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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  August 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm MDT

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breaking news. weld county the topic alert about the first cases of zika fineness. >> and west nile viruses are on the rise as well. >> mosquitoes do not carry the zika virus. the cases of zika virus were people who traveled out of the state . >> the cases of west nile virus are up. the two cases earlier this month there are seven now. you have to follow the four d's to limit your exposure. >> only one in five people infected with west nile virus show symptoms. and that's why doctors will tell you to use those tests for virus before you donate blood.
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carry the zika virus, we also know that it can be sexually transmitted. a man has contracted of a disease carried by rabbits and rodents after a man was working in his yard. he killed a man last year. him to prison. is that enough ? truck he tells me he knows nothing will bring his son back. the 38 years in prison is not enough for someone who put so many lives in danger and left his son to burn. we want to want you the some of the details in the story are graphic. a ball of fire by southwest 44
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bloodied and handcuffed, the 25- year-old man behind it all. on august 3 of last year, he was under the influence of alcohol and marijuana and was headed 80 mi./h in a 30 mi./h speed limit zone. the surveillance camera missed several cars before runnin setting it on fire. he breaks into a nearby home, steals the homeowners keys, but does not make it far before getting caught, >> this smell let his father's son to his room.
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around the steering wheel. his face was unrecognizaale. >> reporter: he was sentenced to 38 years in prison.>> that is a pretty strong stance of driving under the influence. >> reporter: despite the efforts of seeking an appropriate sentence, it is not enough. >> this is the best that we can do with the state of colorado. >> reporter: says he will eventually try to forget him. he pleaded guilty vehicular homicide dui. of four police try to figure out who killed a 22-year- old woman. they found her dead inside of the townhome on waco just south of mississippi. they are investigating this as a homicide but they will not
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a husband and wife died before 5 pm yesterday. vandals spray painting one of colorado's beautiful parks. they were caught on camera and that video is going 50. jacqueline allen track down the man who shot it. >> reporter: colorado is as a land of beauty. so you can imagine how people felt when ey sought this rock spray-painted with orange. >> you know that you are defacing property rights click >> reporter: the man behind this video was on the lookout. >> we have a video of you doing it. i'll turn it over to the proper authorities. >> reporter: he follows this vandal to shoot a close-up of
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and this guy was not alone. his friend kept his face covered. >> people tell me that i was pretty for going up to them. i was nnt thinking. >> reporter: the man behind the video does not want to be identified. he said before they left they threatened him. >> as they were getting in their car, they said if you put this up we will find you. five first look at the damage if they are fed up with vandals targeting parks. in attention. a calendar toyota woman sentenced to probation for two facing national parks across the country. >> you live in colorado and their -- and it is beautiful here. >> reporter: they are looking for the most recent vandals. they do not recommend doing this while they appreciate the video. >> the reaction the suspects
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as they did today. >> reporter: this nature lover says he would do it again. sincerely -- >> hopefully they are found in that they have to pay for what they did. they have to be held accountable. >> reporter: this is a serious crime. the vandals could face up to one year in jail and a $1000 fine. how do you get a broken down chopper off of the road to the crane. children's hospital says its medical hot -- helicopter stop working last night. crews brought in a great today to lift it off. but the grain meet another part. so it will stay there for the night and crews will try to move the helicopter tomorrow. a man stole a woman's suv with her kids inside. she left it running watching brand into the federal dollar store on federal.
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police followed the car to a field for the driver blew a tire. >> the kids were not crying at all when they brought them out of the vehicle. the three-year-old was wondering what was going on. it was a very emotional event for everyone.>> 34-year-old eric might use this is in the hospital. anything but sunshine right now and western look at this mudslide. chief meteorologist mike nelson joining us. >> there are dark skies around. this is east of the art a looking towards the west. there are scattered showers and thunderstorms showing up over southeastern aurora and in the parker area. they are not severe but we have had some strong wind gusts. statewide, a little bit of moisture in the mountains.
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approaching cold front. the cold front is on the way in it will feel like ball very quickly once again. >> while we enjoyed 90s here in the metro look at this, it is snowing again at the top of pikes he. temperatures only hit the mid- 30s at 13,000 feet. and we are only one month away from fall. one and done for the july 4 concert. they say people not host concerts weekend. the universities at the concert and fireworks show was too much for first responders. see you does plan on hosting concerts at the stadium. he will decide in november is to correct should cost more. a proposal to triple the taxes on the pack of smokes just make the ballot. that would increase taxes from $.84 a pack to $2.94 per pack.
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is looking at proposals that could impact develooment in the city. one of those is apartment buildings with one thing missing. that is parking. >> reporter: denver city council playing a measure that would put a pause on certain developments that do not include parking. this is becoming a huge issue in the city. especially in areas where parking we know the city is considering another potential projects in the pipeline as of right now, they have limited 40 parking. for talking about an apartment complex with more than 100 units. several neighboohood associations plan on being here tonight, asking counsel to close this loophole. the moratorium will be in place for seven months. and council considering another measure related to development.
