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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm MDT

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breaking news, a 14-year- old boy riding his bicycle this morning was run over by a semi tractor-trailer rig. he's now fighting for his life. this happened in larimer county near hayes market and berthoud. the crash is under investigation. a man is facing charges, accused of pretending to doctor, sexually assaulting his patients and practicing medicine without a license. >> let's go straight to denver 7's mark boyle who is outside the man's clinic. what do we know now? >> reporter: 36-year-old carlos hernandez fernandez practiced at this clinic and is being charged 15 total counts, some of which practicing without a license and also sexually assaulting a couple of his patients. we talked to neighbors and they said this parking lot was full
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very good business around here. now, it's all locked up. here's a look at his mug shot. he's out on a $2,000 bond. that will likely be reset and much higher when he returns to court at 1:30 this afternoon. records show he was a trucker before opening this clinic. he did plastic surgery procedures. we asked why bond was set to low in the first serious class 4 felonies and with the bond schedule require about a $2,000 bond initially. we are planning to be in court at 1:30. we'll make sure you have all the information you need as this story develops between now and our early evening newscast, on social media and online. live in denver, mark boyle, denver 7. this morning democratic
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kaine is in denver. ?> he toured a small business here. tracking his trip and joins us now. >> reporter: that round table ended about five minutes ago. before that, this morning the virginia senator took a tour of the facilities here at primus aerospace and met with some of the employees at the facility as well. according to the company's web site, the company is actually a leading provider of parts used space equiiment as well. it's just one example of a small business, it's a small business here in colorado, and the people, those are the groups of people he was actually speaking to today. let's listen in to what he had to say about that tour. >> i want to thank brandy and everybody at primus. this is a big invasion. these guys are busy and have a lot of good things going on. i was talking to randy about
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ago, with six employees. the business has grown significantly who is growing more, but not without the growing pains any small business experiencess >> reporter: now, small businesses, that was the focus today of this round table. he took questions from the business owners and actually heard what they want to see changed in relation to his running mate hillary clinton's small business plan. reporting live from amanda del castillo, denver 7. republican presidential candidate trump is coming to colorado this week. he has canceled a speech on immigration in the city. instead, he'll attend a private fundraiser in aspen. he canceled campaign speeches in oregon and nevada as well. green party candidate jill stein isalso coming to colorado. she'll be in colorado springs and fort collins on saturday,
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a poll released this morning shows hillary clinton maintaining a lead. clinton is at 43% now. donald trump 35%. libertarian gary johnson at 11%. and green party candidate jill stein at 5% right now. good morning, everyone, and thanks for joining us here. a lot going on today. the weather, quiet now but that could change? >> absolutely. expecting severe weather mostly to for the most part we have the chance of storms back in the forecast across the front range today. clouds will increase throughout the afternoon. we have a good chance for seeing mountain showers and storms, very widespread and a lot of heavy precipitation associated with some of those storms, and 80s today. we'll be in the 70s by tomorrow. so a cooldown is coming. the radar and satellite now, we stayed quiet in the morning. southwest already picking up moisture. we have a couple of watches and
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morning. now we have a flash flood warning that will go in effect starting at noon until 10:00 tonight for much of southwest colorado. we'll see heavy rain potentially, and with those storms they'll be slow moving so we have the potential for flash flooding. to the north, fort collins over to sterling, a red flag warning is in effect. low humidity, dry conditions the potential for fire danger there. front ra skies and slight chance of storms. you know you're defacing property, right? >> breaking now, the two men behind this cell phone video caught spray painting paint on rocks at lookout mountain have been identified. 18-year-old stanley settler is facing charges for defacing property, could land him in jail for a year and a thousand in fine. the other man in thh video has
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head-on crash that happened in loveland. >> a44-year-old man in a pickup truck was going the wrong way when he slammed into a car driven by a young woman. she was just 21. both drivers died at the scene. no one else was in either car. just in, we're learning speed and alcohol or drugs played a factor. crrws working to clean up ?nd repair a water main that broke this morning in lakewood. you can see a caused a lot of boulevard. several lanes are closed there at 26th for all southbound traffic. take a look at this picture on the bottom right you can see that roof of a jeep there. the rest car is submerged in water. police say someone stole the car from a junior college last night and drove it into that canal. no arrests have been made so far. developing now, two commerce city police officers will no longer be allowed to train other ficers after they
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on duty. a commerce city police spokesman says that will be their only punishment. this will not impact their regular duties. the search continues for the driver of a stolen car who led police on a chase through denver and aurora. we broke this story to you on denver 7 at 11:00 yesterday. the driver hit a police cruiser then took off. the car he was in was a 1998 white ford f 250 with a montana license plate. take this was capturing the moment of a deadly hit-and-run from last year. that was in the middle of federal and 44th. the man who caused it was drunk and high and going 80 miles per hour in a 30-mile-per-hour zone. he struck and killed sebastian efrrdge and killed him. >> i'm not happy at all.
