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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 19, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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it's 11:00 a.m. this missing 2-year-old kidnapped in tennessee was found safe, 1500 miles away from hhme in grand junction. skyler wilson is her name and was found during a traffic stop on i-70 after a tip came in. when she was picked up for a weekend visited by her -- visit by her father who doesn't have custody. the father is being held in grand junction. he'll likely be tra indicted back to tennessee -- extradited back to tennessee. we're following breaking news in brighton. police investigating the death of a woman on interstate 76. >> her body was found near 136th avenue anbarr lake state park.
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gruenauer is on the scene, and has the highway reopened first off? >> reporter: as of abouu 20 minutes ago, yes, all lanes here on highway 76 have been reopened after police left the crime scene near that yellow merge sign along the westbound lanes. that's where the body was found. authorities believe a woman in her 50s crashed her car early this morning actually heading eastbound. she took out a sign expended up in -- between 5:00 and 6:30, brighton police believe another car heading west struck and killed her and left the scene. crime scene investigators have been out here all morning looking for evidence, accident reconstruction team was here as well. now, at this point they do not have a description of the car that they believe hit that woman. again, between 5:00 and 6:30 a.m. if you saw anything, you are urged to call police. again, the latest news we can
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the scene and all lanes are now open. reporting live in brighton, jason gruenauer, denver 7. now back into the studio with jayson lubee. that's right. that's good news that all lanes are open. dealing with the backup, because folks were waiting it out. but it is getting better. as all this traffic continues to push through 136th avenue i think we'll see no traffic jam in the next 15 to 20 minutes. highway 85 could still be us. open and traffic is getting back to normal. thank you. it's cooler today as lisa promised. >> yes. and she also promised us a little rain. >> we're not getting that yet. that will be more so this afternoon and evening. but it's a lot cooler. you can feel the change. the cold front moved through ?vernight and upper sixties now. we're about 15 degrees cooler than where we were at the same time yesterday. conifer at 60.
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mountains. still hot out west. grand junction stretching into utah, 70s now. they'll get back in the 80s and 90s. scatterrd showers and storms will pop up this afternoon. for evening plans you might have, scattered storms until about midnight. we'll drop into the 50s, potentially upper 40s tomorrow morning, so pretty cool air. he's futurecast, by 2:00, 2:30, fort collins, greeley, larimer county will likely see the storms first and that's what it looks like in denver by about 6:00. coming up we'll take a look at your weekend forecast. still cool, but heats up on sunday. the suspect in this deadly boulder bicycle accident is charged with vehicular homicide. the 24-year-old is accused of driving drunk. boulder police say she hit and
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summer. we learned the 24-year-old swerved into the bikeelane before the crash, hit the curve and drove off. police found a 30 pack of beer that was almost empty in the car. witnesses say she was laughing jimmy feigen's lawyer says he'll pay $11,000 to a brazilian charity. and ryan lochte issued a statement saying he apologized for his behavvor and for not being candid about the events. most of the events were caatured on closed circuit television. authorities there say the
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bathroom and urinated. the controversy had us wondering, what about the medals here? will the swimmers keep them, could they be taken away? >> we asked our legal analyst to weigh in on that. >> i don't know that there's a precedent for anne losing medals for behavior no how outrageous, outside oo the competition. >> lochte said he has learned valuable lessons from this ordeal. police are on the look out for these women who are persons of interest in an attempted murder in may. in that incident several people were shot. the atf says the same guns were used in five violent crimes across the metro area. we know thhs gang member,
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next 20 years in prison. he is accused of beating a 2- year-old girl in denver in 2015. a $100,000 reward is being offered to find ryder johnson. he's been missing since january. the reward is until january 17th, which will since he disappeared. good news for those living near the beaver creek fire, neighbors can start going back to their home starting at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. the beaver creek fire has burned almost 37,000 acres since it started back in mid- june. it's 47% contained now. to getting a handle on the
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lake. it's near 75 acres. it's about 90% contained now. firefighters say the rain was a huge help. we also got up close to look at -?the burn area yesterday and w spoke exclusively to eric furman, a homeowner forced to evacuate. he says he watched on tv as the flames came close to his home. >> we are eternally grateful to the firefighters. they risked life and limb to save our house. we can't thank them enough. >> about 70 firefighters will be back on the planning to stay through the weekend if necessary. this is the second grass fire to spark near carter lake in the past month. this fire sparked at the end of july you're seeing here. only about 4 miles north of the current fire. it burned about 15 acres and forced about eight families to evacuate. this woman was set to be in court today, she is accused of kidnapping her 5-year-old daughter last week in fort collins, setting off a state-
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supposed to give her daughter over to state custody after she tested positive for meth. she has not been formally charged yet. pot shops may be running into a lobing problem -- a ?ocation roblem. boulder is planning to annex some roperty, meaning it would be city property. the owner of one bakery tells us she would have to change her store's layout, costing her tens of thou >> nobody has saved up money to make changes. it could put people out of business. >> a city spokesperson says it's part of the city's plan to create a city-run electric company. they say they'll make a decision by september 6th. morning a dozen people joining together to help an 85- year-old woman in commerce city. her house was in need of a paint job. about this earlier, and he's %- live now in adams county with a look at that story.
