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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 22, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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. it is 5:00 a.m. and we have two fatal crashes this morning. >> on the left, centennial near crestline and buckley. >> we begin there, at least one pers crash this morning. >> police are still on the scene trying to figure out what happened, which means this could affect your morning commute. >> reporter: that's right, after about 2:30 a.m., arapahoe county sheriff's office responded to a report of an accident involving a motorcycle and suv. we won't show you the scene here because the next of kin
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body is still here on the scene. right now buckley is closed from smoky hill down to orchard, and crestline east and west about two blocks. so give yourself extra time this morning. we know we have an suv in the front of this house, and just a little to the left, a motorcycle is also in the street. we understand the motorcyclist has been transported to an area we don't know their condition at this time. we do know the person in the suv was killed. the sheriff's office is saying this could be closed for several more hours ile they investigate what happened out here, this bad situation this morning. sad to hear, the second deadly accident we have had this morning. the other was at iliff and chambers. this section of buckley is
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orchard. chambers is a little west can get you to parker road, nd tower can get you around this. you'll be able to get around this but everything else around town, including 225, 470, santa fe is op. i-25 and arapahoe, they are putting in the doing the last bit of work in -?the overnight hours there. all is open now. we have a calm start to the day weather wise. we have some cloud cover overnight that put grand junction at 73 degrees right now. we've got 50s across the mountains here, pretty chilly.
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we'll see increasing cloud cover throughout the day today, highs once again warm in the upper 80s to lower 90s and a slight chance for a storr or two later this afternoon but nothing severe in nature. overnight we'll stay mild before the change in the weather occurs. right now wind speeds out of the southwest, and we'll have gusty conditions throughout the afternoon. the full forecast is coming up in a few minutes. gallons of fuel in loveland overnight and loveland fire tweeted out these photos of the scene after the tanker hit a barrier at a diamond shamrock near the area of west eisenhower and north wilson. there were no injuries but it
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scene. the roads in the area are back open. overnight some bushes outside this home at dartmouth and sheridan caught fire. the fire department is looking into the incident. a new letter says a deputy after a jail nurse reported the incident in which he told an inmate, just die. he debt admit to making an inappropriate comment about someone else. 71-year-old walter rogers has dementia and a history of strokes, and he was last seen wearing a brown ball cap and
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denver police are still trying to figure out who murdered a man outside a strip club. someone discovered his body yesterday morning behind pt's club on south center street. no one has been arrested. police are trying to figure out if the club was connecced to the shooting. a big crash closed thompson canyon last night. two motorcycle riders died in a head-on collision on highway 34 the highway was closed for over three hours as troopers investigated the crash. no names have been released. the elderly woman behind the wheel of a deadly crash was legally drunk according to her autopsy. the crash took the life of a 14- year-old and police say 81-year- old patricia livingston hit him as he was riiing through a bike
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ten days laaer. dui cases involving older people are pretty rare. >> in 2014, only 6% of drunk driving fatalities were caused by a driver 75 or older. >> a spokesperson for her family said they were not aware that she was drinking and driving. it's the first day of school for kids in denver public schools. that means all of us have to pay extra attention on the roads out there. >> and police are watching drivers closely this week, amanda. >> reporter: more than 90,000 ddnver public school students are heading back to school and everyone wants to be sure they get through the school day safell. dpd is concentrating on safety,
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surrounding neighborhoods in the first few weeks. chef shared tips on facebook for drivers, parents and students heading back to school today. parents, if your child is catching the bus this morning, escort them to the bus stop. the superintendent is back after six months and he'll be talking with us later in the morning. it is 5:07 and we are learning why a wedding may have been targeted in a bombing that killed dozens in turkey. >> and a way you could help those affected by flooding in louisiana. >> and we are going to be hot this afternoon heading home.
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after another deadly accident at this intersection this
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth with just one bite, they knew.
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we have learned 40 people have been killed in flooding in india. people are still waiting for % rescue. the injuries and deaths were caused by electrocutions as well as drowning. 600,000 have been evacuated out of one area. unfortunately more rain is expected. the turkish president says the suicide bomber who killed
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14 years old. it happened over the weekend and early indications say isis is probably responsible for the attack. it could have been attacked because it was a kurdish neighborhood. kurdish militia have played a big role in cases against isis so it may have been revenge. after days flooding, two disaster recovery centers opened in southern louisiana. more than 60,000 homes have been damaged and 3200 people are still in shelters. at least 13 people were killed in the floods. people from across the country and here in colorado are helping flood victims. stroller depot is asking for gently used baby care items to help. >> kids are often forgotten in
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and their kids are taken care of. >> formula, bottles and blankets are needed as well as hygiene items. august 29th the shipment will head to louisiana. for more information go to in utah a man is killed during a paragliding accident after crashing through a church roof just minutes before service was set to begin. witnesses say the gladier appeared to of control. investigators are looking into the cause of the crash. paraglider is injured this morning after crashing saturday, forcing rescuers to hike in and get him. he has life-threatening injuries. the crash is being investigated. denver 7 is hearing from the family of a father killed
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45-year-old chad tobyer died on friday in the crystal lakes area. his daughter released this statement: fire crews in douglas county got a fire under control off north moore ro and they are looking for the cause of the blaze. you know we need some rain. what about today? >> it is going to be hot, moly dry. better chance of rain tomorrow and wednesday, cooling down just a bit. friday we saw rain, this weekend staying dry because of the high pressure dominating much of the state. waking up right now with a little activity down to the southwest.
