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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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the owners of patsy's inn closing. we want to fill you in on recent storm damage. the hail storm at the end of july cost more than $350 milllon of damage. >> it dropped hail the size of golf and tennis balls. this makes it the fourth most expensive storm in colorado. let's ge the first alert on when storms will get here. >> our threat for severe weather today is lower. you're going to find scattered storms and showers popping upp on the western slope, closer to telluride. mid- to upper 80s. denver at 87. platteville you'rr at 88. castle rock and parker upper 70s to low 80s. we will see a buildup of cloud cover this afternoon, and a
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here in town for a few storms, although again that threat for severe weather is low. at the bus stop this morning some upper 60s to low 70s between 8:00 and 9:00. then by the time our kids are heading home, highs in the upper 80s. my 4-year-old still has not gone back to school yet. love her to death, she's driving me crazy. >> jolene, my 4-year-old, will go to school tomorrow. >> cool. >> she starts tomorrow at pre-k class. she's excited about that. jalyn, i think this issday 12 for jalyn. we have a good drive going on for most of us. however, there's a big problem in lakewood, as we have the southbound side of wadsworth closing down at 26th for a water main break south of there. we'll get more information in a little bit. now expect southbound wadsworth to be blocked near 26th. you can get around it by getting to 23rd or so.
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no information yet on how long that's going to be lasting. highway 36 i've been looking at that, you can see it on the camera, looks pretty nice by the mall to boulder. easy driving to or from westminster and boulder this morning. today tim kaine, the vice presidential candidate, will be here in denver. he's meeting with local business leaders. denvee7 reporter amanda del castillo joins us with what they're expected to talk about. >> reporter: this is e latest of several recent stops made by the democrats. earlier this month hillary clinton stopped by the knotty tie company, another small business in denver. but today the virginia senator is meeting with colorado small business leaders here in lakewood. he's expected to take a small tour at around 8:30 and get meeting at 9:30 to discuss clinton's plans for the economy. now at last check, some of the
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showing that the clinton/kaine ticket is up by double digits against their republican rivals. unfortunately, the event today is actual closed to the public. but follow denver 7 all morning long, we'll have live coverage. reporting live from lakewood this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. it's 5:33. tonight you're invited to pay your respects to an arvada man who died while fighting isis. levi jack shirley died last month while kurdish soldiers. there will be a candlelight vigil tonight in arvada. shirley would have turned 25 today. his body is still in syria. his family will plan a funeral once he's brought home. a local mom is back with her child after a man stole her car. she ran into the dollar general
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man hopped in the car and took off. >> the kids weren't crying at all when they brought them out of the vehicle. the 3-year-old efinitely was, what the heck is going on? it was a very emotional event i think for everybody. >> police k9 bit the suspect during the arrest. he is in the hospital now. the kids should be just fine. the mother in that story isn't the only one to leave her kids in a running car. nicole is looking at other scary cases of kids being kidnapped by car thieves in colorado. >> when i saw that story yesterday it reminded me of all the previous cases we've had here. pretty shocking actually. you may remember this one from longmont. this chase from march of 2014. this one was scary. a mother left her suv running while she quickly stepped inside a gas station. when she came back out the car was gone. police say a thief had jumped
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we followed this pursuit with airtracker7 and the mother was watching this as well while this thief fled with her son in the car. he ended up ditching that vehicle, that suv, and carjacking another vehicle to continue his run from police. the boy was left unharmed. he was okay. but this has happened in places from commerce city to colorado springs over the last few years. just recently, actually, this past december a car was stolen in denver in which fa car for a moment, left it running, and a 2-year-old child was left inside that car. officers found the car about n hour later, the child unharmed. in all these cases no children harmed. again, after yesterday's incident, another reminder to never leave kids in the car, especially while thh car is running. this former nurse will stand trial. he's accused of groping several patients while they were sedated. a judge decided there is enough
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police started investigating him last summer when a woman said he fondled her back in 2013. moore is also facing charges in weld county and nebraska. everything is okay in breckenridge after someone delivered these explosives to the fire department. they may not look like much, but someone brought in two world war ii era grenades and bazookas. evacuate. they turned the explosives over to fort carson's bomb squad. pill bottles are about to get more security. this morning there's a new type of child proof bottle that will make its debut at our state capitol. a green wood village based company is making them to prevent kids from taking prescription pills from their
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equivalent of heroin home. >> the pill bottle will be tested at local pharmacies. they'll probably add a couple of dollars perhaps to your prescription cost. a recall, a marijuana shop says some of its products might have pesticide residue. it's affecting more than 520 units, including some oils and edibles, including some of the truth chews and gum drops. the list is on our web site our governor lauucced a new campaign to help you talk to your children about marijuana. it's called good to know colorado. there's a section called youth prevention on the web site, giving you advice how to start the conversation and what to listen for. the governor says as a parent, this campaign is a priority for me. a church in denver is getting a big honor. denver city council approved giving historic designation to the first unitarian church.
