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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am MDT

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loveland police say a man in a pickup truck was going the wrong way when he slammed into a car driven by a young woman. both drivers died at the scene. no one else was in the car. at this hour police do not know why the truck was going the wrong way and don't know in speeds, drugs or alcohol was a factor. live look outside.
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to the day. 64 degrees. but we may have a few bumps this afternoon. >> lisa hidalgo joins us with your first alert on the chance for a few storms. 6:00, and we have ccear skies from that shot. and loveland ski area, beautiful but very bright drive on this tuesday. for the kids heading back to school, dps day two, mid- to upper 60s out at the bus stop. did i say dps? yes, that's right. this afternoon mid- to 80s. scattered storms, mainly the western half the state. eastern half, a few storms in denver. that 87 puts us close to our normal high. 80s covering eastern colorado. it's a lot cooler out west. we'll be in the upper 70s in grand junction due to our next storm. details on what ittwill do to us in denver coming up. we have team coverage, as i'll show you this water main break south side of wadsworth closinn it down.
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folks. how long will it be closed? >> reporter: right now crews have just arrived. they have a 6-inch water main break as you can see behind me. they're starting to dig a hole, which is going to be rather big here, because about 50-foot section of wadsworth here has water underneath and they're worried about a sink hole. in fact, we had to park our jeep here on the grassy bank area just in case the ground were to collapse. what they're saying, about five- hour repair out here. they're saying the church here that's having the lebanese festival going on will be affected by water. a couple of houses across the street and north and south of here on wadsworth are affected. these guys are just now ripping into the concrete, and it's a 6- inch main. hopefully they can get this done a little bit sooner so some these residents won't be
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teller to the east, allison to the west can get you around it. down to 20th avenue your best alternate. take a look at the cdot camera to the north, we have sounds like a horse trailer, don't know if horses were in it, tte northbound side of i-25. some traffic slowing down here. the right lane is blocked right now. coming out of traffic, you put your life at risk every time you get on the roads, and just in this morning we have a new report out national safety council showing traffic deaths have surgeed in the first half of 2016. they are up 9% higher than they were in the first six months of 2015. and 18% higher than 2014. this is a very disturbing trend of road deaths going up. been killed on the roads this year so far, and 2.2 million were seriously injured. i am also looking into this
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so more on this to come this hour. but definitely be careful out there. this video is going viral thhs morning. this has been ssen thousands of times. it shows a vandal, you see him there, shows him spray painting portions of lookout mountain. denver7's jaclyn allen tracked down the man who took the video. >> they were leaving and getting in their car. they said, we'll find you is what they told me. >> don't worry, i'm just getting video of you doing it. >> is the jefferson county sheriff's office is hoping to track down the vandals from the video. if caught, they could face a year in jail or $1,000 fine. denver police trying to crack down the person who drove a black truck into the end of a police cruiser. the driver ran away after the
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pickup truck from a nearby parking lot. the surveillance video captures the moment. denver police say the truck has montana plates and flames painted on the hood. a drunk driver is sentenced to 38 years behind bars for his role in a deadly crash. now some people are wondering if the punishment fits the crime. this surveillance video just released helps tell the story. the driver is driving 80 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone. he crashes into see right there the jeep catches fire. the 21-year-old jeep driver died. the other person in the car survived, but was badly burned. the driver admitted he was blacked out under marijuana when he crashed. -?we're getting his reaction. >> anything you would like to say to them. >> i'm so sorry for being so irresponsible.
