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tv   World News Now  ABC  August 23, 2016 2:36am-4:01am MDT

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dead and another 49 wounded by gunfire. one 14-hour stretch saw an average of one person shot every 33 minutes. mayor rahm emanuel blamed the shootings on gang violence. more than 2,700 people have been shot in chicago this year alone. about 300 short of last year's total. >> friends and neighbors held a vigil monday for a deaf man shot by a state trooper in north carolina. daniel harris was shot and
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now many are wondering if he even knew police were trying to pull him over. that's one of many questions being raised. >> reporter: residents in this charlotte, north carolina, neighborhood are demanding answers about how a deaf man was shot to death just feet from his home. >> i can't understand, you know, why it happened the way it happened. why did you have to kill him? >> highway patrol's been involved in a shooting. >> reporter: daniel harris, a husband and father, fatally shot by police in what simple traffic violation. >> he's stopped here. and then a few seconds later, i heard a gunshot. >> reporter: police say they were trying to pull over the 29-year-old who had a hearing and speech impairment for speeding. a seven-mile chase ensued and didn't end until harris pulled into his driveway and got out of the car. >> that guy was deaf. he didn't hear the siren. he didn't hear anything. >> reporter: police say there was a brief encounter. some residents suggest he may have been using hand gestures or
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>> it went on for 10 or 15 seconds. ten seconds later, a gunshot went off. >> i was told he had nothing in his hand. >> reporter: the officer involve sudden on administrative leave. an investigation is underway. lindsey davis,bc news, new york. a judge in the controversial rape case involving a now-former stanford athlete is making news in another sex crime trial. ag aaron persky recused himself from the child pornography case. recall campaign. in june he sentenced brock turner to six months in jail for a sexual assault. turner faced 14 years in prison. if the roads seem more crowded lately, there could be a good reason. a new government report finds that driving in the u.s. is up just over 3% for the first half of the year. one of the main reasons -- cheaper gas. we drove more than a trillion and a half miles from january to june, 250 roundtrips from earth
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>> okay. pluto. >> which is not a planet anymore. >> no, the former planet -- >> the artist formerly known as pluto. speaking of driving, americans walked off with more than 100 medals at the rio summer olympic game. apparently at the other olympics that deals with driving, we didn't do as well. >> american automakers may have to hang their heads in shame after the car olympics. the four-country competition pitted the u.s. against autos from germany, japan, britain. five events included reverse drag racing, exhaust hurtling, and drifting. suffice it to say, the commentator was not kind. >> oh, dear. look at that. it's bouncing around on its suspension. four-wheel drive scrambling. the behemoth in the tight turn. this looks like someone is trying to park their car in a carport. >> can someone translate? >> now unlike in rio, it was the
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theiren tr entry was a bmw spor coupe. the u.s. sent at jeep grand cherokee srt. great britain sent a sport car. >> just not fair. how do you compare the two? >> japan sends a high-performance honda civic. i think the events here were rigged because they should have done off roading, driving up a snowy mountain, and how much can you fit in the trunk? >> and dri safely. >> now we're talking. >> then america. just not fair. >> we don't approve of the competition. >> sorry. belize lost that one, too. >> the u.s. had nearly three times as many medals as germany in the real olympics, so take that. coming up, one mom's very clever going-away gift for her son who was headed to college. first, thrill-seekers get stuck in the air at a popular amusement park when a roller coaster malfunctioned. we'll show how everyone was able to get down. later, there's plenty of
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and plenty that even though most seasoned beach-goers should know about swimming safely in the ocean, we'll give you a few new tips. and behind-the-scene pics on instrasta gram, abcwnn. you're watching "world news now." start the interview with a firm handshake. ay,no! don't do that! try head & shoulders instant relief. it cools on contact, and also keeps you 100% flake free.
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these days. you are buying finish these days. i got a new dishwasher and they recommend finish. really? you should try it. unlike cascade gel, finish has active cleaning enzymes. its unique powerball takes on anything. choose finish. for the second time in a week, a roller coaster at pennsylvania's hershey park has gotten stuck.
