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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 19, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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welcome to denver 7 at 6:000 a.m. want to get out to breaking news we've been tracking this morning in the cherry creek area. our daryl orr live on scene. >> reporter: thanks, mitch. we're here at apparently this was under construction, and some equipment inside set on fire. arson investigators are just arriving on scene. they did extinguish a small fire that was inside, but it did set off sprinklers, so there are 2 to 3 inches of water in the parking garage area. the fireechief said there was very minimal damage done inside, but the fire is suspicious at this time. detroit and 2nd are now open at
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checking on your traffic, let's take a look at the map, couple of issues, especially on the side roads here this morning. we'll start with eastbound 6th avenue at corona before downing. it's closed down now because of an accident. denver fire and denver police are rerouting traffic through the neighborhood and that will cause delays. auto/pedestrian accident closing down this section of westbound florida right after havana, trying to get over to parker road, right at dayton. that's oing to be an issue we'll have to worry about. we also have windy point on highway 285, a car/deer accident that way. rest of the ride looks nice, north, south, east or west, a pretty smooth ride to dia as well. if we're heading out there, security wait time at most is 15 minutes. that's good to hear. that cold front is now moving through the state, bringing our temperatures now. you're walking out the door to upper 50s, low 60s.
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a good 15 degrees below normal. mostly sunny skies at noon. scattered storms and showers developing this afternoon and evening. and temperatures across the board, across eastern colorado, a lot cooler than normal. pueblo and lamar low to mid-80s this afternoon. fort collins you're at 71 today. across northeastern colorado we have fog, cloud cover near akron, that will clear up a bit and sunshine midday, then more storms and showers. coming up we'll risk for severe weather. here's your first alert it's going to stay cool through the weekend. details in just a few. thank you, lisa. we want to let you know about -- >> this woman today will be in court, the mother accused of kidnapping her daughter, her 5- year-old, last week in fort collins, setting off a state- wide amber alert. fort collins police say she was supposed to turn her daughter over to state custody after she
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she has not been formally charged yet. the accused drunk driver who hit and killed a cyclist in boulder is now formally charged with vehicular homicide. it's callie kuhasz. investigatorsrevealed she swerved feinto a bike lane where she allegedly rear-ended someone else in that crash. [ no audio ] turning to a story you saw first on denver 7, some cu boulderrstudents are back in their apartments this morning, but not happy. the sterling university peaks apartment complex was closed on wednesday when they were trying to move in because it wasn't up to code. the complex says it made the necessary changes and the students were allowed back in yesterday. but we talked to a young man
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longmont for the night. >> i don't carry that much money now. so we had someone else pay with their credit card. we weren't sure how long we would be staying there. >> the complex is offering discounts and reimbursements to the affected students. another problem is the students say their rooms were altered and now some want to sue, claiming bait and switch. a $100,000 reward is being offered to find this man, we have a different picture here. johnson. he worked at el dora mountain, been missing sincjanuary. family issoffering up a reward. boulder, but this was a while t after hh disappeared. the family offering a reward, but a deadline of january 17th, marking the one year since he disappeared. your tips helped identify a man, this man, accused of trying to lure kids into a vehicle in an englewood
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go on and say they have now identified the suspect. they are not releasing his name and not telling us if he is in custody. ?>> arapahoe county prosecutor is weighing whether or not to seek the death penalty against brandon johnson, accused of stabbing his 6-year-old son to death. initially johnson planned to plead guilty. the denver post says he withdrew the death penalty yesterday. a lot of new developments surrounding swimmers in rio, including ryan lochte. they're accused of lying about being robbed there in the olympics. the u.s. olympic committee has apologized to rio and brazil. jimmy feagin has agreed to pay about $11,000, degreing this morning -- degreing this
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authorities there say they were destroying a gas station, urinating on the walls, before getting into an argument with swearings at the gas -- security guards at the gas station. our legal analyst says they could spend six months behind bars in convicted in a brazilian court. >> many of you are wondering if anything could happen to their medals. >> precedent of anyone losing medals for behavior, no matter how outrageous outside of the competition. >> lochte could have other things to worry about, like his sponsorship deals. he hasn't been dropped yet, but speedo says they haven't decided what to do. some pot shops may be running into a location problem. boulder's planning board is
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some property, under it the land wwuld become city property. the owner of one bakery says she would have to shut down or change her store's layout at least, costing her tens of thousands of dollars. >> nobody has saved up money to make changes. 3 it could put a lot of people out of business. >> a city spokesman says the annexation is part of the city's plan to create a city- run electric company. they'll make a decision by september 6t airtracker7 now at some breaking news wherr we have an auto/pedestrian ccident. you see the vehicle that remains on westbound florida, this is between havana and parker road, right there by that potter's house of denver church. the eastbound lanes are open, westbound lanes are closed. have not seen the pedestrian. maybe already to the hospital. that car remains on scene and westbound florida remains closed ddwn. thank you. about eight minutes after 6:00.
