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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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we are tracking breaking news out of loveland at 5:00 a.m., that's where police are investigating a deadly collision. they say a driver going the wrong way on higgway 34 slammed into a car going the right direction. it killed both drivers. police say it's too soon to know why the man was going wrong way, but hopefully the coroner will be able to tell if alcohol or drugs were a factor. the driver of the car was a woman who died on scene. new classes at cu boulder teaching how to deal with sexual assault. we know not to park at handicapped spots if we don't have a tag. what tim kaine will do
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the weather today. potential for storms. >> a few storms possible today. we're tracking a cold front and that front will bring with it a nice cooldown. 80s today, 70s tomorrow. we're close to normal. the front will bring with it a better chance of scattered showers starting early tomorrow morning. 3 today you're going to find sunshine for the first half of the day and then by this afternoon, by about 4:00, we will see scattered storms and showers. most of today's storms will be in the mountains, but we'll get a few in the springs today 83. 70s in the mountains. here's your first alert that with the storms, the threat for severe weather is low today. we'll take a look at the threat tomorrow. had storms rolling by the pool yesterday. >> did you get out of the pool? >> yes. i had to cook the dinner. brought the portable grill to have a cookout. noothbound side of i-25 at dry creek looking pretty nice. northbound side just about all open, all the work at arapahoe
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way. same thing on c-470. take a look at that to the west side we had lanes blocked on the northbound side, but it's wide open for us there. you can see that on the map, a lot of green. no accidents or stalls like we saw yesterday. it was awful yesterday. this morning it's quiet, including 36 and i-25, the driver getting out to dia is an easy one, 15 minutes security wait time. it's official, russia will not compete in next month's ir a court upholding the ban because of doping. you'll remember the international olympic committee decided not to issue a blanket ban for russia from the olympics. that was a controversial decision, though. the paralympics starts september 7th. we have some new video showing a deadly hit-and-run. look closely. you see that car?
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bursts into flames. this happened last year in the middle of federal and 44th. it's when another driver hit that car causing the wreck and taking off. this is a look at that driver. investigators say he was drunk and high and he was going 80 miles per hour, way above the 30-mile-per-hour speed limit. a judge just sentenced him to 38 years in prison. here's a look at the man he hit and he was only 21. >> i'm not happy at all. but it's the best we can do. >> after that crash, he ran from the police. you guys know you're defacing property, right? >> busted. this cell phone video shows a guy spray paintinn rocks at lookout mountain. deputies are looking for the two men. denver7's jaclyn allen met up
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video. >> i feel like it's my duty to put this out there to let people know you shouldn't be doing that, but if you are, there might be somebody taking video of you doing it. >> though the video evidence is great, the sheriff's office says it's really not worth the risk, saying the vandals might want to fight you instead of walking away. today hillary clinton's running mate will be in town. tim kaine is making a stop in denver later this morning. denver7's reporter amanda del castillo joins us with his plans for his visit. >> reporter: yeah, the virginia senator is expected to be here at 9:30 for a planned round table with colorado small business leaders. before that round table he's actually going to take a tour of the small business, that's
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hillary clinton took a tour of the knotty tie business earlier, and she criticized trump talking about his outsourcing for his branded products. the tour and round table won't be open to the public, but we'll bb there and reporting. i'm manned man, denver 7. tim contain isn't the only politician heading to our state. donald trump will be thursday for a fundraiser. he was supposed to give a speech about immigration, but it's been canceled. green party candidate jill stein is coming to colorado springs and fort collins this weekend. then she'll head to boulder. an auditor says our handicapped parking system isn't god enough. it's not even properly enforced. the auditor says 65% of the
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parking. this is at 19th and logan, for accessible spots, except for what's left of blue paint. >> there are many times when i 3 consider going to a place, and think aboot the parking and decide not to go at all. >> the auditor says some businesses get away with painting over the spaces because no one checks up on them. bad news out of aurora this morning, where this medical helicopter is stuck on top of children's hospital. it couldn't take off yesterday because of mechanical issues. the cr today with a crane. until then, emergency flights have been taken to other hospitals. the zika virus is now in colorado. officials in weld county say they have confirmed four cases this year alone. 21 people, however, across our state have the virus. we need to point out all ttese people infected had traveled to zika-infected areas. here the big concern is not necessarily zika. west nile cases, they are on the rise. do you think cigarettes
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already do? in november you'll get to vote on a proposal to triple the taxes on a packkof cigarettes. it would increase taxes to $2.59 a pack. the extra money would go towards programs to help people kick the habit. class is back in session at cru boulder and all incoming freshman will have to take a new class dealing with sexual assault. a survey found 28% of female students have assaulted. it's called bystander intervention, with practical skills to help them in life. >> the skills you need for dealing with someone who has had too much to drink or hurt themselves are the same as in sexual assault. so that framework helps people say, oh, this is relevant to me. >> all entering students have to take the class and will take a refresher course every year after that. the new school year isn't off to a great start for some kids in commerce city.