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to open its doors to the gay community as early as the 1970s. no more, denver is putting a temporary stop to apartmenn buildings offering no parking spots to their tenants. city council approved a seven- month moratorium on small lot developments with no parking. 11 projects like that are currently getting ready to begin construction. this one, for example, at 16th and humboldt in denver is caus plans call for 108 units without any parking spots. >> developers have basically found a way to utilize the wording of this particular parking exemption for small lots, to enable them to do no parking at all and this will have 108 units, very small micro unit developments. >> projects with complete applications accepted by the city of denver will not be subject to this moratorium on
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italian restaurant, patsy's inn. popular restaurant officially closed down yesterday. >> a lot of people very sad this morning. this opened in 1921 on navajo and 36th. -?we were there for a few minut yesterday when person after person came by only to learn the restaurant was closed. they did share some of their memories with us. >> we fell in love at a booth 3 inside. ?e had our we come here every week. >> the food was always the best every time. and ronnie and kimmie were always there with a smile. >> we have the web site for patsy's pulled up here. looks pretty good. but you can't get that there anymore. the owners left a note for the customers and here it is here. "it's been an amazing 95 years." a little note to their guests. >> they do say closing really was a tough decision, but they are honored that they could be
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traditions throughout the years. 36th and naiver hoe where it was located. ratings help parents choose what to let our kids watch on television, but are those ratings really accurate? what's slipping through the cracks. he hit a grand slam. what could be bad about that? it's not the hit that got him in trouble, but where the ball landed. you're walking out the door to sunshine. clear skies expected this morning. gorgeous start from here's your first alert we have a cold front on the way. details coming up. we unfortunately have a big problem over there in east denver. or west denver, rather.
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it's 5:43. from the first alert desk, a tragic story developing in chicago. a fire at an has claimed the life of a 3- month-old baby. two other children and an adult are still missing now. the "chicago tribune" has these pictures and reporting that witnesses saw people jumping from the building trying to get out of the burning building. three other people were hospitalized as well from this. as far as the cause, that's still being investigated, but there are reports that people ttld police they saw someone setting fire to the building before the blaze broke out.
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court to let him live after he survived a botched execution back n 2009. he says giving the state a second chance to kill him would be cruel and unusual punishment. back in 2009 executioners tried inserting a needle into him 18 times but they couldn't find a usele vein. the 60-year-old is only the second inmate in u.s. history to survive an attempted beginning the new school year armed. a high school in kingsburg is letting five staff members carry a gun on campus. they have to be concealed and students aren't allowed to know which teachers have one. e superintendent came up with the idea, saying the school must be able to respond quickly if something dangerous happens. children in at least two miami neighborhoods are getting a new class in school, and it's one that teaches them how to prevent the zika virus. the florida department of
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areas where mosquitos have transmited the virus in miami. the class is telling parents to put repellent on their children. before letting your child watch a new show, you may want to do extra research. there's a new study that says the current rating system isn't accurate, saying violence is prevalent across many shows regardless of the rating. an illinois baseball player's big moment is a little tainted. he hit a g his own truck in the parking lot. >> his own truck. not someone else's. he doesn't know what to think of it. is he lucky or unlucky? either way, he's taking it in stride. >> it wasn't a little crack like down here. heavy damage. at least i know i hit it pretty good. >> the grand slam came at a great time.
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>> look at the billboard he hit it over, it says luck is everywhere. except that one. >> he goes, i hit it pretty good. beautiful start to our day. some clear skies. sunshine this morning. we will see a few storms this afternoon, but we'll get a better chance for showers. fall-like weather on the way. return of the 70s. but today you're going to find plenty of sunshine. we're going to be battling with a very bright eastbouud drive this morning. here's a live look from our viera wireless camera there in akron, some clear on. as you get out west that's where we'll start to see more storms and showers earlier. by mid-morning 10:00 to about 11:00, grand junction, montrose, telluride looking at scattered storms, showers. they'll move closer to i-70 and in through the central mountains by midafternoon today. across the plains we are going to see a little increase in cloud cover, chance for a few of those storms to break off, roll-off the foothills and 3 bring a little rain, lightning
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afternoon. about 20% chance for us. it will be really the western half of theestate that's pretty wet today, and tomorrow, late tonight, early tomorrow morning, we'll be under quite a bit of cloud cover and chance for scattered showers through the early morning tomorrow. midday we'll start to see some clearing and should actually get a little bit of sunshine by tomorr afternoon. but some scattered storms and showers will linger out across the plains by wednesday afternoon. so temperature-wise we're pretty mild. where we should be this time of year. tomorrow we're going to start off in the 60s and we won't climb, it won't get quite as warm. 80s today, denver 87. highlands ranch 85 and keenesburg 88. then a few upper 60s to mid-70s from evergreen to conifer. bailey today you're at 69. very warm down to the southeast. but you'll notice again due to shows scattered showers out % west it's cooler. grand junction and craig this