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coffee friday. we'll be seeing a lot of you at the king soopers in littleton off broadway aad littleton boulevard later this morning. >> eric lupher has been out there, outside and inside, getting some coffee readyyfor us. eric. we can see the coffee. >> see the coffee, but eric is shooting a silent movie. ttat begin 6:00 a.m. and this lasts until 9:00. as soon as we're done with the broadcast here we'll run out there and hopefully get to say hi to you. >> i like the shot of the floor though, there. >> it's nice. >> it's a nice one. coach kubiak has revealed the starter for saturday's preseason game against the 49ers. a lawsuit in englewood, where three sex offenders say the city code is forcing them out of their homes. they say the policy is unconstitutional.
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first alert weather center we are tracking the cold front that's making its move, and farther south now. the threat for sevvre weather covers most of the front range this aaternoon. we'll talk about the storms, give you the timing, all of it coming up in a few minutes. florida, closing it down by dayton. also 6th closed by corona and
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you're looking at airtracker7 now over florida near dayton, right by the potter's house church between parker and havana. westbound lanes are closed down for an auto/pedestrian accident. the person that was hit has been taken to the hospital
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closed down. you can see the other roads around there to get around it. three, two, one, and liftoff of the united launch alliance, delta 4 rocket. >> big moment for colorado based united launch alliance. their delta 4 rocket successfully launched last night about 11:00 our time. this is a collaboration they did with the u.s. air force. surveillance satellites to watch for potential threats other u.s. satellites. we'll be heading out to the king soopers in littleton near broadway and littleton boulevard for free coffee friday in a little less than an hour. >> denver 7's eric lupher is there already. >> reporter: one, two, three, is the microphone working? it was my fault earlier. we have doughnuts, glazed and chocolate.
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ready yet. ?till brewing. % about 10 minutes late, sorry about that. the coffee will be out here soon. and from 6:00 to 9:00, littleton boulevard, broadway. if you want to spike that coffee, we've got fresh cantaloupe for you. a bevy of cantaloupe here. what do we have for them, johnny? cantaloupe and coffee. come say hello, we love seeing our viewers. come see us. back to you guys. >> okay. thank you, i guess. >> i instead of a doughnut. we know trevor siemian will start as quarterback tomorrow night. coach kubiak says he'll play about a quarter and a half. >> mark sanchez started for last week's preseason game in chicago. he threw one touchdown and one innerception. trevor says he's excited for the opportunity. >> it's going to be fun to play
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field in the league. it's going to be fun. make the most of it. >> i think it's part of the competition at this point. i don't know how to react to that. i have to go play. when your number is called, it doesn't atter, you have to get in there and give it your best shot, help the team as best you can, understand the situation, move the team down the field. >> kubiak says he hopes he can name a tomorrow's game. kickoff 7:00 our time tomorrow at mile high. there are some nose bleed seats available if you look on stubhub under 30 bucks. >> that's not bad. i love their explanation of what i have to do. i basically have to throw the ball and somebody has to catch it. >> anddscore. if you score more points you usually win. >> it's what they say. >> seems easy.
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lot cooler. estes park 41, evergreen now 42. conifer you're almost in the upper 30s this morning. mid, upper 50s across the eastern plains. that cold front now diving farther south, moving in overnight. it will bring our temperatures down into the 70s today. denver a high of just 72. sterling 71. western slope will be near 90 in grand junction. we get a nice break fromthe heat here across the plains. foothills, mid, upper 60s today. bailey a in bennett today a touch warmer, close to that, looks like 80-degree markk here's a live look from our viera wireless camera, this is near sterling. you can see a few raindrops ttere on the lens. we've got quite a bit of cloud cover, some fog out east. that is going to clear up. we'll see some sunshine by midday, especially here along i- 25. still a few clouds, though, at that point near limon and burlington. then scattered storms and showers that will develop.