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them up on time. anddin some cases they're not 10 minutes late, they are coming two hours late. it's happening to children in the brighton 27 j school district. this is for kids who take route 32 to school. the school district says it's beginning of the year kinks. one mother says it's throwing her son off, who has autism. >> he's a scheduled kind of kid. otherwise he can't function. >> as you can imagine, are upset, because they pay 160 buccs a year for the bus rides. the district says this issue should be fixed later this week. there's a new billboard turning a lot of heads. why a group of muslims felt the need to put this up. what a young boy is doing to help those devestated by the ban rouge flooding. we're here in the first alert weather center. we're tracking our next cold front. this morning pretty dry conditions, just a few showers moving in from the west.
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too. details coming up in a few minutes. super quiet on the roadways and off on the highways no delays. look at 6th at sheridan. it looks really nice. easy driving all the way into
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5:12. welcome back to this tuesday. 64 degrees in denver now. you're probably wondering, it's 123 days, 18 hours, 47 minutes and 18 seconds to christmas. nicole? from the first alert desk now at 5:12, testimony resumes today as jerry sandusky aims to get his conviction on child sex abuse charges dismissed. today we could hear from the prosecutors who were involved in his trial in 2012, the ones
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he is serving up to 60-year sentence in prison on those 45 counts of child molestation. we got several wildfires to update you on now. we're going to begin with the ray fire burning in california. it's burned about 23,000 acres. crews are gaining ground on this one. the fire is now 20% contained. it has not hurt anyone or burned any houses. that's not the burning in california now. this one is also raging on. this is the chimney fire. it's destroyed more than 33,000 acres. this one is threatening about 1,000 buildings. at least seven nearby communities have been evacuuted. this one is 35% contained. experts say a five-year drought is making that state especially susceptible to wildfires. in canada dozens of people are evacuating as this wildfire moves toward their homes. this one broke out late sunday night.
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has hit some outbuildings and shed though. it looks like crews will get a handle on this one pretty quick. the weather is helping them out. it's 60% contained. today president obama will make a stop in baton rouge, visiting the area ravaged by flooding. some say it's too late, wondering why the president waited more than a week since the flooding began. but the governor of louisiana says he asked obama to hold off on visiting. he said he asked the president to let the response mode first. we keep on hearing stories of strangers coming together to help each other after the flood, and that includes this boy, carson. instead of having a birthday party, he decided to celebrate turning nine by bringing pizza to strangers. >> we're going to give them lunch so that they don't have to stop what they're doing, so we're going to deliver pizzas to neighborhoods that have flooded.
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think to help people, it's amazing. erybooy is here. everybody brings stuff, and for him to get 300 something pizzas delivered,,he probably didn't have pizza but brought it to everybody else. >> thanks to carson's vision and the help of the community, he ended up delivering 363 pizzas to people who were there working on their homes, trying to find whatever they could salvage from the flooding. thinking of others. small token. i'm sure they're too busy to eat and probabll don't think about it. cute kid. chance for scattered storms and showers tomorrow. could get pockets of heavy rain in the mountains today. normal high is 86, we'll be close to that normal today. record high, 98. we'll be far away from thaa. this morning, upper 50s, low sissies.
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kids. highs today around 85 to 87. erie at 85. few degrees cooler in boulder and in highlands ranch 85. allenspark you're at 68. in evergreen today 74. state-wide, eastern half of our state still pretty warm. the we were half starting -- western half starting to cool down. grand junction 78 this afternoon. more scattered showers. pretty big cool down. near grand junction, montrose, telluride, scattered storms and rain, lightning and thunder by early day today, so midday. here in denver we'll get an increase in cloud cover. that's going to be the entire front range. fort collins, boulder, denver, you're going to be under a partly cloudy to mostly cloudy sky this afternoon. but again, it's going to be the westtrn half of our state where we'll see most of those showers. a few of them will roll east over the plains this afternoon and early evening.