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and nicole. what a great friday story. i could do these stories all the time. adams county has teamed up with kaiser permanente along with metro volunteers to do this, paint a house. they are working hard. in fact, brothers redevelopment, this is their 95th home they've painted this year. georgia martinez has lived here more than 60 years. her daughter's husband filled out the applicaaion to house painted for free. georgia was too shy to be on camera, but we talk to her daughter who grew up in this home. >> it's always been green and white. do brown or dark. no, i like green. so we left it at that. -?>> reporter: really amazing t see just how this all comes together. a good 20, 25 people are here donating their time.
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pretty good. number 95 for brothers redevelopment. pretty awesome. i'm eric lupherr denver 7. your voice your vote this morning, n the race foo the white house getting tighter. new poll numbers released today showing hillary clinton with a 2-point lead over donald trump. clinton at 41%, and donald trump at 39%. gary johnson at 9%, and stein at 3%. paul manaport resigns from the trump campaign this morning. >> he left nearly a week after a "new york times" report about confusion within the nominee's campaign. he also came under fire amid
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party. the statues depict a nude version of trump spotteddin cleveland, new york, l.a., san francisco and seattle. an activist's artist group has claimed responsibility for them. new numbers on the senate race in colorado. michael bennet leads the race at 54%. republican daryl glenn at 46%. glenn has about $100,000 in his campaign account. bennet has more than $6 million. is going to help glenn narrow that gap. he's sponsoring a fundraiser next wednesday at denver's brown palace hotel. the cheapest ticket for that new developments on the search for flight mh370. crews have a new strategy. plus, the latest on the fatal bus crash that happened in newark, new jersey just this
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we have new information now on that bus crash in new jersey that we brought you as breaking news all morning long. we've learned one of the buses had no passengers on board, but the driver of that bus was killed. he was a long-time employee of the transit department. the other bus was carrying 17 passengers and all of them had to be taken to nearby hospitals. some are in critical condition.
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alsootaken to the hospital. investigators believe one of the buses ran a red light. mh370 crash investigators are developing a new plan now to find the missing aircraft. they're trying to figure out where in the indian ocean the first piece of wreckage was found and where it drifted from. they're going to dump a replica wing into the ocean with satellite trackers. the aircraft of 2014, with 239 people on board. we have new developments on the zika virus in the united states. it's spread in miami. it was being carried by mosquitos in a few neighborhoods, but looks like it's now spread to miami beach, with five confirmed cases there. health officials are considering putting out a woman for pregnant -- a warning for pregnant women to avoid some areas in the city.
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destinations. would you be willing to be exposed to the zika virus in the name of science? the cdc says they need people to sign up tt be exposed to zika to see if the shots will work. red cross in louisiana calls this one of the biggest responses to a disaster since hurricane sandy. four colorado volunteers loaded up yesterday to head to help. in louisiana, people have had to evacuate their homes. the red cross has opened up 50 shelters there. to the massive wildfires tearing through california, crews are working around the clock to put out more than 30 fires across the west. the largest one is in southern california. the bluecut fire has scorched 36,000 acres. it's 22% contained.
