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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 it's 4:30. ryan lochte accused of lying. now police in rio want him indicting. people living in one denver neighborhood tell us there's a big speeding problem there. it's so bad, some people don't let their kids play outside. take a look at this, that is snow coming down atop pike's peak. does this look like august you? hopefully things will be calmer down here this morning. >> don't tell me about snow. we have some time. first ever earliest snowfall in denver was september 3rd. that's not far off. could get more above 13,000 feet tonight. >> she says smiling. >> just a little bit. cllar skies. few storms moving out. partly cloudy sky in denver.
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cooler. low to mid-60s this morning. 70s this afternoon. denver a high of just 72 with more scattered storms. will be a much cooler afternoon and about 15 degrees below normal. we've got -- no, that's wrong. fort collins 71. greeley 74. and in denver again 72. out on the western slope it's still warm, close to 90 degrees there. here's your netter that cooler -- first alert that cooler air is we have details on the weekend temps coming up in a few minutes. a smoooh drive, smooth as glass on i-25 as they finish the paving up from hampden through yale and evans. southbound side a little bit rough, but wide open to the denver tech center. a lot of green out there. we still have the eastbound side of arapahoe road closed down under i-25 now. so that eastbound side going
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you can go up to orchard, dry creek to get around it. westbound side, both sides actually, that get it sunday. thanks, jayson. it's only been a month since this young man was hit and killed by an elderly driver near yale and colorado boulevard. the driver was doing the speed limit, but neighbors say speed has always been an issue on that stretch of road. denver7's daryl orr is out there this morning. do you see any speeders out there today? not this time in the morning. it's really quiet in this neighborhood from 4:30 to about 5:00. right after 5:00 is when the police have responded to numerous complaints from residents after this young person lost his life by getting hit by this car. they've noticed that what they're saying is there's more volume of traffic rather than speed. i've been out here before. i drove this route when i used to live in this neighborhood.
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volume, traffic and speeders. what police did in the last month is put up trailers that will tell you your speed, kind of to remind drivers how fast they're going and to use caution. that hasn't worked. so they put up a photo radar van further east here past clairmont, and i tell you what, in the morning you can see the flashes coming from that van. here. are working on it out residents are still upset that there's just so much traffic out here, and they're throwi what to do. we'll be out here pretty much all morning lonn. back to you. a serious bus crash in newark, new jersey has left several people hurt. this is a live look over the scene. it was two transit buses that apparently ran into each other just around 6:00 a.m. east coast time. >> the top of the hour here for us. you can see some of the buses, you can see the people there lying around on the streets.
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there. we knnw some people clearly were injured. others are being extra careful to make sure they're okay. extent of the injuries they're still assessing on scene. we still don't know how many people in total were hurt. a serious bus crash in newark. the suspect in a deadly boulder bicycle accident is now formally charged with vehicular homicide. the 24-year-old is accused of driving drunk. police say she hit an cyclist earlier this morning. we learned the 24-year-old swerved into the bike lane before the crash, then hit the curb after hitting the cyclist and drove off. boulder police say they found a 30 pack of beer in the car that was almost empty. witnesses say she was laughing as she left the same. one of four u.s. swimmers accused of lying about that
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pay nearly $11,000 to a brazilian charity. his lawyer says his client will be tree to leave the country once that payment is made. the u.s. olympic committee apologized. brazil indicted. they say the swimmers destroyed parts of a gas station and urinateed on the walls. the controversy had us wondering, what about the medals, will the swimmers keep them or will at the be taken away? >> we asked our legal analyst to weigh in on the matter. >> i don't know that there's a
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medals for behavior no matter how outrageous outside of the competition. >> they could face sanctions from u.s.a. swimming. lochte is now in north carolina. two other swimmers are back in the states as well, they left brazil last night as crowds of brazilians booed them and called them liars. it's very unlikely any of them will be intrin extradited back to brazil. some cu students were tood they can't move into their apartments. now they can move in, but instead of the four bedroom apartments, they're in two bedroom aparttents. >> they told us in the pictures you can fit a desk, bed and have a ardrobe or closet, and you cannot fit all of that. now you don't get a private
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were originally promised. >> a lot of those students wound up paying for hotels. the apartment's lawyers say they'll pay for the hotels and give the residents $500 for it mixup. they're giving residents a $100 a month discount on the rent. we've been telling you aaout the man in this picture all week long. he's accused of trying to lure some kids into a van. englewood police tell us thanks to your tips they've identified they have not given us his name. they have not yet said if the suspect has been arrested either. denver police are on the lookout for these two women, persons of interest in an attempted murder from may. that incident involved several people who were shot near montview and yosemite. the atf says the same guns were used in five other violent crimes in the metro area.