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the sidewinder after it stopped because of a malfunction. last week the park's fahrenheit roller coaster was stuck mid ride for aboutix minutes before continuing. in washington state, a driver smash into a shoe store after she accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake. the storeowner's daughter was sitting at a desk inside when the suv came barreling in. luckily she got away with only a small cut on her leg. no one else was hurt. there's a major manhunt underway now in atlanta. authorities want to catch a man suspected in a series of burglaries. >> police also think he's armed because in one incident, surveillance video showed him carrying an automatic rifle. abc reports from atlanta. >> reporter: georgia police are hoping that this surveillance video from a nanny cam will lead them to this alleged armed robber accused of terrorizing homeowners in atlanta. he's seen here friday with what police believe is an ak-47, breaking into a young couple's
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and he walks out with their flat screen, a laptop, and jewelry. >> seems to be by himself as far as we know. we're not sure. >> reporter: about an hour earlier, police say the same gunman was just four miles up the road robbing barbara lyles-anderson, but she was home. >> see the wires -- >> reporter: he picked it up. she says he came in through an unlocked kitchen door, walked into her bedroom, put the gun in her face, and told her to get face down into a pillow on the bed. >> he said, lay down on the bed with your face in the pillow. and t he's going to rape me and murder me. >> reporter: police think the same suspect robbed a woman in a park a week ago. they're policing a sketch. authorities have good leads and underline how helpful these home surveillance cameras can be. abc news, atlanta. >> frightening video there. the guy apparently rang the doorbell some eight times before entering the apartment or the house there. and the homeowners luckily weren't home at the time.
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that sends them a text if the motion sensor goes off. they said they didn't think anything of it because the dog always sets it off. goes to show -- not this time. coming up in our next half hour, swimmer robeyan lochte fi out how quickly sponsors can go away following his olympic scandal in rio. it's never too late to have safe tips for the summer. you're watching "world news now." "world news now"
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? ? ? what was that? >> i have no idea. ever since we gave up the samba, i'm just lost. i'm just lost.
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run," by the ventures. >> of course. >> good advice i think when it comes to this story. when it comes to swimming, surfing, anything involving the ocean, take it slow, and don't think you're too much of an expert. >> apparently it doesn't matter how late in the summer it is, you can always go swimming if you want. or how deep the water is. you need to know how to protect yourself. abc gets tips from an expert for us. >> reporter: a massive wall of water bearing down >> ah! >> reporter: the place where you feel safe, in the shallows. >> my gosh! >> reporter: sometimes that area can turn dangerous in seconds. >> i think we've all been there. you realize suddenly the water's gotten a lot bigger. >> reporter: in this delaware hospital alone, nearly 2,0 swimmers with injuries requiring emergency treatment in the last five years. >> the energy from a three our
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getting hit by a small compact car moving at 20 or 30 miles per hour. >> reporter: josh bazell spent his childhood swimming at the beach until one day -- >> i was in waist-high water with my back to the ocean. a wave picked me up and slammed me headfirst against the ocean floor. >> reporter: he's now a quadriplegic. i'm heading into the water here in malibu, california. a big swell hitting today. with me, los angeles county lifeguard and water safety expert, ken ha the sand -- >> like wet cement. >> reporter: to stay safe, swim in lifeguarded areas. >> lifeguards give safe areas to swim. >> reporter: think like a surfer. study the water before you get in. >> look at the ocean, have that awareness. >> reporter: waves come in sets. get through the break zone during smaller waves. and if you're caught inside as a big one hits, don't brace yoself standing tall. >> it tightens you up, and the wave will push you over and slam
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as it is, ken says if you see that wall of water, go down, and grab sand. >> you go under that, dissipate, relax, grab air, sand, relax under the waves. >> reporter: if you aren't able to get beneath the waves to clear it and a pig one tumbles you, these next instructions could save your life -- >> grab the back of your head, elbows in front of you so if you hit sand, you're protecting >> reporter: whoo. spin cycle. >> it can be fun but can certainly be dangerous, as well. i like the "grab the sand" tip. good one. >> for dear life? >> no, because you have to dive low enough under the wave to get through it. >> yeah. >> so a lot of people don't know how to gauge that. the grab the sand trick is a good one. >> or hit up the pool instead. >> yes. >> not worry about all of those dangers. >> true. i'll be there sunbathing.
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s everything.
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? you're already getting into it. music just makes everything better. >> it does. >> for four indiana troopers, they decided music would make their last cart ride through the indiana state fair a little better. they put on this lovely video lip-synching to the "grease" classic "summer nights." ? met a boy as cute as can be summer days drifting away ? ? ooh-wa hear on the summer nights ? >> oh, my gosh. >> this was the last day of the indiana state fair. they said they wanted to have a little fun. the video reached more than 140,000 views. >> it looks as if they had a
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time. >> they managed to keep a straight face until the backup singers kicked in. >> i wish it was a little longer. >> yes. there was this amazing pearl that is on sale right now. it's worth about $100 million. a filipino fisherman discovered it ten years ago. look at that. >> wow. >> he put the record-breaking pearl on display. it sat under his bed. he didn't know it was worth anything. to give you a sense of how big that pearl is, it's two and a half feet long. about a foot wide. >> imagine that. hi. isn't it beautiful? >> a great anniversary gift. >> our makeup artist would like that pearl. >> it's huge. it's the biggest ever discovered. it's worth 100 million. discovered off of the coast of the philippines. this fisherman hit a payday ten years later.
