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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 7 AM  ABC  August 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am MDT

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a crash on the local highway 8 leaving one personn dead, and street racing may be to blame as we dig in to how this unfolded. we learn mmre about how a woman died on the side of i-76. >>we had some really bad % plays that took away from the great performance. it is too bad.>> mark sanchez saying his perforrance cost them the job as starting qb after the upset with the 49ers and we will have the details. breaking nnws, an early morning shooting has left one person dead.
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reporter: i am on south bolinas in denver, just across the street from the jfk golf course. we know that just after 4 am, the denvee police reported to a shooting, one victim has been pronounced dead but there is no suspect in custody. this tent is up, used to behind the adult entertainment club, also located here and the details are limited at this time, and we will continue to push to find out what led to this deadly shooting that happened again, just after 4:00 this morning. breaking this morning, the iraqi officials say that they've executed 36 men
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reportedly hanged in the prison this morning, and isis reportedly captured 1700 soldiers, and posting graphic images of the soldiers being lined up and shot dead in trenches. severe weather overnight with flash flooding hitting san antonio, texas, dumping 9 inches in only a few hours. % ohio and michigan are slammed with tornadoes, six reported across the region. thank you for being with us on this sunday morning, and we are not dealing with severe weather across colorado.>> it has been a great weekend so far, but cooler temperatures and what we ?ere expecting, mostly sunny and dry throughout much of the afternoon. the only best chance to see
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portions of the palmer divide and in the mountains, and were seeing mostly dry and bear conditions, and the view from the colorado camera, a beautiful start to the day and cool in the mountains with 60s and 70s for the high in the high country today. across the plains and near sterling, a gorgeous start with dry and fair conditions throughout the day, a high pressure keeping us very mild. warmer conditions is sticking up to temperatures at 54, 53 the airport with humidity around 77%. what y can expect, mostly sunny skies and temperaaures in the mid to upper 80s by midday, some increase in cloud cover as we head through the overnight hours, but mostly dry throughout the front range. highs in the upper 80s, lower 90s across tte plains.
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investigators say that street racing lead to a crash that left one man dead, i-76 in federal. one car ran a red light in crashed into the pole on the southbound lanes of federal north of i-76. two were injured in no word on how they were doing this morning. the have identified the woman in the i-76 hit- cindy augustian was involved in a crash and hit getting out of her car, and that was it 136, and if you have any like to hear from you. a d %- paraglider crashed and he seriously injured, and they had to hike to reach the pilot, but the pilot was found alive. they are investigating the cause of the crash. this is
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that keybank and castle pines, and take a look, he was wearing a fake beard, walked into the bank it had to the teller a note, and threatened to shoot the employees. the police say he is in his early 20s with a dimple on the tip of his nose and the upper left ear is pierced. a car fire nearly destroying this garage at 12th and fillmore, and he started around spread to the home and no one was injured. the people affected by the beaver creek fire can now go home, evacuation orders were lifted yesterday. the fire burned close to 37,000 acres and about 50% contained. back to the campaign trail, hillary clinton says she will bring the biggest job investments to the u. s. since world war ii, donald trump taking credit for the nato
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and weeare putting through this week's truth in the air.>> reporter: donald trump outlining his foreign-policy plan, but this statement caught the attention of our fact checkers. >> i previously said that nato was obsolete beusit failed to deal adequately with the terrorists. since my comments they have change their policy and now have a new division that is focused on terror threats. trump taking credit that is criticism made nato spring into action of the new hiring of the secretary-general to coordinate intelligence sharing. but they say that those decisions could not of been made that quickly. >> changes in nato take such a long time, you have to go through different nations and come to an agreement. >> reporter: the political fact checkers say it is false. we will make the biggest
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jobs and's world waa ii. >> reporter: henry clinton making that claim a lot talking about her plan to create jobs, 900 $900 billion plan over 10 years. >> we have so little information to go on as to how these jobs can be played out so we cannot say it is a correct amount of jobs. >> reporter: but the fact checkers is a would be a record for world war ii but not a record using a complex formula, and they are rating this have to root. -- half true. and they say that spending proposal could possibly not see the light of day, and we will see you sunday 4:00 on your politics unplugged ryan lochte saying he over