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if you've got a golf game this morning, you're going to be okay until about 2:00, 3:00, that's when we'll start to see more storms, more showers and if you have tickets to tonight's rockiee game, that's what it looks like 10 minutes before first pitch. we've got a chance for scattered storms, showers through the evening. 11:00tonighh still pretty active on futurecast. there is a marginal, slight risk for severe weather. 8:00tomorrow morning, skies clearing up. we've got denver, boulder, fort through midday tomorrow, and just a slight chance to see a storm or two. you'll notice most activity tomorrow at this point looks to be across southern colorado. so denver only at about a 10% chance for a storm on saturday. it's still cool. tomorrow we're still going to see highs near 70 degrees. so by the start of that broncos game, upper 60s, some upper 50s to low 60s by the end of it. speaking of more games tonight,
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temperatures in the upper 60s for the start of it, then dropping into the 50s by the last few innings. it's perfect sunday. upper 70s, near 80 n sunday. that's where the put the bright spot. i wish we had bright spots on the road. >> this week has been horrible. >> it has. we're going to start with the accident we have that was closing down eastbound 6th avenue at downing an another auto/pedestrian they're now allowing some of the traffic to get through. you can see police investigating with the car in the middle of the road. take a look at the map, other trouble spot down the road here on florida. the westbound side right here by he potter's church, between havana and parker road, that's where it's closed down. from airtracker7, they have the westbound lanes restricted with this auto/pedestrian accident. here that person also taken to the hospital. don't know the condition of
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hit. eastbound side is open. take a look at the map again, pretty standard ride for us to the south side. c-470, the north side. i-70 from the cdot camera at brighton boulevard, basically getting a little bit busier, 270, the usual spots on the freeways. here's something that will drive you crazy, one indiana family had their night ruined when an alleged drunk driver slammed into their porch. the damage tens of thousands dollars to repair. >> sounded like something fell on the house. >> violent hit there. a couple of kids had to be taken to tte emergency room. the oems say -- homeowners forgive the driver but say they're still upset. following a developing story out of newark, new jersey where two transit buses collided. >> one person dead and as many as 18 others injured after this abc in new york says one of the
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plowed into the other bus. one of the buses practically split in wo because of that. one person confirmed dead at this point. and 18 injured. not clear what the severity of those injuries are. we have new developments surrounding the west nile virus in our state. another coloradian has gotten sick. the latest case is in pueblo county. it brings the total number of human cases state-wide to 17. one of those people has died. colorado, but it's spreading in other parts of the country. officials in florida say it's spreading around miami, and mosquitos are carrying it on miami beach. city health officials are considering putting out a warning r pregnant women to avoid some areas. there's a battle brewing in englewood, three sex offenders say city code is forcing them to move and violating their rights. >> the issue is at the center
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filed yesterday morning. the three sex offenders are listed as plaintiffs. they say the ordinance adopted in 2006 is unconstitutional at the federal level. >> this is an ordinance that is enacted supposedly to protect children from the risk of being assaulted by a sex offender. but these ordinances do not make children safer, or prevent sex offenses from instead, they risk driving sex offenders underground. >> the aclu isn't involved in the case but are supporting the sex offenders' cause. we spoke to one of the sex offenders last night, and you can find that interview on our denver 7 app. some coloradians are helping flood victims in louisiana, and we were there as they prepared to fly out. a live look from airtracker7 flying over denver this morning, maybe trying to get to the ssene of something.