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hopefully he doesn't find the same misfortune. we'll stick to the beginning part of the book. so people leave for college. often they say they'll miss their family, their girlfriend. for jake, he's going to miss his dog more than anyone, so his mother decided it would be nice to give him a going away gift, so she made this. it's a cardboard cutout of his dog. life-sized cardboard cutout that he's going to bring to school. >> that's funny. that's what we do when we miss our old anchors? >> look who came the visit. hey rob. what's going on? >> yeah. look. awesome. >> so nice of him to stop by. >> always here telling me how to read. there's a pole over there, rob. >> well, let's move onto kfc giving out a cologne, bottles that smell like extra crispy
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this morning on "world news now," donald trump and hillary this morning on "world news now," donald trump and hillary clinton are pushing ahead and trying to stay on message despite a number of distractions to their campaigns. trump is sticking with his latest efforts to attract minority voters as hillary appears on late night tv. bowe bergdahl is court this week. he was captured in afghanistan after leaving his post trying to avoid prison time. how does the case against him stack up? and why big savings would be in the air today. >> for many looking to fly, your best deal might be waiting for you. we'll tell you why and how to catch it. she's at it again. the sassy show-stealer riley curry. nba star steph curry's daughter and her epic playhouse. it's almost big enough to fit her personality. we'll give you the grand tour
3:01 am
tuesday, august 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now". >> good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. let's start with politics. donald trump whether it's a pivot or retooling, it seems as if he's adjusting his hard-line approach to immigration. >> trump is assisting he's not flip-flopping. after months of energizing his base with the call of deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants, he's no longer talking about a deportation force. he said now it's the focus on those with criminal records. he used his latest rally in ohio to make another pitch to minorities. arlette is here with us this morning. what's the latest with this shift? what do you think? >> donald trump is starting to continue his appeal to minority voters, arguing that democrats are the ones that have failed them. last night he spoke to a mostly white crowd in akron, but said this to black and hispanic
3:02 am
countries we're fighting and it's safer than living in some of our inner cities. they're run by the democrats. to the african americans who i employ so many, so many people. to the hispanics, tremendous people. what the hell do you have to lose? give me a chance. >> reporter: he asked that last week of black voter when he also predicted that four years from now he could win 95% of the african american vote. he's faced heat about that prediction. trump also last night called for a special prosecutor to investigate hillary clinton and the clinton foundation saying the fbi can't be trusted. >> even mike pence laughed when he was told they would have 95% of black voters by 2020. there are questions about whether trump is softening his
3:03 am
>> he's based his campaign on this hard-line immigration approach saying that, calling for the mass deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants. diane mentioned his campaign manager is suggesting they may move away from the deportation force, but donald trump saying he's not flip-flopping. he has postponed an immigration policy speech until next week. we'll have to see what policies he unveils later on. >> right now, he's saying deport other immigrants but will be focusing on the criminals first and being more diplomatic about the rest? >> right. he had a meeting with hispanic supporters over the weekend where he suggested he may approach things in a more humane way. >> what's the latest we know as as far as that concerned? >> donald trump has already started his debate prep. he had his first session on
3:04 am
he's reviewing old videos of hillary clinton in 2008 and her primary debates against bernie sanders. but donald trump said he didn't think it's going to be a make or break moment for him. >> i'm curious who played hillary clinton. >> they haven't figured that out yet. if you have any ideas, send them their way. >> thank you for being with using this morning. trump is also trying to depict hillary clinton as a criminal, railing about the latestetiland the clinton foundation. >> clinton is dismissing those claims and laughing off questions about her health. we have the highlights from l.a. liz? >> reporter: good morning. hillary clinton has yet to respond to donald trump's latest attacks against the clinton foundation. however, for the first time she spoke out against another one of his attacks about her health. during an appearance on jimmy kimmel, she said trump's claim that she doesn't have the stamina and strength to be
3:05 am
she also asked him to check her pulse. >> the new rumor is that you're unhealthy. that you had a concussion. rudy giuliani was on fox news yesterday and today and he's saying you seem to be sick. you look tired. et cetera, et cetera. are you in good health? >> well, this has become one of their themes. you take my pulse while i'm talking to you. so -- make sure i'm alive. >> there's nothing there. >> what can i say? >> reporter: on kimmel she brushed off that more of her emails will be released. she said so many have been released, what's a few more, and discussing how she'll debate against donald trump. >> i am drawing on my experience in elementary school. [ applause ] no, the guy who pulls your ponytail. >> the ponytail puller.
