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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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it is 6:00 a.m. overnight one person was killed after being hit by a car near iliff and chambers. police say an suv was speeding and slammed into a group of people in the crosswalk. one of those people died. police say alcohol and speed crash. the suspect and victim have not been identified rrght now. this is near buckley and crestline. >> we have been learning more about this crash as the morning moves on. >> reporter: we just spoke with a deputy and they are not
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of kin not being notified yet.. we don't know if it was the suv or motorcycle here at crestline and buckley, but crestline is reopened to go south on buckley from this intersection. northbound, they are still loading that motorcycle up, the suv still rrmaining in the front yard here. the coroner arrived and they did remove a body from outside a vehicle, so we are who that is. right now the scene is starting to clean up a little bit. crime scene investigators are done and we're being told in the next few minutes they believe buckley road will be
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the weather is looking nice to start the day. we have a mix of sun and clouds, some shower activity down to the south. this will eventually clear out throughout the morning hours.
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clear conditions. currently outside grand junction 66, 49 in aspen, lower 50s in eagle and denver at 62 right now. as the kids head out today, denver public schools are back in session. 66 heading out the door, and it will be hot today, temperatures in the upper 80s to low 90s. more on the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. two motorcycle riders are dead after they into a car yesterday in the big thompson canyon west of loveland. troopers closed the road for several hours during the investigation. the driver of the car we're told should be okay. the riders have not been identified. no word on whether they had helmets. we have been following this all night, a gas tanker spills 200 gallons of fuel in loveland. loveland fire had now cleared
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they tweeted pictures from where this happened, hitting a barrier there at the diamond shamrock at the corner. it did take a couple hours to pump the fuel out of the truck and clear the scene. the only damage was to the tanker, and roads are now all back open. a murder investigation continues this morning after a man was found shot to death outside a strip club yestery. strip club and the victim has not been identified. the fbi is trying to track down this guy. they say he robbed a key bank in castle pines saturday morning and wore a fake beard during the process. police say he's in his 20s with a dimple on the end of his nose and a left ear piercing.
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arrest. 71-year-old walter rogers has been missing now for more than 24 hours. he has a history of strokes and dementia, and was last seen in a brown baseball cap and blue jeans. if you see him, call police. a deputy is suspended for ten days, accused of telling a mentally ill inmate to quote, ju he says he doesn't remember telling that inmate to die but remembers a comment about another inmate's mom. we have more on this at more than 90,000 kids are heading back to denver public schools today. amanda del castillo has more. >> reporter: how can you not be
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school? people are preparing to get our viewers can help make that happen, including obbying signs in school zones and being extra cautious near bus stops and crosswalks. parents consider escorting kids to the bus stop, and make sure kids stay aware of their the roads, so be sure you're alert and aware of all the kids joining us on the roadways. amanda del castillo, denver 7. the 2016 u.s. olympics are
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u.s. was on tops in the medal count. >> one coach got really upset yesterday, a tense moment making a lot of people smile. >> go ahead. the olympic committee is prooising more discipline for ryan lochte and swim, for fabricating a story about being robbed in rio. >> and surveillance video shows lochhe and the other swimmers vandalizing a gas station, broke a door, urinated on the walls. lochte says he's taking full responsibility for the lies. >> you said at some point after you refused to sit down, the security ggard put the gun to your head and cocked it. >> that didn't happen. that didn't happen.
