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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 24, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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it is 5:30. a busy morning for boulder police. they have spent all night looking for a shooting suspect. they say he holed up inside a trailer. but when the swat team busted in, all they found was a trail of blood. this is the man they're looking for. his name is russell daniels and at him. daryl orr ii live at the scene. >> daryl, tell us about the new about. >> reporter: yeah, that's right, they are looking for a suspect by the name of russell daniels, date of birth is 2/20/82. he fired four shots last night. when officers learned that the motor home was registered to criminal history, out of state
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officers attempted to contact daniels. he refused to come out of the motor home. he then moved to the back of the motor home outside the sight of the police officers. the woman with the protection order against daniels ran out of the home, and four shots were fired and police grabbed her and took her to safety. that's when they brought the swat team out here. he is considered armed and dangerous. they started out from that intersection we mentioned and they've come about a half le to the east between morgan and ormond and they're concentrating on the 800 block and west of that area. the blood hounds have picked up he's lost a lot of blood. whether he's still alive or not remains to be seen. they do feel he's in this area. they pinged his phone in the last 40 minutes and shows the same llcation they are searching for now. as soon as we get more information we'll send it back to you. foothills is closed here at
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arapahoe and northeast and west on baseline is closed. we're going to send it in to jayson luber. this is the section here you're talking about. here's foothills, here's baseline there. this is where daryl is, this area here. this is the area they're concentrating here, the west side of foothills parkway, and it's why it's closed down to arapahoe. you can use colorado avenue to get to 28 th and get around it that way. you can also get using 36, broadway, baseline, that section. it's right in here that will be closed down, including this section of baseline as well. there's no information yet of when those roads might open. if you work in that area, some people have been asking me on twitter, how are we going to get to work, i would say ask the deputies, police that are on scene and ask them. they might want to keep you out for now and you might be late for work.
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holly. the rest of the drive looks okay at least for the moment. yesterday you had a lot of exclamation point marks on the board, which is not good. today hoping for a better road. could see wet roads this morning. radar looks pretty impressive. in a few spots a lot of what we're seeing is cloud cover. likely getting light showers up along 76 and up into the mountains as you head closer to leadville, and the peaks surrounding, above 13,000 feet light snow falling right now we're in the low 60s.3 we're only going to be about 5 degrees warmer by noon. highs today in the low 70s. a few showers possible this morning. definitely more cloud cover today, and a lot cooler with that chance of storms. you can see low, mid-70s covering the northeastern corner. the overnight death toll from an earthquake in italy is now 38. at least two of those victims are children. we have new photographs coming in.
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pulled out of all the rubble of what was his home. roughly 40 strong aftershocks reported over a 3-hour period. this was a 6.2 magnitude quake. it set off tremors in rome, nearly 100 miles to the southwest of where this was happening in central italy. now crews are struggling to reach victims in some of the remote towns in central italy. we'll be keeping our eyes there all day long. you can download that denver 7 app, you site, for the very latest. back here at home, a shootout in front of a denver school ends with a bystander being shot in the face. this morning police are looking for the shooters. denver7's reporter eric lupher joins us live from montbello with what happened. eric. >> reporter: dayle, now police are not telling us, or giving us any details on a suspect or suspects in this case. i can tell you this, neighbors are fed up, saying there's too much crime, especially too many gunshots in the area.
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video from the scene, this is from last night when this happened. neighbors are telling us there was gunfire between two rival groups when a neighbor, a woman, went outside to investigate that, to figure out what was going on, when she was ?hot in the face. this is, according to neighbors, we're being told the victim is going to be okay, that she is recovering this morning. but again, still looking for suspects right now as to exactly what happened and who pulled the trigger, who shot this woman. neighbors are upset trying to denver police are telling us a halo cam was put up on a pole at sable and maxwell. this is where this happened. this is across the street from ford elementary school. they put up a halo camera. we're not being told when that was up. but they put it up there because of the amount of gunfire that's happened in that area. so neighbors on edge and a gruesome report of a woman being shot in the face, but she is expected to be okay. i'm eric lupher, denver 7.