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the state of colorado. >> he almost hit several other cars before the deadly crash. he ran from the scene and broke into a home before he was caught. everything is okay at breckenridge this morning after someone delivered these explosives to the fire department. someone brought in world war ii eresbazookas, asking firefighters to help get rid of them. the fire crew had to evacuate the fire house to be safe. this man, stuart shapiro, receives an applogy from the city is also paying him more than $600,000, all part of a settlement. he is the assistant city attorney and was suspended over the investigation into the jail beating of jamal hunter. he was placed on leave for more than a year and a half. it's a move the city is now apologizing for. the city said in a statement last night "let this stand as a full and complex exoneration of mr. shapiro." it appears thomas moore
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groping several patients while they were sedated. a judge ruled yesterday there is enough evidence to move forward with this case. moore has not entered a plea just yet. in addition to the larimer county charges, moore faces charges in weld county and also in nebraska. pueblo police have arrested an unlikely robbery suspect. the 60-year-old woman in these photos is accused of robbing a wells fargo bank friday night. she turned herself in sunday, but the internet is having a bit of fun with the pictures. take a look, here's one from pueblo meme's facebook page. our pueblo grannies can beat up your grannies. today this new type of child proof bottle will be unveiled today at our capitol. it's got a combination lock. greenwood village company is making these, and it's to prevent teens from stealing the prescription drugs from their
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teen prescription drug abuse nationally and here in colorado is pilfering from parents' medicine cabinet. this prevents that. >> right now this pill bottle will be tested at local pharmacies just to gauge interest. they'll likely add a couple of bucks to your prescription. a health alert, especially forthose in weld -- for those in weld county. so far this year weld county has seen four cases none of the people contracted the virus here. they had traveled to some place where there was already infected areas. all 21 people with the virus across our state had traveled to zika-known areas. it's not just the zika virus. weld county is also seeing an uptick in west nile virus cases. there are now seven cases there. health officials are reminding everyone o protect themselves from mosquitoes and we have a list of tips on our free denver 7 app.
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deadliest day labor day weekend on the road since2008. >> traffic deaths are up and there's no sign of it slowing down. >> colorado is seeing a big spike. >> it is. most states are, in fact. nobody wants to be part of this the national safety council predicting 438 peoe around the country will be killed on the roads during the upcoming there have been over 19,000 auto related deaths nationwide in the first six months of this year. that trend just going up. here in colorado there were 254 deaths from january to june, up 8% from the same timeeperiod in 2015 and 27% increase from the first half of 2014. a big reason for the increase the economy is doing bbtter, more people are working, gas prices are low. while we might consider all of
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to more deadly crashes. in fact, the national safety council report found traffic deaths only went down in eight states and the district of columbia. an american service member killed in the line of duty in afghanistan, and several others injured. it's that time of year, students heading back to school. buttsome teachers in one high school are packing guns.
