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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 22, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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about 2:30 a.m., the arapahoe county sheriff's office was called to the scene of a fatal accident. we are not sure if it was the motorcyclist or person in the suv that was killed but we should get an update in the next few minutes. unfortunately it is a sad situation out here.
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hill down to orchard to our left here, and as far east and west on crestline as about two blocks. we have one person dead confirmed. we are not showing the crime scene out of respect for the family. they have not been notified. the sheriff'ssoffice rstequeed we not show it jayson luber will tell us how to get around that this morning. this is the section closed, smoky hill down to orchard. this is the accident location where daryl is right now. going west of chambers, that's easy traveling, as ii tower
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orchard. those are good alternates to get around that closure. i-25 and arapahoe, wrapped up that work. school is starting and a lot more kids are out and about this morning. and weather wise, we are seeing a little shower activity limon. i think these will get out of the area as the sun continues to rise. we can expect temperature wise and condition wise, 90s expected in denver. very warm conditions. normally we should be around 86 degrees, so a little above
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okay. for. a truck almost fully submerged here, not where it's supposed to be. this is on the west boat ramp at cherry creek reservoir. >> oops is all you can say. the driver ays while he was trying to back in trailer, the truck slipped on moss and just went all the way in. the driver and his 7-year-old granddaughter were able to get out safely. >> i started sliding in and it was gone. there was nothing i could do. >> today could have gone a lot differently. thanul it went vo ere waa ungir truck as well as the gentleman driving the truck. z a it started to go backyards
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escape on their own. >> it took several hours to get wwter. t and trailer out of the- finally the tow truck pulled that out. >> what an ordeal. we e heinom a man in the hospital tehid- rued intoa dithisne parkerad d crest boulevard. the man says he was at a red light when another driv him in a ditch. the driver then took off. >> how do you not stop? >> we have a family just like everybody else. it's not right to do that. >> police say the suspect could be in a brown honda sedan. the adams county coroner's office identified the woman hit
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apparent hit-and-run. 51-year-old cindy avesten of aurora was involved in a crash and got hit when she got out of her car. police want to know if you have any information. this is the man robbed a key bank in castle pines. he wore that fake beard and threatened to shoot employees. police say he's in his early 20s with a dimple on the tip of his nose and his upper left ear is pierced. at the sterling university peaks apartment, students were set to move in but the city says the rooms were divided illegally. students say swinging ook
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bedrooms and the shelves are now naiied down to comply with code so students can live there. sitting in traffic after a concert or sporting vent, now the greenwood village police department say they have a new system they say can flush out all parking lots and garages in >> it's designed to flush out from the venue. we don't want people in a parking lot getting where they can't get out. >> and you can receive text alerts about realtime traffic alerts. officials in denver want
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downtown. the new beer garden downtown is trying to attract people to mall. >> when we're able to manage space, it encourages positive uses and discourages those negative uses, which we're all concerned about. >> this is there are plans in the works to run for a llnger period of time time. more than 90,000 denver
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amanda del castillo has the superintendent this morning with more. >> reporter: thank you for joining us this morning. i know you were meeting with faculty and parents at 7:00. >> we want to emphasize the channes in growth we're seeing in southwest denver. this is one of the core areas of town. it's so important to focus resources and support in area. we have two new middle schools with personalized learning to meet the needs of these kids and be sure we're providing the opportunities to help close the gaps we see in our society.
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time overseas? >> it was a wonderful time to spend with my family and be together as a family and learn and grow, and also learn spanish . i'm excited to speak with them and be sure every student and grows and succeeds. >> reporter: we'll continue to catch up with the superintendent this amanda del castillo, denver 7. british scientists have just announced they will undertake a ground breaking study that aims to diagnose alzheimer's before symptoms show up, its earliest stages. they will use 250 volunteers all considered at risk, and they will undergo the most
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on volunteers. they hope to lead to early treatments and drugs that will halt the progress of alzheimer's before usesser repairable brain damage. there is a new recall on contact lenses. >> and the case of a serial defecateor. >> and today we have 90s. the seven-day forecast is coming up. and so far so good across the highway. starting to see more traffic here, 270 and i-76. it's jamming up on the
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it is acquiring a drug company for $14 billion, a lead cancer drug maker. pfizer has been trying to increase its presence in the cancer drug world. also we have learned fox con, confirming two workers died at its facilities in china last week.
