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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:36pm MDT

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now. >> tonight, denver 7 is tracking where the money is going. millions in put tax -- pot tax dollars are being used in the biggest school districts. we are finding out how it is being spent. the summer is over. our first dusting of snow on the mountain peaks. when 90s will return to our forecast. and much more serious storms in indiana tonight. this is just one of several tornadoes that touched down tonight. the damage is so bad that the city of kokomo is in a emergency. about a dozen injuries have been reported but everyone is expected to recover. a discussed again -- a disgusting allegation. >> a woman says a sedgwick county sheriff assaulted her inside his own home. denver 7 reporter marshall zelinger found out the sheriff grote could -- could spend the rest of his life behind bars. >> reporter: tom hanna is wearing an orange jumpsuit normally reserved for people
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sexual assault on a developmentally delayed -- developmentally disabled inmate. the sheriff took an inmate home in a personal truck. a deputy's concerns led to a investigation by the cbi, revealing the sheriff sexually assaulted her for about five minutes inside the home. the sheriff denied the assault thing she had information she wanted to tell him in private. the sheriff said he made a poor decision. he did not want people in the small town to see her to him about sensitive information. >> i have the utmost confidence in the other sheriffs in my district. i don't want this to reflect poorly on all sheriffs. >> reporter: brittny lewton has passed the case to a special prosecutor to avoid conflicts of interest. >> they really felt it was best for the defendant and the public that a completely
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>> reporter: in court, the sheriff spoke to try to limit the amount of his bond, saying "i certainly have not been a menace to the community. when i was arrested, i was arrested in uniform and went willingly and peacefully even though i contest every single one of the charges." based on state law, the county coroner the comes acting sheriff now that he is in jail. in the previous cases, -- and the previous cases a sheriff hannah has worked on -- hanna has worked on will be reinvestigated. >> it's too early to tell the 3 impact but i will there is nothing that has jumped out at me. >> reporter: ian sterling, marshall zelinger, denver 7. >> the judge set bond at $250,000 and ordered the sheriff to wear gps if he does bond out. he must stay away from the victim and all witnesses including his deputies. there is much more to this cass including information about the $20 he allegedly gave the woman to help her out. read more on the denver 7 app.
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there is a mangled mess right in front of the airport. the san miguel sheriff's department confirms the pilot was a local icon, glider bob. bob saunders is his name. he ran a glider business in telluride. his passenger was also killed. what caused it is still under investigation. how did you like the change in weather today? rain in the metro but one of our photographers ran into this on mount evans plenty of snow covering the highest peaks across our state. chief meteorologist mike that -- mike nelson is joining us. >> it's a window open kind of night and it is still snowing at the continental divide. we have had a few showers off and on this evening in the denver area but you can see over the last couple hours, showers are diminishing across the state. high temperatures were only 60 day -- 60 degrees in denver and
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the 90s in the seven-day forecast coming up. whether you like to hit the slopes or not, the ski train is rolling up again to winter park. in about 10 minutes, marc stewart is looking back -- at how the train is getting back on the tracks. we all want to know where is the money from pot sales going? the superintendent of cherry creek schools says his district hasn't seen any of the promised tax. liz gelardi is getting answers tonight. cherry creek schools says this letter from the superintendent the district is facing more than a $20 million shortfall and all that marijuana money is not helping here. >> i was a little surprised at how blunt he was. >> reporter: in this letter, the superintendent for cherry creek schools rights "people keep asking me, where is the pot many?" >> it's probably the number one%
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colorado, a nonprofit, travels to give presentations about school funding. >> it's really important for the public to understand most school districts have seen zero dollars from the marijuana taxes. >> the cherry creek school district isn't alone. earlier in the year, denver public schools released this video. >> fact or myth? denver public schools get a significant amount of funding from marijuana taxes? this one is >> parents say they had no idea. >> an entire district is seeing not a penny. >> reporter: up to $40 million in marijuana taxes those toward capital instruction, not for operational costs like teachers, books and technology. in the past, the state typically awarded the money to rural districts. the superintendent subs it up by saying so far the only thing the legalization of marijuana has brought to our schools has been marijuana.