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we have today will stay primarily weet of i-25. currently in the front range, 64 degrees in city park and 57 in parker. it's a mild start to the day. downtown denver 64, increasing cloud cover overnight tonight but winds are from the south southwest around 14 miles an hour. humidity is dropping and we'll see winds through the morning we are going to be seeing a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day today, another hot day in store. it's back to school for several denver kids and we are going to continue to feel like summer throughout the day and staying mostly dry. going through our monday morning, you can see increasing clouds in the denver metro area. then right around 4:00, we'll
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foothills. we'll are a chance for a couple scattered storms. by tomorrow morning we start with a little more cloud cover and a better chance or afternoon and evening thunderstorms. across the state today still staying warm, mid-80s across the western slope, mid- to lower 90s on the eastern plains. 59 tonight, still feeling very mild. we have a slight chance of a 9:00 but overnight staying mostly cloudyy a mix of sun and clouds tomorrow, a couple degrees warmer. right around normal for today and tomorrow but a cold front is expected to come in tuesday evening, dropping temperatures as we head into wednesday.
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seeing stronger afternoon and evening thunderstorms. boulder expecting a high of 89 and overnight we'll see temperatures stay pretty mild. and we'll have a lot of foot traffic around the campuses, so be aware of folks walking around the college campuses and around the state. take a look at the overall drive, a lot of green out there. this section of buckley is still closed between smoky hill and orchard. that will be closed for the rest of the morning. chambers and tower are good alternates for that. aurora looking nice, easy driving there. easy drive to dia.
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running almost 25 minutes, so looking at long lines there. if ryan lochte thinks he is in the clear, he could be
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. 5:21 now. democratic vice presidential candidate tim kaine is coming to colorado tomorrow. he'll participate in a round table with colorado small business leaders to talk about the economy. this event is not open to the
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candidate jill stein will also make stops in colorado springs and denver, looking to appeal to former bernie sanders supporters among others. we have your final olympic medal count. the u.s. dominated at the summer olympic games, finishing with 121 medals. >> team usa high of 110 olympic medals, set in beijing in 2008. the u.s. olympic chf is promising further action against ryan lochte and three other u.s. olympic swim, for lying about being robbed at gunpoint. lochte took full responsibility for the story. >> i've never done that, we
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happened. it was my immature behavior. >> the actions could range from fines to suspension or even possibly a lifetime ban. some athletes competed yesterday in littteton in the state's summer classic as part of the special olympics colorado. there were competitions at red stone park and one mom we spoke with said it means a lot of to her and her >> it brings more more confidence to the athletes. they get ouu here with a group of friends and do the best they can. it's all about theefun, not about the ribbons or medals. it's about spending time with good friends. >> there were 600 athletes, 100 coaches and 150 volunteers out there. people sliding down a 1,000-
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this is the slide the city event, going on since 2014 in cities all across the country. whether they will come back d %- possibly next year. >> they've done it in castle rock before. >> i hope so. >> looks like it could be a lot of fun. >> especially on we'll continue to see conditions warming out there today. most kids are back to school. we are seeing some shower activity to the southwest. throughout the day today, another warm day in store. by noon we're in the 80s, 3:00 expect low 90s and upper 80s across the front range, slight chance for a storm or two but nothing severe, increasinn cloud cover and mild overnight tonight.
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denver, be sure you're prepared for a lot of sunshine as you walk to the bus stop, and hot conditions for going home. you can see the drive on that 270 commute going across i- 76 and all the way over to i- 70, okaa shape right now as well. 77 looking okay to 225 and downtown as well. you can see a there. the one area without any green, this is closed at buckley road between smoky hill and chambers. we'll have more details coming up in a few minutes. speaking of driving, c-dot officials hope to widen i-25 between castle rock and monument. they just launched a new study to find out about potential
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and they would like to do something about the congestion. >> it's too frequent of a problem, eavy congestion around the greenland exit or approaching monument hill. >> it's a need that's probab going to be demanded by a lot of people in the near future. >> the project will take about ten years to complete and cost around $270 million. denver public students are heading back to school today, and that means changes for drivers out there. >> and if you thought the drama over the student department at cu boulder was over, you're
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about 2:30 a.m., the arapahoe county sheriff's office was called to the scene of a fatal accident. we are not sure if it was the motorcyclist or person in the suv that was killed but we should get an update in the next few minutes. unfortunately it is a sad situation out here.


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