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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 19, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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it is 5:00 a.m. before we get to stories here at home, we have an update on the breaking news we've been tracking this morning out of newark. this is a live look at the scene. two transit buses crashed during the morning commute. this happened about 4:00 our time. one person is dead, nine others injured. >> the video is you can actually see a bus nearly broken in half. the extent of the injuries not known at this point. people being taken to hospitals still, and we'll continue to update you as we learn more about this situation. back here at home, talk about polar opposites. our state is dealing with wildfires and some summer snow. on the left you can see snow coming down on top of pikes peak. the average first snow in december is mid-october.
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but average it's mid-october. on the right, it's carter lake, a wildfire burning there, now 75% contained. it may take fire crews a couple of more days to get that thing wrapped up. despite rain we've had recently, the past several weeks of dry weather has led to this. colorado back on the national drought map. the yellow including the metro area, dry. and the brown area, it's moderate drought situation. >> our long-term water supplies look good, but the drought is putting a strain on farmers. we're expecting more rain today. we are expecting a little bit of rain and a big cooldown. look at some of our temperatures this morning. estes park you're waking upto 40. 44 ii conifer. much cooler starto our day.
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only in the 70s. we promised you low 70s and here's what we're expecting by 3:00, denver 72, greeley 74. even cooler air farther south. that cold front diving pretty far south into new mexico. it will bring our temperatures down, keep things unsettled. we have a little cloud cover this morning. we'll see a brief break, a little sunshine through mid- to late morning. and then morr scattered storms and showers popping up by this afternoon. here's your first alert it's going to last through the we'll take a look at that hour by hour coming up. pretty smooth ride, including 6th by simms, union, indiana, not seeing delays out to i-70 or golden. coming back towards downtown denver, a lot of green on the map, especially on the north side. wrapping up the work at the ramp at 120th and i-25. south side looks nice. still wrapping up the work on the eastbound side of arapahoe road under i-25.
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we will have both sides closed down over the weekend, sunday night into early monday morning there at arapahoe and i-25. the highway will remain open. this section of colorado boulevard at yale looks okay for now, and it's only been a monday or so since a young man was hit and killed by an elderly drive by yale and colorado boulevard. the driver in that case was doing the speed limit, but neighbors say speeding has always been an issue on that stretch of road. daryl orr numerous times i've seen drivers speeding just south of you. what have you seen this morning? >> reporter: right now it's just 5:00, so traffic is starting to pick up out here. we also have noticed a lot of pedestrian traffic with the buses coming by. a lot of people walking by and a few bicycles. i've driven this route mylf and have seen heavy traffic and some speeders out here. the residents have complained to the denver police department numerous times.
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investigated, did traffic surveys. they put speed trailers out here. if you've ever seen those, it will tell you what your speed is. that's not working out here. what they've done s further east, past clairmont street, what they've placed is a photo radar van. i used to live in this area and would drive this route every day, and you could see the flashes from this van. there is speeding out here and volume is a because it's -- problem, because it's just off i-25, maybe a quarter mile behind me. it is a concern out here. police are still trying to figure out what they can do still upset. as the morning goes on we're going to see what kind of traffic we get out here and see about the speeds also. guys. daryl, thanks for the update. we're learning new details about an accused drunk driver who hit and killed a bicyclist.
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investigators say the 24-year- old swerved into the bike lane and rendered william -- rear- ended william davis. this is her second dui arrest. $100,000 reward is being offered to find ryder johnson. he worked at el dora mountain and hasn't been seen since january. his car was found later in southwest boulder county. his family has put in a deadline on that reward, of january disappeared. now some families are threatening to sue after cu boulder students were forced out of their apartments. the sterling university peaks apartments got caught violating code. the complex had installed swinging book shelves to turn two bedroom units into four- bedroommunits. the students have been allowed back in, but don't like the changes. >> it's open now. they say it's fixed, but it's not fixed because now it's one room. it's like a dorm room.
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the code issue by nailing down the shelves. feel like they got a bait and s- switch. they have smaller rooms now. the complex is giving each resident $500. your tips helped police findda man who they believe was trying to lure kids in englewood earlier this week. he was accused of approaching students near a bus stop and allegedly made some inappropriate comments to them. right now englewood police haven't released his name, but say they have identified a local attorrey ays the homeless population is being mistreated by city police, clearing the homeless camps. >> denver 7's jason gruenauer is live on lawrence street. the city is being taken to court over this. >> reporter: yes, they are, over the enforcement of their urban camping ban, which basically gives police and city
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street near park. there's actually people sleeping here on this side, and basically sweep them out. a local attorney decided to organize a class action lawsuit to sue the city ask ask a -- and ask a judge to stop denver from enforcing that policy andd stop those sweeps, citing the constitutional rights of the homeless people that in many cases live out here. yesterday that attorney held a meeting for the homeless to sign up onto that suit as plaintiffs. here's why. >> poor people are being abused and their rights aren't being respected. when that happens, that's when you take it to federal court, which is what we're doing here. >> reporter: in a previous statement, city officials said they are well within the law in both the urban camping ban, which is on the books as a law, and how they enforce it. that attorney plans on filing that lawsuit in federal court within the next 10 days.