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that he when he told the reporters that the gun was pointed at his head, he said that never actually happened. the swimmers were actually which prompted a police response. a day of celebration turns deadll in turkey, and at least 50 people killed at an outdoor
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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with a taste of the fog, but the heat returning today, currently at 52 degrees in a nice start with a beautiful day over the rocky mountains. getting into the 80s today and hotter through the week and then another cooldown. let's go overseas in turkey, 50 people killed, 90 wounded in a suicide blast at a wedding
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street, a common practice in the region during the summer, and this morning the prime minister is blaming the islamic state for the attack. and the bomber was apparently between 12 and 14 years old. states, three people are dead and another injured after a boat overturned on the river. the vote -- boat rain into the river bank and ffipped a few times, turning upside down and not repoed few hours go when someone noticed the boat upside down, and demand in his 70s found pinned underneath. ?>> threatening to leave united nations in response to the criticism on trying to diminish the world drugs in the philippines. there has been reports of mass executions and killings that
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president, and says he will leave the un and invite countries like china and others to form a new one. fire officials say that the blue cut fire in california is 73% contained, and switching into the mopping up phase, and the fire scorched more than 37,000 acres and has destroyed more than 90 homes. initially it had almost 80,000 people forced to leave their homes but the evacuation has dies in prison and he created the label, and he was sentenced to 25 years in prison for running a $300 million ponzi scheme. the skiing ended up running hundreds of his investors and he was 62 years old. the fans may be more angry
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get into the stadium. the world's largest model train stories right here in denver, and find out why the doors will be closing soon. a lot of sunshine in store,
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7:16 am on your sunday morning. it will be nice, here's a shot of i-70 at 3 lookout mountain, bright and sunny, mid-80s on the planes, and cooler in the high country. we are back to the summer after
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the broncos mmy have lost to the 49ers, but the fans were unhappy about something else. i viewer sent us this picture of the long lines to get into the game, and said he waited for upward of 45 minutes to get in, manyypeople missing the start of the game and even the first touchdown. the world's largest model train store will close, and that is september 25. the lease is up, and instead of looking for a new location, the owners hundreds coming to the pepsi center to donate sports equipment for the kids whose families it may not be able to afford it, the event sponsored by keybank and organizers hope to have more than 20,000 pieces of sports eqqipment donated and going to the disadvantage.>> we started to give the give sports program and can provide
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their peers.>> the annual drive started in all their of jessica ghawi. and the slide the city evvnt, 1000 foot waterslide bringing that people through the city, and it is been around since 2014. i want to do that, i think that it was a little bit warm yesterday but better today, and really all across the state we will stay warmer conditions. ii you want to head to the pool, a great day to do that. but even in the high country staying dry throughout the day with a lot of severe weather overnight around us. flash flooding in san antonio, texas, tornadoes in michigan and ohio, but colorado is under
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us like this, and here's a look at the glacier basin, and we continue to see mostly sunny conditions throughout the high country with temperatures in the 60s and 70s, and we have are wireless cameras join not a cloud in the sky, and a beautiful start with mid-50s in downtown denver, clear skies and wins at 7 miles the future cast showing us what to expect throughout the day, not a lot to talk about and mostly dry in clear. sunshine through the afternoon with an increase in cloud cover, but the chances of moisture south of i-70 in the high country, and proportions of the palmer divide, but for the most part, cleer and dry heading into monday. we will see temperatures right around the average, 87 is
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upper 70s and mid-80s like eagle, grand junction up to 92, and if you are heading to the rockies game, expect heat, 85 at first pit, to 10 pm, sun and clouds. the uv index is high, 8, and you could be rn minutes. take your hat and sunglasses, and your sunscreen of course. 58 degrees in clouds tonight in denver and a little bit warmer tonight then last night, temperatures last night in the low 50s, and we continue to warm up through the night. hhgh tomorrow with mostly sunny and 90 degrees, and the best chance for stronger
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weekend, 87 today, pleasant and summerlike conditions through monday. a chance for storms tuesday afternoon and early evening across denver metro, highs in the mid to upper 80s. by wednesday the cold front moving back in and temperatures back intthe upper 70s heading throughout the rest of the week anddweekend. it is surprising how any 70s were seen for august.>> and coming to the end talk about the sports and your highlights for the cross championships, and drrmatic finish.