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6:24 now. a team of volunteers from colorado is heading to louisiana to help ith the flood devastation. we were there as four volunteers loaded up to help. a red cross nurse from colorado left earlier this week. now the red cross has opened 50 shelters in louisiana. this is one of the biggest disaster responses since hurricane sandy. more than 80,000 people have signed up for federal aid. 6:25 now. in north carolina, take a look at this waterspout off the carolina coast. pret no damage reported. it's an unusual, interesting sight. the region is dealing with stormy weather for most of the weekend. we hear tell of rain in our forecast. when you look at the next three days, friday, saturday, sunday, today our best chance for storms and showers. it's beautiful right now from our viera wireless camera. at the airport we have a mix of sun and clouds this morning. for the kids at the bus stop we're in the upper 50s. we'll be in the low 60s between 8:00 and 9:00. again, some clouds. this afternoon scattered storms
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time you're heading home. look at our highs, only in the low 70s today. denver 72. brighton 77. we've got mid- to upper 70s today. jason, here's your first alert it's going to be cool again tomorrow. details coming up. both auto/pedestrian crashes we have this morning are clearing up. eastbound 6th at corona before downing. one denver police officer there in that lane, and another one over here. everybody is able to get around they towed down, that is now open again as allllanes are open here, which is really good news. that's wide open. take a look at the drive downtown, heavy stop and go traffic. i haven't seen anything in here, just a lot of congestion past mile high stadium. denver's homeless population says it's being mishandled and now they're going to court to stop police from performing homeless sweeps. jeffco's school district is asking for more than half a billion dollars to build new
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these buildings?
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y22xey yvpy it is 6:30. a larimer county wildfire continues to burn. but firefighters think most of the danger has passed. we hear from one man who watched as his home was nearly burned. plus, daryl glenn is facing a battle in the race breaking news on florida, near dayton, where a vehicle hit a pedestrian this morning. denver7's jason gruenauer live opt scene. jason. >> reporter: the good news is the police here have cleared that accident and traffic is now moving smoothly. we got here about five minutes ago, and there were about five or six state patrol and sheriffs vehicles here, east
6:31 am
we were able to get confirmation it was a car versus a pedestrian crash of some kind. then all of the police cars then left the scene, including whatever car was involved here. so we're assuming it wasn't very serious, again, because this is all cleared up. gooo news, all traffic is flowing well in both lanes. as for what's going on for your driver around the rest -- drive around the rest of town, back into the studio. all lanes are open now now a new accident at cherry creek on colorado boulevard, very busy colorado boulevard, cherry creek north just south of alameda. we'll have delays there. all lanes on 6th open by corona. the rest of the ride on the freeways continues to get heavier, including southbound i- 25, past mile high stadium. i've been looking, haven't seen anything of note that would slow down the traffic much. typical slowing on i-76 and
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look at the heavy traffic, all those folks waiting to go across 270. i-25 and i-70 might be a better option. you've been looking. look closer, find it. here's your first alert we have a cold front rolling through the state. 56 now in denver. winds are calm, but winds shifting direction. gray skies out east. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds this morning. then mostly sunny by 12:00. low to mid-70s for highs today. near 74 in then scattered storms and showers. 60s by tonight. one of coolest evenings we have seen. early tomorrow morning overnight lows in the upper 40s. some of the cloud cover we're seeing east will clear up. thaa's what it looks like at 11:00. here's your first alert that we could see a little severe weather here in town. 7:00, 7:30 tonight pretty active downtown. more details coming up. the wildfire burning near carter lake is now 75% contained, thanks to the hard
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more than 70 acres are burned -- have burned and we got a tour of the burn zone yesterday. got a look at how close the fire came to some homes. we spoke to one homeownnr, eric furman, who watched on tv as the fire burned a few yards away from his house. he said he's used to wildfires, but nothing has ever come this close. >> you could see the firefighters giving it their all. probably within about 20 feet of the house, surrounding the house. >> about 70 firefighte be back out there today, still putting out hot spots. the fire may nottbe fully ccntained until this weekend. this man, hasan jones will spend the next 20 years in prison for beating and killing a toddler to death in 2015. he didn't speak during the trial or sentencing. denver police say these two women are persons of interest
6:34 am
21st. someone was shot that night, someone shot people, that is, near the 7-eleven at montview and yosemite. police haven't said exactly these two women are connected, but the atf says the gun used in the shooting is now linked to five other violent crimes in the metro area. if you know where these two women are, you're urged to call crimestoppers. jefferson county is asking for more than half a billion dollars in new school november. this is a building with major issues, inside and outside here. thplay ground was built in the 70s. the portable classrooms were built around the same time. some spaces are too small. >> i think the voters in jeffco realize that we haveea significant investment in the 154 facilities that we have, in order to sustain the property values we have and provide a quality education as jeffco has done for 60 years we need the
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plan, many jeffco schools need work. some schools only need minor upgrades, others need to be totally rebuilt. district leaders say they're ready to start the rebuilding process quickly if voters approve the funding in november. the ace for the white house is getting closer. new numbers show hillary clinton with a 2% lead over donald trump. clinton, 41%, libertarian candidate gary johnson at 9%, and jill stein with the green party at 3%. we also have new numbers on the senate race here in colorado. incumbent democratic michael bennet has a wide lead over daryl glen, 54% to glenn's 36%. according to our partners at "the denver post," glenn has about $100,000 in his campaign account. bennet has more than $6 million.