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we know the gang member hasan jones will spend time in prison for a toddler's death. two transit buses apparently ran into other in new jersey 4:00 a.m. our time, 6:00 a.m. east coast time. we have just learned one person is dead, and several others are hurt as you can see them being this live picture of the scene now. >> these buses were nearly snapped in half, the collision was so severe. they're still assessing how many people were injured. but one person has died. this is a live look at the scene. you can see where they're still trying to get some of those victims off to the hospital. this is again in newark. a $100,000 reward is being offered to find this man. this is ryder johnsoo.
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southwest boulder county. his family has put a deadline of january 17th of getting the reward. a local attorney says the homeless population in denver is being mishandled and he wants to take action. denver7's jason gruenauer is live to break down a lawsuit for us. jason. >> reporter: this would be a class action lawsuit in federal court against the city of denver over suites. we are along lawrence street. up the street is a park where there used to be a major homeless park. that sidewalk was full of homeless people until the city started forcing its urban camping ban, and swept them out, in many cases throwing away their belongings left behind and a local attorney says that violates their civil
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from enforcing the policy, but also asking for monetary damages in this case. he told denver 7 "poor people are being abused and their here." basically saying these people have a right to live and denver is going through and really abusing their rights by doing these sweeps. in a previous statement denver city officials say they are well within their rights. this lawsuit expected to be filed within reporting downtown, jason gruenauer, denver 7. firefighters are close to getting a handle on the wildfire burning near carter lake. this one early 75 acres. about 75% contained at last check. we got an upclose look at the burn area on thursday and spoke exclusively to eric furman, a homeowner forced to evacuate. he says he watched on television as the flames came dangerously close to his house. >> we are eternally grateful to firefighters. they risked life and limb to
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can't thank them enough. >> they plan to stay through the weekend if they need to to get at that fire under control. it's free coffee friday. we're going to be out at the king soopers in littleton, littleton and broadway later this morning. >> denver 7's eric lupher is already outside that king soopers. the coffee, we hope is already brewing, getting it ready for us. >> reporter: they're rrady. we haven't gone inside yet. this starts at 6:00. i will sayy this is the best day for free coffee. it's a little cooler outside. little taste of autumn. at 6:00, grab coffee with us. also some doughnuts. west rock coffee will be out here. this has turned into a great tradition. it's so popular. i've never seen this before, people waiting in the parking lot ready for the -- okay, never mind. pretty empty parkinn lot right now. i got a feeling it's going to
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friday. we'll see you then. back to you guys. >> i feel like it's been a slowdown in the summer, because coffee isn't when you think of. >> reporter: it's too hot. >> getting to fall again, good timing. >> got do have your coffee. see you in a bit. the woman accused of kidnapping her daughter and causing a state-wide amber alert will face a judge today. -? plus, a woman meeting dozens of people who saved her life. and ultimate broncos' fans will give you that mini high stadium. we have 50s this morning and fall-like conditions. next 24 hours, highs only in the low 70s. here's your first alert that
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we are continuing to follow breaking news out of newark, new jersey. this is a look buses that crashed into each other right around 6:00 a.m. east coast time, 4:00 a.m. our time. unbelievable there. the wreck has killed at least one person and several others, at least nine others, are hurt. >> our abc afacility reported nine injured and one dead. you can see where one of the buses t-boned by the other. happened earlier this morning when the buses are busy and full of people. we'll continue to monitor this
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else we learn about what happened here. a big change. we've been talking about this all week long. this morning you won't feel much of a difference, but this afternoon you will. >> you dressed for it today. >> yeah, i got my cowboy boots. why not, right? it's 4:46. about 55, 58 degrees across the metro area. wind have shifted direction. cold front late last night, so will be a morning. low, mid-50 possible at the bus stop. highs this afternoon, low to mii-70s. denver is at 72. we have keenesburg at 75 and in parker 73 this afternoon. normal highs this time of year, upper 80s. you get up into the foothills, highs today only in the mid- to upper 60s. same thing for the central mountains. the front moving far south. it will bring cool air even to pueblo and lamar. still in the 80s. but a far cry from the near 100
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normal high is 87. the record high is 97. so we're obvioussy well below both those numbers, and you're going to find this morning some cloud cover, patchy fog out east, and even a few light showers possible along 76 and east on i-70. skies are going to clear up a bit through early morning. we've got a mix of sun and clouds for the morning drive. and then more scattered storms and showers developing by early afternoon. timing-wise, it's similar to yesterday, we'll likely start to see activity along i-25, and a few more scattered storms and showers just in time for the evening commute and potentially just in time for any of your evening plans tonight. we're expecting storms and showers through early evening, even a few lingering toward midnight tonight. overnight skies clear. early tomorrow morning at about 7:00 we're seeing more sunshine and we will get a little more sunshine through the day tomorrow. it's still going to be cool,