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welcome to the sports extra. yesterday was preseason game number two, hosting the first nfl football game in enver
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the patriots. that was 209 days, a long time. trevor siemian gets the opportunity, and pulling the 49ers defense, and demaryius thomas goes for 10 yards. c. . anderson scooting through nicely, good for 20 yards and a td, and the broncos stri and here's where it gets interesting, trevor siemian lockkd onto the receiver and eric read taking it in the other direction or a 42 your yard -- 42 yard pick-6, and the 49ers up, 14-7 and enters mark sanchez. sanchez gets in and got abuse, getting sacked, fumbling.
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gone, and the defense stepped in to come through, getting the ball back. anderson like the missile, ffrcing a fumble and leading to three points, and the broncos trailing, 17-10 at intermission. in the second half, paxton lynnh, keeping the drive alive and rolling out to get john phillips for the 8 yard touchdown strike, the third man in and tying the game at 17. christian ponder getting some revenge for the 49ers, and he does this, raising 22 yards for a score for the 49ers. after being dominated all week in practice, he did this for the 49ers victory, 31-24 for the final, sanchez 10 for 17, 120 yards and two bumbles along
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paxton lynch getting that late interception, and the quarterback picture is it cloudy. -- it is a bit cloudy and we will be on this all week. and winning the title in 2014, taking on the ohio machine, and sticking it to the former team, and check this out. going behind the back, and getting silly playing with us. leading 14-7 at intermission and the rally as greg downin ties it and rallying all the way back, and a hat trick, improbable comeback and what a way to win. the outlaws coming back 19-18. the franchise second title in history and congratulations as they end the season on an eight game winning streak. ttat is a look at your morning
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county after ating out at a
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? breaking news, one person is dead after an early morning shooting.>> were at the scene, and what do we learn now?>>
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shooting, and when they arrived on south galena street, they found the male victim dead. this is just across the street from the jfk golf course, and there is a 10th up beeind this adult entertainment club, and we have asked the police if this is any way related to the early morning shooting, anddi was told it is unclear what led up to this the investigation is ongoing. there is no suspect description available, but they do not have a suspect in custody at the time. we are hoping to learn more details on what led up to the shooting as the morning progresses and we will keep up on your twitter, denver 7.
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talk about that in just a bit. almost forgot tte weather, the most important part. i was pulling a ron burgundy, reading the prompter.>> we will have a nice day and warmer conditions, and we talked out in the mid-70s across the front range, today 80s and 90ssby the afternoon 60s and 70s in the mountains, the best chance for seeing some moisture colorado. this ridge of high pressure in control and staying this way through monday. expect a dry day, mostly sunny with a ssight chance of a passing afternoon storm as the clouds increase after the daytime heating. your dayplanner, expect interest rising gradually, mid- 70s by 11, aad this afternoon sunshine warming up to mid to
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evening, but very mild. high today across the front range is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday, 87 in denver, same in aurora, parker and 85, castle rock low 80s and estes park at 77. we will be warmer before we cooldown occurring, your full forecast in just a moment. 7:32 am. an accident having a man at the hospital with a leg injury after his scooter collided with a pickup truck yesterday afternoon at east iowa avenue. the scooter ran the red light, and he hit the pick up, and the driver of the scooter was cited for reckless driving, and the pickup driver was not injured. the fire crews in denver are trying to find out what caused this fire, and this was on east wesley avenue, and a few people were evaluated for
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fired power plant, it's saying it will not meet the conservation goal to cut by 12%, and they say that the companiessnot trying hard enough. the other utilities have met the goals to get 30% of the power from renewable energy resources. ccrry the parts of the country overnight, ohio and michigan ahead. parts of texas, heavy rains fast anddfurious and not ooer yet. and we've been tracking the storms.>> reporter: overnight flash flooding in san antonio, texas and torrential downpours dumping nearly 9 inches in only four hours, or to the same system spawning tornadoes n the midwest. at least six reported twisters across the region.
