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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  August 22, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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two deadly crashes overnight, and denver 7 is bringing you pictures of both scenes. >> you can see the scene in centennial. >> at least one person is dead after a motorcycle crash and the sheriff's office says this could affect your commute. >> reporter: out here at buckley and crestline, it is closed off from smoky hill all the way down through orchard. there's a motorcycle down in the street along with an suv behind me with the air bag deployed. there is still somebody inside this suv and the next of kin has not been identified at this
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everything. the scene happened i believe about 1:00 a.m. we got information about this accident, got out here, and shortly after we got out here, they expanded the road closure at the scene here. if you're going to try and get around this area, it's going to be quite a little delay this morning. we'll send in jayson luber to be able to help with this. >> reporter: update quickly on the accident we have in aurora this morning, we have an update for this scene. we had iliff and chambers closed for aabad accident this morning, an suv that was turning a corner and went too fast and hit a pedestrian in the crosswalk. they are investigating alcohol
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accident. lanes are now open here. these are the two spots as we try and get around it. a little to the east, chambers off parker road, or tower can get you around it. the other area, iliff and chambers, all lanes are open. up in loveland, had a huge fuel spill closing parts of eisenhower and wi wilson is closed between 8th and eisenhower but eisenhower is open again, so that's good news at least for now. from the first alert desk, we have pictures of that fuel spill in loveland. the roads are back open after they cleaned up 200 gallons of fuel that spilled there. this happened when the tanker
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at eisenhower and north wilson. apparently the only damage is to some valves on the fuel truck. they had to geout there and pump the fuel on the ground and pump the remaining fuel from the truck. they have cleared that scene now. arson investigators are investigating a fire on dartmouth east of sheridan. bushes outside a home there not burned and no one was injured. good morning and thank you for joining us. i'm dayle cedars. >> i'm mitch jelniker. amanda del castillo is out at school for us today, where they will have the superintendent in a few hours.
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later this morning he's expected to meet with students, teachers, families and staff here as well. it is the first day of school for the denver public school system. if you have not seen the superintendent, it's because he took a six-month leave. he and his family took a to argentina. we'll ask about that and what he took om it, and what he's
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president obama is back from vacation and he'll spend today in washington, returning to the white house last night. that was their final trip to martha's vineyard as the first family.
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vacation but zika virus funding and the budget are expected to be big topics. the president is expected to spend much of october campaigning for hillary clinton. a paraglider is injured after crashing saturday in steep terrain. crews hiked to the crash site, which took machine an hour. the injuries are life- threatening and the faa and ntsb are investigating the headlines, the you recollectish president says the suicide bomber that killed 51 people at a wedding over the weekend was only 14 years old. saturday night the explosion happened and no one has taken responsibility for the attack
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isis is likely. more bad news in louisiana, the region already dealing with historic flooding. more than 60,000 homes have been damaged and 3200 people still in shelters. there are two disaster recovery centers now open to try and help victims. country are chipping in to help flood victims. stroller depot is asking for gently used baby care items. >> kids are often forgotten in these floods. we want to be sure the families of. their kids are taken care %- >> car seats, formula, baby bottles and blankets are
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to louisiana next monday. we had a very pleasant weekend and we'll see hot conditions today. back to school for denver and boulder, and it should be mostly dry across the front range. this past weekend we saw flooding in san antonio, texas, tornadoes in michigan and ohio. across colorado we have been dominated by high pressure, keeping us dry and warm in city park, 65 degrees, 50 currently in evergreen and 45 in frazier. downtown right now 65, cooler at dia, 58 degrees with winds out of the south around 11 miles an hour. it's a calm start to the day. back to school, this is what you can expect. partly cloudy with temperatures warming throughout the day. we are not expecting much in