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isolated storms, fewer storms saturday than today. 70 oo saturday. overnight lows tonight into early tomorrow morning in the mid- to upper 40s. so well below normal. the first of next week, sunday into monday, looks great. sunday still beautiful. the bright spot there. we've got sunshine, upper 70s, near 80. and warmer. touch warmer monday and tuesday. pretty nice seven-day forecast. on this one, no 90s, jayson, but 90s will return. >> you thin >> uh-uh. we have a pop tart on this one. a smooth easy commute, especially on the north side of town. so many accidents here this week and we want a break. southbound side is wide ooen. less than 15 minutes to downtown. northbound up to erie, longmont, loveland, looking really nice as well. overall map, a lot of green, including on i- down through
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overnight paving project there. 225 drive, 270, i-76 looks nice. wrapping up some of the work at 120th at i-25 for some of the ramp work there. and we are also wrapping up the work we had under havana at i- 70 as they're continuing to bridge replacement project there as well. this is exciting, we're getting a look inside mini mile high. >> it's a tribute of course to the original mile high stadium. it will be free for fans o check out this season. it's in the lot. denver7's jennifer kovaleski gives us a tour. >> it was a dream of management of the broncos and stadium for several years. >> reporter: heads up, fans, you can experience the mile high magic all over again, by taking aatrip to the monument. it's exactly where the old stadium once stood. >> i don't know of anyone else in the country, or in the
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>> reporter: to give you a better perspective, we climbed up the hill and you can see where the monument is in comparison to sports authority field at mile high. at just 3,000 square feet, it's one eighth of the actual stadium. it can fit up to 300 people. you'll find this giant screen, where they'll play historic moments with a miniature bucky on top. this may be the coolest part, 165 stadium se original stadium. >> they were in a storage area all dusty underneath the stands. >> reporter: season ticket holders will get to check out the stadium saturday. fans can experience it starting this season. i'm jennifer kovaleski for denver 7. it's 10 until 5:00. stadium leaders say it will be difficult to probably get into the mini mile high on game days, especially early on. your best bet maybe to go through the week.
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thanks to a life-saving gift from not one, two, but more than 300 strangers. this started four years ago when cassidy smith had severe complications giving birth to her daughter. she had to undergo six surgeries and an hour of cpr. she needed 270 units of blood products. that was taken from more than 300 donors, and several of those donors came out to meet smith yesterday. >> that i get to be me. imperfect me, but a friend, a daughter, and a mother of a smart, beautiful girl with dark curly hair, and it's an honor to have this opportunity to meet you all and thank you. >> wow. get to see right where it goes. smith hopes her story will encourage more people to give
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we arr following breaking news out of newark, new jersey, getting other pictures of the scene there where two buses, transit buses, ran into each other. we're learning at least one person is dead. several people hurtt as they continue to move people from the scene.
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situation. you can see the paramedics working on the people. a lot of them have been strapped down on the gurneys, backboards, just to make sure they don't have neck or back injuries. we believe at this .9 people have been injured. that's what our affiliate in newark is saying and one person has died. here's your first alert we could see a little severe weather this afternoon. will be this area, marginal wind have shifted direction and by this afternoon the scattered showees and thunderstorms could pop up and turn stronger. tonight at the rockies' game, it's cu night. you could find a little bit of rain for that. in fact, i could find a little bit of rain. see you under an umbrella tonight you mean. ha ha ha. somebody was conked out on i- 70, it's gone, that's good. wide open to the east side and
4:56 am
center. no issues really city-wide. light friday. driving down the highway you've no doubt seen a semi truck with a how's my driving number on the back? >> imaggne if you called that number to report the driver and the driver of the truck answers the phone? it happened to one local driver. >> he said, did you get a truck number? i said, yes it was 52080. he said, that was me and you can go [bleep] yourself, you piece of >> wow. he says the truck tailgateed him while driving to dia earlier this week. he snapped the photo to get the number off the truck. we blurred it because no one has been ticketed. and sent him a series of vulgar teet messages as well. blowedding the -- downloading the free denver 7 app. here's what we're working in before 5:00 a.m..
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it is 5:00 a.m. before we get to stories here at home, we have an update on the breaking news we've been tracking this morning out of newark. this is a live look at the scene. two transit buses crashed during the morning commute. this happened about 4:00 our time. one person is dead, nine others injured. >> the video is you can actually see a bus nearly broken in half. the extent of the injuries not known at this point. people being taken to hospitals still, and we'll continue to update you as we learn more about this situation. back here at home, talk about polar opposites. our state is dealing with wildfires and some summer snow. on the left you can see snow coming down on top of pikes peak. the average first snow in december is mid-october.


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