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welcome back. developing now, a u.s. service member was killed this morning by an explosive device in afghanistan. he is just one of 500 troops already in the province working to counterterrorism training there. one other service member and six afghan soldiers were also injured. the service member who died army sergeant bowe bergdahl is back in court today in north carolina. his lawyers are trying to get his case thrown out, arguing the military mishandled the case. he faces life in prison after walking away from his post in afghanistan. now the fbi is investigating a possibbe isis inspired attack. police say a man stabbed two people walking home in roanoke,
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the victim said the attacker shouted god is great in arabic. they say during the past year he traveled to turkey and may have tried to sneak to syria. sources say federal investigators are trying to figure out if he was trying to behead his victims. he is now in custody. as we kick off the start of the school year, some california teachers are coming to school with guns. one high school is allowing up to five staff members to have guns on campus. the school district passed that rule in april. the guns do have to be concealed and students cannot know which weapons. the idea came from the superintendent who says the school must be able to respond quickly if something dangerous happens. >> we're not trying to take the place of law enforcement officials who spend hours upon hours training for these types of situations. all we're trying to do is provide an opportunity to limit or eliminate potential casualties during that response time. >> the armed staff members have to have a concealed carry
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an evaluation. president obama visited louisiana this morning. that region has been devastated by flooding. there are tens of thousands of people on the ground helping with the recovery effort. 13 people have died in that many are wondering why it took president obama so long to visit the region, considering donald trump made the trip there last friday. >> i can tell you what the president has been focused on is the response on the ground and the people whose lives in louisiana have been turned up side down. >> today fema officials will some parts of baton rouge and other areas. the federal government has already approved close to $70 million worth of aid for victims, but more money could be on the way. >> they need all can get down there. for us, we'd like a little bit of rain. absolutely. and we have that in the forecast for the range. really the southwestern corner of colorado today, that's going to be seeing the most precipitation, and the mountains, because take a look at the radar and satellite now. we're already picking up
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across i-70 and telluuide, through durango, we'll be seeing slow moving storms there throughout the afternoon into this evening. loveland ski area now weeare seeing mostly cloudy conditions. their first snowfall in certain spots yesterday. we'll continue to see the chance for the highest elevations getting hit with that as more moisture moves in across the rockies. across the eastern plains bright blue skies, clear conditions and mostly dry afternoon through much of the northeastern plains later moving through the day we are going to be seeing temperatures once again increasing through -- sorry, you guys, my weather computer has stopped working. i'm not re exactly what we need to do. i'm going to have to shut it down, turn it back oo -- >> reboot. >> i'll give you your ull forecast coming up in just a second. for right now, do expect temperatures to stay in the
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highs. >> we keep a hammer over here for our computers. >> i'll draw a picture of a sun for you. >> thanks. there are a group of muslims getting attention because of a billboard in phoenii. >> it says, hey, isis, you suck. that's the quote. the group says they want people to practice peace and it starts with conversations about isis. it's meant to show isis goes against islam. >> it's kind of good to separate the hey, isis you suck, from actual muslims. what isis pursues and the things isis stands for is not in our religion at all. >> the billboard firrt popped up in chicago. the group responsible hopes more will turn up in cities across the u.s. it was the oldest italian restaurant in denver, but this morning doors to patsy's inn aae closed. the broncos hoping to redeem themselves this weekend as they gear up to play the l.a.
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this gooround?
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welcome back. we're back up and running. temperatures now in the mid-to lower 80s across downtown ann at the airport. we started out with a very sunny morning, but we'll continue to see increasing ccoud coverage throughout the day today. our highs across the front range pretty close to where they should be. dia getting up to about 87. same in downtown. the foothills experiencing 60s and 70s. we do have the risk for seeing thunderstorms later on this afternoon, into the early evening hours. much of the northeastern corner of the state will stay dry but the mountains and all portions of southern colorado do have the potential for seeing rainfall. here's what it looks like on our futurecast. our model showing a lot of widespread precipitation, mainly to the southwest. there's a flash flood watch that will go in effect starting at noon and last until 100. a lot of these storms will be slow moving. mountains have the potential for picking up about an inch of rainfall if the storms really pick up into severity and overnight mostly cloudy across the front range, but should
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some of those storms have the potential for rolling off the foothills, onto the plains later this evening. lows overnight mid-50s on the western slope. 40s in the mountains. 37 our expected low in leadville and mid- to upper 50s across the plains. our futurecast for tomorrow a very different story. a cold front is moving back into colorado, so that will bring us the better chance for cloudier, cooler conditions. overnight tonight in denver we have that storm chance. staying mostly cloudy and temperatures in the mid-50s an lot more cloud coverage and a better chance for showers and storms. and back in the 70s for tomorrow. a cooldown is coming. and the rest of the week back into the 80s. if you're trying figure out where you want to go for lunch, i have sad news. denver lost its oldest italian restaurant. you see it there. patsy's inn, it's a popular restaurant and officially
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we were there yesterday when person after person came by only to learn this closed. we fell in love at a booth right inside. we had our rehearsal dinner here. we come here every week. >> the food was always the best every ime. and ronnie and kimmie were always there with a smile. >> so sweet to hear that. here's a look at the restaurant's web site. you can see a note from the owners for the customers. they say closing was decision, but are honored they could be part of so many family traditions. revor siemian will get the start at quarterback this saturday when they take on the l.a. rams at mile high. it's his second straight start. it could be a sign he is the favorite heading into the start of the regular season. we'll see. although head coach kubiak made sure to tell us that is an open
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obviously had one play he would like to have back. i'm going to give him a chance to do that again. like i said, we're going to play equally. >> i think a lot of the guys that have been here in years past have learned a lot from 18 on what takes to be a professional quarterback. >> more good news for the broncos, demarcus ware and aqib talib will be on the practice field this week. new at 11:00, broncos quarterback mark sanchez undercover as a street performer. ? [ singing ] >> he sang some of today's hottest hits on the street in santa barbara california. we are following tim kaine around colorado this morning.