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father. he says he will forgive but not forget. you can find our interview with him on the free denver 7 app. republican presidential candidate donald trump is coming to colorado this week, but he has canceled the speech here in denver. he'll attend a private fundraiser in aspen. he canceled speeches in nevada and oregon as well. the democrats' vice presidential nominee tim kaine is set to visit our state today. >> denver 7's amanda castillo is live in lakewood at the first stop on his trip. amanda. >> reporter: yeah, so the virginia senator is campaigning throughout the state today. and today he is stopping here at primus aerospace in lakewood. it's the several of recent colorado states made by the democrats this mooth. earlier this month you'll recall that hillary clinton actually made a stop at the
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here at 9:30 and he's hosting a round table with small colorado, or colorado small business leaders, excuse me, and he's expected to talk about hillary's plans for the economy. before that meeting gets underway, he is going to take a small tour of the small business here in lakewood. and unfortunately, the event this morning is closed to the public. but we'll be following developments as the morning co morning long. live in lakewood this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. it has been less than two weeks nce this former cu boulder student was sentenced for raping a fellow student. he avoided prison time. this morning students are headed back to class on the campus, in fact they sttrted yesterday. they tell us they have concerns about safety. >> i don't necessarily feel safe like walking back to my % dorm by myself. i feel like i would want to be
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problem than many realize. more than a quarter of cu boulder students say they've been assaulted. the university is trying change that. freshmen are now required to take an intervention class. the goal is to teach students to step in. this man, stuart shapiro, he gets an apology from the city of denver. the city is also paying him $600,000 as part of a settlement. he is the assistant city attorney suspended over that investigation beating of jamal hunter. 3 stuart shapiro was placed on leave more than a year and a half. it's a move the city is apologizing for. the city says in a statement last night "let this stand as a full and complete exoneration of mr. shapiro." in the ast four weeks the denver sheriffs department has
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inmates. on top of that, another inmate stayed in jail 24 days past his release date, putting the city at risk for yet another lawsuit. there are now four people with the zika virus in weld county. they got sick while traveling outside our state. weld county is seeing an uptick also in est nile virus. there are now seven cases there. there were only two cases at the beginning of the month. health officialsare reminding everyone to protect themselves from mosquitoes. boulder is dealing with the so-called rabbit fever. health officials think a 65- year-old got sick after doing yard work. he is fine and recovering at home. the disease is carry the by rabbits. it can be treated by antibiotics if caught early enough. some parents say the school bus has been late consistently
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hours. >> this is happening in the brighton 27j school district in commerce city. some kids showed up an hour late for classes at stewart middle school for example. parents pay about 160 bucks a year for bus service. they say it's unacceptable. >> he's a scheduled kind of kid. he has to. otherwise, he can't function. the rest of the day he's all flustered. >> we're asking for patience. it's the start of the school year. we're still figuring things out. >> the district calls this beginning of the year kinks." they say it should be fixed by the end of the week. should cigarette smokers be paying three times the tax? you'll get to decide in september. trevor siemian will get the start. today low to mid-80s. warm. chanceor scattered storms and showers this afternoon. tomorrow temperatures will drop.
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degrees cooler. we'll talk about our next cold front coming up up. a water main break, look at them tearing up wadsworth now, the southbound lanes of wadsworth are closed down south of 26th avenue. also debris on eastbound 6th avenue and a big crash near
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welcome back 6:14now. a live look interest air tracker -- from airtracker7. this is at wadsworth and south 26, the site of a water ain break. crews trying to get this fixed. they're also trying open up one lane. we'll let you know when that happens. pueblo police have arrested an unlikely robbery suspect. the 60-year-old woman in these photographs is accused of
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the internet having fun with the 60-year-old surveillance photograph. you can see here someone took a picture of it and posted, our pueblo grannies can beat up your grannies. a doctor is accused of diseases they didn't have. one woman received five years of treatment over multiple sclerosis that she didn't have. this november you'll get to decide whether to triple the tax on cigarettes. the initiative was approved yesterday. if it passes, the tax on a pack of cigarettes will go up to $2.59. last time this tax was raised the president is set to visit louisiana later today. that region of course has been
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there are tens of thousands of people on the ground helping with that recovery effort. >> 13 people died in the flooding. many people are wondering why it took president obama so long to visit the region, considering donald trump made a trip there on friday. >> i can tell you the preeident has been focused on the response on the ground and those live there have been turned upside down. >> fema officials today will start going door to door. the federal government has approved clo worth of aid for the victims. more money could be on the way. turning to our weather now, little bit of dark skies yesterday, but it was hot. are we going to have better chance of rain today? >> it's like yesterday, about 20% chance. we had brief rain roll through the metro area. same thing today. still going to be pretty warm, though not as warm. a cold front set to hit tomorrow. so ahead of that front we will see our temperatures drop a few degrees. it's going to be a little bit windier in spots.