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trucks flipping over like toyy. trees uprooted and snapped like twigs. tornado sirens warning people in ohio to take shelter quick.>> i saw the clouds, debris and would flying around and i knew was not good. we cameeoutside to this.>> reporter: the crews working round-the-clock to clean up the debris, and mi some returned home to find nothing left. >> i got a phone call, and 've been told how much damage the was so i was a little bit prepared when i got home. still nothing prepares you for this. in louisiana there is talk and in the meantime the communities are coming together to help the cleanup. the el paso county sheriff's office asking for your help to find this woman,
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could be drrving a 2008 lakh catlike -- black catlike -- black cadillac escalade and if you have any indication of her whereabouts, call the police. the u. s. forest service is considering blocking the public access to the hubbard cave worried people may spread the back disease. some r worried about the serial cooper , going around and placing piles of human feces where the kids play, and they say the person behind the droppings are covering them with a start, and with a child or parents pick it up, they get a nasty surprise,
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pooper.>> hopefully they will find out whoever's doing that. some may call this a little bit crazy, letters from all over, competing in the pikes peak asccnt, and in managed to springs, rising in elevation by 7000 feet to the top of pikes peakk it is a narrow and winding trail, sharp turns in rough terrain changes in elevation and direction. the community gets to talk with the denver police officers yesterday, part of a cookout with cops. there was a school supply giveaway at the event to help the kids get prepared for the school year. the denver aids walk could be a thing of the past after the star, funding has dropped, the 29th annual aids walk was held yesterday morning and 7000 people came out d th organizers had hoped to raise tour $50,000, and the amount
7:37 am
decide whether they want to continue the event. >> we know that people show up to support the event through their presence but we are not seeing the fundraising that we need. >> there is no specific deadline on when they will talk about the future of the event, but it could happen within the month. near the end of the 2016 olympic games, the nited states comes home with the most gold medals in the most medals, and it is not just
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every three years -- every few years world comes together for the olympic sports game, the greatest show on earth. >> meeting strangers and embracing cultures, and aided by the tradg pins. >> yaris getting in accreditation oo ribbon around the neck, but comparing it to the olympics, kind of boring.>> reporter: everybody's walking around with pins and hoping i can trade by cnn pens, -- pins, and it says i am open for
7:41 am
>> if you are not a good pin collector, you may not be very popular because nobody pins.wants to hang out with somebody that does not have a lot of -- some people are turned down without their pins. >> it is the currency inside the village. if you want extra food, or a celebrity crush or anything like that, if you have the countries pin, you will do well.>> reporter: are you doing the pin trading?
7:42 am
and they took mine.>> reporter: that is outrageous. the trick is yet to see those people that have a lot of pins and it is interesting when you walk around that people will catch her eye and see your pins and then they want to trade. would you like to trade my pin for cnn? can we trade? no? i guess he did not want to talk about it. you would not give any of those away? >> no.>> reporter: maybe next time.>> when i leave the olympics, i say to my frieeds about the experience, and i say why cannot the world be like this all the time with everybody getting along. i've never seen any upset
7:43 am
>> a nice dramatic pause there. cctchy. the united states is leading an overall medals, 43 gold, 37 silver, and 36 bronze, great britain coming in econd with 27 gold medals, china in third, browning in all. i just love it. >> coming up we will introduce you to our 7 everyday hero bringing art to live at the museum. the pokimon game rising to another level, using the app to coordinate a bar brawl.>> i think that is our crawl.>> that
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find out more coming up, [ laughter ] in mostly sunny
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next time your toddler starts sucking their thumb, let them. does that suck their thumbs and by the nails are less likely to develop allergies.
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>> it does not really tell us why this happens, and we certainly would need to be able to collaborate the findings before we say that every single child should bite their nails or suck their thumb. >> we did ask abouttthe downside, thumbsucking can interfere with dental development for children older than five increases the risk of getting infection when you put your hands in your mouth. a lot of buzz but not necessarily about the broncos are politics, it is the women of abstract expression exhibit at the denver art museum, hoping visitors to learn all about it. >> there was an art movement in the 40s and 50s, and you are probably familiar with them, and you heard about the mean but you never heard about the women.