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hour by hour going through the day, the big change today not as much sunshhne. increasing cloud cover heading into the afternoon hours, then more shower activity especially in the high country and down to the southwest. that will move through by about 4:00 chance in the denver metro for seeing a couple isolated storms, about a 10% to 20% chance. overnight mossly cloudy skies, still some activity in mountains. tuesday we'll start to see a change in the weather. a cold front is going to be moving in, bringing us more shower activity. grand junction will see the mid- 80s, 70s in the mountains, 79 expected in eagle and steamboat springs, colorado springs in the mid-80s. tonight overnight we have a chance in the forecast, mainly increasing cloud cover, and temperatures staying mild in
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by tomorrow morning it's a dry start but a better chance for afternoon and evening thunderstorms. 87 our expected high. our first alert weather day is tuesday and wednesday of this week. a big cooldown is in store come wednesday with temperatures dropping back in the 70s. we have a chance for seeing afternoon and evening thunderstorms, but for the most part temperatures are cool again this week weekend. we have a big problem in aurora. looking at the live pictures now, this is the motorcycle. there was a deadly accident that happened in the overnight hours along buckley just south of smoky hill and orchard. that's closed down right now. an suv was also involved and they are still investigating there. there are two ways to get around. one, parker road, using
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tower road to get around it. the accident happened about here at crestline, so that will be closed for several more hours. everything else looks nice, no problems on i-70. getting to dia, looking good. i-25 and arapahoe, they had overnight work and that's a new bridge that will be put up there on the east side interchanging. when a family member faces a life-threatening illness, the focus is usually on the person who's sick. >> reporter: she's only 14 going on 24, and madeline has quite the story. >> she has that initiative and
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someone her age. >> reporter: when she was just 12, she started a nonprofit called heartfelt hugs, because sometimes siblings of children facing serious illnessst fell left out. her younger brother was diagnosed with leukemia several years ago, which meant big changes for everybody in the family. >> i couldn't have birthday parties or go out with my friends or go to the movies because there germs getting to my brother. >> reporter: the group holds bimmnthly outings for siblings. they clean everything beforehand and charge nothing. >> i hope they experience joy and feel happy and meet new friends in the same situation, and just have like as much fun they can have on that one day. >> they also need guilt-free time with their child who's
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with there for care, a support group for families of children facing critical illness. >> we provide baby-sitting and she gives them activities where they can be with each other. >> just doing something that helps the community makes me feel sweet as a person because i want to help other people and i want to make a difference in the world. . >> the denver 7 and trusted choice independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a 7 everyday hero for all your volunteering, all your help for young people. congratulations. if you would like to learn more, search heartfelt hugs on facebook. % we'll have a link at, and if
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see the stories from the last few weeks. the olympic games are over. we have the highlights of the
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. we wouldn't be in this mess. none of this would have happened. it was my behavior. >> ryan lochte and others could face fines over the scandal. and hundreds donated sports equiiment to families who have not been able to afford it,
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organizers say they expected more than 20,000 pieces of sports equipment to be donated. >> there's so many barriers to a child's education. one is being able to play on the same ield as their peers, so we can provide sports equipment and scholarship funds so they can play alongside their peers. people slid down a 1,000- springs over the city. this has been going on since 2014 in cities across the u.s., including colorado. >> plenty of sunshine. today would be a good day. it's back to school today. highs today are still feeling
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degrees. we'll see increasing cloud cover throughout the afternoon with a slight chance of a few storms and a trough meandering in from the northeast. we'll see that cooldown coming in after the next couple days. we have buckley at chambers off parker can get you around that, as can tower. take a look at 225 and mississippi, everything moving along just fine on the northbound and southbound side city wide, in pretty good shape now. one accident investigation will continue for the re of the morning and everything else is quiet. we are tracking multiple deadly crashes. your morning drive. t means for-
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children's park in one town. someone is using the park as their bathroom and leaving it
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. it is 5:00 a.m. and we have two fatal crashes this morning. >> on the left, centennial near crestline and buckley. >> we begin there, at least one pers crash this morning. >> police are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened, which means this could affect your morning commute. >> reporter: that's right, after about 2:30 a.m., arapahoe county sheriff's office responded to a report of an accident involving a motorcycle and suv. we won't show you the scene here because the next of kin


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