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i took yesterday off. warmer for the weekend as we get into the friday, saturday, sunday time frame. things will heat back up. we're tracking this front, and a few showers developing out west. montrose and telluride a little activity there. eastern olorado looks a lot like this. sunshine this morning, with juut a few clouds. beautiful, bright start. we're in the 60s right now. we'll be about 20 degrees warmer by this afternoon. that puts 85. parker a high of 83 and in denver today 87. estes park you're at 70. boulder 82. not quite as hot as yesterday. especially out west, where we're going to see more rain and more cloud cover. upper 70s near grand junction. a lot warmer over the eastern half of the state. here's why, futurecast is going to show here in the next few hours some of the storms and showers that we're seeing out west. they'll start to get a little
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start to see a little rain. then a good chance for scattered storms in through the central mountains. as you're heading west on i-70, wet roads and closer to the foothills and tunnel, rain, lightning and thunder through the afternoon. there is a chance a few storms % will roll east. about 20% chance in denver this afternoon. overnight tonight we're going to be watching the storm make its move. by early wednesday morning we've got more cloud cover covering the eastern half our state, and showers and thunderstorms possible for the first half of our day tomorrow. timing-wise, a little different for us versus the afternoon storms. we'll still see them tomorrow, but there's also a chance for showers in the morning. temperatures will also drop dramatically. 87 today. 75 on wednesday. by thursday we're at about 73, so low 70s through then. heading into the weekend here's your first alert that we do heat back up. looks pretty nice. by saturday and sunday we're
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now. water main break we have in lakewood. it's closing down southbound wadsworth for now. they have brought in a big dump truck to load the dirt and asphalt they ripped up from the road. you see the cones set up? they're setting it up so now they can get one lane of southbound wadsworth open after 26th, right after crown hill. i think that's what's going to happen. as soon as they get comfortable with allowing ttaffic in there, they'll have one southbound lane and two northbound lanes of now it's still closed down at the corner of the cemetery. allison to the west, teller to the east can get you around if for at least now. a viewer told me there was debris on the westbound side of 6th near sheridan. i'm not seeing significant slowing yet. but definitely a hazard. huge delay north, northbound i- 25 is jammed solid going to fort collins. logistic at these pictures, as it was a truck towing a trailer
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patrol up there. and you can see from the camera we have heavy duty stop and go because of it with the right side blocked. from before harmony, heavy traffic that way. from the first alert desk, got hit with strong storms yesterday and this video shows serious flooding in northern new mexico. cars having to drive that. roads were washed out there. the national weather service says other parts of the state got lightning, strong winds, a lot of storm activity in new mexico. 6:20 now. there are not enough parking spots for disabled drivers in denver. the city's auditor says it's an issue in two-thirds of the lots he reviewed. we found multiple lots without any handicped spaces. the auditor says some
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the handicapped spaces and sell them to the general public. the businesses are getting away with it because no one is really checking up on them. >> it happens all the time. and people have gotten bolder, in my opinion, it seems to me there's a systemic failure here. >> it's rather hard to enforce illegal parking lots since most tickets are written by volunteers. we did reach out to the owner of one parking lot without any spots and they tell us they'll repaint the lines very soon. we are g on you right now, in case you have not heard, trevor siemian will get the start at quarterback for the broncos, at least when they take on the rams at mile high stadium this saturday. this is his second straight start. it could be a sign he is the favorite heading into the start of the regular season, although head coach gary kubiak made sure to tell us this is still an open competition. >> i think trevor did a good job the other night.
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have been as good as it could be. i'm going to give him a chance. >> i think a lot of guys who have been here in years past have learned a lot on what it % takes to be a ttue professional quarterback. >> more good news. listen up, de marcus ware andd talib will both be on the practice field. ryan lochte is losing
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david was proud to be an american soldier. and i know i'm prejudiced because he was my son, but i don't think he had a mean bone in his body.
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saw donald trump attack another gold star mother, i felt such a sense of outrage. "she was standing there, she had nothing to say..." if donald trump cannot respect a gold star family, then why would anyone in america think he would respect them.