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70s. so 80s today, and then about 10 to 12 degrees cooler on wednesday. we'll see some showers, especially for the first half of our day, with a little then 73 on thursday. noon. %- heading into the end of the week, more sunshine. it's going to dominate. by friday and saturday we're back in the low to mid-80s. pretty perfect for the weekend. here's your first alert it's going to be nice. very nice. alert. i have an alert, too. >> oh, no. >> it's a water aleet, it's for 23rd. right now lakewood police department have the southbound lanes of wadsworth closed down at 26th right by crown hill. so all this area here is closed down on the southbound side of wadsworth. all traffic is being diverted either to allison a block to the west. you can use teller a block to the east and get to 20th and back over to wadsworth. obviously would be smoother to ?se sheridan or kipling farther away from wadsworth. we'll see delays again
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closed down next to the cemetery, and probably the better part of the morning. i'll have live video in a little bit. c-470, the drive on 225 looking very nice. take a look at the drive at i- 76 and 270, already heavy stop and go traffic off of i-25 across commerce city. stuns me, because southbound i- 25 to i-70 heading east is actually faster than using this, especially this early morning hours. thanks, jayson. about 10 minutes before 6:00. caitlyn opening up about their former relationship. here's more in today's gma first look. >> reporter: song writer linda thompson is speaking out about her memoir, chronicling her times with elvis presley, and the person we now know as caitlyn jenner. >> i think more than anything it's been a relief for katelyn to be able to emerge as her
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her. but when i first met her, she was in a bruce jenner body. he was just an incredible person. still is. i have since said to her, you know, you got to give yourself credit. you kicked manhood's butt. >> reporter: coming up at 7:00 a.m., we hear more from thompson about how she felt when she first met elvis at a movie theater. >> you can't even remember the movie. >> no. would you be able to if elvis presley was you? >> reporter: i'm chris conley. >> when they showed that first picture, that look like elvis. >> that's because it is. professor tyra banks, how does that sound? >> she'll teach a course at stanford for two weeks in may on branding. donald trump has been vocal
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immigration, but is he changing his mind, maybe relaxing his instance a bit? a little boy getting a special ride for his since 1961,
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5:53. it is tuesday. beautiful start to the day. a live look from our mile high camera. 64 degrees now. donald trump says he's not softening on his plan to deport millions of undocumented immigrants living in the u.s. this comes after his new campaign manager told cnn the plan is to be determined. >> what he supports is to make
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americans who are looking for well paying jobs, and that we are fair and humane for those who live amonggus in this country. >> trump says his campaign is working with the hispanic community to try to come up with a fair but firm policy. his campaign manager says trump will outline the plan in the near future. donald trump's wife, melania, is threatening to sue news outlets for defamation. she says they lied when they 1990s. her lawyer is demanding a correction or retraction this morning. the welfare system changed 20 years ago, so is it working two decades later? depends who you ask. dayle is looking into what this means. >> the current system is called temporary assistance. to get help you have to meet a range of strict requirements. the cash help goes to around 2 million families a month, but it's up to each state to really hand out that money, so how
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where you live. are those requirements too strict in the center on budgeting and policies priorities thinks so. they say only 23 out of 100 get the cash benefits, that's down from 68 families in every 100 back in 1996. but there's a paper from ?anhattan institute for policy research that argues welfare reform is an important accomplishment, saying ended many family's dependence on public assistance, encouraging them to provide far themselves. a boy in texas started the 4th grade in a way he'll probably never forget. his mom is away on national guard training and couldn't be there. so she got creative. she called the local police chief asking him to give her son, hunter, a ride, with flashing lights and all. >> nothing can replace your mother and the first day of school, but we wanted to help
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>> dream come true. >> all right. can i have a hug? take care. enjoy your school today, okay? >> i will. another officer let him sit on his motorcycle and let hunter have a video chat with his mom. >> isn't that cool? >> stop, i'm going to cry. >> i bet that video chat was awesome. >> she's off in national guard training. >> for those who don't serve, you take little things like that for granted, like taking your kids to school. clear skies, lots of sunshine. at this point we'll be in the denver 62. might see a few upper 50s here soon. winds outhwest at about 10 to 15 miles per hour. wind gusts a little bit gustier by this afternoon and evening, as we're watching this next front approach. it's not going tt touch our temperatures today, at least noo here in denver. denver we'll be in the upper 80s. here's your first allrt it's cooler and soggier out west. details coming up at 6:00. the big story right now will be the closure of southbound wadsworth at lakewood at 26th avenue and
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break here at 23rd. there's no estimate when it will reopen. probably not until later on today. allison to the west, teller to the east, down to 20th and around that. take look at the drive from airtracker7, looking at downtown 7. they were just over highway 36, all looks really nice so far this morning. a guy caught on camera vandalizing lookout mountain. the city of denver issuing an apology this morning. why they'rr saying sorry to
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loveland police say a man in a pickup truck was going the wrong way when he slammed into a car driven by a young woman. both drivers died at the scene. no one else was in the car. at this hour police do not know why the truck was going the wrong way and don't know in speeds, drugs or alcohol was a factor. live look outside.


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