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>> i don'' know why. i was still intoxicated. i was still under that influence. >> the international olympic committee could give all four swimmers a fine or possibly suspension. broncos fans dealt with long lines at mile high this weekend. and we still don't know who's playing quarterback opening night. >> and more devastation in louisiana following more rain. when the president plans to visit the region. >> and ta near limon, a beautiful start to our monday. i'll have the chance of rain in the forecast coming up in a few minutes. we have a huge accident here on the 225, northbound side. this is part of it in the left lane before colfax. the other part of it is about a quarter mile back south of here on the right shoulder. we have a huge traffic jam from
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we have a big accident here in aurora. this is northbound 225 right before colfax. the other activity is on the right shoulder. the lanes are open till you get here to this accident. multiple cars involved, and it will take a while to get this cleared up. heavy damage to one of those vehicles and the backup to alameda. i would suggest side streets or add time to that northbound 70 ride. this is a look at a fire in douglas county, only about an acre burned before fireghters got this under control. investigators are still trying to fiiure out what sparked the fire. a paraglider is in critical condition this morning after
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saturday. the terrain was steep and it took rescue crews more than an hour to get to the crash site. the faa and ntsb are investigating. tragic ending to a similar incident? in utah, a paraglider dying after crashing through a church roof yesterday morning. witnesses say the victim was spiraling out of control before th take a look at this dust storm rolling through arizona. no one was hurt but this cloud forced airlines to delay a few fights out of sky harbor airport. couple more inches of rain for louisiana yesterday, the last thing th need, still trying to recover from the historic flooding that's hit over the past week so far some more than 60,000 homes have
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shelters this morning. the president will visit tomorrow. donald trump was there on friday. louisiana's governor says he's thankful the disaster is getting national attention. >> shine a spotlight on louisiana and the dire situation we have here, it was helpful. >> fema approved $70 million in temporary aid and there are more than 2600 national guard members helping flood right now. >> horrible to watch out of louisiana there. we are on the opposite end. absolutely. over the weekend, parts of texas, san antonio got 9 inches overnight. we are not seeing any severe weather here but a better chance of storms is in the seven-day forecast. today lookiig at the satellite and radar, we are picking up
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southwest, increasing cloud cover there. take a look around the state. loveland ski area, the sun is rising with a mix of sun and clouds, and a beautiful start to our monday morning. this is a beautiful shot from limon. sometimes it just taaes your breast away. in downtown denver, expect temperatures to gradually rise into thmid-60s. guys. come over here and take a look. my weather computer has stopped working. so i'll work on this and get ?ou the seven-day forecast. i can tell you now temperatures will be in the pper 80s to lower 90s today, then throughout the next seven days we'll start to cool down.
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computer is having a case of the mondays. >> it is not worring. >> rely on all this technology and it fails us monday morning. northbound 225 between 6th avenue and colfax, heavy damage to this vehicle. we are waiting on a tow truck to help get that off to the side. still protecting that left lane. the other part of the scene here, i'm counting six cars on the right here behind me. that's the scene here. heavy stop and go traffic unfortunately now from alameda through 6th avenue, sitting right about colfax. we'll see an extra 10 minutes on that side of 225. this section of buckley road after the fatal accident at crestline, all lanes are now open.
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telluride. 70 eastbound, exiting at staple ton drive so that won't be a factor. the rest of the ride is in okayy shape this morning. police are still trying to track down a driver who hit and killed a 51-year-old woman in brighton. police say she crashed her car friday street and they believe when she got out of the car, she was hit by another driver. if you know anything, call police. from the first alert desk, another officer-involved shooting caught on camera. police in las cruces, new mexico this morning are investigating the shooting. we are seeing video shot by a passer-by here, seeing in the disaster the officers there have a suspect near a white
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there. they believe that suspect had stolen the pickup truck. it pulled over on a bridge over i-22 and the suspect got out. police say he was armed with a knife and came at officers, and that's when the suspect was shot at least one time. he died in the hospital. the driver continues to follow this scene, driving around it. you can see the officers with the suspect there on the ground afterwards. the broncos preseason home opener to the 49ers over the weekend, a lot of fans not happy because of the long lines outside mile high. i was there. believe me. it took forever to get in there. >> a viewer sent us this picture, saying it took more than 45 minutes to get in and he missed the start to the game, even missing that first touchdown. >> so did i.
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sanchez fumbled twice in 30 seconds. >> and he was visibly disappointed when we talked to him after the game. >> going into my eighth year, i know better. i've got to get the ball out. i can't put ppessure on the o- line like that. it's a tough spot. there's o excuse. you can't put the team in situation. >> paxton lynch threw two touchdown passes and one interception. >> and lynch could be the starter for opening day of the regular season. let's check the forecast with katie lasalle. we're back. sometimes you have to restart the computer. 62 downtown and wind out of the west at 14 miles an hour.