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>> reporter: yeah, we're live in lakewood this morning, where virginia senator tim kaine spoke about small business with colorado's small business we'll have a look at what he said coming up later. (vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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about 11:30. we're following breaking news in denver. this man is facing charges accused of pretending to be a
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this is 36-year-old carlos hernandez fernandez. records show he performed plastic surgery at a clinic on federal boulevard. >> four people were seriously hurt from the procedures, some of which were also sexually assaulted. he is due back in court at 1:30. denver7 will have a crew there. stay with us onair, online and our mobile app for the latest developments. also breaking, democratic kaine in colorado. >> he's been in lakewood all morning and amanda del castillo has been there all along. rter: the virginia senator took a tour of the facilities at primus in lakewood. he started talking to the audience about small business here and he had that round table with several of colorado's small business leaders. it's similar to what hillary
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she visited the knotty tie company in denver. you remember when she did a tour there, she actually criticized her republican rival, donald trump, about him outsourcing his products across overseas. tim kaine had this to say, that trump is running his campaign like what can this campaign do for to ask the senator questions and briig suggestions to what they hope to see following the implementation, the future implementation if that happens, of hillary clinton's small business plan. reporting live in lakewood this morning, amanda del castillo, denver 7. meantime, controversy continues for hillary clinton over her private e-mail server. a conservative watchdog group released more e-mails which appear to show a clossr relationship between the
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state department, where clinton was secretary of state at the time. plus, the fbi has handed over 15,000 more of clinton's e- mails for review. donald trump's wife is threatening to sue several news outlets for defamation. she's placed the daily mail, politico and at least eight others on notice. she claims they made false statements about her having been an escort in the 1990s. there is encourage more homeless peeple to vote. the homeless can use the addresses of homeless shelters to register. do you remember the hail storm last month in colorado springs that caused a lot of damage? insurance agents in colorado springs say it caused more than $350 million in damage. that makes it the fourth most expensive hail storm in state history. we've had rough afternoon weather this whole summer season, but nothing like the
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but we have the chance for seeing storms later on today. mostly in the mountains and across the southwestern corner. into tomorrow across the front range and we can use all the rain we can get. our radar and satellite right now already showing activity down to the southwest. we have a flash flood watch, this starts at noon, llsts until 10:00 tonight. all the area in green. heavy rain is likely as storms hang out and don't really move very quickly. so ttere is for flash flooding. a red flag warning further to the north, fort collins towards sterling. low humidity, we've seen very dry conditions recently, and gusty winds are the big factor there today. any spark could start a fire, so please be extra cautious in that area. our futurecast showing what we can expect throughout the day today. a lot of activity in the mountains could get a snow/rain
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tomorrow. a mom and her kids are together this morning after a man stole her suv with her kids inside. she said it happened while she was inside the family dollar store on federal boulevard. police followed the car to a field where the car blew a tire. >> the kids actually weren't crying at all when they brought them out of the vehicle and took them to the ambulance. but the 3-year-old definitely was, what the heck is going on? it was just a very emotional event i >> the suspecc took off running at that point. but a police k-9 caught up with him, bit him during the arrest. the suspect is in the hospital as a result. changes now at cu boulder after the high profile assault case there. incoming freshmen must take a class on sexual assault. the ass is called, bystander inteevention. this course comes after recent university study there found that 28% of female students have been victims of sexual assault.