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today is pretty low. as the storm moves through tonight into tomorrow, quite a bit more cloud cover early wednesday. scattered showers and storms through the morning tomorrow. not a typical time frame for us. we typically get our storms in the afternoon. with the storm pushing through, you'll get a little bit of rain early tomorrow morning. we're under a partly cloudy sky in the afternoon with a few scattered torms and showers. from 87 today, again close to wednesday. the threat for severe weather today and tomorrow is pretty low. tomorrow you can see it just clips the southeastern corner of our state. so closerto lamar. then stretching into kansas, as you get up along i-70, east of burlington could get a few stronger storms ttere. we'll be in the mid-70s tomorrow. low to mid-70s on thursday. our chance for storms will go down a little bit more sunshine by thursday afternoon. and then on friday we're under
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looking ahead to the weekend, a few late-day storms possible friday and saturday. low mid-80s. will be pretty nice both days. there's a 90 still on the board, next monday we're at 90. look at the lows. open windows season at night. we have a good drive going on. not seeing accidents or stalls. this is i-25 at 402, on the south side of loveland, no delays towards fort collins. prospect, that section on the west side of i-25 closed down for the road repairs there. otherwise, we have a lot of green out there on that north side of i-25, 287, drive on 34 to greeley, or highway 85 looks nice. easy driving n highway 36 to boulder, the diagonal is wide open. south side of town wide open. here's pecos, west and eastbound side very light traffic so far.
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billboard they have put up in phoenix. >> we're gging to slow it to you. it says, and i quote, hey isis, you suck. the group says they want people to know islam means peace. it's meant to show isis goes against islam. >> it's good to separate the two and be like, hey, isis you suck from actual muslims. what isis pursues and the things they stand for is not in our religion at >> the billboard first popped up in chicago. the group responsible hopes more will turn up in cities across the country. before you cook scallops tonight, you'll need to hear about a recall. why wells fargo is in trouble over some student
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out.
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welcome back, everyone. at 5:22, we're going to give you a live look outside where it's nice and dark. as you're getting up this morning, that sun will be coming up pretty soon. lisa will join us with some details on changes coming our way. before ordering scallops you need to check where they came from. more than 200 people were diagnosed with hepatitis a after eating contaminated
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you may want to double-check before you order them. more bad news for amusement parks. another roller coaster accident. a woman recoveeing after something hit her in the face while she rode a wooden coaster at six flags in new york. it's not clear what hit her. but a spokesperson for the park says it was likely something that another rider was carrying. 5:23. wells fargo could owe you 3 money, this is for charging illegal late charged late fees to student loan customers who made payments on the last day of their grace period. wells fargo must pay $3.6 million to the consumer financial protection agency. they must sed aside 410,000 bucks to pay the customers hit with the illegal fees. two moms' both infant sons
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donald trump and hillary clinton asking the candidates to make parental leave a priority. they want the next president to create a national paid family leave policy. more than 135,000 people have signed the petitions. a florida teenager is proving you don't need a big complicated idea to make big money. >> he is raking in the money with a simple concept. justin, who is only 17, is making thousands of with his yard card idea. he's only been in business six months. tell him the theme of the message and he handles the rest. >> most of our customers leave money under their doormat or in the mailbox and i get the money and put the sign up and leave. >> reporter: you're kind of like the tooth fairy of signs? >> i guess so. >> he says he's only run into an issue with an hoa once.
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good idea. >a really cute idea. i like it. we're in for a nice day today. pretty warm. mid- to upper 80s. tomorrow about a 10 to 12- degree cooldown. >> yea! >> fall-like. today we'll top out at about 87 in denver. but a cold front is on the way. next storm will bring scattered storms and showers for the mountains today. at 3:00, we're under a partly cloudy sky in denver. there is about a 20% chance that we'll see a storms roll east. likely we'll be looking off to the west to pretty wet roads up along i-70, 285 heading to conifer, scattered storms and showers through the afternoon. better chance in denver tomorrow. can you hear that sound? >> no. >> it's the sound of nothing going on. wide open. we are quiet this morning. this is the drive into boulder, 28th street, just after it
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boulder, wide open. 225 wide open. starting to see a little bit more traffic here and there. for the most part, nice and green. can you hear that? can you hear it? no? see, quiet. thank you, jayson. new technology is coming to our state meant to keep your child out of your pill bottle. we'll show you how this works. and a woman's car stolen with her kids inside.
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this local man gave his life fighting isis overseas. how you can pay your respect to levi jack shirley.
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the owners of patsy's inn closing. we want to fill you in on recent storm damage. the hail storm at the end of july cost more than $350 milllon of damage. >> it dropped hail the size of golf and tennis balls. this makes it the fourth most expensive storm in colorado. let's ge the first alert on when storms will get here. >> our threat for severe weather today is lower. you're going to find scattered storms and showers popping upp on the western slope, closer to telluride. mid- to upper 80s. denver at 87. platteville you'rr at 88. castle rock and parker upper 70s to low 80s. we will see a buildup of cloud cover this afternoon, and a


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