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out of their homes. colorado back on the national drought map. the area shaded in yellow, including the metro area, are abnormally dry now. the brownish area near fort collins is under moderate drought. our long-term water supplies still look good, but the drought is putting a strain on farmers. it's felt like over the last two months it's 90 in the afternoon and rain, but it's still dry. >> doesn't take long for us colorado, maybe two, three weeks for us to see changes like that. larimer, boulder, a few of the counties to first get rain today. that will be a nice change. now it's beautiful. we have sunshine, live look from loveland ski area you can % see a few clouds building. dry state-wide. akron had cloud cover and patchy fog this morniig. that's cleared up. we're getting sunshine through midday. as we set futurecast into motion, across northern colorado, along i-25 heading
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to see scattered storms and showers by early afternoon, around 1:00 to 2:00. then that moves into the metro area in time for the evening commute. so 4:30 to 7:30 the potential for gusty winds, some heavy rain and looks like more lightning and thunder. by 7:30 still very active here in denver and even strooger sttrms down to the south and east closer to limon and just then overnight tonight storms continuing. scattered through it looks like midnight clearing. early tomorrow morning sunshine by about 7:00. it will be nice. we'll get some patchy fog across the plains, but it will also be really cool. now that threat for severe weather today likely the biggest threat for us here, the area shaded inngreen, which does include denver, boulder and the springs, will be damaging winds, gusty winds, and also pockets of heavier rain. temperature-wise, what a nice change from 80s and 90s earlier
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cooler. denver 72 today, greeley a high of 72. it's even cooler down south near pueblo and lamar. this afternoon low to mid-80s. our mountains, our foothills in the mid- to upper 60s. a touch cooler in allenspark at 63. highlands ranch today 75. normal high today is 87. we are going to stay likely below normal, especially tomorrow, and then on sunday it's going to get a little bit warmer. we will still be below normal. today 74. rockies game tonight, i would with the game. we'll see storms popping up just in time for it. so take an umbrella with you, if you're heading out to the stadium. upper sixties, then dropping into the upper 50s. temperatures look similar for tomorrow night's broncos game, though it does look to be drier. i'll show you the futurecast for tomorrow's storms coming up in a bit. a slight chance for a few storms in the afternoon, about 10% chance. upper sixties for the start of
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68. then looks like by the last few minutes of the game we'll likely see upper 50s, so take a sweatshirt with you on saturday. sunday the warmer of the two days this weekend. mostly sunny. that's where the bright spot is. upper 70s to low 80s. i might actually bump sunday's numbers up a little bit. i'm going to warm it up, but still keep the bright spot there. thank you. twitter is ampinggup its war on twitttr. they say they've suspended 235,000 accounts in the past six months for promoting terrorism. the company did not identify the terrorist groups linked to those accounts, but it's likely which has been very active on twitter to spread propaganda and attract new recruits. a federal judge has rejected a proposed $100
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and its drivers. it's rejection could force uber to dig deeper into its pockets to reach another deal. appears someone is stealing information from apple and has new details on the iphone 7. a french ite claims they have gotten hands on the schematics of the new iphone. and it doesn't show a head phone jack at the bottom of the phone. the sste claims the phone won't go on sale until probably late september, from an earlier release which said it would drop earlier. eddie bauer says all its u.s. stores were targeted by credit card thieves. they say they found and removed malware from the registers at about 350 stores. cards used between january and july 17 the of this year may % have been compromised. online purchases were not
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more than 300 strangers. now she's getting a chance to thank all of them. and von miller making us laugh again. we'll explain what he's up to
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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we got our first look inside mini mile high. it's a tribute to the original stadium and it's almost ready for the first home preseason game saturday. it will be free to check out. you'll even find 165 stadium seats from the original mile high which was in th location. >> lovely orange. we kkow trevor siemian will start as quarterback tomorrow night. coach kubiak says he'll play about a quarter and a half. sanchez started in last thursday's preseason game in chicago. the latest video from von miller is going viral right now. >> the super bowl mvp is channeling his inner pop star apparently and making a pitch to all madden players.