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he's sponsoring a fundraiser in denver. the cheapest ticket is $250. they're already brewing the coffee at king soopers in littleton and we're giving it away. >> that's very nice of us. that's at the store near broadway and littleton boulevard, and eric lupher already there with our favorite two coffee brewers as well. eric. >> reporter: yep. jeanette and christy are here. fresh doughnut alert, my hot off the press. >> chocolate, too. >> reporter: they're kind of piled up in the back. they're going to put them up on this plate shortly. i've got my cup of coffee. 6:00to 9:00 a.m. let me take a sip. ahh, good and fresh. 6:00to 9:00, littleton boulevard, broadway. come say hi. the rest of the crew, if you don't care about me and want to see superman mitch, beautiful control, traffic guru jayson
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wait until about 7:30. don't you love this? they've been here every time since we did this with west rock. it's fun, huh? >> very fun. we love it. >> reporter: come in and say hello. already had a few fans c a cute red haired girl came in. she was cute. she had a doughnut and coffee. come say hello. west rock coffee. it's good stuff. >> thank you, eric. that mini mile high stadium is not quite open yet, so you'll want get a sneak peek. a man gets a string of threatening texts after he tried to report a road rage incident on his way to dia. we'll help you avoid a similar situation. as we head to break, we give you a live look over the mile high city. it's only 56 degrees now.
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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news from airtracker7. this is i-76 up in adams county. they have something going on. you can actually see, i wish i could point it out, almost the center of the screen, looks like there's something there in the grass they're looking at. adams county has it closed down, westbound lanes of i-76 pushing traffic to 136. huge backups. there's an ambulance and another fire truck headed to the scene. we'll get they get closer. what a rough week. next week will be better. here's your first alert we have a threat of severe weather covering the front range. larger hail, gusty winds possible today. temperatures today are going to be in the low to mid-70s. how about tomorrow for the broncos game? there is a slight chance tomorrow afternoon, early evening, for a few storms. about a 10% chance. likely we'll see more storms today than tomorrow.
6:41 am
tomorrow's broncos game. 64 by mid-game. and we're expecting by 10:00 you'll need a sweetshirt. upper 50s as fans are leaving the field. jayson. it's a bad spot to have the highway closed down. most are trying to get back to 136th and back up to brighton. it might be better if they were trying to get over to let's say highway 85 and make their way back to i-76. what you're looking at here is the 136th avenue. that's what this is here. there's the exit ramp. and this is where it's closed down. you see the officers and they're concentrating in this area here. i thought i saw something in the grass, and i can't quite see what they're looking at yet. they're also looking in this area here. it might be some kind of investigation. obviously they have it closed down. they wanted to close down the ghway to keep the traffic off there. eastbound side is open, but
6:42 am
delays past brighton and barr lake. highway 85 the best alternate. before getting on i-76, try to get over to highway 85 and head south. we'll continue to follow this from airtracker7 this morning. heavy traffic in both lanes. i couldn't go faster, i couldn't get over. >> andrew bateman reached out to us after he felt the rage of an aggressive driver heading out to dia. he says a semi was swerving and >> he took a photograph the truck's information and called the company, but the person who took the call wound up being the truck driver. >> he said what happened? and i described ii. he said what is the truck number? i told him, and he said, that was me, you can go [bleep] yourself.
6:43 am
got nasty texts from the truck driver. coming up, we'll have the latest from the devastating scene in new jersey, where two buses collided this morning.