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apartments as well. also at tonight's meeting this a debate on whether to give historic status to a building. this building was one of the first to open a store to the lg bt community as early as the 1950s. area parents say they are still dealing with buses arriving up to two hours late. it's happening on route 32 and commerce city. the district calls this the beginning of the year case. this mother saved the busing issues throw hii off >> he is a scheduled kid. for the rest of the day he is
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we still trying to figure things out. >> parents pay $160 a year for each child to ride the bus. the district says it should have the issues sorted out why e end of the week. denver is taking a look at the homeless issue that we
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and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body. there is not a day that i don't think about david. when i saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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14% of them is homeless choose to be outside. they'd rather sleep outside to sleep on the shelter.>> why would i want to sleep outside when the ground gives quite >> >> reporter: is a veteran who suffers from ptsd. he has a bone disease and is in pain most of the time. sleeping on a thin mat is hard for him. but isn't that bad ? denver seven with into one of the larger shelters in the city. >> when you talk about overcrowding, that is probably
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sitting becomes matt at night. and we use the hallways in the winter. we maximize the space that we. we feel it safer to be inside than to be outside on the street. >> reporter: the rescue mission can sleep up to 350 men. 200 more can be bus to an overflow shelter nearby. some of the mental get a bed, but many will find themselves on a mac at night.>> they keep their stuff with them. guideline is that you can only bring what you can carry. >> reporter: this is a reality that many of us have never had to confront. overcrowding, and anxiety over belongings, and illnesses keep people from chair -- like jerry away from shelters. >> you have to be in at a certain time. you have to check your dignity at the door when you come in. >> at denver rescue mission says safety is a top priority for them. they have surveillance cameras and they staff it all night long. the all clear has sounded
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brought in war ball to rename and bazookas. they had nearby businesses shelter in place. they have turned the explosives over to fort carson. this hailstorm cost $350 million in damage. the storm attthe end of july. -- dropped golf and tennis ball this is the fourth most expensive hailstorm in history and the second most costly natural disaster in the coral springs area only behind the whelchel canyon fire. -- waldo canyon fire. right now we have had a few minor storms of the metro area. skies are mostly cloudy. we have some gusty winds up to 40 mi./h. they have helped to cool the temperatures down from these highs. 93 degrees in denver.
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this will be the last receipt of the 90s for a little while in the metro area. the storms do not amount to very much. with the heating of the day to manage to form a few thunderstorms with a bit more bigger. you can see these just to the east of i-4 70. that will move toward the east south east and gradually diminish. in a few more of these continue towards jefferson county backstop to 285 near fairplay and grant. 77 downtown 88 out at the airport. winter gusty out of the south. humidity is low at 18%. the high was 93 and that is five shot at the record high and well above the normal of 87. the low was 28 this morning. there is a low coming in from
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overnight to nice guys will state mostly clear except for a few clouds and sprinkles down in the sand wants. morning lows will drop down to 50 it in denver, 62 in pump, 38 and that though, tomorrow the front against moving from the west. the best chance of rain will be west of the divide beard and a better chance spreading out along the front range and eventually in the northeast plains as the front goes white tomorrow evening. a warm day, upper 80s across east colorado. cooler back to the west. the front affects them first. along the front range 60s and 70s.
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plains. a few showers early and 50 a few tomorrow the high temperature at 87 with dry conditions in the morning and a few storms in the afternoon. then it will feel like paul aiken for a couple of days. scattered showers wednesday and thursday. i don't think a lot of heavy moisture.
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this man here managed the brock australis situation last
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headed monster. today, he said trevor simeon will start saturday night against the rams. that means that in this race, he has passmark chances down the stretch. and now it is his job to lose. here is more from dove valley. >> reporter: the broncos say status quo at quarterback. that clearly favors trevor simeon. gary kubiak said, trevor simeon will get the start against the la brands. he is nursing a sore he will get the rest with the ones is advantageous. there is no other way to interpret it. they talked about his performance on saturday night. >> i think he did a good job tonight. i'm going to go back and give him a chance to do that again. like i said they will play equally. >> reporter: though he has only
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with his slow heartbeat. virgil green described his leadership abilities today to the press. >> he comes in and commands the huddle. guys in years passed have learned a lot of what it takes to be a true professional quarterback. >> reporter: what does this mean for mark sanchez ? if he is not first team will possibility because they will have to pay him $4.5 million. that will be the backup is paxon bench. is he ready ? >> he cannot put the team in that situation. >> reporter: what is next ? >> that is a odqueson. i let that one go tonight. >> reporter: and injury update, aqib talib expected to plate this week. demarcus ware has returned to practice. good news for the broncos. rockies and brewers right
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benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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end, i am so bummed, christina, i watched every minute. >> every minute, if you had it as much as three times like bradley here. don't worry, there is always tokyo. >> well, there is four years. we have a glimpse of what to expect. tokyo's animated olympics are number one. >> no, you are not seeing things, the prime minister of japan just transformed to mario. [ chrs >> he's okay. if this promotional video is any indi indication, tokyo's 2020 summer olympics are going more than okay. pack man is going to be there. he loves the olympics than any other video game characters. it is a good thing that team
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like japan is stacking their squad. >> book four flight to tokyo, well, four years out is a little earlier. christina got why tomorrow is the day to book at number two. tomorrow is cheap flight day when the cheap fair starts to drop and the season begins. summer is almost over and school is starting. less people are traveling but their loss is your gain. between tomorrow and thanksgiving, prices will be down as much as 20% especially you fliyers don't care when you are leaving. if you look at least 30 days in advance, what are you waiting for? put vacation planning on your planner and start dreaming of t the days. >> that's some great advice on


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