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pretending to be a doctor. his name is carlos hernandez- fernandez and he's facing multiple charges. we have a look at him trying to avoid reporters leaving the courtroom yesterday there in the hallway. he's accused of performing plastic surgery procedures, including face lifts, which huut at least four patients. many are looking for answers, including a woman who didn't want to show her face. >> she's been trying to contact him for the last three weeks 3 and they tell her he's out town. >> investigators think there could be more victims out there. if you know anything about this case, you're urged to call the denver district attorney's office, the number at the bottom of the screen. certainly we'll have it on our denver 7 app. the video helped nail a man accused of spray painting some boulders at lookout mountain over the weekend. here's the video right here. in the video you can see the
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track down stanley stetler of thornton. he's facing charges that could land him a year in jail. deputies were actually looking for two men seen in that video, but decided not to charge the other man. we are learning more about what happened to this park county deputy moments before he was killed. ?ate carrigan was shot in the back in february while serving a high-risk eviction. a new report takes us inside the crime scene. the video from inside and bullet holes throughout the windows there. the swat commander says the suspect went back inside the home after nate carrigan firstt made contact with him. the commander then got worried and asked nate to kick in the door. a short time later shots erupted. the sheriff stood up for his deputies while talking to us by phone. however, nate's parents disagree with him. >> [ inaudible ] and we heard nothing. >> reporter: what do you want
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parents? >> probably the biggest thing, forgiveness. >> we have much more about the deputy on our free denver 7 app and you can hear more from his paaents there. 5:38 now. it's official, we are getting another topgolf in the denver area. thornton city council approved that decision overnight. probably while you were sleeping. denver7's amanda del castillo joins us live from thornton with more on this project that some nearby residents really didn't want. >> reporter: yeah, we're standing right outside of the site of the soon to location here on i-25 and 136th. residents in the area, they're used to having golf in their back yard. but nothing like topgolf. soon the land here will be turned into a 64,000 square foot golfers' paradise. more than 100 hittiig bays, a full bar, music and lots of lights, all adding to the concerns of people living in the area. the city says they've held
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topgolf is agreeing to make changes to the lights and abiding by city sound ordinances. last night city council members voted 5-4 to allow marijuana sales here in the city. we'll have those details coming up at 6:00. reporting live in thornt, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. we are learning more about those late school buses in we looked into it after many parents said their child's bus was an hour sometimes not showing up at all. the district says, and we quote "we have a growing school district and could use more buses and more drivers, but can't afford enough of either at the moment." the district is asking parents who pay 166 bucks a year per child to ride the bus, o bear with them as they iron out the kinks at the beginning of a new school year. a judge approved the denver broncos' team's request to take over the naming rights and that
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company will replace sports authority field at mile high. don't expect the changes to come too soon, because after the team picks a new name, a new company, it could take weeks to change all the signs. illegal pet lemur moved from nederland to florida. >> authorities took him away after he bit a toddler last month. the toddler is just fine. his former owner got a ticket for having [ rooster crowing ] 20 roosters are safe this morning after being rescued from a cock fighting ring in oklahoma. jewel johnson runs a rehab center in bennett. she's done this for the past six years. it is now 20 mmnutes before 6:00. if your kids play an instrument, how ooten do they clean it? probably not enough. often enough, at least. coming up, what that could do to their lungs.
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how pokemon go got them a stern talking to. it's 5:40 and it's a pretty mild start to our day. a lot more cloud cover this morning as you step out the door, and there is a chance for more escorted storms this -- scattered storms this afternoon. easy drive on i-70 by the coliseum. not seeing delays on i-70. his turn signal is blinking really fast, isn't it?