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we head throughout the day today, another warm day in store. temperatures are climbing to the upper 80s and low 90s across the front range. our temperatures across the state todayy pretty warm in grand junction, 70s in the mountains, mid-90s across the eastern plains expecting 90 degrees. hour by hour, we'll have increasing cloud cover by this afternoon, a mix of sun and clouds with shower activity and heavier storms picking up at higher elevations in the mountains, some activity making its way on to the foothills. can't rule out a chance for
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lows overnight, 60s down to the southeast. we'll see a cold front move in, a better which chance of storms tomorrow with cloudy conditions. tonight getting through the upper 50s in denver. we'll start the day dry, chance for afternoon evening storms and temperatures right around average. tomorrow we are expecting 87, but the cooldo heading into wednesday, thursday and friday. we'll see the strongest of storms tuesday and wednesday, overnight lows mild in the 50s. one artist uses chairs to create his masterpieces. when you could see his work right here in denver. >> and a live look of the
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill
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the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
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. at 6:25, we have a huge
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this is a rolled over trash truck on the ramp from westbbund i-76 to go downtown. this is another truck behind it. this is on its side and it will take some time to get this cleared up. there's enough room for traffic to get by on this ramp for now, but i have a feeling the state patrol, which just arrived on the scene, will be closing it down so they can do the cleanup and get this out. that's what they will have to do. we have the but we'll have to find alternates when they close that down. northbound 225 at colfax, several accidents here. one is blocking the left lane, one on the right shoulder, the backup now nearly back to iliff. these are sculptures that are pretty unique because they are made out of all chairs. they were created by a soldier
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craigslist ad. you can read the full story on our denver 7 app. hundreds showed up to donate sports equipment over the weekend for the fifth annual give sports equipment drivee sponsored by key bank. organizers hope to have more than 20,000 pieces of equipment donated. no one likes traffic jams after a concert or event. one colorado town says they have a solution. we have that coming up after
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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. in arapahoe county, the coroner s on the scene of a
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a car. >> reporter: the road is reopened here on buckley and crestline. about 2:30 a.m., a motorcycle and suv collided at this intersection, killing one of the people operating one of those vehicles. we are not sure whether it was the motorcyclist or the person in the suv. police have not released this information yet due to the next of kin not being notified. oo the tow truck and that's the last part of this accident scene to be cleaned up. once this is done, the whole area will be free of ems and media, if you will. so pretty much one person dead out here, the road has reopened after this unfortunate scene out here. jayson luber will help you get around these this morning. this is a rolled over trash
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from i-76, the westbound side of i-76 to go south on i-25 and into downtown denver. the truck is on its side. the driver is here, being tended to by paramedics on the scene. they'll check him out and see if he's okay. looked like he's okay there. traffic to get by in the far right shoulder. i have a feeling they will close that down in a little starting to back up toward 88th avenue. the other one is here in aurora, northbound 225 before colfax. the left lane is still blocked there. we have a jam going back an extra 20 minutes getting across aurora right now. and you'll probably want
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it is the first day of school for denver public schools today, so we'll start with temperatures in the mid-60s and when it's time to go home, highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s. not just denver, but fort collins and csu expecting 90 for the first day of classes. it's my sister's first day. good luck to eeeryone out there. we'll cont conditions tomorrow. whatever you decide to do today, stay cool and stay hydrated. we have a cooldown coming up later in the week. mitch? arson investigators are investigating a fire at dartmouth and sheridan after some bushes outside a home caught fire. the home was not burned. the investigation is continuing. we have breaking news, a
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now. it's made landfall and flights are grounded right now. at least one person is dead because of this breaking story. we have also been following deadly flooding in india as well. 40 people have died in central and eastern india from drowning, electrocution and collapsed housing. 600,000 people were rescued in parts of the country. this of course is india's monsoon season and more denver public schools back in session today, meaning 4,000 teachers are at school waiting for kids. >> yes, but 90,000 kids. amanda del castillo is live at kemp already jr. high near federal and kentucky. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the students will get started
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drivers are stopped here because we have a school bus stopped. we are on irving, where the posted speed limit is 25 miles an hour. good news, all morning long we have been clocking people with our radar gun. 3 we have seen people traveling at or under that speed limit. if you're heading this way th to meet with parents, faculty and students. the superintendent is back from his trip abroad and he'll be joining leaders here as well. amanda del castillo, denver 7. a man and his granddaughter are pulleddto safety after his truck went into the cherry
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>> when i backed my boat into the water, the moss grabbed hold of my -- i mean, i couldn't stop. >> today could have gone differently. thankfully it went in their favor. there was a young girl as well as the gentleman driving the truck. they were both able to escape on their own. >> it took divers hours to get the boat water. a parker man remains in the hospital after a hit-and-run crash near parker road and crown crest boulevard on saturday. the victim was at the red light and was rear-ended by another driver. the impact pushed his car into a ditch. police are still looking for the other driver. the victim wants to know why the other driver took off. >> how do you not stop? >> we have a family. we're just like everybody else, try to be good people.