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i appreciated his honesty and the information. >> reporter: and the superintendent also points out in order to be eligible for this money, these grants, you have to have either matching funds available or a bond issue. that money still has to be there. reporting live, liz gelardi denver 7. >> and aurora is looking to cash in more on pot sales to help the homeless. tonight, the city council committee ok increase next year. it would happen at the same time the state tax decreases, so it wouldn't mean any more money for users but it would generate about $1.5 million a year for the city of aurora. >> when i found out about this, i thought this would be a great way to create some revenue streams to provide services to homeless. >> at least one councilmember says he supports the pot tax increase but not dedicating the service to homeless services -- the funds to homeless services. there are still plenty of
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you cannot buy pot but thornton voted to allow pot shops. don't expect to see one on every corner. only four will be allowed to open. an update on breaking news from last night. that denver youth hostel is still not up to code. denver 7 was there at 16th and washington as residents were having to move their things out to stay in shelters and hotels the hostel was set -- the hostel was shut down because of fire code next week, the chief of the eagle fire district will finn out about his future. the county will hold a special meeting. kuut vogel was arrested for stealing from his previous department in sterling. eagle says there is no money from their accounts missing. so, a week from tomorrow, they will decide if he will keep his% job.
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according to a former s.w.a.t. sergeant who sat down only with denver 7 to discuss what happened inside this home near bailey that left a park county deputy dead. jennifer kovaleski shows the sergeant the new report and he is raising serious questions. >> reporter: he is. given the suspect's violent history, he believes it should have been a s.w.a.t. call from the very beginning, especially after the suspect that went back inside. decisions that could have saved deputy nate carrigan's life. >> shots fired officer down. >> reporter: those are the frantic calls that came out on the radio after park county deputy nate carrigan was shot and killed and two others were wounded. >> if you laid it all out on a window checked 10 scale, how dangerous is this? 10. >>reporter: they were serving a high risk eviction of mmrtin
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history. he ran back inside and that's when this call was made. >> we are going through the door. >> it was a mistake. >> reporter: grant white says they never should have gone inside. >> there is no reason to go back in after him because you know what he is going in for. >> reporter: we showed white the cbi crime report. >> look at how narrow the entrance point is. >> reporter: he says where the deputy kicked the door and gave the suspect the advantage. >> in this circumstance, they don't have a lot of room. they are kind of stuck there. that means that multiple people can be hit coming through the door. >> reporter: which is exactly what happened. you can see where the bullets went through the wall. >> certainly forced their hands. they should have had a s.w.a.t. call. >> reporter: do you think the deputy should be fired? >> i do not. every time you go through something, even as tragic as this, it's all a learning experience. >> reporter: the report says deputies talked about making it a s.w.a.t. call but the team later decided it wasn't needed.
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i am jennifer kovaleski for denver 7. 32 years after a woman is attacked, the suspects will stand trial. rusty bernhardt and inocencio trevino are accused of kidnapping and raping a woman in 2004. it was an untested rape kit that led to their arrest but since the crime was so long ago, they will only be charged with the kidnapping. if convicted, it could mean up to four years in prison. back at it. these pictures show a robber holding of tcf bank yesterday morning. police say his name is sean scott. they believe he has held up five banks since may. the last one was at the end of june. the old favorites are coming back and it means a faster way to the mountains this winter. devastation keep setting up in italy. we have shocking new picture is
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here we are 24 hours after a deadly earthquake in italy. the community is still digging out and trying to come to grips with what happened. many of the known 159 debtor from this small city in the center of the country. i want you to take a look at shocking pictures. this shows the city from above.