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a viewer called me and said what's going on on 6th avenue? there's debris there. first we have a big mattress, also other debris along westbound 6th avenue just after sheridan in lanes of traffic. so traffic is, avoiding it, but lighter on the eastbound side. we have the other problem on southbound wadsworth. putting traffic in between the
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break. it is a nasty wreck up north, northbound i-25, actually two crashes north of harmony. you jinxed it this morning when you said, hear that? it's quiet. gusty conditions with the thunderstorms that pop up. here in denver right now wind speeds at about 5 to 15 miles per hour. it's mild. we have temperatures right now in the mid- to upper sixties. beautiful shot of downtown this morning. some sunshine early on, a few thundersto this afternoon. highs in the 80s. we're tracking a cold front. details coming up. thank you, lisa. a man steals an suv with young children inside. police thankfully catch up to the guy. we have the pictures of the reunion between the kids and their mom. a new poll is bad news for donald trump, as democratic vp pick tim kaine plans to stop here in colorado.
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after 95 years, a piece of denver history is closed for good. what the owners are saying. plus, a nurse is accused of groping patients across multiple states. now he's headed to trial. first, a live look outside at 6:30. the skies just gorgeous. but there's a lot going on on our roadways. >> jayson has your first alert on our drive. >> we going on. we'll starr with a water main break. a little bit ago they've opened wadsworth past 26th. d %- you can see from our live picture down there how they have the cones set up and digging into the roads. they're digging up the hole and have traffic on the southbound sides of wadsworth, one lane is open. we don't need the alternate anymore. we have a trouble spot on 6th. viewer reported to me there was
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sheridan, also a mattress leaning up againnt the median. we also have a hazard on the north end where we have a huge accident northbound side of i- 25. you can see the damage to that pickup truck and the trailer here. heavy duty stop and go traffic there. down to the denver tech center, southbound i-25 at hamden there's a report of someone who might be changing their tire. that is not fun on a tuesday morning drive. then mix in the bright sun glare, it will be very bright. a lot of sunshine. gorgeous now, you can see from this view across northeastern colorado. normal high today is 86. we'll likely be close to that number with denver at 87. fort collins some upper 80s. 90s across southeastern colorado. the change today is on the western slope. upper 70s near grand junccion. and more storms and showers
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mountains. we have about a 20% chance for a few storms in denver today. likely, though, the western half of our state where we're going to see a lot of the rain, lightning and thunder today. from the first alert desk now, a breaking story, a report just out from the national safety council says traffic deaths have surgeed in the first six months of the year. 9% higher than 2015 higher than 2014. we can show you that in colorado we're not one of the worst states, but traffic deaths are up 8% from last year in the first six months. we've had 254 people killed on the roads here in the first six months of 2016. and that is up even more, 27% from 2014. something to think about as you hhad out the door today. an estimated 19,100 people have been killed on the roads in the country this year. big factor of course just
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we put a record number of miles on the roads this year. you see the anguish on this mother's face. she's been reunited with her children after a man stole her suv with her two kids inside. she left the suv running while she went inside the family dollar store on federal. when she came out, the car and kids gone. police followed the car to a field where the driver blew a tire. >> the mother when she got out of the vehicle, you could obviously member, she was having problems walking. sobbing. >> thornton police say the suspect was bitten by a police k-9 during the arrest. as a result he is in the hospital this morning. this hail storm caused $350 million worth of damage from late july. you can see it piled on the roads in colorado springs.