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>> police say the suspect may be in a brown sedan and they are investigating this morning. we know the headache of sitting in traffic after a concert or sporting event. but police now have a system to flush all parking lots they say in about 20 minutes. its arts with timed traffic lights in a one-square mile the ground. you can also get text alerts about realtime traffic alerts by texting the number there on
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the sterling university apartments last wednesday werr set to move in but the city said there was an issue with the way they were divided. they had to convert some 4 bedrooms into 2 bedrooms as a result of this. the complex hasn't said if it will let students out of their lease. a denver police officer has a way to help smooth out the relationship with the communit communicate with the kids. . >> that's officer matt murray, having a danceoff with kids there during a community picnic over the weekend. the event was a way for people from the community to meet and talk with police officers. none of us were expecting the officer to bust a move like that.
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helping you burn calories. >> i'm in. and take a look at this monster fish. find out who hauled in the 350- pound grouper. this jam off i-76 with a rolled over trash truck on the ramp to go south on i-25.
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. 6:40. wilson chandler snagged this huge grouper over the weekend during a fishing trip. >> that thing is massive. in case you're wondering, he didn't catch this in colorado. this is off the coast of florida. i don't think i've ever seen
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it weighed 350 pounds. >> feeding theer fish some special food. >> that is incredibly impressive. it was a great weekend to get out, maybe be by the water. today as we start our monday, mostly dry across much of the eastern half of colorado, still shower activity down to the west that will die down we have a mix of sun and clouds at the airporr, winds calming down throughout the morning. loveland partly cloudy, we'll continue to see 60s and 70s in the high country. today expect highs in the upper 80s and lower 90s throughout the front range, slight chance of storms but for the most part staying dry before a cooldown midweek. big problems around town. we'll get to the 225 issues in a second.
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truck, the ramp that comes from i-76 to southbound i-25. police are still allowing trafficker to get there. they will close that down when they have to upright the truck and haul it out of here, hopefully after the morning commute. traffic is backed up before 96th avenue right now. northbound 225, we have two separate accidents. one is the right shoulder after 6th avenue, one is colfax and we are backed on northbound 225. this may sound too good to be true. turns out you may be able to burn calories in a hot bath. you can burn 126 calories by just soaking in the stub for an hour. that's about as much as you can burn during a 30 minute walk. >> i'm in. that's easy. hillary clinton continues
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nationally? we have new poll numbers this morning. >> and as we head to break, we have a live look at the enamel on my teeth was weakening. wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth. pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing
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it is 6:45. let's talk about your voice your vote this morning. donald trump is at 45% with hillary clinton at 43% in a poll out just this presidential candidate tim kaine will be here in denver tomorrow to talk about the economy in an event for small business leaders. that event is not open to the public. jill stein is also coming to colorado this week, stopping in colorado springs, fort collins and denver. this sunday at mercury cafe will be her next event.
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sanders supporters. in tokyo, hundreds of flights have been grounded. if you have plans to travel there, you won't be going or it will be delayed because of this typhoon that made landfall today. cnn is reporting at least one person is dead and many others injured. there have been tens of thousands forced to evacuate because of this. concerts at cu boulder will continue but officials s july holiday weekend again. people say it was just too much to handle for emergency personnel since the fireworks show is then on the 4th. too much all in a row. they will spread them out. >> makes sense. 62 degrees right now in denver, starting off nice.
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the day. temperatures? boulder, front range, upper 80s to lower 90s this afternoon. we have high pressure still in control after movings in on sunday. we'll see a cold front move in come tomorrow. but right now we have activity on the western side of the state, mostly west of i-25. across the front range in the plains, partly cloudy conditions. highs today as we can see, pretty toasty. 90 in denver, same at airport, highlands ranch with the 70s as well. increasing cloud cover throughout the afternoon with a sllght chance of a storm or two across the front range tonight. the best chance for storm activity will be in the higher elevations. if you're not loving the ?emperatures, we'll be back in the upper 70s by wednesday. highs across the state, 84
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70s in eagle and steam boat, sterling expecting 94 degrees today. still very warm across the plains and colorado springs in the mid-80s. as we go through the day today, by this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds throughout the front range, some activity picking up mainly in the mountains starting about overnight tonight, cloudy skies and lows very mild, 58 in denver, 59 in the springs and lower 60s in grand junction, 40s and 50s across the high country. temperatures are where they should be in terms of our in store as we head to tomorrow. by midday heading into 2:00, 3:00, you can see more activity
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stronger thunderstorms for tuesday and wednesday. we could even have a rain-snow mix at the higher elevations, mostly cloudy through wednesday morning. today we'll see highs in the low 90s, mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow a better chance of storms, still staying warm in the mid- to upper 80s. wednesday temperatures dropping into the mid- to upper 70s, and those will stay with us heading into next weekend. we have two problems on the roadways. we have a rolled over trash truck on the ramp from westbound 76 to go south on i- 25. the driver looked like he was okay, checked out at the scene. you can see with the lane blocked, they will be here for sometime. they will have to close that later on to get this out of
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about. so traffic is backed up on i-76 all the way back to 85, a long, slow stretch in there. if you can get northbound, use that ramp to 25. northbound 225, two separate accidents here between 6th avenue and colfax. you can see how traffic crawling. that left lane has been blocked and it is a slow commute there. new accident here at dry reek and university, another one at mississippi and parker road. officials are hoping eventually to widen i-25 between castle rock and monument. it's the only two-lane stretch of highway from there to colorado springs. c-dot says they have to do
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decade to finish. light now the cost looks to be about $270 million. 99% of the people who wear contacts are not taking proper care of them, meaning you're at risk for serious eye infections. the cdc says don't sleep in your contacts, throw out used solution instead of reusing it, and replace your lenses as often as your doctor saturday when they will host the rams at mile high. could be a couple days before a starter is named for the game. this is why. two interceptions were thrown over the weekend and sanchez lost two fumbles.