7:47 am
fascinate the casuul observer but few people saw the works of art because the female artisss were virtually unknown.>> reporter::what appeals to you and these paintings? in both of these? the women of extract exprrssionism at the denver art museum, the first gathering of the works by the outstanding female artists together at one time. >> this believe was new york. >> reporter: and who better to leave -- lead the tour, dedicated to a lifetime of art appreciation. barbara kelly has been volunteering at the denver art museum for 46 years. >> she has encyclopedic knowledge of the permanent collection and she always engages the visitors at all
7:48 am
meee nice people on these tours.>> reporter: barbara has helped at the museum ever wake possible, guiding all others and at different times the president. >> the most interesting and wonderful place, and it has been my life.>> she could not paying it close-up because she could not see what she was doing, so she got a ladder and a brush on a pole. >> we are re of volunteering, 7 everyday hero. connratulations. for all of your years of duty here. [ applause ]. >> i wondered why they were just sitting there. mixing alcohol and pokimon go does not sound like the best idea but add is what they did in denver yesterday. you may sing the pokimon players out and about after the
7:49 am
all of the stops on the pokimon map, and now another addition to the pokimon go apparently.>> bar crawling, interesting. i've actually never played, have you? >> no, and i have no plans. playing pokimon go, hiking or whatever you want to do, it will be pleasant and warm, mostly sunny and dry. taking a look at a lot going on across the state, clear and mostly clear skies right now. temperatures at the city park 58 degrees, upper 50s in castle rock and parker, upper 40s across the foothills. across the state, upper 50s on the western slope, aspen at 45 degrees right now, and across the nootheastern plains, low to mid 50s. starting off a pleasant date
7:50 am
will continue to heat ittup. taking a look at the picture of the rocky mountain national park, blue skies and get outside and start hiking, not much in the way of afternoon or mounds are the best chance to see activity south of i-70 in the higher levations. we are starting today very sunny, not a cloud in sight, a similar story in denver right now and downtown with winds out of thh south at 7 miles an hour. we have your hour by our futurecast, a very nice start to the day, not much cloud cover, so have your sunglasses handy as you step out the door and throughout the afternoonn with a slight increase of cloud coverage, a chance of passing showers in leadville and overnight mostly dry and clear conditions. highs today across the state
7:51 am
mid-70s in the front range, today mid to upper 80s. greedily at 89, lowee 90s across the western slope, 70s and 80s in the high country, 90 degrees expected high. if you're heading out to see the rockies game, first few check to 10 pm, upper 80s by the end of the game under mostly sunny conditions. getting down to 58 degrees in denver with clouds but warmer than last night. and mostly sunny throughout the day, and we have a ridge of high pressure anging out over colorado for the next day. a slight chance to see storms in the evening on monday but the best chance for any stronger or severe weather will be tuesday and wednesday and you will see a drastic drop in temperatures as another cold front comes in to the state dropping temperatures in the upper 70s as we round out the week into next weekend. it
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lifetime, the california women
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street racing blame for the crash leaving one man dead yesterday on i-76 anddfederal. the colorado state patrol said that one car ran a red light and crashed into the pole just north two other people were injured and were waiting for an update on their conditions. the adams county coroner's office is identify the woman in kklled in an apparent hit-and- run, cindy augustian from aurora was killed and involved in the crash, and hit when she got out of her car on i-76. the police ant to hear from you if you saw anything. the police are searching for this man that apparently robbed a keybank and castle
7:55 am
bank at the castle pines parkway, handed the teller a note and threatened to shoot the bank employees. -?if you recognize him, call th police. on south galena in denver 3 the police are still investigating a hooting death that occurred early this morning. we will shoo you the same right now but we will not demand because we can see a portion of the body from this angle that is concealed in the -- tent, and the police received a call and when they arrived they saw a new -- a dead mail on the scene and we ask if the strip club is related in any way to the morning shooting, and they say it is still unclear what led to this fatal shooting and the investigatiois ongoing. there is no suspect in custody at this time, reporting live
7:56 am
before we go we have to share this heartwarming story, % nancy has heard tortoise, and had him since she was five years old. but the gardenerssleft the gate open one morning and the 100- year-old tortoise got away. >> at 55, she is reunited with their pet and even though they searched for years, and guesss where she found it? across the street. >> 50 years i have had a rough morning, reading the prompt the wrong. >> we appreciate you being with us this morning, really. it will be a beautiful day, so be want to get outside and enjoy it, upper 80s across the front range, still plenty of sunshine, there is a hike uv index, so take the necessary
7:57 am
wednesday..>> much more to come in the next hour of denver 7, developing story out of some fog you after a suicide bomb -- somalia explodes after a
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starting right now on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. trump shakeup. >> and believe it or not, i regret it. >> a brand-new team in charge. again. >> you have to be you. if you start pivoting, you're not being honest with people. >> but with just 79 days before the election, can trump really change? >> when someone shows you who they arebe >> or is this one more false start? plus, with new questions over the clinton foundation -- >> it was pay for play. >> -- and those e-mails, can hillary clinton clear the hurdle of trust? this morning, we'll talk to campaign managers from both sides. and rnc chair reince priebus. from abc news, it's "this week." here now, chief anchor george


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