3:06 am
really. maybe donald trump has a secret crush on you. and -- [ laughter ] >> his way of expressing it. >> this is how great rumor get started. >> reporter: and there will be three days of high-dollar fundraisers including one later at the home of justin timberlake and jessica biel. >> should be quite a few a-listers. thanks. she mentioned the 15,000 new clinton emails from her time as secretary of state. some involving the clinton foundation. abc's brian ross is looking into full report later this morning on "gma." president obama travels to louisiana today to tour the flood-ravaged areas of baton rouge. the president had faced criticism for not cutting short his vacation on martha's vineyard to respond to the crisis. the white house said the president didn't want to interfere with the ongoing recovery efforts. 13 people died in the noodle, and thousands more lost their -- in the floods, and thousands more lost their homes. firefighters trying to contain flames after they've
3:07 am
businesses in washington state. hundreds have been forced from their homes. in california, 10,000 firefighters are still battling several fires. breaking overnight, the nigerian army has killed the leader of the militant group boko haram. the army tweeted that he was fatally wounded during a raid. this isn't the first time that the army has claimed to have killed that leader who was behind the kidnapping of nearly 300 schoolgirls in nigeria two years ago. the terror group is isis. at least 40 dead as monsoon rains flood india. hundreds of thousands have been evacuated from their homes. others have taken shelter on the roofs of their submerged homes. the rain is expected to continue for several days, and floods are common during the monsoon season between june and september. this season has been particularly brutal. and back here at home, the battle against zika is heating up in south florida. the state announcing it is sending another $5 million in funding to miami-dade county to
3:08 am
virus after officials discovered five additional cases. that brings the total number of so-called home-grown zika cases to 37 in miami. and here's a major challenge for many parents. limiting the amount of sugar your kids eat. the american heart association is out with some new guidelines. no more than six teaspoons of added sugar a day, that includes honey, molasses, and high-fructose corn syrup. kids typically came in two to three times that travelers dream about -- cheap flight day. slow clap for cheap flight day. it's august 23rd. it received the honor because it's the day that fares drop on most routes. >> is that right? >> yes. it marks the start of the fall travel season with kids heading back to school, leisure travel drops off. fares can drop 20% or more to some locations. prices then tend to jump back up at thanksgiving. so this is the time to travel. >> that sounds like a report sponsored by kai yak.
3:09 am
that today's the day. >> today's the day. now or never. >> we'll see. all right. we'll check it out later on. a pro baseball supplier paying for showing too much power. >> this will be what we call the not-so-grand slam. brandon thomas of the independent league gateway grizzlies in illinois swats, bases loaded, home run, every baseball player's dream. >> great. >> however, unfortunately this shot, you know sometimes when they go out of the park they hit a car or something? in this case it hit his truck's windshield. >> wow. all that celebration, he has no idea. >> nope. his car is currently broken. he says he doesn't mind. the homer helped gateway to win 17-6. >> wow. >> wasn't exactly, you know, the tiebreaker they needed. they probably would have won anyway. still. >> i question the team they were playing at that point. the home run was part of a 13-run inning for gateway. >> it was a strong inning. it was all because of that one home run, i think. >> way to go for him.
3:10 am
coming up, how the second most decorated olympic swimmer in history is now -- well, losing. >> we'll explain what ryan lochte is losing and how much. and could tyra banks make a career change? she's heading back to school, but not as a pupil. the details in "the skinny." first, today's forecast. ? "world news now" weather is brought to you by united care. e options you have. you see, medicare doesn't cover everything - only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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netting from the whale's head and tail, and off it went. a top general will testify in bowe bergdahl's court trial. bergdahl's attorneys say abrams was influenced by negative comments about the case by john mccain. ryan lochte is waking up this morning a lot poorer than st several sponsors dumped him. >> this follows lochte's tale about a robbery in rio which he now says was an exaggeration. details from matt guttman. >> reporter: the second-most decorated olympic swimmer may be in need of a financial life preserver, losing the majority of an estimated million dollars worth of contracts with names like speedo dropping him. >> i'm ryan lochte. you get speedo fit.
3:15 am
olympic swimmer. >> reporter: it follows a weekend of damage control interviews which seemed to backfire. lochte was apologetic. >> i take all responsibility. this was my fault. >> reporter: but still unable to admit that he lied. >> reporter: why did you change the version of the story so many times? >> i overexaggerated. >> reporter: it's a term he used eight times in a anyone-minute interview. >> i overexaggerated the story. i overexaggerated some parts. i overexaggerated a story. say he vandalized the gas station and then lied about it. lochte admits to tearing down one of those posters. what's not in dispute is that somewhere around here there was an argument with two armed security guards. what is in dispute is why one of them drew his weapon. we tracked down the good samaritan who helped the swimmers defuse the standoff. >> is he getting angry?