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this is the fourth most expensive hail storm in u.s. history. a poll released this morning shows hillary clinton maintaining a lead over the competition. clinton is at 43%. donald trump 38%. libertarian gary job is at 11% and green party candidate jill stein at 5%. the justice department is getting ready to release new documents from hillary clinton's private e-mail server which she used during r as secretary of state. clinton did not voluntarily turn these documents over to investigators. they found them after digging deeper into her server. clinton's republican rival, donald trump, has said for months that clinton cannot be trusted. now he says the justice department can't be trusted either. >> the justice department is required to appoint an independent special prosecutor. because it has proven itself to be really, sadly, a political
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>> trump will be in aspen thursday for a private fundraiser. clinton's vice presidential pick tim kaine is making a stop in denver today. denver7's amanda del castillo joins us with more on his visit. >> reporter: yes, senator kaine is meeting colorado small business leaders here at primus in lakewood this morning at 9:30. but before that round table meeting is set to start, he's actually taking small business, much like hillary clinton did earlier there month wwen she visited the knotty tie company here also in the denver area. now, when she visited, during her tour she actually criticized her republican rival, donald trump, for outsourcing branded products to other countries. the campaign continues today, and although this event isn't open to the public, we will be therr and our cameras will be
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go on throughout the tour and the round table meeting this morning ttat starts at 9:30. live from lakewood, amanda del castillo, denver 7. it appears this man, thomas moore, will stand trial. he's the nurse accused of groping several patients while they were sedated. a judge ruled yesterday there is enough evidence to move forward with the case. moore has not entered a plea. in addition to the larimer county charges, moore faces charges in weld county, as well as in headed to the state capitol this morning. they plan to unveil a new child- proof bottle. it has a combination on it. this lock designed to prevent teenagers are stealing their parents' pills. >> it would prevent 5 million kids from initiating abuse over the next 10-year period. >> it won't necessarily be cheap. the company trying to figure
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or two. there's a breckenridge resident who thought he was doing the right thing by bringinghese world war ii era grenades to a fire station to have them dispose of them. he didn't know how dangerous they were. red, white and blue fire station 4 was evacuated because of the danger. the fort carson bomb squad had to be called in to dispose of wow. speedo, polo, ralph lauren, among the companies who dropped ryan lochte. macy's could also decide to drop him. these could cost lochte millions of dollars over the next few years. it is a sad day in denver t-
6:38 am
>> they were open for 95 years. here's a listen to their voice mail message. >> thank you for calling patsy's inn. it is with deep heart felt sadness that we are closing patsy's inn permanently effective today. >> the owners wrote a note to their customers saying it was difficult decision down, but are honored they could be a part of so many family traditions. >> open since 1921. we have another reason to make fun of the raiders. this involves a naked quarterback and marijuana. >> i'll stay around for that one. plus, denver city council taking a stand against new apartment complexes with no parking. we'll explain. 6:38. live looo from airtracker7 this
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good tuesday morning. it's 6:41. here's your first alert it's a very nice start to our day. now, our winds are at about 5 to 15 miles per hour and could get gusty with the thunderstorms this afternoon. most of today's storms will be in the mountains, but we'll get a few. as the kids are heading home, temperatures in the mid- to upper 80s. threat for severe weatherrtoday is pretty low. but we've got a tomorrow. we'll talk about thaa coming up. getting up into the mountains today, ii's cooler, especially out west. jason, just 78 and quite a few showers across the western slope. telluride, 55, that looks -?chilly. couple of problems southbound wadsworth, water main break. one lane open, two lanes open northbound. de brie on 6 -- debris on 6th avenue. the big story is this to the north, where we have this nasty accident that's closed own
6:42 am
look at the damage to that ttuck. take a look at the picture from cdot camera, northbound side, it's stacked up for about 3 miles. there are county roads that can help you get around it and will save you a lot of time. thanks, jayson. broncos fans, you may recognize this guy, used to play back in the day when john elway and the broncos beat him over and over and over and over. >> >> yeah. >> just checking. police in southern california say they found him friday naked and in someone's back yard. police say he was also holding a paper back filled with marijuana and meth. he faces several drug charges. state leaders want to help you talk to your kids about marijuana. after the break we'll take you inside this new campaign. we want to give you a live
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welcome back. it is 6:44. 62 degrees outside here in the mile high city.
6:45 am
be recognized as a denver landmark. city council approved the designation last night. the church has a long history of support for civil rights issues. there's currently a black lives matter banner hanging outside. two years ago when colorado legalized gay marriage, the church was one of the first to hold a same-sex wedding. governor hickenlooper wants to make it easier for parents to talk to their kids about marijuana. the state has launched a new campaign called good to know colorado. if we look on the web site here, there's a section called consequences of underage marijuana use. you may not realize this, but college students can lose financial aid if arrested for smoking pot. the governor says "this campaign is a priority for me." it's 6:45. dramatic new video into our newsroom. this shows firefighters on the scene of a house fire in new jersey. one of the firefighters had to catch a pair of teenagers as
6:46 am
floor of that burning home. >> what went through your mind? >> that i was going to die. >> that's one of the kids. the kids' mother was not home at the time. this morning the firefighter is being called a hero. the home a total loss, although some family photos were recovered. >> really, out of all that? >> amazing to think. now at 6:46 we're tracking another cold front that will start to, you feel the effects of it in the mountains for sure today. and especially here tomorrow in denver, as temperatures drop. right now we've got skies. satellite and radar is quiet, except for across southwestern colorado. one of the first spots there that will start to see scattered storms and showers. then this shot from our loveland ski area camera will look different by midday today. heavier rain, thunderstorms possible up along i-70 as you get closer to the tunnel. we'll stay under sunshine here in denver until midafternoon. and there is a slight chance that a few of these storms are going to roll east.