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start me ? ? opponents never going to make first downs ? -?try and try, they won't gain ground. >> this music video is a promow for the new madden game coming on next week. a woman is alive today thanks to a life saving gift from more than 300 strangers. four had complications giving birth to her daughter and had to undergo six surgeries and needed 270 blood units, taken from more than 300 donors. several of those donors came out to meet her yesterday. >> the real gift or miracle is that i just get to be me, imperfect me, bbt a friend, a daughter, and a mother of a
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curly hair. and then it's an honor to have this opportunityyto meet you all and thank you. >> smith hopes her story encourages others to give blood. a trip on an rtd bus end up with a woman in the hospital. there was no issue with the bus. instead it was something she was asked to smell while she was opt bus -- on the bus. would seem like a responsible thing to do, call and report a careless driver. what happens when the person you call to
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we're following breaking newssin brighton. police investigating the death of a woman on interstate 76. >> the woman's body was found near 136th and bar state lake this morning. jason gruenauer is on the 3 scene. >> reporter: we'll start with the newest information first. highway 76 has been reopened in both directions after a lengthy a crime scene here along the side of the highway where that woman's body was found. we want it tell you what brighton police believe happened. they say a woman actually crashed her car going eastbound, actually took out a sign and ended up, her suv, along the side of the road in a ditch. then police got a call of a woman walking along side the highway. then police got a call of a body along side the highway. what they believe happened is that woman was walking along
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struck and killed by an oncoming vehicle that then left the scene here. that's why they're deeming this, they believe at least to this point to be a hit-and-run. the accident reconstructionn team was out here. the crime scene investigaaors were out here. they collected their evidence, took photographs. the body was removed from the scene and have reopened traffic. they don't have a description of the vehicle they believe hit that woman. if you saw anything between 5:00 and 6:30 a.m. you're asked to police immediately. in brighton, jason gruenauer, denver 7. time to get that first alert forecast, because we'ree at the weekend. >> so nice. normal high today is 87. if we were going to get near that normal high we'd have to be at about 82 now. record high today 97. we're now in the upper sixties to near 70. city park 69. allenspark 63.
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upper 50s. yesterday afternoon and evening we saw light snow on pikes peak. we could still see a little snow tonight above 13,000 feet here along the front range. here in denver it's just going to be rain. you're going to find highs this afternoon in the low to mid-70s with fort collins and greeley both at 72. some 80s near pueblo. still hot out west. montrose and grand junction mid- 80s to near 90 degrees as you're out west on i-70. futurecastet active, so between 3:00 and 5:00 we'll start to see more scattered storms and showers. here's your first alert we could see severe weather today. we'll talk more about that coming up. lisa, thank you. arapahoe county prosecutors are deciding whether to seek the death penalty against brandon johnson, accused of stabbing his 6-year-old son to death earlier this year. initially johnson planned to plead guilty. our partners at "the denver post" say he withdrew that plea yesterday.
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to seek the death penalty. battle is brewing in englewood. three sex offenders say city code is forcing them to move and violating their rights. >> they're listed as plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed yesterday. they say the ordinance adopted in 2006 is unconstitutional at the federal level. >> this is an ordinance that is enacted supposedly to protect children from the risk of being assaulted by a sex offender. make children any safer. they don't prevent sex offenses from occurring. instead, they risk driving sex offenders underground. >> tte aclu is not involved in the case, but they are supporti ngthe sex offenders' cause. our investigative team spoke to one of the sex oofenders and
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denver 7 app. car thefts are up in colorado30%. the most targeted cars are honda civics and accords. this may sound strange, but it's serious, a woman was hospitalized after smelling something on an rtd bus. police say a male passenger asked a woman and the bus driver to smell his burnt cell phone. she complained about having trouble breathing. hospital. police are questioning that man. so far, no charges have been filed. another coloradian has comm down with the west nile virus. it is the latest case in pueblo county. that brings the total number of human cases state-wide this year to 17. one of those people died. a group known as the rainbow family is arriving in our state and law enforcement will be watching closely. starting today, the group is hosting a nine-day festival in southwestern colorado on
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peace and harmony, but a couple of years back a gathering in red leather lakes turned violent where three people were stabbed. you've probably seen a semi truck with a how's my driving sticker on it. >> what if you called the numbee and the driver of the truck picked up the phone. it happened to one man. >> he said, did you get a truck numberr i tood was me and you can go [bleep] yourself. >> andrew says the truck was tailgating him and swerving. he snapped a photo of the truck. we blurred the number because no one has been ticketed yesterday. >> he says the driver was rude and sent him a series of vulgar text messages to his cell. you can read the texts and the story by downloading the denver 7 app. donald trump is apologizing
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caapaign trail. but not befooe digging into rival hillary clinton. >> abc's kenneth moten has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: donald trump's campaign chairman is out of a job. manafort resigned under scrutiny for payments he may have received. the nominee shook up his campaign management this week and we're seeing the results. >> sometimes in tte heat of debate, you don't right words, or you say the wrong thing. i have done that, and believe it or not, i regret it. >> reporter: the brass talking republican appears to be changing his tone, though he never issued a specific apology. today trump is in louisiana to tour the flood damaged state. the candidate is pivoting to strike a more presidential look. this may be the person behind
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callie ann conway. >> i hope everybody that's criticized him for being insensitive at least shows recognition and forgiveness. >> reporter: skepticism from many. >> in hillary clinton's america -- >> reporter: trump is putting out his first ad of the general election. it will run in four that ad hits hillary clinton, whose clinton foundation said it would no longer accept foreign donations if she becomes president. hillary clinton now says former secretary of state colin powell advised her to use that private e-mail account. the "new york times" is reporting what clinton told investigators when pressed about the e-mail practices.