3:16 am
the guards? >> yeah, yeah, face. >> reporter: over the weekend, usa swimming said there would be disciplinary action. when we come back, some kids lead off "the skinny." >> one with her new house, and the other for a big proposal. stay with us. "world news now" continues
3:17 am
3:18 am
? skinny so skinny ? "skinny" time. we'll start with the child who has the nba to thank for her notoriety. we're talking about riley curry, the 4-year-old daughter of steph curry. >> she has made quite a name for herself with some adorable news conference appearances. and now thanks to a new show called play house masters, riley has a new place to play. >> and she had some suggestions about what s w >> i want a bridge, a slide. >> reporter: you've already got a bunch of things figured out. >> i know something. maybe i can put a telescope on it. >> reporter: a telescope? >> yeah. >> the 20-foot-tall princess pony-themed playhouse features the slide and an upstairs loft. a ball pit. a climbing wall. a dog house. oh, my word.
3:19 am
you can see how it was created and installed when "play house masters" premieres tonight on tlc. >> that is bigger than my apartment. >> it's bigger than both ours combined. that's beautiful. next up, another kid. this one getting brave when it comes to meeting his favorite country singer. miranda lambert. >> she's in the midst of a big tour right now. and her stop this past saturday night was at metlife stadium outside of new york city. and that was where a 6-ye-o got his big chance. >> that's right. he not only wanted to meet miranda, give her a hug. he actually went straight for it, proposed marriage to her, and she said yes, but she said sebastian has to wait about 25 years. during the show she told the crowd all about it. >> he got down on one knee, and he was such a gentleman. it may be my favorite proposal
3:20 am
>> a ring pop? >> yeah. a ring pop. i'm assuming that's what it was. >> they're delicious. >> for the record, lambert is voting anderson east, fellow singer. she was just teasing him. >> i wonder if he thought that proposal was so adorable. tyra banks is taking her talents to palo alto. the model and actress is now heading to stanford university's graduate school of business. >> not as a student, but as a co-teacher in a course about creating and maintaining a personal brand. the course description says bank' students will share their personal brand through digital and other platforms. >> the "america's next top model" star is fired up saying on twitter, i'm beyond excited to teach. it's in my blood, and i can't wait to meet my students. >> she adds, class it in session
3:21 am
>> that means smiling with your eyes. >> that's disappointing. you'd think she'd tell you how to smize. do you know how to? >> am i doing it? >> no. it looks angry stare. >> maybe i can't do it. tyler perry talks about his latest project and why it's having such a profound effect on his priorities. >> let's hope that madea is back. is this still your i'm always told mine is way too serious. >> let's see yours. you're supposed to look and think about the most amazing food you've ever wanted, and that's like -- >> but your mouth is smiling. >> sorry. >> you're supposed to only be smiling with your eyes. one more time. >> you're tearing up from smizing, sorry, folks. tyler perry, let's hope madea is making a comeback. you're watching "world news
3:22 am
3:23 am
3:24 am
3:25 am
? ? dude looks like a lady ? we're playing that song in honor of tyler perry, the man behind the "madea" movies and countless other productions. >> there's a guy behind "madea"? >> not at all. >> are you telling me the ending of all the madea movies? is there something i didn't know. >> spoiler alert. >> next you'll reveal the secret in "the crying game." >> swopoiler alert. >> a new tv series, and we talked with him all about it. >> reporter: the atlanta based perry remains a billion dollar phenomenon. writing, directing and acting in plays, movies and tv series all
3:26 am
pepto bismol. >> i'm sitting here while i have my hand and feet still holding onto everything that i've had in the past. >> reporter: his newest, "tyler perry's too close to home." tlc's first scripted series. an eight parter spanning washington, d.c., and a trailer park in the deep south. >> the attempted assassination of the president of the united states. >> i love the idea of just how fun and exciting it can be to have someone have this great life in the white house, living their dream, and then have it all fall apart pause -- because of selfish, greedy, whatever reasons. >> reporter: and among those, a besieged bonnie played by kelly sullivan. >> she's strong. if she was a friend of mine, i would not mess with her. >> reporter: that social media
3:27 am
his man bun video catapulted his media followers. >> i can make a man bun in 15 seconds. >> reporter: featuring his first stage kiss ever. >> it was a lot of fun. >> reporter: how far back do you have to go to get somebody's first stage kiss? >> mine, i think i was 17. and it certainly was not anywhere as good as the kiss that i had with brock . >> i've only been madea on stage. she's not getting kissed by nobody. it's nev never going to happen. >> reporter: madea returns to the big screen in october while perry admits that fatherhood has reshaped his priorities. >> having my son has changed what i dream about. it used to be about business. what's the next deal, what's the next movie? now it's about him. >> reporter: abc news, los angeles. >> it was a dude in even "madea goes to jail"? >> you're focussed on that. >> even in family reunion?
