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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 5:30am-6:01am MDT

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should have been in that situation. people kicked out of this denver hostel. we know why authorities shut it down. one of our photographers finding a bit of snow on the top of mount evans. it's covering some of the highest peaks across the state. not that unusual in colorado this time of year. >> no, it should be. and thankfully the snow is there and not down here. but it was chilly this morning. in fact, i even turned on my seat heaters. >> did you really? >> yes. >> what? >> i turn i did. >> stop! >> it was chilly enough. i grabbed a sweater and put my heaters on. >> she has a convertible. lisa hidalgo has your first alert forecast. it is not seat warmer material. >> it was chilly. >> cooler this morning. temperatures in the 50s. but ssies now clearing after the overnight showers that we saw. jayson will show you potentially seeing damp roads out there this morning. we're at 49 at city park.
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seat heaters. 36 degrees there. it will be a chillier start to our day. we'll see some 50s by about 8:00 and then this afternoon highs in the 70s. really pretty pleasant. by early afternoon we've actually got more sunshine. more sunshine the first half of the day. then scattered storms and showers this afternoon. could even get pockets of pretty heavy rain. here's your first alert those storms will hit by about 4:00. we'll show you what that looks like in maybe northern manitoba, the seat heaters. damp areas here and there. 270 eastbound side bunching up a little bit, but otherwise a smooth drive on 270 for the moment. starting to get busier, as well as i-76. you can see on the map, southbound side of 270, i-76, i- 25, 36, all basically wide open for us this morning. same thing here on c-470, and to dia. pretty nice, quiet start. all the overnight construction
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a lot of numbers there. you could be driving around with someone else's license not know it. >> the dmv is taking responsibility. eric lupher joins us now outside denver to explain. >> reporter: the dmv admitting to accidently giving duplicate plates. the only duplicate plate we would want to see is on the other side of our car. but there is one guy we talked to who found out he wasn't the >> i got a letter from the state saying i owed them $4.75 for driving on a toll road somewhere. >> reporter: guess what, arvid anderson never took the toll road, so he double-checked and it wasn't his bronco in the pictures.
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person, and it was the dmv that told him he gave out that duplicate plate. the lesson here, as we come back here live, if you get a charge from a toll and swear be a duplicate plate out there. the dmv says they're working to fix the problem but aren't telling us how many plates are out there. eric lupher, denver 7. it's violence like this that's prompted denver to hire security officers to patrol the 16th street mall. they've been there a week. jason gruenauer joins us live with how they're doing. >> reporter: good morning. we saw our first security patrol walk out here. they are a week in. the good news we can share with you, no major incidents we're aware of of, no major videos or
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again, just a week ago. this all started in response to those viral videos, the increased amounts of violent attacks seemed to be random. downtown denver partnership, local businesses putting in a million dollars. they walk the beat, but aren't here to replace denver police. we also saw a patrol car coming in past our live shot location, keeping an eye on things. the big question, is crime really down? security fiim was hired, that crime was sundown here on the mall -- down here on the 16th street mall. we looked at the crime map and we have interesting numbers to show with you, that's coming up in a little bit. keep in mind as you're coming down here, there are less people here this morning on the mall, frankly because it's chilly out here. denver police are reminding you despite what they were doing down here and this private security force, panhandling, loitering, that's not illegal. that's not what they're trying
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it's the crime and violent crime. we'll break down those numbers coming up in a little bit. no major incidents. the beat walking continues here for the private security along the mall. reporting live, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. at 5:35 we are getting a look at the young woman killed in a head-on crash earlier this week. this is 21-year-old brianna boody, and had justtfinished studying to she was killed after colliding with a wrong-way driver on i-34 in loveland. the man going the wrong way also died. park county deputy sheriff nate carrigan seen here should have never died. that's what a former swat sergeant is saying. he says the tactics used in february during that shootout were a mistake. the deputy was shot and killed and two others injured while
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the former swat team leader said it should have been a swat call from the beginning. martin wirth threatened to kill police in the past. he says deputies shouldn't have gone in that home and said where they entered the home gave the suupect all the advantage. >> there's no reason to go back3 in after. it's so dangerous. you know what he's going back in for. in this circumstance they don't have a lot of room to move laterally, so they're stuck in that fatal funnel. >> we have what happened moments before deputy nate carrigan was killed. it's on our web site, we have just learned why a youth hostel was shut down tuesday night. it was because of a gas leak and faulty wiring. it remains closed. denver7 was there as residents moved their things out to stay in shelters and hotels. denver human services is helping those people find a place to stay. aurora city council committee approved a pot tax %
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would help the homeless with its revenue. the tax would generate about $1.4 million a year for aurora. a local school superintendent wants someone to show him the money. -?he's calling attention to the fact the street has not received any pot money. cherry creek school superintendent wrote a letter to parents complaining the problem. the district really needs th $20 million shortfall for next school year. earlier this year officials with denver public schools say they saw zero money, too. >> they say what about the marijuana taxes? didn't that solve the school funding problem, and we explain that actually, you know, the amount of money that comes in through the marijuana taxes is capped at $40 million in capital construction projects,