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vail doctor for diagnosing them with a disease they didn't have. one woman says dr. gary weise misdiagnosed her with multiple sclerosis and treated her for five years. boulder is dealing with a so-called rabbit fever. health officials think a 65- year-old got sick after doing work out in the yard. he's fine now, thankfully. the disease is carried by doctors can treat it if it's caught early enough. children's hospital hopes to resume emergency flights later today aftee a medical helicopter got stuck on its roof yesterday. it couldn't take off because of mechanical issues. at some point today a crane will be used to take the chopper down. you can pay your respect to an arvada man killed fighting isis. levi jack shirley died last month. his family is hosting a candlelight vigil at 7:00 this
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park meditation garden in arvada. shirley would have turned 25 today. his body, however, is still in syria. his family says they'll plan a funeral when his body is back home. the price of cigarettes in -?colorado coold be going up. come november you'll get a chance to vote on proposal that will triple the taxes. it would increase taxes from 84 cents to $2.59 per pack. the extra money will go towards programs to help people recalling some products because residue. 125 units are expected, including fruit chews and gum drops. the list is available on our free denver 7 app. colorado's health departtent is releasing new ads called the trusted adults will speak up to talk to children about marijuana.
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it was one of the few churches to open its doors tt the gay community as early as in the 1950s. in the 70s and 80s it served as headquarters of the gay coalition in denver. some parents say school buses are arriving two hours late. it's happening on route 32 and commerce city, part of the brighton 27j school district. one mother's son has autism and says the issues >> he's a scheduled kind of kid. he has to, otherwise he can't function. the rest of the day he's all flustered. >> now we're just asking for patience. it's the start of the school year. we're still figuring things out. >> the district says these are the beginning of the year kinks and should be worked out. they think they'll be fixed by the end of the week. denver city council approvvd a 7-month moratorium on apartment complexes with no parking. planning officialsay
11:38 am
the works. plans call for 108 units without any parking spots at this complex. >> developers are basically -- have basically found a way to utilize the wording of this particular exemption for small lots to enable them to do no parking at all and this will have 108 units, very small micro unit developments. >> projects with complete applicatiins accepted by the city of denver subject to that moratorium. here in denver there is not just a lack of parking for apartments, but city auditors say disability parking system here is inadequate. the auditor found 65% reviewed didn't have sufficient parking like this one here at 19th and logan. and people are getting away with illegally parking. they say some businesses are
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checks up on them. >> there are many times when i consider going to a place and just think about the parking and decide nnt to go at all. >> we reached out to he parking lots a owner here and they say they have new plans to repaint the line and put in new disabled spots. 50 years ago today the world received its first view of earth. this picture was taken by a spacecraft in the vicinity the moon on august 10, 1966 the orbiters were sent to take the pictures. august23, 1966, it sent back this image. the white spot in the background, it's us. >> it's earth, cool. my dad spent much of his career working on that laying the
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there's a lot of your personal information that's there on your bar code on your boarding pass. almost everyone is on social media. researchers say what instagram filter you choose may reveal about your mental health. we'll continue to see increasing cloud coverage today. temperatures right around normal.
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we have new details on that
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that ended the life of this 2- year-old boy. florida investigators releasing their report. it says lane graves did nothing to provoke the gator back in june. the toddler's father even tried to pry his son from the gator's mouth, but the reptile got away. trappers believe they have killed the gator responsible. the cincinnati zoo shut down its twitter account weeks after killing a gorilla. this comes after the zoo's director spamming the social media site with memes of the animal. the zoo is honoring the gorilla by redoubling its conservation % wells fargo has to pay fines for charging illegal late fees foo student loans. the bank must also refund the customers. children in at least two
11:44 am
one that teaches them how to prevent the zika virus. the florida department of health has staff at schools in areas where mosquitoes have transmitted the virus. the staff is telling parents to put repellent on their children and adjust outdoor activities ssch as pe. a lot of people are apparently forgetting to leave their guns at home when headinn to the airport. tsa confiscated a record number of guns. in one week, agents found 81 guns from people trying to board the planes. 70 of them were loaded, and 31 had a round in the chamber. officials say they confiscated swords, throwing knives and even a machete during the searches. new security threat to consider next time you fly. security experts say the bar code on your boarding pass contains valuable personal information and the bar codes are easy to crack.