3:28 am
3:29 am
3:30 am
good morning. i'm diane macedo. >> and i'm kendis gibson. topping our headlines this tuesday morning, changing course? donald trump appears to be adjusting his stance on the mass deportation of illegal immigrants, now focusing on getting rid of the criminal element. his promise to build a wall still stands. a full report coming up. president obama travels to louisiana today to get a firsthand look at the devastation in baton rouge after historic floods. 13 people died and thousands of homes were destroyed or damaged. >> the fbi is investigating a gruesome stabbing in roanoke, virginia. authorities telling abc news they're trying to figure out if the attempted beheading was inspired by isis. the suspect has been charged with assault. and big questions from new england patriot fans about why
3:31 am
the coach says he isn't hurt, calling the absence "personal." those are some of the top stories on this tuesday, august 23rd. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> brady took a few personal days. >> he never takes personal days. >> now he does. that should settle it then. nobody is going to talk about it after that. >> we'll have more on that coming up. we begin this half hour with the race for president. clarifying his promise to have 11 million illegal immigrants kicked out of the country. >> he postponed a policy speech on immigration, and he's now saying he'll focus on deporting immigrants with a criminal record. he ripped into hillary clinton as a new batch of her e-mails are set to be released. abc has more. >> reporter: donald trump is ramping up the pressure on hillary clinton. >> it's criminality.
3:32 am
>> reporter: reading off a tell -- teleprompter in ohio, trump called for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation saying he doesn't trust the fbi. >> after the fbi, the department of justice, whitewashed hillary clinton's e-mail crimes, they certainly cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate hillary clinton's new crimes which happen all the time. >> reporter: that call comes as new questions emerge about the clinton foundation's deals during clinton's tenure. new e-mails suggest big donors to clinton foundation got expedited access. one asked clinton's top aide to set up a meeting with a key donor, the crown prince of bahrain. aberdeen scheduled the meeting. the fbi is also announcing it found 15,000 new clinton e-mails. those exchanges could be released weeks before the election. appearing on "jimmy kimmel
3:33 am
>> are you concerned about that? >> no. >> i would be terrified if my emails were released. >> but jimmy, my emails are so boring. >> mine aren't. >> i'm embarrassed about that. they're so embarrassed. >> reporter: clinton also laughed off rumors about her health which has come into question by prominent trump supporters like rudy giuliani. >> go on line, put down "hillary clinton illness." >> take my pulse while i'm talking to you. >> okay. >> make sure i'm alive. >> oh, my god. there's nothing there. >> there's nothing there. what can i say? back in october, "the national enquir enquirer" said i would be dead in six months. >> oh, boy. >> with every brea i take, i feel like it's a new lease on life. >> reporter: back in ohio trump doubled down on his promise to build a wall on the u.s. and mexico border and continued his appeal to minority voters before a mostly white crowd. >> don't worry.
3:34 am
your head will spin. >> reporter: the clinton campaign responding with a statement saying, "it could not be clearer how much african americans have to lose under donald trump. he is doubling down on insults, fear, and stereotypes that set our community back and further divide our country." an argument they will no doubt continue to make in the coming months. >> again, thank you very much for the report. firefighters are now trying to washington state. those fast moving flames quickly burning out of control destroying dozens of homes and businesses. hundreds of people have been forced to leave. in california, 10,000 firefighters are still battling several fires out there. one on the central coast is now 52 square miles. abc's clayton sandell is in the thick of it all. >> reporter: new fires super charged by an old enemy. 35 mile per hour wind gusts.