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this yet. jeffco school are back in session. according to the district's facilities master plans, there are dozens of schools with major structural issues. the district says some need a full face lift -- some need a face lift, and others need to be rebuilt. the district is asking voters to pass a bond measure work more than $500 million. leaders say the upgrades are necessary. >> i think that the voters in jeffco realize th significant investment in the 154 facilities that we have, in order to sustain the property values we have and provide a quality education, we need to make sure we have the facilities that can do that. >> here's one statistic, the district currently has 129 portable classrooms they use, but only five were built in the last 30 years. uber is helping you donate to denver school kids today without leing your house.
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until about 2:00 this afternoon, you can hail a driver to pick up school supplies from your house, this is free of charge. they need a little of everything, but what they really are ooking for, pencils, notebooks and glue sticks. you'll be helping out kids at shelton,ham, and paris elementary schools. a woman from commerce city got a wonderful surprise, a group of volunteers showed up on her front lawn to paint her house. one she's lived in more than 60 years. >> eric lupher has the story from adams county. >> reporter: you know what, georgia martinez, 86 years old. she's lived in this house more than 60 years. ittdefinitely needed a paint job. we're here now with jim with adams county. you're a tall guy, by the way. >> this is a great day. i'll shrink down and make sure the house is the star. these people are doing a lot to make this thing shine.
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and organizations come together. >> you're talking about brothers redevelopment, kaiser % permanente who handles at least 90 of hese a year, whether it's a volunteer project like this or something similar, and our folks frrm adams county. many hands make for light work and we're knocking out a lot today. when i woke up this morning, lisa's forecast had me a little concerned, but fortunately, we've had great conditions and a lot of great people. >> reporter: we talked to gloria mays, the daughter, she lived in she says the house had to be green and white because that's how it's been for years. they're sticking with it. what a great event. they'll be here all day making sure this house looks as good as it can. >> can't wait to see the finished product. mitch, you may never have michael phelps' body. >> no, i can guarantee that. >> watching the olympics inspires many of us to get in shape. >> yes, it does. so we brought in experts to
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and how you can do it at any level. >> if you don't breathe, it works really well. now at 11:40, at the paint a thon, they're in the clear the next few hours. pretty quiet. we'll be tracking storms that will develop near fort collins and greeley first, and here in denver by late afternoon and early evening. we'll show you what that looks like. here's your first alert that we
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welcome back. with the olympics on, ski season around the corner has a lot of us focused on fitness, or trying to innury-free. we have eric phillips here to learn tips on preventing injuries. eric is owner of a gym called move lab. he was a trainer for the nuggets and phoenix suns. and eric was also a trainer for the london olympics, was helping train the track star. we want to learn what you've taught these professional and big-time athletes. >> we're going to present head to toe exercises good for athletic movements and every- day movements. we're going to start with brooke doing a dumb bell cobra. she's working on opening up her upper chest, low to mid-back, and it's great for posture. >> awesome. that's easy to do at home. >> we're going to do an
11:45 am
door -- >> door jamb or something? >> yeah. or work in the shoulder stabilizers or rotator cuff. now we're going to work into a plank. i'm going to go through different variations there. >> try to keep the hips up. >> yeah. going to work side to side. rotational movements out of the hips. then we can come up with our legs in the back. and then we can switch o up with our arms in the front. we can do those 20, 30 seconds to start. >> awesome. we're seeing pictures of when you were in the london games, the athletes. these are things they do to stay himmer -- limber. >> they're great starting exercises. >> give us a couple of more examples.
