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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 20, 2016 11:35pm-12:06am MDT

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all new today, the best viral videos, "right this minute." scuba divers head to the sur fasz, but there's a problem. what goes horribly wrong that leaves a woman without her lifeline. she signed a death warrant for herself. >> a weird creature caught on camera. game. >> that's what it is. >> a parking lot car repair. >> things went wrong. >> really wrong. a 2-year-old belting out a gospel classic. ? praise the lord -- >> now hear how grandma's praise partner is headed to internet
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a group of scuba divers ventured out near south africa. there's a problem. they got separateed from the diving instructor. they are motioning to go up. looks like everybody is on board when you notice two other divers don't look to be going up. suddenly, this woman starts to panic. >> oh, no! no, no, no. calm down. >> she's taking off the mask and everything. >> she signed a death warrant for herself taking the air off in 50 feet of water. >> you can't just descend from 50 feet. >> at this point, you have to do that. at is this point, you have nothing to lose. it is not the worst thing that could happen. >> oh, my god.
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she is panicking and going up that fast can be detrimental. luckily -- >> you have to get up fast because you can't breathe. you either drown or take the bend. i'll take the bend. >> luckily, she is okay. this was posted last january and recently went viral. there's a lesson to be learned in all of this. >> things are getting strange. i'm worried. this could be a ce for this surfaced last month. >> what's that? >> lots of speculation. big foot, chewbacca, what is it? you can see this big alien-type creature walking along in the desert area, behind the bush, then it's gone. you are freaking out a little bit, baby.
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desert campers out there. >> it kind of moves like an ape. that's what it is. >> it looks like me, honestly. especially when i get up in the morning. can we fake it? thanks for the information. >> looks like the shadows aren't quite right. if you watch the right foot, it doesn't move have never heard this in the desert. >> the birds. >> tweeting birds. >> there are tweeting birds all the time. >> not like that. that bothered me the most. aliens walking through the desert. >> if you caught this on video, you mean to telle you wouldn't run up to try to get a better look or different angle or investigate it? this is the missing link right here. >> are you crazy?
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rrrrrr! >> i work with it. i wouldn't be afraid. >> keep it up. >> the speculation continues on our facebook. we can't wait to hear what you think. big black smoke rising in the air around this apartment complex. the guy who owned the car was in the parking lot working on it. things went wrong. >> i mean i pricey, take your car to the garage to get fixed. i guess it was more expensive this way. >> his friend helped him push his car away from the others. this guy in the green shirt hopped in his car. look how close he is? he gets in and speeds away. i mean, what exactly kind of work were you doing to cause it to blow up. >> sorry, what did you say?
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>> holy cow. >> like the hollywood movie. cars don't just blow up. >> oh, no, they do. >> there's people and children, lots of them with their cameras out catching the scene from multiple angles. did you see that woman cross right in front of the camera here, just as this thing erupts? left. >> one firefighter did suffer first and second degree burns. he was taken to the hospital, expected to be okay. >> wow! >> reports say that was the roof of the car that landed on the roof of a building. that's how intense this explosion was. >> was it something inside? that's a very strange explosion. >> this is something that was under pressure that heated up
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car, even like this one. this cute little girl right here, she made brownies for daddy. >> check and see if he ate one of dad's brownies. did you eat one? >> she's the one behind the camera. she posted this video and welcome home blog shared it. >> you just leave food aroun especially brownies. >> the mystery about to reveal. notice, somebody is at the door. >> behind enemy lines. >> he's got his skills down. >> that camouflage is working for him in the kitchen. the culprit is the person who the brownies were cooked for. that's sergeant joel. >> magic trick.
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down and hugs him. she has the cutest reaction that would melt your heart like any double chocolate brownie would. >> it's okay. >> where the heck are the brownies? >> you don't need brownies. this is a sweet video, okay. >> you always need >> this video, big sister was in the navy and surprises little sister. are there are are tears of happiness and -- >> brownies? they have brownies in this one, too. >> there was liquid in this one. tears are falling and everything elsz. she was falling on her sister because she was so happy to see her. >> just about cover the sign. >> a hiker waits for his buddy
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>> are you good? >> until a slip leaves him hanging on by his fingertips. now, get their story behind a scrape with death. >> oh, wow. a make up artist starts applying to become someone else. >> some of you may start recognizing who she's transforming herself into. >> see which famous character's look she totally nailed. >> that's incredible. ists for complete protection all day and night
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gold bond ug closed captioning provide by -- reduces bumps 74%. gold bond. ultimate lotion. ultimate skin. we see it right there. we are about to find out -- >> they are in arizona from florida.
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right smack in the middle of phoenix. double black signs are clearly posted at the beginning of the trail head to be very careful, especially this time of year in arizona, it's extremely hot. and not far after they started their hike, they start to go off trail. >> this is a bad idea. >> yeah, that's the worst thing you can do. >> drew does daily blogs. >> made it to t mountain. >> the toughest part is about to happen. >> you good? >> yeah. >> hear that? >> i heard him go, oh! >> are you good? are you good? >> yelling, drew, drew. >> hold on. >> drew, drew, drew -- >> ahhh!
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he saved his life. >> hanging on by his fingertips. >> he almost died. >> yes. >> drew is just a good blogger, he got it on camera. >> to tell us about that harrowing experience, we got drew and gabe joining us "right this minute." guys, welcome to the show. gabe, what the heck happened? what were you trying to do? >> i was trying to catch up him. he went ahead. i was taking pictures and stuff. i had my foot on this rock, half of my foot on the rock and it fell out from under me. >> at the risk of sounding like a momma, you were almost on the news, not "right this minute." what were you thinking? >> my mom was freaking out. >> give us an idea of just how far you could have fallen. you don't get to see it on the video.