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the classroom. >> the superintendent says so far the only thing that legal marijuana has brought to our schools has been marijuana. 5:38 now. csu's new oncampus apartment complex is nearly full, days opening the project to students there. it's a record-breaking year for oncampus housing at csu in fort collins, with 7800 students living there. there new complex is designed for sophomores, juniors and seniors. it has a full kitchen as unit. how nice is that? college has changed, hasn't it? today cu denver is throwing a party to welcome students back. it's time for the annual block party. there will be food, live music, even a bucking mechanical bull. you have to have that. it's from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 this afternoon. all the students go back to
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that means there will be areas closed off, so let's go to jayson. that's right, yeah. strange with that activity. -?you can see down there we'll have closures because of it. it will be minimal impacts to traffic. but the block party will be closing down lawrence between speer up to 14th, between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. it will be completely closed down. to get around it use arapahoe up to 14th, stout that goes the convention center. minimal traffic impact, but it will be there for you this morning. there's a push in cities across the country to tax sugary drinks but does is it make people healthier? the apple cider vinegar detox may not be safe. we have temperatures that are in the 40s and 50s. our normal high today is 86
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it is 5:42. just in, we may have encouraging news for epipen users. here's a look at this web site. it's not been updated just yet. but after mylan pharmaceuticals
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cost, the company is now expanding its savings program that will coverrup to $300 of out of pocket costs. this means patients previously paying the full price, which was about 500 to $600, will have their out of pocket costs cut by 50%. mylan is doubling the eligible for its patient assistance program, which would eliminate out of pocket costs for under insureed patients and families. pretty good news here. we'll continue to update you as we get more at a strange snack being given to our kids at some schools. take a look at these things. they're raisins covered in sugar. they're meant to be our children's fruit serving for the day. parents at monroe elementary in denver are upset because of the sugar in that snack. they can rest easy, because it was taken off the menu. still, denver 7 wants to know
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cities across the country want to tax drinks with a high sugar content. will that really make you drink less of them? >> berkeley, california was the first in the city to tax the drinks. there's a study that shows a drop in those drinking the drinks. at this time, san franciico had a 4% increase after voting doww the tax. the american beverage association says the flawed, saying there's no indication the tax has a measurable impact on health. philadelphia will be the next city to implement the tax, beginning next year. we tend to look for a quick fix when it comes to losing weight. but there's something you should know before jumping in the new fad with ancient roots. we're talking about the apple
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could hurt you. registered dieticians say there's no evidence based research approves that it has benefits. >> research is changing every day. i could be sitting here in a year saying apple cider vinegar is great. but as of now we don't know of positive health benefits from it. in fact, there are studies that show negative side effects. >> so they don't know. some of the side effects include dangerous low when it comes to weight loss and health, dieticians say there's no magic pill, eat a balanced diet and exercise. >> that simple. >> how many times have we said that? >> everybody is looking for a quick fix. not easy. cloud cover in the mountains but more sunshine today than
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it's cold enough for it. some towns in the mid- to upper 30s now, that includes estes park, 36. in denver right now mid- to upper 40s. it's 49 at city park. we're near 50 in pueblo. 46 in greeley this morning. so there is a bit more of a chill to the air this morning. but this afternoon looks really nice. temperature-wise we're going to see mid- to upper 70s across northeastern colorado. closer to 80 to the south. aad most of our mountain towns today in the grand lake you're at 64 today. ?n bailey we'll see a higg of 63. we're still a good 10 degrees below normal. still very fallllike, and the difference is we've got more sunshine today. yesterday morning obviously very cloudy, very gray, pretty soggy for most of the day. today we're going to see sunshine through lunch, and right around 1:00 to 2:00 we have a few storms that will pop up in the mountains. more scattered activity here
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3:00 to 4:00. and timing-wise, our evening commute could be a little wet. we're going to see scattered storms through the early evening, and with these storms likely because it is so cool, we're not going to have enough instability for severe weather, but some rain, lightning, thunder, could get gusty winds with these storms. so it's definitely going to be more wet in spots for the evening commute tonight. overnight tonight still a few storms down across southeastern colorado, with clearing out tomorrow. and things will start to get a little bit drier here friday into satu some storms, but there will be fewer of them, especially as we get into the weekend on saturday. 75 today. we warm about 5 more degrees each day as we head into saturday. 80 on friday. 83 saturday. and we've ggt a beautiful weekend. sunday mostly sunny, pretty dry. we'll be at 85. pretty warm by next week. our seven-day forecast has a little of everything for everyone. 90 by tuesday. jayson. we have southbound i-25, northbound i-25 here through
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along just fine. the headlights you see, southbounders going from bellevue to arapahoe, northbound traffic, 15 minutes to downtown. take a look at the overall map and we have a pretty nice drive for us about anywhere you want to go, including down to the denver tech center. 270 more traffic passing york to vasquez and the southed side, including 225 moving along just fine. next wednesday is when they're planning to open the new castle rock parkway, on the north side of the outlets. by after the morning rush hour next wednesday. we'll see if that comes to fruition. it's weather-again. security wait time at dia up to 10 minutes on most of the lines there at dia. it is 5:48. there is growing outrage over a high school athlete's sentence after being charged with assault. a petition is now calling for the judge's removal. we have that story in today's gma first look.