6:47 am
chance over the western half of our state to pick up some storms, showers. might even get a little snow above 13,000 feet later tonight into early tomorr morning. you can see a little of the purple and blue that pops up there on futurecast. that's going to be on the tops of the peaks. across the plains overnight tonight we'll start to see a few storms and showers. then early tomorrow morning we're under a mostly cloudy sky. scattered activity through the morning commute. and then by it looks like ea just a little sunshine, and then a few more thunderstorms possible by the afternoon. it's going to be a pretty active day tomorrow and a lot cooler. our norral high is 86. by the last day of is month on the 31st, our normal high goes down to 84. it's starting to really cool down as we get into september. temperatures today around that normal. denver 87. keenesburg 88. castle rock today you're in the upper 70s to low 80s.
6:48 am
right around 70. pueblo 92. in lamar this afternoon still very hot there, mid-90s by 3:00. today we're at 87. tomorrow you'll want to send the kids out the door with a sweatshirt, light jacket, maybe umbrella. scattered storms and showers. it's a lot cooler through thursday. thursday we're at 73. and by friday we start to slowly warm up. still below normal friday, and pretty close to low to mid-80s through the weekend. we've got a storm, a cold front. ?ut it clears out in time for the weekend. looks pretty good saturday and sunday. do you know what else looks pretty good? girders. >> you always -- i never should answer your questions. >> look how pretty they are. this will be the new part of the bridge arapahoe road, or i- 25 over arapahoe road. you still see they have work to do, a nice gap in there. that's why they're going to
6:49 am
overnight tonight to finish -?that work and continue that project. take a look at the water still pouring out of the hose, that's out of the pump they put in the hole on southbound wadsworth after 26th. one lane open southbound. a couple of lanes open on the northbound side. take a look at the map, we have trouble spots, including 6th avenue pretty slow, and now getting information of a possible accident northbound 25 just after 6th avenue. that's going to add the extra time comiig up from alameda. i'll hopefully get a picture of that. standard, heavy traffic about er the north. northbound i-25, a nasty accident up here, look at the damage to that vehicle. we have lanes blocked on i-25 and a huge backup several miles. there is a frontage roadish, county road to the east to take you north and will save you a lot of time. thanks, jayson. 11 apartment projects are being put on hold in denver because those projects don't include any parking. last night denver city council approved a 7-month moratorium
6:50 am
without any parking. one of those apartment complexes' proposals is at 16th and humboldt. the plaa calls for 108 small units and no paaking spots. city council leaders say that's not acceptable. >> these projects, what is 3 being proposed to be built, was never the tent of this ordinance. >> city council voted unanimously in favor of the moratorium. this will not affect parking free projects already approved. new this morning, for second year in a row, jennifer lawrence is the world's highest paid actress. forbes reports the 26-year-old made $46 million pretax last year. that was actually down $52 million, from $52 million in the previous year. she got a little bit of a ay cut there.
6:51 am
place. >> $46 million? that's insane. we'll get you caught up on your big stories in your morning sprint, including a pair of men who got caught spray painting the rocks at lookout mountain. this morning they are youtube famous and jeffco deputies want to track them down. denver police trying too track down a man who rammed a over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill that's making a difference to all farmers in colorado. the thing that impresses me most about michael bennet:
6:52 am
and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us.