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street, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. jimmy feigen, one of the four u.s. swimmers in rio accused of lying out a robbery there, agrees to pay $11,000 to a charity there. the u.s. olympic committee is apologizing to rio and brazil for the scandal. investigators say ryan lochte and his but rather vandalized a gas station after a night of drinking. police are using this surveillance video to prove their claims. the controversy may have you wondering what about the medals if they were lying, will they keep them, could they be taken away? here's what our legal analyst had to say. >> i don't know that there's a precedent for anyone losing medals for behavior no matter how outrageous, outside of the
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carolina. it's unlikely he'll be forced to go back to brazil, because extradition is usually reserved for more serious crimes. lochte has other worries, his sponsors. will they decide to keep their contracts with the swimmer? speedo says it's not made a decision, but quick to point out it is following this situation. it's 5:09. if you need a cup of joe, we've got you covered, because it's free coffee friday here on denver 7. we'll be at the king soopers in littleton, near broadway and littleton >> denver 7's eric lupher beat us out there this morning, still not inside, so the doughnuts are safe right now. >> reporter: the doors just opened. our olks will be getting here soon. 6:00things get going here littleton boulevard and broadway. perfect weather for a cup of west rock coffee. and i have a special guest with me. jeanette.
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>> reporter: yes, that was josh montoya, our only fan, our photographer. you've been here since the beginning. it's turned into a great tradition. what's your favorite part? >> meeting people like you, and the viewers and regulars that come. >> reporter: we have a lot of regulars that come. >> we do. and serving grrat west rock coffee. >> reporter: how many cups do you think we'll give away today? >> i think 300 or 400 every time. >> reporter: we're going for 500. >> sounds good. here. she's always here. it's awesome. we love her. come on down starting at 6:00, come say hi. and the rest of the crew will show up after the show. >> we need to get eric a little apron. >> yes. >> reporter: i do need an apron. that's smart. >> we'll get one for you. the zika virus situation in florida may be getting worse. now one of the most popular beaches in that area to visit is showing signs the virus
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a wedding takes a dramatic turn when a bomb goes off in turkey. the panic caught on camera. on this friday morning you're walking out the door to 50s. here's your first alert it's going to be a cooler day for the kids at school. low, mid-60s between 8:00 and 9:00. then a high today of 72. more scattered storms and showers. here's your first alert we could sew a little severee weather. i'll show you where coming up. still a smooth ride. no accidents, stalls or other issues on the roadways.
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5:14. welcome back to denver 7. live look at the newark area. tv station there has been zooming in on a nasty bus crash. two transit buses crashed
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scene now. hopefully it will zooo in for you. one person died in this crash. we've now learned 18 people were injured. earlier they thought it was only nine. >> we still don't know what led up to this crash. our abc affiliate there, one reporter says there are witnesses who say that one of the buses ran a light, and plowed into the other bus. 3 we don't know who the dead person is right now, but we will continue to 5:15. we have new video on that massive car bomb attack that happened in turkey we brought to you yesterday. it shows the people, they were dancing at a wedding one moment, and then that explosion hits. >> the government there is blaming a kurdish separatist group for three deadly bombings in the last few days. more than 200 injured and 14 killed. this picture is catching the attention of millions the world over. this is a 5-year-old boy covered in dust and blood there, caught in the middle of
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that's him sitting in a chair, inside an ambulance, not crying, but bewildered at the chaos. rescuers pulled the boy and his family from the rubble of an apartment building that got hit with an air strike. there's been a change in condition of the last patient in thh pulse shooting. his condition has been upgraded to guarded. 49 people were killed and more than 50 were injured. the zika virus is spreadiig in miami. it was being carried by mosquitos initially and now spread to miami beach. city health officials are considering putting a warning out to pregnant women to avoid some areas of the city. miami beach is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations in the u.s.