11:45 am
doing just that. >> the worst thing that can happen is somebody has enough no and can compile other information ffom your social media accounts and what have you to become you online. >> ddn't toss out your boarding pass. instead, shred it. a in news alert, check and see where your scallops are from before ordering in a restaurant. more than 200 people diagnosed with hepatitis a. it came from the sea port products organization. instagram is one of the more popular social media sites and all the selfies say more about you than you may think. >> one study says the pictures can teel if you're depressed. researchers found people who are depressed typically post pictures that are grayer and darker and posted more frequently, applied more
11:46 am
selfies. the study looked at 44,000 pictures. >> can it detect my fake smile? >> interesting. >> when you filter up, everybody uses the same filter, it's interesting. >> i guess the brighter the filter the brighter you feel, potentially? >> i don't know. increasing cloud cover will keep us darker in the afternoon through this evening. chance for showers and stooms mainly in the high country to state. 80s in store for today, but 70s tomorrow. a big cooldown is coming heading into wednesday. nnw looking at our radar and satellite, already picking up moisture to the southwest. these will be slow moving showers and storms. high country has the potential for seeing thunderstorms and scattered showers throughout the day today. very green right now in loveland and also seeing very dry conditions across the
11:47 am
afternoon across holyoke today. 83 degrees downtown. same at the airport. winds pretty calm from the north-northwest. but there's also red flag warning in effect for portions of fort collins over towards sterling. we'll see gusty winds this afternoon and the potential for fire danger there. so just be aware of that. our highs for today also a little bit cooler on the western slope. a lot more cloud coverage in grand junction. 60s and mid-70s for the across the northeastern plains and denver metro area seeing temperatures we have a slight chance for seeing thunderstorms really across much of the state. strongest of which will be felt to the southwest. very slow moving but as you can see here, much of the northeastern corner of the state staying dry this afternoon. as we go through hour by hour, this afternoon, as you can see, still picking up more shower and storm activity today heading into tonight. much of the front range will
11:48 am
a couple of these storms have the potential for rolling off the foothills, like boulder county into the denver metro area later on this afternoon. lows tonight also very mild. we'll see lows in the mid-50s, lower 50s across the plains. tonight about 55 degrees. storm chance in denver, about 10 to 20% chance of seeing isolated storms. but by tomorrow a lot cooler weather and cloudier, too. 75 our expected high. a better chaace for seeing showers d stms the morning for tomorrow. this is your first alert that today will be warm. tomorrow will be cooler. but a better chance for seeing very widespread showers. thursday a slight chance of rain, still very cool. by friday and this weekend, temperatures warm back up closer to average, o it will feel like fall, but summer is not over yet you guys. >> i'm excited for those 70s. we have breaking news now. the usgs is reporting a
11:49 am
just struck near trinidad, colorado. this is right there at the colorado/new mexico state line, right at the sangre de cristo mountains. no reports of damage or injuries. this earthquake is rated as green, so looks like everything is okay. as we receive additional information we'll let you know. again, a 4.5 magnitude earthquake hitting near trinidad. russia is banned from competing paralympic games in rioo the court up held the decision made by the international paralympic committee. a new study shows the way tv shows is rated is not accurate. researchers say violence is prevalent across shows, regardless of rating. and it's often glamorizeed. they suggest that parents watch tv with their kids. we all want to make a good
11:50 am
when on a first date. one man does exactly the opposite. what happened that forced the fire department to have to come in and rescue him. we've all seen neighbors
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a man is free after he gets trapped behind two buildings, between two buildings, for more than four hours. pennsylvania police say he was trying to impress a woman by jumping interest one roof to -- from one roof to the next. he missed and ended up wedged between he buildings. crews had to break through a nearby restaurant's wall. the man was taken to the hospital. no word if he got a second date. let's check in wiih theresa marchetta for a coming up this afternoon on the now. >> watch the now, best breaking news coverage every week day at 4:00. coming up today we're going to follow up on the cost of epipens. they were just 60 bucks about 10 years ago. now, 500 bucks. today two senators who are demanding action. we'll take a closer look at fostering pets. who this helps and how to get into it and the good it does
11:54 am
coverage at 4:00 every day here. see you on the now. there is a teen that wants to brighten up your yard. in florida he has a yard sign business, and puts up a sign of your choosing in the yard. he has raked in thousands of dollars in six months. >> most of our customers leave money under their doormat or mailbox, a i and nobody really ever sees me. >> reporter: you're kind of like the tooth fairy of signs. >> yeah, i guess so. >> the teen says he actually got the idea from his mom. >> wonder if she gets part of the profits? >> maybe. moms have the best ideas and today, your daughters are back in school this week. hot yesterday, toasty today. wednesday and thursday we'll be
11:55 am
because it was hot yesterday in school with no ac. >> i bet it was.
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how does a girl go from this... oh, "f" off. this. [ beeps ] i'm pregnant? you have no idea which of us is the father? surprise. [ laughs nervously ] bridget, who do you want to be the father? the billionaire? or the ex? bridget, i've missed you. oh, god. how would you like to give birth? quickly. [ moaning in pain ] just think away the pain. ahhhh! oh.
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