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i want you to see the main street before. this is a couple years ago and now this. even the streetlight is ripped -?up. after 10 hours of violence, two militants have been killed at the american university in cobble, afghanistan. one person was killed in the attack and 18 others were injured earlier today. neighbors put up quite the fight but top golf is moving into thornton. last night, city council approved the huge driving range complex. many neighbors are worried because it will be backyards that i-25 and 36th. as part of the approval, the city is giving $3.75 million worth of incentive. have you seen this pile of dirt near i-25 and hampden? we got an up close look at the $100 million project. it's to replace water storage tanks. all crews had to move three football -- in all, crews had to move three football fields worth of dirt. these new storage tanks are expected to last 100 years and
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example of denver water investing in the future of our system because we want to make sure we have a reliable, high- quality system so when you turn on your tap for a drink of water, you don't have to worry about it. >> crews will also build a new pumping station where the old tanks are located. this project is set to be complete in 2020. if you have ever been to the denver zoo, you probably know dolly we have some sad news. her health is bad. in fact, so bad she is in a hospice like care. the 52-year-old has had quite a life. asian elephants usually only live to 47. imagine you see a bear taking a nap under your porch. if that was the case, you probably would have done what this homeowner did in breckenridge, which is call animal control. they showed up, put a tag on it to track it, and after a quick health check, the plan was to really he -- to release him in a while. with this now comes ski season. a new way to get to the slopes
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drive. >> riske train is back. marc stewart is live at union station tonight. mark? >> reporter: amtrak was finally able to reach a deal. starting later this year, you will be able to ride the ski train as it's known from union station all the way up to hunter park. skiers are obviously excited but we all could benefit because it could make a dent, maybe just a small dent, in the ride down the mountain at winter park brings skiers a rush. but the drive to the high country isn't so swift. >> we have been waiting a few hours just to get through a few miles. >> reporter: a drive often bumper to bumper, gridlock traffic. >> no matter what time of day it's backed up. >> if you are not up by 5:45 am, hitting the road by then, you are sitting in traffic. >> reporter: the ski train may
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amtrak will once again run its winter park express this winter. it will operate on the weekends when the i-70 gridlock his grueling. we talked to cdot. planners estimate the train could lead to 500 less cars each day it runs. 500 less on saturday, 500 less on sunday. about 1000 less cars on the weekend. one offial helps. a boost to winter park and the ski shops on the front range including wilderness exchange on platt street. >> for sure it will help the story. it brings more awareness to how great colorado skiing is. it gives them another option that a lot of other states don't have. >> reporter: so i know you are wondering, how much will this cost and when will the ski train operate? affairs, schedules, all expected to be released sometiie tomorrow morning. live at union station, marc stewart denver 7.
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that season. it was a beautiful day in the mountains starting with the snow and a look at the clouds drifting along from the eisenhower tunnel. loveland starts making snow in 36 days. down here, we had scattered showers midday and then a break in the evening with a few more showers as darkness settled in. let me show you radar across the street. showers are a little bit lighter but only a little bit of thunder here and there. as for the metro area, a possible as cells bbck off to the west of us in a mix of light snow. some fresh snow on the peaks again early tomorrow morning. as far as denver is concerned, partly cloudy and 56 degrees right now. very comfortable. 84% relative humidity. .12 in the gauge. that is the most rain in a single day since 19 july. itts nice to get that moisture. some areas have closer to .5 inch.
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57 degrees. the record in 2011 at 98 degrees. a front has settled across the street -- state. cool to the east and hot and dry to the west. tonight, that front doesn't move but the showers diminish with maybe a little patchy fog by morning near the kansas border and a really nice night. degrees in fort collins, 46 degrees at lyman and how about 33 degrees tomorrow, dry in the morning, a little patchy fog on the eastern plains but because that front is still going to be covering the central part of the state, we begin to see scattered showers and storms developing between noon and 5:00. a few of these could be local heavy rains. they will move off to the east and by 10:00 be scattered around but diminish late evening tomorrow. high temperatures a bit warmer than today. up to 75 degrees in denver, low 80s pueblo and la junta.
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the 90s and some of that heat returns toward the weekend and early next week. along the front range, scattered showers in the afternoon in the mountains with low to mid-60s. mid-70s across most of the metro area. and then conditions continue to warm each day over the nexx several days. cool and comfy tonight. the low at 50 degrees. tomorrow, dry in the morning, partly cloudy skies, scattered storms develop mid to late afternoon with a high temperature of 75 degrees and the same thing on friday first alert weather days both thursday and friday. i don't think a lot of severe weather but scattered afternoon storms and a slight chance of storms on saturday. generally, a nice day. -?our bright spot is on sunday, 85 degrees and mostly sunny. and back to the 90s by tuesday and wednesday of next week just for an heal. you showed us all those pictures of your tomatoes.