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welcome back to denver 7. we're tracking breaking news this morning out of boulder. that's where police are looking for this man, russell daniels. just gave us this picture. police say he fired four shots while talking with police officers late last night. this is an active scene now going on out there. a live look of the area of baseline and meadows, where police are searching for that man. the manhunt is causing traffic issues. we'll get to jayson in just a bit so you can learn how to get around those. we're tracking details on the earthquake in myanmar this morning. we talked about the one in -?italy. this happened in myanmar and destroyed at least one of the temples there. their earthquake, 6.7 on the scale there. right now people are evacuating also in areas of india because they're feeling tremors.
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yet. over the last week several smaller earthquaaes across the northeast of that country. back here at home, friends and family gathering to honor an arvada man killed last month while fightiig isis in syria. here is a look at the memorial for levi jack shirley. he would have turned 25 yesterday. just weeks after his death, another colorado man was killed while fighting with the same kurdish forces. jordan mactaggart's also at the memorial. >> he goes over there and puus himself in harm's wayyfor people he's never met, maybe never will personally know most of those people, and i just think that's an incredible accomplishment to do that. >> the shirley family is still trying bring his body back to the i do understand. there is no word on -- united states. there is no word on when that could happen. an actor best known for his
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away. steven hill, he played the district attorney. before that he was known for several tv roles, he was on the original mission impossible tv series. he died yesterday. he was 94. cauue of death has not been releasee, but his wife said he had many ailments as of late. a 14-year-old boy is recovering after getting hit by a truck bicycle in berthoud. the teen here may have been in the wrong lane. they say the teen may be the one at fault. apparently some local officers didn't know they shouldn't be playing pokemon go >> really? come on. commerce city disciplined who officers for playing the game when they should have been training other officers. they're now striied of their training duties. >> i think with all the
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with the police lately, i think they should be putting a lot of emphasis on training their officers veryywell and not slacking off. >> doesn't look like they'll be disciplined more than they have been. the city feels it's dealt with this matter. a lot of kids out and about playing pokemon go and a lot of adults. look what just happened. >> brought me my pop tart. >> what's the date on that? >> good point. how long has this been sitting in your de >> we had a bet last week. he said we weren't going to hit 99 again and we hit it saturday and sunday. more to come. want to bet again? >> sure. >> another pop tart bet. i'll give you half of it. from our viera wireless camera in akron you can see some of the cloud cover out east this morning. and the chance for even a few showers early on. that's futurecast at 8:30. then again at about 10:00,
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morning drive. skies will be partly to mostly cloudy through the afternoon and then scattered storms and showers rolling off the foothills later today. the threat for severe weather is low. but you're going to find even through tonight after sunset we do have a chance for more rain, lightning and hunder, which then clears up and by midnight tonight into early tomorrow morning we'll see clearingg skies and more sunshine to start tomorrow. today still cool. we're in the low 60s now. warmer by 3:00. our highs today at 71 in denver. low, mid-70s. overnight tonight it will get cooler. you'll see early tomorrow morning we're in the 50s. a little bit cooler early thursday. platteville today, 73. some mid- to upper 60s there. highlands ranch 72. and in evergreen 64 this afternoon. some near 80 degrees down near pueblo and lamar. cities there will be near 80.