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6:45 am
looks like we have breaking news of an investigation on i- 76, westbound side, at 136th avenue. looks like it will be a death investigation that's on the side of the interstate there. so the highway is closed down, and the ramp is also closed down. coroner's van looks like just arrived from adams county. the investigators will be doing their work ere over the next side. expect it to be closed. alternates, get over to highway 85 down to i-76. the eastbound lanes remain open. but we have huge backups. try to get to highway 85 and we'll keep you posted. we have the latest on a serious accident in new jersey this morning. we've been following this since 4:30 a.m., minutes after two
6:46 am
was killed and 18 people at least were injured. one reporter on scene says a witness says one of the buses ran a light. check out the mini mile high stadium. it was built on the same spot as the original stadium. season ticket holders can check it out tomorrow during the broncos game. the mini mile high is one of a kind. >> i don't know of anyone else in the country, maybe anyone else in the actually built a model eplica of their stadium. >> mini mile high, sharks with lasers. it will be free, so you can check it out any time, though stadium officials say probably will be hard early on in the season. so you might want to go during the week day, because it's open from 9:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. >> look how cute it is. what are they doing during games? >> you can rent it out and hold
6:47 am
shin dig. >> that would be fun. >> doesn't look big with the guy standing on the fake field. >> hence the word mini. >> well, yes, but -- >> oh, hence isn't a word. >> i still don't think she knows how to deal with you. sometimes wants to slap you. >> most people do. we have a beautiful sttrt from our loveland ski area ?amera. some sunshine this morning. happy friday. beautiful start in the mountains. but we are going to see more scattered storms this afternoon. from our out in burlington, some cloud cover this morning. even a little bit of fog after storms overnight. that will clear up in the next few hours. we'll start to see a little more sunshine, especially along i-25 through lunch, mostly sunny. then we'll see a change. by 2:00, 2:30, scattered storms and showers first developing in weld, larimer, boulder counties. should see decent rain in spots that have been very dry.
6:48 am
carter lake fire. they'll get rain there. but also lightning. we'll have to watch for that. storms and showers through denver by commute time tonight, a wet dry home. wet through the early evening. in fact, until about midnight we're still expecting storms and showerr. then things will clear out. so tomorrow morning it will be drier early saturday. the chance for storms tomorrow looks pretty minimal. we're at about a 10% chance and most of what we're seeing is across southern colorado tomorrow afternoon. that is great potentially at larimer square for dinner under the stars, under the llghts there, the canopy, or headdng out to the broncos game. low to mid-70s today. it is going to be a lot cooler than normal, a good 10 to 15 degrees below our normal high. overnight tonight, early tomorrow morning, some upper 40s to low 50s. it will be chilly tomorrow morning. estes park 66. highlands ranch 76. ann in erie today a high of 75.
6:49 am
western slope. still really warm out there. again, our normal high is 87, so we'll be well below it the next couple of days. tomorrow, low 70s again. sunday looks awesome. upper 70s to low 80s. here's your first alert we'll see more 80s through the first of next week. so jayson, it warms up by monday. big problems around barr lake and brighton. i'm seeing now from airtracker7 they foundda vehicle here just off the side of the highway. so this is i-76 near they have it closed down. this is the first time i'm seeing it as well as you llve on tv. they found this blue vehicle here up against the trees. they have a death investigation that they're -- okay, we'll go to b then. go to the map. this is the eastbound -- sorry, eastbound side of i-76, westbound. westbound is what's closed down here at 136th avenue. they're investigating a death
6:50 am
most folks are going to sable, heading south to i-76. you can get over to i-85 to get around it that way. that is wide open basically all the way past 104th. this area will be closed down for many hours. expect a big delay here coming down from that section of brighton. everything else around town is typical. minor accident around colorado and virginia, but that's now gone. 225 very typical as well. the big story now is up along i- 76. going on there. thank you. uber is helping you donate to denver school kids today without leeving the house. if you open up the uber app between 11:00 and 2:00 this afternoon you can hail a driver to pick up school supplies from your house, free of charge. they're really trying to focus on pencils, notebooks and glue sticks. your reward for donatinggis the
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a group known as the rainbow family is arriving in colorado and law enforcement will be watching them closely. starting today the group is hosting a nine-day festival in southwestern colorado on national forest land near the town of norwood. the group says it promotes peace and harmony, but two years ago a gathering turred violent. three people were stabbed. our morning sprint is coming up, including a $100,000 reward if you have information employee disappeared. plus, it's free coffee friday. you won't want to miss an update from our eric lupher when we come back in 90