11:46 am
at home? >> alternating superman, working our core and glute muscles. opposite arm, opposite leg. we're going to flip around and do a full bridge. brooke is going to dig her heels into the ground, bring those hips up. working that low back, core and glute stabilizers. thennwe're going to do one last movement. brooke will show it on a stabilization pad. we're going to do a bounce and reach, bringing pointing our toe back behind us, really waking up our core, bringing it into an every day movement pattern. it's great for runners. >> good job. she's kind of cute, too. your mother must a knockout. >> yeah, she's beautiful. >> it's my daughter, why i'm messing with her. thank you, eric. if you'd like to learn more about eric, you can go online
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they also a program which identifies what areas you might need to work on, depending on your skill level. thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> want to check in now with lisa. for a few seconds you freakkd our viewers out. why is this old man hhtting on this woman? no, it's his beautiful daughter. 67 degrees. it's beautiful outside right now. we're under a mostly sunny sky. winds are calm. it is a beautiful start to our friday afternoon. w front that rolled through. it's bringing in much cooler air. some low to mid-70s this afternoon for highs, with scattered storms and showers. yyu'rr going to find tonight there is still a chance for storms and showers through about 11:00 to midnight. then things will start to calm down by early tomorrow morning. low 50s, even upper 40s early tomorrow. it's goinn to be a little bit chillier. denver today, 74 for a high.
11:48 am
in the foothills. evergreen you're at 66. deckers 67. it got just cold enough late yesterday for a little bit of snow on pikes peak. nothing really sticking, but we could see some again later todayyand tonight. it's going to get just cold enough above about 13,000 feet for that. in the springs we're at about 74 today. about 10 degrees cooler near pueblo. it is going to be a warm one down south, but not nearly as hot as what they saw earlier in the week. our threat for severe weather covers the entire the springs and southeastern colorado. one of the biggest threats with today's storms would be damaging winds. gustier winds over 50 to 60 miles per hour. you'll notice some of these storms developing near weld and larimer counties by 2:00, and then more active in denver. commute time wet roads, gusty winds, also rain ann lightning. still active, so we're watching for wet weather through about midnight until things start to
11:49 am
going to be chilly, upper 40s, low 50s. but we should see a little more sunshine. few storms possible saturday. i think most of what weere going to see saturday will be across southern colorado and then on sunday looks nice. mostly sunny, upper 70s to near 80 degrees. here's your first alert we'll be in the 80s monday and tuesday. but so far looks like a pretty good seven-day forecast, as our temperatures remain below normal every day on this thing. >> good, i was kind of tired of >> i think they're going to come back. >> oh, boy. >> it's almost september. astronauts at the international space station getting ready for visitors
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ccx+ three, two, one, and liftoff of the united launch alliance, delta 4 rocket. >> a big moment for united launch alliance, their delta 4 rocketed launched last night about 11:00 our time. it's delivering two surveillance satellites, used to watch for potential threats to other u.s. satellites. this morning astronauts
11:53 am
station were working on installing a newwdoor for visitors. this is where the crew capsules will dark when they start bringing humans from cape canaveral. a woman steps out of her home for a few minutes, leaving her baby and dog inside, and in those moments the house burst into flames. >> it's what the dog did that had everyone amazeed today. >> i kept running in, trying to get her. >> reporter: erica stepped out to her car sunday night when she turned back to flames. she could hear her 8-month-old daughter inside. >> i heard her crying and i couldn't get to her. i tried really hard. everybody in the neighborhood tried. they were kicking the doors and windows out. i couldn't. no one could. >> reporter: firefighters got into the house quickly. came back out with the girl and incredible story. they said they found erica's dog in the room with the baby
11:54 am
his body. >> that way nothing got to her and he stayed there. she only had burns on one side, and he stayed with her the whole time in the bedroom and wouldn't come downstairs. >> reporter: paramedics were able to revive the girl who has burns on her face and arm and leg on one siie. but polo didn't make it. >> he was my first baby. i'm praying i don't lose her. it's all i have. it just i just don't understand it. i don't know why this stuff happens. >> reporter: erica says she's grateful for the support she's received from even strangers. a gofundme page raised nearly $5,000 in less than nine hours. the baby's condition is day-to- day. >> she's fighting, and that's -?it. she's a really good girl. i hope she's okay. >> incredible story. we looked over today and
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what's wrong? they were watching that story. we have a nice day today.
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>> announcer: it's getting hot, hot, hot. so we're celebrating with the most incredible summer suppers you've ever seen. the "m&m grill factory" is about to be on fire, as michael and mario serve up a duo of dishes with a mouthwatering mediterranean twist. then carla's keeping it cool, with a refreshing frozen treat that can't be beat. plus, clinton's hanging with the stars of "devious maids," ana ortiz and roselyn sanchez. the summertime fun starts right now, here, on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] hello, hello, welcome to "the chew." summer is definitely here and the living is easy and so are the meals. so we are devoting an entire hour to easy summer eating, it's our summer suppers!


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