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80s in grand junction. more showers expected along the front range and across the plains today. more so than yesterday. we'll be in the low to mid-70s both today and tomorrow. tomorrow we'll get a little more sunshine for the first half of the day. and then that chance of storms in the afternoon. then a few more storms late day friday. but it's a little warmer. we're going to end the week at 80 degrees. we've got a broncos game again here at home on saturday. and temperatures should be pretty nice for that. we could see a few late aftern with the game. game time at 7:00. 83 saturday. sunday we're at 85. and potentially lisa is looking at another pop tart next tuesday with a high of 90. >> are we? another pop tart. she only usually eats half the pack, anyway. we have a pretty good drive going on. easy driving n 36. however, still this area of foothills restricted with the police activity at baseline between aweth over to foothills
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so do expect police activity to be here until they catch that baddguy they're looking for. otherwise, broadway is open, table mesa is open, as is that drive up through town. don't worry about that part. pretty easy drive on i-25. abandoned vehicle still there on evans east of i-25. take a look at the drive we have going on here on 6th avenue. wide open here at federal on the east and westbound side. not seeing delays here. that's the exit ramp to federal, the continues to sheridan. so far, so smooth. a lot of us grew up saying the pledge of allegiance in school, but that could be changing for some students. family can sometimes be annoying. but what's better for your
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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welcome back. a florida school sent out a form letter allowing students to opt out of the pledge of allegiance, which is making some people upset. so this is one parent's response, and it is going viral. it says, handwritten, this is the dumbest thing i have ever read and i this. a spokesman for the school district says the district is required by state law to allow students to have the right to opt out. there's a push in our state to give everyone a voice. yesterday in aurora people came out for a voter registration drive which was set up for the homeless. >> yes, this has nothing to do with any particular party or candidate. we just want those folks who are experiencing homelessness to know they have a voice here in government and they're a part of our community.
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opportunity to sound off with their vote. >> during the event, 13 homeless people registered to vote. it's 5:54. here's something you may not have heard about. it's called bagpipe lung. it can affect those who play wind instruments. if you have kids in ban, for y. example -- band for example, make sure they clean their instruments on a regular base, otherwise mold and fungi can grow inside, and can trigger lung condition imilar to pneumonia. the american heart association issued new sugar guidelines for kids. they say children between 2 and 18 should not have more than 6 teaspoons of sugar a day, that's about 22 grams. doctors say you need to check the added sugar content of what you feed your children because it could cause heart probllms down the line. here's an interesting study. this one is out of the university of toronto. it has a lot of people talking.
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members live longer than those who are closer to friends. researchers asked people between 57 and 85 to list up to five of their closest friends, excluding spouses. those who said they feel close to family members had about a 6% risk of death over the next five years, compared to 14% of those who said they were not close to family members. the study's author was surprised saying, can choose your friend, you might be able to custom your network to meet your needs, but the study shows family helps you live longer. a 9-year-old boy is celebrating after undergoing a successful double hand transplant. this happened in philadelphia. he spent the past year undergoing rehab exercises. his brain had to learn how to work with the new hands. he's pretty upbeat. >> nothing really changed,
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still the same. all i can do now is grip a baseball, i can grip onto a bat better. i can wear a baseball glove now. >> how about that? he can now also write in his journal, make his own lunch. even snatch cookies, something his occupational therapist says he likes to do. he's trying to talk his mom into letting him play footba. mom and she was like, uh-uh, you're not allowed to play football, it's not safe enough. he goes, i'll probably lose that bet. 3 kids are cute. pretty dark start to our day. usually happens around this time. earlier you can see from loveland, still pretty dark. you'll find cloud cover this morning.. widely scattered dark, that's what mitch would call it. low to mid-60s early on. mostly cloudy with a few showers early this morning. then this afternoon scattered
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low to mid-70s. denver today at 71. cool today, cool tomorrow. and then things start to warm back up. here's your first alert we have more 80s and 90s on the seven- day. we'll talk about it coming up at 6:00. it is now 5:57. a recent hail storm did more than just damage your car. it's also going to cost you more at the grocery store now. we'll have the latest on the earthquake that happened in italy overnight. more on the search for survivor
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it is 6:00 a.m. we're following breaking news in boulder. foothills parkway and baseline have been shut down since 10:00 last night. >> police closed the roads while they were searching for this man, russell daniels and lease considered arm -- he's considered armed and dangerous. >> this has a lot of twists and turns. >> reporter: guys, we have the pio at boulder police department. >> yesterday evening officers contacted a motor home that was parked in an area that it was not supposed to be. when they got to that location, they ran the license plate and quickly determined that this was a wanted felon. when they made contact with the individual, he was not at all cooperative, ran back into the


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