6:52 am
deal with that and say we don't have a starter. we're going to play. at the end of the day we have 11 orange jerseys out there and one will be quarterback. we have to do our job to mmke his job easier. >> collectively on defense, do you pay attention to or say, we're going to take care of our end, you go yours? >> that's pretty much what we do. i'm sure they'll figure it out when the time comes. >> the guy who's best for the team. kickoff is 7:00 this saturday night against the rams. more on the big stories of the day coming up in your morning sprint. >> plus the kids are back to class at denver public schools.
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. there have been two deadly here. s in just a few hours >> we have a crash in centennial one person was killed after an accident involving an suv and motorcycle. this time police haven't said which vehicle the victim was in or the cause of the crash. as we learn more, we'll pass
6:55 am
dead after being hit by a driver at iliff and chambers. police say an suv was speeding as it turned onto chambers and the driver lost control and slammed intooa group of people in the crosswalk. one of those people died. police say alcohol and speed are likely factors in the crash. the suspect and victims are not being identified. it is a tough drive. start with this ramp to go south i-25. they are allowing traffic to get through but this is stacked up on 76 nearly to highway 85. heavy stop and go traffic on 225 from the accident that's between 6th avenue and colfax, off to the right shoulder. it is heavy stop and go to at least iliff. 25 and hamden, this is a school bus that's broken down from
6:56 am
no information on whether kids are on the bus. thank you. overnight in loveland more than 200 gallons of gas spilled near eisenhower and wilson last night. a gas tanker hit a barrier about 11:00 p.m. last night. it took crews several hours to clean up the mess. no one was injured. denver police are looking for whoever shot a man outside pt's center fold strip club last night. the victim has not been identified. , the fbi is looking for this bank robber after he robbed a key bank saturday morning. the beard is fake and they say he was wearing that as a disguise. he has a dimple on on the tip of his nose and a piercing in his upper left ear. there is a cash reward for information leading to an
6:57 am
denver this morning where students are getting ready to start the school day. that means drivers need to be aware out here. we have been out clocking speeds and it's only 25 miles an hour. good news, people have actually been driving at or below that speed limit. so make sure you're aware around crosswalks, school zones and surrounding neighborhoods. amanda del castillo, denver 7. big day for a lot of kids. stop, you'll have mid-60s, sunny conditions and increasing cloud cover throughout the afternoon. highs today are in the upper 80s and lower 90s. fort collins will see similar highs, and good luck everyone for the first day of classes. we'll start with a rolled over trash truck on the ramp from westbound 76 tt southbound
6:58 am
dpd is blocking an additional lane for a broken down school bus. we don't know if there are kids on board but looks like they have another bus there too, to maybe transport. so take a look at the map. 225 is not looking good, accident still being cleaned up% between 6th and colfax. >> some of those trash trucks look top heavy. i gus thee are. >> and they don't do well on
6:59 am
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good morning, america. three massive wildfires are tearing through washington. families evacuated. a ring of flames, clouds of smoke destroy homes. as firefighters battle 25 major blazes in the west. trump's new tactic. his campaign signaling a possible change on immigration as he faces backlash over his attempts to appeal to minorities and this morning new questions for hillary clinton over her e-mails. powell for her problem? ryan lochte still under fire despite his tearful apology for that scandal in rio. >> i just want to say i am truly 110%, i am sorry and it won't happen again. i learned from it. >> the u.s. olympic committee says the gold medalist and his teammates aren't off the lock. -- off the hook. now, lochte facing questions


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