6:53 am
defacing property, right? okay. >> your morning sprint starts with a viral video of a pair of vandals, you can see them spray painting rocks at lookout mountain. >> jeffco deputies say the guys in the video could spend a year behind bars in caught. anyone with information should call crime storms. donald trump is coming to canceled a speech in denver. >> he'll attend a private fundraiser in aspen, however. he canceled speeches in nevada and oregon as well. the campaign not giving a reason. it's 6:53. on this tuesday we have temperatures in the mid- to upper 60s this morning. it's really very nice and mild. by the time the kids get to the bus stop at around 8:00 to 9:00, we'll be at 68 degrees. by the time they're heading home, chance for scattered storms and showers.
6:54 am
tomorrow a change. when you wake up tomorrow and walk out the door you could find wet roads. chance for scattered storms and showers early on. highs only in the 70s. we'll stay in the 70s through thursday. we have water main break in lakewood now that we're dealing with. will be on the southbound side of wadsworth just after the crown hill cemetery. it's about here at 23rd. we have one lane blocked, one lane open. take a look at from our camera, you can see where they have is but they're pumping out the water, digging the hole. they'll be out here many hours. northbound unaffected. denver police are trying to track down the person who drove this black truck into a police cruiser. happened yesterday at the end of a police chase. the driver ran away and stole a white ford f 150 pickup from a nearby parking lot. the surveillance video you're looking at here captures the moment the white truck was
6:55 am
screen. the truck has montana plates, flames on the hood. if you know anything you're asked to call crimestoppers. a local mom is back with her young children after a man stole her suv with the kids inside. running while she ran inside a family dollar store on federal. when she came out, the suv was gone. thornton police followed the car from i-25 into a field where the driver blew a tire. the kids are okay. the suspect now facing a long list of charges. the department has accidently released four inmates in the past four weeks. they were not supposed to be released. the sheriff himself now ordering an audit. from the first alert desk now, sad news, we have learned a u.s. service member has been killed in afghanistan and another wounded. this happened today during some operations. they wwre apparently conducting a patrol and triggered an improvised explosive. the service member who was
6:56 am
condition. six afghan soldiers were also wounded. at this point no names have been released. of course, we'll be following this story throughout the day on denver 7. tonight you are invited to pay your respects to an arvada man who died while fighting isis. levi jack shirley died last month while fighting against isis. his body is still in syria. his family will plan a funeral once he is brought back home. a vail doctor is accused of diagnosing two patients with a disease they never had. he is being sued by both patients. one woman says she received multiple sclerosis treatment for five years before another doctor said she didn't have the disease. two years ago he said he would not renew his medical license in the future. it's now 6:56. broncos ans listen up, trevor
6:57 am
job as quarterback against the rams saturday. >> this could be a sign he's the favorite heading into the start of the regular season. the third and fourth preseason games are typically viewed as dress rehearsals. mark sanchez has struggled with turnovers in both preseason games. kickoff saturday, 7:00. unfortunately, this is not the way you want to start off your morning commute. he lost his tire. you can see just the rim here. this is the i-25 at yale. there is the tire there. the patrol truck, they work for cdot and help motorists in situations like this. and then the denver police blocking that left lane. we have stop and go traffic coming up from the denver tech center now trying to get into downtown. extra 10 minutes there. we have some slow traffic on 225, earlier crash near mississippi is clear. c-470, i-70 busy.
6:58 am
nothing of huge signiffcance, nothing like this, this huge traffic jam trying to get up to fort collins fort collins. from this accident that continues to be cleaned up and investigated, no information about how people were hurt in this crash, but obviously it doesn't look good. we're going to have delays up there for the rest of the morning, again northbound 25 just north of harmony. >> it's been a tough week and it's only tuesday, traffic- wise. >> last week was tough, too. maybe it's back to school. >> been a lot of trailer incidents. >> that, too better morning.
6:59 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, tojd t takes on hillary clinton and those thousands of new e-mails. saying she gave clinton foundation members special streemt. >> the clintons made the state department into the same kind of pay for play operation. >> trump calling for a special the fbi looking at this man accused of trying to kill two people, possibly trying to behead one. tropical threat. three systems brewing in the atlantic. the caribbean on alert. as we hit peak hurricane season. missing tom. the patriots' star quarterback, nowhere to be found at preseason games or practice. even his teammates now


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