3:35 am
state. >> gone up in flames. it's a graduated-wrencher. it hurts. >> reporter: j.j. anderson grew up in this area near spokane. he said the fire was moving too fast to save the homes of some of his neighbors. >> whatever was here, all gone with nothing to show. >> reporter: this wildfire has turned the landscape into a smoky apocalypse here. you can see all the dhars weren't driven out -- cars that weren't driven out ended up like this. western states, resources are thin. >> everybody shares, you do the best with what you've got. >> reporter: hundreds of people in washington are now evacuated. in places like california, the news is slightly better. on the blue cut fire that destroyed more than 100 homes -- >> that's crazy. >> reporter: and shut down a major interstate, all evacuation orders have been lifted. on this fire south of spokane, ten homes destroyed including this one. and firefighters still have a long way to go before these fires are under control. clayton sandell, abc news,
3:36 am
officials in turkey are backing away from claims that the president that suicide bomber at a wedding was a child. despite that, the use of children by isis as suicide bombers is on the rise. case in point, a young boy in iraq. >> reporter: the drama unfolded in a darkened street in kirkuk in northern iraq. the suspect is just a kid. standing there stripped and scared, you can see the fear in his face. and scrapped around his torso, this suicide bomb. carefully the bomb is removed and the boy rushed to safety, surrounded. [ crying ] his cries piercing the night. and then into custody for questioning. his bomb detonated by than explosives team. he's 12 or 13, and he told police his own father, an isis commander, sent him and his brother on their suicide
3:37 am
elsewhere in the city. all this less than 24 hours after that horrific suicide bombing at a wedding in turkey. the turkish president saying the bomber there might have been as young as 12, but officials now hedging on the claim. there's a long and bloody history of using children as suicide bombers by isis, the taliban, by boko haram in nigeria. the u.n. says the appalling tactic is on the rise around the world. terry mower an -- terry moran, abc news, london. family, friends, and neighbors gathered in north carolina to remember a man fatally shot by police. the family said they want answers about what happened. harris was killed after an attempted traffic stop. he led police on an eight-mile chase before he was shot by a highway patrol trooper. his family says he was unarmed. police have not confirmed that. many are wondering if he knew he was being chased by the police. and three university of
3:38 am
court battle in efforts to keep guns out of classrooms. under a new law, students are allowed to carry weapons on campus except in dorms and labs. a professor had asked a judge to impose an injunction the stop the law from taking effect. the judge ruled against him. and a setback for transgender students, as well. a federal judge blocked enforcement of rules that would have allowed them to use bathrooms and locker rooms that match their gender identity. th the judge said schools that want to accommodate transgender students can do so. the obama administration is expected to appeal. a texas teacher's new homework policy is going viral and probably making the teacher popular with her students. >> this is note the second grade teacher sent home to parents of her school in fort worth, texas. it says there will be no formal homework. homework will only deal with
3:39 am
she want them will to do things that correlate with student success such as eating dinner as a family and playing outside. where was that teacher when i was in second grade? >> we need to vote her as teacher of the year. there have been research and studies that say unable to prove whether homework improves student learning. >> were they conducted by -- >> students indeed. coming up, pokemon go fueling another frenzy. a stampede of humans looking for a fake little animal. what could go wrong? and this olympic moment. speaking of something that could be wrong. we'll tell you why that pole vaulter stopped right in the middle of his event. first, a look at today's temperatures. hot in phoenix. ?
3:40 am
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? ? so the man behind that sound heard by generations of children watching "sesame street," well, he's passed away. he was one of the only musicians to successfully carve out a career as a jazz harmonica player. in fact, he was influenced by jazz greats like chare parker and dizzy gillespie. he also toured with bennie goodman. his harmonica was featured in the score for "midnight cowboy." he was 94. the scene out of taiwan oks terrifying. a huge crowd in this wild rush through the streets of taipei, taiwan. it looks like they're running from something dangerous. they're all just looking for a rare pokemon. the pokemon trainers were
3:44 am
spawned near a popular park. a snorlak. >> oh. this is pretty much a similar scene for me at the buffet when it comes open on time. now to miami. officials say containing transmission of the zika virus will be more difficult than in other areas. >> because of high-rise buildings and high winds make spraying the air impractical. >> everyone is doing something to contend with the zika virus. >> reporter: florida is bracing for more cases of zika virus by local mosquitoes as the state deals with the new hot zone. this woman and her husband are expecting their first child. she stays indoors and covers up with long sleeves outside. >> all it take is one mosquito bite.