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>> i have
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have you ever heard of the snack raisels? they are being given to our kids that school as a fruit serving. but when you look closely, they are reasons covered in sugar.
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there. most kids in westwood are problems with a high number of tooth decay. >> the sugary drks industry targets the latino community with their targeting and advertising. >> we are asking how raisels got on the menu in the first place. >> we diddfind out the usda doesn't limit how much sugar can be served to our kids. i am louis ott -- i am lionel bienvenue. from broncos insider try rank and trevor simeon gutman, mark sanchez, and paxton lynch. and you have got to see this, a peaceful colorado lake and ? ? hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn?
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we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get zero percent on select subaru models during the subaru a lot to love event,
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over a million ears of corn are picked a day here in olathe, colorado. and i'm glad we have a senator who uses his ears to listen to what's most important to colorado farmers. michael bennet asked what he could do to help, and then worked with republicans to make a farm bill
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resses me most about michael bennet: we don't always agree, but he values our input. and i do trust michael bennet to look out for us. i'm michael bennet and i approve this message. sports extra is brought to you by the lodge casino, colorado's first choice for fun.
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it. i am throwing in the towel. i think a lot of people interpreted that way but that's not my attitude. i don't quit. i will take this thing down to the wire if that's what it takes and it looks like that so let's go. >> reporter: yeah, mark sanchez. let's go. this quarterback competition still undecided. mark hasn't given up by trevor simeon gutman here has the lead in the race. trevor back in practice today. sore but he should be good to go against the rams. broncos insider try rank with the latest ffom dove valley. >> reporter: trevor simeon gutman is attempting to become only the third northwestern quarterback to start in an nfl game, the first to start an nfl opener since otto graham in 1955. when we talked to him about the possibility, you would have thought he was facing indiana at bloomington. >> i am not reading too much into it to be honest with you. i think it's a good opportunity
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a team. we are putting together a lot of good things the last couple weeks. another week for us to build and get better. >> reporter: rucki paxton lynch is looking for remedies to help him grow his hair back faster. he got some first-team reps this weekend it looks like he took advantage. >> with trevor being hurt, it gave me an opportunity to get in there with the ones and practice with them. i was pleased and happy to get those reps. i took advantage. >> reporter: there is no quick in mark sanchez. he says he is prepared this competition to the wire even if it doesn't look great for him. at least he is still giving us content. >> i think we are just doing it for you guys. keeping it fun. what else would you write about? a defending super bowl team. you would probably get bored without it. you're welcome. >> reporter: derek wolfe missed practice again to deal with a family matter and they hope he returns soon.>> reporter: follow us on twitter and check right now. look at that.
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columns and opinions from woody paige as well. reporter: let's check the rockies highlights for the third time today. nolan arenado with a huge jack right there in the 1st inning but again that was all. ben braun hit two for the bruins and the win 70 to 1 and they sweep the rockies in milwaukee. reporter: washington tonight, champion katie ledecky throwinn out but she needed to put her four gold medals and her once over. let's just use bryce harper. bryce, hold these for a second. be careful. they are valuable. have to replace. katie through a strike and a good time was held by all. the orioles won 10-8. reporter: you have to see this. lake crystal ball. eric scott made history. hello, eric. first person to be submerged underwater and then blastoff in the air and fly 510 feet over
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eric landed on a little island. this apollo pajet ck is an 800 hp beast and the perfect gift for father's day for shannon, mike and i. >> i like that. we have got room in the bullpen if ledecky is interested in coming to denver. >> we can take all the help we can get. katie, tim tebow. let them >> why not? >> we have got room. >> you want to try, nelson? >> no, but i will tell you to
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's ?jimmy kimmel live?! tonight, bob odenkirk, kendall jenner, and music from kiefer sutherland with cleto and the cletones. and now, stay focused, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everyone. welcome. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thanks for watching.


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