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exposed to the zika virus in the name of science? people need to sign up to be exposed to zika for the tests to see if the vaccines work. the red cross in louisiana calls this one of the biggest responses to a disaster since superstorm sandy.. we were er volunteers loaded up to help with the recovery. in louisiana, more than 10,000 people have had to evacuate. the red cross is operating more than 50 shelters. 5:17. though we've had rain recently, still pretty dry across our state. >> it is. today we have a better chance of getting good rain. past couple of days it's maybe lasted a few minutes. decent downpour yesterday here and around town. this morning you're waking up to a little bit of fog. here's a live look from our viera wireless camera in
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after a few storms and showers rolled east overnight. you're going to find on futurecast that skies will clear up by lid to late morning. we'll get sunshine by lunch, and more scattered storms and showers popping up, and in important spots. the northern front range, closer to fort collins, estes park, larimer county, scattered storms and showers by early afternoon, and here in town the threat for even a little weather today. lightning, rain, potentially pockets of heavy rain through tonight. by midnight tonight, we're still seeing a few storms and showers, especially south along the palmer divide, which will clear up. early tomorrow morning more patchy fog and more sunshine through lunch. ?he threat forrsevere weather includes boulder, denver. it stretches farther south along the front range, down along i-25 toward trinidad. we'll see a few stronger storms within this. this all due to again the cold
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pushing in overnight. winds have shifted direction and so it's going to bring our temperatures down. this morning ou're walking out the door to some 50s. it's still going to be mild for the kids at the bus stop. just not as warm. low 60s by 9:00. then low 70s between 1:00 and 3:00. again, mostly sunny by 12:00. but scattered storms and showers for the commute through the early evening, and you're going to fine temperatures anywhere from 72 in denver 75 in platteville. 73 in parker. our foothills with low to upper 60s. bailey today 67. some mountain spots will be in the 50s. we saw a little snow falling on pikes peak yesterday, yesterday afternoon, early evening. we could see more of that. but it will be above 13,000 feet and really not enough to stick. few flakes coming down. 72 today. tomorrow we're at 70. it's going to be cooler, with a chance for storms. about a 10% chance saturday.
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upper 70s, near 80 the first of next week. pretty smooth ride around here on this friday morning anywhere you want to go. you can see that on 225 here by dtc. southbound side to i-25, northbound wide open. you can see that on the map as well. easy driving on the north side wrapping up 120th and i-25 construction. 285 looking nice. in castle rock the latest driving you crazy is aaout this, the outlets, coming off i- 25 and trying to gooby parkway, and how that merge goes on in there. there's been a lot of construction there recently and i wrote about it on look for driving you crazy on the traffic page. rest of the drive around town, even i-25 looks nice. ride out to dia, that's a good one, too. security wait time, 11, 12, 14 minutes on the concourse a bridge now. a stroller and a baby carrier are usually two of the first things a parent buys for their baby. an average of 17,000 children
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year. >> that's a lot of children. most of the time it's for reasons you may not expect. they're simply falling out. the second issue, it tips over. this comes from a study in the journal of academic pediatrics. kids are typically just getting bumps and bruises, but sometimes they're more serious. some are getting concussions. >> researchers say people are misusing it most of the time. they recommend checking to make sure your child is properly buckled and be careful of hanging bags. >> put about 10 pounds of stuff on there. this morning we're hearing the 911 calls from the more of a man accused of randomly a man accused of randomly attacking a family in ? you never believed in fairytales. knights in shining armor or happily ever after.
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it's 5:24. police are releasing the 911 calls from that attack in florida. a college student killed a married couple and was found biting one of the victim's faces when police arrived. >> this call may shed light on the suspect's behavior. police released a 911 call from the suspect's mom. shh says he stormed off from dinner and had been acting strangely for a few days. she said she didn't think he was a danger. >> i don't know how to do this. my son, he's kind of taken off. it seems like he's a little delusional. feels immortal and like a super hero. >> she also told police her son
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have a history of mental health issues. now drugs are what police are focusing on. this story is just heart breaking. a baby is still in serious condition this morning, but alive thanks to the family dog. the mother stepped out of her flames engulfed the house. she could hear her 8-month-old daughter inside bbt couldn't get back in the house. when found the dog, polo, in the room with the baby covering her with his body. >> that way nothing got to her. she only had burns on the side because of it and he stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom. >> pole low sadly did not make it.. the baby had severe burns and is still in the hospital. whatever caused that fire is still under investigation. >> that is incredible. >> horrible. >> the dog saving the child.
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this morning 50s. 72 for a high in denver. erie 75 today. longmont you're at 76. it's really nice. castle rock 72. tomorrow a lot of people heading off to the broncos game. first preseason home game. we'll be in the upper 60s for the start of that, by kickoff, 68. by 8:00, 64. slight chance we're going to pick up an isolated storm tomorrow afternoon, take a sweatshirt with you. by the end of the game we should be in the low 60s, jayson. nice and quiet, that's the way we like it on a friday morning, any morning, really. this is 6th coming in from sheridan to downtown, wide open. less than 10 minutes coming in from golden. along i-70 at 225, alsoowide open. they wrapped up the overnight road work and the closure of havana under i-70. much more to come on denver
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to take action gps the city -- against the city of denver. we have details after the break. a case of road rage. a driver says when he tried to report a careless truck driver,
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we are eternally to the firefighters. they risked life and him to save our hse and i don't know how they did it. >> community grateful this morning. firefighters continue to fight that wildfire, the one burning near carter lake today. 73-acre fire came close to homes this week. it's 75% contained. >> about 70 firefighters are still out there mopping up and putting out hot spots. they are expected to be out there for a few more days. the good news, they'll have cooler temperatures and rain


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