3:45 am
and it can affect the rest of our lives. and we're not willing to take that risk. >> reporter: and she has reason to mother. a mother who acquired zika virus while traveling gave birth in miami to a problem with retina problems. it was horrible, she says. this as children head back to school. one of the first lessons, zika virus. >> what we know about the zika virus. >> it's very scary. but the school prepared us well. >> reporter: doctors are worried about the unknown. what zika infection can mean for others beyond pregnant mothers. >> we don't know much about how to deal with older children that have been infected. >> reporter: and most of this iconic ocean drive is in the zika zone. that will affect tourism. the governor saying he'll send an additional $5 million for zika preparedness. gio beniz,news, miami beach. >> scary times in miami for many people. >> and expanding now. coming up, the military veteran who made a splash on abc's "dancing with the stars". >> how he's using his newfound celebrity to fuel his latest
3:46 am
"world news now" continues
3:47 am
3:48 am
you might remember a man who you might remember a man who delivered stunning performances on "dancing with the stars" despite being a double amputee. >> he's talking about his life and recovery from a catastrophic war injury in iraq. we're up with juju chang. >> reporter: long before him a household name, before he was a magazine cover model, before he was a commercial success, noah galloway was struggling to rebuild his life when he lost nearly everything in the flash of an explosion in iraq. >> there were several times i laid there and thought it would have been easier if i died. it would have been better if i died. >> reporter: his painful journey back, he recalls in his memoir "living with no excuses: the remarkable rebirth of the
3:49 am
his second deployment was cut short by a fateful drive in a humvee. what was it like to wake up in that hospital room and realize i'm only not indestructible but no longer the protec >> that hurt me deep. >> reporter: after returning home to alabama, noah still faced emotional scars, using alcohol to fill the void his injuries left behind. >> reporter: tell me about the night you got a dui. how did that officer change your life? >> that officer changed my life because he arrested me. i had a lot of police officers that they felt sorry for me. >> reporter: what did that week in jail mean to you? >> it's sad, but it's true. i met a lot of people in there who had way worse situations they found themselves in that are harder to dig out of. i wasn't at that point yet. >> reporter: noah says fitness set him on the right path. through competing in races he
3:50 am
impossible obstacles. what was your reaction when people would say you can't do that? >> i'm going to find a way to get it done. don't challenge me. >> reporter: his success landing him one of his biggest challenges. ballroom dancing. despite a documented lack of rhythm, noah quickly became a fan favorite with emotional dances like this one to "american soldier," ultimately placing third. ? >> if it weren't for the people voting for me, each week i was on the show, another part of my story was shared in dance. >> reporter: his newfound celebrity propelling even more missions. we followed him on a return trip to the walter reed army medical center. >> how you doing? >> good, real good. >> you look great. >> reporter: reuniting him with the men and women who helped him learn to walk again.
3:51 am
prosthetics to a level they had to start improving. >> you were one of them. >> i just know i tore up a lot of them. >> reporter: perhaps most importantly. >> but ever watch "dancing with the stars"? >> i have. i have. >> i was on it. >> he was on it. >> yeah. >> what? >> reporter: serving as an inspiration to patients on the same path. for night line, i'm juju chang in alabama. so great. when you're in a situation like see the light at the end of the tunnel to have someone that says i went through what you're going through or something similar and look where i am now. >> and such a beautiful moment with the kids. juju pointed out on instagram that he took her for a ride in his backyard. it was rough and rugge terrain. she goes, next time he offers to take you for a ride, make sure that you are paid up on your insurance premium. it was rough. >> it's an adventure. coming up, another patriotic
3:52 am
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? "cheap thrills" keeps coming back. >> i think it's the song of the summer. >> it probably is. now that's been settled. finally, before we completely put the rio olympics in the rearview mirror, a special moment featuring an american medalist. he's one of the best pole vaulters in the world. >> but that didn't matter when he came down the runway. we have his story. >> reporter: it's about to happen right here.
3:56 am
american pole vaulter, sam kendricks, watch the approach about to happen -- ? he stops right before the vault as he heard the national anthem. standing at attention, the 23-year-old from mississippi taking a risk on the qualifying jump to pay his respects. it turns out he's a second lieutenant army reservist. >> i had this usa across my chest. when i'm on the world stage, there will be people watching. >> reporter: they were, and so are we. stopping for that anthem and then going onto win the bronze. that second lieutenant army reservist, proudly holding the american flag. david muir, abc news, new york. >> it kind of gives you chills. doesn't it? such an amazing moment to be
3:57 am
he's going at quite the clip there. >> that's the thing. i wonder if he could have gotten hurt trying to stop like that in the middle of the vault. >> it wouldn't matter. >> we should point out that he's not the first person to do something like this. usain bolt got a lot of press last time around and this time for all the medals he won, but this is him giving an interview four years ago. >> he stops the interview. when ""the star-spangled banner"" started during another medal ceremony. he stopped talking and just stood respectfully. after the song was finished, he finished the interview. >> that's the news for this half hour. >> that's the news for this half hour. interview. >> that's the news for this half
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- more e-mails, causing trouble for hillary clinton. donald trump now asking for a special prosecutor to investigate the clinton foundation. plus, clinton making a late night appearance on "jimmy kimmel." we're tracking three right now. plus several fast-moving wildfires forcing more people from their homes. so how much is too much? new guide lines about the amount of sugar children should consume. and can you guess what caused this huge group of people to race down the street in t taiwan? i'm thinking black friday sale. >> looks like it, doesn't it.


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