at mile high. it's a tribute to the original stadium. it's almost ready for the first home game this season. it will be free for you to check out. you will even find 165 seats from the original mile high. if that doesn't get you fired up about the upcoming season, a new video from von miller is sure to get you excited. channeled at the same time a pih >> ? >> this is a promo for madden 17. >> those are the broncos new uniforms. the broncos are happy campers because camp is over. the big news today, we found out it's trevor simeon gutman
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proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm pjudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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welcome to the 7 sports extra. you are looking at day 22 of broncos training camp. the last day of broncos training camp. morning practice, trevor simeon gutman right there. it's trevor time. to know one's real surprise, trevor starting quarterback for saturday night's preseason game against san francisco. broncos insider try rank puts a wrap on it from dove valley. >> could the successor to peyton manning be a former seventh round choice who almost gave up football his fifth year in college? trevor simeon gutman will get the start saturday against the
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coach kubiak if you wanted to name a starter for the season opener after this saturday's game >> what i like to? yeah. will i? we will see. if mark would play consistently, probably a play count type of deal, he can play. >> we have the best home-field in the league. we are going to make the best of the reps when we get them. the competition at this point. i don't know how to react to that. i've just got to go play. when your number is called, you've got to get in there and give it your best shot. helps the team as best you can anddmake the right decisions and understand. move the team down the field. >> reporter: he let us know thursday what he looks for in a quarterback. >> if the quarterback is starting, he's pretty good. he probably can do some stuff that as much as you like a slow
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can't read defenses, that doesn't really happen in the national football league. >> derek wolfe looks like he's going to try to play on saturday but this game is all about the quarterbacks. can trevor simeon gutman put distance between imself and mark sanchez? >> paxton lynch we got his rookie haircut look. good or bad? i don't know i would keep my helmet on for a while. all in good fun. members of the #no-fly zone got their own customized under tights today. aqib talib, tj ward, the entire defensive backfield got there names. keeping track of colorado athletes, bad news for online great. the favorite to win a gold medal in u.s. wrestling waa
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she the -- she had not lost in two years. the rockies were off today. the cubs at coors field tomorrow. cubs skydivers giving us a great view of chicago. that the parachute into wrigley field. the rockies will get an rifle of homers today. the cubs won 9-6. when the cubs are in t be packed. >> we are still fans of adeline
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight -- danny mcbride. from "disney's pete's dragon," bryce dallas howard. matt damon and jimmy go to therapy. and music from prophets of rage. with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay right where you are, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thanks to all of you for coming. thank you. for braving the blistering heat to be here. man is it hot. this whole country is like a


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