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6:53. your morning sprint starts with a photograph of one of those only in colorado kind of snapshots. already seeing snow on the top of pikes peak. >> it's only august 19th. this was sent to us by a we don't have to worry about snow in denver, right, this weekend? no, i was going to pause and scare you a little bit, but no, not this weekend. typically we see it in october. but the earliest ever here in denver was september 3rd in the early 1960s. now we've got a chance for storms and showers, though. some of the cloud cover we have out east, that will clear up. here's what it looks like by 3:00. so some scattered act, heavier
6:54 am
rain delays there, scattered storms through the evening. mid-70s today. low to mid-70s. same thing tomorrow. fewer storms expected on saturday, and on sunday it is pretty perfect. upper 70s to near 80 to round out the weekend. thank you, lisa. your tips help police identify this man accused of trying to lure kids into an englewood -- in an englewood neighborhood. police say they only had this picture to go person, but aren't releasing the name yet. they also haven't said if he's in custody or faces any charges. arapahoe county prosecutors could seek the death penalty against this man, brandon johnson. he is accused of stabbing his 6- year-old son to deeing earlier -- death earlier this year. initially he planned to plead guilty. "the denver post" says he withdrew that guilty plea yesterday. prosecutors have until december
6:55 am
the death penalty. there's a $100,000 reward being offered in you can help find this man, ryder johnson. he hasn't been seen since january. his car was found in boulder county after he disappeared. it's only being offered for information coming in before january 17th, a year marking his disappearance. >> has apologized to rio and brazil for the swimmers scandal, and jimmy feigen has agreed to pay $11,000 to a brazilian charity to avoid prosecution. rio police say most of the alleged incident was captured on closed circuit television at a gas station. they say the swimmers vandalized the station and urinated on walls before
6:56 am
security guards. we still have a big closure of highway i-76, the westbound side at 136th avenue, all traffic is being diverted. take a look at the map. it's a death investigation that they're doing up there, and it will be going on for many hours. so until then, the recommended alternate, they're getting people to sable and running south back over to i-76. it would be better before getting onto i-76 using highway 855to i-76. the eastbound side is open. the westbound side is going to be closed for some time. the rest of the ride around town remains heavy. one accident at university and quincy. thank you, jayson. another coloradian has gotten sick from the west nile irus, in pueblo county. this brings the total number of human cases state-wide to 17. one of those people died. cu boulder students are back in their apartments this morning, but they're not all happy. the apartment complex wasn't up to code when the students tried
6:57 am
necessary changes and students were allowed back yesterday. but many had to scramble to find last-minute hotels. the apartment is offering discounts and reimbursements. three, two, ne, and liftoff. >> the big moment for united their delta 4 rocket launched last night about 11:00 our time. >> this is a collaboration wi they're delivering two surveillance satellites used to watch r potential threats to other u.s. satellites. local company doing well. >> reporter: it is free coffee friday, everybody. [ cheers ] >> reporter: we have fans here. littleton boulevard, broadway. gino and gina, they wanted lisa here. >> but i waited six months to see you, too. >> reporter: i feel better now. you have a message for lisa. >> lisa, we love you in the morning for the weather.
6:58 am
easier. thank you very, very much. >> that's her sister. >> i only paid her 20 bucks. [ no audio ] >> wait, i can't hear the rest of the compliment. so sweet. >> we're going to get out there now. >> we'll be out there right after the show. see you guys out there. >> have to get through the traffic firs captions by: caption colorado,
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news as we come on the air, two of the u.s. swimmers at the heart of the rio robbery scandal arriving back home moments ago. now, ryan lochte and another teammate still in rio facing possible charges, accused of vandalizing a gas station and lying about the terrifying robbery all along. what the new surveillance footage reveals. also new this morning, what donald trump is now saying about some of his tough words on the trail. >> and believe it or not, i regret it. >> as the candidate now heads to louisiana this morning to meet with communities devastated by the storms. are we witnessing a big change in tone? his campaign manager joins us live. severe weather hits the midwest. a waterspout strikes off the north carolina coast as the north faces winds up to 70 miles an hour.


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