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online petitioners are calling for the removal of the judge who sentenced 18-year-old david becker to probation instead of prison time, after he wass charged with sexually assaulting two classmates. at a plea hearing in june, the judge siding with becker's lawyer, who argued becker had already suffered due to his actions. becker was arrested in april, after two 18-year-old girls told police they had been drinking at a house party and went to sleep him. each of them said they woke up at separate times to becker assaulting them. becker told police he was unaware of one of the victims sleeping. with your gma first look, i'm lindsey janice, abc news, new york. we are one step closer to finding out if there is life outside our solar system.
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just like earth might be out there somewhere. must mean it's got pokemon go and starbucks. it's nearly 25 trillion miles away. it's orbiting the closest star to our sun. scientists say it could have life because it could have water. a fisherman in the philippines found what could be the biggest pearl in e that thing weighs 75 pounds. the guy found it 10 years ago, so is he decided to keep it as a good luck charm. however, his house caught fire and he decided not so lucky. he turned it over to the tourism office. the pearl could be worth $100 million. gemologists are working to certify it. >> cool. not really pretty, is it? >> it's an interesting looking pearl. >> looks like a blob. okay. angie's list could owe you
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welcome back to denver 7. got new video. this is coming out of massachusetts. smoke is filling up, that's a newspaper box there. fireworks going off. explodes there. police say the group of people in this video were targeting this paper. it's a gay newspaper. but the newspaper plans to put out more boxes and issues. a georgia man will now spend the next 40 years in prison for throwing boiling
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they were sleeping. martin blackwell threw the water on his girlfriend's son and his boyfriend. prosecutors say he was mad at the two gay men that they were sleeping under his roof. the couple did survive. good news for a man who 3 spent 24 years in prison for a rape he did not commit. city of hickory, north carolina, will pay willie grimes $3.5 million. he was exonerated four years ago after the state's commission determined the finger prints weren't his. hope solo will not be allowed to play for six months because of her smack talk at the olympics. she did not apologize, but admitteds she has not always said the right things. denver based chipotle is in the middle of controversy, this
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employees say violates labor laws. they can no longer ban workers from criticizing the company on social media. it must also change a policy from prohibiting workers from talking about politics and religion. angie's list agreed to pay $1.4 million to settle a class action lawsuit. the site is meant to help you hire different services such as housekeeping or a landscaper. but it only shows positive reviews and hides the negative ones. if y 2009 and last year, you can submit a claim form to get a five or even ten-dollar refund. indiana man is proving it is never too late to do the right thing. >> he just returned a library book 60 years overdue. larry murdock says he checked out in 1956. he was only 8 at the time. it was about moths and encouraged him to study bugs. after finding the book in a
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back. >> it was the right thing to do and occurred to me after all those years, there are still kids who might get benefit from it. >> yeah, he got benefit from it. not only did he return it, he also paid the overdue fine, listen, $436.44. the library used the money to get new computers. >> never hurts to do the right >> i'm surprised they still had the record of that and could calculate it. >> took the money. it will help buy books. beautiful start. more sunshine this morning. from our viera wireless camera in limon, it's gorgeous. clear skies. sunrise at 6:21 this morning and temperatures will be in the 50s for that. even a few upper 40s. highs today in denver mid-70s. while we've got sunshine now, we'll see scattered storms and showers this afternoon. we'll show you what that looks like, the timing of it coming up at 6:00.
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and evans in southwest denver. highway 36 coming around sheridan over to 80th avenue looking nice. little low fog layer there. cdot, nice, easy drive along santa fe from englewood to downtown. a former fort collins detective is suing the police department. what he says his bosses tried to cover up. how would you like to read a western themed version of 50 shades of gray? why the colorado author is now
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(vo) we went to hollywood to ask burgers, tacos and chili could taste just as great made with turkey. thousands stepped into the jennie-o tasting booth to find out. with just one bite, they knew.
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z23emz zvpz
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y23emy yvpy it is 6:00 a.m. a starbucks flattened by severe weather. this storm sent 12 people in the hospital. we have more details in just a moment. first, let's give you a live look at the skies over denver this morning. nice start to the y. of course it's still summer, but it's been feeling more likee your first alert forecast. we need another sweater today. you might want one, especially at the bus stop this morning. we're in the mid- to upper 40s now. city park 49. bennett 45. we have 30s in the mountains. it's chilly in the high country this morning. mid- to upper 30s. just above freezing in some -?spots. we have a lot of sunshine. you saw it from that denver camera. also here from loveland ski area. we are going to warm up a bit more today.


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