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>> no, at least 1,000 feet in the air. >> at that moment, when you are hanging by your fingers, what is going through your mind? >> i'm going to be a sta tissic right now. >> drew, i have to ask, any chance, be honest with me, that this was set up? >> how can you set up falling? >> i'm no stunt devil. >> i have to ask. we have been fooled before. >> he's not an actor, trust me. if he was an actor, we in l.a. right now. >> talent like this talent proves why make up artists are called artists. what she creates is amazing. she puts one of those caps on her head so she can paint over it. >> wow! >> as she starts applying the make up, she gives herself a
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she's becoming a man. >> she really is an artist. >> right! >> the transformation we are seeing before our eyes is unbelievable. >> she's not even half way there. >> she's changing the shape of her face. >> completely. >> some of you may start recognizing who shes transforming herself into. >> not pee-wee herman. >> hey, brother. >> i'll give you a hint. >> i sai >> wait, what did you say? >> the catch phrase, hey brother. >> yes! i basically treated you the way they treat him on the show. this is buster from "arrested development." she's doing an amazing job becoming him. in fact, in the end -- >> that's incredible!
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and -- the hook. >> sister is my new mother, mother. >> why don't you marry her? >> will you do one of us? >> the best make up transformation i have ever seen. incredible. >> how crazy is this? she's so good i can't stand it. >> pilots stage a daring flight to become a shooting star. why it takes precision and guts to pull it off. impressive climb. >> with a pros thetic leg. she is the bionic woman. >> how she proves nothing can bring her down. >> oh! dr. scholl's massaging gel work insoles absorb a hard day on your feet for comfort that keeps you feeling more energized. dude's got skills.
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with the max strength lidocaine available. new icyhot lidocaine. if you happen to get outside this weekend and look up, you might have been one of the lucky few to see the meteor shower. if you didn't, maybe you were part of the luckier few to become a part of the meteor shower. >> become part? >> yeah. >> do tell. this red bull video shows the process of what it's like to become a shooting star. we have four professionals over the skies of spain. our friend yoki summer and george from austria. oh, so much more. click on the l.e.d. lights on
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looks cool. looks awesome. looks spectacular from the ground. let's make it better. let's make it look like you are really seeing shooting star. >> i think it's about to come true. >> it is. >> if you didn't know what was happening and you were somewhere in the neighborhood of la palma or spain and you saw that, you would be >> exceptional. >> the l.e.d. wing suit made this show stunning. >> wow, we should totally do this show in spanish.
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she's climbing this rock wall with a prosthetic leg. >> nice. >> rock climbing, all the power comes from your leg. >> maybe this is an advantage. >> bionic leg? >> yes, she is a bionic woman. >> hold that spot. >> she drops it -- >> your leg fell off. >> this is the kind of situation when you have to put your best foot forward. >> and she did. >> she's cracking up. >> people around her recording. she keeps going. >> a group called finding your feet. >> it's on the floor. it's a charity group for amputees. the organization puts this on once a month. she just stopped by. she lost her leg after she was diagnosed with a blood clot four years ago.
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>> a sense of humor as well. this is why people like this video. >> you have to respect her for having that attitude to keep going. >> this made local news because of that very reason. some of the people from the organization said, she didn't let it slow her down. she made it to the top and back down with no problem. you have to respect that. >> keep going. >> cause your leg fell off. >> this adorable toddler knows he's better. >> grandma calls him her praise you will see why. >> thank you lord. >> now, meet the little man who captured the spirit and the
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make his own fun. i grew up in a baptist church and you can't avoid what the preacher is saying. it don't matter where the spirit moves, in the shower, in the car, let it move!
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message. ? i'm blessed. >> look at him, whoa! whoa! ? praise the lord ? >> he is in the car with his grandmother singing "better than blessed." when i saw this in my feed, i was like boy, you got it. this video has millions of hits because fol a only what the little boy is singing about, but he is so into it. grandma calls him her praise partner. you will see why. >> somebody singing and preaching so good. >> why don't we meet this baby
12:02 am
hi. >> hello. >> you said he learns these songs on youtube. >> yes. >> how long does z it take him to learn it? >> not long. he's got one almost every other day. >> how old is he? >> 23 months. >> that ease amazing. >> you told us about his heart condition. share that with all of us. >> he was born with a heart defect. five days after he was born, had open heart surgery. >> he's got something to be praising about, doesn't he? >> yes, he does. it's like he knows it. >> every other day, he has a new song. i believe i can fly was monday. wednesday was, i prayed about it. >> you want to sing i believe i can fly with me? ? i believe i can fly ? ? i believe i can touch the sky ?
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day ? >> he is so -- >> he's like no. he is puzzled. he does not know what kind of crazy is happening here. >> thank you. for more awesome viral video content, check out
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- [voiceover] live from hollywood, get ready to laugh with some of the world's funniest comedians right here on! and now, here's your host whitney cummings! (audience applauding and cheering) - i'm whitney cummings and welcome to! (audience applauding and cheering) tonight you guys are gonna see some dians in the country, are you ready? (audience applauding) awesome. being a comedian is pretty cool but most of my friends are guys, you know, 'cause they're all guy comedians and i recently noticed something about guys. i notice that every guy i've ever known somewhere in his house or apartment or whatever has a jar full of coins? (audience laughing) what the hell is this? the last guy i dated, i was like oh, maybe he collects coins. or maybe that's his laundry money.


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