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about labor conditions. so far all we know is a male employee was found dead and a female died in a train accident on friday. we have just learned the pills found in prince's mansion after his death were mislabeled. the source says the pills marked as hydrocodone contained another opioid, fentanyl. officials believe he had so much in his system he had no chance of surviving. the report didn't say how he obtained the painkillers. investigators are leaning toward the theory that prince didn't know the pills he was taking contained fentanyl. the zika vvrus could hang around the u.s. for a year or two. gulf coast states are more vulnerable to the spread of the disease. there have been two recent
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contraction of the virus. officials in miami beach are doing everything they can to control the spread in popular tourist destinations. a new study this morning, honeywell issuing a recall of the saline solution because it could the 32-ounce bottles are recalled and no injuries have been reported. if you wear contacts, thee cdc says you're likely not caring for them properly. about 99% of people surveyed don't take proper care of their contacts, increasing their risk for eye infections. the biggest mistake, people sleep in them when they shouldn't. and a lot of people mix new and
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do that. and replace the lenses as often as your doctor tells you to. some people don't do that as well. >> mitch has to put in eyeballs every morning. i did lasik about a decade ago. we have increasing cloud cover today. take a look at the satellite and radar right now. very cloudy across the half of the state. looking east, limon, a lot of % colors and beautiful start out % there. we'll continue to see clouds dissipate heading into the morning and afternoon hours. downtown right now, 63 degrees, feeling very mild at the airport with gusty winds out of the south southwest about 14 miles an hour. those will calm down through the the morning. the highs today across the state, 84 in grand junction,
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few degreee above average and 90 today in the eastern plains. you can see we have increasing cloud cover as we head to about 11:30. by this afternoon we have a better chance of storm activity in the higher elevations mainly. should stay dry across the metro area. then overnight tonight see lows drop down, 58 in denver. tomorrow we'll have a better chance for seeing afternoon storms. this is at 2:00 tomorrow. you can see more shower and storm activity on the models right now. then we'll continue to see the chance for stronger activity and stronger thunderstorms both
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wednesday, then next weekend we are expecting temperatures to stay pretty mild, so it will feel less like summer. 6th avenue and sheridan looking good for us. eastbound 6th avenue going in from santa fe, wrapping up sewer line work. still have a closure at buckley between smoky hill and chambers. half an hour at the dia security wait times, still 20 minutes at the bridge. 5:48 now. put your breakfast away for a second.
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out of using kids' playgrounds as a bathroom. officials say human feces have been found four or five times in the last month. the person covers it with a shirt or jacket then kids go to move it and find it. >> who could be sick enough to do that? absolutely disgusting. >> and very weir haenppg aftehours.. so far it's been hard to find out who's doing this. a shirt at target is catching the attention of so many people, and why so many are trying to find the shirt. >> and denver police showing us
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dare to care is a
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that provides forrchildren with siblings battling diseases. >> i want to help make a difference. >> the denver 7 trustee choice insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as a 7 everyday hero for all your young people, so congratulations. a denver police officer is hoping to bring the community together during a time of tension, all through dance. >> that is officer matt murray
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the community to meet with and talk with police officers. >> looks like he's having a blast. >> i think he's done that beforee i know as a student, i was always excited to go back to school. arr your girls excited? >> they are. i'm not when i see that 90 because my kids' school doesn't >> we'll cool off by wednesday, just get through the next couple days. by wednesday we're back in the 70s. still have that closure of buckley in aurora. you can see some activity out there, and looks like they could be opening lanes there, allowing some of the traffic to
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accident off i-70 near colorado boulevard. there's a flower print shirt that's brought people all over the world together. >> 10-year-old candy has autism. she has a shirt that's been her favorite since kindergarten. her mom usually gets her a new one each year but target stopped producing them. so she turned to >> and target got in touch with the family, tracked down the fabric and they are making shirts in different sizes that she can wear into adulthood. pretty cool. this 93-year-old just completed the cross country run he started in san diego almost three years ago. at 93 he's he oldest person in
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country. he was trying to help return a world waii era ship to nor man day france for the upcoming anniversary of the d-day landing. before you head to work, there are changes on the road in denver you should be aware of. >> and why you may want to trade in your workout for a nice, hot bath. many broncos fans not happy after saturday but a less of 49ers is only partof the
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it is 6:00 a.m. overnight one person was killed after being hit by a car near iliff and chambers. police say an suv was speeding and slammed into a group of people in the crosswalk. one of those people died. police say alcohol and speed crash. the suspect and victim have not been identified rrght now. this is near buckley and crestline. >> we have been learning more about this crash as the morning moves on. >> reporter: we just spoke with a deputy and they are not


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